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Mo.MMV i;vi;.i.;, vi;.miu;i: s, iur.
Right to Ballot in. the Coming
Presidential Election Ques
tion Still Undecided.
WASHINGTON". Nov. .-Siim-
ir.n from th.- V "ho'- l Tr.i'l
nvorarrrn r r rsv 1 ork in at IM"
tru rnmTt shouM nt Ux a ir.ivi-
mum prlc for er;tl or interfere vith
tho nornil rour-.. of supply and o-' Denomination fif HlirrPnnV k
j from Att Gen. Palmer Sunday the!
vigorous ?i5s-rtion that ho would;
take the same action aairt pf-ronn,
nhancJnjj prices, as was taken
Nva-Timr Witkltlnston Crerrepnrlnt.
WASHIN'frT N. I. . Nov.
Whether or not th' fV!'-r.il wnmnn
mlnc anifn'!rnent will b ratified
Told by Color Few
ajrain.t the union officers.
"Th action of the government
v as tnken solely in the general puh
lir interest." Mr. Palmer dr'.ared,
"and I hall not permit It to he us'd
directly or indirectly for the beneüt
of the f-mnloyers' 5iJ cf the con-
in time to permit th v.orr.n of the trover..
::ation to vote at the presidential'
! rtion next y ;ir is a clo.-o question
Many politicians hav taken it fr
vo il l J e r.iM:.'d I ri '
K-n- Kunnin aftr
granted that it
tjn. and hav
i he votfs f th- women, hut the
! tt-t de ehijinierits . m to indicate
that the amer.dmenf. if it tn
through Jn time. i likely to do ly
n riilprity cloe shave.
StiitJi-. f staff.
The following tatfment hows the
M.ttus of the amendment in thTflOSC WflO H&JQ BMI) PtM-
Kau jsrii:aiures, locuifr with an;
indication of the polit J a I control of
each legislature:
States that have ratified: Arkan
sas. 100 per cent, democratic; Illi
nois, majority republican: Iowa. sK
to one, republican; Kansas, majori- HAMUL'HCi. Nov. 3. A large
ty repnblican; Mas-arhu.etts, four to! n,,rnl,'r of tho P"H ' Ham
one, republican; Michigan, majority; ,,ur-' ho havfi hveu punched for
publican; Mlrsourl. majority repub
licon; Montana, three to one. re-
ished For Crime Form
HEflLIN. Nov. Z. 'Hardly has
the train if !hd the !;.nt station
than one notirns that Pudip.-t is an
ofcupird city,'" writes the amebian.':
special IJudepest correspondent.
"The chief station is a Ruanian of
ficer, the station f?uard is composed
of Rumanian soldiers, the arriving
passengers ;re requested with
friendly Mow from clubs to stand
in a lontr line and trive the com
manding I'.ummiin officer the
j travel pass.
Tin- I'ac'me i.s minutely se.iched
and it is more than an hour before
it is possible to leave the station.
It is almost impossible to pet a cab.
ami if one does find one, the coach
man immediately asks if one has
"blue money," the old Austro-Hun-
ijarian bills in contradistinction to
thf "white money of the sovi"t
"If one has th blue monev the
ride throughout the entire city b
srins. for lo lunrtr in a hotel Is al-
I most impossible to find, since near
' Iv all are taken over by th entente
; missions and the Rumanian officers3.
It frM"ently hrp: ens that Ktransrer
sj e: d dav wifhcit np lace to Tp
j in b pt . t
j trt i I- Ilinpty at Micht.
l -ei -'vhi : r. 'hrf r Rumanian
: r'''''i''- ic.r!'M;r: cavalry with
I lane.'? and th Rumanian flair. The
sire. ?s at üitht are aholutely enin-
j ty. yince no ore vrithout a special i
pr. s5 rnar be a bre ad affer 11 o'clock.
Only Ruropnltn -obl-r.s are to b
. (in int1 with Hungarian troopers
to; y l.'c h inting an occasional Bol-
sht vik
'"In the day time automobiles tear
through the tr eis carryinc Erp
lish. American. R.-'lian and Ruman
ian officers
world, has started on antl-semitlc
association which has as its task .
the clearing: of the university of f
Jews. A whole list of European!
.student are not to be allowed at j
the university In futur. Even in J
grammar schools' th antl-semitic I
agitation is strong, and several high'
schools have decided to accept no
Jt-wish pwpüs."
