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a.vrriiDAV Ki:.oo., tvt; n, 1919.
Store Hours: 8:30 a. m. to 5:30 p. m.; Saturday 9:30 p. rru
ix & Company
I A Billion Bushels of Potatoes ;jYf fj FIELDS
I-; :. k :'" ,f '..'-1
. ; .... . , : v. v : v.
in unn omnium aSg
1111 n 1 1 1 n vs wi-i
m iiuu imidiiüj
Farmers May Organize An As
sociation For Larger
Pork Production.
'"Xith th prnr-r effort p'jr forth
1 y hjc rai.rs rf St. J.i-ih county ,
l:jrir.;r th r.xt tr-w y.irs, the 1
ro-mty will 1 f known thro.-ho'it'
th mli'i!" t.-s ;( rr. of thf lal-i
Many Farmers Seek to Pre
vent Loss of Wheat by
Special Harvest.
s f-t its iii.-trk at a liillion la
N f jp)t,tI'Ms a tr. Wr r 1 i -
ir.c rountl in
Jiction," Mil
"But a few yrars ncn
hoe ,-in'l Ork jit o- j na r ily pi ow
John S. Hri
' 1 Pi P." r , ' ili.jJ.O'.S
! in-t h'is
a- jt t.rf hu!i'!tf -l
th farm- I portion
pr usually rai.--I wh it j.ork h ; wa.-te."
a n '
of raa rU-t i ntr. a l.ir-'c pro
of that anioiint iro-s to
- i s l'rank Ha a k V. I
a little whir h h" wou!! y-ll ,-A to- ' "V- fan
day h Is rMp.K taucht, sif ialiv ! potatoes if w r I-ar n
through actual -x;ri n th.it irk Ithf-m anl utili- -jiioluct.
coming in
has ju ;lc manufacturing n succfss j
It is not fair ti make the consuii.i j
pay fn- th mistakes of the tart-- !
Itss ar.d i'Tiornnt. When f.irm '
prat-tic i - xtaivi.irdizo'i. v. can 1
(JoiJ.l. our i oducthm am! at th j
.-a:ne time liiainiaii' oui p.-erit. i
"For instance in th handling of j
l't.ito-s. the oV shaking, fiukir.r
an-.l shoveling process damage
.ouM nr'l for hirns-!f anl p"ss;!.l i Am-ri an St-'l Wiie Co.
ner have too many ! enough to ( hr.n? a I aotit into a o
how to use i l'or.ito. w vi
l-AFAYKTTK. Ir.d.. June lt. A
Iare nutnler of Indiana farmers
will lose considerable of the profit
on their wheat this year beca;" of
the prevalence of an unusually
larre amount of rye. atrordir.K to a
statement by W. A. o.-.trainier. su!s
and crops specialist at Fur lue uni
versity. .Many are s ". kin to pre--nt
thi. lo.-s by ;:oiiitr thio'iuh
jlhelr fields now and cutting' out tt.e
;rje. and a -rna! m.ir.v more could
1 : ki-v1-- , -4 i cjfi?''
production one of the
tfrets of thi- county."
At the present time a number of
farms are beinr utilized principally
for th produ tion of ho-s. not only
for the era de tock liMially found
heretofor in th county but reui.s
tered and pedigree stock. Tliere are
two mal hops owned by farmers of
the county at present valued at
more than Jl"jdn' each.
May ()r;';inle.
Plans are umb-r way fc- the or
PTanii.tion of an association r(
tir.t cla.s hop: raisers in th- county
h:rh will aid considerably in th-
r rodurtion of better stork and IarKfr
'.uantities. One farmer near Iike
vil purchased a male hoc two
months old, which was the runt of
the litter for J.'.OO. .Neighbors and
farmers told the purchaser that he
had npent hin money foolishly. To
day the boar la 1.1 months obi anH
he received an offer from an Iowa
8tOv kman a few days aco for $10,
000. It has been found that hoes
thrive as well or hotter on a "run
clown" farm than they do on a farm
well fertilized. While the hotrs are
crowing into an enormous amount
of money they are als contributing
to the fertility of the farm.
