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rnin w MonNiNf:. .rn.v 'i.'iuta.
Our Condensed Classics Series
Condensation by James B. Connolly
Rudanl Kipling was n Dec.
r.o, isrr, in IIoiiiImv, wlu-rv hi
fatltrr, John IahU.ch Kipling.
Jl T1 I h f n ri j I 1 lit w . . rt .1 f ip i ri
Inrvry, at i .
Usrpy Chfyr."'. father -was im- f
tr.rryd in arri.issir.i? mor money,
his mother was h-asv --v.th her i
n'Tves; and wr wo hV'
1 . yf-ars, th i:iuffraii typo that j
mr;st prowr. !:i?i!s v.ar.t to hravo a j
hri'-k at on i',-h. i
H was a v--ncrr or. thi r'in i
inr. ar.'! h v;is fi'sinj; th'
Granu P.-mk in a foe. arr.; in
to th" fr.T'ktn rof.r.i. s.r ir.p: "Yoti
can har th- r.-h r.oat'-i -viakin? .'ill (
'rounl us. U'o'-Mn't if 1 pr-it if j
wo r.m rno rjown!" 1
Ho ask"l for a fik'ar'i. S"om- j
tody with a fliaho1 iral -.fr1? of
humor pass-!! him ;i thirk. oily
isar. Harv-v lit it up ani wont on
!ock. f 1'f'Cin to fool quor-r. t.W
ho had brac d of n-vor trim: i -skk;
fo now h wont aft to th- -t!o-dK
k. ami h- w;is still th- .
a ro.etllnfr with th" riir.ir and ri"t
caring mwh wht ha i"."n"l. whon
a nnK pray s- a nvunK out ".f th"
iz and took him ov-rr.o.t r.l.
Harvoy was noxt aw.tr" of hrum: 1
on a pi of f:sh with a hroad-h ick
( 1 man In a Hi" J'-r-y, who sihl:
"You in (iory with mo. Manuol my,
i.ani." i
IitT h v.as hoistod aboard of a .
schooner and loworod into hor !
v.'.vinc fn'r's'to whro mon in oil- I
skin, VP him a hot drink and put Muhaney and hh
him to ?lfep in a bunk. When he
aw ok", a hoy who.-f name was Dan
akod him pmilinply if ho was feel
ing hottor. Tho srhoonor was th"
ro Ih-rr" of nlouc"st"r, ani tho
of Art. lie win
educated at tin
I'nlUd Sor1i s
"! Iokp, W r s t -wnnl
Mo. North
I'ton. MtTc of
tho lurid Stalk)
At IT hv Ma-
in India onev
mor-, a Journnl
I"t. Ilofor" h
was 21. I had
-omplttod "I'l.i in
TaIr- IVoin lh
ffillV' and
inorv of his lt
stories, whirl r
t n Ii I i s lied his
fame throughout
the world. In the
fairs of n.ttht
life and xulven
turf' "Iioyontl tin
Iiale," India Mas
r'i'aled a n o w
with a brilliant.,
color and pasnlon
ii n mi r ) a s s-l ;
luiIs. tin exuberant "Soldicr Thrct,'
captlat(l men fnm sia to Ka.
Within tlic next 10 ars, Kipling
travh'tl round the world, married.
liTd in Amorira, Iiurland and South
Afriea, and finally became so Im
bued ith impcrialhsni as ai.mo-.t
to dt j-troj his art. j
III "Itarrack
IUH)ni Ilaliad.s"
and 'Socn Sea
rvaleI lilm as
an I n - p I r i tlutc
MKt who "splali.
i! at a ten-leasuc
anass w 1 1 h
bru.'-bt of (ni-
i t s hair."
Of Ills three
novels, 'The
Lisht tliat f'alleil'
Is a tale of Suez:
Captain.- Cour
a r e o ii s," o f
f.lnucester fisher
men, and Kim."
breathes as"aln
the sutitle and
mysterious fassci
nation of India.
With the "Jun
Cle Uooks" Kip
ling enthmlled a
n e w audlentv.
These, and the in-
romparahle "Just
So S t o r 1 e s."
written to his son
who was killed
in the war, enshrined liiin in the
hearts of children the world over.
was awarded the Xolxd prle
for literatim in I 7.
, t-
; y
toy's fath'-r.
