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Monday r.vr.rc;. si:rn;.Mr.i:K 2.. 1010.
fJIHG 'Cos!? s,ra"r ,State Medical Congress LAnti's Pinn to a
I! 'i
S3 7 to Assist.
Fainlinä Girl
Will Fight "Flu" Germs Plli Lu)uorBan
on Whole World
President Burns Delivers Ser
mon on Essentials of
i A number of papers dejiira: with. The ss;on -vill open with a j
th various phases ,f infhienza will j smoker on Wednesday - enini:. at
S'fV v U
r- Vfr' pr"tty v, it i b rcni at th anrml ssMon of the-1 which lurrhcon will ho re rv?'l and; nilCAGO, j-eid. 22. 'DcAtr to
whi;h will Lc hcjrj at Inii:ir:aioIi:
l.nw open in all w:. 1 k s of Jiff-, l
s..e I''"; Jn'liana Sr;ito M..,i-.i
i-i.rTintr ioe .! i t v. ; i ; k ;i nniHUinp
f f rn ;! . i!'if k-l to hT assistance.
It s. tint th- l.Jinty m sei .
I I.' . ' !!;. .arrn'd with a powkr puff
l .t ri'ii',' ) 'x hid turned her an-
so' i.ttion,
various cabaret features arranged I Iooze.
for the visitin? members. The t-ci-
nfxt U'cdnffflay, Thursday arid I'ri- entitle program will 1. trin Thursday
i iel the officials of llio
. man :r. !t. cvrn ;:s nnc Sir
l i . ir- ii
c!ay. The- profession of the Mate is ' morr.lr.s; anr; continue throuph Frl
making a ppocial Miifly of tin- dis-
I ease in view of the pos-dhlo reur-
j rera-r- of lat 5 f i r's epideui ic. A mon c
- - , . 1 " . 1 . " . 1.. t
o-s::e o.is aim; Tvirir ,.-,11-,, -,,k fW. .-,,).w.,.t ,,dl1
I" I " ' OLK 1111 111' . !.W- V i. lllll
d Wv Kev- J;ir::' ' r:' - '--lr hr -row with j the followinR. -mnucna in
S C . -It ihr' o;..n i ::;:. . a- .pe;- i va'e;
ire of Notre I ' rii- n r. h ' r .- ;t v i". tb- '
ol'fo i hajifl S jn !ay Mnnniu'. A -
f :rn d f : orn a rw-arbv
'i Wo nf. br t-ht l h.-i.stüv
tl," r.f
:mi:.. Sin' ai'
p rf-idn'. paid a u '.'-,'. iv-x tii'-titf
on kind st." sho said
day. On Thursday nfsrht a flinncr
will bp held in the Kib-y room of
tnf Claypool Hotl. Riisinpss nieet-
ir.-s will be hoM Wednesday evpn-
inc: and Friday mornine. Anions the
othrr fe itures of t"n- session will
.a reception to hdd at th now
Indiana I'nivfrsity School of Medi-
rin BuiMink' on Thurs.hv after-
lis. and "Corrrlation of Hart riokic:- noon. A special pntrtaininnt jro-
rhildron." Ov Dr. .Ntti- Ik Powell
of .Marion; "Clinical Manifestations
and Sfq'irlae in Influenza, " hy Dr.
jfhar'ks p. Kmerson of Indiannpo-
lathtr Cava:;.4!:h. ili.s pi .b ; :! - v. t on Wa.hintrton a v. j Influenza in One Hundred NVcrops- uonvn who will arcotnpanv the lc-
i tli..t --. - -. t... .i. -.r .. a . ........ i
t "; that -a i - a jx-.ich of a dam.
Th- i riMi or,. ... 1 .,' .rrht ' "" j ieS at Carn? Taylor. liv lr. h. N. . tors, including a visir to vr-irn
oVl.M-k Si.n.liv rrw.rni:;- wi'h a '", S,r Wai:' r Ill, i-h 1,ro t,nH Kim- of Indianapolis. I clinics, a luncheon and musicab-.
