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-vVllKIMY MIIUMmc, M 1
Morning Evening Sundav.
J. M. Kn;im;.s N. rn?-!!rir.
Member United Prc Associations.
Mortiln r.1ltin. !
tb Aßrx-m, 'rp i tim;f rntitl"! to th n tnr
fPUhII.'-t!'n nf nil nw r!!(pntrs rritl to Ii rr not othf i
rrr-l!fl Ja thJ ra3r. nl ! th Jo, il d.m puMlsJiM
c!Ia. Tbl d" not apply t. "ir frr n n.jr. All
ritjtt of rppurMftlr'0 rf ; r l a i dlp tf -ti Ltreia ar r- I
rrt-J tj tin fuLilihr i to Noth e.lltlAn. I
Ar.tir' ti- ortinnt t", utllirrtl fr tri
Alaska off : s fippftrf 'i n It 1 for murr, elopmnt j
The Tower
of Babel
Home l'bon
OFFICE: 210 U. Co If at At
ft'P,?rnifTIO.V Tt A T V. s Morntns nn. i:Tn'n Tuitions.
J-n! r..pr, .v: Siin.idT. V IMharr! it .itrr in -'ith
1 n1 rt1 Mldhnw nki. J7 on pr v - In t.itv . f-r 1 1-v thm
Morn!nr on I lriiriir IMIrl irjilr 1 r. I i rj SnnlJ.
r? m.itj n I fn-l-1 1.) rnlli fr m Siv:t!i nn.!, to- f.r mnth:
,0r two trj'.nt?n; .' p-r rnr'r)th f f;rf :tftT. or if pr renr
'ri ilT,irK. all othr t. r rrdLJ .r vr or Vk- pr mont'a.
Kntercl fft ' ."-'outli I:n1 po? -fTi' " .is . 1 Inn in ill.
APVTlrTISINfj RATFS: Ai t jkI'TI I'i'iT pirtmnt.
ror?n A.lrprtji'pa- ltj ..ont.nf f : VNT:. I r.TlT'.VZPN
tt'or.MV, Fifth Ar. Vow York f'lty. nn-t 72 Alim St..
Jlil'-.ijro. 'I he Ncn H-t n.liTorfl to tf-ji Uk ml rertl'.tw
''jlumnn fr" from f run t ü n t inlfj'f'nt.itn:i An; prwn
4rfrnri()e, thr'iijsfji j-ntrrrrr of .iiltfrt!"'amf nt fn thli
r"rr nl!i frr,f.'r favor on th mr..ernpnt by rp rt!n th
t' ta ritiiptlj.
MAY 17, 1919.
It w.i-. fiy f'Tm;', in ,m fill Ittliui pi. y . whMi
a r:u : (..vrf thnt h' "jll my no jnrr- (ru-
utiles tl-.ry " t too l ir.- to u t throuüh ;i cer
tain rin-: tli.it ),f -t,i l!ihf i as a standard. P.nt
thtt mi.Mr h.l tlio ritrht h'in"h. Thrr" ;ire hotrl
stewards in tin- ouiitry no.v that nv- a similar
!-jct tin;: ;M that will not pass thro'i-h,
:t r.n' an inch an. I a half in diainMfr.
ThN tf M, lior, is not. perfect, ;-inc- it on
frrn fi'i n. i.itln'i th.!i s il'Si.ince a kT may
p.f through th- rn.u whil - a short va that
ially of tli- 1 1 1 l olurii' will not. The only lepnl
a'i!o -tari'lard. according to experts is weight; and
ttirr is a irrowin; ifin iiwl that eßTs ?hall hc sold
ny weight as hkj.-i otlu-r Kinds of food arc, instead
of hy the doz"n.
The ahnrdity of the pi--nt ysteni obvious.
There is .ift iisfornial oi t of agreement that an
tvn ou-:lit to wer:h two ounce, thus running a
pound and a half to the d .en; hut this rule ha
r.o Minima fitrf-f. and 1 seldom observed jn prur
tic'. n. - may i;h an nunc atid r half and
i'i'oth. r two tiunfcs and .1 half, and yet Imth n re
sold at so nuif'h a d'en. as if tile number were the
main ttiiti.'.
