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mommy i:yi:mng. oaonn: -o. toir,
Political Writer Believes
Must Recognize Liberal
Influence to Succeed.
tlu'.ih the wr'├╝kncNS of inexpert-
nr t,t high uImini-tr;ttive ork i i
di-rlosi'd in a plane-. I do not think i
th.it in it-elf, in view of th calibr
of th'- ui n, wouM be ;i fatally on
il rr. nir.g factor.
.Not Ion I.itrri.
'p the other har.'I, a labor gov
ernment would inevitably, in th'- ma-
;-'! part of its .'ulialnixtration.
l'p'Tj'Jnnt upon the kill and knowl-)-:f'
of its permanent staffs. And
i this is nnc of the thinsrs I was r e -
, f rring to in ypnklng of the old e?-
h marhlr.ery of government.
"i an produce new members of
th- ho'i of 'ommoi!F. you can pro
duie new cabinets, but you cannot
produce, off-hand, highly educated
t pecialists rven In one department,
to sty 1101111111? of all departments of
the 'w.rnmrnt.
Th" cabinet I have listed above
ould romp. ire favorably in point
of herr ability with any cabinet of
modern times but it has different
elements within it. and I doubt
whether they would pull together
I lor a very- lone: time.
i I think the practical solution for
; tbe labor movement is to include at
b-ist rme liberals ?n their Urft c.i-
bir.et een at the risk of watering
Well. Known IlritMi Political Writer.
INI.N', .-t. With political
prospect ;h t:,c rf iin. by l'-ti'r.s go
ii.tr against the gov rum nt. with th'
labor rno r ni' i-.t, po- ing tr men
d'oily in r a 1 r and, at the
Ki:ne time. .- thine t'mrn one cans
ind another, people's liliK'N are i,e
Int: more a?nl more directed towards
the posibiIit- of a. labor cabinet and
a labor go eminent in the early fu
ture, such ;. project would li"!,lo'.vn their program a little (though
Say Dry Enforcement Bill Is
Not Legal Until It Has the
President's Signature.
jeen received with a smile only ix
bhort ars ;igo. In many quarters it
is tili leceived with a smile bu th
.smile has a bttb r' r oneness in it.
As a matter of ? it, a lal r gov
ernment is within the bounds of jom
.sibiiity within a -ompa ra t i fly short
time. The temporary obliteration of
the old liberal party, the .straiiK''
mixture uhi'h constitutes the pres
ent government, the break-up of the
unity produced by the war, arid.
in actual practice the program
would have to be a moderate one in
any case for the various reasons I
have given). They must have dis
tinguished lawyers of ?tandintr as
attorney-general and nolicitor-gener-al.
They must have at least as .sub
ordinated ministers, men who under
stand iinuncc. There are other de
partments, not the kind of experts
who are in civil service, but men
who can take their part in debate
in parliament, and assume a share
..Inno all, the waves of feeling
amonp; labor throughout th- country, j ,.f responsibility on the platform,
bave produced a situation which- Mrrp .wny CnTmrlM.
may very well bad to tho labor; T am KUrt. no i;iO0r KOvernment
members Leirg the strongest Individ- j WOuM be e'ected to power except the
i group in the house of , om mons. , curtry fv that it would ho a gov
Tliis means almost inevitably the j r rnmont Ior tlu. whnlo nation and
formation of a, labor c abinet. And nnt merely a government for the
indeed, with the "direct actiunisLs"
lighting for control against tile on
M itniionalUts of the lai'or movement,
u mini happen inai.'iiarmr niajorny ,,.,
in f h o hdiwi rk r rf'nrMTii nrtu u fill I i! "
the alternative to revolution.
laiKr Irogr:im.
The very phrase "labor govern
ment" frightens a pood many peo
ple whose thoughts immediately !!'
to all kinds of wild impossibilities,
with Russia in the back-ground of
their vision. But a labor govern
ment would probably disappoint
m.tny and delight others by being
pretty much he same a.s any other
eovernment in its general actions.
Of course, it would have on its pro
gram nationalization of biff indus
tries and many interdependent mea
sures, but this program, like the
program, of ull new governments,
would bo on paper. It is a very dif
ferent thing to talk of ideal politi
cal propositions and to put them into
effect. In the first place- a labor
majority In parliament would cer
tainly be faced with a strong oppo
sition, an opposition which would
include some of th best political
brains in the country skilled in pub
lic affairs, expert in parliamentary'
craft, and fully determined on some
general principles.
