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Tin; u i.M mm.
Indiana:. Fair Sir.'..; r !iv
is ami C"'V, -r
Ixmer Michigan : '."; 1 s :?.d
'e we. v r i1. Sundiv '...-.'.
fTiTTT'1 II V 11 II
OU 111
VOL. XXXVI, NO. 292.
wUE ti:li:(;!:apiiic slkyick.
a Nr.Yvsi' pi:k koi: Tin: hmi:
iL A 1
I i
r? 77
t rt n
I l i Ii I II
.A.V LLA 5.
A vert
F yi AFt
Operators Will Not Consider
Shorter Weekday Program,
IS ASSCrtiOn MaClC. !
- ;
Repudiate Claim That Miners;
Are Guilty of Breach of
I'v A nIn t-! Prss :
s ems little hoj tonight of avert
11 :g the strike of half a million bit
i.ninous coal minerf, called for
N u . 1 .
After a. serifs of conferences with
labor leaders here and telephone
talks with others in th central coai
territory, John I,.. Iw is, president
f the United Mine Workers of
America, announced that the miners
would ro out unless .ill demands, in
cluding the live-day week, were
Operators Stand Tirm.
i,v '" li" 14
deeiaratU.n not to consider any j.ro- ,
posal looking to a shorter weekly .
hcrif iiue, anu reiusins i open in
gotlatlons unless the strike order
k;,s withdrawn, charged that miners
were trying to freeze the country
into submission by insisting1 upon ae-
ptance of "impossible demands."
"The strike will not bo called off,"
I . ' is declared.
"We will nut arbitrate while the i
f r i k order stands," said Thomas T. t
lMeuter, chairman
of the uperat-
t : -s .-:ile committee.
Meanwhile pressure was being
brought to bear on both sides from
i. ,;.!. quarters to adjust their ditli-
uljs and save untold distress. Tak
ing mental stock, l.euis said there
V. wli III 1
enough coal on hand Nov.;
1 to keep the country warm thirty
.'. ;
Sre'y of I-abor Wilson, at whose!
irvltation the scale committees of;
i he niiriers ami operators will meet
vith him here Tuesday, declined to
omment on the negotiations and
i-ntinued to hope that he would be
a' ile to bring
boUt pelCe. j
tur.iial Washington held t the
,ev. howew r. tliat the strike was
jr.-vitulde. Tlie Iloetir.g Will b- be
liimt closed doojs.
Lewi-.' Report,
hs a statcin. nt tonight. Pres't
!.".vi. saiil a recent report by the
deral trad eon. m :.-.-i"n reealed
that never b. fore in tl.e lnstory ol
ti.e joining lnuustiy r.a'e tne opcr-,
..aus been making sich astounding,
,ii:U.s upm , 1 pr -duced."
I'iscussiug tlic 'ar tnae agree- '
laent. Lew is a id :
'Tlie claim of ilv operators that
: be miners are guilty of repudiation
i ;' contract is totally unfounded and'
bis u" ba.-is m fact. The Wash-:
ir.gtoti w;tge agr-emeit read that it
v a - to continue in force and etfet i
until the imbue -f the war or un- i
til Mar- h 1'.'-'". ' lu s-i1 stance i
..nd form tbc war hi- enl.d. tin
mine w(orkers lio ;; "l'.tr.ict; the
. - ntract expired ui!i the I 1th day;
N o em
ber. 1
ease.! In older to gie the eoun
t ry aid the mining indu.-try an op
pertnr.ity fer r-'ad j :: -r ment. tlie
uiTe workers haw vorkd f'r an
d.ditiu:al ea:
f-r the .iri,v wages.
r. t iw s
. Tuple
by o nui" 'i r.u.-ori?. ',
ek to ?ietr.tiate a new ;ul'o-
t bediene
I;Otl ' li.i
: 'f p.
Nov. 1.
the oTi-
... ..-3 ,f ..sir i - f . . . t m t -. 'i
i i a i ' ' i ' ' .-Hi i .... - .
