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s at in t day r.vnvivfi. rnii, mo.
I Olli
I '1
" ''I 'N r-s
Mr Harry Schadt. chairman of
th miihi- de p.irtm-nt of the South
Hend Woman's club, will prnt
-r department member?, with MKs
Harej ILarri. Prof. F .H. Ingersoll,
and the Masonic quartet. In concert
recital Tuesday rvenlng at ft o'clock
in the club room. A cordial Invi
tation Is extended to the general
PuMic to attend this music. ll even
ing. Following is the program:
A Mav Morning Denza
Yesterday and Today Kpros.
Mrs. J. C. Yoram.
Andante Finals LepehMisky
Kamni'-nol Ostrow .... Hubenstein
Mly.s Dorothy Keesan. . .
Nymphs and Shepherd
Henry Purcell
Mrs. H. N. r.arnrs.
Mis-'s Ruby Wiltfong.
Mr.-t. R. M. Hub-hln.son.
Reading Selected
Mrs. R. C. Shanklin.
Tenor polo Selected
Dr. Lieb.
'Instrumental Selected
Mi?s Hazel fc'trtetcr.
Charles Wakefield Cadman
At Dawning
Charles Wakcneld Cadman
Mr Walter Fugen
Violin Selected
Prof. Ingersoll.
Rondel of Spring Ilihb
Love's in rny Heart Woodman
Miss Harris.
Voeal number Selected
Masonic Quartet.
A delightful 1 o'clock luncheon of
today was that at which the Misses
Lillian Anderson, Minnie S'uchanek
and Mamie Kerner were joint hos
tesses in honor of Miss Agnes Ru
pert, whoso marriage to Walter
Rlasengym of Indianapolis will occur
n April Ke nod Miss Host- K. Ren
nett, a bride of the coming summer.
The affair took place in the pink
parlor of the Oliver hotel, where the
gurst: who numbered 16. were seat
ed at an oval tabl charmingly ap
pointed in a color motif of pink and
whit. An rmpire Pasket tilled with
sweet peas formed the attractive cen
terpiece and dainty corsages, fash
ioned of the same flower, served as
guest favors. Following luncheon an
afternoon of "500" was enjoyed by
the sjuesti.
Th wedding of'Miss Ruth Ro;m
der and Andrew Lundstrom will oc
cur this evening at S o'clock at the
home of the bride's parents. Mr.
and Mrs. O. A. Rounder. l."25 Cha
pin st. The couple will be attended
by the bride's sister. Miss Ksther
ItoKunder anl Ivar Lundstrom. The
bridesmaid will wear an attractive
sown of dark blue satin and will
tarry a corsa- of pink and white
tmeetpeas. and the bride will wear
a yown of AHcm l)lue treorgette crepe.
with a cors ic;' of .sweet peas. The
Rev. Oottfrid Olson will perform the;
eremony in the presence of '20
In compliment to Mis Fannie
Iain. whoxe marriage to Robert
Miller of Chicago will take plae in
April. Miss Ksther Kirkpatriek. 1021
Dumo'it av. entertained 12 guests at
a p'.ea.-ing dinner party and miscel
laneous shower Friday fvrnlnp. A
color motif of pink and white was
effected in the table appointments,
and a miniature bride constituted the
attractive centerpiece. Those pres
ent were: Mrs. Leroy Herd. Mrs. A.
It. Jain, and the Mioses .Iain. Flor
ence llcnnett. Rdna Chil-on. Neva
Steele. Doris Steele, Irene Mitchell.
Mabel Martin, Fl sie Show alter, and
l'essie Ca id er.
Mrs. O. (;. Harding-. S 1 (' Leland
;v., assisted by Mrs. Daniel Rich,
was hostess to the Woman's Mis
sionary society of Westminster
Iresb terlan church Friday after
noon. Mis. Fdward Heet'h was in
charge of the program, the subject
of which was "China." and Mrs. L.
