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Monday rvr.Mn, .TT.rsT is. tain.
Mr. .ml Mrs. Charles Kollers.
T,f"!ic rd . -n'-rtrlnf 1 g jest at
dinner S';nd.y honoring Mr. and
Mrs. i.'l'.jrlfs tl tru k of "oil ir- Cor
iir. ami Mivs Irene K!mmf,l and
Mrs ll'ircnfc Wolf of Dayton, o.
Th ruiTi:
of M iss M.i r y Ma r- ,
.. !.4 iisitT of Mr. :
und Mrs
Franklin .
Intvr of
. and Iny IMtur Mr-1
New A'l'.inj-.' 1 1 1 1 . . tfinti
J!re Iti rhi' iK-o .'i! 1 o'clock Sun-,
day a f 1 1-r n rio n .it th- Fourth Frexl.v
terin church, Ir. S-tmnH M. fill)- I
'n offlciatir.tr. The bride and groom !
w-re fn!r!iin'-'t with a dinner at
the home of Mm", i I r r 1 T Lahadio
filynn Aft r ;i frip on the l.-kes. Mr. I
r rl Mr (rlntvr will m -i Lr ihir I
. - I w - - - . ' t I I I I f r I I I I I
home in Sooth Ilend.
On hundred and ixtv three mem
l-ri of tri Vr. family h-M Their
s.nxi-i.i rirril" rnmlon at Pottowa-
tomi r"k S'lmlav n ft rrnoon Th
, ,, ms . . '
i fM lowing oni.trs were ei(ica ror 1
tht- n.uiiip ''r; IJ. J. Seyhnld
3're., Alva Totter, ?er. and Leo S
Charley I)rieh.lhis. vire Pre, the
the n'xc reunion will he held the
third Sunday in Augm! next vear.
Social Calendar
j punctures wry easily, and for this
TI'I3SIAY. reason before placing the cracked
The Pixie (iirls" cltib will nift at p-. in the hug it is a Kod thin; to
the home of Mi.-s Htii-i Knell r, llö;r'in a little cold water over it to
K. Iuba.il av. j round the edpen off. When an Ice
A meeting of the Juidinfr Lierht ,a ,s not in ute it should be thor
c!asH of the f.ra e M!ethoJxt KpN-1 roi!;hly dried and put awny with
copal church will be held. j '.polish cotton in It to keep the edtfep
Mrs. Edward Harris. 311 S. Hie-j from sticking together,
venth St., vtill htmtcw at a meet-j Cold coinpreKsen are frequently
ir,K of the Live (jak Drill team, num.-1 used to relieve headache or for fever.
i r 1, which will be held at herj
home. j
The rGcrutsjr rrn eting of the Hroth-J
t rhn.ni of the Holy Trinity Knirlish
Lutheran church will he heid at th"j
hnrr.e jf Phillip Iiuck. 52S i;. In
diana a".
Tli Iidies' auxiliary of the Na
tional .oci ition of Letter ".'arriers
will hr,.l its regular meetinir Tues
i iy afternoon at the home of Mr.
Floyd Fulmer, 10:'" Va.xsar !t.
I ) X 1 Vs 1 . Y.
Mrs K'dith Ueaor wili entertain
lb- members of the Indies' Aid so
ciety of the Maple fJrove M. L.
fhtiri'h at her home.
Tho n g-ul.ir meting of the Wo
tii.iri's Missionary so i.-ty of the Stull
A'thxJit KpNcopal church will be
held at tho church parlors.
The members of the Pleasant
View W. C. T. I", will meet at the
home of Mrs. Mary Oberjain. Miami
Setcion two of th Pastors' Aid
society of the First Christian church
vill be enter allied at the home of
Mrs A. W. Ham. 1020 Oak bt.
A picnic dinner will b held nt
I.-eper park by the m"mlirs of the
Hee lihe Cl'.Y
A i;.ir(l"ii fte will bo heUl at Tip
pecanoe pi. hv the members of the
W( man's Franchise league from
:';"( until .' o'clock.