. pect, but t b l.a e t
I.jsed to take an te
Pi tili., re-
dfastl le
rn that might
pr.e.ts. Tb..
i!iT .ise
t 1 1 e a I's."
int rfer e ith t h- :r
m in rs ha e b. id n
. ge f"f t.i-'ie tb. in
w .hin;t' n. .
i V t i' a: f the ii n.v-i i.
I i e I by ' pi 1 11 ; d "!! e; !
;-filtl.n of the I'lii'ed
i 'M -':
t.,1 ,4j-
st.tr. -
eem -
i ; r.
, )'l't t . : 4 .i 1 1 1 i T . i i ; i
p'.rtclv brokt n dou:.." lir.g
. I Ml. .Ii. Mit b. :l. . hb :' ef epet
.f the air .- r ice ib-c! r. -d in a state
j t nt toMi,'l;t t-itb.e .s-i.-;.it .! Pres.
The air !ii ! : -t i :i -.. red"
id leu. Miteb. :;. ;.- ;.. rj mb..
,., Jo.., than :.ft bar- of a et aal
T.ving tune. It a, f.tr .; from
i'(,!itii.t;r."!':' t" New 'rk: tr- ta
r i n t" I i r . ' r.i" i T- t Sin
, ;..;. . and t .-. ! . t !:e d j nee
Frisk Woman's
Pocket Book at
Court Session
TOi'KKA. Kan.. Oct. I S Fa en in
I ;i ojrthoii, money Is not tafp now
ladas, according to Miss Mildred
i Hoi: rs, stenographer In the County
Attorneys office here, who believes
lias been the victim of the "bold
thief. While attending court K'ssion.
minipimo "friKked" hör nurse hnnir-
ing in the County Attorney's nfllr.
taking a $ " l- i 1 1 and several dollars
jn Kmall change."
Mystery Conference of Big
Officials May Consider
P.y Associated Press:
t:iIICA(i(, Oct- IS. With the fnd
of the fourth week in the steel
strike. Interest in the Chicago dis
trict was focus.ved tonight on a se
cret session opened here today by
btriKe leaders, said to number 200.
Although tho avowed purpose of
the Catherine; was the discussion 01
conditions anions' the strikers and
means of furthering organized la-
. . . rf.nort was current
that the meeUnK was to consder
terms of an armistice reported to
have boon offered the workmen.
Chairman leiiies Tmco.
John W. DeYoung, chairman of
the district council for steel and
iron workers. Just before he called
the meeting to order, issued n, state
ment denying1 a truce was to be
considered- "All
the meeting," Ie
I can say about
Young stated, "in
that we are about to lay plans for
a long fight." He added that the
sfs;.!on might last over Sunday be-
I cause of a mass of details of the
j conferees.
' Humors that the troops were to
1 be withdrawn from Gary, Ind.. the
Riorm cenier oi me siriK were ae-
1 nie 1 tonight by Col. . S. Mapes.
I commanding the military forces In
j that city.
An estimate that 10,000 Ruman
ians will have applied for passports
i within the next few days if present
I indications are fulfilled, was made
! today by J. Popper, deputy revenue
! collector. who declared striking
, - t f V, 0 rnln .f l'.il i
day are leaving the United States.
Investigation into alleged activi
ties of radical leaders at Gary were
confined today largely to the trans
lation of literature confiscated by
j the military authorities. Col Mapes
: tonight declared the investigations
j wt-re to be finish d and prosecu
j tions were to be made
Ily .sv,i.latl I'res?:
TokKDO, O.. Oct. IS. Th
thanks oi the Relgian people for
what ToleJo. the home of Rrand
Whitlock, had done for them during
tlie dark days of the war, were ex
tended tonight to the city by Cardi
nal Mercier. Th cardinal addressed
1!0.' 00 people in the Terminal audi-
torium as the closing event of the
day in w hich Toledo had given over
to honoring him. i to collectively dispose oi their proil-
Tlie meeting in the Terminal uct?.
b nbling was held as a public re-j "Collective buying and collective
ceptjon to the great Pelgian war selling are a" general policies In
herit and crowds were turned away evitable. It will be impossible for
hue before the program was I this -onference to prevent their coik
vpened. summation."
