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Tonight 7 to 9:30 o'clock
Complimenting Mi Aghes Rupert
tnl Mis-s Mildred Funsen, both of
whom ;r- April brides elect, Misa
.l u in t was ho--s.s at a de-
l'Mfüüy ;t ii'j;iit 'I 1 o'clock lunch-
cu tl.i-i ;iftt rr.oon in her hörn , ZW
.. Main jl A color not; of pink and
h;t" was observed in the tablo ccn-t'-rjii
rrt of swtt-t j as and in the
aids whb h marked the placej of
tho K'H.t.i present. (.'(iru?i.s of pink
i ' :t nI ;sw tj ri.s wer; favors to
1 1 honor KU. Ms. A four-course
1 :i,th'- on w.j.s .v r -i y thj hostess.
Mrs. Uu..-H Hupp. 10.1.: V. Col
fax av., iitertained at it birthday sur
j ri.-? fjr her husband ;it their home
Friday cv nln'. flanics, music and
lancing were enjoyed by the 15
sursis present and a dainty luncheon
w.ii herved.
Tort .rptuniC'l soldiers and suilorn
wer.j ptusts of honor ;it the banket
ui-n Friday ovrnin. by tlij Chris
tian bnil'avor society of West-
mlnsiir church. Tail. decorations
wero in yellow ami whit with daf
fodils forming the - nterpiece, and
y How- candles in cainlelabra further
ing tho color note. Hand-gilded
eards, bearing the C. K. emblem,
marked the places of tho 65 quests.
Following the linner a pleasing pro
gram of toasts was presented, with
.Mis.: Margaret Geyer acting as toast
mi.tn.vs. Miss Wilma Alward gavo
the welcome to "th boys in uni
form," and Miss Marjorie Hull, Miss
Hazel Gillis, president of the bo
cirty. and Klmor riory were other
sp akers. Music was furnished dur
'"ir the evening by the Syncopated
Jazz orchestra, including "Miss Mar
jorie Whltcomb, Cee.-ge FIckenscher,
Sydney Mors, and Kverett Ilardman.
Following the program panics an!
contests were enjoyed. '
Mrs. Irene Isbell and William II.
Smith, son of Ira I). Smith of South
Rend were married at S o'clock Fri
day evening at the home of th
bride's aunt, Mrs. K i:. Ashman. 1130
S. Main st. Rev. I:. Fverett Carr of
St. James' Hpi.scopal church ner-
i or me a me ceremony,
town KU est. s were Mr.
August Benton. Raporte.
Smith arrived yesterday
Sill, Okl.i., having ben
. .. -
Ind., Mr.
from Fort
mo ui regular army reserves after
' -ting in overran m.tvIco for some
time. For the pr.srnt Mr. and Mrs.
Smith will be at ho.rie at Jl.'o S.
Main st.
ne of the m :t er.joyablo meet
ings ever held 1 :- tHo Woman's so
iety was the. f.no v.h'i.h took place
Friday evening j-t the V. W. C. A.
when ."0 members of the society met
tr a social .evening of ram es and
music. Miss Irene Paul led com
munity Mucins: to open tho program,
followed b- several clever recitation?
'v iittle Miss Virginia Roberts, after j
wbi.-d a blightful series of irames J
ondm -ted by .Miss Marrarct Sykes. !
was pre.-.--i:t-d in the pynmaf ium, i
('receding 1 1 1 party Mrs. A. II.
Sholly's team of tbe membt r-hip
-tnmitb-e were hosteses to the team
. i Plained by Mrs. F. .. Smith at
.imnr in the t a room. Covers were
laid for :'. Mrs. T. A. Freeman
a'el as t "a J in ist : e--s ;nd resjonsey
were Kivn by Mrs. F. .1. Cliard, Mrs.
ir. T. Turk and Mi-s Minnie French.
Contests featured the soci hour
fi!ovvinsr the business .-.es.-ion, at the
letralar monthly meeting of the Sun
shine Bible cia.-s of ;r.u' Evangelic
al church Ji Id Friday e ning with
Air. and Mrs. William Patkowski.
:('! College ;iv. Luncheon was served
t- the guests. Mrs. Victor Feid
b !-. Lincoln way W. will entertain
t he class on .p 'il In.
