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$ .i:r t .-. .1 r.
1..1V' "r : I'T.i.'iT i.'umt mi' uiirari
'. ud tor,'. cht ard Sar.day. r. a ;
v.K h ).iv.z :r. v r.'.pT.'ifire.
VOL. XXXVI, NO. 291.
a M:vsp.rrr. roi: Tin: lion;
with all thi: lo:ai m:vs.
n n
:z3 Pv
n v, r n
a lScw5etic! m
Senate Committee Ready to Step in if Sec
retary of Labor Fails to Gain
1 WASHINGTON. Oct. 18. Miners' and operators representa
tives todav held out little hope that their meeting with Secy of
Lahor Wilson next Tuesday will result in averting the coal strike
called for Nov. 1.
Officials at the department of labor were more confident and
declared that the fact that both sides in the controversy had con
sented to a further conference after failure of yesterday's negotia-
! iiwn u. as a hon f Ul si!l
Wll.-iin, :
lorruer ctT'"itl of tlir l'nlted Mino
Workers, Ins l-.ren successful in set
tling eoal disputes in tin- p a-t. his
. i .- ia t ;'. s,M .
'I iit-Mlav Mealing.
The no. ting he-re n't Tip m1 i.V
will be hflu fen ininrrs' and
, r.-itors" n,ip'r '.-ale rommiltces of
the iitr.il compctit i told, eom
,rjvinu' IllinoisIndiana. Ohio aii'l
w-t e rn nnsylvania.
Wilson hope that out of tins
meeting will com an atrrrcnipnt to
p. n form.il negotiation.
Atvcpt Invitation.
In ing tho Invitation to tli i
rue-ting. Thomas Hrew:trr. presi
,.it of tli- coal operators. declared
lorm il negotiations would not be
.1 unless miners rescind irw
au-reed to earn out tn''
xisttr contract and abandoned de
r...inds for a six-hour day and a live
i .iV wo k.
,ih'i i.. IAwis. acting ne.'ui oA i"ej1(rinp compte agreement between
l'r.ite.l .Min Workers, said in ac-jthe two bcr major groups rcpre-
cpting the invitation the miners senting ca pital and labor,
uould naive none of these. 1 The program will include clauses
Koaily'to Art. ; dealing with collective bargaining.
Meanwhile the senate mi1-cot.- ! machinery for settlement of strikes.
ifee investigating the coal situa-'the question of women and children
; r.. tf, vtcn in if it b-cimes 1 in industry and all vital industrial
.r...t tb. . '"forts Wilson has un-
r way will fail.
Ooerators liave already laid their
case b. fore Sep.. Torm-rene, Ohio,!
;:n.i other iiat r.--. it waa learned
today. j
'I ho operators say they ar pre-j
jar. d t ak the st nate to o fully1
into the strike situation and are'
i.;i,ly t pftS'Tlt their iale of the:
I'orrr Strike.
Some of the operators' eharce.s. i
whith. it is in; l.-rstiM-l. they will j
ask to ;ic b: t ig.it e,i, tir- T 4 it '
the miners ate deliberately trying
to force a sinke in hope.-, of brir.i;-
ing about i:.T ioTi.tb.at'.ou of the coil
i. lines, and tlx.it politics within the
I'n'ted Mine Worker' orca mz t iori
is partly r. spor.sible Tor the miners'
oeiiiamb. uho'li the operators ilp -c'.tre
arc 'iret.ie" and ' impos
frib'.c." Sen-k atnnlitiou.
, a one po -'o of idee tl;at the
miners' otMeials are seeking r.ation-aliz-ition.
t!ie operators lie re called
attention to the fo"owir.g plirase in
the strike call i.-.-i:evl y Ix-wS;
"The t'nited Mine Workers are
embarking upn the greatest enter-1
prise ovf r undertaken ;n the history;
cf the trade union mo ment."
Lewis dec;. ire. I this phrase did r.ot'
mfan th.at th-1 mine
vi re st
r.ationaoz.it'.on a
bou:r day an 1 a
than a!n;e-t ar.y
i'I rxp.air.ed t!
fecte.l more men
previous strike in
ihor bisto.'