;.. ..v,.,;. . .-: . . - r T' ::!'t-red at th" Oliver MS Jos- I
in i.iit i'i,f,.'i,'ii .:. .::i'ii i i .
nr.d Uv meinbers of t!i- I ..cijtv j .r-'
Anti-Saloon Lp.tuo of Anerica at'
the cls of thir two day session!
lu re. Methods of enforcing the I
prohibition law were discussed after
which plans v('r made to rrtakv the
entire world liry.
Ives Peprtr and sisters l"ire to ,
thank the many friends of their i
brother, F. D. Pepe. for their kind-J
ne.-.-; during his last illness. Tie j
relatives are particularly ate fill to
O. A. Clark for his many attentions.
( i " . " '
- , ilO -
Try NEWS-TIMES Want Ads.
.?.! 1 ! it 111 f'Tli'ifr-, t-..i.l
l' Il '''Ii. ,i-.il''. ,' I J ' I fl llll r- j
sal sm.in oucht te be able to
j ''i! tic ; i"rie.-- from the lemons. $
lb- s.Lh'd h i 1 1 v and thrust
! ! o'h h i Diis into his ;-oi l.-ts. Th-3
.Jed-ran: i,.v Thorr.:; I'. '-h was e-st sl.oi t. His purst con- I i
'feet Of sr.;,!;. s; ; r T i n IT a ' t i tt j Tl tc $ 7 was L'"nc with the dai'.-jt
ticipated. F'ollowiKir the pro. i -.-.on
a solemn hik'h m.i.-s w.-. ;. ' i ..te.i,
IteV. Matthew Wal-h. a i pr :.t
of the univer.-itv r.f : i :. . r ; n and acf-
ir. -IS re
Irving, pr
ii";irrir. ard I lev. V;:i;a m ' ki !1il'.' n. ; f :' oirn--:. 1
j.ref- -t of di.riplit'.e as s jhd o-on. "Tl;o.-- two ie-n th.it ! rushed
Rev. William S'u-iiKi s-r e.j .,- m a s - I a-.. :i,r m e. I , not .
t er of repe rr.onb-s. He v..: - as.-;-!i d ; Ard th;s t i ' : . o it. was a real sii:h.
by Mei-rs. Faul r,, :.. ,. Thomas .1 . And 1" pro. t .r(., f,- ajrree with
Toldn. V;lrr r ro ic' .--. Alft d " F. T. F. irnum. that th i e is "one
Ilyan. Thorn. is j. lb (hi ana Paul
"fin a Khan.
Kev. John P. O'lla'
r lie- ion at the , n i r- r v e-j lo-l.
Fjirer.o McAlbdina n. !!;: yo-jth
was ilro'.vr.t il ir. S'r. ?d ar.''s ! ik
the :;nivers!:v 'a--t Su'.div an I .ri-
r.o!n"t'd that a hih ma--, of -e-,
rjuiem woy Irl be sun-' for him in Tri- j
i;nh e;-.ty ehape ! p.-At T;, ; ; t i v ,
J EUIM vzszzevn t'gajK-irand Lrailor Tl; Only Original I'lidorselllriE: stort in South Bend
i':i 1.1 ir iiiif.u'i'.
a i
i-u:b- IF
T !.e U!;I-
ersity will b. t" put'-il to att'ad.
.Many .ttcml nit i ..
For the erst ti.... in tiu h: ,v-.p;.-, Bound for Waukcgan,
f ...e ins' ltut :o;i -' . i i ri r aceomrao- ;
Shortage of Gas Forces
Them Down.
flatior.s Were it. kV ir;., e a' trie San
d.ny services. .Many of h- students
were forced tr, tar: l and -!ud"nt- of
Hrdy Cro-s -en;iriar -wer- obü-e.i
to :t in the s incttjary. ; i -i-a r; a r.
rnu.-i'- was furnished bv th- H'.:y
Crcs-i choir uiubr the dir tion of
the Rev. Clvirbs Ma ra-ha i !.