Hold Eight on
Murder Charge
EI, PASO, Tex.. Nov. 3. Four
men and four women, one of the
men dressed in the uniform of a
From the official build-I United States army major, were be
ipgs float the blue-yePow-red Ru-1 ing held Sunday night charged with
m.inian fl is. In front of the hotels ; murder at L.s Cruces. N. M., 45
rvhere the officers live star.d autos ; n!üt .s ;io:th of El Paso in connec
itnfler military guard. j tiuM uith th death of John T.
Rife L liveliest in the Hotel Ritz. , Rutchimrs of Alamagordo. NT. m..
un.-re ues me American commis-1 who nas shot an(j fatally wounded
sion. which mad- itself particularly
during th?;
popular by its :;tt.t ide
Jewish programs.
"An official declaration regarding !
the programs gives 1- dead and 400 '
wounded, one-third of whom how-j
ever are not Jews. The anti-semitic i
movement is beinniiu; to increase
and lias taken hold of then chools.
In the university. Professor Johann
Ritook, one of the unknown Ktvat
ones of the Hungarian scientific
who was shot and fatally
today while piloting an automobile
in the El Paso to Phoenix cross
j country race near Ianark, X. M.. Iß;
miles west of here.
1.U0O of them to be ?oM the first
10 'days of November, The Hook
Shop. 7695-3 Ailvt.
publican; Nebraska, eiht to one, re
publican; New Hampshire, two to
one republican: New York, five toj
thre republican; Ohio, two to one,
republican; I'ennsvlvania. eight t o i
one republican; Texas, 100 per cent,
democratic. Utah, majority republi
can; Wisconsin, majority republican.
Train Kills Four
Indiana Farmers
Parker Risdlay. .".), a farmer living
near the state lino, his 10-ycar-old
laughter. Fiank Hall of Ogdn. a
farm hand and Paul Adams, of
Stato Line, a farmer, wer instantly
killed and Rert Adams, sis years old,
was seriously injured when a speed
ing Rig Four passenger train struck
the automobile in which they were
riding a mile west of Covington at 4
o'clock Sunday n r'ternoon. At the
point at which the accident occurred
there Is a double track and when the
party had crossed the thst track
lliry drove upon the second track
without noticing1 the oncoming train.
lions of law, have banded together
and formed a society termed th"
'Central Association of Previously;
Convicted persons." It has estab- '
lished its own paper to represent its
views, and intenos to extend its '
membership all over Germany, (.'rim- !
inals guilty of serious crime will i
not be admitted. The following !-!
niands have been made on the p -1
lnumdiate i.-sue of an amnestv
and the abolition (f the death sen
tence. Leral OmIc.
Itapid i eorpanization of the Ger
mar1 leal code, with the advice of
legally trained ex-convicts and rep
resentatives of the proletariat.
Exhaustive reorganization of th
j)unishment of crime.
Abolition of military courts.
A law which obligates the state,
the communes and the employers to
give employment to convicted p(-r-
(oiis on eo,uat terms with innocent
More Wonderffwl Bargaisis From Our
SI. r0 Iirge
9 uiunuets
Larue sizo fleecy
cotton bed blan
kets with fancy
colored border:,
pair at
Women's $(.0(
I'leece I'nlon
Women's ribbed
fleeced union
suits in white:
sizes ZC and 38
only. Special at
Women's S2.0
Well made of fine
quality light or dark
percales; fast colors,
all sizes
Women's $:..oo
NEW YORK. Nov. 2. Raptist
hutche throughout the country
were urged to spurn money offered
by profiteers, "the meanest kind of
thieves." in a statement issued here
tonight by Rev. Or. Samuel Zane
Hatten. secitary of social service
education for the American Haptist
publication society.
"Everv Raptist church should
know whether any of its members
are engaged in this nefarious busi
ness of profited inr." said Pr. Hat
ten "The church should refuse to
touch the dirty money of these peo
ple. No self-respecting church
would tolerate in its fellowship a
person known to be guilty of high
way robbery or horse .-trlintr. and
the sin of profiteering is meaner,
blacker and more sinful than eithvr
of tbee. The church nmt make the
will of (lod v.ry plain on this sub-
BERLIN, Saturday. Nov. 1.
