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Wl ATM 1 11,
I ndia ti . : ".'; -v :-. :ck
' I
r . ' T. i i; r 't!. ;jr-i r. . -:;;
1 Iter Michigan: S1. ;
VOL. XXXVI, NO. 295.
wjuk ti:i.kgicaihh: si:uvick.
A NKWSI'.vrjlIi KOK Tili: llnK
with au, Tin: i.ocai m:w.
f ii m
i MM
r i nj
I 1 "
V iL llVl.JQd o
Joint Session Reconvenes
to Consider Plans of Averting
Strike on Nov. 1.
r.r Utilbd Vr.-:
-Se-c'y of
pritor. nearly two hours today'
.iffr miners werc xrusfd from the
lTit ror.f renm ralle:- to avert the
-trik st for Nov. 1.
ilfon m t with rnlnrrs' dolprats
.f -J:30 o'elnck. after whlrh ho in
tr.d.s to rM-onvon th joint S' lon.
Two IMt'axlns Plias.
Ispit' vurfaro indications that
t t-i :i-r sidr is willing to compro
mis c'y Wilson and other oMl-
i lls who hj' t avert a soft coal
strike, threatened for Nov. 1. were
r.coura - d by two phas s of th
on f ,renT thus far l"vloprl.
The first i that neither the miners
nor operators have shown any real
Sispoviiiun hrin about a break
in the n-ot iationrf. "Whilo botli went
Into the m'ttinfr yetrrday derlirin
the- wo')ld not rhantjo their posi
tion and Indicating ther was no
hop. of compromise, both have
shown them.-elvf wilJinc; to talk
things over.
Utli Sides Silent.
The jf-cfin i encouraRinc: phao I-?
the cornparatlvr silence f,f both
miners and operators' lealers who
two days a,T were issuing y-tate-'Ment.-
hariric earh other with
protHe rlnc: and contract breaking.
While the miners and operators
wer tneetincr this morning it was
laiT.ed at the white house that the
::uvernm-nt has considered th- pos--ihility
of ojn-ratir. the tnins if
i'.oi'i-sary to jr'vent suffering and
tii Tuorab.ation of industry by a
Th- rovernnient would take this
xtep i'y as a last resort. Thi-;. it
uinlrstoo.1, was (llCUSStd .it
the '..ist cabinet meeting.
LocjI Collectors Hold Evidence
Taken From Still Opera
tors in Laporte County.
P. J. Krujer. ini.ru o-a-i.u.' "-f
ttr. has in his pos.-ession a bot-
i a- of almo-t pure men
tie of r.iiMii ma!i
. uainst tJeorge am
Vick Pibbic. Wil-i
, -e-dav scntetne m
. ,,M!iiv ia lb cha rued w it
.-lid and slltng da- liquor.
The three men w :a arrested Mon
day at a farm ho;:e vaM outd.le of
Michigan city, w Id. a tb- h.ol t.-m-d
and in vhich th.e- v, nv operat
ing a ornpl-Mi
videS the stiik
mn!i i-r mor
t lgb.t barr.
l nisin
than .'
..ii p. i
i-b.. d i:
.n.t-: and
j : o w .i
a 1
, ntlty ot t;:e ..
at.d by the
ai t h- -Mt a J. The
. - da ;a 1 1 s-nt -
attempt.-. 1 to
i d t. e ; . i : t r. .
,1 1' .1 kruw'i
i a t . '. ? I s to
mon w ere gu n
. . ... . ..
1 1 1 I 1 1 : '.
i .. 1 t to ir c..-e a
reasor.ab.x tow
-.n t Kcvcmtni -it t
i T...-TC .tttd t"!;
.1T-,... to hae tk.e iu.;.
.u t to federal ' our .
t'o-ir c-unty sCltt IK e
run-hiiM' Ult
It w.is dtsvov er d th. t
a'l a-
i , i -:
'.t 1!
had bought their
1 ! M ! M ! e - Oli
!etrolt. sh!p!"'l it to '
L taught it b tr.o k to
C-irni orar Mf'lilgtTi t"lt
iicago .un:
to ren'o d
w h re th.
th- w a . -
b.l e been -pe?.,f -.eg .:
iiri.o 1 ry no is-.re .t- pi:
:,,juor di'ilb 1 r s.-m' b -!
r.o: !i : v o wh;k.y . ri i
..!d for a -al'e:-.
