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moniiay r.viiNixn, march Z, 1919
Minister Discusses Charges
Against Organization
in France.
ihe First ChristLm church was
ell tilled at the evening K rvif e
Sunday whf-n 1 1 minister. Rev. ;.
W. Titu. flr liv r d a vigorous t
:non, his fcibjert hcing, "H.m the V.
M- C. A. Made CoodV in th
ours- of his remarks h Kal i:
'In selecting this as my themf
for this ev ning. I wih you to un
derstand that It Is purely voluntary
n ray part. Sot a man who has ro
turned from overseas work in the
V. M. ' C. A. has hern requested to
itter any public df.-ns of the or
ganization, rather t-ah effort di-
outraged, for thr executive very
correc tly cone luded (hat there is
nothing to defend. The work of
th.-i institution ;n speak for itself
and be Judged accordingly. Never-heles.-s
I f oj it my duty to answer
-omo of th insinuations tli.it have
oeen circulated in our mi. 1st, for I
nelieve it J." duo the public to know
how their good, honest money has
'een handled by thr- 'V." May I
furthermore add in my introduction
that In all twelve years of public
ministry I have never condom d
wronc anywhere; and solemnly do I
declare that if I ktifw. of Kraft or
failure or trickery in this work, I
woluil condenmn it with all the e
hemene of my soul.
"Perhaps it s fuitle to add that
my seven months service during the
iiard day? of our experience over
seas, all of which was spent with
the first division, gives me the riht
to peak with some authority on this
mention. In my rapacity 1 became
intimately acquainted with every
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WE PAY hi-het eash prices for
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I M. S. Rldg. 131..2-tf
vJ" of neat '
v?: to "
branch of the "Y" service, and its
policy at the front. One month
wan spent with Meld hospital No. 10.
so thre was added the nth'T ex
perinece of hospital work. Thre
was not a phase of the Ufe "over
there" that I did not touch, henc
what I .hall say will not he a fanci
ful dream. Now for the oritici?mms-.
V. M. C. A. Sold ChU.
1'irst: The "Y" sold goods. Ye..
poods were sold. It is foolish to
think that the pood contained in
the canteens could be given away
indiscriminately. Cntil I came
away, no organization attempted giv
ing away its supplies except under
certain conditions which I will men
tion later. Suppose we had adopt
ed the policy of giving away our
supplies, what then? We had two
million men in France alone, to say
nothing of our two millior.s "over
here." If half of the men in Trance
had made one visit to the "Y" can-
ieen eacn day, ana carried awav
one cake of chocolate, one package
of cookies, one packape of ripar
ettes it woud have meant an ex
penditure of almost a half million
dollars a day. Add to this all the
expense of shipping,
, m ..... , .i.i,
i.xij, itiiiiK paper, ou: lumps.
amusement: Jmu- Inn- tx-r.i.lrl
mnv ie t l l ... i i
money la.st . It would have demand-
ed almost a weekly drive for funds.
Furthermore, I never could feel that
our men are the kind that wanted
something for nothing. All they
asked, and they had a right to ask
it. was that supplies be sold at fair
price. No organization behlna the
lines pave away its s'innlies with l
the exception of the i;,.,i Cross,
which of COlirs win n xvnrl- nf I
mercy among the sick and wound
ed. Tiie Salvation Army sold every-
thing, including pies and dovlt;h-
Th TlXu'ZVi
division until after the middle of
August, when I left. During action
thousand of dollars worth of sup
plies were carried to the front and
given to the men by"Y" secretaries
while occupying our first sector,
known as the Ton I sector, "Y" men
would sling sacks over their should
er, loaded with supplies and make
daily journeys' to the trenches, piv
ing away their cakes, chocolates.
fruit and tobacco. This was finally i
stopped by a military order, be-!
cause men were conirreiratitiir. YVhen
cry man of ' the first division.' thehavo - ompelled to realize that
only one or the line then was given j
again, thousands of dollars worth
of supplies as he "stepped on board
train. During our long stay in the
fields of PIccardy supplies were tak
en right up to the front, and "Y"
huts were established in dugouts.