Plsko Trop, was her
CO i
Harvey wont up on drk to
Disko: and demanded that ht
t.akfn lark to New York, vhfr. an
ho told Disko condosc'endinKly. his
father would pay them very well
for thfir trouble; ho added many
other items to what his father could
and would do. Diko. as it hap
pened. was an old-fashionod type of
l ank fisherman. wi.o in the ways of
tish hut knowing little of tho groat
world. He decided that this hoy
with his talk of his father s im
mense wealth must he crazy; with
never absolutely never shown m
much as a t-inlo li-ht.
Ho saw one day a foul, draptrlcd.
j unkempt vessel heaving up past the
j "We're Here," for all the world like
i a blousy, frousy. had old woman
ünoerintr at a decent Kirl. saw her
sail off and into a patch of uatcr
sunshine and ko under, taking all
hands with her! He saw, while his
hair stood on end. a whiteness mov
ing in the whiteness of the foT with
a breath of a grave; and then he
heard a roaring. plunging and
spoutinK: that was his first icehor.'.
He saw the surf break over Virgin
an idea of restoring the poor boy to, Hocks; and the fish strike in .so
sanity, he offered him the berth of j I thick on a shoal that scores of
second boy on the "We're Here" at
$10.50 per month.
Harvey had a fit of .sullenne-s,
hut his .ullennesoi worried nobody;
ho went to work. The, dories were
returning to tho essel with their
ratehes of tish; so for the tirst work
of his life Harey was set to help
ing Pan hoist in the dories, to
swabbing the gurry from their in-
then to nesting them on
sides and
the lock. Hy tho time he had fin
ished doing that and eating his
supper it was nighttime, and Man
ul. Penn. Long Jack, Old Salters,
Tm Piatt all hands were stand
ing by to dres.s Jih.
Manuel ar.d Penn stood deep
among the t.n. flourishing sharp
knives. "Hi!" shouted
with one finger under the
dories stood riding gunnel In gunnel
while their erews battled for the
catch. He saw a gale break so sud
den and fierce that everywhere on
the tea were men in dories cutting
roding lines and racing for their
vessels, hut some never making
their vessels.
So he passed four busy, wonder
ful months, growing in body, mind
and soul with every hour that pass
ed; and then came the great day
when they left the hanks for home.
Toil, hardship and danger were
now mostly behind them; there was
left little to Jo but stand watch and
study the folding and packing away
of the morning mists, the hurry of
winds across the open spaces, the
.Manuel, glare and blaze of the high sun; to
gill of a j harken to the grinding of the booms
that he could not offer money he
got a berth as mate of one of them
with the promise that some day he
would go master of the best he
could find.
"flreat ships these of my father's?
() yes." says Harvey. "But back in
Gloucester are the able little ves
sels. The "We're Here.' she's one.
K- 4
a heap to her to her and her
I owe
'pyright. h'lO. by I'ot I'ublUhinz Co.
iTlie i;tr.n Post. Printed by por
nii.NNii.n of. :ind arrangement with.
Century ("n., :i nt horized publish
ers. I'iiMish-a by speoiiil ar
raligement with the Mc
Clure NowspapiT Syu
rate. AJ1 rights
"Quo Yadis." the extraordinary
novel by Siciikicwiez, one of the
"best sellers" of the world a few
jean hack, condensed by Prof. Wil
liam I'enwiek Harris of Cambridge,
will bo printed next.
cod. the other In an eye. The blade
glimmered, there wan a found of
tearing, the fish-slit from throat to
Mil dropped at Ixmg Jack's feet.
"Hi!" cried Long Jack hnd. with a
sei'op of a mittemd hand, dropped
the cod's lier into a basket; an
other wreiuh and s.-oop sent head
and offal ;!y:ng. The gutted fish
slid across to Did Salters. who
snorted fiercely. ripped out the
backbone and splashed the headless,
gutless f.h into a tub of water.
Harvey pitched the washed fish
down into the hold, from whence
came tramplings am! rumblings as
Tom Piatt and Dikr moved among
the salt bins. The rasping sound of
rough rait rubbed on rough flesh
from below made a steady under
tone to the click-nick of the knives
in the pens, th
of torn he l ds. tho Map of
open fi.-h failing into the
At the end of an hour Harvey
wanted terribly to rest, hut also for
the first time in his life he was one
of a working gang of men; and so.
beginning to t."ko pride In the
A boy from old Xiles
Who accepted with smiles
A place as an invalid's chauffeur
Slowed up at all sfgns.
Thus avoiding all fines.