The rcrnhcir;i I;stil'.;r.g "o. w.ks
g;t-n Judgment of Jir.-5.T4 with I2v.
4 1 interest and osts of the
against fb.t'ford W. Run in Justice
Wyplszyr.ski's ort Sat'ir.i.iy.
Action was : ri'Uhi a;ain-t IAin
because of an unpaid account which
was due th,- j la'.:i'.i::s for
tlise delivered
juhn w. r.i.rdaii r.: :
(m Schlanü-'-r: f-.-r th.e possession
r- p brik st
-a ! : P ' e s t . N
i r. to in coT'if
h olding at 115 W.
. rvr d St pt.
at hin l'v
f-vtn e
hut the
ret s to fi e
1 of the Miüd-
. no-bid;: at-
and J "
torne" f . s
J se'.i.l
iO im r
t::--; M- .Mci '"T.ae; ;or tr.e po-
of" tlu- ;.r. perry at 417 N".
JPM sr. -I'll !.'C .::.iz -s. No!,.
.-.f ed upotj ti. - Ii n.int Sept.
Hope Move Will Bring Agree
ment Between Labor
and Capital.
by I'niterl rrns:
prehensive program of principles to
i over all relations between employ
er and employe will be placed before
the national industrial conference
Monday if plans ko through on
which leaders are working today.
The program will bear a label in
dicating it is favored by the govern
ment. C V 1 1 c t i v c 1 Ui rga i 1 1 i n g.
With this move, leaders hope to
issues on which
workers and em
ployers are at disagreement, it was
Agricultural Workers at Pur
due Hear Many Fine
County Agent IZ. O. Iird return
ei Saturday from a throe day ses
sion of county agents of Indiana and
other agriculture extension work-!
crs at I'urduo university where the
coming year's work was outlined.
Mr. rird reported many splendid
speaker at the meeting, among'
them being Kucor.e Davenport ofi
the Illinois university and II. C.
Taylor of the otlice of farm man
:i?''!.io!it at Washington. I. C.
There were over 20 men at the
com er.tion. there b-Mr.g 12 county
. c-r.ts among that number.
J. lb Howard, presiilent of the
Iowa farmers' federation, gave an
address at the meeting. The Iowa
federation started
a drive for 100.-
t ea members and indications point
to about K.0,000
Explosion of Coffee
Pot Nearly Blinds
Mussel Fisherman
I'.v I nif i Press:
" r::bKoni, ind . Oct. is.
John vlasaway nearly I05: the
s.icht of both eyes when a coffee
pot blew up. Gasaway and
lit niT Clendeninp: were operating
a r.sljir; ami mussel shell camp
a"d Gasaway was preparing a
i::eal over the pasoline stoe.
Juvt. as he stooped to lift the
of'.'ee pot it exploded, sealdir.ff
his fare and burning bis eyes
with the hot fluid and grounds.
It was l.elive.l ttie strainer of
the pot bcame stopped up.
TO 1
Ten Days
VV.:. v .-äv... w.
Et5oi-u corwci -
lrocting on. of ih( Kdisnn concrete houses at l'nion. X. J., as an t-xpcrinirnt which inipht aid In th -olv-
intr of th- honit-.t: problem in th last. The I'dixui coi.crftr hovises are ready for occupation within 10
days of the breakim; of the prounil for foundation. The entire fram- of tho tti ildintr is built and con
ereted in one day. Mr. Thomas Ildi.son. noted inventor, and Robert In'ersol. the watch manufacturer, arc
interested in the building of an entire row of these houses in the town of Union. The houses, some of
Vilich arc already occupied, rent for ?2o a. month. hi the risht cm of the houses is shown complete.
Expects to Reach New York
Early This Afternoon in
First Place.
Uy T'nited Tress:
KOCIIi:sTITR, X. Y.. Oct. 18.
Unit. Muyiiurri left for IliiiRhainton
xit 11:06 a. ni. today.
Ni:W YORK. Oct. 1 S. Lieut.