C. Harter and Mi-s Isabel Ratter
presented diiMissions on the study
topic, after which an interesting let
ter was read from Miss Alma Dodds,
seivin as a missionary in China.
Phasing oi.il sn'ios were rendered
b Mrs. Norman Kelb. On the first
Frida-- in May. Mrs. F. F. Augus
tine, ttixet.side dr.. will ntetrain the
A m nou rcerner. t has been made of
the program for the St. Joseph
county W. r. T. F. institute to be
hM in this it v on Monday after
noon and evening. Sessions of the
institute will tao place in West
miiistcr l'resb tet i i n church at
2: '0 and 7:.;" oVlork. and the pro
gram to be presented at the after
noon meeting is as follows: Devo
tional ,Mr.v C. (. Ucyror; atddre:-N,
"Women in Industry." by Mrs. F
H. Harris; dicursion. "Is Conserva
tion Still Neccbsay and Why?" by
Mrs. W. M. WeW; "The Union Sig
nal." by Mrs.-Charles Hopkins. In
the evening the program will con
sist of the following features: Se
lection by We&tmlnster orchestra;
address by Institute leader, Mrs
Mattl? Cum mack Gibxon of Jones
boro, Ind.. state lecturer for the
W. c." T. V. Tbe Tuesday .eMnn
of the Institut- will b held at tlu
Methodist church of Osceola, Ind.
Members and friends of th9 Pen-i
elope club met Friday night with '
Mrs. M. Kcmerley. 701 X. Michigan
fct., in the celebration of Mrs. Kem
erley's birthday anniversary. The
evening was spent socially with
games, music and contests. Piano
and ocal ?olos were rendered by
the Misses Ruth and Mildred Kem
erley. The hos:te?3 was presented
with several pretty sifts as remem
brances of the occasion. Luncheon
was fcerved.
Mrs. Charles Imel was re-elected
chairman of the department of
philanthropy and civics of the Prog
ress club at its regular meeting Fri
day afternoon. Other otlicers chosen
were: Mrs. W. M. Weld, vice chair
man; Mrs. K. M. Anders, secretary,
and Mrs. William Render, treasurer.
Appearing on the program at the.
meeting was Miss Florence Weld
who gave an interesting and prac
tical talk on "Food for the Family
Group," in which she pointed out
that in the planning of menus con
sideration must be given to the food
value, selection and preparation and
service. She cited practical statis
tics concerning healthful foods, em
phasizing the need for proper quan
tity, quality and variety, saying that
I "good feeding means good think
ing." The department will hold its
next meeting in two weeks.
The new text book, which is to bo
studied for the next six months.
"The Path of Labor," was the HUh
ject of discussion at the regular
meeting of the Woman's society of
the First Ilaptist church held Friday
afternoon with Mrs. G. W. Kopf, j
127 . Madison st. Mrs, U. S. Davis
gave a review of "The Call for Serv
ice." The monthly social meeting of
the society will tako place on the
evening of April 25 at the church.
! The Indiana club Friday evening
; was the scene of a delightful dinner
dance which followed the annual
election of officers for the Married
Folks' Dancing club. All the retir
ing otlicers were there to express
their best wishes to the incoming of
ficers for a successful year in the
history or the club.
Music for the dance program was
furnished by Donahue's orchestra.
jand 40 couples were present to enjoy
i the dancing. The retiring officers
are F. A. Stephenson, president, and
Mrs. Frank Warner, secretary, the
vice president, Charles Harper, hav
ing been reelected to that office for
the ensuing year.
The retiring ofllcers gave brief
sketches of the activities of the club
during the past year, and thanked
the members for the hearty cooper
ation shown, which they declared
was so instrumental in furnishing
the pood entertainments which they
had enjoyed.
The following otlicers were elect
ed for the next year: Fred A. Rryan.
president; Mrs. Edgar Johnson, sec
retary, and Charles Harper, treas
urer. The Woman's Missionary society
of the First Presbyterian church held?
its regular meeting Friday after
noon in the church parlors. The
devotionals were conducted by Mrs.