As a w ritf r attest .- in f iirrent niiiKAiii. n
butcher mi-sht as well sell ehop at so much apiece
1 ".Ti rdl-ss of size.
The ot an aries according to the breed
of til" hen. ac ordin to th individual hen's aue.
; a ( coi ilini; to the feeding, the time of year and
the fre-shn-.-- or stalene-s of the e?. I ri "selected
--us" there may be a rn"li attempt at ivim,' def
inite aliie for l-fi!iit prie-, but it lo' bk ts if
the only wally fair mtthod is to sell them hy the
It i--. welt to listen very critically to any hard
luck talo told by ft uniformed peddkr. In fact, any
note, in sohiiei-'s or sailors uniform who comes to
th- door vrndintc buttons or any otlur ptty mm
niiMlity. whether he has a tale of -voo or not, is
Halde to 9lsp!cl"M.
The fe-lrral I apor b pattrnent has been inestijat
in; this sott of business in many cities. ;md reports
that it lias n-d found a ;int,rle case of a uniformed
man selling thitlus on the streets lavau.ve ho was
forced to do so.
Many of the-.- men, the department buds. hae
r'er In er in the service at all. They have bought
the uniforms for the purpoce. Most of those who
me actually dls. haiCed soldier., or sailors arc men
who were delmr th same sort of work before they
entered the ervire. Anions them are said to be
"erooks ar.d t'aK is r . f every class." They are shatne-
b-ssly apitaltrinp: thr uniform, wliicti oticlit to b as
it acred as th I'lair, :'nr th'-ir petty or nefarious
traffic. Thry m:ikr a i,mo,1 tiling o''t of it too. Manv
inen arrested by tin
rtcarinu $le to $LT.
military authorities luxe beer
a dav
The Arctic nylons serin to hau been mir-undcr-
?t.od Th"y nte not b!a!. and barren. They are
w nderfulty fruitful, or may t.e made , a little
ff the care whnh ni.u lias Iivi-hcl on other parts
rf the earth.
Nn b-.-- an :cah'rity than Stfalis.-oti. tb- l' fn
tirle explorer. sis thrt the Arctic and s'i b-A rc! r'
lands an provide ma at n! oitit ie- f food, par
licalarly wool, r . 1 at and milk. He has t:on so
far to lay lit f.-r.? tio t'auadian paidiameut .1
pl.iTi for pit!"i:a'iiu .it' 1 ti'Mio tiitmt: on a bi
j.i..le the anima'.s m - sar for this put post.
They are the reind'-er. xxl.i' h furni.-hes milk and
ni'tit. and tti mus-v o., which furnishes v.tl.
ThTf r' from l.toaen f- 2 . 0 " 0 ft Mtiaro miles,
he ja;.s. in Ar tic North Ameiiv'a, whtto ordinary
c-attle cannot 11.-. but whnh can provide wrajtinc
ground for tin anltnaN the year around. He
hat Arctic Canad aloc.e will rupport 7 .e 0 ö.ftft
r iiblrer, wliich tiutnla r would .rtluce as much
meat ery oar 1 4.ft,,l.t'00 fheep.
It is no tic.tried theory that Mr. S: f.u.-son sub-
rai!-. T 1'hittd states coYcrr.r.i r.t introduced
more than !,0e0 rindr In Arctic A'a-ivi .v tars
a o. atel they haw ! n Irarr t.-:ti i.ipitl , . r
miko. h.e hei.N tloiiblii, ;h ir nur.il'. is .-very
three firs un l' i Kkirao care and ry two u ars
t.'idr the are of white men. Ther. :s a liid tf
1 'i,l.((.MI t ludet r in I,ld.it.d oW tlevi 1 ;i ;r(Hip of
American t .ipita'.i'.s. I'rvun this h rd t !; re were
,uil jtar i'i tlu Airprr.-in markt t l.T ''" car-
.s t f 1 i 0 i'ounds cacti, at priced cAnuler;ibly
lusher than were i.iid for pme.tie : - f.
