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tiii: vi:.Tiu:n.
Indiana I.V.iv. rr.I warmer t-
rdght: Ur.d.v :.:: s.;th. rain or
srif'.v ;,, ::. me-', hat old, r. I-f
MbhLgaii sn'.w t -night and l':!:..
warrii'-r tonight.
.ES ift
Ju t
0) U KrN
-v iiJ L-l I I s 1 i
) viLL ÜÜ U LEi Ju LiU Ld Livi Ii
Li i i UlJ
U. S. as Successor to
ill FOR fl
Landis' Act Draws Bitter
Speech From Convicted
Congressman-elect, De
fending Socialism.
I'.j United Prrn:
CHICAGO, Feb. 20. Motion for
a new trial and tor stay of sentence
were denied t.y federal Judge Land's
here today in the case of Victor
Herder, socialist congressman-elect
and four other socialist leaders.
Each of the defendants asked to
make a stat inent before sentences
were pronounced.
The live defendants who were
found guilty in conspiring to violate
the espionage act are;
Victor Ij. P.erger. concressman-
lect from Wisconsin; J. Ivouis Eng
dahl. editor of various socialist pub
lications; William V. Kruse, execu
tive secretary of the Young People's
Socialist Jeanne; Adolph Germer, na
tional socialist secretary, and Ira
St. John Tucker, socialist orator and
The rive witp indicted almost on??
iir ago hut were not brought to
trial until the la-t month of 111S.
The trial lasted si weeks.
llTTr Assail Verdict.
P.erger. tu st to speak, said a ,ve--dut
such as that against the five
! f. plants would be impossible in
any other country except Japan.
"We all admit that we art- socialists-."
said P.erger. "Our position was
:.ip!y that of the international so-
i ialit nunf nit'tit.
Sociall-ts know capitalism can
not last for ver any more than the
I'. udal system endured.
"We are no more guilty of con
spiracy than the jud.ee himself."
P.erger discu-s'-d socialism at
b ng'h. detailing its reasons for op
posing war.
"And it was finally the uprising
of Orman socialists - that vir
tually ended the world war not any
victory of allied troops." he said
"The allies had a march of almost
'o ir weeks after the armistice be
fore they reached' the German fron
t ier.
"This was a political trial. The
si-, iali-l partv was on trial."
Cr Ulci -. Jury.
I. u'er criticised the Jury as "hand
o ick- d" by the American Protective
;-a gue.
If he uere sei.t to the penitentiary,
ie rirer said, it would be positive
proof tlsat .merna ha taken th
place of Pus.-ia. It; place of healthy
political opposition. uch sentence,
he -aid. would mean the growth if
iti-natnr. .1. s.cretive and dangerous
ii x enie nt s
lie quoted leaders of other partie
to back h.i- ilaim that the --,rld
... ,r i-rv,:it.-d from commercial strug-
: af.d v.i- only a trade war.
"You ..ii.Mot ? : i! 1 i. 'hin.se wall
a-.-in-v ideas." rger said. "There
t e i '",e "nt , .i p, ,i! in Tb:-; countr
,a- v v. - f.riuu oi p.iupe: i-ui.
. . e ..... :.
vou cannot epel tloun you cannot
(i p1( t5 you need them as a re--cr
e army of industry. You cannot
-ole tili.- pi o 'bm and y t this j. rob
In i !.iUvt be so'. ed.
"If I to be pu:5'.dv for hav-
v.z to'd the truth as I s . w ir I a-Cc
for r.o mercy."
Alleged Bribery in Third Na
val District Fully Aired.
I' I f. it. i It. :
WASHINGTON. I-Yb. 1 alb-;
b.icitx on th alb-ed I ribery con
p:r.u'y in the third naval district.
shi h :..ibVd '"draft dodders" to se--ure
l.n. :-ii'. a..sfiV'nments in the
navy. i'.) ! M t u as soon as facts
.1 re a'.ai!uM". it na 1 am--1 at the
liiivy .rj i i ! t :;". r.t today.
o -:lie--r.-. I.i ut. Ib-njamin
l.ti. a n..!'.'-il examiner, and Fn--.Lrn
Paul J'.... k of Nw York, are
:,11 in tho ir-i t vticatioii. The
i t..ii' - iuo!t' a nurnb-r of otl;ers.
