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Attacks on League are False,
Insists Defender, in Three
Hour Speech.
W.US('.1 .. Tun The
La"i "f Nations was Mjp; ru-l in
tli- .rnau- WcJ n -xl.iy ly Sfn. Mc
Cumb;r,of Nortn iMkot.i. i publica?.
;n!iiltr of fofi?n rc laUons -oiTimit-t
. rho arsrut-il in a thrto ho-.ir
Kp'-f-ch th-it th covpniU'.t f-
frl ?- ju.Mt ani pr.trtica M plan f'r
th prt s-rvat ion of world ju ru -.
Tb- North Dakota senator rplil to
arp'iiMnts of S-n. Knox of I'cnn
syhania and othr r puMi'an
is and rl.ir'l h could r.ot h
It!'. j need against the Na;' plui
y party conhl'lr;itkn. '"I'artisan
that I am." h- as-Ttr-'l. "I hpf I
Khali iivpr 1 so hi'l abound fr
h!in ld ty party xl,enry as to op
po. a just n n!r rta kinkC or a truth
(l' I tird by a tn mlir-r of any oppo
sition party. t could not tast my
votf iiralnst any reasonable plan for
th- pr sr atlon of world peuoo
ithout a conviction that would fol
low mo to thf Kravf that I had com
mitted an unpardonatd offns"
aairrt all futur generations."
The North Dakota op:itor charc-
d th-rp hal lieen campaign
misrt'pn-Montatlon against the
It au. He oppoMd as a proposal
calculated 't'o sound th death knell
of ny sclxino to pr-'rvp pace."
thf resolution of Sn. Knox, which
would d-clar the senate's oppfisi
tion to acroptintr the i.ii;ip cove
nant alonjr with the peace terms.
Term Ml.-rrprrvrntnl.
"In 20 years of ser. io in the
enate." sail M(Cumlr, "I hae
known hut one Instrument whose
terms have hern wilfully misin
terpreted nnd so crossly misrepre
sented as the rnvfii'int of the
l'iicuo of Nations. That home of it
is vatjue, I know, and some portions
objectionable from particular view
points. Hut that it discriminates
against us, is unfair in its treatment
of our country, or that it imposes on
us any obligation or burden that is
not equally borne by every other na
tion. I must emphatically deny. It
is regrettable that the mighty power
of eloquence in used to defame and
distort the true meaning of an in
strument, the most important that
ever appealed to the heart of the
.-oul of man.
'"Suppose we now refuse to join
.vith the rest of the world in some
' scheme to prevent war, w hat will
happen as surely as the sun shall
ri.M every Rreat nation will proceed
to devise means for the wholesale
destruction of nations. So desperate
will be the tie ;t war that all the
hate and all th venom created by
this struggle will be infinitesimal
compared with tho next. And
against what race will all these
weapons of death be used? Against
the white race."
IoIut'on Gone.
Quoting the declaration of Sen.
Johnson, republican of California,
that America by virtue of her isola
tion ciot-H not need the European
power "as partners," Mr. McCumber
said isolation had long since broken
down, a lluropean cpiarrel having
cost iliis country in the past five
years :.U.0oö Iies and $ 4 0,000.000,
oOO. "You talk about our enterirg this
war for a great world principle." he
continued. "The man who makes
that assertion knows that he falsi
fies tile record. We based our fight
of action solely on the ground that
by the acts of Orm.iny she had
made war on us. I want to put c ur-
.vr!vr.i in .euch a position that e
shall never feel it necessary to re
iterate such a falsehood.
AVoulcl Not Interfere.
"We knew all alonr just what
Germany had in mind. We knew
her purpose of world domination.
Hut we had not the riht under in
ternational law or under any agree
ment to demand that she refrain
from the hellish purpose. We do
not want this country or any other
country to be again placed in such
a position of impotency.
"The members of th league
undertake to preserve the territorial
integrity cnly against external ag
gression. It has been asserted and
reasserted in all the false attacks on
this instrument that the United
States would be compelled to help
Great Prltain presene her domin
ion against her own Internal revo
lutions or rebellions. Nothing could
1 e more false. It is only against
external oppression that the league
assures its protection.
WouM I bet lure Armament.
"The members of the league agree
to the reduction of national arma
ments. We hue preached the re
duction of armaments for years.
Best Way to Wash the Hair
We hnd you can bring out the
beauty of your hair to its v. ry b. s:
advantage by washing it with can
throx. It makes a very simple, m-
e. per.?le shampoo. l'.:,h cleanse.
t!u hair an! scalp thoroughly of all
the dandruff, dirt and exco.-s oil.
leaving a. wonderfully clean, who.e
sorr.e feeling. After its use you will
f. nd that the hair dries ; ikkly and
evenly, is never streaked In appear
ance and is alwavs bright, soft and
f.urfy; so fluffy, in fact, that it bok-
more abundant th.-tn it is, and so
soft that arranging it becomes a
pleasure. Just ue a teaspoonful of
cunthrox. which you can get from
any good druggist's, dissolve it in a
cup of hot water; this makes a full
cup of hampoo liquid, enough so
it la easy to apply it to all the hiir
UxilCAd of Juot the top of the head.