Here the men were allowed to buy
on an order from their unit com
mander; and repeatedly supplies
were handed out to them. Here,
where we were engaged in real war
fare, the men acclaimed the "Y" a
God send. Rut it was at Soissons.
during the terrible beginning of the
allied offensive, that to me th
crowning work of the "Y" was done.
Our advance against the Germans
was so rapid that food supplies, etc.,
were left far behind. Our men
fought for two, and in many cases
almost three days without food. The
"Y" hurriedly established a ware
house ten miles behind and rushed
supplies up before even our army
units could get there. For six days
the "Y" three-ton trucks were kept
busy rushing supplies up, and not
one penny was asked. Thousands
of dollars worth of cookies, choco
late, tobacco, etc., was given away.
I had a part in this labor of love.
If any man who was there, could
honestly criticize the organization
after what was done in those aw
ful days:, then Clod pity such a per
son. Two: "It has been said that tb
Y. M. C. A. did nothing for the sick
and wounded. I can well :invei-
this. I was taken away from the I
hrst trench mortar battery to open I
the "Y" work at Held hospital xQ. j
13. T was allowed to follow my own
policy as were other "Y" secretaries
in those hospitals. I did. Never a
man came in, and we had many, !
whether it was night or day, but
what he was met with hot chocolate
and cookies and cigarettes. Indeed,
we were doing so much of this work
among our sick and wounded that
the Red Cross entered a protest. A
conference was called and it was
decided that the "Y" keep out of
hospitals, except by way of enter
tainment, leaving it to the Tied
Cross. We would have stuck to the
serving of men in the hospitals if
possible, but the Red Cross felt we
were taking their territory. How
ever, "Y" entertainers were sent to
the hospitals and more entertain
ments were given there then any
etiler place.
Almut lYitvs.
Three: "We have heard that the
"Y"charged outrageous prices. I
must say this is wrong. Prior to
June 1."., IMS it may have appear
ed but that was not the fault
of the organization. The men de
manded certain things we were
forced to buy them from the French.
hence had to charge accordingly.
Rut supplies that came from Ameri
ca were always sold cheaper than
they could be brought here. Those
storU s of a dollar for a package of
cigarettes are untrue. If a man
were charged that much it was not
the fault of the "V." but some mean i
scoundrel who ought to have been i
trounced. There were
a few such'
tuen "over there" in "Y" service, (
but they were guickly sent home i
when these things became known, j
After June löth commissary prices I
went into trttcl in all "Y" canteens j
and everything was bought cheaper
th n it could be in this city,
sonallv' 1 never heard a man
on the high price-.
Afford Critlci-in.
iV;:r: "We hve heard that "V
crctaries ne er went Into the ian-
ee. l'i rlijiK this is too ab-
surd to dwell upon. Personally, I
never knew a red triangle man who
was afraid to po to th front. In
deed it was just the opposite every
man fought for the chance. In our
division, we had an order that every
secretary must follow his unit and
he did. In I'iccardy twelve of our
men were passed. At Soissons, thre
working alonptdde of mysdf, were
wounded, one maimed for life. In
the Arponne some were killed,
among them a form r pastor of this
tlty, Uev. John Adamas Lynn, was
killed. Another one of the host
friends I had in Frar-e, a Mr. Gibson.
There has never been a time when
they have not been secretaries at the
front, with blood as red as any
man's. Hence this criticism is un
founded. Five: "Wo have heard that V.
M. C. A. men went to France mere
ly out of curiosity. I'erhij they
did. May it not be that heaps of tho
men -vent in the l-ginnmg for the
I same reason. I am rather inclined
I to the belief, however, that " Y" see
iretaries who passed the committees
i in New York, went because they de
' sired to offer service. At any late
! t lu.i' ?' i vr
this s rviee. when they
r . .
in France. IVrhaps :is we
.. .
' llslPn''1 lo
len. I'rshing we will
l,r impressed wi;ii the virtue, blc-s-
. ' ,. , . ' .
; in arm aiue i u.e . i .. -. in
France. Here is. whit he says in
his Christmas eableuram: 'Willi
a deep feeling of gratitude for tlie
enormous contribution which the Y.
M. C. A. has made to the moral and
physical welfars of the America a
army, all ranks join me in sending
Christmas j reetinrs and cordial
wishes for the New Year.