.t '. a s-.at d. The r.ame of the er-h't.-'l
rr.' n ubo arr- in )!, I in th"
cor.4!i ac h..c v.ot Icen revealed.
r. Denied a ISfew Tri ah
Highway and Tax Bills
May Pass House Today
Road Commission Measure, Changed in Many Important
Respects, Slated For Passage
Under Suspension.
liy 1'nited Press:
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Feb. 20.
The ptate highway commission bill,
changed In many important respects,
was to be passed by the house of
representatives this afternoon un
der suspension of the rules. The
tax bill was also to be put through
if possible.
The committee directed by the re
publican caucus to amend the high
way commission bill was ready to re
port to the house and the caucus had
agreed that the bill would receive
the full support of the majority.
The important changes are:
Counties to receive ? 800.000 auto
license fees and all in excess esti
mated at the same amount to be giv
en to the state highway fund.
Tax Iovy IiKTva.Ml.
nidsj must be received on three
different kinds of material.
Tlie tax levy is increased to Z
Salaries of all employes are to bo
fixed by the commission.
The Demaree bill providing for es
tablishment of a state police force,
was defeated in the house today
whm a committee report recom
mencing Indefinite - postponement
was adopted without discussion.
The house passed the Miltenberger
bill increasing the pay of election
I Secret Service Men Make
I Wholesale Arrests on Ohio
I Michigan State Line.
V.y United Prps:
TOLi:i0, O.. Feb. 2ä. The open
door to Michigan for whisky smug
glers was peremptorily closed today
when the United States government
stepped in to prevent importation of
liquor into Michigan from Ohio. Se
cret service men are on the job for
merly hld by the Michigan state
police, who were "tired" by a su
preme court invalidating search and
At noon the agents, having re
ceived orders to make wholesale ar
rests, were driving Pack the booze
laden cars whose drivers became
afraid to attempt a ride of the new
Authority for the federal povern
mnt to act is contained in the fifth
section of the postal appropriation
act of 1 y 1 7, which provides punisn
ment up to one year's imprisonment
and Sl.C'i'O fine for any person who
shall "order, purchase or cause to be
transported intoxicating liquor into a
dry state."
Orders were issued this afternoon
that whisky smugglers caught with
the evidence are to be arrested be
fore leaving Toledo. Up to 12:30 p.
eight arrests had been made.
Sanguinary Battles With Mex
icans Near Nogales.
NOGAId-:S. An;'.. Feb. :. Twö
iTifruinary b ittles between Mexican
.-oldu rs and Yaqui Indians have oc--;rr'd
ntar Nodales in the last IS
; Th last encounter occurred with
', i:: r.in.- mile- of Nodales, Sonora.
Tw-nty M-xicans were killed. The
I Yaqui casualties are unknown.
Boston The steamship Ker
shaw was wet inside and outside un-
! til Cant. James discovered $7.00
j worth cf smuggled whisky on beard.
It s a .try toat now, going to Nor
folk, Va., in a dry state.
official to $3 a day. The Southard
bill, allowing th; state to sell swamp
lands in order to raise money to
drain other swamps, was also passed
by the house. '
The effort to unseat Sen. Joseph
Cravens of Madison, democrat, was
defeated when Sen. Dobyns, chair
man of the election committee of the
upper house, reported that there was
insufficient evidence to bring action
against Cravens.
Provides Commission.
Son. Negley introduced a joint res
olution providing for appointment of
a state hygiene commission of six
members. The expenses of the com
mission shall be paid out of the gov
ernor's contingent fund, according to
the resolution.
By a vote of S7 to 1 the house
passed the Wimmer bill reimbursing
Putnam county for taking prisoners
who escape from the state farm, to
the penitentiary at Michigan City.
Itep. Tuthills bill, prohibiting
dredging cf sand from Lake Michi
gan, was passed by the house.
The Symons bill, providing for in
crease in salaries of circuit and su.
perior court Judges o petition ot ,
100 freeholders, failed to pass the
house for lack of a constitutional
Ill 0000 SHAPE
Col. Stewart, U. S. Comman
der, Gives Lie to Alarmist
Reports of Dangers.