Tbe St. Jo.-eph hospital Aid so
t i'-tv held its regular monthly busl
n s meeting Friday afternoon in the
Kniuhts of Columbus home. After
the completion of routine business
a clever guessing contest was pre
- r'ted. in which the entertainment
uumittee, composed of Mrs. II. 0
' -Trie. Mrs. J. Sullivan. Mrs. '.
Mrs. c. O. Thomas, Mrs. U.
Muiin'h and Miss Huber gave im
; iMiiiati'ips of the peoples of tho
world by means of dress, emblems
! other characteristics. There were
countries represented, each one
'ec(ivin- enthusiastic applause.
Favors in the contest were won by
.Mrs. J. No-cut and Mrs. Nora
ll.tuerty. Miss Sarah O'Neill ren-'er-d
appropriate tuusie ns an ;c-
o:u panim nt or each impersona
tion. Following the featured enter
tainment. Mrs. William G. C.ia'ull
i' a short talk on the allied na
tions, closing with a tribute to the
wom. n workers of the world during
' wai A social hour followed tho
program and dainty refreshments
were sered. .Mrs. A. P. Perley will
1- in charge of the next meeting,
whi. h i. held April 11.
Mi--s MiMred Funston the
-es: of honor at a miscellaneous
. ac wer
Pin by Mis Cretchen
lhern and Miss Gertrude Wiser.
At Wheelock's
1 r !
George H. Wheelock & Company
at the hor.i'.' of the former, 408 W.
Navarre ht., Frid xy niht. A color
motif of pink' and white was ef
fected in tbetatie decoration with
its center of pink sweet peas and
white place cards and nut baskets.
Covers were laid for 13, which in
clud.d Mi-s Mildred Kunston. Mis-?
Pearl KupeJ, Miss .SiniM Witwer.
Mis a Mary Ulair, Miss Helen Greg
ory. Miss Mildred Iiter, Miss Mary
Uvcnpood, Miss Fsther Kerner.
Mrs. Deahl Martin. Miss Gladys Wa
ters, .Mi.-s Marlftte Clemens. Miss
Sarah Hill and Miss Opal Millbern
Illection of officers- which wa-s
held at the meeting of the Woman's
auxiliary of the Westminster Pres
byterian church Tnursday afternoon
in the church parlors resulted as
follows: Mrs. blmer ,trayer, pres
ident; Mrs. Henry Martin, vice-president:
Mrs. (Thanes Iwan, secretary,
and Mrs. J,. K. Martin, treasurer.
I'ollowlnc; thf business meetlnc; sev
eral piano niim-bers were slvcn by
Mrs. E. W. Morse and Mrs. C. A.
Ifacon. anl Mis Elizabeth IJeyrcr
rendered seral vocal solos. The
officers of la&t year, Mrs. C. A. Nash,
Mrs. Charles Geyer, Mrs. Verne Van
Lusen and Mrs. I. U. Martin acted
as hostesses. The next meeting "will
be held April IS, the iace to be an
nounced later.
The Friday Friendship club met
Friday afternoon with Mrs. Charles
Stark, LZ2 Allen et. There were 14
members and two guests present and
three new members were admitted
to the club. On March 29 the mem
bers will entertain their husbands
with .a picnic supper at the home of
Mrs. C. C. Fike. S21 Marietta st.
Twenty-four attended the card
party siven by the Olive Grove, No.
12, which was held Friday after
noon at the V. O. W. hall. April 1
is the date set for the next card
Thirty-six members attended the
meeting of the Norman Fddy Relief
Corp held Friday afternoon at the
K. of P. hall. Four ladies were ad
mitted to membership and one ap
plication was read. The next meet
ing will bo held in two weeks.
The department of literature of
the South Bend Woman's club met
in the club rooms Friday afternoon.
Dr. Alta M. Horum told of an in
formal per&onal talk with Meredith
Nicholson and of his -work; ehe pre
sented the club with a picture of
the author. Mrs. V. 11. Maurer s:ave
a review of tho book "The House
of a Thousand Candles," ty Nicholson.
A spring dancing party will be
riven by the members of the Elks'
lodse Wednesday, March 26, at tho
Elks' temple. Donohue's orchestra.