I Fershin-.' "
f-- -.,. . . . , ...
This week's "Harpain Day." Wed
nesday, will be one of exceptional
opportunities for the buying public
of Mishawaka and surruonding ter
ritory. Since tho inception of this
,trading vent in the city, merchants
ami public alike have begun to look
forwardd with interest to its com
inp. It is an acknowledged fact
that dining the past three Wednes
days more trading has been done
than lias ever been the case in any
three o;iys in the history of Mithi-
IVople from the country
they can l.uy to better advantage at
home, everything considered, than
elsewhere, hence the growing num
bers that are now giving local mer
chants that patronage that has here
tofore been going out of town. The
attendance of those- rural buyers in
the city every Wednesday Is highly
pleasing to the merchants who by
their liberal inducements are gain
ing many new customers. That the
city folks are also highly apprecia
tive of the efforts of the merchants
is testified to by the crowds which
throng the stores of those advertis
ing for the event from early morn
ing to closing time Wednesdays.
Every advertisement in tomorrow's
newspapers should be read care
fully, i
Mr. and Mrs. Hilton E. Wakoner.
E. Grove st., entertained at a 12
o'clock dinner Sunday. The affair
was a joint observance of their sixth
wedding anniversary and of the
birthday anniversary of Mr. Wagon
er's mother. Covers were laid for
16 guests. Decorations were carna
tions and roses. The afternoon was
spent by musical selections which
were contributed by Mrs. Maude
Williams of South Dend.
Sunday evening the entire party
was entertained at a theater party
at the Orpheum. Among the guests
wero the Misses Myrtle and Trene
Mators of letroit- Mich- tvTH of
Mrs. Ya goner.
Leona Julia, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Schroeder, residing
four miles south of Mishawaka, died
at the rural home Saturday night at
10:30 o'clock, following an illness of
two years with heart trouble.
Miss Schroeder was born at Blue
Island. 111.. Dec. 19, 1903, and was
past E years old. She is survived jy
her parents, four sisters and two
brothers, all residing at home wl'h
th exception of Raymond Schroed
er. of the motor transport corps of
the United States army, stationed at
Newark. N. J.
Funeral arrangements will be an
nounced later.
Tlie Home Economics club of Wl
low Creek will meet at the home of
Mrs. J. T. McKnight. residing on the
Jefferson street road "Wednesday aft
ernoon. COVCLtlll'-S VISIT.
Mis Elizabeth Arnold will leave
tor.ight for her home in Kitchner,
Canada. after spend'ng several
weeks as the gues.t of her sisters
and brother. Mrs. John Dosman.
Calhoun st.. Mrs. Herbert Leyes and
Harry Arnold. 112 YV Eighth st.
lurrruss to niv jejisity.
Cpl. Charles II. Gehring left Sun-
day afternoon for Camp Rarriton.
Metuehem. N. J., after spending a
week's furlough with his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Gehring. 222
E. Eighths!.
Pleny C. Diltz has arrived in the
city, having received his honoraVe
discharge from the naval service. fo
is- the -on of Mr. and Mrs. "Willia.ii
Dilt. IV irk av.
Jess,? t. E'gley and Miss Ilel..:
Lucille Doty, two well known younc
People of Mishawaka, were marri -l
at th Methodi.-t parsonape Sund:y
afternoon at 2:J0. Jlev. Dr. E. Eari
Parker performed the ceremony.
The bride was prettily attired in a
pown of toupe taffeta and wore a
ror.-uc" of sweet peas. She was at
tended by Miss Marion Euzolits of
South Pend, who wore a pown f
pre n peorpette crepe and carried
earnations. Frank Epley, brother of
the proom was best man. The groom
is tlie son of Mr. and Mrs. Faul
Epley and has jut recently returned
from overseas service with the lr.Tth
lield artillery. The bride is a grad
uate of the Mlshawaka hiph school.
Following the ceremony a recep
tion was tendered the newly mar
ried couple at the home of tb
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will
iam Doty. r.:i W. Seventh st. Dinner
w;is served. ('overs were laid for
Mr. and Mrs. Ei;iey will reside
South Fend.