Would Split.
Jn the second place, the labor
movement Itself would immediately
be split by schism, because the ine
vitably moderate courses of those
who wero placed in responsibility
would be taken as traitorous by the
hot -heads of whom there woild be
a considerable number. The initial
difficulties of a labor government
thus become obvious straight away.
I tut thej' am initial difficulties only.
There arc others even more power
ful. The machinery of government in
this country heen built up care
tully and laboriously by generations
af effort, and it cannot be changed
r. less than a generation. This great
permanent machine of government,
which politicians have to operate,
would impose an automatic h'ck on
..ally violent changes.
Curbing: Iicry Ideas.
There i still a further i;. -ii'ial
onsideration namely. that the
4ieat responsibility resting on the
;ew labor cabinet would most o r-;.-.inly
produce an attitude of mind
ot at all in consonance with tiery
evolutionary ideas. Ministers would
forking classes.
And unless tbe fibre and common-
; Fene of nur race has hren climina-
which it certainly has not, no
labor government which did not vis
ualize the needs of the whole com
munity would remain in power in
the house of commons for more than
R few' weeks.
I believe that a labor government
In Hritain will come into power soon
er or later, and that it will endeavor
to survey the needs of the people- as
a w hole. I believe in its first period
It will not hold otflce very long.
Though its effect will ho moderate, I
it will sweep away a lot of cobwebs
webs from our present system of
government. It will put few, if any,
of its great projects into operation
at the first attempt.
Nevertheless, the experiment of a
labor government in Hritain will
probably do the country good. It
will do even more good to the la
bor movement, encouraging a sense
of responsibility and widening vision.
After that the labor government? of
the future will perhaps have bigger
opportunities and perhaps new and
more permanent powers.
nv i,oris ia'dlow.
w-Tlnv N"rdnln C'rrpnmlent
According to reliable information
obtained here today, large distilling
interests intend to raise the point
that the ten days' period after which
a bill which has passed congress
may become a law without the pres
ident's signature does not begin to
run until the bill is actually deliv
ered to the president in person for
his consideraion.
SuspnI Law.
If this contention is upheld, the
prohibition enforcement bill will be
suspended in mid -air and its oper
ation will be indefinitely postponed
as long the president's physician's
decline to permit executive business
to be brought before the president
for his personal attention-
The contention of the whisky in
terests will be that it will not be
sufficient for the bill to be deliv
ered at the white house before the
time will begin to run. It will not
be a compliance with the law for
n. messenger from the capitol to take
the hill to the white house and hand
It to Secretary Tumulty. These in
terests argue that time would not
hegin.to run if the bill was placed
on the bed by the stick president.
It is necessary, .according to these
interests, that the bill shall be
handed to the president in person
and received by him and that not
until he gets the bill in this way,
with the knowledge that it Is up to
him for consideration, will the ten
days' period start.
Th ieve s Sorry
ButTheyHad to
Have the Money
ST. I .Ol IS. ct. 20. Two men In
an automobile blocked the path of
Frederick IV Tressler here. One of
them got out and coering Tres-der
with a revolver ordered him to put
up h's hand;. Tressler's two chil
dren, who were in the car with him,
began crying:
""Don't cry." one of the roobers
said gently. "We won't hurt your
daddy. Then addressing Tressler:
"We are Korry to have to do this."
Whereupon he relieved Tressler
of ?-'7.
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Mrs. R. L. Moore Was on
Verge of Nervous Prostra
tion Gains 20 Pounds.
MAIM". I P. Oct. 20 King Alfonso
..- simply forced to take into a.- ount j b ft Madrid for Paris Sunday night
he welfare of all grades of society, i ,,t ! o'clock. Ib fore his departure
old the nevevity of encouraging the! the king received Joseph K. Wtllard.
m.-iness head.- of the ration, to take
and the Mcx-
ut tw o examples. Highly o editable
'motional ideals with regard t ob
,inis injustices here and there
o;j Id have to i, ml then- pioper
"dace in a surey of the wc-ifaie ami
'i.tppines.-, not of the men. women
..nd t hildren in one seition, b it of
he men. women and children of all
i-tiotis throughout the countrj.
