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VOL. XXXVI, NO. 13 6.
4 NFwsr.U'F.R fop. rnn homc
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NC Machines Refuse to Rise From Water
Until Portion of Loads Are Re-
moved Weather Favorable.
1 1 ULLI 71 IN.
Dv ruitl I'rvss: t
SI'. JOHNS. . I'.. May IG. The
dirigible "-. pickcl up. elcflatrd i e
.nid t;iken alarl the HrltMi -team-1
-r Clan laid-n at it dnt 8H mile i
rat of Iw rr today. The hlimp, vhhh !
broke aav from it- nnorings lato j
jMcnla l now Ving brought to,
ihji prt. ,
I'.y foiled Prr:
'tIIKI'ASSKY. N. I. May !.
'nnunanilPr Town s announced to-
lay th;it the three seaplanes. SC -I,
NC-:i and NC-4, would be started on
the trans-Atlantn- Might this after
noon if It is possible to get away.
Weather condition in mid-ocean
arp the best report"! sine the
Nancies arrived here, according to
the navy's official forecaster. There
is a stiff brze alons the Newfound
land coast. The planes will jump
off carrying l.o1 gallons of Gaso
lin. Trge Start TeIa.
Th" aviators declare it is mo.-.t im
portant that a get-away be made to
day. Dispatches from Washington
also are urging a oaiek start, it is
All th planes are expected to
leave together- Their load were re
duced V-y i o o pounds. s they now
have aboard pounds, including
l.ft30 gallons of gtsoline, and crews
of Mx men each.
A new motor was place! and
three tractors installed m the N"'-t
thi mornlr.i:. If It e not aide t"
.lump off with the o?ie and tbree. it
will follow as soon as possible.
IxHk Over Starting IMaiv.
Orliccrs tf the planes looked over
Altittoti harbor this morning ti de
cide th best direction for the run
.lions' the water before riins: f(,r
ihe ftart.
"We ma do eery effort to set
nwav vesferilay." declared Towers.
"We are determined to leae noth
in undone to make this .jfternoon's
s'art a success."
There will le no formalities at
i. nl tnt on the departure. Continu
ous radio communication is etected
be maintained. The radio of th
Ni'-l worked l""" miles durinp ye
terdav's tbcht from Halifax.
f.- T'tiltM Pre:
ni.KN.. May 1 .' P.ecoi of
!.. inspectors ' embarkation c
;on of the A. V.. V.. show the syth
dniIon was the mvt successful uni
To it.ite in oiopletioc preparations
o iftnni home. I'ioüiintr ! the e-
v nce of othr units, the a'.'üi'v.
r.itt for tlv oat w;is manage.!
p 'd it :o'.; 1 and without confusion.
Th" l.tvt ft 1 1 n load left for l'.i; on
T '.'-day. The division ".as r port d
To be in cvcc'.lent conditin
Feed Milk to the
Hogs 'no Market '
South Bend, Cry
M-Fk and butter h.li in prne'
M.ry householder-; think -.
Y - t .i ! ,i'"e port ion t S' Jo-
I'll or.inty s milk production is be
. f.-d f bogs, for w ant of a mar-
iri Swath I b-nd
hl da ir man asserts that he i
;.. mg on,;-lb.l to haul from :." to
in -ril.on, .' milk back home eery
.;,. And or, i home the milk goes
m the ;,..- trough for w.ir.t of any
other '. . p
Mi',;, r."'v i the p"a' of its
produc ::or, ;r:;f..l say the dairjmen.
t-ecaiis.- pa-t:;r--s are in excellent
. omlition ar.d gramg at its best.
n the otl-.er band the consump
tion is r.ot trrat. Retailers say this
s ('.-nKpe the -js of ice is not sen-
;.ii thi- t.ir1 m the season.
"rcamerie operatinc below their
capacity are offering to take the.
ii;tirni ip's cream if will fepar-
; te it. They do i ! buy whole milk
That i- on.- i get ii ,ri fir pre-
. r-ntp-- the W,itf
Nn one thoaght .f s i;.i!:n; h
i o r.-du'-tion r.i:0"i.s rciocdy the
by I'niteJ rrt.s.-:
One of ths greatest events in mod-1
ern Clrecian history occurred yester- j
day when military and natal forces;
occupied a portion of the coast of
Asia .Minor. This was a realization
of Cireece's dreams f five centur
ies. Permission for the occupation was
given by the peace conference on re
quest of Premier Venizelos. follow
ing official confirmation that the
Turks were stirring up trouble in
Asia .Minor.