Prix-ilia Dean, sonif times rel rr M
to as "The Amazing Artist." stars i-i
"The Wildcat of Faris." which com
to the Lincoln theater today and
Tues.day. According to a description
of Miss Dean in the play, '"she purr,
she claw, she scratch but, Mon
Dieu, how she love:" The fami d
Latin quarter of Paris before tli
war will he among the many inter
esting scenes shown. Coliette, in tip
person of Miss Dean, who is lov-d
by the Apaches, lias, a wonderful
part in the picture which comes t a
Mishawaka loudly heralded by the
press throughout the country.
Casper Kuhn, who resided with
his sister. Mrs. Mic hael Huennerkopf,
719 N. Main st.. died at St. Joseph's
hospital Monday morning at 4:00
o'clock. He has been in ill-health
since last fall during which time
he had influenza and had not fully
iceoverd. He was horn south of
Mishawaka about M years ago an!
has resided here his entire lifetime.
Mr. Kuhn ir survived by eleven
brothers and three sisters. George.
Larry. A. 17., William, and Albert of
Mishawaka, Joseph of Buffalo. N.
Y.. Frank of Foley. Ala., sr. M.
flerigitte of S. Anne's hospital. Chi
cago; Sr. M. Seraphin of St. Mary's.
Notre Dame, and Mrs. Huennerkopf
with whom he made his home.
Funeral arrangements have not
been completed.
Wilbur M. Myers of the Petenj
Cartridpe Co.. and an expert oi
matters connected with gun clubs
will address the members of the
newly formed Mishawaka gun cluo
in the C. L. Rarnard A: Son hard
ware store at S o'clock this evening.
Some 4 5 members of the new organ
ization have already been enrolled,
and judging from the interest taken
in the matter, this number is likely
to be increased. Permanent officers
will probably be named and ar
rangements made for a schedule of
A. M. Eeall and six others, resi
dents, of Studebaker st.. petitioned
the board of public works for an
arc light on Studebaker st. This is
an outcome of the bear story printed
in The News-Times In reference to n
"wild bear" having been seen in the
vicinity by the McGarrity family's
residence, which resulted in the en
tire police force being called out
only to lind that the supposed hear
was an open umbrella. Residents of
this neighborhood have been in a
nervous state ever since, and want
more light on the subject. Chair
man McDonough promised there
would be no more wild bear chases
if the lights of Mishawaka could pre
vent them. This was all the business
at the weekly meeting of the board
of public works Monday.
St. John's Court No. 9Ö2 C. O. F..
will hold its annual roll call meet
ing tonight in St. Joseph's hall. The
meeting is open to all foresters anil
their friends. An address by Rev.
Ft. J. F. Kohl will be one of the
features. A musical program will
be contributed, by the Cecelian or
chestra which will consist of the
following numbers; "Cup-Winner"
march, orchestra; "Admiral Polka",
cornet solo; "Flirtation" polka, or
chestra; 'The Lily" cornet solo;
The Mistletoe waltz" orchestra. A
boxing match will also be staged by
Richard and Joseph Cogan.
Mrs. Fred Klein of south of
Mishawaka who recently under
went an operation at St. Joseph's
hospital has sufficiently recovered
to be able to leave the institution
for the home of her tdster. Mr.
Jacob Schutz. 2 25 E: Eighth st.
i;.ti:tais rem soldieil
Mrs. William Dalton. 119 V.
Eighth st., entertained at a 1
o'clock dinner Sunday in honor of
F.ruce Huff who bus just been hon
orably discharged from the Kelly
Ltlds. an Antonio. Te.va.-. CoVer-s
were laid for six.
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Linscr,
Towle a v.. entertained a arty cf
younc people at th'dr home Sunday
cv tning.
Tlie atlair u as cum nil
surv Cime nriil lnnsir' u-sr nlnv. I
ed. Lunche n was served.
Mary Pickford will be seen at the
Temple today In "How Could You,
Jean?" a photoplay of exceptional
human interest in which the star has
a role which will both delipht her
admirers and add new laurels to her
wreath of fame as a scren player of!
I the highest attainments.
nisiioi KNicKi.inxH m;i:
way V
of the
o! St.
Frank Anderson. 115 Uncolnithrrp is fjr lh rst time in history
, will entertain the members j an international sympathy which !