Wilson Spends Comfortable
Day; Doctors A re Hopeful
ss,,. i.iied Pr's?:
WASHINGTON. t. i s. Pres't
Wilson rested comfortably Saturday
..ml his physicians wer' in-reaing-ly
hop ful that the juostatic com
plications which has retarded his
recovery would not necessitate an
K r Admiral Graui held an- t j' nnit his return
ther consult it ion with Ir. Ilughan early dat.- and th.
ou:.g. the P.tltlmore sp-ualist call -
d m yesterday. lr. Uran-ds P. l)er -
cum. not! neurobzist of Phi i adel -
phia als being pres-nt on his regu -
:..r wekly visit to the president, as
wer- Ue.r Admiral Stitt. I'rs. Sterl -
ing Pufi'.ti aipl IL A. Powder ot this ;
,ity j
Dr. GraNson said the isit Satur-;
day of Irs Your.g and IVrcum dil;
rt mean a chanc for the w ors -
in the patient's condition. On the:
i ontrary. he
he said. tho president
4Big Three'' Make Tentative
Agreement Following All
Day Session Saturday.
I!y Associated Press:
ative agreement of collective bar
gaining wr.s reached by the general
committee of the National Indus
trial conference tonight after an
all-day session. Committee mem
bers will consult with their respec
tive groups tomorrow and final ac
tion on framing a report to the con
ference will he taken by the gen
eral committee tomorrow night.
The committee agreement was
reached by taking the declaration of
the public and labor groups as a
basis and adding to the sentence
recognizing the riht of wag earn
ers to organize "in trade and labor
unions" the words "shop and othei
ludest rial associat ions."
KccokiiIi Labor's Ki!d.
The proposed compromise also
substitutes for the sentence of the
original declaration recognizing the
right of nrcanl7ed labor to be rep
resented "by representatives of their
own choosing" the words "Iy repre
sentatives chosen by a majority of
their own numbers." t
The tentative declaration retained
the form of the original and was
broken up into 12 different parts,
each item stating a specific princi
ple in order -to Le readily tuhjoct to
The discussion in committee to
talled eight hours and hinged al
most entirely on the right of "out
siders" to represent employes in ne
gotiations with employers. t was
u day of ups and downs, during
which at times agreement seemed in
sight, and at times the breach wi
dened and compromise seemed im
possible. The committee recessed to
allow the labor and capital groups
to eaucus, and during the day num
erous drafts of a declaration were
submitted and rejected.
Tanner Makes Statement.
In a statement today. ('. S. Bar
rett, president of the Farmers' Na
tional Co-operative union and a
member of the employers group of
the conference, declatod agriculture
generally "would support labor in
its demand that the right of collect
ive bargaining be recognized by the
industrial conference." His state
ment was issued just before his de
parture on a visit to his home in
Union City, C.a.
"I am unwilling." be said. "to
withhold from any other group or
association of men that which I de
mand for myself or my own group.
Organized labor has asked the con
ference to indorse its position on
collective bargaining; that it make
known to the country that labor
tt 'l v if it clmnsfl meet witli h:lfl
- . , , . , Inerny is assistant
of industry and arrange bases for!.. J.
the adjustment of wages, housing"
conditions and other matters which
affect employment.
' This position to my mind is per
fectly correct and 1 don't see how i
I can oppose it without stultifying!
myself. The national board of farm
organizations has officially indorsed
the Capper-Hersman bill. Thi bill
j gives to the farmers the clear right
seemed to har responded to treat-
ment by Ir. Young yesterday, ami'
after a god night's rest was com-,
fortabie and cheerful Saturdav. !
