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I Morning Edition
Tin: vt:thi:ii.
Indiana nn.l Mlelilcan: Fair V.r.d .: nr.1
Tuesday, r:-.r.-T toin;n r a!:;rr.
vrixm rcL::;u.riue si:i:vica
-lu-Xii. iL iu
Former Executive of Indiana!
and Two Friends Hit
IJy Train.
Body of Mr. Hanly Will Ik
Shipped to Indianapolis
for Burial.
I' ApoeinUd I'rfss:
DKNNISON. O.. Au?. I .I. Vrar.!c
Hanly, former jrowrnor of Iridium,
and candidal" for pre-ident on tho
prohibition tickt. t in I'.tU',. and I r.
and Mrs. C. M. ) laker, of Kil-orc,
, wer killed six mil s from, here
-.udy Sunday whfn ;l I'ennsylv a n ia
freight train strue-U. the automobile
in which tho party v, j-o driviriy; to
Kllgore. Ah three suffered Iraciui -
d skulls and crushed bodies and
neither recovered consciousness a f tor
uoin brought to ;i local hospital.
Mr. ilanly dhd at 'j a. m.; Mis.
Ilaker at 1 1 : C 0 and her husband at
J:?.0 p. r.i.
iMMi- iii i i "in i i i a in. i
i t. ani .virs. nukit nan mot ir.
Hanly in Jiennisori at GM." n'clnrl;
Sunday morninir and Merc drivin-t
him to their home in Kil-,'ore, "0 i
miles from here. I
Tho J'.akcr ..utomobilo drove
across the iVnn.oyhania. tracks baric!
of one freight train and directly in j
front of another. Tho automobile
was struck iquaroly.
All thn'o of tho inluro.l were
rushed here to the Twin City hos
pital where former (Joy. Hanly and
Mr. I'aker died soon afterwards.
Mr. Hanly'H head badly crushed
whl'e Mrs. Haker sustained fatal
injuries to iier head and body. 1 Jr.
Inker's head was stvercly injured
ami he died a short time liter,
rnnmtc lo Camdton.
Mr. Hanly was enrouto to Carrol
ton whore he wis to have delivered
an address Monday. He had Intend
ed f pending the day with the ltakers
a: their homo in Kihrore.
The chief of police hire has ne.ti
fied r datives of Mr. Hanly in In
dianapolis and it is expected too
li'.jv will be s-hipped there.
i)si: c.hi:t Li:.i)i;i:,
CHICAGO. Aup. 1. The prohibi
tion party lost one of its greatest
leaders in the death Sunday at len
r.ison. Ohio, of J. Frank. Hanly. for
mer governor of Indiana. Virgil d.
Hinshaw, chairman of the prohibi
tion national committee, jaid when
informed y the press of the fatal
"Mr. li'anly made his first bi fight
for prohibition sixteen years ago
when he was elected governor of
Indiana on a county option platform
in opposition to Thomas Ii. Marshal,
l ow vice president. said Mr. Hill
s' aw. "Mr. Marshall was u rub'Tstood
to be opposed to prohibition in that
oiinpaign and Han'.y's victory mark
id one of prohibition's first great
i riumph.
Strong for Prohibition.
'Five years previous to his elec
tion, however, he came out strongly i f
." . , , ,-
lor prohibition and made an extend-
id speaking tour over the nnintry. (
l.ater be made many otlo r tours for
i. rohibition and was always ho,ed
npim as oil" tu our gnat oauers,
"In 1 9 1 f he was the party's can
didate for president and drew an un
i:s;:ally lare vote."
w i t i i1 1 1 f T'L' w-f ''" f.'w'w' !
LL hU1 fv Ol t.LL.i
P.v As-o iated Press.
MKMCLAl. Lou er California.
Aug. 1. Th" breach between the
Mexican de far to central government ;
as now constituted, and the govern
ment of I,owor California cannot be
losed. declare Joe M. Ak'JÜar, sec
retary of täte for Cov. llsteban
i antu. Sandav .
S. ere tarv
Acuilar made the decla-
ration in c'-nectioa with a statement 1
ileMving a report that tlov. Kantu had I
s-oit another rotv(ge to Adolf, do la
Huorta, previse -n. 1 1 president, in an
Tort to i i. vent the re -orte
planned oc upa!
1 y federal troop:
".',rv. Oantu
mate sue res,"
Jar a nil ho i p
the end.'