J. O. Yeagley; Mrs. J. F. McCowan
had the news budget, telling of the
progress made in the missionary
work all over the world. The work
of the Harriet House girls' school,
located at Vagkok, Siam. was de
scribed by Mrs. II. M. Crow. Mrs.
Kmil Hannan gave an account of
the need of funds for the hospital at
Lolodorf, Siam. Miss Gertrude
Rrown explained the financing of
tho jubilee fund, for which, it was
announced at the meeting. $416 has
already been subscribed by members
of the society. Mrs. F. M. Pooth.
Mrs. F. C. Koos. Mrs. J. M. Shidlcr
and Mrs. H II Duckwith acted as
"An Awakened Interest in Semi
Precious Stones" was the subject
chosen by Miss Virginia Tutt for a
very interesting talk before the
members of the current history de
partment of the South Pend Worn
an's club, Friday afternoon. Other
topics that excited quite as much In
terest was "The Und of Cherry
I'dooms." discussed by Mrs. John
Hunter. And "The Prifish in the
Promised I-md," by Mrs. F. J.
Claire. Several piano numbers were
Adele Garrison s New
At Whcelock's
At Wheelock's
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iV Arthur 1 Ich!
My Harney Mos Over the
Wnn Hilly Murray
H5f do. smith Orvhostra
K Ue
Jo. C. Smith Orchestra
JSaJT I'll Say She Iw.
K"c All-star Trio
You're Suiic Irftt) Doll
All-Stur Trio
is"'.j,fa.la Arthur 1 leld-j
Alcoholic III new
Hilly Murray
1K.VJH vonic Day I'll .Make You
s."c ;iaI Sterling Trio
Singapore Arthur Field
7 IM t Quartet In I Major
5 !., Flonialoy Quartet
ISa-l Mammy's Lullaby
sr.c .las. c Smith OrchcMm
Sweet Hawaiian Moon
light Jos. C. Smith
George H. Wheelock & Company
Victor Products Exclusively.
wiiAi ii ppi.m;d jii:x MAixa;
TOG LTTH lilt.
Hubert fcavarin and 1 stood side
by fcide on tho veranda of the old
Prennan house at Marvin, mutely
watching the taxi which was bear
ins Dicky, Lillian Underwood ana
Lillian's little sirl, Marion, to the
railroad station in time for the city
bound train. It was not until the
taxi jbecame a mere kpeck in the dis
tance that we turned as if by mu
tual consent although still saying
nothing and went Into the living
I did not know what Robert
Savarin'a thoughts were, but my
own brain as busy with the un
expected compilation of LUiiar'.s
life-problem which her sudden and
ridiculous Jealousy of my friendship
with the artist had brought to me.
I knew that Lillian herself, big.
frank, loyal woman that she is, waus
not aware of the nature of her feel
ing toward me, and that when she
did realize it she would stamp it out
with Inflexible firmnesa. Uut the
look of resentment, unconscious
though it was, with which she had
answered Robert Savarin's refer
ence to asking my advice had re
vealed to me as by a lightning flash
the difficulties of helping to solve
lallian's problema.
Dicky's unreasoning jealousy,
which always greets the most casual
acquaintanceship of mine with any
man, was already beginning to sim
mer against Jtobcrt iSavarin. But I
did not think the attack would be as
serious as others ho had had. In tho
first place, Mr. iüvarin is nearly as
old as my own father; in the second
place, Ihcky has a great reverence
tor the elder artist's penius, and, in
the third place, Robert savarin's in
terest In Uillian Underwood was so
plainly in evidence that Dicky could
not fail to sec it soon.
"What Do You Mean?"
I had been thinking to intently of
the mental vagaries of my husband
and of my dearest friend that I
failed to hear Robert Savarin when
he first apoke to me after entering
the lning room. When he repeated
his question he was smlllngT.
"Would it inconvenience you, Mrs.