Mr-. John I u wood, ."ill S. Main st.
v. :I! entert.: iu the Ideal Kn. broidery
Tb.e Woman's Franchise Mission
ar.. o.-!Pt of the Trinity M. K.
hurch u!l meet at Peeper park.
Mr-. F
M. Holllter will be the host-'
The Kuieka clab will meet at the'
hone of Mrs Pen PeiKcr, Mi.-ha-J
w.ika av. j
The Ladies' Pib'.e clas of the
(,'iinr paptist church will hold;
its regular monthly meeting at the
home of Mrs George Iamphier. '2
Cu-hlng st.
Mrs. Ora Miller. Lincoln Wav XV.
rd.. will entertain the Mount Plea
.'.mt Home Economics club at her
The Woman's Home
Missionary !
mm-let v
of tiie Grace Methodist Epis -
opal church will hold its regular
meeting at the rhurrh parlors.
Fill DAY.
Th members of the Friday
i rit'iui.nip ciuo win give a picnic i
supper for their families at Potto
watomie park.
Mrs. .1. F. Black. U'!
will be hostess to the I.
F. Paris sr..
O. H. club.
The fifth annual reunion of the
Callahrr family will be h.M at the
bom" of Mr. and Mis. Hui;h Callag
her, 7:; s. Main st . on the l..st Sun
day of August.
The ixfh .Tnrn.i r . 1 1 i -i rf
Kelley family will be held at
Potta- !
waTomie park Sunday, Aug. 31. All
members are invited p.nd a basket
luncheon will be served.
The Home and Fortan Mision
;i ry societies of the First M. K.
h'.'rch will meet Tuesdiy afternoon
n tho church parlors at 2:3i o'clock.
An address will be given lv Dr. p.
I. Peck of the Grace M F. church
on "The Centenary at Columbu-c"
Th ifjubr monthly meeting of
th brotherhood r Cic Holy Trinity
English Lutheran rhurrh will be
hel I at the home .f Phihp Flock,
E. Indiana hv., Tuesday nisht.
Members rf the I'lea.-ant Vie'v
v . C. T. X . "'in meet all day
'ax- uv,i.
resdav at th1 hom of Mrs.
f:enchain. 13-1 Miami st. A pir
mc dinner will e served a' noon.
Mr. J. Pidc anil Miss Josephine
Pecker will give a musical procram
at the garilen fete to be given Wcd
n'sijay fim - ."' tinti! 5 o'clock by
the Woman's Ianchlse league at
Tippecanoe pi. Mrs. A. H. Pe.irds
Jey of Elkhart 13th district chair
man will be the speaker of the aft
e;n"tn Tickets are on sa!e at the
Y. W. C. A.
Try NEWS-TIMES Want Adsi
(Copyright. 19JP).
Question of general lntert pertaining to Home
will b answered in thl- column, epace permitting
IatIla Griffith, care Ti. News-Time.
The nature of the trouble, and the
location determines whether hot or
cold applications should be used.
Generally speaking cold has the op
posite effert from heat. Heat local
izes the infection, draws it to a head.
hil the cold scatters tl inflam
mation. Uk heat, cold may be 'Jsed
ither dry or moist.
Small pieces of ice In bags or rub
I. er or Japanese paper may be used
i to hnply dry cold. Japanese bags
!ir lnn rojflv than rubber hilt alsO
, . , . .i
.lew flur.il.U-. Dry clt l frequently
u fl for injuries, ns hniise.s, prains,
J hon' frartfires. beginning' aliscow
j and .0 forth. The bag should not be
fil!-d more than one-half, find even
le.o.H ire may bj uJed when weight
im to he avoided. After tilling a nb
her hay thTt all the air ha.- heen
exiel!ed before screwing the stop
Tier on. Then ?rrew the stopper In
j erurely and wrap the bag in a
! piece of thin linen cr uuxe before
i applying it to the part. An ice ban
Soft piec'.s of liu-Ä r an cM'table
napkin may be used for cold com
presses. Make the compress large
enounh to rover the forehead, and
have at hast two. so that one may
be coolinK while the other is in use.