.r a time 1 is
,cn of tho li-tri.
is confident of ulti
iil Sect etary Agui
: eparmg to t'.ght to
1 right Mex.o.ili for
s: Mi 1 1 ion a rid a I i n -its
cutomurv Sat
the p rose tit
1 on i
1 itseT to
urday revi Iry.
Today, however pascd f..r the :i-st
time in months without a hull fght.
1 Ivory c-dnor held little groups of
ruiliar.s or of Miltii'-rs .'. isc s.-ir: g- the
j.rospecjs for host illt jes.
fUMiIN'OriKLl) III. Ang l.SW-
cruy-tlce per cent of the Illiuoi
ftriking miners will be back at werk
Monday .ic-coraling- ti the oi'ir.i.di ex-
1 resse
d Sunday r.lK.m ' i rv i
I'arnr.gton cf Tho Illinois
s union. Tlic nthrr twenty-
per cot lo- .-.lit will retoin l
W ednesday. He saal U.- had already
hf.l uT.rJ iiviw 2.0 I-, d.s.
-i ..i.iii-..i w;im I. -rue out 1-y tbe
1 Oi i
ported action of the locals which
the Spring!. eld district. D;s-
"riet rrcs't "rt'oian Thonij'Hur. s..:a
1.' kr.w of no local which ut"d to
lefuso to work.
Th Urft d.iy of wrk v:;i ! de
Voted to puttir.g the mines in order
aftr the strike so that aitual hoist,
inir of c al will he nelawd in nearly
ull rataM until Tuesday.
mw- h
-iSi- j I;
j ü'-'' - ' ' x ..'vV.S'-'l. vV v'rt !
. V. .4 1
( INhlAXATHLIS. Au;-. 1. F..rm
: er C.ov. J. l- rank Hanly of Indiana.
who waa kiiled in ari automobile ac
! ciilent mar Dennison. (., Sunday
i afternoon, was born A) ril 4. is;:.
' in a Iol; abin in Chamnaitrn cuiin-
Illinois. He secured his educa
tion by working his way thiouh
the eastern Illinois normal school
' at Danvlle. 111. He taught school
j for several years following his
i graduation from Illinois
svhool and studied l.iw dui ie.i; hi.s
. snare time.
In lssy be was admitted to the
I Warren county (Indiana) ha
i bean the practice of law a:
Vil- 1
liamspoit. Ind. A year later he was
nominated and elected to the In
diana senate, where he at once took
a front rank as a debater and
forceful legislator. In lS'.M he was
nominated ly the republicans of the
ninth Indiana district for conk'rts.s
and was elected by a majority of
more than 3.000.
Forms Partnership.
In the fall of lS'Jti he moved to
Lafayctte. where he formed a part
nership in tho practice of law with
Sen. Will It. Wood. A year later he
was a candidate for Fnited States
senator on republican ticket aganst
Sen. Albert Heveridge. but lost the
nomination in the republican cau
cus by a few votes.
In August, FJ03, Mr. Hanly ih -elded
to become a candidate for the
republican nomination for govor .-
or. When the convention met he
was nominated unanimously on the,
second ballot. He was ehoted inj
1 'J U 4 by almost S3. tap) plurality, the
largest ever given a gubernatorial!
candidate by any party in Indana. I
When his term of governor ex-
pired in 1903 he became an active,
worker in prohibition .and for the:
following live years toured
country at the head of a bod
i rohibition lecturers known as
the :
the ;
"Flying S-juadron."
DirocUnl Iry Fight.
In June, r.i:, the "Flying Squad
ron" foundation was incorporated
with Mr. Hanly at its head and
through it be ha since directed the
prohibition light.
I it 191 he was the unsuccessful
candidate of the prohibition party
lor pnsnient. tie was active ui nie
.ohil(i.ion Ui.ht in nhio:ind in
uir,()U . parts of the counfrv where
att lls u t.r. m;uU. to haVe the
lirvpf.nt prohibition law h. :d uneon-
or unsident. He was active in tht
He was Hp c;bl:sher f two pa
pers In Indianapolis the National ; Üy Asse, kitod I'ress:
Fnquirer. a w, eklv prohildort pa-j rA.N SiHAS I IAN. Spam. July ..I.
ter which he founded in 19 1:. and : Repatriation of the Kü
the' Indianapolis .'ommercial. ajropean prisoners of war still held n
e fumral will be held from his'r.erman military prisons was con-
home here, relatives announced. ! sidered oy tne council oi wo-lUprcM-ntitl
Drvs. : L'-aKUe of Nations at its session
.t . .. ... i a... o iw r.M-.-. ' here Snndav. A letter from Ir.
lie n I1! I'M Hirn ui' "i i.t,.'..
the Fnited States supreme court in
.,., ii,i., in which tho onsti-ito
......'., '.lit, ,t- tiw. , .fi,.e. ii orol-.ilii-i
tion amendment was sustained a
well a
act fo
validity of th
en f orcem'ent.
tires. dent ot tne r iyin.-r r lu.oi-
foundation h' was preparing to
i nation-wide tight for tho
of dry ooturesstoiMi to
maintain the law a campaign to oe
continued as planned by him.
taki: i i ci.osi:! shoi ivsvi:.