Wim are likely to be members of
lie Urst labor cabinet if :t
ome to pass that we have
ministry ?
1-ibor will i:'.e r.abiv hue to draw i
rn its biggest miruN in ad the moe
ncnt without regard to prejudice.
irou-ed during the war. It will
'.ave to do this, not only ' au.-e it
ill want t ho very b'd material for
.is greatest task, l"it h cause it wd!
be necessary to unit--1 all parts of
:he mover.uu in a g r.cra! support, j
That is why I include names which j
it tust glint e may se. rn ;i little
surprising. Here my b: . '.
Irime minister Aithur Heilder-!
Chancellor of th exchequer J. K.
t'ly nr s.
Horn" secretary John Ho, Ige.
Minister for war r,. H. HcSt rt.
l'nst Jyord of the idmir.;lT Stu-
rd Hunning.
president of the beal government)
America n ambassldor
ican minister.
The Kpoea. in commenting on the
King's trip, says it is not as import
ant as some of the newspapers have
stated, "but we are sure it will re
sult in n better understanding be
tween Trance and Spain"
The Piario and El Universal sa
tha the visit is proof of the ex
cellent relations between France
should j and Spain and that it will give Al-
laooi . fonso the opportunity or p lying
homage to the bravery of France.
it i)ini;i)s.
Prospective Lodger: What's the
rent of this room, including the use
of the piano'.'"
landlady: " f enn't say off-hand.
You must play me something !;rst."
Nime "Bayer" is on Genuine
Aspirin say Bayer
board Ramsay Mac I).
f ot
ter Irt
jSccret a r
".a rr.es.
Pr sab nt of 1 J
'. W. I tow t lean
S eta tar
M ;ni-:- r
nd .la nie
or India
for h Ith
of trad.
Mil )- r for '!o
J '.row n 1 1
M ;! !-! r et' i d '.. -. '
S !'"W d '
Tb r i a a m j . o .
of t h- pi im ;; al otfict-..
hot of abiht among
; Hod
.1 T.
for VOTl.e
Ther,- is a
them, and
"Pefore taking Tanlac," said Mrs.
It. L. Moore of 111 5 Flrnwood
street, Kansas City, Mo., in a state
ment, recently. "I was so nervous,
miserable and despondent that I
would just sit and cry.
"My appetite left me nearly two
years ago. she explained, "and my
stomach got i 11 such a bad lix that
I could not eat anything but what
would ferment, causing gas and in
tense pain. I was constipated all
the time and my head ached so bad
that I had to use ice on it to relieve
the pain. My condition was so bad
for months before I began using
Tanlac that I was unable to be up.
much less do my housework, and I
could hardly sleep and no one will
eer know how miserable I did feel,
oecause I just can't fully describe it.
'A friend of mine -ot after me to
try Tanlac, but I refused at first, be
cause I had tried everything else
ami had lost nearly all hope of ever
getting well. Put she insisted un
til I made up my mind to try it and
before tlnishing the tirst bottle I
was so much better that I got an
other and kept on taking it with
perfectly wonderful results. I can
eat just anything now without the
least rouble afterwards and I have
actually gained twenty pounds in
weight. I have been entirely re-
lieved of headaches, nervousness !
and everything and can sleep every j
night as sound as when T was a j
child. The work in my seven room j
house is easy for me now. for I am 1
leeiing just line. .now ims is just
what four bottles of Tanlac did for
me and I ertainly do think it is the
greatest medicine in the world."
Tanlac is slod in South Herd at
the Central Drug Store and in Mish- 1
awaka at the Tied Cross Pharmacv
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covery for Fifty Years a
Insist on "l"aer Tablets of As
pirin" in a "Payer package." con
taining proper directions for Colds.
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scribe.! by physicians for nineteen
e.trs. Handy tin bofs of 12 tab
b ts co-r ft-w c nts. Aspirin is trade
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OTIIING but sustained nualitv!
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liable. Pr. King's New Life Pills
work w ith precision without th j
constipation results of violent pur- 1
gatives. 2c nv- usual at all drug-j
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n n
T ..a
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