Use I Fotatot
Ifi t ltv tlu- X..
the first piace we ouKht neer to screen ou ;u
m n kft anj'hiiu' but No. 1 and No i No. Z
potatoes larefully graded. fret "All of thrtse Ihir.i, will b done
from blemishes; then we should j c entu illy. I tit in the meantime. o
utilize the culls l.y making them in- ; tatof s can b..- put. in tb- .-.I . Th
to strx k foo.l by drhj (iratirm; a nd ; ;'o iTiunt nt will sv i.'l ou a l 'ullv
by inakinc potato hour .ind b m;ik- i tin.
in; farm f:l by extracting the al- "hon t waste p tato:s. ntunrmbe.
'ohd. j that the uvcat middle cla.s of p. .-
"Frobablv 2 ' percent of the po- pb- mut eat ard that we must all
tafo. s we -row are wasted through set to it that they are fed bminti
areless handluii,' and by impropci fully within their ni-an Potatoe-
tuld be craütd by tri a v- : f'WIow the practice to their advan
1 tiiroiiKh at 1 1- inch i b;:e. he declare 1. This should le
1 I-.1 in h screen for j !one. ir j os.-u'-le.
j ripen.x to Jl't cut
stfrace. All larrnin' should !e ru;
ujon the same thciency ! asis which
lv handled will solve tin
WASHINGTON. I). C. June 1.1.
Purine: Mjty the secretary of auricul
ture aproved project statements for
1:' 4 federal aid projects, involving
the Improvement of 7To.S7 niiles of
road at a total estimated cost of
Sl0.12fl.771, and on whieh federal
aid in the ajnount of Jti. .12.0 1.2S
was requestrHl. This represents the
largest nuniher of project state
ments approved during any month
since the passace of the federal aid
a - t .
Durinc: the month there were
executed by the secretary and th
several stat hichway departments
XI project agreements. InvoUinc the
improvement of 67.71 miles of road
at a total estimated cost of $7.932.
M7.25. and on which $1.7fl.0s7.22
federal aid was requested and set
aside In the treasury. Irt addition,
agreements to cover f- other pro
jects wero pla-ed in process of ex
ecution during the month.
I'p to and including May .11. 1M0
project statements for 1.1 pro
jects hrd been approved. The 1.1 s
projects involve 1 miles of
road, a total estimated cost of 1 S
2!5.32n.l.r.. and a total of 4376.
176.1 federal aid. n the same
date 17 project agreements had
been executed, involving 5.21.6
miles of road, at a total estimated
conT of $47.42. 743. 4!. of which
$19.52I.rsifl:7 was from federal
7JDe are all
When (he
bt fore the craiu ,
it.-. t'eti i; i a.uin. ;
;rr.:;n. wnuui lieu tre'- i
from do !;a-e. oulums more taan:
1') percent of main of nr.y 'und or J
i l.K'.d.i othri- t'.'.a:. wheat .-hall not be
j classified ;.s win;::. ' r t ails a section
in the f b:al K'.uihl );.-.; I.nu :t.i
' wl'.ich Is to be ri'-'iillv cnfo-fce-1 h u e- !
'after tlir juub.out the count: y. 1
; "Tlii-. me. us." said Mr. tt-iunü-r. '
; "th it if a m .n b;un-s 1,1 vlu it '
I which show Ii ;" i'C'iil of iye or
en.' ot'.'.r crain in it af:er t!i:su- j
i i;:'T. as murh f it wiil. he w:!! h ive .
to Irt It L.-o ,-it tll- K-..lfrs piucc.
Ml tile irraih wil! ! buu :;-.t ac;-ord- I
ir.r to urade .ir.il it will -e nece. - j
r t he crow er to ha lt !
w pert i :n u rvo f n.nc
f i v; I .t . 1 1 ill 1 1 h in' ii w 1 1 ' i ' f . " i j
J. wh it it is wiu th." ,
1 !i s;;iiHLiii.::itiiia oi -'..iin vull
uie the ;.'!o'.vel' u hi pioduce;: clean j
j wheat a ir--!r.i'. ::! for l.is iro duct j
I ami the man who markt ts the poor- j
' er i rops wil! be forced to take just
! what su-'h era in is worth.