Tht ('..nüili.iii roverr.mi-nt s.tnis much itnpressi-ti
with th.e c The i ilway rc ii say that transpor
tation tan ?) a : i an d
;ere will suitly b n dif-
"Health centers" rather than "clinics" for th
ehibl of pre-s hool a irr are urKd by Dr. Merrill
Champion of tho Massachusetts ..tat board of
health. He says:
"Th" word elini'- is undesirable, becaus it
earri. - an utiplc; 5ant connotation of sickness
and ni'dira! treatment. 'Health (Vnter will h"
another term for a di-f,as-pretntlon und
health preservation cent' r."
It b ttue that most clinics are regarded hy th
public as places where the ctj ff r rt coor can r
c ie rtidical aid frer, and they are not noucht until
sickness has lan! its hand upon some member of
the family.
Par more appealing wuub. be the health center,
where people could t-'ft fr instruction as to cleanli
ness, horne hygletie, the choosing and preparation
of foods and all the various branches of knowledge
whkh have to r!o with kerpinic well.
In the cast' of small children such centers are
doubly desirable. Mos if the illnesses of childhood
atme from the i'nori.n .e or carelessness of the par
ents. Many of these ses Ion;? neglected and finally
brought to the clinic for treatment have passed
the ou ra hie stage, ami have already done untold
damage in contagion.
Th- health center, which teaches the prevention
of both the disease and the contagion, can not bg
too highly praised. The childish illnesses which reap
their early toll in all the public schools would final
a narrow ti Id in any . (iiiiiHi"lty which through
the activities of such centers sent its children to
school well fed and sound-hodied from the start.
"Compared with the P.resd-I.ato sk treaty, the
terms of the Paris treaty are moderate," admits th
German newspaper, Freiheit. That Rre.t-LltOVk
ghost will haunt Germany forever.
How 1 i-'a ppointed Germany would have been if
those peace terms had not proved wor.e oven than
she hoped!
Count von P. rock dor If -1 Ian tza u will make himself
unpopular at Versailles, if he isn't careful.
Why hasn't somebody thought of calling
made-over saloons "salons?"
May day was to be bolshevist day. It turned ou:
to he America day.
A lot of dayliRht-savei s are now sighing, "Hac
ward, turn haekward. oh time. In your fllfcht."
Other Editors Than Ours
(ToiH'ka Journal.)
t'nder the stress of the world's greatest war,
which sundered relationships and suhverted Inter
national law in every continent, the American sys
tem of choosing the country's diplomats from among
men of affairs rather than from a professional caste,
has been triumphantly justitiell. In the case of at
least two of the great belligerents (iermany and
Austria-Hungary the old method of selection has
been a conspicuous failure.
American policy in this respect has been found
ed on the conviction that men who have succeeded
in winning their way to success in commercial or
literary or scientific spheres demonstrate by that
fact that they are fitted hy native ability and
large experience to represent their government in
its olficial dealings with other nations. For. after
all, modern diplomacy is primarily the task of ad
justyig ami maintaining contact between the busi
ness in this connection being only another term for
affairs in the widest sense.
It require tact and skill and pois to achieve a
place of distinction in a country vf more than 100,-
oOO.OOM intelligent, progressive people. Only a man
of exceptional acquirements can succeed. Having
succeed d. such a man is equipped to be his coun
try's agent and spokesman in other lands.
The Washington Star (an independent Journal
has editorially uttered an appreciation of the Amer
ican system, and in particular of its workings dur
ing the war.
"The American fashion, so to say. has justified
itself under many administrations," says the Star.
'The latest justification is familiar. Not a man
appointed under the present administration U an
important diplomatic post had had a day's experi
ence in. the diplomatic line. And yet not one has
failed in office. All have been tried unusually in
times unprecedented in the history of diplomacy.
With all the world shaken, and all affairs more or
b s dislocated, making it difficult for even the vet-
ran diplomatists of other countries to find their
way. our men. all new recruits, have been reason
ably sure-footed, and have made goal."
sO.Mi: i'l'ltiol's sivi:nts.