For the First Time in 4 Months wg again feature this event
E-3ere is your opportunity to reduce the high cost of living
Get the habit of clipping Coupons again
fl ii S
Siorc Open 8:30; Clows 5:30 Sat. to 9:30 p. r.u
Introducing a Wondrous Display of
limn s
Every woman considers her wardrobe incomplete without a urr.rr.t for -?nc;.i! utility
Serges have for mftny yc.irs held the supremacy for this ,Liri!ie la'rri: a
suit :i dress or a separate skirt, this standard larric h.-:s maintained its popularity.
$5J0 Wcolr.ap
j Blankets Q
.'vo ,-,an,b.i aviators rprnt .c-an- I d ty ,,:,d !; in pink. 1.
: . v.pht in South Fend. hep ' M 3::".L . ?,';,V ' si
! i'rir, to i.i n 1
fir ferrinir to I "a t h r 'a inauirh
who is nfiw a i.;of, ...or a? 1 I oi y ' vi ' ; u' !1 rn recount
' rr-s seminnry. Va.-hir!'.tin, I. . , -Ii" or" casoline. Fish Haskell,
We ..ft-r- ";m!iu:i Wool
.J P. I . tickets hi pret-
I 7. P.
r.itT;. With tiii- eou-
iii. n n 1 1 'i I t of it', "i""
r,f a ! t
Womea's 5U.75 a.v,. , 25 )(i-c
A m ' -
aprons HO IRIo.o, i.
A let ef vM,iin's jro'd'
percale l'.u i; f'.i low Ap
rons in li'Iit :md dirk
olors: just tliH thin
P.ovs' well made s hooj
Mouses In neat fitrnred
patterns. fist .idir,
made ith collars; nl!
size ti It veurs.
for la. use noir. With l'ud only with th's
this ... II ;.r. SPIV.I. .'Mipnll ssc.
Worn. 50c gC
Hose . . .
Well known Hurten
Lisle lies" in black or
white: Mrirtly first
quality, aial excellent
v Parins:. W hh this
ouijion, pair .'.a.-.
'et y Rev. J.uiv s A. Han;.-; .-aid:
"In spear. in T to j ii t, my i'nr
yotir.s: men, on this o-.a.-ior., tio-s.d-nin
r" littioi;? oj. aiiau of the
.' ho'astic year, I think I may pre
sume t i ii in this -K r d jdice. to;
say .hist a wo-.-I .about one who i I
know. ery mudi in woir tho-aulit.- at
thi- t;n;e. This ;s not th' plac- ff
spea'.; in pru'i--- of any hTtr-. h"'.v
ner much the pr.ii--" nia h. de--er
"P.ut I believe I atn o..iy r'.rswcr-
ir .a tP,o;ji;ht "r it inav be a 'pi. s
tion in niir mir.d.s h:i I -ay that
jjiy feeling is that t ho-o rare a ad
pib.inr-r tin- jl dn. and F. 1". Keny
t. j a--a r.-er, I -ft drand Rapids
a bout o'clock Su n day a fter-
i'-'ou. a.o! in t ie the tiij to South
in one bundled minutes.
stait From (ii.lml Kapids.
ri'.ey nta ic th ir fi!. st start from
i I'.iT'id-- ;ib out :: o'(d'ck. hut
f o r d
d .-- end aain on Ü
a i a.
ant "f th ii':h wind? and driv-
iif'V maintained j H
feet on th? trip ; u
an altitude of l,0en f.rf. on th? trip
, h. IT,
TP. rr. '.chine j.s a t w-p'isser.-er
p'ain made by tb, P,o-c-Swift Air-
t.obic fts ot mmd. ot heart, and of . , , . . . - ,, 8
... , .h-ix-- lio-n makiPL- marhine- for all:H
l O I. i, li V I I i I II HI' ' .- ' 'P . ' S - ' , e c
r l - 1 ' . ''I w,.iiiT I i ...I i I i I I . 1 I . t'-
ia 1 months. 1
'1 iin'l Krnyon
a. III., and will re:-ume tht ir
irn v this mortui1..
seriated with the pr sidnt c.fa
... fV-t-a Ir . t ....I Inn .l.t.-..,
inuni'i'n jr.irs, arm wmcn .'.ii- -o
i.ni-elfish'.y devoted to the ami
of making this n niv r-ity ev r 'reat-
;;,ea";äiK TvZ police recover car ig
.Tiv.-m ul, f,.r..v, r in,.-,. ,r ,' rr.m, ' STOLEN AT WILLARD'
the hallowed traditions of this place. I ,h
75c Large !