An entire division of Greek troopw
was landed at Smyrna anil occupied
considerable territory on either side,
including1 Aivali. 100 miles to the
northward and Vourla. 40 miles to
the southward.
Authorities Probe Story of
Charles Klinger, Held
in Jail.
rinrlrs Klinger, jr., of ,o h ter,
Ind.. who was sentenced to serve
from one to ei?;ht ears at the .Jef
fersonville reformatory, following his
conviction of a petit larceny char
by .fih1i;e C. . Montgomery of the
superior court a few das ago. is
bring held in the county jail await -inir
an investigation to ascertain
whether he is a deserter from the'
t'nited States army. J
In his eel! at the. jail Thursday J
he told Sheriff Iew- Puck that he I
was a deserter from the army. Th-j
sheriff immediately tol, Judge Mont-
gomery and the judge issued an or
bT to ho!d him her until the case
is iUither investigated.
Aci'ording to Klinger's story, h"
was riven a disability disharge
from the army more than a ar
aico. but thr"e weeks ago. he says,;
h enlisted in the army at I-aporte.
hid. for a period of thre years..
While waiting orders 'o report at :
Indianapolis. h- say?, he was arrest
ed for stealing a sjit of clothes anil
a gold watch from Forrest Fisher in
Mishawaka. i
Shei in Duck will iit Iiprte to'
;ind out if Klinger reall did en- '
li-t. In case he did he will probably'
be turned oer to armv officials.
N'FW YORK. May The trans
port P'attsburg, ladm with 1.S!'9
persons, mo-t of them soldiers,
reach, d, port today from Brest
Included it; her burden w re 1.
:F)7 men and 4 1 oihcers of the oL'2nd
r'.eld artillrrv S3d diision. draft
men from Pennsylvania and Ohio).
The entire regiment was aboard.
She al.-o brought In children. f0
wives of soldiers. 1" wives of sailors
and 13 Americans who had been
stranded in Furope. A number of
casuals including sick and wojnded
con alescents also were aboard.
r.y PnitM ProM: .
PARIS, May lb. Italian delegates
were optimistic today for the first
time since they returned ro Paris. .
as a result of the report d "con
dilatory attitude" of the other al-.
lies. They expressed confidence that :
the present negotiations would re- j
suit in a solution of the Adriatic
problem mithin a few days
Repeai of Luxury Tax and
Suffrage Amendment Are
Favored Bills.
r.y Fnlted Press:
WASHINGTON. May 16. A legis
lative program of 10 important
measures was taken up and agreed
upon by the house republican steer
ing committee today for submission
to the entire republican membership
in caucus tomorrow night.
Tlie program, if adopted will be
regarded as a promise to the coun
try to see that the 10 measures are
carried through congress with all
possible speed.
They are:
Repeal of the luxury tax: return
oi the wires: adoption of a shipping
policy; settlement of the railroad
problem: passage of a constitutional
suffrage amendment: enactment of
a national budget system: tariff re
vision: aid for men coming from the
service; economy in publb expendi
tures and passage of essential ap
propriation bills.
Appropriations IlrM.
The work on appropriat?on bills
will, of necessity, be the first matter
taken up. but repeal of the luxury
taxed and perhaps suffrage will be
rushed through the house very early
in the session, party leaders said.
keturn of the wires will also come
up for early consideration.
With the exception of the' wire
return, luxury tax and suffrage
questions, the committee did not at
tempt to commit the party to any
policy. This will be left wholly in
the hands of the various legislative
committees which have charge of
.May Add Others.
Rep. Madden. Illinois, who sug
gested the outline of a party slate to
carry before the caucus, said that
more measures might be added in
caucus. There are suggestions that
immigration restrictions be made a
p:trt of the rt publican program.
The steering committee also de
cided to ask the chairman of one of
ihe three house elections committees
to challenge Victor Rerger, Milwau-
lipc socialist ronsrressman. when he
presents himself to be sworn in next
Minor patronage matters were dis
Want to Keep Penrose and
Warren Off of Senate
' Committees.
nv i.. r. MAUTIN.
I'.v Fntte-t Press:
WASHINGTON. May 10. Taxes-,
say many congressmen in Washing
ton, will be the big issUe of the
130 campaign.
This is one reason for the great
interest being displayed in longres
sional circles in the efforts of sen
ate progressives to prevent Sens.