Aside from the prostatic com pli-a -
tion th
i.r sii!pnt m.rin:ic ei.nit i .
I " 1 ' ' ll I M 1 OlIM I j
' tlon was rxjeeteI bv his physicians,
. his esk
r. st treatm -
' prescribed wiii be continued.
j Tlie b ill tin issued at ten o'clock
j Sa t u rda y niyht foMows:
j "The pre-iJent had a comfortable
; day. He has been taking abundant
i inurishrm nt ami is somewhat
stronger. The improvement in tii..
prist.ti- i-ondition has been main-
tained very at isfactorily and nl
change in the simple treatment em-!t
, pb cd is- contemplated
I Sign d "Grayson. I icu:ii.
; l oun0", 1 uwkr, Ituflln, Stitt.
Workers Want
1 . ! !
In an effort to sue thousands of tnr.s of foodstuffs in New York city. K. L, Goodsell, director of tlie
Fruit Auction company, is using every effort to get protection for the men that wish to work. It is his in
tention to ask civil aid. and if that is not forthcoming he will request protection from the federal govern
ment. There are thousands of express drivers who desire to return to work, but are intimidated by their
union brothers that prefer to remain idle.
Robert Mclnerny and Doris
Lineback Married at St.
James' Episcopal Church.
Robert Mclnerny. 17 2 3 S.
Mich! -
uan st., and Doris Lineback, of this
city, were married Saturday morn
ing at eight o'clock at St. James
Episcopal church, Ilev. Lverett
Cat.- performing the ceremony. Mr.
and Mrs. W. U. Armstrong were the
immediatelv following the serv-
.ii.,, ...i, wo- ,..rv,i
af the home of the groom's mother.
Mrs. Hertha
Michigan st.
MnTni.mv 17"', Si
Mr. ar.d Mrs. Mein -
erny. accompanied by Mr. and Mrs.
Armstrong. motored to Chicago,
where they will spend a short honey
moon. 1 " . - "W.. f.. ....... .... ..-..11
I .ir. ami .mis. .uruu ni) n e ei
known in South IJend. ltoth are
graduates of Smith P.end high school
while Mrs. Mclnerny ij also a grad
uate of the local business college.
t Fntil the the time of her marriage
she was employed as stenographer
at the Oliver Plow works. Mr. Mo-
manager of the
; News-Times circulation department.
r.y As seriated Prr-s:
partment of justice ;
nril.iv nicht that after "careful In-:
vestigation" it had decided to bring,
before a federal grand jury in Grand
Rapids, fraud charges arising o it of
,the nomination and (lection of Tru
man H. Newberry as I'nited States!
.senator from Michigan The action
is based, the announcement states.
on complaints tiled with the depart-j
ment "and also puldic charges of:
fraud and corruption" made by
lieutenant-governor of Michigan andjsition for senate b-bate immediately
others. 1 after disposal of the treaty of Ver
Th case will be laid before the: ;
, . , i! ' sal ts with leaders planning its pas- .
i-r:.n.l inrv for the western district,
f Michitran to 1
(;r in(1 j.
soon by United States;
Iitrict .Iudi:e
Sessions, w no in an
nouncement says 'has acfjuired a
! just
reputation for great atuui.;
I learning and tearless impartia ut .
Frank C. laibv. or I rot i ana pons.
at!rorner l nn u .-;ai o.i e
nt W f"r lihan i. has been a-icned
by the lepartm nt to eoniu i in
investigation. In previous el ction
fraud-, prosecutions, the statement
says-, the department had found Mr.
bailey "to h- fair and impartial and
fr' from political bias."
PA PIS. "i't. IS. The demoluliza-
ion of th l-'reip'h army, it is an
nounced is virtually or.i pl't d. 101.-
j e'ii fri rs and L
Z-'.O'o,' men hav
out ling bicn mustered
Protection When
r r? t
' .A
Sets His Hens
On China Eggs
to Cover Still
SPOKAXK, Wash., Oct. IS Versa
tile Steve Dahlin, of Spokane, had
been a liberal distiller of grog, but
always fearful of the vigilant eye of
Uncle Sam. to he one day devised
!1 - scheme to fool his uncle. He car-
; ricd a standing "classified reading
-Wanted A setting hen."