-;.,(, d th i? after - . 'lu g th
.:i ha mi th w . I . pkt ur
ii mi rg t- t to ir L--ru
. . in try w i?h a u'-r'a1'
'!'!. 1 a rg' a:no let- of r.. :
, .,;,gbt up 1 ' th. TV1 r -
d T1-
f : I ' i r
i ' 1 Tl
, t
r g
... ..Id
r u n e
' Mf.g
tirst 1
.1 i-.-d '
w b
. o-;.-. -i -u-p.' a' i
:).i r a rr d .
t IMT.-I i'r.'-e,
P. M K. t -J A o--.g
pla'e shock !a-t.lig .'' 1
- j r r J in ' b i - m ; i . i .. t '
lh5 mornir.g.
Modem Bakers
Claim Laureis
For Their Pies
j Pr T'rdf f Prefti :
I CHICACO. Ort. Pastry that
! "mother tis- d to makn" can't com-
j j;ar with modern coneoctions turn-j
I out by bakers, delegates tothe
National Makers' convention meet
ing hero "Wednesday declared.
"Ilakcrs have the advantage of
f-cientifie machinery for mixing and.
baking." .said Eugene Iipp. hica-j
go. our recipes, are mo re.su ii ot
j years of study. Our ovens are rKU-
lated to a fraction of a degree."
The proof of the pudding is in
the eating, I'ipp declared.
"In formrr years practically rv-
i ry one
1M their own bakintf,' h"
said. "Now the majority of house
wives buy bakers' products."
Chauncey Mathes, Charged
With Criminal Assault, is
Found Not Guilty.
Chauncey Mathes. niht clerk at
the Crescent hotel. 121 X. Michigan
st., charged by Mrs. Gertrude Tre
low, 4.':j S. Franklin st.. with
criminally assaulting her in a room
at the hotel on the niht of Oct. 4.
was found not puilty in city court
Wednesday morning1 by Si.cial
JudKe I'. J. Houlihan.
Mathes was Riven a hearing in
city court upon Mrs. Trelow'si
charge a week ago. but the special
judpe took thf case under advise
ment until Wednesday morning.
In Unsinn. M 'i t Ii nu nnt rni1t- S5r-I
III 111! Villip . I A t I i -"I .AVV mv...ws.t .
( ial Judge Houlihan held to the be
lief that there is more to the story
first told by Mrs. Trelow about be
ing taken riding in a Hudson super
six automobile and being assaulted
somewhere east of the city than
there is to the second story told hy
! Mrs. Trelow and involving the Crea-
cent hotel night clerk.
' Kcvlo-v F.vidcmv.
I Special Judge Houlihan reviewed
; the evidence submitted at the hear
ing a week ago. He appeared to
doubt the testimony of Mrs. Trelow
' that she had been drugged by
Mathes. implying that it would have
been next to impossible for Mathes
to hold Mrs. Trelow's hands behind
her and at the same time take a bot-
i tie containing a. drug irom nis pocK-
j et. pour its contents on a handker-
I thief and then place the handker-
i : f .... 1 'T' . 1 ......
fiiiei over iier i.o , ii .ii?. ut icn
tsti!ied that he hail done on the
night of the alleged assault.
The Judge referred to the testi-
mor.v of lr It. H. Calvert thati
there- had been no vnlence ot iiniKV
;ihout Mrs. Trelow when she awoke J
ol ami a hot-lfrom ier protracted swoon the day
as -M.len.-e i :lfu.r tho alleged ass,iult. and thej
er Kob-h and ! t,,urt appeared to believe that thej
now serving' woman's condition may hav- result-
l-iporte'rd from other causes,
i .inning a j Tell Conflicting Stories.
l lie court a;so wen upon m-
f.ict that Mrs. Trelow had to'.d con-; ma un ";
tlicting stories, and her admission on! 1'h.ided for the Jewish Pdief fund,
the witness stand that she had gone! 1 verrett Urr also spoke
to the Crescent hotel of hr own ac1 the drive. He declared that
cord, and had staved there on thei'th Pend must give its answer to
i.ight preceding the one on which;11'" asr-oM question. "Am I my
tio abegc.l assault was commltte.l.