There is much indignation amonK
the industrial population of Munich
as the result of a military order
prohibiting the public celebration of
the tirst anniversary of the (Jerman
revolution which for Bavaria is
Nov. 7. The trades unions, advices
from Munich state, are threatening
a general strike unless the order
is rescinded.
Heavy quality flan
neletto in pretty
pink or blue stripes,
silk lined, full cut
Women' 7."c
Fine quality fast
black and seamless;
3d dozen for this
special salo at
(ilrls $2.00
For girls to R jts.;
beautiful tdack and
silk plush tarn, in
newest fall styles
Women's Finest
Women's finest $2
coutilo and batiste
corsets, embroidered
edging. Special pale
Mrs. Camp Was All Run Down
But Is Well and Strong
After Taking Tanlac.
"of all the people who bae tak
en Tanlac I believe I hae as much
jcause to be thankful as anyone,"
was the statement made to a Tan
lac representative recently by Mrs.
1. D. Camp, living at '.;! Jenks St..
St. Paul. Minn.
"For years, I just can't remember
how many." continued Mrs. Camp,
"1 have been troubled with a bad
case of catarrh, and every morning
v. hen I got up 1 would be so choked j
up and stifled that I could hardly!
breathe and 1 would have to cough j fl
, , 0
for an
hour or more
NEW YORK. Nov. :t. Prohibition
is 1 irgely responsible for the "alarm-
of radicalism in the
according to n state-
before my B
and throat felt c leared up and I
relieved. My stomach got out of.
order and after I had eaten some-
ir,g increase
t'nited Stat.
thing I would
digestion and
awful pain in
offer terribly with In
gas, and I had such
mv riht
t , i, r, T.o t-ttoK 1... . v . . "t n.k,.v...lt,.;ti..
ni' ih infill ' Iii' ssoi ia Lion ; inoiiin i ii.iij a p pe uini aim t i i
PPosed t National Prohibition.' times I bad to lie down before I j
Tliis charge, is was averted. is could get relief. I was so nervous;
founded on an "invest iuation of con-! that sme nights I didn't sleep over
ditior.s in eleven wa-dern states." j an hour, and 1 was so coiWip.ited j
Claiming that union nu n as a rule; that nearly all the time I suffered j
tirst pass resolutions demanding the u-jth dreadful headaches and dizzy
return of beer and liIit wine and. spells. J had a pain just about all!
then turn to radical orira nizat ions, j tj time riebt across the small of i
ike statement asserts "al! I. V. Y.Jriy li;lr!; nn( between my shoulder!
leaders are earnest adv.., at. s of iro-; ,i,ul,., aniJ ,.0t so weak and run!
I down that for months I wasn't able;
! to Ret out of the house. ;
The inestigatbn. it wa- claimed,
also dlseolesd that tlie TUJmbef of
drug addicts is astly "rcreas.-d un
der pnhibition and that corruption
of politics is greater "since a new
source of graft has been developed."
Suits At Less Than Price
Two Great Lots for Tuesday
For our Rirthday Celebration Sale we offer
two great lots of Eadies' and Misses' New Fail
Suits in serges and poplins, at half price for
Tuesday and Wednesday.
$20 S $24.50 SUITS -$12.25
$35 & $42.50 SUITS -$21 .25 1
r 1 Mi n nrbY
Women's $37 Coats
Women's and Misses' beautiful fall
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ful at this underselling price of . . .
S20 Serge Dresses
One rack of Women's and Misses'
Serge and Silk Poplin Rresses. all
new fall styles. Rirthday Sale....
$42.50 Plush Coats
Women's and Misses' newest style
Short Plush Coats, also newest ma
terials in long wool cloths. Real
big values at
WH i m
C : '
4 ; f
fe i I
! 1
S t
V 1 1
Women's 15c Kerchiefs
Fine quality, hemstitched and cm
broidered; 2T dozen. 7
Special at C
$1.75 Work Shirts
Men's blue chambray Work Shirts,
extra well made. C 1
Special at Ql uj
$1.00 Cedar Oil Mops
Genuine Ceder Oil Floor Mops;
sold everywhere at $1.00. LVkf
At the C.rand Reader only . . O C
$15 Wool Ripple Sweaters
Women's and Misses' new ripple
c Slipover Sweaters, made of all
wool yarns, in all
colors. Special
Men's 2öc Cnnva-s ;ioves lie
.Men's M.50 I'liderwear 7e
Roys' 2S1.75 Jvniekers
Roys' $15 Suits nt $9.95
Roys' $.1.00 Sweaters
Women's SI Warm Ciloves.