Fnoffjeial advites from Teki" indi
cate that Vi.Hiv.un I'fhilda. wiio is
.1 t p i v. .- foreign minister, is most
l:l;ev t s,:c -c-mI ':scount Ishii as
J.tpir.ese :1 nibas ad . r to the I'nited
fb.tcs in the ceut th.it Ambassador
l.-bii does not return. It is said th.it
Am 1 ; s.- i 'lor !.-hir is eiy firm iu his
; isolation to lrsicn. and that his
re.-r-rr.a t ion w ill l.e acce)ted when a
; r.t sue;-. :-sor is chosen.
j i tha.n si
Local Markets
. ; t:iv .n rren. j
fri lMi! lit ft. . hnrrtli. Slarr j
VII, II , r- .- . .
nri.i. nuiy-raj!:.-: $i r.fl ;
' V l"S 1 '.-I v j n s c.",i': v"jr ppr 1 i I
r-IMN-:'i!,i.!i; .VI -:i...T:e ;. I
JIIliIMN(i- s'Miii.r "-rt hutiftro'l. j
litti'Pi;!) l i: , v.iug. uo ;,er .
scKAini Ki:j:i-:inig jioi per!
W HK.i i P.i y 1 tj --. j
Min..' :
ARiiAxni: roi: s.lt:s.
The Decatur Shorthorn associa
tion. compod of Adams county
famiers and breeders has been or
ganized and armnced for th holdin
of district sales.
While roast coose is generally ac
cepted as thf finest dinner imagin
able, the coo.-e is not and should
not be lassed as the rich man's
bird. He is a voracious eater and
will feed on ecetation and other
refuse left by even sheep and hoes.
He loves water but thrives just the
same without a pond or stream.
The youmr coose ranges over the
farm, alone the banks of the ditch
or pond, alone the roadsides and in
the low erass lands. He foraces for
his own feed all day hut he loes
his home and will be there to sleep.
When the crain field is cut and
cared for. the coose should be turn
ed into the stubble. Kvery kernel
from shattered heads will be pick
ed up and every weed will be eaten.
From the stubble held the eoose is
ready for the fattenine pen.
When a business is made of fat
tenine the birds they should be
confined in pens liehted at nicht
with lanterns so that they may cat
as many hours per day as possible.
"The goose has a place in the
small farm economy, in low lands,
subject to overflow. and in rouch
lands. It requires the simplest,
rudest kind of shelter. An open
shed proided with straw is suffi
cient The goose is an efficient pro
ducer of meat and we. as a nation,
are meat eaters. It has been said
that coose meat is hard to dieest;
it would be nearer the truth to say
that we like it so well that we arc
apt to over-eat when a younc coose.
roasted to a turn, is placed before
us on the table." sas Frank Buackes
in the American Steel & Wire Crop
report. "It is possible we may trace
our indicestion to this over-eatine
but we should not blame the coose.
"The coose is the source of hich ,
j prade feathers and down used in i
j pillows and beddinc". A mature j
The Goos. th Poor Man'R Men'
bird will yield I 1-2 oz. feathers and
about 1 1-2 oz. of down."
There is always room, for more
eces-v There should be a f.ock on
verv farm.
In checking up the records of
three poultry farms in Fulton coun
ty, the agricultural a cent, L. K.
nindine. found one flock with no
animal food, but plenty of crain, in
cludinc bran. elurinc March was
kept at a loss of three cents per hen
elurinc. the month, while in April th"
same flock, supplied with tankace in
addition to the crain ration cave a
return over feed costs ef 40 cents
pier hen. The March eec produc
tion was 2 percent and in April it
was 7f percent.
NOTF.S roit coicx.
Fourteen pks of hieh crade
early Yellow Pent seed corn have
been distributee! to the 14 bovs in i
the Klkhart county corn club. The
boys have driven their notes with
out interest to the kink of Goshen
to pay for the corn within eicht
weeks. The general plan is to have
all the boys select all the cood seed
possible early in the fall and hold a
seed corn auction sale in December.