Belvin W. M lynard, the "sky pilot."
was expected to arrive at Roosevelt
field, Mineola, early this afternoon,
completing the lirst tlight from
ocoin to ocean and return in his
tory. Maynard won the first le of the
race when be flew from Mineola to
San Francisco. ".T01 miles. Indica
tions today were that he would also
win the second leg by a large mar
gin. He spTt the nicht at Cleve
land, only ."03 miles from Mineola.
Transfers Ktigim.
After seemingly being eliminated
through disablement of his motor at
Wahoo, Xeb., Maynard succeeded in
transferring to his plane the engine
of a Martin bomber which had been
eliminated near there, accomplish
ing th.- feat in IS hours. In his T3S
milo ilight from Omaha to Cleve
land, he broke his previous record
oir that course, deliberately taking
a short cut across lower Iike Michigan-
Maynard's nearest castbound com-
Petitors were Lieut. Alexander
Pearson. Jr., and Capt. J. O. Donald
son, both of whom were last report
ed at North Platte. X!.b. Leading the
westbound aviators was Capt. 1 H.
Smith, who reached Chicago late
yesterday in the plane abandoned
by Maj. Carl Spatz when the latter
r.y Cnifd rr':
H AR STOW. Calif.. Oct- IS. Kins
Albert was to see one of the Klories
of America today the Grand Can
yon. The royal ; arty will spend I
hours viewing portions of the trail
of the Colorado rivr.
The king and queen quitted Cali
fornia with regret, they wired Gov.
"We are deeply grateful for a
wonderful reception." the mssai;
Dv I r.itr l Prs:
; HKLSINGFCHiS. 't. 1. Sur
' render of Kronstadt, bolsht-vil; naval
, base defendinc I'etrofrrad. was an
i nounced officially todjy by the. Kin
j nish pnrral staff.
( The white . a? wa hoisted over
Kronstadt at 4:45 o'clock yevfrday
nfterroon. according to a Finnish
n a awciicy.
to Erect A Concrete House
... .
te Ivouirc irvay Solve hcusxtx pr-obicnv.
Prosecution Through
in. Nun Murder
By I'nirod Tress :
LL'LAXD, Mich.. Oct. is. The
prosecution in the Lypcrynska homi
cide trial here was expected to close
its ca,se late today following the
playing of its highest card Intro
duction of testimony of a private de
tective that the woman confessed
to her to slaying Sister Mary Ja
nir.a. The detective was placed in a cell
The Lighter Side
In the Day's News
builder here advertised for car
penters, offering "beer and sand
wiehrn at 3 o'clock" as r.n extra
KINGSTON', N. Y Naval Lieut
J. W. Gregory tlropiel his pocket
ing in Constantinople several oars
ago. It Mas picked up by a Turk and
readied Grcry hy mail yesterday.
C 11 b AC. n Hen ry I .?.' n d wirth
calbl it the rieht to do as ho
pleased. Judere Harry Fisher call
ed it a form of anarchism and
pave him a year in the hou?e of
Landwirth was accused of liv
ing with a woman to whom he
was not wedded. "I have my own
ideas on life and if tome-one
cares to live with me in our own
way, it's nobody's business."
Landwirth argued.
MILVAVKi:i:, Yi Can an-
nouncexl that women's sartors, btnd-
ded with jewels, are subject to live
percent luxury tax. Kffcct rush of
candidates applying to see tliope
no tax evasion.
APPLKTON Found: Th.?
tightest man. John Freud-, rural
mail carrier, was paid $1 as a re
ward and to pay for an ad he ran
to learn who lost a purse Freude
found with 5935 in it.
rr l'nite.1 Prp:
NTW YORK, Oct. Iv Summon?
and complaint in a suit of Mrs- W.
j E. D. Stokes against her husband.
; V. E. D. Ftok': her stepson. V. E.
V- Sloke-s. jr.. Thomas Stoke, a
(brother of her husband: Albert II.
! Clleason. Stoktis' lawyer, ami th"'.
' Mervyn Realty Co.. charpir.e: con
I spiracv, were on tile here today.