Penrose and Warren from heading
the finance and appropriations com
mittee, respectively. The tinance
committee stipulates the taxes for
the people, the appropriations com
mittee spends them.
"It will b necessary to raise
prohably Jö.öuO.OOO.OOo yearly in
taxes for some time to come." s-aid
Sen. Rorah. exponent of the progress
ive view. 'The American people
will not stand for having this money
taken out of the pockets of the
great mass of workers whi'e big
business Is let off easy."
r.r T'nitl rre:
MILWAUKEE. Wis.. May 16.
Police today took steps to prevent
at the request of Gov. E. L. Thilipp.
the meeting of I. W. W.'s scheduled
to he held here Saturday. The meet
ing had previously been approved
by Maycor Hoan. socialist, over the
protest of the Wisconsin branch of
the Loyalty legion and several local
civic organizations.
IIV lllKD S. I'KItGl'SON. ,
ry United Prcsi: ;
PARIS, May 16 Grave dangers!
are lurking beneath the surface of
the peace settlement in the opinion
of persons in close touch with the
general i4:uation. This rests in the
fact that everybody is too ready to
light. Against the theory that the
European nations are too exhausted
to fight further, it is pointed out
that history shows all countries in
past have been more warlike at the
end of a long struggle than after an
era of peace. After the Civil war,
for instance, the United States de
lied both France and Great Britain.
Criticism lcrj where.
From IJelgium in fact from
everywhere have come criticisms of
the peace treaty. And one of the
knottiest problems of all disposition
of Flume is yet to be settled. The
Italians are playing an entirely new
game. Instead of pushing their
claims they apparently are cooperat
ing to the utmost in other work. !
They have not shown any inclina
tion to abandon their rhims. but
they are not pushing the subject.
Approach of Actual Business
Finds Leaders Determined
Against Breaks.
I'.y United Pres:
WASHINGTON. May lfi. On the
eve of organizing for business "near
splits" and bickerings among both
republicans and democrats in con
gress appeared to be wearing them
selves out today. Republican leaders
are determined that there shall be
no party breach as the result of the
effort to increase the republican
steering committee from five to nine
members by adding four supporters
of Speaker Gillett and so giving him
the majority of the committee.
Rep. Madden of Illinois one of
the leaders of the Mann faction, has
called on CJillett to deny the report
that there would be an effort to un
seat Gillett as speaker if the steer
ing committee increase was insisted
Will l ight Clark.
democrats who are opposed to
ex-Speaker Clark for minority Iloor
leader, say they will carry the tight
on Clark and reform in party or
ganization on to the floor, but they
are doing little ov no campaigning
to increase their strength.
Only a few of the anti-Clark men
have reached the capital and the
friends .of the former speaker today
predicted that his election as tloor
leader would take only a few min
utes in the democratic caucus to
morrow noon.
I'.y Fnited Press :
CHICAGO, r.Jay if,. Plans for
cutting the price of beef was the
principal topic of discussion by rep
resentatives of packers and livestock
producers in session here today. It
was proposed to put the cattle In
dustry on such a cooperative basis
that prices could he lowered and -at
the prune time yield a fair profit to
It was the opinion of many live
stock men that cost could be mater
ially reduced by arranging for faster
transportation, more efficient hand
ling of livestock at the markets,
elimination of waste and a steady,
rather than a spasmodic flow of cat
tle to the packers.
Members also said they would
ficht any attempts made for govern
ment control of the stock vards.
Pr t nlteii Pres;
LOUISVILLE. Ky.. May 16. Earl
R. Caverly. wanted in Vancouver.
R . on a charge of embezzling
more than I! 4,000 in Liberty bonds,
is in jail here awaiting arrival of
the Canadian authorities. Caverly,
whose parents live at Ixng Leach.
Calif., was assistant bond clerk for
.the Canadian bank of Commerce at
JNancouver. He disappeared from
j there four mcnths ago. Ho says ho
jwili waive extradition.
W?9 9
Considering the fact the Italian
army is not demobilizing, and that
the Italians now occupy all the ter
ritory they are claiming, the ques
tion arises as to who would put the
Italians out. providing they would
go so far as to sigr the peace
treaties and then refuse to evacuate
the territories they claim are right
fully theirs. Such a task eventually
would proba'nly fall to the already
heavily burdened league of nations.
it is believed.
Many Minor Warx.