Oil Mops . & I I !
I.arste Av.? Wnde r 'Ml H t
Mnjis. contph'te ' with r i
Pult wunden lia mlh : ij i
real 7"m Vit lue. - a
tale Tae-day with this
High Grade jimfTI
$30 to $35 teWMfci!
.ii i.' R
Ml ' m V
Women wii -ire used to paving h!ch prices fnr exclusive crar
Ti l en t s should take advantage of this ji; utunitv t seeiu-e hiirli
le suits and vits at ii!y . 24.. "Vi. At t!,U price yen nu se
. .-t from stilts of h.o ruiin c!'t !i.- v. n.d spi:,. and pejilhis in
r.avy. Ilak and fall s!i.tis in the season's latest models; also
. i nis In fine velours, silver tip. pep. !tli and plushes, in si-.es
f..r wi.nii'ii and misses at
$37.50 New
Wool Jersey
est nee ief-
ev and wool fcr-e.
v fl in the moves! fall
ill Mvls. Sneeiiil f.ir
J I Iti!? ''"I""" !) at
New $10.00
P. e a u t 1 f 11 1 wool
m a aze pl.iid dress
skirts. aln in sat
een and poplins. In
latest fall stylos.
Speci.il at
575 New Fail
Wnmen's nnd Miss
es' tdunnine; fall
suits hi rai'"t wnnl
series and velours,
beautiful models in
ai new fall shad, f.
$20 Serge
of l-v;UH7
One r.l.'k
fall d r e s s e s hi
sers;"s and silk
poplin; all styles
.nni . 'l"r. Speehil
Tiii'id.iy at
$ 1 SI 7c
even as his kindly iiu.-u- is forev.r j. p rj.pn,. ,,f willanl. O.. was
rnshnn d m the hearts of tivee who ro!i.-.,.,, llV ,,oli,0 Sunday that
...... ""von ....1. j. ..in in. i"ai'-i j Ji ;s U,il': t c; (;,r pad been l'e-,t'
wish f or m vsel f or f on f b , n t u , t . . ... , . . . . Ä
w, may be fruided. in our r.ur.aii Valentine .M . A . 1 1 and' Fd'u'.u d 'a. P XJXJ t&ljZlVllizXJ XirTrl
Tomorrow We Feature Serges
And to assure you of quality first for the price paid we hve prepared in a:i-ar.ce the
largest ascsoriment we have ever shoxvn. Careful study of thr markets months ao while
anticipating this sle has enabled us to offer you values that we could not no? -ihly ct hart ,vc
to buy the same on the markets today. s
Navy Blue French and Storm Serges, 36-in., part wool, at 89c and $ 1.00 yard
All Wool Storm Series, 36 to 50-in., at. . . .S1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2.25 yard
-j All Wool French Serges, 42 to 50, ?t ... .$1.93, $2.75, $2.95 yard
AH Wool Storm Seige, 54-incn at .$3.00 yard
All Wool French Srigc, at $3.50, $4.00 yard
r.-cn'.- Wear Scr-c, all woo $5.00 yard
relations and our mutual work, bv up ! wem arr.-sfd for the theft
that sam spirit and thri
"i" of trie machine
ideals throuch which he w
is e n t ! ' i
Tio- . at wa stolen .at Willard last 5
fd to arcon.plii-h to mutdi for .Wdre . Wedn. s-iay. probib.- by xtcAulitT
L'ine." I Wir-, and their e..
lTs.srnti.ils of 1 Muraf in. . aio d arrest wlo ti the other twi
In his sermon prr r -n t he "'..-- w. re taken by Ohe i l.a.-ko t-ki '
ntinmls of lMr.cat ion." f-'ath r i .md 1ith, r Sat urda niuht. !
p Wom's $1 ß7C
inp.mion, wh g Woinen's tine ribbed
j . .1 ......