Ity United Press:
WASHINGTON. Fob. 20. The al
lied command is "capable of taking
care of itself against the whole bol
shevik army" in northern Russia,
Col. George K. Stewart, American
commander, today cabled the war
department. "The alarmist reports
of conditions of troops in northern
Uussia, as published in the press
the end of December, are not war
ranted by any facts." he said.
"Troops have been well taken care
of in every way and my Officers re
sent these highly exaggerated re
ports, fearing that a slur is cast on
the regiment's wonderful record.
Health of command is ex'cellent
sick and wounded are well taken
care of."
IN 85 MINUTES; 167
! WASHINGTON. Feb. 20. New
j York to Washington S3 minutes j
i averaee 1ST miles an hour. That's!
i the record claimed today by Lieut.
I F. H. Harmon, who made the flight
i in a scout plane.
P.y United Prr:
LONDON. Feb. 20. The attack on
Premier Clemenceau was interpreted
by the British press today as an in
stance of an outcropping of "bol
shevism" throughout the world.
Morninp newspapers, fearing an
epidemic of assassinations, suggest
ed that international action should
be undertaken to deal with anar
chies. The Daily News denounced
the attack as "mad dop polities."
' WASHINGTON. Feb. 20. Prest
Wilson may sign the $6,000,000.000
j revenue till shortly after he lands in
, Boston.
Sec'y Tumulty will take the meas
ure of Ponton. Because of its great
J importance the president has signi
fied hi intention of signing it there.
Administration Senators Con
test to Leave Defense of
Plan to President.
Ity United Pres;
WASHINGTON, Feb. 20. Pres t
Wilson, and not the senate, will
speak the words that will decide the
American people for or against the
lepgue of nations, in the opinion of
senate administration leaders.
They refused to worry today over
attacks on the draft of the league
constitution. They are in no hurry to
reply to Sen. Poindexter, nor will
they rush into the arena against
other critics, wlio plan to hammer
at the league daily from now on.
Yesterday's senate demonstration,
when packed galleries applauded
Poindexter's assaults on the league,
meant nothing in the absence of de
fense of the league by the man, more
than anyone else, responsible for it.
administration senators said.
Criticism to Help.
In their absence, hostile criticism
will center the public mind upon th
league, create interest in the provi
sions of its constitution and thus give
e't Wilson an audience eager to
hear what he has to say.
"Pres't Wilson will make the chief
speech to the great American jury,"
said Sen. Lewis, democratic whip.
"The American people know they
can rely on his being honest with
them. If after hearing him they de
cide the league plan is evil, they
doubtless will express that view to
congress without hesitation and in no
uncertain terms.
To Have luldie Opinion.
"If they are convinced that the
menaces foreseen by Sen. Poindexter
and others are not real and that the
league will prevent future war, they
assuredly will express, that view.
When the senate comes to vote upon
the question, it will have before it.
not only Pres't Wilson's frank ex
planation of the league's charter but
the people's opinion of it."
Sen. Hitchcock, who will be ad
ministration spokesman in whatever
reply is to be made to critics, said
today he does not know when he will
Sen. Pornh, who by declining
Pres't Wilson's invitation to a white
house conference on the league be
came a leader of the opposition, may
present his views today if he can
complete his preparations in time.
Sen. Heed intends to speak Satur
day. D
Mexicans Threaten American;
on Trumped Up Charge, j
Uv Tnltd Pro:
NEW YOI1K, Feb. 20. Edgar M.
Wilkins of Savannah, Ga., arrived
here today on the Ward line steam- '
ship Monterey, accompanied by his '
wife and boy, after havintr been j
driven out of Mexico. Wilkin is an !
engineer with the Pueblo Tramway. !
Mexico, and recently was charged,
he said, with furnishing dynamite to
blow up the plant of a rival concern
operated by Mexicans,
He declared he established an ali
bi and the affair was dropped tem
porarily. The Mexican returned later,
however, with an armed guard and
ordered him to leave the country.
Wilkins i erdn'-r to Washington to
present his case to the federal au
P.r United Pre v :
'FORT WAYNE. Ind.. Feb. :!0.
Former County Clerk David C. Stout
Is on his way to state prison today
to serve from one to five years.