Sellers kept Steve supplied with a
couple of the birds most of the year.
They were placed on a n-.st in the
loft of a "house" about fix::, and two
of these hen tenements nicely cov
tred two well-fed stills;. Hut one un
happv day a deputy I". S. Marshal
j stored. It was then discovered that
i ach of the hens were endeavoring
to brin tortn itnoue jsianus neos
eggs composed of china. It
! the camoulla-r 1.10 for his en
terprise. confiscation of his stills and
doubtless the confidence of two in
dustries and well-meaning hens.
; PfimmitteP COITin GtGS WOrK
on Measure Which Provides
for Return of Roads.
J'.y s(,( l.ited Press:
1 . P rma-
nrnt railroad legislation was ad
vanced a step today, the senate in-
t'Tstate commerce committee
com -
pleting work on its bill providing
. .
for return of the railroads to pri-
ate ownership anI operation under
tri'.'t government srpervision
with drastic provisions against!
strikes or lockouts.
Th bill is to he reported out
earlv next week and plac d in po
at ' agc
next menth.
Strike Prtn iion.
i Anti-strike provisions o: the l.ill
provide fines ff ?5"'0 or sir. months
itnpi i.onment, or both, for radro a
I employes or officials or other con-
i -u-tii.t hi vii t ifitpitini in nr liflin'.
, S. . .. ...
; str k s or ockotits. Tl;e p.-ohibM'on
j against aiding strikes- vas inserted, j
j committee m-mbrs said, to rea-h j
; botli radicals and labor leaders whoj
! "aid. ab't, counsel. -mriand. in-
, .,
! iu'- or procure action toward a
' , i,..
j In oraler that grievance of om -
plos may pe lieard and adjusted.
the (ommitt'p provid 1 fer the r s-
! tahlishment of a general and re-
gional commilt if railroad w air s
' anl working . oniiticns to he com
p.o .1 --pually if railrool employed
.and cm plovers.
They Return
...V ' n4 -tw- -.
c. o; . . rr. -v P H
I 111 LVl 1 ? 1 V I. '
Indiana People Keenly Inter
ested in Outcome of Pro
posed Legislation.
nv Loris ix n low.
.vH-Timei W'axliingt on (orre.onIent.
WASHlNdTON, D. C, Oct. IS.
Keen interest is manifested in Indi
ana and other states where there has
been suffering on account of the
sugar shortage in the prohable legis
lation to prevent a repetition of the
, sugar famme
Action by the
senate to prevent
a threatened shortage of sugar next
ear may be expected wiinin a snort
time as a result of recommendations
to be made to the committee on
agriculture 'y a special sub-committee
which a.s authorized to investi-
i gate the sugar situation.
Mab IteeonimoiMlations.
Sen. McNary of Oregon, chair
T man of the sub-committee, said to
' day that his committee will recom
mend either that' the president,
through resolution of congress, be
asked to extend authority of the
United States Sugar Kqualization
board over the 100 crop of cane
sugar and the 1 1 9 crop of beet
sugar, or that in the event the presi
dent decided he has no authority to
authorize steh e tension to recom -
!meiul passage of a bill to give such
j authority to the president.