LAI-A I FTTi:. Ind.. June i
Fourteen thousand barbej-f" bushes.
jail infei ted with spores of blick
stem rust ff wh"at. were found bv
I Government acents in three north
i eastern Indiana counties. Fa!ranee.
j Noble and Whitley, durinc the past
week. Practically all of the plants
had spread the rust to the few
fields where wheat was still crown.
The barberries were found in woods,
swamps, towns orchards and around
fields. A number of farmers in the
southern part of I.aUrance county
I ii it grow in:; wheat years aco Pe
cans0 of the rust. wlrich usually
ruined the crop. When they we re
told what caused the rust in their
fields they unhitched their teajns
from com planters and other im
plement and had a barberry pulling
"lee." In ene community. 12 teams
Land many more men pulled out all
j hie bushes they could find, and one
i man was left to look around and
finish the job.
Infected plants are peine found
throughout the state, hut property
owners are removing them as rap
idly as thev discover they are harm
ful to small crain crops.
liirm f .. lei- i. v n.. it.....
I ri.r ... I ' r. In., lil.l.eqn.l
II Y-Iu.viiig $22 to .:: selling ..V. '
to 10. i
- V 1 a.v!i:g l? fo 12. vellluc 7.V
ii i
OATS raj-ire 70-. f-lla g 0 t s.V !
rill Id. .:N- r u $1.40; .bir.g !
-1 " r. s i.. :
KA K COUN Paving $1.40; Hhng
t" $-'.()
TIMOI1IY SLi;i- Pr.Tipi; per laj-J
l'I.oi:i: si:i;h r-vii!;; 2:. bu.-. seil
lie .'. to r,0 per bu.
Al.M K.'-J CI.iiV fJi: $2H.ec
AI.FAI.I'A (M u.t.'tna griwu fin.00.
sm ju: s
t.uW I'liAS l.tH).
iJLl 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f M I M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J
Have Your Own
Bathing Suit
for your swim nerxt Sunday. Hrrr
arc the newest and most striking
stripes, made from fine worsted
and heavy wool yarn, $3.50 to
Finr cotton and mercerized
garments in high colors and new
est striping. $1.50 to $3.50.
Also a wonderful showing of ladies and misses Bathing
E Suits. California sytle. $4 to $10. E:
j Sam'l Spiro 6? Co.
f7i 1 1 x 1 1 1 1 1 ij 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 s 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 iTl
i , ..-.11 -s--i u P .j
-Wit' ." ' 0
rV-- ..:r.t-.-; If f.'Jf V fi Kfr
-., . . :..; y. ... I: v - . . . r;-, its- -.r rT .ii. .
V.-. v. . -"V C ' , ' - fA - - 1 ..
A satisfying birthday
gift for a man
He will want something that is lasting,
beautiful and useful.
You will find these qualities in every one
of our new Berkey &: Gay pieces designed
for men; a commodious chifferobe, an in
viting chair, or a companionable smokinrr-
table will give him daily satisfaction. The
honest quality of the materials and the
careful workmanship in this furniture will
add to his lasting comfort.
Corrtrl lU.r Im .Major Hin., It. I.
can St.. Mikhiiaka.
HhAVV 1 AT S i I IL! US 1 atr to g-,.
iio. : pel me. I2(li4-.
IIoc.n-l.;ii. 1.-.M p.s. lso; 1:0175
lbs.. !' ,c ; -170 up. 1 .
(oirrrtr.l Dailv l.y TVarnrr 1lrp.' Se0 ,
Store. ZiC, S. MUhigan St.
AI.SiUL- to $20 00.
Ki.i.'i: ;kass .s:.7j.
U JU IK CLOVKK-$.;2.oo t-
jai'am:si: mil.,i-. r to 5:;:o
s 1:1; i I'l.'n 1:1: jis.(o.
ALFALFA-$1. J4 i
I IIJ.I PDAS ,:i.r,o to 54 .VI.
cow i i : a s 5 1 .V) t o .
iii:i) ci.ovki:-
ri.Mt Tiiv ;.o p. jy.oa.
ki:o Top f,:.ta.