Mrs. Stoks alkjres the defendant
conspired to defraud her f hrr
dower interests jr. proper tv of her
I acf l husband, estimated at 5 1 . C 0 C . -i
11 llTf
mi . 4
. .v. .-.v.
with Mrs. Lypcrynska on a trumped
up charge, she told the court, and
gained the former housekeeper's
contbience to such a degree that the j
lalter told her the story and asked j
aid. :
"Her head kept bobbing i:p after
I started to bury her, so I hit it sev- j
eral times with the back side of the;
spade and then she wks still." the
detective swore Mrs. Lypcrynska
told her.
Formerly Charged With Con
spiracy to Overthrow the
by I'nited Tress:
I f'HIfVr;n Ort I ; Steven
r si-
dfnts Qf Gary InfJ vr, tf) bf. ri-
ed for Lurope today, tonducted by
Immigration officials. They were al
leged by army officers and immi
gration inspectors to have been
! undesirable aliens, their undesirabil
j ity being uncovered during the steel
j strike. The formal charge against
j the m'n was "conspiracy to over
throw the government."
"The men were ordered deported
on their own statements." Col- W.
S. Mat-es. military commander of
j t?1 Gary district, said today. "There
i also was written evidence showing
; that they had plotted against the
' government."
; Three more Gary aliens were to
j appear before immigration officials!
I today.
Strike to Iliid Monday.
Humors were today that the steel
strike in the Chicago district will
end Monday. This was denied by
laborites. Company officials said
there was no set tim for ending
the trouble, but the mills gradually
are resuming full capacity.
A court ruling issued vesterday
prevented picketing today at some
of th-- smaller mills here. Steel men
said the injunction will result in
more workmen returning-
ALb;NV. X. Y.. Oct. 1?. Declir
ir f.atly for the League of Nations
without reservations or amcr.d
mcnt. . Sec'y Lar.sin picaded for its
adoption before the r-perts of th-j
unive:rs;tv of the state oi
N r '.v Y o :
; last night, following his investiture
with the degrre of Dortnr of Itw s.
To reject the pact would be "to
discourage future attempts to ob
tain unity of action nmnng tbie n.v
' tin,s in an effort to avoid inte r
i national contlicts,'' he said.
j ' ;
Welfare Association Asks Ad
vice of Workmen in Drive
for $300,000
. W.icc earners of the city nre
bo taken ir.to the full confidence
the South P.end Welfare association's j
c harity drive for. IP.oOtOO. it was an- j
nonneed Saturday morning at the i
Welfare associations headquarters'
at the Chamber of Comm-rrr build- i
in?,'. !
Representatives of the workmen'
in all thf business houses and in
dustrial plants of the city are asked ,
bv the as-ociation to attend
mMing at the Chamhor of Com
merce net Wednesday nitht. t
'In Di-cui Ways.
The representatives of the
earners a'V to join with repr, .sent a - '
tives of plmt owners and business j
men 'f i'ir- oity in H.-cu?s1ntr ways'
and means to make the HOO.O1 :
dt ive a si ccess.
At tlu mass meeting rf represen
tatives of the industrial plants of
the city, professional and business
rien at the Chamber of Commerce
Friday ni-Th;. it was decide.! to hold
another ma?s meeting next Wednes
day night.
After Chairman Waide U Mark
had explained that th- ity is fall-
ing far behind in subscriptions to
the Welfare drive in comparison to
those mado to the War Chest, rnanv
prominent industrial, business and j
professional men offered their aid j
to the Welfare committee.
Kxnerionce Difficulty.
Chairman Mack explained to the
meeting that Welfare workers nre
experiencing difficulty in obtaining
subscriptions. ! said that in many
instances whole groups of indus
trial workers are refusing to make
contributions to the fund. He laid
this attitude of many workers to the
hike warm support their employers
are giving to the campaign.
The meeting was asked point
blank by Chairman Mack whether
it was best to abandon the drive and
allow the old order of soliciting to
return. It was the sense of th"
meeting that the drive continue, and
before the meeting endM it was
decided that the drive is not in so
bad a w; y as some appeared to
Amount of Pledge.