Graham, to have a walk with me?"
he asked. "It really is too glorious a
day to spend indoors, and I fancy
1 should like to see a bit of tho
country out here. Besides, I shall
not have eo good an opportunity
soon aain."
"Why. what do you mean, Mr.
SaNarin?" I faltered, perceiving, or
fancying I did, an undercurrent of
meaning beneath his words, "pure
ly there will be plenty of other op
portunities for you to see our neigh
borhood in the time you are to
fcpe-nd with us. But I shall be very
glad to go with you this morning,
for Indeed it i too wonderful a day
to spend indoors."
There was that about the Fmile
with which he answered me that
made a feeling as of pity clutch
my heart.
"Dear lady," he said. "luwil! no:
be possible for me to stay at yotir
home the length of time I had
planned. Of course I shall attend
Mrs. Underwood's dinner tonight.
Dut even at the risk of seeming un
gracious I must start back hom. to
morrow or the next day at the
"Hut why ? I began, taitleu
and a bit worried because our plans
had been made for a week's enter
tainment of the artist.
"I will tell you out of doors." he
returned. "Won't you set your
wraps and take that walK now? I
feel as if I should stifle it I stayed
tinder a roof this morning.
There was about his manner a
something that lent wings to my
feet as I ran upstairs for my wraps.
It would be an injustice to describe
it as a touch of wildness, and yet
that waa the thought of it which
came to my mind as I hurried on a
heavy sweater and a cap, which
were all the day required for a brisk
A Wi.-e Thing.
But restlessness there undeniably
was, and I wondered vaguely and
uneasily if there were any danger of
his losing a.-jain the delicate mental
balance restored to him so short a
I am a good walker, but I found
that I had all I could do to keep
up with Mr. Savarin. who, evidently
forgetting his usual courtesy, strode
along the hard-packed winding road
as though he were alone. It was a
ylorlous March day, and, although
the air was brisk, there was the
promise of spring in it. If I had not
had to rush along so fast, I should
have thoroughly enjoyed the walk.
I had purposely taken him along
the road to the rustic bridge span
ning the beautiful little brook Dicky
and I had explored on our first visit
to Marvin. It was the prettiest bit
of woods and water anywhere near
Marvin, and I knew that the artist
soul of Robert Savarin would re
joice in it.
The sight of the clear little stream
wandering through the trees seemed
to calm the unnatural restlessness
of the man. He stopped short at
fight of it and gazed at it for a long
time. Then he turned to me
"You have done a wise thing. Mrs.
Graha n. A look at a brook or a
lake always calms me when I rno?t
need. it. This has exercised the dev
ils swiftly. Will you take a cold, do
you think, if we stop here a Itttk
while? I want to tell you a story
and to ask your counsel."
Miss Jessie Levy, who is attend
ng the Indiana Law school at In
iianapolis, is spending the week-end
vi th her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
iidlus Ievy, 651 La Porte av.
Herman Ackerman of this city ar-
; rived in New York Friday from
overseas, according to a telegram
received by his brother Rudolph
Pvt. lloyd Wentz of the 3t5 3rd
infantry, I'Oth division, has arrived
at Camp Merritt, N. J., after seven
' months' service overseas, according
i to word received by his parents.
J Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Werntz, 744
Sherman av.
John XV. Alderson of the U. S. S.
Kansas, is spending a 10 days fur
lough as the guest of his parents,
Mr. aifd Mrs Charles. Alderson.. 213
K. Keasey st.
Mrs. C. D. McGill, room 20 Mer
chants' bank building, has received
word that her brother. Pvt. George
12. Hall of the 90th division, who
has been sick in base hosfdtal No.
07 at Brest, France for some time,
is being sent back to this country.
Pvt. W. Harry Hall, ar.othcr broth-
i er, is now at the base hospital at
Sevaney, France In the service of
the medical corps.
given by Mrs. Edwin Motts. This
was the last meeting of the club
Mrs. V. It. Stretch. 2 II 4 Haney av..
entertained 40 members of tho
Worth While circle of the First
Methodist Episcopal church Friday
afternoon. The food shower held
for the poor families was a success,
thero being a largo amount of
groceries and money donated. Mrs.
