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i:i.miai .mokni:n;. At c.i si n, ivzv
Workers Hank Accounts
Forces Closing of Army
CHICAGO, Av.z. 10 Drrnnrvl f..r
rrlat"- rno;r.s, iMi nshir." 'vn.l
hnt nrul cI'l running v. our, has
s'lpplnntr-l th it for a riimo "flop"
amor.R way faring -.orkin nun lr.ee
tho country v,T:it dry, .:cr'lir.cr to
the osc rvatlons oC tip h'-nivution
Lloi.frmnt Colonel JTmil Mnrcu"
srn, lifMfi of th- Inlnst.ri.I I.kp.irt
mnt ct thf Army for th Matr-4
irst of th ip;-i. sail to'lay:
"Tlif lay of th- dormitory, r,
inoro :rr ur.it- !v, th "Hop hous""
has parsed. Th- kind of rrf-n who
U5ftl to come to i:s ' 'kinqr fr rls
r crl.i 'I to f l thm for a lim-, now
t5k for private room?. 8inc pro
hibition bcnrr.o effective, I have
cIo.m. I yr-voral of our working mn's
hotol. irclu'lSrjT one in Chicago ami
another In Kanpa.s City.
"There Is r. real nerd fcr pood,
modern hotels for rrn p.t reason
able pricc-f. and thos' which we
have nre run alonr such lino:. Our
Vorklnr Mtn's r.n.ice in Chicago
has F71 b'xlH. Three years aero, wo
would h.ive found ton or twelve mvn
in the Palace with bank account.
Ia.?t month, there were 312 men in
that hotel who carrier! hank books.
"In thA old days, on cleaning out
the dormitories where the transients
Hept wo would find many empty
bottles on the floor. Now It is very
f-eldom that a bottle shows up. The
f.tory is the rnme In every citv, from
Chicago to the Pacific Coast.
"As for the Industrial homos, they
used to contain many your.?: men
who ceased to be producers, and
who ha1 to bo made over, rome
tlmes by a Ion? painstaking process,
into rood citizens and wape rarn
err. Today there Is hardly an able
bodied man In any industrial honyi
in tho United States.
"Tho men who are there are near
ly all permanently disabled to ?omn
depree. or they are convalescents
from hospitals who are unable to
do an ordinary da's work. Those
men nre not only able to take care
cf themselves, but even to nave a
little from their rarninrs.
"There la room in every indus
trial home. The Chicago homo is
not h.alf full. That is whv the Sal
vation Army Is able this voir,
through its homo rervire program,
to extend an offer of tho facilities
of these homes to every small Com
munity in the West."
Au?:, in.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Kelly and sons
are spending tho week at North
Mrs. Henry rolle, and pon Har
old and daughter, Mrs. Larn. of
rhicago. are puests of Mr. and Mrs.
Orra Taylor and family.
Mr. and Mrs. James Williams and
daughter, Geraldine, motored to
North Libert Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scope and
family visited Mrs. Scope's brother,
August Topper, and family of South
Uend, Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Karl Carleton and
daughter, Winifred, of South Bend,
and .Mrs. Y. White, of Farminton,
Missouri, were Sunday pursts of
Clarence Carleton and family.
Cora Augustine, of Michigan, is
the guest of hia daughter, Mrs.
drove Taylor and family.
Word has been received here an
nouncing the birth of a son to Mr.
and Mrs. Studsman. .Mrs. Studsman
was formerly Mips Alta Kollar.
r Aiuviirvv.
Aus. 10.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Lydick. Mr.
and Mrs. Cieorgo Peterson. Mr. and
Mrs. Martin Witter, and Mrs. Cloyd
Jiestle were among these from here
who attended the funeral of Mrs.
Alieo Augustine, Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Cirodry spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Sherman
Hrartlcy of Cottago Hill.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fields of
Mt. Pleasant, Mr. and Mrs. Claud
Witter and Mr. and Mrs. Cloyd
Pestle of Fairview, npent the week
end at Pleasant Lake.
Mr. and Mrs. d orge Peterson
and children spent Sunday with Mr.
anil Mrs. Clinton Peterson of Lv
d!ek. Friends were surprised to hear
of tho death of Mrs. Kzra Smith,
which occurred Sunday afternoon,
resulting from typhoid fever.
Mrs. Florence Cook and children,
cf Sumption Prairie, were guests of
Mrs. Himer Whites-1, Sunday.
Mrs. Poll and daughter. Ada, of
Chicago called on Mr. and Mis.
Adam Snows and Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Snows, Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. TIemmintrer and
family of Portago Chapel, spent
Sunday nfTernoon with Mr. and
Mrs. Klmer White sol.
Prod Snows, who has betn ill. is
reported improving.
Presented With Loving Cup
, it V
; mi t
. m
1 resigns, r
Secretary of tho Nan' Josephus Daniels, presentir.fr Franklin D.
Roosevelt, Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate. wih a silver loving
eup upon the occasion of the batter's retirement from his duties as As
sistant Secretary of the Navy. The presentation took place in front of
the Navy Ruilding in Washington and was witnessed by hundreds of
Navy Department employes.