Chairman Mack said that the
committee has in actual pledges ob
tained a little over $ 4 5 . f o'1 , with suf
ficient pledges promised from re
sponsible institutions to raise the
amount to between 000 and
It is a'.üo planned to further edu
cate the public regarding th' drive
f.nd the purpose for which it is be
ing held. It was pointed out at the
meeting that probably if the public
was given more facts regarding the
lieeu IOI Wie money mere woui'i!
Le more r.nd larger contributions, j
Dv I'niteii l'ress:
Three masked men ransacked de-
posit boxes of 3m wealthy farmers
in the Farmers taf.e bank here
early today anel esctpe-d. The lo.-s
cannot to ascertained until all jf
the box renter? report. The robbers
also obtained $3') of the bank's
Skeleton of Mammoth
Whale Drifts Ashore
Ve ighs Tico Tons
l'y L'nitfd I'rr-:
' WAVCKOsS, Ca.. 0t. 1 v
Tb.t skeleton "i a man.m jtb
whale washed ashore several
months ago near Pablo Beach i
now eui exhibition biere. Tbo
wb.abi when captured weighed
o 1.000 pound and was i j feet
long. The jawbone are ij feet
lonsr and the capacity of the
mouth wais aLof.t ':) bushels. It
; estimated ihe whale was
':;" years old. Th- keleton
weigh over two ton'. An Indi
ana truck of sprial eont ruction
'.roucht th skeleton to 'iycro.
jL,. yfLLy VilUlili ui
i KtH 11 mum
Hope to Complete Fijht on lact Reser-
ations and Get Senators Home
h o . 10.
(United Pre5$ Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. Oct. 1 8. Adjournment of roncrrss Nov. 10.
provided action on the peace treaty can le speeded, w,i? con
sidered by house and senate leaders today.
Rep. Mondell. house republican leader, has been in confer
ence with Sen. Lode in an effort to obtain prompt ending of ihr
special session. No agreement has been reached, however, owing
Senate Stand on Shantung
Amendment Causes Fears
to Banish.
P.y I inte ! pr
1 XI 11 N.
. t, t.
1 s.
feai.'. .f r.ritf-h otrvitldotn that the
Cnite-l Statt s would r p'iilinf' the
pra e treaty aip- n --l today to 1 1 a v
b '1 oispelh (1 by rejeefion of the
Shantung anu raiment. In otbeial
ouarters as veil as in a seetfou o"
the j.ress. this is aereptod as final
proof of the adminbtr-itionV
I stremrth. Adoption u the r.nounu,
j r ,,f ntimnt lore, is .r-
tunlly assured,
j Vo,r Satisfactory,
Iclarinc that the ote on Mn;i-
tung was satislaetory, tue i-aii
News s.iys the f.Vo
of a f n f It r
am ndment. eliminating the sdnn
tung clause altogether, is immab r-ial-
If America prefer-: tri disasso
liate herself from that parti ular
provision, no serious harm would
be done," the paper say.. "It is of
prst importance that the A meriean
representatives be in their b''4f'"s
he day the J,ea.gur. 01 .Nations 1
starts art ive worK.
Hope l'avoralde Answer.
N-.t to the treaty ra t if'a t ion.
th most important epje'ion i-'l
the most important epaestie;:! i-;"
America's b-eision with r u'ard toie-
r-,,0, ..l- Tli.-. Tmin ( f i fiir:)bb ' ,
l.i II1U1H lit-
answer will not be dismissed until
unfavorab'e answer is l-ivt re
lief, savins. "Att.--mpts to wreck the
tia.y npon still ere at. r issues m iv
I similarly prove less formidable than
j Pp jpjf j p 3 J
Speaker in Canv
paign to Raise Funds For
Roosevelt Memorial.
P.y bribed Pr.-s:
W 1Mb
v 1
i calirn as you wo--. ",:i
snake." Maj. ('$ rn L-oi
1 1
told a m-iSS U; etiiu
rs la. si r.ibt. He w
speak er at .. I.o et;:.
f N
hi- h
J 1 I I t 1
j.erret'.iat; n
lioos-veH's irthp'.aee
r-f: 'j-
." e W
1 f r
esU IT" n
:Vood said.:
No Kooin for Ib-l I !.!:.
r o room in tn.
i o 1 r.t
re-i I' b a-
wh: h tb:.- eojrtiy
hon;e. tb.- town t!
mcr;-' i:; . p: : . al- y,
curif-' of r -iv .:.
thu-g ti
lb ST.! k '
lo'V P.