Have a large piece of ire in a basin,
lay the compress on the ire. when
t ool wring dry enough to keep from
dripping, and plare on the head. An
soon as It becomes rnnn apply tht
second one in its place. Ice bags
nre often used on the head instead
of cold compresses.
Cold compresses are frequently
Mr, and Mrs. Charles H. Tahadie
have returned from Chicago where
they afended the marriage of their
daughter. Miss Mary Marguerite
Parrel post has been established)
between the Flitted States and Prit-!
y I. . A 1 r- i o fi r 1 1 tri n 1 w h i f ' h !
I. 11 I .fi n L si ii lift ituu
must be Hhipped via London, accord
ing to word received at the local
postorlice. The weight limit of par
cels is 11 pounds. Put In addition
there is a transmission charge of .15
cents for the first three pounds; 72
rents for the next four, and JL0S
for the remaining four pounds.
Special inspection is required for
shipments of trees, plants, stocks and
seeds. Waterproof covers should be
used for the parcels intended for
places beyond the services of the
Fxanda railway. Parcels cannot be
resist efed.
A public sale of government own
ed photographic supplies s be
held at Washington. D. ". Aug. 26.
consisting of cables relei.se rubber
bulb, kodak acid photographers'
ru bher cloths. Kurther information
on th matter can be obtained from
Postmaster Hugh P. Dunna-
lapiks' aid to Mi:irr.
The Indies' Aid society of the
Munson chapel will hold a special
business meeting at the church next
Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. A
;ood attendance is requested by the
ASHLAND. Ky.. Aug. IS.
Guards early Sunday shot and
fatal'v wounded a man who gave
J the name of Charles Hammond of
Hanging Pock.
jp ;
p I
r I
approached the homo of Mrs. S.
Fetter, formerly Mrs. John C.
thejMavo. The guard had ben posted!
nfter Mrs Fetter had received a
letter remanding that po.nno he
placed in a designated spot on pain,
f having her home destroyed.
They said Hammond refused tu o
l.fv commands to halt. He died in
a hospital with in an hour.
striki: cArsr.s msonni:u.
ri:n.'A.Mni'CO, Friday. Auk. 15.
--The street car men's strike in
IVrr.ambuco and a heated political
campaign h.is caused much disorder
here, which culminated Thursday in
the killing of four persons and the ,
wounding of twenty
the city. Business
still on account of
political -difference.
in a suburb of
as at a stand
the strike and
(Iy Duncan Fnderhill.)
The father of IT mice
Said: "Pilfering cheese Isn't
Hut mice, much like men.
Admonish, and then.
Don't fol!ow their
own goo,j advice, j
Trading; wth advertisers
means more for less cash.
osed for
inflammation of the eyes.
When there is any
-impress should be
discharge the
used at once.
When both eyes are being treated
separate, compresses should he used
for each eye. Care must always be
taken not to carry the Infection
frrm one eye into the other. Have
the' compress only a' little larger
than the eye so that It will fit neat
ly pver It. The physician usually
gives directions as to how often the
compresses are to be changed and
when the applications are to be. dis
I". H. wrltr-!: I would like to know.
some simple way to make prune:
whip. j
Answer: Fse one cupful of cooked'
prunes, the white of one egg. one
tablespoonful of sugar, and one tea -1
spoonful of lemon, Juice. Strain the,
prunes through a coarse sieve, re-j
moving the stone Then add the,
lemon juice and sugar; fold in the;
t iff Iy beaten white, and pile it on a,
buttered plate. Put it In the oven;
for about one minute or until set. It.
should be served cold with whipped1
rieam or thin boiled custard.
Mf. X. writes: What are piles, and
what can be done to relieve them?'