; e H 1 'A i1 '. Aug. 1. The rhivir-o
i Federation of Labor Sunday author
' ied its jue-ident, John i'itzpitrck.
: to i.ypoint a comtaittee of fifteen
j for the .'.nn oinced pnrpos. of "acl
ivoly goin to b:Mtlc with the. Fnited
iS'atVs chamber f cemt-uree on the
' ci.is-d sho; i-rofesitior.' and to b--
, vi-e me an;; i f p A cdtir.i:
she ps "
Pope Benedict Outlines Evil
Conditions Confronting World
I'y Af N.l::h! I'rc:
ljnMH. July .'i 1 . Kvil condtions
cord routing tho world today are
(cjtp.no. 1 in a i -.rcu'ar letter issued
to th" chur. h lv Po;o Itene.lic.
Sun.lay. The purpose of this letter
to piovl.ii d throncho'.it tho worhl
tli- fiftieth :inni prs irv of Ih.' ,le-
i re.- l y which St. .Joseph wa
r.air.evl patron of tlv universal
otniri-h. and In it the pontiff tirpe
the ithollc world t cede'. rate for
a whole year from December next
Hulf inn f u net iori.s i 11 honor of the
"Whe-n the end of the war came."
s.ty the J. :ior. ' the pain Ih cf n-.en.
ld a" tray by ra.littrit p.- ssion.
v. ere exaggerated by the length and
bitterness of the .ontlict, and a g -
gravuled bv lamir.e on ije -nd
Soiet Armies Capture Three
-More Towns From the
Polish Forces.
I'y A ? iatc.I Pre;
TAUIS. July 1. The lluian !
o iet army now i:i within 75 miles J
of Warsaw. It has captured Iimza, i
which is Ju.n that distance north
east of the Polish capital, and the
towns (f Kolno and Szezucyn near!
the (It-rrr.an border in the Iornza
of thi and other bolshe
vik successes the military experts
of the Annlo-Frt nch mission in Po
land are reported to be optimistic,
because of the remarkable itiffen
in in the resistance of the Polish
northern army under fieri. Hallcr.
Will Kollow Prcin-e.
Th chief concern of the expert"
is the position of the fourth Polish
army, defending Hi est-Litovsk, but
'Polish advices declare the pressure
upon that army will be relieved
shortly by the Polish touiter of
fensiv, which is beiriK directed
northeastward from the region of
Urody. northeast of Lemberg.
; A iarKe number of ships is arriv-
hip at Danzig daily from French
and Priti-h i orts with munitions
i which are beinp unloaded rapidly
and rushed to the Polish front, ac
: cording to word received lute. An
. ... . ...i
I i i a it u uj me iiiieu i'Ai" ii. "i
! in puttint; this svstem into effect.
' l'nnch. Hritisn and Polish workers
; are laboring side by side without
it is delared.
i;v ..Mei:ited Plews: I
"('Ilit'ACo, Aug 1. Uuth Woods,'
j; ears tdd, hotel keeper, who was!
the only uest of S.muif 1 T. A. Löf-
lis, on what she terms "a vi!d,j
drunken parly" in his apartment j
which ended in the millionaire dia-
n nd merchants death Friday night,
is hcir.-r held "merely a s a m.it . rial
witneys and apparently was in no j
i wav rtspimsn.de i: toe ucaui oi .m.
Loltis" Chief of Police Canity ile-i
(dared Sunday night after a 4j
hours investigation during which ;
Miss Woods and a score of othtrj
persons were repeatedly questioned, j
While the questioning of Mis.f !
Woods revealed some contradictions)
In her statement, it failed to s-hako j
her original story that I.oftis. ".vtag
uerirg from liquor" fell striking his
head against, a door knob when her1
Marco. Hoy .Shayne, entered the j
apartment in lesponse to her tele-'
phone t all for hell. J
Miss Woods steadfastly denied j
that she or any one else had hit;
I.oftis with a vhisky bottle, frag-
... r : . '
merits oi wmcn were luunu mar ins
Police avo making every effort to
( le ir the '-wilvl taicab ride" Miss
Woods says she took v hen she fled
from the I.ollis apartment, having
.-havne with the body.