Stout was arraigned in circuit
court late yesterday and pleaded
guilty on one of four counts charg
ing embezzlement.
Feddes the prison sentence. Judse
Wood assessed a fine of $.1S0.
Stout's shortage In office is al
leged to be over $20.000.
'SIP 15
Boston Plans For Reception
of Chief Executive Prob
ably Monday.
f.y Unite.l Press:
BOSTON, Feb. 2U. Tlit
transport George Washington is
cxfccted to anrhe In Boston
Monday, arordiiig to a wireless
message today to Admiral Spen
cxr Wood of th first naval dis
trict. The information came
from oih of 111' vesM'Is t-onvoy-ing
the president's ddp.
ABOABI) Tin; r. S. s.
17 (night) While planning to
reach Boston Monday, Pres't
Wilson may hi delayed until
Tuesday by a gale which sprang
up this afternoon. Tin strong
wind was accompanied by a
driving rain.
I5v United Pres:
'BOSTON. Feb. 20. Plans for the
reception of Pres't Wilson were
practically completed today subject
to change if Joseph P. Tumulty, the
president's secretary, believes any
modifications are necessary.
Mayor Andrew J. Peters has made
all arrangements for the reception
Monday, although the presidential
ship may arrive Sunday, in which
case it is understood she will lie at
anchor in the lower harbor until
Monday morninpr. It is known that
Pres't Wilson desires to avoid a dem
onstration on Sunday.
The George Washington will be
met by practically all the naval ves
sels stationed here, and by at least
three ships carrying: the mayor's
committee of welcome. Admiral
Spencer Wood, of the first naval dis
trict, has made arrangements for six
destroyers to po out to sea and con
voy the hip: liner to port.
To Keep Boats Away.
When the George Washington
steams up the harbor to her berth at
Commonwealth pier she will be sur
rounded by a fleet of 29 patrol boats,
which will keep any other vessels
away from the president's ship.
Mayor Peters. Maj. Gen. Edwards
and Admiral Wood will come along
side the liner when she enters quar
antine. It is now planned that the presi
dent shall so to the Copley Plaza
hotel, which is within a short dis
tance of Mechanics hall, where he
will make his speech Monday even
ing. So preat is the demand fnr ad
mission to the hall that the mayor's
committee is issuincr tickets only on
application by mail.
Mechanics hall seats nearly 7.000,
which is a small proportion of the
people who wish to hear the presi
dent speak.
20,000 MEN HOME
P.v United Press: !
NEW YORK. Feb. 20. Severe
storms, sweeping the Atlantic, have
delayed arrival here of IS trans
ports, carrying nearly 20,000 men.
Wireless reports last night and
today stated that all the ships were
weathering the gales, but that many
would be several days overdue. Some
have been forced to run for Ber
muda for coal and repairs, the mes
sages said.
The steamer Henderson, due to- j
day with 1,200 wounded, is heading'
for Permuda. according to a radio!
picked up by the battleship Kansas
and relayed to the naval station
The President Grant wirelessed
last nicht that she had heard dis
tress signals from the small Polar
Hear, which carries three casual of
ficers, and was going to her aid. .
A message from the Woonsocket.
which left Bordeaux Jan. 27. and
wn due here 10 days ago, said he
had lost a propcllor blade, but was
proceeding to port under her own
steam. Twenty-one soldiers are
ATLANTA, Ga. Robert Hines. a
Negro, doesn't like moonshine any
more. The moon shone so brightly
at 2:0 a. m.. he thought it was
daylight, started to work and landed
in jail, charged with loitering.
Senator's Story of Camp Misery is Not
Borne Out by Soldiers' Statements
1 5 mi i wnit.iH l,;.M J.,i wi ii i I. ijnMiii.ujtuu.nl J !. i .' .. f -
rr--, wVcV - . J f.
Iii y.t v S ;:VV' v. r- . J v '- !
fa UuX. .I-;-- AT" -'- e--F-' -: - ' i I
'" 1 . '.' W'ywUl WJ jllltl'3 .11,11 w.u f.rl PHI.IIIIJIIIIIIHIII.I JIM.JI !! VI I I flWUm-'j
S.n. Owen of Oklahoma returned to tho United States the othf-r day
with lurid accounts of how miserable conditions In Brest, the American
army base in France, were driving mon to suicide. These reports make
the article in the udjoinlntf columna particularly Interesting Inasmuch
as it gives the unbiased views of enlisted men ab well ub officers who
are now stationed at Brest.