I will furnish the music.
The ladies of the Eastern Star
auxiliary will meet Monday after
noon in the Masonic club rooms.
Mrs. Maudo jwintz, Mrs. Anna
Archer, Mrs'. Emma Sausman, Mrs.
Ida Mayer and Mrs. May Mayer will
act as hostesses.
The art department of the Pro
gress club will meet Monday after
noon at ö:"0 o'clock in the club
rooms. Mrs. Nina Doolittle will
read a paper on the lifo and works
of William M. Chase, Mrs. E. T.
Chapin will discuss "How Other Na
tions Encourage Art" and Miss Ethel
Montgomery will present current art
notes. Election of officers will take
place during the business session.
The Wanita Sewing circle will gve
a card parry Tuesday afternoon iu
lied Men hall.
Another liquor cast ' was taken
from the city court to the circuit
curt Saturday when Mike Nowak,
l-D'i iS. Chestnut ft., arrested by tho
police a month ago for the unlawful
possession of liquor, demanded a
trial by Jury.
Deputy Pros. George A. Schock
immediately reliled the case in the
circuit court, and dismissed the
charges against Nowak in the
Born to Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
ton. 1 1 OS S. Lafayette vKd., a
March 21.
son. Monday, wash day. every Monday
you are au tired out, uon t let it
'happen next Monday. Have a
Thor Flectnc Washer in your home.
Just talk It over with your husband
tonight. Then call, write or phone
us for free demonstration. Home
phone 107 S; Bell r. C 1 3 . Thor Sales
Co.. 231 N. Michigan st.
At Wheelock's
Cordova Leather
Hand Bags
Famed for their beauty and quality.
A new line has just been received
hand tooled by artists of top rank in
their profession.
Prices rane from S7.00 to 526.00.
35yN Our Homecoming Boys
By Winifred Black
Cheer up, girls, the boys are com
ing home, and they're coming home
Xo French wives or Belgian sweet
hearts or English brides, not so that
it need worry you any.
I have talked to hundred of sol
diers good old American U. S. A
boys. Doughboys from the trenches,
aces from the air squadrons, cap
tains and majors and colonels, and
whisper some of the colonels
look as if they Just graduated from
college, too, let me tell you. Marines
and sailors, too. And every one of
them had the same story to tell.
Here is the way one of the Dough
boys told it:
I met him down at the American
bank. Iltess his heart, he was from
Georgia and knew it the minute he
opened his mouth.
He told me about his regiment
and his "bunky," wounded at Cha
teau Thierry, and his friends killed
at the same battle, and how good
the lied Cross had been to them all.
and how homesick they were and
how they wished to goodness some
body would let them chop down
some trees or tear down a build
ing or something and build a love
boat or a Columbus caravel or a live
raft or something, and let them get
back across the ocean where they
If oiiio Folks for Mine!
"I declare," said the doughboy
from Georgia, "it certainly does get
mighty tiresome talking with your
"My wrist and finder-joints are
lame trying to say, 'Where do you
catch the car?' ami 'May I have a
drink of water?'
"Water! Ask for that in a French
restaurant, or an English hotel
either, for that matter, and they
look at you like yo-; were plum
"Girls? Oh. yes, the French girls
are all right. They aren't a bit hard
to look at. I can raze for quite some
time at one of these French girls
without having any sad feeling at
all. They're pretty and tHey sure
Adclc Garrison's New
Alfred Durkee's wink let In a Hood
of light upon me. I had thought
that unconsciously he was aiding me
in my scheme to balk Dick's obsti
nacy by making' him think I was op
posed to the purchase of the house
we were inspecting. But Instead, I
realized that he was deliberately
abetting me by goading Dicky with
little ironical innuendoes concerning
my power to make the final decision
In the matter.
I was not sure that I liked this.
To "manage" Dicky by understand
ing of his obstinacy was one thing,
to do it with the connivance of any
one else was another. But Alfred
Durkee was such a boy, so utterly
devoid of ajiy malice in his mischief
that 1 didn't feel the compunction
concerning his aiding me that I
would have felt had he been an older
I could hardly conceal a smile at
his next speech, however. With a
most dejected air he observed inno
cently: "Well, mother, I supose that set
tles it. No afternoon neighborly tea
for you around this shack. It will
be just our luck to have some im
possible person with eleven squallimr
young ones move in next to us if
we take the other house. I don't
know but we'd better give the whole
thing up. What do you think?"