- - -
Fridtjof Nanen. recently appointed!
arrange for the transfer of these.
prisoners was read. Dr. Nansen r
oorted the prop. sed
exchange hail
Kussian soviet
been blocked by the
Plans providing for the transj or
tati.ui of Kussian.s in shii's t Vlad
ivostok were formulated. the
scheme beinc that the vessels would
bring back lluropeans. including!
Czechs and Hungarians, and land
them at liest, but they were im
possible of execution. Dr. Nansrn
s-ai.l. because the soviet govern
ment had refused to guarantee that
Paissians would bo allowed to pro
ceed from Vladivostok to their i
The council continued its discus
sion of the program in private to
day, reserving announcement of de-
isions until its Public session next
ncoun;u!at( il riches in the ham! of
a few on the other. The war
brought about two other evils th1
diminution cf conjugal fidelity and
the diminution of respect for consti
tuted authority. Diet ntious habits
ftillowol. tvrn ahior.c youp.4 v.ti'.i-
n and thero :ir.'.o the fatal do
rlne of cominur.isp.i. wnii the a'-'so-
Idlc il s'rih't'cMi of dutiful relations
net ween imtions anil li.Mwt-n f.itli-
ers and children. Tcrrihl-' cop.se
quemces e ttsning" have ali e.-dy he en
x perlene!."
Tip- inter continues hy iKtistrar-
ing the e:!i acy of the patranage of
St. .losf-pii. "siliro tilt' society of
in ri n Kind h I'1 ur.dfd on the family.
ar.d anything strengthening Chris
tion loniest;.- organization alto
yt rt PKthtr.s human society. "
r- r. i r n& v
i,k..l.ill.l Ml. - - : :.-v. I 11 il . .gg.1' JW,, ,M r--ir
The five (iornian warships allocated to the United States left Hrest July 13 and
soon. The former dreadnought Ostfriesland is proceeding under her own power,
Frankfort and the destroyers are being towed by the transport Hancock and three
The above shows the lighting gun turrets of the former Herman fighting .ships.
Resignation of Chairman Re-
veals Studied IIotilitv
to Women.
INDIANAPOLIS. Aug. t. Itrvtla-
tions attendant on the resignation of
Miss Adah Mush as chairman of the
republican state women's commit
tee add another chanter to the stud
ied hostility of the "old guard" lead
ers to the participation of women in
Indiana political affairs. Miss Push's j
retirement from the state arena wasj
made voluntarily, according to an-
nouncements, in order that she;
tnight devote time to the national
Coincident with this. however,
came uncontradicted reports that j
Miss Hush's activity in a non-parti-!
.'.an character with the National Wo
men's party at tho San Francisco
convention was not to the liking of
the "old guard" circle. In fact, it Is
"old guard" circle. In fact, it is
charged in many places that she met
such opposition on tho part of the
party chieftains and that her posi
tion became so uncomfortable that
shn was compelled to resign.
Cause IVIotlon.
me thing that Is said to have
caused friction between the men's
and women's departments in the re
publican state headquarters was thn
fact that Instead of the women be
ing taken into the organization on a
fifty-fifty basis, they were obliged to
defer at every turn to the m.-n. All
orders were Issued by the well
known republican machine manipu
lators and all the activities of tip
women's department were forced to
no through censored channels before
being placed into eommis'sion. it is
sa id.
The "old guard" tactics in this in
cident were consistent with their
practices in the state convention
wlom they denied women a place on
the national delegation. They also
followed their illy-advised hostility
when thev had the republican m
jority in the .special legislature kill
a bill designed to give women a right
to hold olhoo and to sit on juries in
Pv Associated Press;
DKTROIT. Mich., Aug. 1. Tele
grams to Saltillo. Mexico, urging the
apprehension of isear J. I" rnamh ,
have been unanswered by the auth
orities there, Kdward H. Fc, chief
of detectives of Detroit stated Sun-J
day. A photograph of 1 rnam'ez
was Sunday identit'i d by Patrolman
I.eo Trumbull as that of "1'ugenc
l.c-Koy" husband of the woman vic
tim of ivtrolt's trunk lr.ysttry. Chief
l-Viv W.-.1S ur communicativ e as tc
hat fiirthir action will l.e tal;en
;m i'Uvvl to recurc custody of Fci
Investigation of ren.Tts rereived
Mturd.iy front Mrs. Atitt.n Strunk j
of We.t Hrokf ill. 4 that the,
irunl. rol woman might hav- ta j
her (laughter, disclosed Sunday thai!