II. L. Smith. 710 N. Lafayette st..
will entertain May 2. The assisting
hostesses were Mrs. W. P. Taylor.
Mrs. Lucian Snyder, Mrs. Arthur
Wutrick and Miss Fanny Taflor.
Niks. Michigan. Miss Bertha
Morehouse was united in marriage,
Thursday to Albert B. Hupe, at the
Baptist parsonage. Itev. A. W. Lyons
officiating. The ring service was
used. Both are well-known young
people, having been reared south
east of the city. Following the cer
emony they left for an extended trip
in the east, where they will visit
Niagara Falls and spend some weeks
in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
The Priscilla Sewing circle mri
Thursday evening at the homo of
Miss Clara Nimtz. 415 Broadway, 20
members being present. Sewing was
the feature of the evening and
luncheon was served. The next meet
ing will be held April 17 at the
home of Miss Emma Di er. N. Wal
nut st.
Th Ladies' auxiliary of the N. A.
1. C. entertained their husbands and
families with a picnic supper Friday
night at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
John Inwood, 511 S. Main st. During
the evening music, gnmes and a
ceneral social time was enjoyed- Mrs.
Frank Smith. 141S May st.. will be
hostess at the regular meeting, to
be held April 15.
Twenty-five ladles were present at
the card party given Friday after
noon by the Olive Grove No. 12, in
the W. O. W. hall. The prizes were
won bv Mrs. Dora Evans. Mrs. !
Mary Straub and Mrs. Charles Tay
lor. The next meeting will be held
in two weeks.
Miss Marie Leister of Elkhart and
Harrison Fisher of Lakevlllc wer
quietly married Thursday afternoon.
Following Who ceremony a reception
was given at the home of the
groom's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Peter
Fisher, Lakeville. The young couple
will make their home in that town.
Miss Martelle Luther. 1112 Haney
av., was hostess at a farewell dinner
party held Friday evening in honor
of Miss Delight Morrow, who Is
leaving the city. Covers were laid
for 12 at a table delightfully ap
pointed with spring Mowers. Dinner
was tserved at ü o'clock.
The Norman Eddy Relief Corps,
No. 1, met Friday afternoon, at the
K. of P. hall. One application was
received and one balloted upon by
the large number of members present.-
The next meeting will be held
April 18 at the K. of P. hall.
. t
1 - T i
A card party will be given, Wed
nesday afternoon in the W. O. W.
hall by the members of the Live Oak
Drill team. No- 1.
One of the series of winter dances
being given by the members of the
Elks' lodge will be held, Wednesday
nisjht, April 9, at 'the Elks' temple.
The ladies of the Eastern Star
auxiliary will meet Monday after
noon in the Masonic club rooms.
Mrs. Dora Lay. Mrs. Edith Bates,
Mrs. Cora Barton and Mrs. Bessie
Stockford will act as hostesses.
The meeting of the Pleasant View
W. C. T. U., which was to have been
held April 9, has been postponed
until April 16. at which time it will
be held at the home of Mrs. David
Augustine, &01 Lincoln way W.
The Clay Harris Home Economics
club will meet Wednesday after
noon with Mrs. George Ilepler,
lronwood rd.
The Wanita Sewing circle will en
tertain at a card party Tuesday aft
ernoon in Red Men hall.
Mrs. William Probasco will pre
sent a paper on "The Sand Danes"
before the meeting of the Woman's
Civic league, to be held Monday aft
ernoon at 2 o'clock in the Chamber
of Commerce. A musical program
will be given by three members of
tho Optimistic club, the .Misses
Swanger and Herman Wilson.
Vr- John Te-!. Harter Heights,
will entertain the Washington cub
Monday afternoon.
ri:s ox NOTii
A suit on a promissory note was
tiled in superior court Friday by
Mamie Jones, administrator of the
estate of J. W. Jones against James
W. Miller. Judgment of f22S is ask
ed of the court.