"Oh, Alfred!" quavered little Mrs.
Durkee, and there was real dismay
in her voice. Dicky caught it and
turned to her solicitously.
"Don't you worry, Mrs. Durkee,"
he said. "You know Alf won't give
that shack next door up for any
thing. Aral I haven't decided against
this place yet. We'll look the house
over lirst anyway."
He offered his arm gallantly to
little Mrs. Durkee. and they preced
ed us into the house, to which Dicky
had ben piven keys by Mr. Birdsall,
the real estate agent.
Alfred Durkee's eyes twinkled as
he stepped briskly to my side and
fell into step with me.
"I see you are a profound student
of Hibernian literature," he said.
"I don't understand you," I re
turned smiling.
"I Trust You Don't "
"No? Well, to clothe my ideas in
words of one syllable," he grinned
audaciously, "you must have heard
the tale of the man who wished to
drive his pig to Cork."
"I must plead ignorance," I an
swered. "Would you mind if I occasional
ly employed a word of more than
one syllable?" he queried solemnly.
"I shall try to overlook lt." I re
torted, amused, yet a trifle annoyed
at his nonsense.
"Well, then." he drew a Ion?
breath. "Once upon a time an Irish
man drove a pig along the road to
Cork, saying repeatedly, 'Go to Dub
lin, pigiry, pigsy, wo to Dublin. A
friend who met him wondered at his
" ord. and asked him why he told
the pi to go to Dublin when in re
ality the animal was headed the
ther way.
" 'Whilst, whispered the owner of
can smile! It's ' home and home
folks for mine!"
"You've said it." joined in a tall
marine with his cap at a most kill
ing angle.
"I like the French frirl all right
on the stage when I've got a sure
enough American girl with rne to be
jealous of the way tho French girl
can shrug her Shoulders. And, nay,
those girls over here, the tnlnJ?
they can say with their eyes well!
Hut still I'm for home talent, after
"Me for a nice little church-cholr-
from-prayer - meeting - Wednesday
Sunday - school - class-see-her-home
night kind and all. Just watch me
walk right up to the altar when I
get back home."
The aviator has a decoration
a beautiful pair of wings pinned to
his tunic and that means that he
has done something very fine and
very brave and very distinguished
He turned as red as a beet when
I spoke of the decoration.
"Xuthin doln' on this here stuff."
he said. "Say, maybe my girl will
like it, though, and that don't hurt
me any to think about. Wait till
I spring this - on Mary maybe she
won't say 'No' this time.
Tell the American Girls."
"Mary no, you don't spell it
Marie, just plain Mary, thank you
just like my mother spelled hers.
Mary lives in Brooklyn, over in Flat
bush, too what do you know about
"What, marry a French girl or an
English girl! Not even " if they'd
have me, and I don't believe they
would. They like their own kind
same as we do.
"You tell the American pirls to
get their pretty smiles ready, we
are all coming home more in love
with them than ever."
As to the captain, he just took a
picture out of his pocket and looked
at It. A picture of some one in San
Francisco, Calif., and I didn't have
to ask him one word.
Cheer up, girls, the boys are com
ing home.
the pig. 'Don't mintion the wurrud.
If the baste should puspect I wanted
him to go to Cor-r-k he would turn
rieht around and run the other
way'." ,
He finished the story with such an
Irresistible look of humorous appre
ciation of its application to the situ
ation we had just faced that I
laughed outright.
"I trust you don't mean to infer,"
I besran. laughingly
"That the Dicky-bird isn't as ob
stinate as Paddy's pig?" he chuc
kled. "Hevings, no, I don't infer it,
I just assert It, make an affidavit to
it, anything you like.
"But I see that you know how to
manapre him, more power to you.
Just keep up your artistic knocking
of the house and he'll sign the deed
before you know it."
He dropped his already low, con
fidential note to a mere murmur as
we came vithin hearing distance of
his mother and Dicky. I saw Dicky
flash an Inquisitive look at us. and
flushed with annoj-ance. It really
was to absurd, this dark-consplrator-pose
of Alfred Durkee's.