Mathes was arrested by Asst.
hief Cassitly late ott the afternoon
of i ' c t . k follow 'ng Mrs. Trelow's
recital of her second story. The po
ll, e failed to get the names of a
Monde r.ml dark complexion d wom-
n who .-he stitl had allied her in
the room at the CTcscent hotel. They
could not be found by the prosecu
tor's tt'.ce a witnoes.
Pehof in the South Pend coal
-ir.ation expected by local eu!
deab-rs. following the orders just
l.od bv- the federal railroad ad-min-.-tr
at n-n that cars cannot be
held h.eger than 4 hours.
W b
.n th
th. r
ii- there iias b eu no increase
!e.ul price of cal here -tnce
st of the month, coal dealers j
exprrier.eed dit?i.Milt it get- ;
t ll l e
ting coal .'.eliveries owing to the
s'o-r ii;.. of c ars. Tin- condition i ;
in g
'td to change as a resu.t oi
laittoad admini-tration regani-i
th rel.te cars.
1. I rdt.-l r :
WASH1.YGT' iN. ,t. J.- Prcst
Wl'siin signed M-xtTiil bills YVedn s
da. it Was leirr.ed at tlio white
oi;sv S c'y Tumulty was to au-
nouii'c tat.r bills were signed.
- Appaals of Yelfare Workers
Are Answered by People
of City.
(The following list of lirrs ar
f0 percent in the "Welfare drive
List complete to noon Tuesday.)
Walk Over Shoe Store.
Fashion Shop.
Oliver Hotel Harber Shop.
Doddridge Harber Shop.
I'ommert & Jay Harber Shop.
George Wheelock fc Co.
I wan Hros.
Public school teachers
School Administration Uldg.
Sailor Hros. Furn. Co.
Perkins Glue Co.
Oliver hotel.
Studebaker Service station.
David Hurwich Clothing Co.
Hook Shop.
Hellers Furniture Co
Hies Furniture Co.
Franklin Motor Car Co.
Himmel Shoe Store.
Heitner Shoo Store.
South Hend Overland Co.
Aetna Life Insurance Co
Northwestern Mutual Life In
surance Co.
Philadelphia Confectionary.
X. I Ault. photographer.
Bagby, photographer.
McDonald, photographer.
Mangold, photographer.
Austin &, Schambleau.
Frnest Young.
Freyermuth & Maurer.
Interurban Journal.
I'nion Trust Co.
Fabric Holl Protector Co.
Crown Service Co.
Herr & Herr Hook St ort-.
Huilders Supply : Specialty
Jimmie Coat.
Goldie Mann.
C. & H. Cigar Co.
Peoples Store.
Melncrny & Warner.
George Platner Co.
Xearly 100 members of the var
ious civic organizations and clubs
of the city offered their services to
j Chairman Wanlo 1. Mack WVdnes-
day afternoon in aiding the Welfare
association's campaign for $r.'j". Oimj
for charity.
The offers of aid were made at a
meeting of members of the various
organizations held in the 1 rotary
room at the (diver hotel. It was b -1
ciiled at the meeting to make a
whirlwind campaign for the balance
or the wooK in an enort to success-
1 r l" in'- .-.i.i
lr. Iliiin-. N'cauv
r. C. A. Hippincott presided at
the meetinz. He called upon Or.
James S. Hums, president of Xotre
Harne university who spoae in behalf
of the campaign. He declared that
South P.end owes it to herself t
- i
. . t. - : l II..
W. A. Mclnerny declared tllat ev
1 ery man in South Pend owes what
' he owns to South Pend and that In
: fairness to the city that has given
' him his jinssossioni lie should con
tribute freely to the campaign. He
said he believe.! that the lack of
'Kick9 in 2.75 Beer
is Measured by
College Professors
NF.YV YKK. m4 t. Th
intoxicating powers in -.7." b-et
has been reduced to an ex.ot
measure. Thus far. however,
the secret is buked iu the phy
choiogical dejvtrtmeTit of Co
lumbia university in th's city.
wher- the experiments wore
made. The secret will not bo
m.olo public until th- case (.f th
Jacob Hoffman Prewntg 1 '.
comes up rn the Fnited Statr
court. Prof. A. H Hol'ir.ffsw orth
and 11. S. Woolworth made the
tets. usir.g six law students a,s
subjects. The professors fd the
students bo.r linder a .irvine con-
ditioiis arid then put them
through a numb r of psychologi
cal teMs.