.iisvt: Piles or hemorrhoids j
ire a dilatation of the veins of thOi
rectum. This condition Is frequently i Thomas Dixon, which is starting the
due to constipation and will ceasei"' theatrical season at onr of the
to be troublesome If the bowels are fading New York theaters.
properly ret" 'ated. This should be
done by payi . careful attention to:
diet and by urinking water rather and fry a golden brown. Serve very
than by cathartics. In severe at-bot.
tacks ice may be applied to the! Fg-gfriant Fritters,
rectum. Some times an ointment! Slice and peel the eggplant, cover
composed of five grains of mentholj with boiling water and allow to
mixed with two tablespoonful ofjfetand for an hour. Drain, put into
vaseline wilt give relief. However. ' boiling water and cook for 15 min
t the plies are large and persist in! utes. Drain again, mash, season
giving trouble it is best to see a sur- j with salt and pepper and mix with
geon and have them removetl,
which Is the only sure cure.
Kitchen Economies
Fritters, to be most enjoyable,
Khould be served hot and crisp.
Nearly every one likes fritters, and!
if properly made, so that greuse is;
not absorbed during cooking, frit
n- o .h! a ulii,ptflntHi
1 f. It J IV. U1IU 0'4ll,Kft lit. IUI I
dish. In fact, meat, tlsh or egg
fritters, with some beverage. Here
are n group of various fritters easy
to prepare and inexpensive.
Corn Fritter.
1 can corn,
1-2 cupful of dried
and sifted
1 gg well beaten,
1-2 cupful of milk.
1 teaspoonful of salt,
1 traspoonful of baking
1 tablespoonful of tlour.
Chop the corn and add the other
Ingredients as named above. After
mixing, drop from a tablespoon intoj
deep fat and fry until nicely brown-j
ed, or saute in a hot. creased frying
Salmon Fri tiers.
1 1-3 cupfuls of flour.
1-4 teaspoonful of salt.
2 teaspoonfuls f baking powder,
egg, well beaten.
T cupful of water. I
4 teaspoonful of paprika, j
4 teaspoonful of onion Juice. '
1-2 can of salmon, chopped fine.,
Sift the flour, salt and baking pow- '
der. Add egg. water and seasonings
and beat well. Add salmon and drop'
from a tablespoon Into hot, deep!
fat. Fook until brovyi. drain or
soft paper, and serve with tarta'.1
MucB if desired.
Panana I-Yittors. ;
1 cupful of tlour,
1 1-2 teaspoonfuls of baking pow
der, 1-4 teaspoonful of salt.
1 tablespoonful of powdered sugar,
1 egg. well beaten,
1-4 cupful of cold water,
2 bananas. i
Mix and sift the dry ingredients.
add the eg and water and beat
wen. i i e5 nie i'ctnaiias inruvin a
sieve. Add to batter and drop from
a tablespoon into hot, deep fat.
...-11 T) ... V. V. , . 1 . . L
nni,n on rt I'P"r' w'b Pow-
derrf1 ii'Jl-'ar ;nd tv with curiam
Noll or lemon sauce either n-
" " v.w,
Currant .lolly Smut.
1 tablespoonfl of cornstarch.
1-4 cupful of sugar.
1 cupful of boiling water,
2 tablespoonfuls of currant jelly.
1 teaspoonful of butter.
Juice of 1-2 lemon.
Mix the cornstarch and sugar in
a saucepan, add water gradually.
When thickened add jelly. Simmer
10 minutes. Add butter and lemon
juice Just
lefore serving.
ClMfe Fritters.
1-2 pint of boiling water.
1 tablespoonful of shortening.
1-2 cupful of grated cheese,
2 egps.
1-2 cupful of flour.
1 tablespoonf til of left-over ham.
When the water boils add the
shortening, sa'.t and pepper. He-
move from the fire and add a half-
cupful of flour made into a paste
. . .
with cold water. Stir u.itil smooth
and "add a half-cupful of grated
cheese and the ham.