And wiu promptly dismissed as a
wrench and schloop , many a day.
ripped- ! it was from
tub on
against the masts, the creal- t of
the sheets against the hitts, tn sail
filling to the roaring winds.
Now about the time the "We're
Here." a hundred quintals of fish in J Was Told
her hold, was laying her course for
(Iloucester, Harvey's father was be
ginning to wonder in his mahogany
otllces in Los Angeles if it wasn't a
better game to urop the ceaseless
struggle for more power and wealth.
What was the use of it all with no
son to hand it to? He was still
wondering when one day an excited
secretary brought him a telegram.
It was from Harvey safe in Glou
cester. Mr. Cheyne laid his face
down on his desk, breathed heavily
for awhile; and then, heaving or
ders right and left, started th.it run
of which railroad men talked for
Three das and a half
coast to coast. with
That Operation Was
Only Hope Tanlac
Restored Health.
on grimly,
was stowed
bt !ow j met was a boy
thou cht. he heb!
till the last fish
did a mar. rest. Put when that j ore and
m.iment came'. Disko and Old Salt- . was inor
crs ro!'ed toward their cabin bunks. cvsler skipper
railroad specialists along the way
dividing huge bonuses; for it was
the great Harvey Cheyne who was
racing east to see pis rescued hoy.
and the boy's mother was with him.
Not without fear did he meet that
boy. He had a memory of a pasty-
Xot i faced, hud-mannered lad. What he
Hj.lv een. clc
vffriately pi
with toughened fig-
ar eye. a ooy wno
roud that a tilou-
said he had well-
Manul and Long Jac' went for
ward. Toni P!att waited only ling
enough to slide homo tb hat a.
Penn to empty a basket of ::sh liver-,
into a big t ask.
All hinds wore leiow ar.d asleep.!
except the tvso boys, they had to j
stand watih; so by ar.d by th mon
looked down or: oik- .-'.i.'n hov ir.
knickerbockers, which was H.irvcy.
staggering around th - clattereJ
leck; while behiv.d hm. v:i ir,.: a ;
knotted rope, . ,4lk ed anil!' r '. oy. I
which was Ivtr.. awn:: c and nod
ding bttween t i; s p" ,j,.tit trie !.rt
boy to keep hi r.i awake
The "We're Here" was on a si!' - '
fshing trip. wh; -n rot a:it four
month away from home; so ilur
was time for Harvey to Ir.tr:; many
.. i! uo now things if he .ar '. to. ;
After a time, as the pr:.le i.i hontstj -
fork ,w!l dor.e Icgan t grip him. I un a,,d Wind P.rmg Out I'glv
h tared. He learned tv ::-h from , pts. How to Keniove liviH.
arued his $10.50 and his keep a
month. On the end of an ancient
wharf Harvey Cheyne anil his boy
had such a talk as they never could
have had four months before. When
it was over they knew each
Pailroads. lumber. mines such
things lid not interest young Har
vc. What his heart yearned for
was to some o iy manage his father's I
r.owly-purcha.-e.l sailing ships on !
tl'. I'ac. ' oa-t. The s'aips h- got ;
"hen he wa-; ripe for th-m; and fr j
l.ir.. sop f Disko Trj.-p seeing)
a do:v; to üi.ik"
a r 1 a ht a lr.g
k';ov w hut eaCi
; : s w
I' ope
a !'oa
b 1 e
- '
::: sa t : t y j
i'.M-k: to '
an. I s.l :
! V;ko
v .11 1 u a ,
i a vessel wis fo,
him. wln the
t ,- v, ' f r the (v! f - i . t
r:;i to jir.inrr. ari w-o
.äs H.trvry'.t s r.- of '' At wl.t :
h f.r.- f"'t the vf"t ur.w -r r h
the w:; .!. Ahr.o-t ; . ! h
!. : r.d' -rstar. 1. as a :!"!':'::..i!
t! r(i' .'-,ibv'".: !.ir.