. io
Wcuneii's re ItLitehen Aprons. . 4Wc
Infants' 7."r Ruben's Yosts. .. .'.isc.
Inf lints' 3 White Coats
$1.0 t
$1.50 Large Rod Comforts. . .$3.4
Woiucii's SI lion lrsf'S. .SU.'.H
$2.00 Larst Bed Shwts.
.SI. 57
M"n's S3.00 Work 1'nnls
SI. 7
seems reasonable that
time ago I was in this
VIAII VOST K. SindiN. Met. :'.
A train with part of a consign
ment of öf'e rubs re. er.lly shipped
from Amorva fr Ailmiral K"lch ak.
was lield up at Tchita. Tra ns-I5.i ik -aha.
on i'ctober .'4 by C.eu. Semen
oiT. the anti-bolsheviü b adrr in Si
beria. Cen Semeni.;':' letuanded
that If.. 000 riMes be .b!:vertd to him
by 11 o'cPk k on the moinin.: cf u -t(
bcr " or for e would h- uvl t
tditain tile:;;
only a shoi
awful condition, almost a wreck.,
you might say. and now today since .
I have taken Tanlac I haven't an
rn.be or pain in my body and am in
LAhe ery best of health. I mi eat,
anything T pbase without any bad'
eüects i". the le;ut from pas or in- j
ilu. stiwi;. and the pain in my side i
1. completely disappeared. My j
:. :cs are in as fine condition as;
they v er were and I am sleeping
s..;:ndly ery niht and when I set
U! I thn't have those c oughir.i:. gag-. ft
pine spells, fo:- the catarrh ha left ; ?
rre entire"( . ! an. not troubb d with '
ceir.stip.it io: ar.y more. and the j o
!;e.idaehes 1 di.v spe!N ire all a-r
100 Beautiful New $5.00 and $6.00
n er
Ti n
loo Stunning Hats taken f.ein
ar recnbir s, and-$' st. k. :i re
C'ri Ti;eday and Wiln-l;tv
fH.x M I0.h IKKTTY
Ranlen)ly trituined. large and
tu:ill sli.ipes in uewest .winter
stvles I'.irthdny speil.il at
Made of Woolen Blue Serge, in
sizes C to 14 years. Rirthday $
Made of all wool Velour and Piuh -Velour;
newest winter styles; sizes $ jj m
' to 14 years. Sale .. H in
Miimiwivnn: hits
NRW YORK. Vov. .-..-a !i,nv !",s am c, rint ' c .ns
, , ., ..weiqht and s-nt: r h. nm l-ni al' . w
in1!'! !i a i t gab . i r 1 - s.-: :;..,;- tore Ji. h
, , ,. " , , i mv houewor.;. end r.n ; : .. .t f i r
r.uhters .:r.d scou- m m :!;r -locks' 1 u
.n RrookiM aad bb w th-m .l,,,,;"1" Cu Ur"u !
the harbor. Ü. f. re th. v had b. . n j 1 v , r 1 " ,tM 1:1,1 : ev, r 'tpl n" 5it 1 g
pickel up b.- tuc sex.-r-i ; i o " r s j ''!. I am certainh f.l- is.-l with JE
....... i. , r,.?;.. . - t t . r -i Ta.nl. ic and am only too glad to r-c- ' u
t h l! v'
-if t he p r.
, -.
;ani a cross
m l.l 1 f mv -tick a".'t :ctweon
ihioild r b'.ad s h Ii !;
l ppeared
1 in fact nothing at all -r trou-i 5
Women's $10.00 New
$5.50 Woolnap Plaid Bed
Women's $5.00 Serge Dress
skirts r
.it. r, nit r- b.a nd;
ba-1 be n blow n
. I i ' 1 ! 1 . ! i oft. t 1 .
ra ;di a r.d w ;r
e .ir.:",; :.i
fi'or.i fp. .r
:-;r: if . )
! x: 1 d
; e r
A n ierie.1 n
i t a i..
;,-, I lani.ic an-i am ir.i ioo iau i
i . . .
lliiUier.U It.