S(Y i:i:a.ns-0 to $ti.
so i; I i.n iiUASS-;i' per bu.
si'Kir i ou.
si'M lowers 2ö-.- ib.
uorrwtfd Iallr hy Jlmniir'n Markrt.
123 E. rtrirnon Hll.
REEF- Roast. OitvVK-: boillnr. i'Oc;
LA1U i'ayiriff, M,.-; selling, 30 -.
rRomrr: market.
(Corrected today !y the Hrntlierbood
Krocery, '.'SO N. Main st.
IH'TTER ...'I EOCS Creamery l.ut- j
ter. I'iiyin .s- miik!, selling tV.i- pouiel: j
euntry l utter, paying :. p. .und. seT:ing
o.m ii.-uii'l; epps. piiyiiij,' io: d..(u, eil
in 4'm- j.or dozen.
Cilifornl;! naval unitizes. . rer dozen:
lemons, ;'. doon; tainn.is. 1 . pound;!
vt st taiues. Mil-me m sand pntatoes, 51. w;
new culd'uge, se.linjr at 7e pound.
(C'orrei ted today l S. W. Lippniao, 310 j
N. Main ..) j
Hides. löflL'0.-; calrskins. :,0?;-V
p'.und ; röueli tallou-, 'in:,- pound ; ren-
iHicl tall -w. o'iltC pound; w s'v.u, 'SiQ
Zö: pound.
Trading with advertisers
mean more for less cash.
114 South Michigan Street, Near Washington Avenue.
Bon Ton and Royal Worcester Corsets
Any corset has ood qualities, but buy and wear the corset which adapts itself
most readily to your type of Jrsrure while guiding it into lines of stvle.
Every woman recogonizes style as the lirst corset essential. Quality and p;i:e
naturally follow. All three are present in Bon Ton and Royal Worcester Corsets.
Pink and White Batiste Corsets, girdle top, nw and
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Pink and White Batiste and Brocade Corsets, medium
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A very special model in heavy pink brocade, medium
bust, back lace, sizes 20 to 27; S5.00 value. Special $3.00
Front Lace Models, closely boned for stout iuures;
made in French coutil, at $3.00 to $5.00
Front lace, with free hip, lightly boned for slender and
average figures, at $2.00 to $5.00
Be sure and attend the big Sale of
Muslin Underwear Samples at greatly
reduced prices.
ii um
ah r
These ndvertisers are experts in their line, and wortLy of your patronage,
this directory up for ready reference.
Crg-T HEM Zlß
Taylor can save you money on new tires or
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ut z Aa Much 132 Jefferson Blvd- Phones: Bell 610; Home 561C
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Interior Decoration
Wall Ptpcr
Picture Frames
The I. W. Lower Dec. Co.
Call a
Ad Man
for Space
in this
TYZi 111 V
Profit a brin
with ttm Hatch
RrdConb Chick Ma.'i wrJj
DiVd tuttermilk saves th babv
chickt and prevent white dLarrh?a. It
sum them to develop big, strors. healthy
and vigorous hens for heavy laying.
with Dried Buttermilk
is the most advanced
step in scirr.tiSc feed
ing for greater pro
duct ion. It i3 a perfect
baJisced-raäoQ in a
fem easly digested
and assimilated.
Manufactured by
Has & Edwards Co,
Tor sale by
J. C. IJAKHLTT. Tlour Ä FeeI
Ofi X. yh hiaan St., Cor. Iillo
! l
Garden Seeds Cow Peas Garden Tools Seed Corn Soy Beans Seed Potatoes i"
nravmcf Matpna rwi I rinriiriCT tß
Mill f:i o m rl PTinrtfl PnmMnnM 420 South
ViUbiuy iiniiui riuui aim rcuu uumaiiy Michigan street
mm -tn r r.iiT"''
MA U f i fit
J tt 1 - -
w n iiiiiiifi .niir. in
u viuvii wa-k v m w
1.-4 '. fr r I
läiftcur WW via1 riM 1 1
223 S. AScMswj St.
Wfcen joa tlitnk of Ilomefar
nlsMias think of -5wü!n
News 'Times
Trading with advertistn
means more for less cash, j

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