Through American inline no. it is
believed an arrangement will be
made whereby the Ukrainians and
Poles w il cease fighting. Rut this is
only one of the numerous minor
wars that are being '.vaued in Fu
rope. Kstablishment of peac- be
tween the Poles and Ukrainian,
would mean that den. Mailer's army,
recently transporter! from France to
Poland through flermany. would be
available in helping to keep bad"
the bolshevik. So this would mere
ly bo stopping one war to assist it
carrying on another, and such a
move could not be construed as ;
real step toward world peace.
British Labor Leader Points
Out Defects in League
of Nation's Plan.
r t'nited Pre-:
PARIS. May IS. "My advice to
the Germans would be Sign the
treaty." Arthur Henderson. . Rritish
labor leader, declared iu an inter
iew here today.
Henderson has been aiding in
preparing th. report of the "big
four" regarding the German's labor
recommendations and recently par
ticipated in a three day conference
of socialists of various countries,
who adopted resolutions partly en
dorsing and partly condemning the
"We are bound to iecgnize that
certain injustices, attributable to
past wars, have been repaired" he
said. "Some peoples long kept in
subjection have been liberated. We
welcome creation of the leacue of
nations. In its present form, how
ever, the league is an association
of governments and executives,
rather than peoples and parlia
ments. I'ail to Renounce AY.ir.
"'It fails to compel members to
renounce entirely recourse to war.
Instead of bdng an organ of inter
national justice it has the appear
ance of a victorious coalition dom
inated by the rive irreat powers.
Failure to include Germany and
Russia should be righted speedily
as possible if prevention of war
really is desired.
"The whole treaty shows the na
tions are still menaced by the policy
that to the victors belongs the spoils,
in utter disregard of the inevitable
consequences. However. Germany
should ign and awai the coming
time when the western powers will
be more democratic. There is every
indication she will not have long to
- " " - -
Yy United Press:
ENID. okla.. May 16. I,iut. I.
M. Hid well. Plackwell. kla.f wa.-?
aecorde! an even chance for recov
ery while Lieut. A. W. r.raham.
Kansas City, Mo., was dead here
today following an airplane acci
dent at the Salt Plain races, year
here late yesterday.
Graham .lost control of the ma
chine v.hi Hying at 500 feet and
the plane crashed in a nose dive.
Dr T nlted Preen :
POUGHKCKPSin, N. Y., May 16.
Three Vassar college students, in
eluding Lucy Hale of Martinez,
Calif., injured about the eyes and
face in an explosion in the phytic?
laboratory yesterday, were reported
improved today.
Particles of glass pcretrateJ their
eyes. No inflammation had 5t in
today. A defective test tube caused
the explosion.
Business Men Mvstified at At-i!
tacks on U. S. Policies
by Periodicals.
Bv t nitt.'i Prfss:
RIO JANEIRO, May 1 0. Ameri
can business men here- today were
discussing the recent mysterious anti-American
propaganda which ap
peared in several Brazilian newspa
pers. It was pointed out that while
sporadic anti-Aruerican articles ap
pearing in various papers might not
indicate more than individual griev
ances, the fact that all the attacks
were reprinted In the "by request"
columns of t?ie Jornaldo Commercio
indicated an established propangan
da campaign seeking to antagonize
Rrazilian public opinion against
American interests. These columns
are always devoted to propaganda
articles costing certain stipulated
rates per line. It was further point
ed out that recent publication of
anti-American articles totalled an
expome far beyond the reach of in
diiduals. The opinion was reached
that the campaign is 'systematically
fostered by interests larger than in
dividual prejudices.
adeiros Albuquerque. special'
writer of A Noite. whose first attack
against the Vnited States surprised
Americans here followirig a visit t i
the FnFed States, is understood to i
be planning a series of articles at- i
lacking American intere sts ami j
aims. His next article, it is said, will :
point out that the United States en-'
tered the' war declaring she wanted j
nothing for herself but that the i
peace in got iations have revealed she
is playing a different role.
I'.v Fnited Press; !
HAM MONI May 1 -Teresiti "
Rarbaru'-v, sail to be the persona
envoy of the Russian bolsheviki gov-
trnment in the Indiana manufactur -
mg district, was under arrest here
Agents of the department of jus
tice arrested him after a hunt of!
. t... ..I : . . .
ioui s t-n i i.ai ii.ii uk xx il s said in
have been the "backbone of bolshe-
visu.-; ir Indiana. Agents said they
found his credentials as "ambassa-
dor" and larire amounts ot" !.olhe -
vik lit T it ire in his home.
thcials hold his capture i the
most important made in this sec
tion in x cars.