Eishop KnickerlKckcr Guild !quick anc; vital a sympathy whirh
Paul's Episcopal church at does not displace itself merely in
her horn.- Tuesday nlpht.
.14. ill h .111.-. ITll ..Ill. 1 il V C
i .- .... i
Peter Meert liave
, . . ,
amvd heie from Camp Dee. Ya.,
and are the guests of the former's
tister, Mrs. Emil I.;b,edt. W.
Tenth st. Mr. Mert has beer in
army for the past seven years
.i.i 1,..- ..... .-...a....: v..-. i
All members are requested to at
lend lodije meeting for the nomina
tion of oliicers Märch at Moos?
(Mgnod) I HF NT, Dictator.
Frank Neddcau and his son. IM
Neddeau. left Monday morning on a
motor trio through the east. They
will visit with Frank N-ddeau'
mother. Mrs. Ren Neddeau at Wan:
tab. N. Y.
.Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Mori?
anu mv.. lieien buiane or tins eh
spent Sunday with relative:
ledn, O.
t T"-
! we show that we want to serve any
I. LAX II FOR WMISVW (interest but theirs, we will have be.
Lieut, and' Mrs. Fred Longfellow i tomo f-andidatos for the most lasting
and three daughters have returned öiseredit that will ever attach to im n
to their home in Warsaw. Ind.. after!'" Wory. And so it is with th!
spending a few days as guests of Mr. I profound feeling of th- significant
and Mrs. H. E. Cruni. MO E Eighth ! of tho things you are undertaking.
Health officer H. E. Strubbe has
iuaranti:ieed the following homes
lor scarlet fever; Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Dcstseing. 40 Indiana av.; Mrs.
owe Wambsky, .": Sarah st.
C. E. Howies of Elkhart was Mned
and costs after entering a plea of
Ö o
guilty in city court Monday morning
lo a charge of public intoxication.
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Wallach mo ved
into their new residence at 72 7
Lincoln way E.. Monday.
Miss Katherine Ixekhart has re
turned from a visit with relatives
in Kalamazoo, Mich.
The V. P. A. of the Evangelical
church will -meet tonight at 7:4 5
o'clock at tiie church.
Miss Haeriette E. Johnson is now
prepared to give thorough piano In
structions at her home, 11?, S. Spring
st. Home phone 7"6. Ctl Advt.
A daughter was bcrn Monday
morning to Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Wertz,
902 S. Main st.
Treat jour feet to a pair of W. L.
Douglas shoes. Advt.
Mrs. H. E. Lawrence, K. Third st.,
has gone to Detroit, Mich., on ac
count of the death of a relative.
Your shoe laces retipped free tho
W. L. Douglas Shoe store. Advt.
Dr. MakielsUi, osteopath. 126 W.
Second st. Adv.
WASHINGTON, March 3- Forty
per cent of the total known oil sup
ply in the United States, exclusive of
oil shale deposits in thre states, has
been exhausted, according to esti
mates transmitted by Sec'y Lane to
the senate commerce committee m
compliance with a resolution pre
sented by Sen. Ransdell of Louis
iana, and made public today by the
Up to Jan. 1 Mr. Lane said, a total
of 4,59S,OoO,000 barrels had been
produced, while the known available
oil resources, not counting the shalo
deposits in the ground and in field
storage, were estimated at 6,7 4 0,000.
000 barrels. Distillation of shale
deposits in Colorado, Utah and
"Wyoming, however, would produce
70.000,000,000 barrels of oil, the sec
retary said.
CORLEXZ. March 3. In the opin
ion expressed by United States army
oMicers who have specialized on the
question of demobilization and re
adjustment of the enemy forco.
thcve is no longer any doubt about
the complete uselessness of the rem
nants of the old German army now
in regimental and battalion depart
ments throughout Germany.
The conclusions of the Americans
are based upon a large quantity of
detailed information gathered from
various sources by, the army of oc
CHICAGO. March . An appeal
for Albanian independence was
ibled Sunday to Premier Clemen
ceau and Sec'y of State Irnsing in
Faris by delegates representing 2
Albanian ori'"'71 mrin.
life contribute to the success cf
those enterprises.
lle.irt.s iKTply Stirred.