Mr stnink'.x dai'cd.ter is living heiej
with her husband. George v
car. '
Ml'NCJK. Ind.
stale on v n t ion
Aojr. 1. The
of the Kiipiu
phi jdii frntcinitv
closed hrrc sun
day af trnoii with
Com tendered tlie
eternity t..ys by
- iiv r,eeT-
the- mcir.hcp.- of the lelt.l
p, ita Th-ta Tan sot orii tie... Dele-
kiUh were present from nineteen
chapters in Ohio, Illinois and Indi-
ana A feature
f the- mi-tinr wae
a iLufp piven ,"j-tu relay rvcnin at
Mills Uike near Farn'JAni.
Her Way to America
'MCI - '
... .
. 1 J
In South Bend
Are Too Polite
Hl'NTINCTON, W . V.. Aug. 1.
Tho young people of Huntington are
singing tho praises of Judc U ).
Says the Judge: "People can love
each other as much as they want in
Ititter Park or on the boulevards,
und no officer has the right to pre
vent an automobile from stopping
along the boulevards If it is clear
of tlie traffic unless the occupants
are disorderly."
The policeman no longer take no-tb-f
of the spooncis ami an open
season for lovers is on.
unman Fires at Patrolman
Aszklar as Former Flees
Through Streets.
While chasing Frank Kowalski
Sunday evening at ll::u o'clock on
W. Division st., near Olive St., Pat
rolman Stephen Aszklar. 4ÖJ Hun
ham st.. was shot through the thiu'h.
Kowalski making his escape. Asz
klar was travelinir h:a beat and when
reached Division andUlive sts. he
radioed a free-for-all fight in pro-
Single handed .the patrolman
waded Into the midsi of the fight
and had downed one man armed
with a club when some yelled, "look
out lor that fellow with a gun."
Aszklar released the party with the
club and started for Kowalski who
was carrying a gun.
(iMitlnuos 1 ia.se.
Feeing tho patrolman come for
him Kowalski started to run east
on Division st., shooting at the pat
rolman as he ran. Aszklar contin
ued the chase for several blocks
I whe n he felt the blood rushin
from his leg and was forced to Mop.
He was removed to police heart
qua tk by some friends who came to
Ins assistance- and hi wound was
I dressed by Dr. H. M. Crow. Ko-
vv.alski is taid to live on Kassnacht
av. A squad of police othcers ari
combing the west bide in search of
him but at an early Monday morn
ing their efforts had been futile.
Spe cial to The News-Times;
LAPOlPTi:, Ind.. Au 1. Tho
body of an unknown vounc man
a :io was killed by being struck bv a
New York Ctntn.l tr tin late Satur-
dav wa-s today identified as that of
Itayn.ond Harmon, son of Jiev. J.
N. Harnton. drceasod a form r
a xorrvHT
r - 9
met hod ist elis opal
1 w l.lely know n in Indiana. The iden-
iii'ia...;.' . . . . i
tliication was n.adf bv Harmon's
-c.ung wife, a bride of about a. year.
I Harn. on was an. overseas soldier and t
tdicd an iuportar.t effico position j
for the .-tUvance Itumely e;. Thj !
coroner's verdict will Le that of sui-j
AW. Aur. 1. e
! r u i tect
r.mnng former
Ctiys.i; K
i - IB J V v 'v.-.-.:.,-
IM v V ' ..- .:.-V -V.V..S
trofper?"- in.s hven inrown in ap.iir'Jihe .vv.'err.or was Iiis own chauffeur
the b.ilsheviki in the rir.n of IlntP on a fdty-mllo motor ride Sunday
J-itK uni-r (Jon.
Hal.ichowicz. a,
r"!ih gcr.(-r;i! who fcrmorlv uas in,
i prise- several thousand Kussians
. lt. it 1 1 i . 1 n nrm.. ini i nil eoni -
lwh) have hun living in rohnd. to -
j ir' dh r witli a few I'ohsh troopers.
i I'eter IJcj-tiev. itz . f South Be nd,
Ind who joinrd Cen. Halle r's forces
i ranee
darin? the
Kreat w:
a W. M. A. vorl-:cr
jnh.chowic; trw,ps.
with Gen
are c-xpected In Amereia
but the armed cruiser
powerful mine sweepers.