Let the mixture get partly cold
then add two ergs. well beaten.
Drop by spoonful into deep, hot fat.
'1. 5 'A .
: ,v .... ' : j
W ?foy? . i tv v
- .... A r J''-' y. I
i . ;. . . , , .
, : :' ... -: ' -
P ' ' ' -V-'"';''V i
Pfvft. . .. X V f
En a .Mr.
Miss Ethel Jennings scorod a sig
nal success in the anti-bo'shevist
drama, 'The Red, Dawn, ' by
two well beaten egs and enough
flour to make a thick batter, but
not too thick. Drop by spoonfuls
into hot fat or vegetable oil. and fry
until brown. Drain on brown pa
per and serve.
The Horoscope
TFFhDAY, AF;. 10.
The planetary configurations rul
ing on this day point to conflicting
I conditions and opportunities. While
I the financial possibilities may be
forecast as being very favorable, yet
the two most powerful maleflcs are
strongly placed for annoyance, dis
appointment and disaster. Mars is
alro evilly disposed, threatening dis
turbance through rash and impul
sive conduct, although this intluence
is not a powerful one today. Some
benefits may be received through
dealing with corporations, trusts
other ergunizations. Avoid change
or traveling, and take care of the
health. With prudence and cool
judgment affairs may be directed to
(success and prosperity.
Those whose birthday it is may
guide their affairs to success and
prosperity despite ups and downs.
They should avoid change and care
for their health. A child born on
this day will be generous, and will
j succeed, although it may be erratic,
I wayward and impetuous.
At Wheelock's
7 I-
kvi vm mJASi ia reu
i ; i .1 . i i fc fil ial k.i J s ii
For Tuesday and Wednesday
Lux, 4 Pounds 3 Cans 2 Cans
package Dry Onions Cleanser Sauerkraut
10c 15c 10c 15c
Mason Fruit 2 Dozen 10 Bars Large Bottle
, Heavy Can n c Snider's
J.... ,b. Rubbtri Gloss Soap Caljup
69c 15c 41c 25c
jNews of Interest!
on the West Side
SOCI.Uj kyetvts.
The St. Hedwige t?horal society
will hold its singing r-hearsal Tues
day evening at St. lledwige's i-chool
The monthly meeting of St. Flor-
ian's Younp Men's society will "bf
held Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock
at the St. Hedwige's school build-
The regular meeting of the Lad
Falcons M. Romanowski. will b
held this evening at 8 o'clock at
Kosciuszko hall. S. Chapin st. Mem
bers are urged to attend the meet
ing as matters of importance will be
taken up during the session.
Members of the I-ady Falcons Z.
Halickl. No. 1, and their friend en
joyed an outing at Leeper's park
Sunday afternoon. A basket lunch
eon was served. Various games and
stunts were the diversions of the
a fternoon.
Mrs- Edmund Lnnfrc. 1241 Olive
st., entertained with a family dinner
Sunday In honor of Chester Golom
bowski of Cleveland. O. The table
decorations were ferns and carna
tions. Covers were placed for 12.
Dtirinu the afternoon music and
singing were enjoyed.
The gymnastic class of Lady Ful
cons Z. Palicki. No. 1, will hold its
exercises this evening at 7:30 o"clock
at the usual place of meeting.
Mrs. Mary Dyers. 714 W. Jeffer
son blvd., has returned from Lo
ganport, Ind., where she has been
cn a business visit.
Miss Florence Wagner. W. Phillip
pa st.. is spending two weeks with
her aunt at Cay City, Mich.
.Miss Josephine Krych. 202 9 V.
Sample sb, has returned Saturday
after attending the wedding of her
cousin et South Chicago.
Waller Slawczynski returned to
Kast Chicago after a brief visit with
friends here.
Mrs. Pose Walorska. 512 Pulaski
st., is spending several days in To
ledo. ()., visiting relatives and
The Misses Mary Olszewska and
Elizabeth Uiegucka of Cleveland.