I'irntoGitAi) rALiii:
' bv Assn. iat ! Pr-ss :
I 'PAKIS. Oct. IS. No conrirmation
; has been received here of tlie rnort
j that Petrograd has fallen. apart
! froni a Primat message to
i Stockholm venska Dagblad
re -
tiorting fr)m "an
uroe" tha- cavalrv of the north -
i western Itu:-:sian army has entered
, -
Express Little Hope For
'Red' Forces in Russia
I'y A's,
j T'N1'N.
j tonight was
Oct. lv Pctrocrid
so cio.e.y in :r ste d i.iy
1 the ant i-bol sh .-vik for e, a er.rding
1 i i
to xhf. :itf...t official ad vies, that1
miiitarv experts epres-i tne ;.,.
hrt "f miraele,
coubl s i e the hard pr ss. d bolsh-- j
Viki. Ii-1 -1. one nwsj.ap. r le. ;
, rili .... .... vl,,e,nit,.v,v-
bpatcn r rt-d ' n. l mieniti n s .
c.a airy in the capital. Put th-re is ;
i no confirmation of ii
Neither had Pritish official e..i-
firmation b.-eri receive! of tli. r - -
ported surr nd r of Kn-nstandt. al -
! though the war off.ee stat s that
- ;thi INthoni.'.ns on 1 " r i I . i . op rat in
tin conjunctiori
w ith Villi -ii i 1 1 h. -"t
J within four
miles of the Krasirai
Delay Pact With Desultory
Methods Take Up Irish
I?y Associated Ttc:
WAS1IINCTON. Ort. iS.IM.-irs
to hasten senate ,-tction on thfi peace
treaty were upset again todav. a
ratnMir.fr debate occupying most of
an afternoon that hail been srt
aside for completion of th formal
reading of the treaty t"t.
When adjournment was taken aft
er a four-hour session, only about
an hour's progress had been made o'clock Saturday afternoon, th" first
in the rending, which will be re- J aviator to Mni.h in the army's gnat
sumed Monday. ! transcontinental air race and nlii-
Starting with a desultorv discus
sion of the cans- of Irish indepen- ! Mlit' t,M- U" :rrie,i as p.iss-ng. r
denre. the debate shifted to such
oihjects as the obligations ol ar-
covenant and the dismemberment i
of Turkey and wound up with a bit- j rcdit" and "Trixie the r.e'gi an Pu
ter argument about the war record j li e dog. Fnofiicial figures tu.. I
of Sen. Hitcheock of Nebraska, the ( t t . (t nicht hy th Amerieau f'ly-
adniinistiation babr in the treaty . , , , . . . . t .i
,. , ing club, wlr.rlt has cooperate. wdli
. A. . , c i, i the army air s- r ire .füeials ja eon-
1 he Irish question got before the . -
senate in a resolution by S ti.
. , . .
Walsh, democrat. Montana, a sup -
. , . . .
porter of the treaty m its present
form. His resolution proposed that
a soon as th I'nited States takes
metnliershii) in the League of Na
tions it ealls attention to the light
of the Irish people to self govern
ment. Sen- Walsh argued that such ?
course, suggested bv Pres't Wilson's
rtnrl.T rations on his 'western trio of -
" - ' " '
fered the best hope for Ireland's
freedom. Several senators replied
that it offered no hone at all. Sen
Penros". republican, Pennsylvania,
characterizing it as "the crowning, i
most Insolent effort yet to 'Luiv.
the Irish."
The resolution went over without
! The climax of the day's debut
I came when Sen. Polndext r. npuh-
lican. Washington, attacking the
i war record of Sen. Hitchcoek, got
j a fiery rejdy from the Nebraska
! senator, who defined his course in
proposing an embargo on arms and
declared he would rathr have the
ill-will of Sen. Poindexter than his
j respect.
IYiindoxter Quotes Mit brook.
Mony of Mr. Hitchcoek"s utter- J
anees before this country entered
the war were quoted by Sen Poin-
dexter, who declared the former had.
praised the Oerman government,
expressed T-ympathy for the (Jerman
peonle and condoiod the o'i-i mar.
S-n. Hitched k said h
duced the embargo bill
had intro-
in the Ir. -
terest of neutrality at a time when
the sentiment of the country was
ahmst unanimous that the UniPd
States should keep ,wt of war and
that he s'ill believed It wouH hav
been better had neutrality been
maintain 1 then and this country
spared th- sacrifice it eventual!',
had to make
i 1
WASHINGTON. Kt. .v Owing
to the illness of Pres't Wi.son Kir.g
, Albert and Queen
UliZ.lbeth Of Pr-1-
; gium and their
fin. tile (p;i.' n:
' ritrta :n' 1 nt
Prabant. will not
; the white house during their stny in
! Washington from Oct. 27 to "0.