Woman Receives Fractured
Collar Bone in Sunday
Mr?. Henry Hrown three and one
half miles east of Mishawaka. re
ceived a fractured collar-bone Sun
day evening at 9:15 o'clock when.
at the corner of Mishawaka av. and
Sixth st., an unknown motorcyclist
struck the front wheels of Mrs.
llrowr.'s Ford touring car. causing
the irachlne to veer into another
Kord touring car standing aside the
curbing, wrecking both Kord cars.
Mr. Ilrown, in company with
Mr. and Mrs. Lester lirown and her
seven year old son. Walter, were
going east on Mishawaka av. The
motorcyclist, with a side-car. was
also going east and in passing the
car driven by Mrs. Drown the mo
torcyclist crowded too far to the
riuht. the wheel on the side-car
knocking the front wheels of the
Kord touring car to the right, caus
ing the machine to strike another
Kord touring car, belonging to
Henry Hultnick. 30 Milbern
Car Tips (her.
i no impact or tne collision tnrew
Mrs nrown s car half way
oausin; it to fall over on its
si. le. It also shoved Uitltnick s cart
It also shove. 1
i over tho curbing onto the side walk
i' front of Wilson's Service statie.n.
I Mrs. Itrown was the only one in-
j jured as the result of the accident,
! ho wr. s removed to the ottice of Dr.
! H. M. ("row, 209 N. Main st.. where
she re-eived medical attention.
At the time of the accident, Bult
nick was In tlm service station
paying for the repairs which result
ed from an accident he had a short
while before. Ilultnick was driving
east on Mishawaka av. when a
Studebaker turned on Mishawaka
av. from Sixth st. P.ultnick. in
stopping hh car, skidded and broke
off a wheel. He had just put on a
new wheel when the second acci
dent occurred, breaking both rear
wheels and damaging the motor.
The car driven bv Mrs. Brown was
badly wrecked. The large crowd of
motorcyclists on Mishawaka av.
caused the police ambulance, in
charge of officers Iuthcr, Saberniak
and Wright, considerable trouble in
reaching the scene of the accident.
Ry AsfK-el.-iffi! Prep:
INDIANAPOLIS. Ind.. Aug. 1 .
f Calvin . Prat:pr, grand secretary
! of -he Masonic Order in Indiana,
died at his home ht e Sunday nUht.
Mr. Prather had te en ill f r r four
i 'vvks. fie had ho n connected with
I the Masonic ordi r for ir.mv vent s
and wa known to Masor.i" through-
out the t'nitod States bec.tusc of hii
! Varie d and official duties.
Governor Cox May Open Speaking
Tour at Ohio Capital August 17
By A5.5fciatf-d Pits.
IUYTON, .. Auk. 1. A vfr
: a 1 1 y
comr.lete rest from noiitical
i wds rn.oyed Sunday hy Gov. Cox,
. .A-n-w .-,-. f npf.siHi.ntli! Tinmlni-r Af.
: tT attpnuin rnur n wim .u i s. .,,!
a f tvrr.oc n. visitinp his farm at jack-
f onburR and returning: honic at dark.
' . v iiuiu... . iir.fcii"-. i .v.-v, -
the farm and extended C'jnl i tu 1 1-
1 tior.s to the democratic- candMate,
who Fpent several hourj innpeeMr.e.
i.-w oj.l.itr.Rs, livestock ad other
r.tlalrK. Ho fxprf-ssed s itlsfiouon
iv. over prcsrects for a flr.'1 corn crop
Ivv Irl tors are cxpectcI here hy
tht governor until the notitication
Experts Will Hegin Ta?k
Preparing Tariff Sched
ules Today.
lly Associated Press.
WASHINGTON. Aug. 1. Kate in
creases granted the railnxuls by the
interstate commerce commission are
d signed to give the carriers an an
nual net operating income of $1,
1:54.000.000 or $1M1,OGO.OOO more
than the standard return allowed
by the government and based on the
average of the three-year period im
mediately preceding federal control.
This sum is 15 4,000.000 more than
the roads made in their record var
of 1 r 1 , but is '31, 000,000 less t.ian
the total of $1.2::.000.000 net oper
ating income which they sought in
presenting their application to the
P.oghi Work Today.
Hate experts of the carriers will
be yet to werk Monday on the tre
mendous ta-k of preparing the new
I tariff scredules which it is planned
; to tile in time for the increased rales
I freight, passenger and pullman. to
I become effective on September 10.