Former Saloon Keeper De
clares Police Are Making
Him the "Goat."
Clarence Elliott, the Polk t. col
ored politician and former saloon
keeper whose place of business wasj)Uiet
demolished by the police on the
afternoon of Feb. 1. declares that he
has been decorated with the "dou
ble cross" by the Carson adminis
tration. Elliott's case was set down for a
hearing Thursday morning before
Special Judge Donald Drummond,
but George Kurtz, counsel for El
liott, prevented his client having a
hearing in the lower court by ' de
manding a jury. It is the policy of
County Pros. Samuel I. Schwartz
not to try jury cases in the city
court, and he immediately notified
the presiding judge that the case
against Elliott would be refiled in
the circuit court.
After the case had been continued
in the city court to March 1 in order
to give the state sufficient oppor
tunity to rende the charges in the
hiph'T court. Elliott became confi
dential in the corridors of the city
"These babies over here are dou
ble crossing me," he declared. "A
fellow can go ahead and elect a
mayor and the rest of them to of
fice, and then he gets what I am
getting. cor.tinud the former (
"I'm simply bdng made th goat
When they got me that time they
passed up several other places Just
to mike me th goat. Theso babies
over here forget what a fellow doe?
for them.
livery time cornet. ony tiuys n .
drink these babies say that he buys'
it at my place. They didn't find any
liquor at my place, did they? I
never sold any whisky. This thim j
is all a frameup. and they rre trying!
to make me the goat. There is!
never a thing that happens that it j
is not laid at my tdace. But what's
fe use?" he concluded as he went j
back to hi former saloon on Polk st. !
The case of Billy Meyers, whos.
bar rlxtures were taken out by the
polic- the same afternoon that El
liott's were, and which was to h iv
been tried Thursday morning, was
continued to March 1 by Special
, . . . . , , . . .
that the case may be heard bv Judge
'JiilllTi .
WASHINGTON. Feb. 20. Cuba
has placed a 0 days' embargo on
ine imporiauon ci wneat r.our. tneii:erj. co;.ncii. wnicn woubl ect all
war trade board announced today,
.no reason was gien. nut on.ciais i ine war minister, ref u;,,g to eon- . . d h.-r p-.r-belie-e
the Cubans desire to market j sider thes;- propo-als. resit-ned. A .ag '.!' took b:
a larjre corn crop, which was boosted I cernpltte political uph aal is fear- starting- in
by war necessities. ed. ' broke away, sh-
'cording to the inhabitant.- '
earn i tb s-lv
Causes Slight Hemorrhage But; ItnInorsUareXan,!'u'"...
Clemenceau is in Good
Ily Unite.! Pres :
TT jj T Tii r -.t rt.-.
i en. :u. ine assassin s i
penetrated one of Premier
Clemenccau's lungs, causing a slight
hemorrhage yesterday afternoon, ?t
was olficially announced today. His
condition, however, was said to !
satisfactory. ' b-r, most of whom ar- aid to l;a
The statement said: ' b--om' infeeted . r r.eit.- iier.
"There was a sligbJ hemoptysis, nr ),.f(r- they . ft the Unitd Stat. -(hemorrhage
of the lung-s) at 1 it aP- irab.i'bv ".in wb.o db-.i
o'clock yesterday afternoon, owing wbib- eorning -'.er. Th'-v M-ur. -
to the lullet's penetration of the
lung. The general local condition was
very satisfactory. Temperature was
normal and the premier to'.k a nor
mal amount of food."
The X-ray examination of the pre-
mier was announced at noon to
progressing normally. The bullet
which lodged in his back had not
been located, but another bullet was
found last night on the fioor of the
IhiKsian Plot Hinted.
A Freneh eonsul who returned
from Russia some time ago over
heard In the Uus-ian library in Paris
a month ago a Russian agitator dis
msdng the possibility of disguising
::ussian soldiers in French uniform--
. as part of a plot against ''b mene au.
i The police Watched the library there
after, but were unable to obtain any
further evidence of the conspiracy.
i It had been ascertained that Emile
Cottjn, the assassin, has been closely
connected with llus-ian prisoner
who were recently repatriated.