. . . '
EXDreSSeS AppreCiatlOn Of'
Royalty Shown by Work
ers rfn Trains.
I'r t tiiP-G Pr.ss
WASHINGTON. May bl.-frcs t
Wilson has cabbd hi thanks to thfjto protect its own interests that we
triennial convention of the Hrother-
hood of llailr.jad Trainmen which
is being held in Vdambus. Ohio, for
fvrxressif ns of lovaltvv
The president's "cable, addressed tu
W. CI. Lee, head of the Hrothe,-.
hood, re ids:
"Please express to tin- trainmen
assembled in convention my warm
appreciation of the message you j
have just sent nie. It has don" my ;
heart good and made me feel the.-
tine spirit of s ich friends in a way
to make the work here easier for '
me. My warmest wishes for the sue- j
cess cf tae convention." 1
NEW YOLK You can't doL'e i
the tax even by quaffing- your bever- :
age ouuide the drug store doors,
ruled the revenue collector when the j
soda f.ends triok to the sidewalks !
to save their pennies. '
CHICAGO Chk-afo municipal;
courts will knock the sin out of ein- j
ema. A movie is planned to show .
the young that the romantic h-ereen :
villains are merely morons. ;
INDIANAPOLIS Police at four ;
street crossings here today en- ,
trolled traffic by gesturing. Thieve' ;
ttgle signal. fr,,m their semaphores i
Crowd Stages Demonstration in Ham
burg Speakers Denounce Terms in
Many Cities Ask Pope's Aid.
m uMAitiM: rri i:s.
bv United Press:
HAU TAX. N. S. On the war to
the (ircat Lakes, the former (irr-
man submarine I "-i7 nrriel Unlay
ecortcd b the U. S. S. llll-hnell.
The Rushncll was rvlieed here by
the 1'. S. S. IrtHiuoU and pr Meodod
to New York.
l'.r United P.-ens:
'COIMCMI fli: The National
Tldende reported today it had leant-
ed from a reliable source tliat a l'iu-
nish army umler ;m. Maiinerheim
liad arrived at KJdoostrow, only a
few miles from I'etrograd. Uoldie -
ik ollilals eie reHHled to Ik'
lleeiii": from Petrograd to Moimv.
A(;hi:i: T( ;im; rr mini s.
I'.v t nito.l Pr. ss: 1 "' ;'. ,,ri "
1UIS Tlie German eounter-pto- f.as-IJ. m.i i A -r...r oo
posal regard ins the Knor basin staged a den,on.-tr.,ii..n a-.tin.-t ?K-ngre-es
to surrender the jal iniiis .peace u-ru n n. n of ;h-- Atln.:,
i.... i... t t-..i onilun i.f ixli- hot. 1 in II i 1 1 1 1 i :i . 1 . i ,! i . 1 1 r - "
, l. ,....,. tt (H(k
it was learned from an authoritatixc
source today.
State Commissioner Submits
Proposal to Mayor Car-
son Friday.
, plans for 3 eomidned federal
1 municipal and Indiana em pl. ment
..tt.. it, South Rend were submitted
"' '
i.-.;a.,s- i.. t-.vn,- I'arson
, it ii
: . . . , : . .1... . .
,.v ... ....
i IblSkll'k Ol I tl ' 1 1 a n .t JU 1 1 -. iitinio.io
i ,,f xh- Indiana employment commi---
j sio)1 an,j director of the I". S. em-
' pioyment service, calling for a cm-
ii: i ,,,.1.,;,,,, ,,r ..tuoit $1 r.u'i
Ol IlCU .lliHi''Mnu.M
1 .
i trom ine ciix ano "uois. m- -
also to pay Jl.."f, for the parpo-.-.
'"I The plan i- to aboi b the present.
i I.'. S. employment omce on r.. -... , . -- n , 1 ; 1 1 m . : ; .!,-. .
i ington a v.. and make it a pa 1 1 of ,.r s-. u-iNl)I, v ,., ;; ,, v i,
'the nation.-! system of bringing '..,.,,,-.,,,,,,, ,
man and the job together, under- m.)t ( ,, .... ..,..
tak-en during the war by th- !- ,,,
partment of labor, but crippled in
part by the failure of the senate to
appropriate money for it- ontir.ua- J J T TT .
tion It is s.imated that the e- J JQ I J CC l QIC HlUÜ
' of maintenance .f the l.cal ofln
' will be about f il.O b 0. or if more, the
federal government, at the coming
vf-sion will make up the . i 1 i ; t : y.