Ph : a
br;'1 e
. it w r.o
it a r,
s I ' ak
n e-e.
'' er:.
a l
(ovum i; tkim:
..a o-..
I'.v I
! new
of ion'-ho: m
. tO'Uy d sp;te
I adT tb.. t
: w a s -.1 j 1 tlo
J r.- 1 1 1 . u 1 r.
. v ! V---T1;
eo:-: t :r. U-d o
a ' : I". ; - e. : '
s : : V: v. a r
:', r"hi.:r.ir.
1; i i v r.i'i.e
pp rns iAf n r i
tta a i y .
Amenduaiit Next.
'l'eiiial a ni ( n 1 :r. n t s to the
pro'' ; i! y will ; ,. ,,'i.;iM , , ,f
1 11 t v
v li !: .!
i an-!hr ur!,. "I'h-Mi th titrh;
reservations siait. l. ob tifn
; to prediet h'.A Po. :t vs i M t.i rte ;.
i ffaeh an ;cr tneoj. but t ! i l a ti '
I '-;! r.f 'iato; to p. f bo'K lirn"1'
and ion-tatit prodiling fro' i -!
I ho':se. v llicfl lias i oyn!. I. j.r.,e-
i tieal'y all it intend.-, to iio thi-
j :-es-ion ar-- rp.-trd ((l hurr' talka-
1 t 1 e lüi tnli.'i -
Police in Raids Fail to Get
Sufficient Evidence For
Feru't. of TV teethes Wi'Mi'i) P. a M
hart and .1 drtail of pop-o eoropj.t
! ed ra ids on thre e pUrtred ho j of ill
i fame on the nich of rir-t. c. ;irr"--t-
i ir.g tiin- wonvti at t'- t h rt e ,-ol-dre-s-'s.
I However, Hergt. i'ati'irirt and br
1 men fa ;I.-d to .b? 1 in s j ".i tt t 1 -
j (j, r,.
agamc tlje nin.- v.oe1(.n f()
f warrant vmi 1 o'anriu m -i
11,;!!, s,t s; ij. d iy m1
Pro--, fie-rge A s, h-
X ! i: g 1 ' pe'V
c' di-i:.:-.d
miie -.. o-m ".
.eo ; or's ' f-
against ti;e
ti-.t the o
- not in I'fi-y.vi'i!
i 1 lit
.den ' to warr.tn' : e-.-i.
.at:y of the eases.
' 1 1 id ti t 'I henielx es.
i et : o 1 1 f 1 1 . . 1 1 ; a 1 1 ,' ; : o
UV. e i os- 1 v 0:1 the 1 1 -
ti"ti in
I 5 o r
1 o I
1 r (
a r.i i 1
!i a lid f :U
n a t : o ) 1 r
1Ü v. h:. ii
r t
!, I!
LT. d
t a i r m
of ;!1 f. ii-
tie I
i.o t b 1 V- i.e. TI .1 !:,
1 1 m ' 1 1 ;
ll. Id 1
i -1 I
! ." pro- ; ? or of';..
n pel ed to lely mo.-
t.!:.on- ed' th' no'.jo,.
; ;r.g tlo- raid -. As ; u .,
tie w '; 1 01 -. in . d lb'
: h.--;r ow:. t' -t 11. . t;;. .
' In the - as' s d. -m;- -.
J d ;a'v p'-oe. ntor
'';-. r . s :.';h pro ' t b;i ;
a r.d t he depnt y pr v
' ::ot to .it"-:;,'-! a !.' -.-:
v.-1 . o i : 1 w :tb'';t .a : . pi
t. from the .-. :ns t -
: irt in. r.t :..a ki:
.g t:
. b o n
e - I -
!..o! n.i.i.- v. re !
V. '"Ita.y a- a
ir i-ron '.
;d a
1 '
Coin From Purse
of Visitor Provides
Some Party for Day
p. .
.V ,
d ' i y
a J

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