No decision had been rearhed to
day whether Cottin will be tried bv a
militarv or civil tribunal.
Soldiers Council of Munich
Demands Radical Ch anges.
V.y Uiate i l'r-s:
1 t-J
diers and wfirkn-.en s ru ;r.e.l
, '
! Munich has is.-;erl an uitin.afi:
j the Pavarian government, according
to dispatcher received her- today,
demanding that it resign or agre.-
t ti :
io ine loiiowing:
IMsmissal r f a number of cor..-er-
vatie otücial.
Diss-dutIon of the cadet corps.
Reorganization of the Pavarian
army under the control of the so-
t o"er.
- - - - - - - - - - . - - v v
Investigation Among Officers
and Men Shows American
Base is Far From Worst.
Private Praises Food.
The folloMing faet- rr re
pealed thtouuh a ption.il in.--ticatiou
b lli- eoi rpMiib'iit of
conditions at Bre-t. tht Ain ri-an
haM in IVane'. Tli ai r..pe
ially intr-t iim in i-w of the Mat
contradiction, of ird .tri-.
l mii'i) in the ainf lmm:lil l
Sen. liobt ii L. (Ihcii, who itt i'in
Iv ;iriiril from Iran. I'd it e-.
P.Y I.OUI I.L Mi l l I I I.
i "op r ieht . 1 ' 1 ''
' !'. I'nile ! !:.
P. It EST. F. b .' Pi -- '
i !) the be.-1 Jill lit .1 i" '' ' 1 '
: world, but M i- far f'-oin the vor-".
in the opinion of :!i-er iü a
; permanently .stationed heie.
An investigation. e..nl 'o 1 ! i !
: such cifeainstanr'-s as ihe situation
will permit. :ai!--t t. - ib-t.mt iat
; charges that Pre-' i- a ""i
nr Th;;l the ln'Il ar- ltl!l.s
f mi-
I inanagem -nt. It trm- th .t. in om
itnon with mu h of w. evu Fran.--'there
is a sup r-a bundara -e of inn-;
'but this is due to elimatir and U-'-
logical i-on.jitiei.s. This -.osld not b
'l avoided, as Br.-t was s.-le.-ted a- a
ba.se becau.-e ..f strat. ei-- and !' -
graphieal rea.-or.s.
I Reports of .'.': king food and v-:i
itarv eonditions ai- i:nfoiini-d. a.
j been eire-ilated in tie- I'tiit' d State -:
'that :',"iir Ano-riean xddiers di-d
i Pr st during S-pt-mber .nd -tob -r
j of the Ja.-t e.tr. Th- fact- :v.
cordin. to tigures giv a the corre
' pond'iit that from N embei-. 1 '.1 7.
! when 'amp Potit a n 7. .' n wbei
)bliers are i-onuregated t. awn't
' t ra nspor tat b -a b
rn e -
s a s - tabisi:
Up to tlie brs? ef tile pres.
month, tlier- wej- l.L'll deaths froia
all cause.;. This in-! jd. th- VKtin-s
of the pnentnoiiia an1 inilnei. 7.a p -
a. r in 1 1 1 1 r ? i 1' I )ctn! r and Septeja
were authorize 'I by G r. 1
ndc-k. bas co?i"ii::a n-b r ; (bn
b ' PutK-r. -oii".ni a ii'l i :.' it
Pentan'-zzen. a nI ' 1. -y
i He!.
. -.' .
l.rjcii s'UTge. i i. Th
the sir-k and
.1 .
; -a i :i
. v. bb b
la Tolb--- more Atii'-ti-
ran troop-- than
the pe.ve-T of :.r.
iy oTtier pTT.
miT in Fr; n-e.
'A White Man' Camp."
A privat. ;r..m 'a !:forni .
'e,l tliat ' t::'p lbt::ane77' n
: ttraf ti-e than "an.p l,'".v;.
;,r,,),'ir !v j- i rnf.rta! b
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and vo'i don't b.ave
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of g.-trir.g v-r; a gr
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bit. e . i a r d - .
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