On that d.
e the government guar
antee of the standard return of $s9.;.-
"00,000 annually will expire under a
provision of the transportation act
limiting this guarantee to six months
after the carriers were returned to
orivato control.
Kxpeits of tb commission ana tne
carriers also will undertake to figure!
the actual money return which will
accrue to the roads from the rate
increases granted, which are about
per cent on freight rates. 20 per
cent on passenger, excess baggage
and milk rates and T.O per cent en
charges for space in sleeping and
parlor cars.
Intimate IncrcaM. i
The actual increased amount to b- j
received by the roads as a result of ;
the rate advances has been roughly j
estimated at S I.." 00,o00.0a. but until
rut into operation the exact amount j
the new tariffs are worked out and j
is problematical. With pas-c nger
fares increased one-!ifth and pullman ;
charges one-half, passenger trae!j
probably will be reduced.
Pascd on the present passenger;
trathc these increases are expected to
vjeld the roads a return of $27,000.-
of'0. all of which was sought te; help
absorb the wage advanr s to railroad
the railroad labor
board has informed the -ommis-ion
.In-ill i-,.r!i- not 'it i". 1 : fifiitioO inte-adl
'"". ?"-'r;f .
i Ii Wie j'i'ju.uif.'.'jvv i.im ' ruiii.u".
arriers have figured tb
! n
crease at t02r.,000.0'p), but for the
purposes of the rate case the o:n
mission used the hoard's tigut . a.
Operating; Income.
The estimated net opera
ting in-
come of $1.134OO.O0O
roads are to receive as
a result of
the rate raises represents s.x p r
cent of the; aggre-irate value of the
railrvad properties widt h was placed
by the e: m ss mat h1. ooi.uOt . e j
or $ 1 .1 4 'i., "00, 000 less than the e-ar-j
riers estimate. f)f thr; total inr-onie 1
receive .1 by the roads. orn half of .
one per cnt of the aggregate value. I
or $f4,000,000 must l.-e vet aside an- i
r.ually for additions and betterments. ,
Th.us th actual n t operating income
grir.g into the treasury of the car-'
riers would be $ 1.0 40.o0'i.G00. Krom ;
thir must b e. led net eel taxes and oth-
er fixed exper.se n"t included in op- '
erating expense-? before the actual ;
net income is determined. Admit
tedly taxes and most other of such !
1 xed expenses hav'e increased since,
the pre-war period on whbh the ,
standard povernmnt return is ba.-vJ.
lescre Iiuid.
Should the commission's dec
recult in tiroducing niore thin
six- per cent return on the aggn gate
v1ee allowed under the transporta
tion act. ore half of the fxco--i
would under
the terms of the act.
be plaod
the other
in the- reserve fund and
half turned our to the
commerce compoFslon to
establish a revolving fund to he
used for m il ir g lonr.- to the earri r
or for purchasing equipn,- :;t to i;e
1 ca d to t li-m .
I (crf-inon; s rtxt citu:
r, .!'C
e Lait
; va r. c e
callers. ia r(
j i:;!tt H C".e lhur."h'ty or i :.'.
(llV'US.I the COVerti'T ;. .C : n T
is 1.
lleveit. n
a - 1
i Aur.:$t 11 with his proral
j t th- Ohio state con vent i-o
i , cv
L 1
I u rn !
lH!a!:S l ihC r.OlifiCl! :r.
ill be disU.-sf 1 by the
with the locai or. an a r:;n
c n o
M ite
orr. lie? V. t i : U T a
ndotr." and stat-
l i -, ; n - - s
which have piled up
'.v h ; 1 e
r's''. compietir.s nis rn:i;.':a;;on au
. f ! . . 1 .
Two extra ?t ers ra nhers hae l.er-n
called, frorn th'? state cajdto! to
Claim Inerease Will jot Add
to Total Income Provided
For Bv Commission.
Carrier? ill Carry Fight to
I". i Board if Requests
Are Not Granted.
' WASHINGTON. Aue. 1 Advances
r.f intrastate rates .'reight. passen
ger and Pullman to correspond
with tho interstate rates authorized
Saturday by the interstate commerce
commission, will be asked of the
various state railroad commissions
by th carriers, it was staled here
Sunday night by Alfred 1 Thora,
general counsel for tho Association
of Hallway Fxeeutivrs.
Such intrastate rate Increases. Mr.
Thorn said, will not add to th total
income provided for by the federal
commission's decision, because in
submitting their estimate the car
riers calculated on a basis of in
creases of both interstate and intra
state rates.
lVeparo Applications.