( Manchester (iuardiaii.)
Apparently M. "b-m nceau's practical mind and
hate of show arc g)Ing to deprive his admirer of
the right of gazing at the famous perforated coat
and waistcoat in one of the Paris museums, for this
Is not to be included among the relic of greatness
for a future age, like Nelson's coat ami th Napoleon
Tic tf have been smc curious souvenirs of the
l ind, apart Troiii the half smoked clear of royalties
which are treasured by Americans and others. Most
curious t all undoubtedly was I.ord Anglesey's
"leg." I.ord Anglesey lost a leg at Waterloo, and
it was Touted In the garden of the villa to which he
was taken. In after yc:irs he used to recall how
parties of people visited the spot "to view the
grave." A relic of another kind warn (Jeorge ll't
famous coat, and it was a pleasant trait in the tiery
little king that he squeeze. 1 himself at Pettingcn
uito th.e coat he had worn vears before at Ollde
natde. Horace Walpole's 'researches after Queen
Mary's comb, Wolsey's led hat. the pipe which Van
Tromp smoked on his laM sea tight, ami the spur
which King William stuck into the tktnk of Sorrel"
are famous.
m:v yokk sMii.r.s at ont (;ovr.itMn.
(New York Nun.)
(Vrtuin distinguish.!-'! Indiana reldiMiiMns. com
to Now York to welcome the Indiana sohbrs in Cue
P.nc.bow diviston. have not been able to refrain
from looking into the seeds of time, for 1 1 2 0 is
getting near, and will. out a Hotier candidate for
- !1 . I. It 1 I , 1 t .... .... 1. ........ . . . ' T- ',,.1 . . v. . . ... 1. I
prer-meni 4i wouoi ie a loueij ami an uuna'pj j.n. i"n .too .tie iiiumiik arrangements
By Bill Armstrong
The .soldier FrU'iKl.
Editor The Tower of Habel.
South Ilend, Ind.
Hear Friend I am placed in a
very peculiar position on my return
from th service. It happens that the
top sergeant in our outfit is now
working under me and I am lebut
itig on whether to treat him nice or
kill him. What would yon advise?
Answer Simply this, a top serg
eant would never understand if you
treated him nice.
The Tower of Habel,
South Hend News-Times. City.
Dear Comrade Would you he
willing to write me a recommenda
tion to assist me Jn getting a posi
tion? ADELlJi;iiT.
Answer If you were in the army,
Tower, News-Times.
Sir I am just out of the army.
I am thinking of emharkin? in the
saloon business. What would you
recommend ?
Answer Go back in the army.
Tower of Habel,
News-Times, South Ilend, fnd.
Comrndi I hear a preat deal of
discussion since I came hack from
France a to the relative merits of
the work done over there by the
various war organizations. Now Just
between us. which do you think did
the boys the best, the Y. M. C. A.,
K. of (.'., Salvation Army, or Jewish
Walfare league. HENRY.
Answer Yes.
Kditor Tower of Habel.
Dear Tower I am very much in
love with a young man who is still
in France serving with the engineers.
I happened to know that you were
In. France and felt that I should
write to you to find out if he has
a wa y
no trouhle in identifying him when
I tell you that lie had red hair,
lisped slightly and his name is
Stanislaus Hogan. He holds the of
fice of first class private. Sthall uwitit
anxiously your reply.
Answer This is a very peculiar
circumstance. I must confess I do
not recall Stan although I wan un-
der the impression J had met all of
the engineers in France, Maybe he
was known only by his nick name.
I am sorry I can't answer your
question but will gladly run over to
France and look the matter up jikst
a soon as I have time. Of course
it will he necessary for you to fur
nish me with a stamped envelop to
insure a reply from me on my return.
Kditor Tower.
Hear Comrade You have been
doin? so much yelping about
your having been in the service I
am taking the trouhle to look up
your war record to tee whether you
should he allowed to wear a uni
form on special state occasions, or
should be at I,oa ven worth- (1) Were
you an olflcer or enlisted man?