An ejection suit was hied by
Thomas Williams in Justice of the
Peace Joseph V. Wypiszynski's court
Friday against Benjamin and Hattie
Myers. Failure to pay rent is
as toastmaster and the meeting will
be dedicated to the bankers and
manufacturers of tho city.
Cnvanaiih on Wednesday.
Ilcv. John Cavanaugh. president of
Notre Dame university, will be the
main speaker at the Wednesday
meeting, choosing for his subject,
"Importance of Community Coopera
tion for Our Civic and Commercial
Development." The Wednesday meet
ing will be dedicated to the civic and
other organizations of the city. The
invocation will be by Rev. John F.
DoGroote. The musical program
will consist again of community sing
ing. F. A. Stephenson in "Hear Dem
Bells." and selections by Messick's
orchestra. The captains of the vari
ous teams will announce the result
of their work. I B. Slaughter will
Thursday's , meeting will be ad
dressed by two mayors, Mayor Lenan
A. Cambray of Pontiac, Mich., and
Mayor Franklin R. Carson of South
Bend. "How We Do It in Pontiac."
will be the subject of Mayor Cam
bray's address, and "How We WilJ
Do It Here" will be Mayor Carson's
subject. The invocation will be by
Rev. V. S. Davis. The meeting will
be dedicated to the wholesale and
retail interests. II. W. Eldredge will
have charge of the meeting. Com
munity sinerincr, vocal selections by
Duke Staples and selections by Dona
hue's orchestra will comprise the
musical program. Re'ports of the
team captains will be made.
Dr. Llppiiieott Friday.
Dr. ( A. Lippincott will deliver
the address at the Friday meeting.
His subject will be "Now That We're
Aflame. Det'a Keep the Fires Burn
ing." The meeting, which will bo
dedicated to the professional and
business interests of the city, will
bo presided over by I. M. Shively.
In addition to the community sing
ing, the musical program will in
clude the Hudson sisters in songs
and the Orpheum theater orchestra.
The Oliver hotel luncheon meet
ings will be held in the Rotary
room. It is announced that no soliciting-
for memberships will take
place at the meetings. The final
results of the drive will be an
nounced at the Friday meeting.
$2.50 Shirts
112 Q
These are fine silk stripe madras shirts, cut full and roomy, with oi't French
cuffs in handsome stripe patterns. Ending at closing time tonight these S2.5o
shirts S2.05.
Men's Athletic
Union Suits at
Others up in price to S2.oo
a suit. Also full line knit
union suits for summer.
Night Shirts
We announce a complete line of
summer pajamas and night shirts.
It can truthfully be said that our pa
jamas and night shirts are very reason
able in price.
All the stock is clean and fresh
nothing carried over from last year.
7hb Brightest SßOT ff Tor'
An especially delightful program
has been prepared for the popular
j Sunday afternoon concert to be giv-
Vit lit UH J II III X KTBkJ) 11. 1 iO.it ii U I V- it.
The numbers will be presented by
the First Presbyterian church quar
tet, the personnel of which include?
Mrs. Robert Holverseheid". soprano;
Miss Josephine Decker, contralto;
F. C. Koos, tenor, and Paul An
derson, bass. Hal Van Aiken, violin
ist, will assist the choir.
The Prayer Marchettl
On the Shore Xcidlingei
Mr. Anderson.
Prison SceTie from II Trovatore..
Mrs. Holverseheid and Mr. Koos.
Daybreak Faming
Legende Pohm
Mr. Van Aiken.
"Come, Heloved" Handel
Mr. Koos.
Final Trio from Faust
Mrs. Holverseheid. Mr. Koos and
Mr. Anderson.
Address by Dr. Lippincott.
Quartet from Uigoletto
The Mixhawaka Woman's club
chorus will present the program on
Afril lo, and Laster Sunday a 30
piece orchestra, under the direction
of Prof. F. H. Ingersoll, will giv
the final concert of the season.