The hearts of the men and worn-
.i ti.a i iiiuicn oi me world are
stirred now in a way that has never
been known before. They are not
I only stirred by their individual clr
jcumstances but they are bepinninp
i to pet a vision of what tho general
; circumstances of the world are and
J the contact of governments, but di
; Plays itself in the' silent intercour.-e
J of sympathy between preat bodies
;that constitute great nations and th-?
i . . i ' . . . v m ... .
.-ifeiuiHdiiir in a. conierence HKe tl M
1 . . 11
j l" arP W'" n ll-
' 1 ,,f,lU;vc- nr( 111 th"
L confe!"enco- ;,r consciousness
lue iue serams oi ui s ureal
J ., . , . .
v;u'ni nlass OI P"Ople V.'IO constitute
me i imeu .-Maies ami mat as men
ervants .t i.- our business, as it is
our privilege, to find out how we can
best assist in making their lives what
they wish them to be, giving them
the opportunities that thev ornrht lo
I have, nss'sting by public counsel in
! the private affairs upon which the
! happiness of men depends.
Servants of People,
j '"And so I am the more distressed
1 that I cannot take nart in those
I councils because my present busi
ness is to understand what plain men
everywhere want. It is perfectly un
derstood in Pari that we are .-ot
meeting tue re as the masters of any
body thr.t we are meeting there as
the servants of, T believe it is. about
rOO.000.OC 0 people and that unle-s
we show that wo understand th;1
business of servants w will not sat-
' sy them and we will not accomplish
j the peace of the world, and that if
that I bid vou welcome, because I
beiieve you have come together in
the spirit which I have tried to i 1
dicate. and that we will together
concert methods of cooperation and
individual action which will really
acoemplish what we wish to see ac
complished in steadying and easing
and facilitating the whole labor pro
cess of the United States."
appropriation bill which is expected
Plen for Soldiers.
Sen. Negley, Indianapolis, today
introduce I a senate concurrent res
olution requesting congressional ac
tion for six months' pay to dis
charged soldiers, sailors and ma
rines. Sen. English, Indianapolis, intro
duced another resolution, providing
' for the making up of deficit for six
! months, between the present pay
(and pay received by soldiers, sailors
i and marines before entering the
j service.
! Sen. James, Dana, asked that the
j Symons l lue sky bill be referred to
i another committee. This motion was
Sen. MrCrny spoke on the senato
concurrent resolution authorizing
the attorney general to investigate
inclosing of the canal which fur
nishes drinking water to Indian
apolis. McCray says 21 bodies have
been taken from this canal. This
i was made a special order of busi
ness for Tuesday.
Consideration of the Mendenhall
tax bill, which was on the docket for
today wan postponed until tomorrow
on motion of Sen. Negley.
ltjis Ilatts Konlution.
The senate today passed the Ratts
resolution, amending the constitu
tion and providing for enumeration
of legislative apportionment be tak
en on totl number of votes cast for
all candidates for secretary of state
be made every six years. The vote
was 3G to 0.
Sen. Bracken vigorously opposed
passage cf this resolution, saying he
believes tn organized attempt is be
ing made to defeat woman suffrage
by "balling up" the constitution.
The Masters senate joint resolu
tion legalizing expenditures for labor
on public highways in excess of rates
prescribe! by law by county high
way superintendents and commis
sioners and for maintenance of pris
oners and orphans, was passed by
the senate, 2S to 10.
The Munton drainage tall, provid
ing for reclamation cf C5.000 acres
of swamp land in Noble and La
Grange counties, which will increase
the value of property affected by
51,400.000, .passed the senate by a
vote of ?.Z to 1. The bill now goes to
the 'hous ?.
cial and economic control of Indus
trie? by th workmen's councils but
promising stringent pui.lshment for
further tiisorders.
The workers'. diatiaed with
this "half-way measure." was in
sisting on full political recognition,
threatened an uprising within a
week that will be of tulhcient power
to overthrow the government.