Honored For
. . e
tS in ....
In recognition ot her "eNd n.. . im. . n urious and distinguished
j service as commander of the Salv.it i.-n Army. Miss LVangeline P.ooth
; was honored with a citation and the distinguished service medal award
! ed her by Maj. Gen. David C. Shank s commanding the port of embarka
! tion at Hoboken. The medal was ord ered by congress. Gen. Shanks is
j shown congratulating Miss Hooth af ler Ucorating her with the war
j meinl.
'Miners Say Coal Consumers
Are Paying Strike Prices
Hy fulled frcss:
CHK'AC.o. Oct.
si rners are paying now for a strike
which th'-y haven't begun to "en
joy" as yet, according to leaders
among the coal miner;-'.
TnvestiL-ubm in rnntral states
the soft coal states, showed priren J s'n. they said.
have advanced in some cities since j At Vineennes. Ind.. pri es ad
the miners' strike call was Nsued-j vancetl per ton. it was stated to
In others there had been no change.; day. Other Indiana cities faced a
A statement by fnited Mine work-' "' cent increase. Iu Milwaukee an
ers in Indianapolis said the eon-! "automatie" raise July 1 was the
sinner is forced in some cases to payj only one hitung the consumer. The
$1 more per ton now than a week ' Twin Cities reported slight ad
ago and that the advance is with-j vances.
out justification. Miners themselves j Iowa operators, dealers s.iid to
were hit by the advance, otllclals of J day, boosted "prices 30 cents to them,
the union said. making it necessary to demand 2i
In Chicago some dealers advanced! cents more from the consumer. The
prices slightly four to eight cents
per ton-
Some of the larger dealers
The Lighter Side
the Day's Neivs
Ni:V YHItK Mrs. Hilda C.s-
grove has Imhmi keeping a iamily of J
siv tui a SÖO a month guidon. Yes- j
1... .... '
lertiav sue nirmn innnc ui.m an,
uncle "out wt't'
her S.'O.IMmi.
had tlictl and left
CIjH VI-' LAN I) The next 1"
years will re the hardest for a
prominent Clevelander. He laid in
a K' years' supply of fancy drink
ables. Two men with a truck did
the rest.
SI". 1 .l'I "I'M know after the
trial." vaid IV.it ltan. when police
eourt justice n-kotl if lie a- guilty
of vtenlins oereoat. Cae eon
t iiiucd.
ST. PAt'L. Minn.
s.ore ha a nnstery.
are buving a-h cans.
-Th- army
a bottle of
a nilla
and a
package of r;iisin
imuiiar.eouSiN . .eariy ;.oii can
hiivt- bec-n sold in live we. ks.
ST. PAIL. Minn. ohl
won't eme until late in the inter.
a.v Fret! Nti hatmter. park umt-'
inteiulent. The buffalo herd, he a.
i just heginning t gtt its winter;
:muli of hair.
MlIAVAFKKi:. Wis.--Hec.iuje
hr huslii.nd woubl not prmit
an oth r man to look upon h r
or to dance with her. a sh- for
mally alleges. Mrs. JMmur.d
Wiznerowiez his s nl for divorce.
Interurban Day Tomorrow
Tidnnrrv- is the '.wcky Interurban Day f Sn;th Heiul
merchants. This issue of The News-Times' contains a ereat
many interotinc ;u!vertiement of the remarkable values
H'hich n-ill be oiiere.i in South Hen J stores tomnrror.
Yidtrs t this citv will
v: a ins b
Cains bv re a J in c: t!ie5
War Service
: i . -'- . v s . . . ' v.. , . X. . .
j fa id there was no excuse for an in
i crease now. Chicago has a 30 day
supply of soft coal, they said, and
individual coal bins throughout the
city are unusually well filled. A coal
shortage lart year was a great cdu-
cator toward early buying this sca
I average retail price of soft coal ln'iu
Des Moines now is- $7 per ton.
. , r , ,. , iU-..:im
Forces is Uncertain Accord
ing to Messages.