(2) Did you have any upecial qua Ii
titrations as a soldier, or didn't you?
(3) Whal battles did you tight in
and why? (I DM you receive any
medals for bravery or didn't you?
. Did you volunteer in the draft?
Where were you when the Ger
mans attacked Nancy or did you
see any other girls abused l.v the
brute llutis?
Answer (1). CJ . (3). 4), (5)
ard ( C ) No.
ham, and a southern gentleman of
African descent:
Gent of Afri-'an D st ent Power
ful n'ce car u all is travelln' in.
The Pride of the .1. M. S It cer
tainly is Mose. That'n a Studebaker,
made at South fcend, Ind.
G. of A. !.-. I nevah heard tell
of it. sah- Henry Ford is mighty
popular down in these parts, sah.
Wanduh where you is all gowin'.
The Pride of the J. M. S. Vv
don't mind telling you that we are
going to the convention of Kiwanis.
(i. cf A. D. oh. Ixrdy, ah hopes
That there Spanish disease never hits
t hes parts. Ah have heard of it,
sa h
really been true to me while he has
been away. Of course you will have
eiiAiit 115 yi;.m:s oi.n.
S. Ij. War'leld, a respected colored
farmer of Anderson S vitch, lias a
very interesting collrrti n of old ar
tiele; among which is a homemade
child's chair claimed to be at least
1 1 .i years old.
This chair was made for anil used
hy Nick Andrews, who died in the
Hddetisvill j neighborhood in 1S7H at
the age of 73 years. It was made of
hickory with round r'S high hack
and low feat, with split bottom.
Wartleld also has a cedar tobacco
pf g which he has h on using since
1H", and two tobacco knives which
he got in 1S7S. Also a butcher knife
which he says was used for butcher
ing sheep at the construction camp
at the time the K. & (. railroad was
being built. Todd County Times-
The feller seemed dismayed
As he stood there and surveyed
Some bits of broken bottle on the
From his eye he brushed a tear,
So we undertook to cheer
His gloomy heart with optimistic
"Friend, there is no use to cry
Over spilt milk wipe your eye."
We told him, but the poor man
only sighed;
"What you say is very true.
It's a foolish thlni to drs
Put It wasn't milk, my dear sir,"
he replied.
Indianapolis Times.
'I love my love in springtime."
The poet used to sing.
"It is tho joyous ringtime
And all that sort of thing."
Hut now he paints tho shutters
And toils like any Turn.
"I love my love," he mutter?.
"But how she makes me work.
'Man is like an hour glass. "
"-N'o earthly pood without sand.
drive for funds
in St. Joseph county will start to
morrow. Captains and lieutenants
for every block in the city have
been appointed and the campaign
will start immediately. County
Chairman H?ks every
body to give until it hurts, etc.. etc.
(Note: The News-Times, the pa
per that does things and is always
first with the news that's fit to print,
offers the rtbove scoop. The nature
of the drive has not been deter
mine.! r.s yet. nor has the chairman
been selected, but both of these
matters will he thrashed out before
press time tomorrow, i
Trip Is Much clu.uil.
The News-Times Iast Wire Service
May 17. Defied by the terrible
drouth that the south is suffering
with, the South Pend lefecatinn to
the international Klwanis conven
tion at Hirmmgham. Ala., that is
making Uie trip to Plrmingham in
machines, was rnakins very poor
headway today. It was thought how
ever that in spite of the severe dry
spell that had affected every mem
her of the party nince leaving
Louisville, that the South Renders
would rea't h Hirmingham before the
Close of the convention anyway.
Nelson Jones, the affable Under
taker and perpetual treasurer can
didate, is planning to attend the con-
ventlon sessions at rtirminhm in
the day time and lsit .u- orean,
eveninsH New Orleans ix :,oo miles
from Hirmituham but seems to be
the only city south of liuisvüle that
has not been hit by the nution-wide
MI the members of the party are
!;;!: .,!:fiu'. t!.e i tr.-t i ,t ion profit m We may a t j
eee the whole Ar. ur rige-n, and mo.-t of the treat i
Th refore, tills Indiana delegation solemnly declares
t5iat.Gov. James P. Goodrich of Indiana will be
the choUY of tho drlcatcs cf tint state In the next
republican convention for president.