I soon forgot my annoyance, how
ever, in genuine admiration of the
old house and its possibilities.
Seriously, Dear"
"Why, this mlsht have come out
of a Dickens novel," I exclaimed as
we wandered into unexpected nooks
and passageways, quaint, tucked
away rooms, "steps down," and sim
ilar reminders of past architecture.
And thjn I saw Alfred Durkee
frown at me behind Dicky's back, re
alized that I hal inadvertently
praised the house, and quickly add
ed, "but oh, what a place to take
care of; I think Katie would take
one look at It and walk out."
"That wouldn't be In irreparable
loss," Dicky growled, and I hasten
ed to follow up the advantage
"Seriously, dear," I said innocent
ly, "where would we put Katie and
Jim? There's no small house here
like the one at Brennan's."
"I know where I'd put them
mighty quick," Dicky retorted
gloomily, and then with a touch of
Impatience: "But if you've got to
tote them around with you for the
rest of you life what's the matter
with these rooms over the kitchen,
pantry and breakfast room? They
form a separate wing, and it would
be a matter of little expense to rig
up another bathroom back here.'
"But do you think the house is
worth the trouble?" I asked as In
nocently as I could.
"I don't knovr and T don't care."
exploded Dicky. "But I do know
that I'm ?oing to take it. You've
worried the life out cf :ne about
buying a houe. and then you come
over here and kno;k everything you
see. Now here's the house, it's yours
when I sign for it, so for heaven's
sake drop your knocking."
And behind his back Alfred Dur
kee went through an elaborate pan
to mime for mv benefit. Intended to
represent a man driving a pig to
I market.
Congressman Miller to be
Speaker at "Larger Elk-
dorn" Banquet Monday.
What the Benevolent and Protec
tive Order of Elks throughout the
United States is doing to aid tho
government in caring for disables!
returning soldiers by retraining
them for vocations other than tho
ones followed before they were dis
abled will le told by Corurressmaji
John S. Miller of Seattle, Wash., at
the "Larger Elkdom" banquet to be
given at the Elks' temple on Colfax
av. Monday night.
The national order has set asido
?ir0,000, through its war relief com
mission, to aid the federal board for
vocational training for returned sol
diers, $30,000 of this eum to be used
in giving publicity to tho work being
done by the federal board in re
habilitating disabled soldiers and
sailors, $30, to be used for retrain
ing and vocational work among tho
disabled men, and $50,000 to be used
in financing these disabled men dur
ing their retraining period.
The purpose of the publicity is to
bring to the attention of tho disabled
men and their families wha: the gov
ernment desires to do for them. Tho
Elks will also cooperate with the
1Red Cross home service department
in this work.
In addition to the address of Con
gressman Miller, there will be a mu
sical and entertainment program.
The dinner will begin at 6: JO o'clock
Monday evening in the auditorium
of the Elkü' temple. Members of
the order and their invited guests
i will be in attendance. Plates will ba
laid for 400.
The Young Women's Christian as
sociation films will be 6hown at the
Lasalle theater all day Tuesday,
March 2 6. The pictures were taken
in industrial plants in France and
in social centers where Y. W. C. A.
war workers were doing special
work. The pictures taken abroad
were taken under natural conditions
and show the conditions under
which the girls worked for their
country. Another series ehow the
work being done at the Studio club,
the Y. W. C. A. for the movie girls
at Hollywood, Calif.
The pictures are being shown in
South Bend as part of the "Blue
Triangle Week" program, the mem
bership compaign week for tho local
association. During the week of
March 24 the Y. M. C. A. is plan
ning to double its membership,
which in 1918 was 872. The demand
for clubs and classes and camping
parties are coming into the office
"'ntinually and the interest of the Y.
'A. C. A. activities is keen. The as
sociation is making plans for an en
larged program, which will meet the
needs of girls, and are looking for
ward to an enlarged staff, that more
work may be done.
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Johnson, 69
years old, wife of Frank Johnson,
died at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. George Norris of North Liberty.
Friday. Besides her husband she is
survived by five sons, two daughters
and five brothers.