T'.eece eST illül 'lins,
ni.nl'- itl hitfh tie. k
A ;Mi I l'Mur sl-i'vs. In
With this
fi pll l"e w It 1 1
nojcessdty of liscjplme of will and rco, : of the rar w il k into the:ki
mind that they micht be the bcter ' ; .dice j. n-i.'n fund. j f ! -rCWS
51 89c
r ii fa ii t s" pretty lawn
;'id nahiseek dresses,
i: ' a t I y t rt inmnil, in
sh-Tt stj 1' ; with i a i-
p't) lV.e.'
$3 Serge A
Middies i aO'tf
Woman's and tuissns
wnulen serjre middy
li). .no."., t ri uiiai'i i t h
re mi. I liitH braid :
all sies; with coupon
1 11.
Boys' $15.00
at . .
In fain v wool ndv
t n res. ii w est fa 1 1
sf vies; fd'.es; S f. p",
vears. Spe. i d Tues
day w ith cup m ."lO.Tä
Girls' $2 O7C 8 j
Dresses . . 3 i
ade ef fast color K
Made ef fast cop.r
trinjrhanis and ham
bra ys hi I'le'fV 't-
frns; sips j to ('.
y ea rs ; will I sold
with this ...up ej '.17.
prepared for the battl
e f aft r 'if.
McAokr-e a
cd Wiedel will pro.'-;
He likened the mrtai Je ehoo-.ent a id y 1 t t.rn-d -r
to t he fed -I'M I :
;f the stude-t to tlio physial do- -rathoritie.-; for trial, as b.ah are de
velopment of the ; ntnat and jvo.nr-j.--e.-ti rs iiaca :h army. In ab.ser.t
rd out that the truly eduiatt 1 r;-.i:i ' :'r:n th. ir staiiui vrr 1" dis.
holds fast to the iini-a.uta bie
aw ( f
MVNIK. Ind., Sept. Mrs.
Hriima Monr Mclbo'. r f. r !
vears principal of the .Mm.-
um o MrrTiMP Tiircn V ! 5
Ti e i o.'th section of the Wom-
1 1 " l.ei-lr of the First Methodist
1 h .!.-. . .p 1 1 chu-'-h x ill m et ;.t the
'.i:.s-e-. ... en Tu. -.lay ait.rnoon at
- ri -
I,,. ',
:hool, and la::- for y.. ct-ai- ''he a .-t;a Ivis'-s arc. Mrs
rin'the chair -f P-'cl-xi- ,t Pur-'.V. b U":. tos. Mr-s. 1'va M. !:-t
-l'lt nr'-iiir-iiv .'i..l . 1...- 1, .v i r ,. . 1.., ,'- i' .t ... 1 Uiw I
' 11. 1-11. '. ..-'4 ,Ii . i.l'i. ' -''t -' 'I 1 ...-' "l V I 1 ' : . .'11.. V. t. Jyj
NVwton ftntr.', Ma--, . itula.v . The p.- i:h.'r-!""a M s. .1. Ik amphell. j P
Oi'iiy wt'.l be l.rii'i'.'ht to Ma;. :,. on ! Mrs Nuaa.n ik I ,eur . Mrs. War-';
Tuesday for bar! i!. r- .! ca:!r. r. J , - Iwa'd. Mrs. 1. New ell. 1
Mrs. Hardy Miteh-!!. and two b;.:'.-1 ; .- .1. -. K,.1:ir..r and Mrs. S. J. : fi
?ra i r. .i;nn pcM.i .do:r:;oy.. r
if Washington. !. '.. ao i IkPa'.i
MontC'-'mery of .-he'.b : j r d .
JurvjVe. "
The deceased w eye ,,f t-.. ;
."rorr.tr.ent edjiMto. s ;M lt d; it . ..;.!
i f
(ata ted for the j p
: 'a t :o a. w
an ; : r.
jas fa :r. il: ,rl- Kr.ow n !-
ruder.Ts as "Motlvr MI.
yin-.e to Mur.c.e wp..-n a
in as a t aola r. a",d b. .