, urn iv iiivwwMMww
1 iiit-l
f iN'TuiV . . .i'Adltinrp- tr r.
....M.. we .....k -
I ports were received here Wednes-j
! day regarding progress of th" anti-i
; bolshevik attack against Petrograd.,
! A Hrrlin dispatch juoted D.o Pus-'
Man pap-rs Prisyw as s.iying an of
i tidal communique from Gen. Yu-;
( dc-nit'dt declared he had leached
,the eity jiroper from Um south and
j lhat street lightin? was poinp; (n in
th outskirts.
re -
Other di-patches. however.
j ported the holslmviki not oniy sur
j oessfuiiy resisting the attack -n Pe-
I trograd hut wirninj: ictories or.
! oti r frntv. While tlie r-d armies
1 we:
! lorc s
keeping tlie anti-ho.sh.eviK
from the city gates by fre-
I .'lent sorties, it w as said Lo'l I. r i-
kn and Kolchak rt -ivc-d setb.icks.
Itert '.f Capture.
The bolshevik W"T reported to
have rrcuptur
Deniken lack
d Orel
to the
rts of
j Kid'f. On Kolchak's froTit the bo-
sheviki wore said to have advanced
11 miles in the Kurgan rrgi-.-i. tak
ing l.f.eai prior-;ors and to have won
j other successes m
Trott sk and sectors.
ino i ir.oisK.
lind a irreat many worthwhile lir-
Interurhati Dav advertisements
Vote of Senate Foreign Re
lations Body Was Ten to
Seven Favoring Conditions.
WASH1XGTOX. Oct. :'2 Preser
vations to the peace treaty would,
have to bo accepted by the other al-i
lied powers, the senate foreign rela-j
tions committee decided today.
The vote came early in the special
meeting of the committee called to-
! day to begin drafting the resolution
i of ratihcalion. The committee took'
I up the question of whether Ameri-;
!ean reservations should require the;
assent of other powers and the vote
, was 10 to seven in favor of this as
i condition to ratification. McCum-
ber, republican. North Dakota, j
voted with the democratic sentors
and Shields. Tennessee, democrat,
voted with th-- republicans. j
At least three of the great pow-l
ers must assert to the American res-j
ervation before, ratification by the
fnited States becomes effective, thej
committee declared.
Voto Down Amendments.
The committee repeatedly voted
down amendments to the' n serra
tions offered by Sen. Hitchcock and
other democrats. j
"The .steam roller was well!
greased," Sen. Pomerene said as he
left the meeting.
The committee approved the'
Lodge reservations regarding with-;
drawal from the league. Article 10, ;
mandates whioh would be accepted'
only with approval of congre ss juris-
diction over domestic questions and:
the Monroe doctrine. The vote ran'
11 to six on most amendments and J
10 to se en on others.
There wa a bitter tight over Ar-j
tide 10, three or four democratic:
amendments 1 eing rejected in sue
cession. The vote on the reserva
Hon regarding the Monroe doctrine i
was 11 to six.
Proiion of Article lo.
Tlie reservation regarding Article
states that, "the Fnited States
decline t jissume
obligation of any other country cm
to interfere in controversies bo-j
twten other rations." Military or
lia a:
lorce.s or economic action
b nijuoyed tinder thej
tieaty without the express
of congress, the reservation
consent i
provides. Pres't Wilson has Uatlv
said he will regard adoption of this
! i lause as rejection of the entire i
! treaty. .
Hom-stic questions named as com-i
mg within the e. lusive jurisdiction!
j of the Fnited States include immi
gration, coastwise traflic. tariff and!
i i onnr.erce. '
- . , i
The Mannte dostrine. it is troul-
; i-(' shall be interpreted by the Fnit-'
I ed States at or ce and is declared to!
I ..whnlv outside the i u r isdi t ion '
of the League of Nations."