LONDON, Auz 10 With "hike-."
vir its to historical sites and trip3 t-
various points of interest the Amer
ican I?oy Sctuts who are here f..r
the purpose of attending the Inter
national "Man .ben e" at Oljmpia
are peeping themselves busy.
General Sir Robert Raden-Powell.
Chi f Sccut, made an une;.pcctid
and unannounced vi -it to the tem
porary headquarters of the Amer
ican toys shortly after thdr arrival.
The Geiural expressed 1: i s a mage
rn vnt at the number and fine phy
sical appearance of the American
boys and sa'd that they would un
doubtedly make the othr be.ys look
to th ir laurels in the corr.p..'t;ti"r.s.
Shakespeare's biith.iare, ;"trai-ford-on-Avoii.
was one of tne first
shrir.es visited by trn- Scouts. Aftr
a trip through the old town and an
Inspection of Shakespeare's Iiomo
and Ann Ilathaway's cottare, the
boys were enurtained at 'arwici;
Castle at tea bv Ladv Mar-.h.
James K. West, Chief sn at F. :-ecuti-e
of Amerira, and Clin Liv
ingstone president of the Poy Sc(ut-
of America, who arrived after the
bins on the .Viuitania, wet-' receiv
ed wi:h honors, on th ir visit to the
camp. After a short s.op jp their
temporary headfi'iarte rs in tiie y. yt.
C. A. Tiaining School at Islincf-n.
the boys vent Into carr.p in Ricli-n-.or.fi
Park, whence they ai
broucht to Olympia my motor lorries.
Shave With
Cuticura Soap
The New Way
Without Mud
I'n clan el
body of
LiriGirroN bfzzard,
Aug. 10. "Here lies the
Mary Ann Lowder,
.She burst while drinking a seidlit
Called from this world to her heav
enly rest
She should have waited till it effervesced."
Tombstones in the tiny secluded
church yards e.f this old-world place
abound with epitaphs like the above
and it is, felt that in bygone days
the rollicking country yokels burled
their best beloveds with far too
much mirth and lity.
The town clerk of Jxdghton Luz
zard has been asked to confer with
the. chairman ef the burial board
with a view to censoring epitaphs.
Hitherto the stonemason has carved
the tombstones faithfully 'accord
ing to copy." regardless of spelling
and grammar, as evidenced by the
follow ing:
'Sacred to the memory of John
Ward!e and his wile and five chil
dren all of who passed awav in their
Others, true, nre philosophical
without undue emotional display.
The following msterpioro is traced
on the tombstone of a long-dccca.cJ
"Our life is but a lntncr's day.
Some onl' breakfast and away.
Others to dinner ?tay and are full
The oldest man but sups and goes to
Larp-o i.- his debt who lingers out
the el ay,
ho rjoes the soonest has the least
to pay."
It is difficult to find a tombstone
in J.eicrhton IUuard v 1th a scrip
tural tpitaph. The old, old grey
tones. k aninc airainst each other
fcr support, depict the pa'out of
human emotions, from the sancti
monious to the burlesque, but none
of them have borrowed words r.f
comfort from Matthew, Mark, Luke
or John.
However, the town clerk h? or
dered a new offjee r.ible. the chair
man of the bruial board is polish
ing up his scriptural quotations and
LMchton Pai7ard will have to learn
to bo orthodox.
Mabel Hawkins
Producer of
Distinctive Lingerie ami
Sclentlllc- ConeMiig.
r0a J. 31. S. IIJ1I2. Main H7G
The increasing cost of dependable shoes
has laid upon the merchants the heavy re
sponsibility of providing only such merchan
dise as will give his patrons the greatest
amount of shoe value for every dollar they
We offer in our store onlv shoes or known
excellence from makers of high grade foot
wear. One big selling model is shown above.
wilix)W ufi:k.
Aug. in.
Comnrar.itv Clrar.e held tl-.eir
banquet Saturday evening. The ! I
mom w: decorat - with white and
pink. The tables were decorated in
white anl pink ro:s u;h myrtle.
The program was: A reading by
Mrs. Frank March, ami Mrs. J.
Hood. Scdo. Mi Ruth Ch.ristman:
duet. Mrs. S. L. Moise and J. .
Hool. accompanied by Mrs. Na-mi
IVriny. and Percy F!ea s. imperson
r.tlng Harry Landers ;irst dar.co.
Mrs. Rles accoir.panied em the
Mr. an! Mrs. neorc T'b'-rhard
nre the par r.ts of a daughter.
Mr. ar.d Mrs F !i D-. te nio
tored to Thr-e )ak. Mi. h . Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fd. Dr-.t-'n sp nt
the we.-k rnd at Tepeka. Ind.
The Fulkers' n and Clark reunion
was hll at th" Palmer F.Nrhat
farm. Sunday. About L'O attenj..d.
1'e.nttst and rrv.'.s'..' w-re c::.'y,'d.
John Malcolm rf Clii-ago. ;s v:s-
Itinc- at the Ju li" h.iue. "
Miss Rache'. RaMwiri f Klkhart
has ben v:.:;t::-g his cous:n. Cath
erine Mi'br.
he Miss s Catherine ar.d Marie
D- ror-t, . !.t rt .i : t: d their cousin.