Funeral services will bü held at
the German Lutheran church in thit
city Sunday afternoon at 2:30
o'clock. Burial will be in Ilivcrview
Mrs. Elizabeth Price, C3 years old.
died at her residence, 919 Sherman
av. Saturday morning at 2 o'clock
following an illness of two weeks
with pneumonia. She was born in
St. Joseph county Dec. 19, 1S55 and
! has lived here all her life with the
j exception of a few years in Michi
t gan.
I She is survived by three children,
j.-Vlva and David of South Bend and
jJohn Price with the American army
tin France, the following brothers
and sisters: Edwin Price, Mrs. L
Howard, Silverville, Mich., Mrs.
Myrtle Hess, Racine. Wis.. Mrs
Mable Stroup, Holcombe, Wis., Mrs.
James Comrican of Nappanee. Ind.
and Mrs. Clyde Weaver of Buchanan
Mich. Funeral services will be an
nounced later.
Miss Katherine White, daughter
j of Bishop and Mrs. John Hazen
; White, who has recently returned
from France, will speak in the ora
tory of St. James Episcopal church
on Sunday evening. Miss White, who
is a member of the United state.
i army nursing corps, enlisted in the
j service 13 months ago. After a per
! lod of preliminary' training at Min-
eola, L. I., she went to France and
for pome months was Rationed in a
military hospital at Bordeaux. Fol
lowing a short furlough, which shi
will spend in South Bend. Miss Whito
will got to Camp Grant. Bockford.
111., where she will report for her
nPTl TjTxr
A 1 N C W
JL X J ALU. x o
via v x -
K. R. Mayerf eld Purchases
Newman Specialty Shop
An important change in South
Bend business circles was announced
Saturday in the purchase of New
man's, ladies specialty store on
South Michigan st. by Adolph R.
Mayerfeld. For years, Mr. Mayer
feld has managed the store and
through h;s progressive business
methods he has become one of the
best known merchants on Michi
gan st.
For the next week Mr. Mayerfeld
Intends to offer liberal reductions on
all of the merchandise in the store,
as a means of introducing himself
as the proprietor of Newman's and
as an appn;ciation of the confidence
the women of South Bend have for
years .shown in the store- He also
contempIats making a number of
improvements in the store, intend
ing to make it the largest and most
up-to-date Ladies' wear shop in
northern Indiana.
Mr. Mayerfeld has established an
eastern office at 1E5. Broadway, New
York city, so as to keep in constant
touch with the eastern market. anl
will also maintain another buying
orhce in the Republic building, Chi
cago. Mr. Mayerfeld came to South Bend
in 1904 as manager of the Newman
store at the time the s'orj was
opened here. He had had several
years' experience with Rothschild
Bros., cloak and suit house of Chi
cago, before he entered the employ
of Jacob Newman, jr., of Chicago.
Mr. Newman f-elccted South Bend
as the location of his first store and
sent Mr. Mayerf-1-1 here to take
charge of it. Mr. Newman later
opened up stores in a number ol
other middle western cities .-aid used
the South Bend store, o successfully
next duty. Tomorrow's service,
which Avill be under the auspice of
the Younjr People's society of the
parish, will begin at G:C0 o'clock.
Suit was filed in the superior court
by Mayme B. Dalley against Tecum
seh Kilgore, asking 15,000 damages
for alleged assault and battery said
to have been committed last Sep-
itember. 'There's nothing to It," Mr.
Kilgore said shortly after the suit
was filed. "Dailey and his attorney
tried to get me to settle for some
thing I hadn't done, and they threat-
I ened to fUe if I didn't come through.
I told 'em to go ahead and sue."
The Da. leys were neighbors of the
Tecumsehs at the time of the al
leged assault, according to Mr. Te
cumsed. Neither Mr. nor Mrs.
Dailey would say anything regarding
the case, and Mr. Tecumseh was at
a loss to explain a motive which
might have led to the altercation
charged in the complaint.
2 Shirt
l-ovely new pajamas for spring and summer wear
neu, patterns that will delight you. The materials are of
extra quality and the sizes are cut full. Selection now
means a complete stock to choose from.
jA-'j& WS.
operated by Mr. Mayerfeld, as the
model. The d a'h of Jacob New
man a few y-ars ;il'j transferred tbe
ownrt-hip of the Newman stores to
his .-on, Harry B. Newman- Tbe
younger man diel a few months :i.
and later it became pussible for Mr.