Action of the foreign rdaüon.s
1 committee tod ty made it clear to
i democratic senators that the treaty
', l;ght will L- .- Litter one when it
; reaehej the set ate Üoor. S-n. Hitch-1
! tuck, failing t obtain modi!ieatin
of the Idge reservations, will ccn
i ter his efforts cn beating them when
tlo v come l.efore the s-nate. in the
san.e war tint the committee.
mieniliin-nts t The treaty were
Peace is too Tame;
British Soldier is
After Exciting Job
L iNDOX. o.-t. Iva e is
getting to humdrum for an -stret'
h' r b an-r in the Hritish
annv, wlio was award. 1 the
Military medal at Martimpiioh
in 1 Td and got a bar added
thereto for bravery m assisting
his captain at Yprcs in the l ! 1 7
righting. So he inserted this ad
m a London nevsptp-r:
"Yo tng x-oidi' r. three times
wound. I. wil ri-k Iiis !if. for
il.oef; tired of hfe and all alone.
Wrrte Ib'V 7. Pi'et sr.. l.
l". I."
Th ex-soldier is now fretting
away at a. $ I a wek thc. jo).
Wliere there's So little to do he's
thirsting for some citrrn nt. A
risky movie jo'.. h vays. won 1-1
s lit Id,-.
r. ij j -.5 t4
1 M V HniHM A II tl TS II F.. I u
President Saws Delegates Must Act or
National Disaster Will Be Invited
In This Country.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 22. r 3rrs t W ilson today srrvctl on thr
national industrial peace conference a demand that it stay on the
job until it finds a way of carrying on industry other trnn "in the
spirit and with the very method of war." Otherwise, national
disaster is invited, he warned.
Written in the president's sick room in the white house, the
Insists Action of State Board
Was Actuated by Repub-
lican Leaders.
tU ime for South Pend's tax b-vy
ut bv the state board of tax com
missioners is laid to republican po
litics by Mayor Carson.
The mayor insists that the action
of the state board m cutting the
levy for 1'jJO of this city was actu
ated purely by the desire of repub
lican leaders at Indianapolis to dis
credit South pend republicans, and
i.a 1 1 ieii I.-, rl - the citv administration
, , , ,i
'I-:ikhart got what slo- wanted,
and the state will get all the levy it
asked for." angrily comm i:t- 1 th
major V"dne-da in discussing i!.
action of the state board in it'inu'
the l- of this city from 7 1 to o
cents on
Again-t South IJeinI.
"The winde tiling i- 1 1 T l ." lie
continued. "Th)
I ta i i .
i o n at
lndianapdi do eveiythmg th-y "..,
against South It. ml. Thy don't
want us to g. t ativwhe,.-. Tl,- j
publi.-ans passed this law. ami i.-.w j
they are going to mak- it "!-iate j
a the eXp Use of 1 his e;ty.
"Hut we a t not going ' ! t
tllOSe b.lbieS keep SoUtll H' tld frotll ;
xparoling. '-'11 :inl some way m
which to get the money.
1 S. a 1 1 I l ' I 1 1 1. e ( o . . i : u o , , . 1 1 '
it was lore wli wrote down
dianip'dis. t d I i I : ; lb- eo 1 1 i . i . : - - 1" 1
tliat w did mt n ! th mon- w
. J were asking f or
1 think I know
who it was. and u" I can g ' ab. Id I
of that b ti-r. be!ie. me. ik.-r-.. will J
t.e something U'utig.
i !..t.-.; pi--s:
a i? . in k iM ; a idt i : i;t s
train. i:ni: M"l!; To rivriN-
N ATI. 'b:o. i. .-r. kin. Alb
Velti-sday --n: !b f..rvir:g n. -
sage to J'la-s'r "i;--,n:
t wa s w.rli k n i gr T t!;a- I
learr.ed, btc.4u-'- of voir .lit..-- i
w t '. i ! d L . l n i p s.-1 1 . : . f . .
MlS. Wilson to ree;e
ttiid myself during ur uu' to W.:s);
ington. We f r'--m ! h'-!. . . i :'.
be redc.'d to h.e.iiTii urd . igor. Ti;
uue.-n joir.s no- in sr. dir. o-. a;.. I
Mr.. Wilson sin- r s? u .n d ,-r 1
,1-su ra ra ot I a : : ii ! . I
f ri-ndsh i p."