A general strike in Berlin appear
ed imminent today. Tlie bourgeoisie
councils threatened retaliation
strikes. Patrols here have been dou
bled. Riots are reported to be continu
ing in Leipzig and Halle. In Munich
a number of casualties resulted when
troops ousted Spartaans from sev
eral eitfi:l i'anta
president was regarded by some as
throwing away the fruits of the vic
tory gained at the polls last No
vember. The senate today had before it the
deficiency bill, providing $730,000.
imIii for the railroads and abo'V $'26.
i"0.000 for miscellaneou purposes.
Democratie leaders expected th:-
bill to pass, but admitted today" it
is the only one of the remaining
supply bills which they are at all
hopeful about.
May Forte lu
The .legislative situation is full of
possibilities, observers pointed out,
and inasmuch as the deficiency bill
is not generally expected to occupy
nearly all the day and a half which
remains was predicted in some
uuarters that administration leaders
might decile to force an issue with
republicans on all the bills.
In that event, if republicans carry
out the threats they made Sunday
v hen they yielded on the Victory
loan bill, they will filibuster. Many
of them have views on the league
of nations, which they have so far
refrained from expressing. Sen.
Si'.erman. Illinois, has a'.iaady an
r.ounced he will devote several hours
discussing it.
Sen. Harding
on the league
the naval lull
Sen. La Follette
.-iid he mi-ht talk
in eonneeiion with
if it H called up.
also intimated that
he has a few observations to submit
1 me occasion waiiauis.
Important Hills ltlovkel.
Aside from the departmental ap
propriation bills, which are appar
ently certain to fait. Sec'y Lane's
S 1 0.OOo.OOO homestead for soldiers
l-ill; Smith, of Oeorgia. Americani
zation bill. ;rovi1inp for better in
struction for aliens in American
language and customs; the woman
suffrape amendment: dry enforce
ment legislation, and hundreds of
minor bills, are doomed in the sen
ate, it appears certain
Sen. Jones, New Mexico, (hair
man of the suffrage committee, ad
mitted today suffrage is blocked.
He cannot call it up because of the
rule requiring it to lay a day after
it has formally been put on the
ulendar. Sep. Wad-worth Satur
day ilighl prevented it being placed
there and as the the last two calen
dar davs of the session. Monday and
Tuesday, really are
Ut one h';i--
lative day. Jones cannot set a voe
except by unanimous consent. The
anli.s would not ntrreo. they say.
No Iiv to Hack Prohibition.
Failure of the leui-lation for en
forcement of the war lime prohibi
tion law, which becomes effective
.!aly 1. will put" it up to the .sepa
rate .states to enforce the law, eVn.
SMieppard. Texas, said.
There was a possibility thai the
? 1.000,000.000 wheal guarantee bill
may not. pet through, as the senate
early Sunday sent it back to con
ference. Vigorous efforts were be
ing made, however, to push it
The house today planned to take
up Conference reports on the In
dian and diplomatic appropriation
bills. Following this, the Line sol
diers' homesteads bill is to come up,
followed by the civil service retire
ment bill, Irish independence reso
lution, deportation of interned
enemy aliens and investigation of
cotton exchanges. The house ap
peared likely today to end th" ses
sion with a practically clean legis
lative slate.
P.v T'n'.ted I'refi: ;
HERNE. March The Eerlin .
Tageblatt announced that all public
service employes in that city will
strike "Wednesday in sympathy with 1
the strikers in central Germany.
KitHt No. 4:.4l.
STATE r I NT M A N A . sT. Josr.IMl
COCNTY. SS - In the St. Je-eph Fir-
It CiMirt. IVbrcary Term. l'.U'a. j
Lx-I'arte Petition -f Angeln N.U.lle et
til. in r estate of ('l;:ir!es A. Nobile.
Nntiee I her-!y ie?i tl:it Anct-l.i i
Noldle and Catherine Sel.iri, the heir
ef Ch.ines A. Nobile, did n the p.ith day ;
of February. I'd., tile their petition in
the St. Joseph Circuit Court, and by en-;
dorseineiit on said petition did st April ;
1h. r.l!. nx the date for the hearing ef
said petition.
That tald petition recite that sal 1
Charles A. Nobile died intestate, owning'
certain decrlied ral estate in sabl St.
.l.oeph County, Indiana; tuat sild peti
tioners are the heirs at law cf ;;a;d j
A Special Artcraft De Luxe Photnphy.