t'.t ' .in',,. th eTeriii! t""P
:es. x- -f. th -viOKo,
so a s. a ! I U a ! T.cil . f :
pimo'i of Th-- 't!c! of ti
f'.f i ;.(' - Wh. :.f Ter attlhJ
h tr r. a:.; swotr with unanimity
thAt tlie ctrflos :.!'.T!iLin hal
Hvi's a
face, to try
i: a in
(. "i:o .:: tha:
eiiance. M;.-s r'rckle-
U I'tMtdy for il"CrItS
... : .i.iu'f of u i !;. b.t-1
;r aiII not eo.-t o.i u
: 1 1 . ; u 1 1 . e s . i
. I..'...- :t" it .:
. t,:': t h
g-t Un
. :. vtr- :. ;th-
v.iii'n'ts : ;u"
s e oa a cic.i i
xperiÄO is trifling,
ounce of vdhir.e
from any -ir.rp
t ;
e n s
crt t
ot -
, - ut'.tl a t .ippiuat:-). should
... .i h'.'W easy tt :s '. n vour--vl:
of the hon:ely Incklt-s an! g t
.t ; ai.tifL:! comp;, ion. Rarely is
1 rrae than (ne o'-'iho neede! for the
u oi s t ' ise.
j P. ire to as, the drugsrist for
the double strength Othine as this
strenath is sold under guarantee ef
I money back if it fads o rcrt.ove
"Anyone who had noticed the
dreadful condition 2 was in can
readily see the wonderful change
Tanlac has made in me, said Mrs.
L M. Morgan, residing at 1S17 Nor
ton Street, Kansas City, Missouri,
in telling of the remarkable bene
fits she has derived from the medi
cine, recently.
"I have actually gained twenty
two pounds in weight on five tt
tles of Tanlac," she continued, "and
have improved so much that mv
neighbors o4en speak of it. My
health had been all broken up for
more than a ear and I was so nerv
ous that the leat noise would up
stt me. My appetite left me and
what little I did eat would sour on
:r.y stomach causing gas and in
tense pain. ' I would bloat terribb
and luring these times my heart
would palpitate frightfully, almost
cutting off my brtath, and I was so
weak and dizzy that I could not
walk a block without stopping to
lest. I was badly constipated, had
racing ilea dach es, and was losing
weight ami strength all the time. I
would roll and toss :no.t all night,
unable to sleep, and would --et im
other j in tho mornings even more tired
i. I, . . .
iouu on mmig io 'tea. 1 was con
stants under treatnunt and all the
time taking some kind of medicine, J
but nothing helped me ana I finally
got ri-ght down in 1 d.
"At the tune I got Tanlac I had .'
been confined to my bed for a
...... i. i i. j
uioiiiij. i naii ot en toia mat an
operation would ncce.ss.try and
! was almost in despair, as I always'
; h.nl a horror of the operating table ,
; and the knife. i"p to this time ij
'bad not thought si noud y about!
'"aa'uj o. i: : for me. althougiC
i .ii otteti i-ad the won.lerful re-1'
...is eK-.in.ed to set from
lt. o- ::ig s , .i.ixio'js to
' 'peration, I
.ac and s:-nt fur two bottles. Well,
; . e:'ore I had .n.ished my second
fottle my appctit-? was belter, th.
,iS stopped totaling on Tiy stom
...!i aiiti I hd not suffer from short
; s of breath aid palpiuition any
::.orc. Now. ; ;)jt it all in a few
rt'.s. my r.t i'Vt. arc normal a 'id I
h.ve no more ilea. laches, dizzy
.l-'.is or trouble of any kind. Tan
' ac !i.-s not ur.Jy teli'ved me of my
, iivsual suherir.g. ljt it has ease l
.'j.y r.'.i.n 1. täo. as I fully believe it
; ..as saved me from an operation.
1 can truthfully say Tanlac has made
me feel 'ike a new person and I
i can't praise it enough."
Tanlac is sold in South Bend b
j The Central Drug Store, and in
M;hawaka by the Red Cross Phar-
Aciv. J ii.ucy. Adv.
r . 1 Vv J r I I v
n pYw a v n f n v Pvv1
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worth $1.25. Special for
Saturday We Start Our Annual
i i
This sale will be the greatest money-saving event of the season
sold at a discount of 1-3 to 1-2 off.
Every Suit, Coat, Cape and Summer Dress in our entire,
stock sreatlv reduced for this sale.
Every article in the store to?be
Specials in Our Large Millinery
Department for Saturday
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1 u
Our entire stock of Ging
ham Dresses to be sold at
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nan I
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And Other Garden Tools
' . J
And Trade Mark Obtained In 1
Countries. A&rtcc Flrec. GEO. J.
OLTSC1I. RörtJUered Patent Attjn
711.712 gtnebaicx BUjU. Sooth
Haul, IxuL.
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Oa ?Hchlan At w&hln?ton
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