; . - r o .' . 1 1
Y' r.' ;st w. i . t
llight iiirson, w er a i s-.,'
bed h' re carb, W.'ir .sda . .n r
etas'r, b tvve. ,-. a!' --ed r irr. v .';
strike Lrakr- and -pj i.n p;. ;.or
J'ive n gn-c s we. .,rr"t I. Ik ir
of th-m w re art' 1 with r-. -.v :-
vo.vcrs. poo.o sad. I he f;h
gro was -aid To hia n f i '
stabbing Ar.-iv if:;i:
The V i -t.2t.-i m , di
by I tiir.-d p:-. ;
HPC . ' r. 21. -T. -id; if ,r -
rington. two wars (.;.. - o:d - -
hir-l Lb hbTide nf ,-,r. ....-"
ir:g victim v.,i- .- , u d to arriv
h-r.' today to 1. .-(,n.f. i p itc nl of
I r. Thomas :r: :.
The L -ik ir
t-r-. the -
chll'ir. ti t r e a t ' L
' 'r. "a r'
reio. r-d v i!!;e r.'l: to p!,-. ., h
ter paity for todav.
d VI'
i -
n mm
t eom;::ur.: at ion. .. tter ,,dd! i
j to the "ladies and L' ' P. t ! ! : T 1 f !t."
; industrial pen . .r, l i r.' " w
(read by S. c' J. it,.- :: i !::... : ;,:! it"
r t lie confer t:
it was indicated :.
: a bo u 1 . . i! ! i had
de. id d to v. :!.d i ..-a 1 . ( . f t!
: ilef at t-r.v', ;-,;, ,,f ij;,. ;,,,,,.- (! t
i recoup ci'!!' 1 1 b.it-g : i n . . g
I "!;:-t ; -nd 1, ,ts . d -.: 1
; for.-., r'i'e us in
i!:i :ü
den :. i n !!
"Are our industrial ! a i r- ai d
, our indusfri;! workers in i- f-
i'ith.; - without faith it- en-h h-:-.
; ;:;rr' "..j; ""nZ. uZZ
"h" is ,'0":'"-:,-l7.
To A onl ar.
' f..:- the . ... f. .en, t.. ;. ,k :i.
; without finding a giound f..r .:gri -
iuent Woubl !-e to confess. !!;.- presj-
' d-dared. that warfar- culd
mit be ended "at a time . hn tl:
nations of the world a re -r.dea vot
ing to Und a v.-ay of a oiding int. r
: national v. ar.'"
I Al'-pl.i'iv' brok oat on Loth -:l--t
.of the hall when L.tne ü'-b.d lead
ing. Til en there wa- sip t.- a a".
looked ToA.ird the label- gr':p U
:h" "dd!..
f the Ine.tlcg r.'"!.:.
ii s't Gompers ask 1 p'-!i:i;;f'M
der thi group to v. it loir. r.v a::l -
i' '
iUTrt t'o utl ' S-SSloU. A !- W.:H
taken for a half hour. At r."..:i the
labor group still wa-- out. ; . i a p.-rs
' action followed a r ed ition ii;?r-d:-.-d
by .luhn Spargo. .--!. :ng t'.v
- f'iifri'. ;,ci' to -o; to ,1 V.I f 1
! jrid nt li s u!I not a.lj ';i n until
dt li i ! a. ui. pl:.di 1 i t v : a -i:
j situation Ten-".
I 'IU... w -e. f v . o 1 n -.. : . ! .
c.it, :h,. h:,;i ,,.r
Th. , ,mi1. i;(i w , . ;(. fi ;.
,; ,.,r.lU-, ,.f
, , ,.r, .,i.nt .;... : ..
o n 1 1 1 . 1 1
v. . : 1 o ; . i
( ..j.f,., , j.C. to
w ;,( ,,.,, .,'. h.Mu ...u.-.i..-,
t. u . , , . i ..:-. "v
.lU , , . , , . . i . j , , , , . , , ,.,',,,
' !.
-1 ,
! . e. i ;
' ; p . ' I
! -1 an a ' ! a . !
! : - .
' -a
President Will Have to Aban
don State Business and
Take Rest Cure.
c- .si!!.'a;'i ' i.
v . i : : .
a . . i .
) .
pr.-s.d. t.r
. f ti
.a,. ,
. . ...
-1 .
..II I ioo;ii.
d -' r . . ' i .
A i
' ' "r ::'
' 1' !'' '
' r bi- - -.f..
d': 1 ' ! -
y. ! i-
I ' "
r ! .
r si c : re. la
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