-nl ef tl h:u'h -ha H
i tin!, ii itt.iiton . M Ka . n k
nar. v ? .: rs a ', v i . .vp. ;.:
so m:i:i om: win
Xi:,.' '::!. s.';t. I'.'.-i'n-1 vie- Iii
X,'i- ayo fashions. n.elc,.
Stunntngi $7.50 Trimmed
I'eauf iful new hats f bki' k and j,a
'"I'Ttai SIIK VCIXels. must I. a 11 ' I - f 4
siMiiely trlnii.ie.l iu the i.ew fall
100 New 32.00 and $2.50 Velvet
shapes of every wante.j .(. rij- ,
fieri in this h.z as'i.rt tu.r.t at '
p. in renUy to wear vith- f-
out trimming; h. -i e of l.l i.-u. r
With coupon
Girls' Pretty $3.00
ti y
----.'. ruf -t poke Ml'd . .
j mf a iu u s a r m g Mtl
' s,l'l'i. pilIIll 'J A
V 1 l ... l.l. E
I i .1 JJ
jpr r i b i. o a s .'no
"-51. tte,-rs
v . ,-r-t i' i
fc 1- L V ' lf
Handsome $4.00
r i a 'i I .i 1 rv.AK
.1 i-j'r- Ul IVI.,-
.f .".i h a n d- J
s'liiep frim.ned
fall hats for tht M
e.i rly c u p o n
Lustrous $2 Jaunty
I.'jstrous silk -
13 i
'Im et'7-- ----- VI
Make Your Own
A New Sihpment Just Arrived
Muff Beds
In all the latest shapes with
down or cotton lilling", silk and
sateen lined, also unlined,
some with silk eddiK and
banding, ruffle and cord
edi;es. Prices from 60c to $5,
Shei. Fasteners tor fur
capes and scarf of shell chain
and silk braids, at 35c to 65c.
Shell Muff Rings 20c.
Fur Bandings of coney and
dyed opossum, in black, gray
and brown, 2 to 0 inches wide,
at $1.50 to $3.95 yard.
Knit Underwear
Octoher 1st we la.rn Vic-, the irr!:s of the
United State?. On i!1'.- s?.:n." dale it's time to look
forward to ccol c! .;;
prepare your r.rtcl:
ready for you.
an n a ca.in:c in
r r-
".'.'cc!-: .'.r.d a :ood tine to
Our cor.ple'e .;o-ir.icnts are
i )
" 1:
a r
' i i
barter s
L ndenrcar
are so dinercnt. they hi
the lorn; perfectly. liven'
sr-le is here now, com
plete dir oi;r .-election.
i i i t
I - I ;
1 1 V- I i-
I ';
Ii y
Suits l
Union Suits ru 3-1
-'." i ni 'v si: it your
i'.eds. There steam
;!ii:,i'; Mill; keep Their
si - :.-s :v.vk and
.-:ejve. are an'-ilc
. I '. v I . ; " . I i v v. t - ., . vJ.
Aelvet tarns for
wi,ni"li. hisses
a nd hildren
cro.nl looking ..
Beautiful $6.00 pnd $7.00 Trim'ed
5i3?U Another cr.o.p of bcutiful falli
vj ' limai.'.l hats ju-r re. ived fp.iu i'y
o.ll .ev I ol K UiTKIoOtnS. Iiiec
.-lie .a-.ies ef tl.. lIUl ll hik'ht-r
i iiji3
Charming $10 and $12 Trimmed
.Inst 7". i i ,! - -..reotis new fall Al
pattern hats at .l'.':i: made of highyflj
fzrad I. otis silk and Tanne vt lvets-." i
and beautifully triruued with fur,
jet beads. orri'h, rihben, feathers.
On 3UchUain at WwAlnton
Since 19.
ADLER BROS. j Union Tit&t Comsiay ! - -1
o ,
Daa't Pay Cash for Ycur
Too Credit Ts Tood st
221 . 3Tieh!cnn St.