; They will be
le U's'tsf
?-1 r
nl of
the i
pr id nt ar.d
Korke. facing K rou -ta re
Tbu u
P t-
r-po: i -p
nt !.;.
tamlt W'e.lbl te in a !a
pcis-.iion. a
With U.c capture
ourr..i. i vuld b
' o ; n i b r. t w ; 1 1
CUt off
tb s..
i comes a vitriol
! . i a
h i
,.on Tr,,t.ky, tl.
inmj. t .ri r f rri:
li()1,j,rv,k for' - ,o
-(.oi curs v.-n.!i
vi,.t lt,.i
! i
a p
r i
' a ;
bo!.v d
j ,.t ro-rJ ,1 uill r.'-t fa!k
; u t , ,.s4.,irAiUi, . ,
; ' . . .
j (" I's-r.ikin- has ... .-u p
j his su- lbit h- i- i
i r.
4 I wit h
s t r n u o u - r -
-i g :"!) w h r- t h
" g.Ul:g n-
Ii re- f ;gia
Eighteen Hours Spent in Re
pairing Motor Will Be
Added Official Time.
Return Flight Made in Twenty-four
Hours and Forty
five Minutes.
MINHOLA. N. V.. IV Steer
ing iy coir.pass ami flying at an av-t-ratre
sjiee.i of nearly tvso nii!e .
VirW .',Km" miles a'T":- the rot:,
tinrnt throurh snow. foe. ebe.nJs ;m1
rain. Lieut. Teh in W. Manard ! in l
ed on lioie-ovfdt lVld her., at 1:.0
1 Master la.i trician William 1".
flf H ., ri isburir. Pa., whom h
scribed as b serving the
! , .... .i
, Mavnard s a'tua! flying time on the
, , .. .
reiurn trip was 4 nours. t .. niinm" !
. 1
it:.i i :i,;ii s "!in, "a. -i l iumi-
Utes bss than his unof ti-;;il !', i::g
time on his etbound trip.
Trip Requires Ten law
I.'nder the ru'es of iho e.ntet.
t Ii niüVi.f t htiik LikuT t ) , t . t i i'iif i I rt 1 1
statiens must be erjute! in the a.--
! taal flying time
is compiled by
l;,rm" in deebling th."
winner of t h e
J race,
j tI"int
This tip ans that the is ho ;n
in changing motors in a ern
ield in Wahno. Neb., bv Lk ut. May-
j nar,!- where he was forced down
because of a broken crank shaft will
1,0 added to his olVeiai Hying .m:e.
I The unofficial total elapsed time o'i
i the return trip was 2 hours, ::2
'minutes and seconds. Including
three days spent in San Prancis.-.
the round trip was mad. In approxi
mately tin days ntid :'.o hours.
Undaunted IV the fail -that t'-n
lives have been lost directly and in
directly as a reo'.ilt of the race,
Lieut. Mavnard ar.nouneed within
an hour after he landed that within
a few we-ks he wouM attempt a r&
stop, t'.i-'ht from Mineola to San
Praneiseo. Calif. . with Dallas, T-.i.
the only stopping place.
l it I "p .New Plane.
A inodibe 1 typ.- of I e llavibnid
plan. s-Hiiewhal similar to that h
us.'d m th' cross country race, ha
been htted up for him here and ih
start will be made n soon as he has
j had an opportunity to make a f.
trial tüght ami b-c,me familiar
luitii tb- :. w m-o-bine. Lieut. 1 1 .
I Prad.-.haw, who has been Hying s,m
19 1- and :it'red th- armv as an eu-
fei man sill I...- his couipat.iun on
i t n i pt
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