Commands U.
.;;., 7 .i
1 w
Col. S. II. H. Tompkins, commin1
which has crossed the Ilio Grande a:
Now present to me, if you can. a
better or a safer plan than that pro
vided in this treaty, or else acknowledge-
frankly that we never intend
ed to conform our acts to our dec
larations." Referring to charges that the
United States would be at a disad
vantage in the league because it has
only one vote, the speaker said the
important dec isions would be made
in the council, where the only votes
would be one each for the- five great
powers, with unanimous action re
quired to effect a decision or to
transfer consideration of a question
to the assembly.
Mr. McCumber also declared he
personally would be eqpo.sel to
leaving Germany out of the league,
fearing that action might lead to
future divisions unci jealousness.
'Humanity Flag9
Casts Shadow in
Ford Libel Suit
1!. A shadow of Henry Ford's
"flag of humanity" was unfurled in
Judge Tucker's court Wednesday in
course of the hearing of Mr. Ford's
libel suit against the Chicago Daily
Evidence in the case has quoted j
Mr. I-ord as opposing ilags or na
Hn :i nil f 1 t n "r rr f t V ! n " to i
rally around or as the refuge o:
scoundrels," and as advocating a
"Has of humanity," the creation of
which he was said to have refe-rred
to in in:..
Iring Bacon, an illustrator in the
photographic and advertising de
partments of the Ford Motor Co.,
was called to he stand.
"I think." said the witness, "that
the idea of designing such a Hag w;.s
put to me either by Dc;in Marquis,
head of the educational department,
or Mr. Hrownell. the advertising
. fits I ' .
The Sporting Peninsula
Three Great Lakes join hands to give the Southern
Peninsula of Michigan its Summer attractions.
Primeval forests, wooded lakes, alluring streams,
clear, cool invigorating air, and outdoor interests,
have made Michigan the "Sporting Peninsula."
Along the shores and inlets of the surrounding waters Lake
Michigan, Lake Huron, Straits of Mackinac and theMSoo"
are summer resorts of great charm, each with its special ap
peal motorboatir.g, sailing, fishing, broad beaches for bathing.
In the inland sections streams, rivers and lakes with superior
facilities for fil.I.vj and hunting.
Accommodations -ir.e hotels, inns or summer camps, experi
enced iii giving vacationists just what they want, .and with
prices to suit every purse.
The Urate ! States Railroad Adrranijtration invites you to travrl and offcrt
Summer Excursicn i.ee . Ask your local ticket agent to help you .m your
trip cr a;, ply toneirejt Consolidated Ticket Ofiice, or a rite
Tyrrc". for illustrated booklet
- Xv . -. -r i r
Travel Durrau
143 Liberty Street
Nf York City
S. Cavalrymen
-.. 'lvV-.I'
" . A
r of
11 I'.i'-o
the seventh T. S. cavalry,
and entered Juarez. Mexico
manager. I made some sort of a
sketch in water colors. I believe
the- field was purple and the world
was shown and symbols of universal
brotherhood, fraternity, peace and
industry, things like that."
SIOUX FALLS. D. P., June 15.
Sen. Thomas V. Gore of Oklahoma
was slightly injured late this after
noon when an automobile in which
he was rushing from "Mitchell to
Sioux Falls overturned, throwing
the senator to the ground.
DRTUOIT Joseph Mikulec,
Croatian, "globe trotter" has reach
ed Detroit. He has been walking
since ltfi to encircle the globe,
has worn out 104 pairs of shoes
and covered nearly 9S. 000 miles.
Girls! Make beauty lotion for
a few cents Try it!
Squeeze the Juice of two lemona
Into a bottle containing three ounces
I of orchard white, shake well, and
t i-Aii hnvft
i quarter pint of the best
freckle and tan lotion, and com
plexion heautifler, at very, very
rmall cost.
Your grocer has tho lemons and
any drug store or toilet counter will
supply three ounces of orchard
white for a few cents. Massage this
sweetly fragrant lotion into the face
neck, arms and hands each day and
Bee how freckles and blemishes dis
appear and how clear, soft and
rosy-white the skin becomes. Yea!
It U harmless and never Irritates.
"Michigan Summer Ref s"
Travel Bureau Travel
Transportation Builimf 602 Hralr .
Chicago At'.
22 sjK-55.4B
n m I ippiinik up anci tieiroy I
ULI IL L 'a! or ff-!l swoop."
fiii 1 r riynr' suj hp v
l J L. Lm I La I I fnr Independence da
Palmers Asks $500,000 Ap
propriation to Aid Hunt
for Anarchists.