Applications to the state commis
sions are now being prepared by th
railroads and it is expected by th
railroad executives that the in
creases will be granted. Should any
state commission refuse to author
ize them, huwfvir. the carriers. Mr.
Thorn sail!, will proceed under th
transportation act and nst a hearing
before the interstate commerce com
mission to determine whether the
existing, intrastate rates r.re discrim
inatory or prejudicial to lntrstat
It was pointed out by
Mr. Thr ra
that three representatives of tho
stat commission sat with the fed
eral trade commission during the
public hearings on the application
of the carriers. They will mak re
ports to the state commissions and
Mr. Thorn paid it was thought that
their opinions would have weight
with the state bodi .
Ak i 'orropondlng Inrrene.
Since the increases In pnsongT.
pullman. cxress baggage nnd milk
rates wire made ceneral for the en
tire country by the federal commis
sion, the railroads will ask for cor
responding increases in rar-ij state.
The percentage of advance in in
trastate freight rates whi h the
roads will request, however, will
eomspond to the percentage- auth
orized in the territory in which th
state H oc,tted. Thus increase ie-
quesieii m astern states would n
J 4u prce-nt; ::i southe rn
tat es.
percent; in
v.. -fe rn states ?.'.
mountain Pa' jf;-
pe r
r a r
! cent, and in
p' rcent.
Will Hear n
titir.n of steal. l railways onrratir.z
I in Iiili-,na. :'ded with the- p-mlic 'crv-
ao commis ion ior m increase in
I ,ntrü-ta"
rate s pr vious to th in-
. . .... ....
commerce e-..mmisvion, will be given
a hea: :r g tin- latter part of thin
"'vr',!-,e ". l-f it:i l.'i'il r.'- li r ir.toi.lili
month. II. I. f.,ew :s.
of the
commission, announced Sunday.
It is regarded as probable that the
hearir.g will include a rot,i;i!ti in
vestigation of K-e situation and a
comparison of Indiana rn .-? with
those in eo'er Jn othr state nl
tl.ougli the raiIro;:d: are - l d to h m
t ik n for granted that Hour petition
for inerra-ed jr.! ra '-fa te rates would
be granted.
Tlie T rre Haute. Indianapolis nrd
Kastern Traction -ompany has f.'f 1
retpions with the ir.torstat c m
n;erce omrr.i.-sion ar.d the p :bhc
:-f rv:o. conunissi'- n identic-d to thie
of the team ronr, it is said. The
e!"ctri railway companies are hot
aw aJtir, c action on th'ur petitions for
Jrtrast ite advances.
i Euccnc V. Drhs Wants
o Remain in Prison
V. Deb.s, social;-. i a
1 V.::zri
r.'tid.ite for
president, has rut h: f
r,f,: rtovn r.-i
the mverr.ent start.!
obtain h.s release fron
Yy friT.d to
federal ; rS-
UrP.ir.g from
tentlary. DeKs rr
.1 s ht corr. r.ids
ni.fi ronvp't'-' ii:
The l"''rr, s r t
!r.s. f.-rr'Mrv f
;e .r ,ir. a r-e-r,:-
l.i res that so lor;?
'.-r-- h-!d rr'Tiinvn
I ! a r v.7s there.
o fr.'. T.wy
the c.T.tr.-il
j-r, id :
! - - 1 n
ef.;i ' e
in : o H r. v
ro ll- rr,n ''..- rs
sir. d neide j ;j r. I ir here
" I ' i ' '! "f f IV to t h
: j n d a y
co T.ra'
Netv Vor!: that wh
fully nit that b
: I ajd'i
n do r. f
r i r . f T fii'.rf r- m
lpJiaf ;ra'dy
Hiii ea. '. '.ra; tr
i.le for r.'.e.
I w '. h r. o
d I vvish to
r. 1 y
i ' i f r
Ah 1
to I'res't i,.(. r..
o r I re. i r-.A i
f n r f .
m " v -
hrar li
Tl-.-lt t 1 ev
hrir- ft;
tr. re ! . . r
! , . '
. .1 .
ioo!-T.Ni;s i.i:.vi:
Tr A" ; at'd iTr .
CHli'ACe, A'.---. 1. Thro.
rrn tal t
tri, fr
ri.vn f'
here- S"U
rn Nv- Yedk to Frar-
r the. air mn-d r . 1 ft
n lay for Omaha, on the third
thf jcurr.ty.
!t-cr vC

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