. JOFJj M O I IN I N G STA 1 1.
Joel Morningstar, 8 5 years old.
died Saturday morning at 2 o'clock
at his residence. 236 K. Dayton st.,
following an illness of three days. He
was born Oct. 14, 1883, at Weiland,
Ont., Canada, and came to this city
2S years ago from Canada.
He is survived by the following
children: H. F. Morningstar. W. F.
Morningstar, J. K. Morninpstar, Tt.
L. Morningstar and A. M. Morning
star of this city; W. H. Morningstar
of Canadi; Carrie, Clara and Mrs.
N'ellie Holcomb of this city.
Funeral services will be held at tho
residence Monday afternoon at 2
o'clock and at the First Brethren
church at 2:30 o'clock. Rev. T. E
Ceorge will orliciate. Burial will b
in Highland cemetery.
HAl'Cill. Mrs. Marie Thresa Kadabuugh. 2:;
vp.-ira old. died nt St Jrwonh hr-vr.l.
tal Friday niht at 7 o'clock follow- :
ing a short illness. She was born
in Milwaukee, Wis., March 2'J, 1S90.;
She is survived by her husband, i
Elmer Iiadabaugh, S25 S. Franklin
st., one daughter, Evelyn Marie, at j
home; her parent?, Mr. and Mrs. I
Edward Veidman of Milwaukee; I
one brother, Carl Weidman of
Witchita. Kan.. Amelia and Cecelia
of Milwaukee.
Funeral services will held at
St. Patrick's church Tuesday morn
ing at 9 o'clock. Itev. John F De
Groote will otficiate. Burial will !
in Highland cemetery.
uy From South Bend
c.ux;f n.
The Christian Aid soci.-ty met a'
the home of Art Runnel Wednesday.
Mrs. Ailen Mowe and son Glen
are visiting the former's brother,
David Schneck and family.
John Worrell and Vance Stephen
son spent Saturday afternoon at the
home of S. L. Worrell.
Mrs. William Hoffman is spending
the week in Chicago.
Rev. Jchn I. Imhof will preach
at the Grace Evangelical church
Sunday in the absence of the regu
lar pastor, Rev. O. O. lazier.
Carpenters' Icul No. 41" holds an
open meeting Tuesday evening, April
s. S p. m. All carpenters Invited.
?,Z S. Michigan st. Advt. 12123-27
There will be a meeting of the
South Rend branch of the Indiana
Franchise league on Tuesday even
ing at 8 o'clock in the Chamber
of Commerce. Mrs. Richard Ed-
wards of Peru, Ind., the state presi-
I dent of the league, will be the prln
i cipal speaker of the evening and
' organization plans for carrying on
the work in this city will be made.
'old chained rosaries at Schill
ing's. Ad vt. 120T.9-"
Lawn, garden and held eods that
are true to name and will grow.
Warner fin s.. 226 S. Michigan fct.
Open Saturday evenings.
Advt. 12042-:
the ultimate in substitutes. Mrs. W.
II. Roberts has discovered the sup
of the box elder makes a syrup that
tastes like honey.
They are the men who give you credit
when you are financially embarrassed and
carry your account when you are unable
to pay.
They are the men who stand back of
their guarantee and make restoration of
all losses you may sustain on goods you
buy from them.
They are the men who give you back
your money or make exchanges when
you are not satisfied with what you have
TTiey are the men who take a neigh
borly interest in you, your family and
your affairs.
They are the men wKo pay heavy taxes
to help support the schools, build and
maintain the streets, police and fire de
partments and other public institutions.
They help to support the churches, hos
pitals and chanty organizations.
They are the men whose clerks live
in South Bend and spend their money
with you and other people of the city.
They are the SOUTH BEND mer
chants YOUR neighbors YOUR
friends-YOUR HELPERS in time of
Don't you or won't you realize that
every dollar you spend out of town goes
to strangers who never spend a cent
MERCHANTS your friends and neigh
bors you should buy in South Bend at
all times
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