!Ui!in,' fmitmm
r -
V 'Jr C
Exceptionally Fine Photoplay.
Also a Big V special :-ree! o,meJ, "FRAUDS AND
FRENZIES," Vitagnph's fanmus trulieke:. Ci,:mJ mi:i: Vy
Temple Saxaphone Orchestra. AJmi-i":i 5c, :-c. l c, 2c.
(ft r t irr
e. ept ::.ertj!i.' J . -.- .:.! . .-,- ?,. j r -
Vi.ed .y 1 tv Pi r:(... . f ;... i;;ty . f ).t ;
devis'' s Mel Ifgnf. i
vv 11.1:1 1: '. v.- km:k.
ef St. .1 .v.a, (-j-r..,f r;
wf. p. m-nkilu i: s .m;ii.L.
A 1 1 1 i:e s.
S'tn I'.'-ad. Lid., r,.--,. pin
r.-tatr ef Trkl.t lrHrik.
notic f: or 1 in i. poi nt.
I'.r direct ieri ef 1 . :r-. V. I .! :t t . .
administrator ef t!..- .f T, k :
rrt'.mDk. late of St. .! ..;- t :mv,
the State ef India!. a. S . .,...
Notice D la'e-by gi- 1 t t.ve
legatee a 11 1 fiPTl.-M f ,..iM .,-- j.-:,t.
cd ail other t.-rsoim .t r.rr-tl In
state, that iald a-i n.!-. 1 ; r r-r r.is :.::
in thi Oourt Lis wra :,n 1 vej- !.. r,
for the final s.-ttlorr.. -r :! . v ,( j
and they are therefore . r.-Ny r-i-;ir. '.
t ! a:ij ai-p-ar rn stfi '..;,rr ea t '
1'lst !. ef fehruary. V. t;--satuo
will be heard. .nt j.-e-.f '
their !oirsh!;, or , ;a::r to i,rtv ; rt
estat. atd lav .-juix if .-. x y t r . i.
why af.l :i-e-:j t and t.. 1
sh ild tad !' .i,r'; reel.
Witness, tie lierk a-.i-l th S. al . ' t.
St. J.'sqili "ir iat i'e":rt t S-.ia'i p.. 1.
Ileilana. IM! d.-iv ef f. n-iirr.
U ll.i'.l i: M. W VKM i:. r'K
P.v P.. 1.. lb KUSTMA N 1.....,;
I - a
Notice is lierrliy gin, t!.at t'.- un-'.'
signed ti a S ben ;ijol,..i:.tel '.y tt,o ;.-).
ef the Superior fount of st. to-. ;.!. ".. .
t y. State e-f Indbm 1. a-! aanit ratrSx ef
tlie estate ef Kay lade, k.-r, late of
jes.nh "oiinty, de"eaed.
SaiJ vtate i leipiMisr 1 t t.. ..'.piit.
lilman i.iii:cm:i:. a ;m.
Feb. I'!). l'.l!.
P..i:i; SCANLmN. Atty. for Ad; iv
xiiTin: or aimiItk tion.
Notice i hereby girn, t!.t t N urelr
simile, J b.is been :if';rinted l.y tlie "."!
ft tle Circuit Court vi St. .Teo;.h Ce a -ty.
State ef Indiana, selrilnistrnter f
tiie cfitiite f I:iuc Ihnhrs n, ljb
St. Joseph Canity, de.-en-ed.
Said c-a.it" 1 sujp"M-.i f.. he s 'Mit.
lewis s. iii:.Mi:i:"v. .mm
I at l at Ser.Ci lVud. In ! . IVv .
vi:iil;:i: ;rv, Atty. f,.r i: t te
-she dbw"
- die scmidi
how SÜQ IöV2f
f, t i l-. tf I X i
i ' . m . t . . w . k. lm ! r
SarrüQ the Ctzazlr.d Ocresr
SEE the famous Latin Quarter
of Pari before the war how
the Apaches loved and fought
how their queen helped save th
city at the crisis. See it cow.
Tili- N the Lincoln treat to if.
many customers.
No udiaiKf in prh-ev Usual
v ' r
r. -.
f - ;3t i

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