Mayerfeld to acquire the South Bend
It is not likely that the name of
the store will !' changed. The pop.
ular, progressive policy of the stor?
will be continued, with more atten
tion paid to detail thin ever, and
improvements looking toward an en
largement of the establishment gen
erally, will be put underway within
the next several months.
ry T'nitod Vro :
CHICAGO, March 22. In five
years England, Franco and Italy will
be ruled by the working classes, de
clared Daniel V. I lo in, socialist
mayor of Milwaukee here last ni-'ht.
Iloan made a speech in protect
against the sentence of Fugen, V.
Debs to 10 years in prison.
Mexican government has received
no invitation from the allies to ser.d
representative.? to the ronferer.ee ol
neutral nations at Paris, the foreign
office announced today.
Trading nth idvertisrs
means morfor lesr cash.
:V-:. . Sia-
":' . . .' .:;..- t -
i 'k f. I Jp- - -A. A.
f ; ' 4. ' V- : ' " , ;
One lot of men's shirts that we have
left from last season, and they are
really better than a regular 52 shirt
today. Neat, conservative patterns,
including the always popular black
stripes. Sizes l3'2 to 17 in the lot.
See Our
These are good madras and
percale shirts in new patterns
Tor spring. We have ail sizes,
14 to 17. Come look them
in Tqvjn"
uu4 i. wsa:.
22C S. Michigan M.
And Other Garden TikjIs
prances ßiap
potash m:pi:it.
Buy your potash fr fertilizer now.
j Big drop in prie... Vo offer, r .jb
ijert to confirmation and prior s-.ip-.
highest grad? carbonate of po'.tf-'i
at 12c p'-r pound f. o. b. New York.
Recommended Py -L,ttc authorities.
Manien Orth & Hastings Corp. 1C'
N. Wells M .. Chicago, 111. Advt.
1 1 3 'J - 2 J
BOSTON. Tw o f nterpri.-ln.:
Greeks 'soi l" two Armenians a ;t
on th" Common for a fruit sm!.
Poliee explained to th Arm ni-ms
that the Common was not for si'.e.
TOo I.ATi; TU f X!MI V.
, u.nr I'.tt;:i:n mak r:i: v."if.i
can ri: a F IKs 1 - I,S VnI
: r.ri!:r:N maki:i: apply at i:m
; ri."Y mi:.t urnr i;. j l i v i: i:
t chili. i:d plow wi:ks.
1 Ivo-,
11 '. - I
U ANTi:: M-n;. n run -m, I
hMj-.er t:a!.!r,: rip saw Me-4
and i T ' r' ni i n ! r t j
ViiiWi-r-Crim::i Corp.
depart:: k'.r.
IN, -T
VANTi:i-I'.-!t!M by ro-ir:g r::irr!. I
l:i ui Iiating s jesm' gi-nral o3l... ..
jrici.r. ef r-f-r s. W'rt:
)X A-S.. ur- New s-'l ia.e. 15-s'Tl l
VANTi:i Voun- !at!.-? to t.-iT.e t- -e,"L
ri' peratli.. Iirrr-1 vr.a r:t i.'.j..
niit; jrr'-'iii'Üni.-H an I ha r N-'r . f
wrk l(itT-t;r,g :.r. 1 !':-rjt! uul. .. I
al.iry utllt I'-v.rrAiiz. Al'Tiv Tr:T-
C.Mt-f .fti.-e. third t! r. T.-:. i-v'tr I'.Mg.
'S:' S. Main. la-(Hers '.trM ! ; : t
Tel. Co. 11'l-tf
WANTHI A cap.iW InfTüniin arT
rt':n.itor tor ex. lui.lv pos'.ti.ia in
S. ;t;i HtTil. UvrW on i-Mifiluw an 1
jrisinal ho (!:;n. u!. l (!rn!:;N.
ef. y.riV.' r.H'ty prop'ltr-ri f r
r.i.m w'iu can 'ju.iiifv. A 1 Ir er u'l
Kuos: 212, Oliver ll'.il 1.1-
- . .
limn i

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