Similar agencies are to be Mab
! lislie.J in I'ort Wayne. Gary. Ka-'
Chicago. Mb higati 'it y. Uifavi Pf
and other -r iplov m-nt centers.
! I htMtry Rae k of Plan.
, "It is on tl). theory." -aid Mr.
liuskirk. "that ewry progressiv-
, mu
nicipality in the state i'
anxio j
i are proposing 10 asK somu "
1 we are asking r.tnei ii.n.ana 1 m.
j to make an appropriation e.pial l"
I at leas, h.ilf f the' cost i..a i n ta i !1 -
ing a free public employment ,rrb-e
i he r Kor there is m better :r:
trial insurance available at any f o-
and this is particularly tr.e in i.-.v
' ft the inevitable shortage of labo---
ers. both skilled and uris,-:i!.ed. ti.-.v ; r,. ... . . ,..v .,;r,..M
-onfroating the stat and ration. 'ration ,.o-. .
"If South Hend or any other In- Vo Mon. s, .,r, blight
diana eity experts o develop it- j.-tr t; n
race-time indstri-. n.ake 0f t.r ; .. .. ... .i.; ;. ;.
public improvements as are im- f j..-. :irci,;ik-h:. . . in ..,!..,
perative und which have W-ir 1 f--r. ; (). ( j, . . , -r., .. t t ,
deferred, maintain the prosperity . th;,? t,... ,,, ...f.- ,. ,
cf th" agricultural community con- :r... v.,.,, , ;,. ,j . . ,
tributary to th- eity. it must plan a lo ... hit.;.- for --
h.ighly intensive cons.-r vat ion of its;,,,. iU ..,. .-- hour.s. of t.
rnari power.. That is exactly th , - if .. .. .t Sot ..f ir.t:
function of the free employmr.t 1 ln th,- aj;,;..- at night, do:, t
aceney. ' elt. 1. w . a.-.- j i-r l.-.-ku.
Kept Lahor on Mc. u n h b,;r tu b !.,-". :.! . i.. r... ;.! . -
-T'lvler th old system of private. tlJ- the ...-;. run. -.s ,..,, .-xpl g
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CONTINUi:U ON PAGE roL'lL) ! ' i"t 'NT' N I .IL) i Abii ij.)
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on the fui'cf iiiin, t of . i ti.e.
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vies i ( : i -i here.
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pie." A n i 1 1 1 i I I t r i : ;ns;;it. !
.-pe- h s (,,, oate;tt 'f '
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RKRU.V M. 1 Tie .,
w. i r i ;i 1 1 1 1 I . is a i Ar;., i 1 J r K' d ! -
I. l it til i . i ' i I . l !. I t ' T. TO'lllil'.l
be h.l'l ot i u 1 1 1 1 of t to p,.oe
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The M ; i , 1 1 I'ii- ! bf .!-
bin: i : ; jot i : . ' ! i -" . ; a
'We 11 I'li' ! ,i r i . i i i 1 ,' ! i
f 1 i - " ' . e III.-! - i .; 1 , . i r I 1 1 . . '
lu-pm- he u-eo:- w i" . o,.. -
-S.s-." '
HASI.i : Max 1 ;. .ii ,..!.,; I la -
mann. a oi .lit; u: to .i !i;..it h fie ri
: 1 1 t oi i i
11! a J". 11 1 1 '
I.. i . .
! e i j ' i I i I i o ; i e it' ill 1 1 ; i
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I I oll
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NV " " v'-n .11 1 ! '
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it-, i'ii. 11, ii
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Tl.- P: as-
lre-sing a -
1 s-s , 1 1 1 1 . ., P 1 i j m 1 ! 1 - ! 1 1 ' i i 1 I 1 'in- 1 '
77 ugs by Ligh t of
Flickering Match
.Mil h - la'.. .
i 1 1 . 1 1 i j ii- ?:.;. - 1 : ' r , .i
i : n i p 1 1 :. .- 1 i 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ', . .
duty darn,-; t i i.- ; : ; r j. .
'i ' ;t v. . - 'hit : h- 1 ..:!'. 1 -
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J' v ch1 ' ;j
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j ,; !; ,.n ...... v ,;
( , r, j . . . ,,,,, . , '., .

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