O.. who are enroute to Milwaukee.
Wis., spent two days with Sotith
Pend friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rrodzinski. 5
Scott st., have returned from a three
weeks' motor, trip to Toledo, O.
Andrew Piekarczjk, 317 Carlisle
t., has gone to Gary. Ind.. to spend
several days with relatives.
Mis Sarah Mikolajewska, 1006
W. Napier St., left Saturday for Oak
Park. 111., to spend several months
with her sister, Mrs. A. Krempec.
Alex Domanski, 1001 Jackson st.,
has' returned front Grand Uapids,
Mich., where he spent three weeks'
vacation with relatives.
Julius Gajewski of Iap-zwe. Ind..
is visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Lutowski, Notre Dame
Casimier Lodyga r.f Kansas City,
Kan., .arrived Saturday and is visit
ing his parents, Mr. and Mrs.. A.
Lodyga, 618 Pulaski st. Mr. Lodyga
was a practicing physician before
enlisting in the base hospital sev
eral months ago. He will leave the
latter part of the week to resume his
studies at the medical college in
Louisville, Ky.
Robert Mannoch and Joseph
Igielski have returned from a motor
trip to Pockford, 111., where they
will spent a two weeks' vacation
visiting with the latter's grandpar
ents. At Wheelock's
Beautiful New Glassware Lines
arriving almost daily at our store.
The latest designs in colored glass for
table centers now so much in vogue
are here.
See this display.
George H. Wheelock & Co.
.1 H A:
Middies Middy Suits and Middy Dresses
. . . )e-l!
I- . . - - -
ew Fall Middies
Stylish and practical, just the thing tor early fall
Norfolk and regular styled wool Middy Suits
in dark blue, trimmed with all white braid and
large red and white emblems, at $25.00. You
may have the same suit trimmed in gold, with
gold emblem and stripes, the latest.
White Flannel MiddieJ, gold braid trim
med collars and cufTs with gold emblems,
$12.50. All sizes.
Middies of white jean and poplin with blue
serge and flannel collars, white braid trimmed.
White Middies with yellow, pink and blue col
lars, all trimmed as good looking middies are.
Prices ranging from $1.25 and up.
t lih! ' !
.1! !i'l';i
ill ! :
lilll! Yv
i iriMttji'.i!
i! Ill H i
i . ' I . i I ' . . T
iii i Iii 1 1 -
' : ' t.i I 'm.i ' . ' I
I fC -t: '
Vv:l kf -
Uli !i ! ll'iiV.
i i'!: i:
""!' U 'i'i
y'1 i; il'iitJ ' .L',;
I CfiGS3
i I ll' III III'. ' (M .
) J A Hl m
P. ll-.'!!., Ill I nil iit"l
i-'w a
ii ill III., null I'.HII..ii(IIIU1miIijIiii .1 '.I'll..
x M W (S3 J
il A
!i:i'i :::!; VKljM'-:;..v-: ' rf' X- .j'-'-U- f
1 ad Jraul
Wool Middies in dark blue,
emblem, and white or Kld
trimmed, $12.50. All size.
Middy Suits of cotton poplin,
plain and plaited skirts, box and
Norfolk styles, in nearly all colors,
white braid and emblems, $12.50,
$15.00 and $18.00.
Tg BfzicMTtsr fSJor v Town
MM v.i," hi.!-.' s ma : yn:T fhSann
Aar ' . ( ' . ,3 m rM?
J ones
rr A:"
and winter wi
Middy Dresses, box plaited, white braid
trimmed, red and white emblems, square
necks; models h;jve belt and two handy
pockets at skirt front S25.oo.
Red Flannel Regulation Middies, with
white and red on black emblem, white braid
trimmed, $12.50. All sizes.
Plain blue Middies, braid trimmed and
emblem S2.50.
Plain Old Rose Middies, braid trimmed
and emblem S3. 50.
I i .1
. ' t
- for Best Results
At l

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