It would be wrong to class Gov. Goodrich with
Mr. Harding of Ohio and Mr. Sutherland of West
Virginia, and we know not how many other favor
ite sons, a-'joorni'ic or yet to bo boomed. It is the
historic iiilvinti and duty of In.lUr.a to furnish t
l oth parties candidates for vice president. Kven at
this early ate it is tt happiness to shout for Plank
and Goodrich.
for having Louis Hammerschniilt
elected to every Kiwanis office that
Up v can poihIy -et hold of.
If men could show the same en
thusiasm in their business the dis
play in a convention. ZoYVIL:
A conversation in a southern tank
town between Georfe M. Platner of
South Pend. a member of the Ki-
wanis delegation going to Pirmlng-
a ä - r- kill i rvr i v n ,- j
Also, GRIPP and "FLU" Try It
Trial BottU lOcj also largf slzos
When you lcel that your
stomach, liver or blood is
out of order, renew their
kiealth by taking
lrrt Sale of Any Medicine in the World
s,olJ rTwkr. In bos. 10c. 2Jsc
(JY Ttore is no "cure"
JfmS Dut relief Is often
Cj C-J brought by
x7 m
K M - r V
Greatest fWvr gains In Trrtm.
Economy Cloak Dept.
Economy Dept.
Second Floor. 219.211 S. Mich
lff&n. Otct Geo. ICrtult Ot
S and 10 Cent 6t.
Art Materials, Picture Framing.
Soath Rrnd IndiaxMu
VTall lpcr.
Draprrlaa. Palat SuppÜe.
Cmi? and Soc Vi
Watch for trie opening announcement
for our new basement.
v Kv
Shears 59c
7-8 and 9 inch shears
with patent adjustable blade
with tthis attachment. These
shears will always cut with a
clean sharp edge.
New Fancy
Set with, green and red
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Fancy Hair Pins
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May Sales Continue
Gingham Dresses at $5.00
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Women's, 16 to 22. May Sale $1.75.
Laces and Dress Trimmings
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uation and confirmation dresses. 51.25 to $2.75
Zion laces, 1-2 inch to 1 1-4 inches wide.
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1 1-2 inch to 4 inches wide, 2 5c to 35c yard.
Venise and Val laces for trimmings, narrow,
medium and wide.
A Growing Rug and Drapery Department for a Growing City
The dependable kind
the kind that vou may
safely rely upon to fulfill
your slightest wish the
kind that has established
such an enviable reputa
tion for the Ferndell. Are
you getting this kind of
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trade here. If not, you
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o it r
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can 14c
Jap Rose Talcum Row
der, 20c value, can. . . .10c
0Jolgate Talcum Pow
der, special 18c
l:d PmaikPs Hair Ionic,
nothing better, -ounce,
special 50c
S-ounce, special . . . .95c
Malvina Cream, 50c
value 35c
Palm Olive Shaving
Cream, 35c value 19c
Y o o d b u r ' Facial
Cream, 25c value ....19c
Rubifoam Liquid Denti
frice, delightfully fragrant,
25c value 19c
Reduced Prices in all Departments
During May Sales
Union Trost Company
H&f It-ort Boxea wltli apaclaj
CadJSÖs tor tt prtrxcy of coa
tomsra. j
! m
III . '
More new shirts
just received
Two things that most men
like about our shirt stock.
We have the shirts they like
to select from Manhattan,
Yorlce. Star and Our Own
Special. We have plenty of
variety and patterns of qual
ity sure to satisfy any man.
S3; $3.50, S4. 55, 56.50,
$7.50, $5,50, $10, $11.
And good ones at $1, $1.50 and $2.00, too.
i 1 a t V .
. j a . ill.
'till 'lUlll - .
i Uvi ; n
Sam'l Spiro
Co. !
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