T.ml.'.c is sold in South ;bn.d
t - Cet.tral Pru' Store ami in Mish
aw.ika by the Red Cross I'lnrni.uj
: n -Si-
nt M
mm mm
J ! 1 ! I ; 1
fcjfl""8"" 1 11 "IW "MOiu. MäKPK .... w .:.. i". MiOC 1 .. I i I - liailliaUMHBBBKHN j
Store Honrs: 8:30 a. m. to 50 p. m.; Saturday 90 p. m.
114 South Michifiin Stre Near Washington Avenue
This Sale of Fabrics arid Accessories
of Dress Brings Unusual Values
The New Dress Goods
n That Kind That Saves Ycu Money.
Velveteen, in colors, 22 inches wide;
$1.25 value. Yard 98c
French and Storm Serge, Batiste and
Checks, 36 to 44 inches wide, in new
talal colorings. Special, yard... $1.00
Wool Jersey, 56 inch, in navy,
brown, pekingray, copen and sand,
yard $3.95
All Wool French and Storm Serge,
36 inch. Special, yard $1.25
L3ress Satin, 3o inch, in new tall
shades, silk back, yard $3.50
75c MATERIAL 50c
Silk and Cotton Pongee, 3o inch, in
plain colors and polka dots. Regular
75c value. Tuesday special, yard. .50c
Cotton Goods Specials
The Kind That Saves You Money
Percales, 36 inch, in light and dark col
ors, extra quality, yard 29c, 35c
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Special, yard 25c and 32c
Cambric Muslin, 36 inch, good quality,
yard 30c
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Special, yard 29c
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quality, yard 30c
Outing Flannel, 36 inch, in light stripes,
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Robeland Fleece 2 7 inch, in dark pat
terns, suitable for bath robes, at yard. .65c
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patterns. Special, yard 25c
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Good values at $6.50
Towels and Toweling
Note the Savings.
Cotton Toweling, 1 6 inch,
bleached and unbleached, with
borders, yard 15c
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good quality, pure white bleach,
yard 39c
Huck Towels, size 18x36, with
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red stripe, yard 22c
Fancy Turkish Wash Cloths,
in dainty stripes and plaids, ,15c
Table Damask, 72 inch, good
quality, neat patterns, yard $1.00
V- .
Lustrous Silk Tailor
Braids for trimming and
binding, at yard 10c to 25c
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colors, for dresses and bags,
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widths, good quality, yard,
45c to $1.25
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25c to, $1.50
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big variety of widths, col
ors and prices.
Heary Velour Coatings, 56
inches wide, in several colors,
at yard. . . . .$4.25 and $5.00
Heavy Broadcloth, 56 fin.
wide, in colors, excellent qual
ity, yard $4.50
Standard Notions
at Splendid Savings
Nyoil, best machine oil
made; 10c value 6c
"De Longs" Hooks
and Eyes; 10c value. . .7c
"Endurance" FI o o k s
and Eyes, card 5c
Dress Snap Fasteners,
black and white 5c
"Coats" Silk Finish
Darning Cotton, ball . .5c
"Whittemore's" Black
Oil Shoe Paste, only. . .8c
"De Long's" Best Brass
Pins, package 5c
ead Pencils, rubber
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Human Hair Nets, hand
made invisible, sanitary,
durable. 2 for 25c
West's El ectric Hair
Curlers, card of 2 at. . .9c
De Long's Best Brass
Pins. 1 0c pkg 7c
Small Black Safety Pins.
5c value at 2 for 5c
SIi ell Hair Pins. large
and small size, box at. .9c
Tolmans Featherweight
Hair Wavers, card of 4
at 9c
"Edgette" Fancy Edg
ing, ric-rac in colors and
lingerie tape in white, pink
and blue. Very special,
choice, bolt 9c
Buttons, plain and fan
cy pearl buttons. 6 and 1 2
on card, at 5c
Giant Thread, for heavy
sewing, spool 5c
Sponges, 10c value. .5c
Wire Hair Pins, special.
3 pkgs 10c
Blue Point No. 2 J
For shining mirrors
windows and
77 Original
Condenfd Liquid
sT" ' - M
4 d a a amine
i uncisd Just s fw drops of
this wonifful condense blutnr m
clear water will make foyr $ lauware
parkt like diamonds
Try bttl ml thi superior bluia
It has n fberlei ut sed is lk
Tsry best bluing or th mrbL
c a a a nullit
siiiinn n d a s

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