WASHINGTON, June 13. That
the menace of bomb outrages still !
hangs over the country 's the belief j
of officials of the department of jus- j
tice. j
William J. Flynn. chief of the de- '
partment's bureau of investigation.
says !tt he believes there "are
bombs to come" but said it was im- !
ssible to say whrn the next at- :
t mpt to create a reign of terror by i
. vplosions might be made. '
Supplementing Mr. Flynn's state- j
:v.ent. the department Wednesday ,
:i:ght made public testimony ot Atty
'len. Falmer before the house an
propriation committee asking for a 1
special fund of $500,000 to carry on j
the hunt for radicals. The attorney
.trneral told the committee, as the1
testimony revealed, that government
rücials had been advised of a day j
-et for another attempt by radicals'
"to destroy the government at one 1
lull swoop.
FxrxH ts AnotluT Attempt.
"We have received so many no
tices and gotten so much informa
tion," Mr. Palmer told the commit
tee at his recent appearance, "that
it has almost com to be accepted
as a fact that on a certain day in
the future, which we have been ad
vised of. there will be another seri-
r.i. ..i .r .. : , i.. . j ..... i. ...!, ;::rt... .. :. -:' 'r J :1 . :: 1 i i.. . .;
I -T- BjTv . : jf" '" "-1 Tj
I 2:- .. .. .- ... - -- ..Ji...- .- - Ii--- - f
C ,-. ,. ; 1. .: .: ::::. !.....:,..: .'...(.... : :. . - ..:. :: " ;. 1. ., :. .. !. . : 1. :.r 1... i....'.. ..: :j: . :: .....c..-: - 1 .. j b.: ..' r.u :;,:: .c 'Jm : r-'y-i : 1
A cool, breesy spot
ous nn 1 probably much larger effort
the :ame cheracter. which the
fellow? nf this movement de-
scr;l o as revolution, a proposition to j
l ring up and lestrov the uoernnient
knew of no plot
lay and empha-
I sized that every precaution was be
jing taken by police throughout the
j Fnited States. He expressed the
j be'if that eventually those involved
iin the recent outrages would be
brought to justice.
"We know the source from which
; th bomb operators n.ive come," Mr.
j Flynn said. 'The agitation i purely
domestic and has no foreign connec
, tion. although there may be some
; foreigners active in it. t will take
j.-om.e time to clear up the coses, but
I we are making progress."
1624 S. Michigan St.
24 v; lb. sack fine Bread
Flour $1.73
24 y2 lb. sack Pastry
Flour $1.69
5c and 10c pkg. Shred
ded Cocoanut 4c and 8c
Dozen large fancy
Lemons 33c
2 lbs. fancy Head Rice 25c
Pkg. McKenzie Pan
cake Flour 11c
Lb. can Calumet Bak
ing Powder 21c
and good old ARROW
HP here's real enjoyment
in serving your friends
a drink they'll relish and find
genuinely refreshing. Such
a beverage is
IriM lira m
"It Hit the Spot"
A delightful hoppy flavor
that has a tang a snap an
aftertaste that's real.
Serve it to your guests. Keep
it on ice at home. You can
buy it bv the case or bottle
from your grocer.
Always Served Cold
Kamm & Scliellmger
Mishawaka, Indiana
June IT.
Emil Spronrrherg moved his fami
into his now house la?t week.
Mr. and Mr? Charles Mikesel and
son Charles. Mr. and Mrs. Walter
I Mikesel. yr. an Mr. John Warner.
and Miss Clara Smith were Sunday
cufsts of Mr. and Mrs. Ralp:t Hol
kton. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Shirley and
Mr. and Mr?. Elmer Chivington
spenr Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Jay
Iong of near Uuchanan. Mich.
Mr. and Mrs- Fred Chivington of
Kiver Park visited Mr. and Mrs
Bert Chivington Sunday.
Regular meeting Thursday night.
Initiation. 1 24 4-1 ? Advt.
Home 7120; Bell 270
25c can Salmon 22c
5 lbs. Sal Soda 10c
2 large bars Gloss Soap 11c
5 bars Swift's Pride
Soap 25c
2 large pkgs. Snowboy
Washing Powder ..11c
2 pkgs. Grandma's
Washing Powder . . 9c
3 bars Olivilo Soap. . .25c
6 large boxes Matches 32c
2 bottles Shoe Polish. .17c
llifll ?
wmmi vm m
j Adj lastmeat ,. ( I
1 ' ., Müldage
marked up to
Fabrics 60ßOmile:5U
jJords 8)
f ij uuuKbisitsY Dig nmieage(f ;j
r 1 a.
time Diamond ,
rnnr witn sniire usap-fi ir. tri s
minimum you 11
.Tires. .
y, We have marked ?up) our adjust- .
X ment mileage because Diamond '
Tires have been rounding out
more and more mileage till Dia-C
mond's policy of fairness to the
user demanded adjiistments wor- .
v., thy of the performanceof the tires..;'
The new adjustment figures are
just another proof of the estab
lished fact that Diamonds are the
User's tires.
NOTE. The new adjustment basis
stands back of all Diamond Tires
in hands of user or dealer.
i a. i v
user I willi tell you
get from jDiamond. .
; , f . j 1
T .
1 j

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