-g-vtf-rr r " - ,,rl
Have you anything
to Sell, E xhcnt;:,
ct Rcr.:?
i mm
itTAr t.r
2 !
. a ! -
: a
:i ' i e ra 'iiaaiaa: con
at tl:' Amern .1 n ia: cue k
for 'l.iv-.iuo np.ilc (Vrcda- : H
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Infants' crib blankets.
UrITKN s'Ol.i: r.ll. u, "ru; ''1, V Ia!1,1 lAK,,r; ' 1 hi pr.tty pink or blue
1 i e - who are f ( ' i r - a ?:: es b 11 lie j . ... . i
Auto-rohiie t!i:,'V- -'a. :h, l" u"1 ". . . , . ; P anrery dei-n. Sehl
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effcry car - ,o.c:a. b Mrs. ..-j, a it will Ii- i g at -.
Mens $3 -1 QQ
Un. Suits 2 aw
.Men's 1: e a v y rib be.'.
:lf,"i e or fee. ed li nd
union suits la all is -
hay in ,i supply
tew. at .-l.s''.
$4 Bed O
Blankets .va?
I.;: Tire siio heavy
te y nap blanket"-.
fancy c.d'.re.l '.orders.
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1.25 Knit "flC'Ceortt'tc A mJfM l
Art Materials, Ilcture ImmtD
gocth Ind, Indiana.
Will Ptsper.
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knit, mad.- like Ir.
I ent"'!! ." h'S : si."' 1
to .". eirs. '.Vitii this
ot; pen T'ac.
Do you want to Buy
or Rent a Houzc?
Do ijou usant a Job? j
Are you locking lor
i,80r1tOr GOOD tioacs the Uaiif -us
W Mre-n's n e w fall jl :
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tyles: ;,Il shade- ; F
tra spe. ;al M -s-.Tj.
l.i v T;i cht. ab. n.'or d th-
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r.tu'ht. a: d :t n r. '
-. roT Saudis ;r.orr.;r: ".
aikea frcra ::t f.or.t id
fem;.!-' n Mrs Si-
t Ith.t, l l W f ' f tic
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;r:rä pi : - :n the g
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a iias : the two ! ajca..
Girls' $3 New -5 Q,
Ging. Drcs??s . i
$1.C0 ChamoUette QQ
Gloves for Women. W5w
50i!: SA VERS
Largq $4 Bed
Comforts . . .
Joe N.-. : '. '
A. Tord ... .nd .it:- :-! a
its :ii',' .-a re tu-?
r.ir.'h s !. , y - a if.. . i : w
j- .'"! i r I L. u f :' .
r.unt lo Liil.
r.i i:iu! i: k.ii:k.
3A K!S. S. pt. The Hatch
m !;r:s has . n ad:ed.;
. . : d; th. l.i-a e lb p.; e of 1
- . - ;ht l P1! md vithin two!
a a iir t;-..i nd lor tuet
lT-- Mi.l'i'tOl iii-
of : he it Iii s.
. s w : . . i
All colors
1 crr
1U G-
H-tw ft" ' 'U ' ''"
7) f fl I
STORE HOURS: 8:30 A. M. to 5:30 P. M. u.U
Wben j-ou think of Hcsrr.c f ar-nLsMns-i
think of "SIra.
When ou sell, von want tlo
lil2lies;t n-ifo. will pay ioi
the hiihod rasli price for p;wr
llond. with iII past due a ml a--
crue'l intori-t. ( uiip.co o.n-s-!f
our pricoi arc Iduh ' ! y
pitting our ,u'itation, before
mi well
ir:T N. MAIN st.
Hours: t r .":' .itii!il.i en iunrs
Pht.tif .Main It's l
Read the
Mo rr. in Evcnin 5
Mkhl.-nn rt.
Ijor:-.-' ef
H. 5. C: i i. Clothes
Try NEWS-TiMs Want Ads.
Sav rr.onev bv ratronlzln j
merchanti tha't adverting. Try NEWS-TIES Want Ads.
i hTry EWS-TIHES Want Ads.H

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