M 11mis of M-.:-hi --ir-.. list week.
.'Irs Herry l'rf '.vn v.-ho s'is'.urud
several injuries in an aut. noddle
accident a!"-;:t th- smie.
n n r -r
4 V
PUli D
! n
Saturday Afternoon, August 14th
ONE NIFTY NEW 4-R00M BUNGALOW, with basement, large closets.
built-in cupboard, electric lights, 50 foot lot. Price $2950.00. Terms Reason
able payment, balance like rent.
Fourteen Lots
50x128, WITH 14 FT. ALLEY IN REAR Two blocks from Marquette Park
and Portage car. Prices $150 to $200 each. Terms $10.00 down, balance $5
per month, cr 10c discount for cash.
ale by Owners, No Commissions
Take Portage car to Kenyon Street walk one block east and one block north
to new bungalow.
Excellent part of city. See this property for home or profitable investment.
During July and August We Close Saturday Evening at 6 P. M.
ax & Company
114 South Michigan Street, Near Washington Avenue
White S
aie or
raeii?s Wearing
Apparel Accessories and Wash Fabrics
Thursday Will be Another Record Day
These Prices Listed Below Tell the Story
In this big cut price Sale it is our desire to dispose of white summer goods at
a fraction of their real worth. Women's and misses' white summer apparel, ac
cessories of dress, dry goods and wash fabrics will go on sale Thursday at prices
that will make an instant appeal to all thrifty women of South Bend and vicinity.
August Sale of
Muslin Underwear
Dainty new undermuslins at surprising values. The
summer wardrobe can be provided with the daintiest of
muslin ga:ments at little cost by selecting from these
lots listed below. Buy your summer supply now at
these savings.
Extra Special
Envelope Chemise in pink
and white batiste and nain
sook, plain hemstitched and
lace trimmed. Large sizes.
Regular $1.50 and $1.75
values. Sale price. . . .$1.25
Nainsook Gowns, fancy
lace trimmed, short sleeves
and sleeveless. Special . $2.00
Nainsook Gowns, excellent
quality, fancy lace trimmed,
slipover style. Special at
$2.50, $3.00, $3.50, $3.95
and $4.50
Philippine hand embroid
ered Gowns, in dainty de
signs, at $3.50, $3.95, $4.50,
$5.00, $5.95 and $6.50
Philippine Envelope
.Chemise, in sizes 36 to 44, at
$3.50, $3.95 and $5.00
Women's and misses' plain
Muslin Bloomers, run full
sizes. Special 75c
Muslin Underwear
for Children
Children's Muslin Gowns,
long sleeves and slipover
styl es; sizes 4, 6, 8 at $1.00;
sizes 10, 12, 14 at. . . .$1.25
Children's Pink Batiste
Pajamas, drop seat, in sizes
6 to 1 2, at $1.50
Envelope Nainsook
Chemise, lace trimmed. For
merly sold at $2.00. Sale
price $1.50
Muslin Petticoats, lace and
embroidery trimmed. Spe
cial $2.00, $2.50 and $3.00
Nainsook Petticoats, double
panel, lace trimmed, at $3.50,
$4.50 and $5.00
Envelope Chemise, lace
trimmed yoke, front and back.
Special $1.50
Nainsook Envelope
Chemise, fancy lace trimmed,
extra quality, at $2.00, $2.50,
$3.00 and $3.50
Nainsook Corset Covers,
good quality, lace trimmed, at
75c, $1.00 and $1.50
Worn en s one-piece ra
jamas of cross-barrel dimity,
ribbon trimmed. $2.50 value.
Sale price $1.89
Muslin Underwear
for Stout Women
Muslin Gowns, long sleeves,
tucked yoke, V-neck with em
broidery edge, at $2.50
and $2.75
Petticoats, plain scalloped,
double panel. Special . $2.00
Muslin Petticoats, lace and
embroidery trimmed, at
$2.50, $3.00, $3.50.. $3.95
Muslin Drawers, embroid
ery edge. Special. .. .$1.50
Wonderfully Low Priced During
This White Sale of Ready-to-Wear
Note the big saving on every item listed
eautiiul Dresses
Half Price
Dainty White Summer Dresses in organdie,
voile, linene and linen, in sizes 1 6 to 44. Regu
lar $15.00 values at $7.50
$18.50 values at $9.25
$22.50 values at $11.25
$25.00 values at $12.50
$30.00 values at . $15.00
ma?t Skirts
ig Reductions
White Gaberdine Wash Skirts in regular
and extra sizes. $3.00 value, sale price .$1.98
White Mercerized Poplin Skirts. $5.95
value, sale price $2.49
Surf Satin Wash Skirts, tucked and pearl
button trimmed. Regular $10.00 value, sale
price $5.95
White Voile Blouses
all Half Price
Choice of any White Voile Blouse in the
store. $1.50 to $10.00 values. Choice Thurs
day at HALF PRICE.
White Wash Fabrics
At Very Special Prices
Gaberdine Skirtings, 36 inches wide,
S5c to $1.25 values, Sale price, yard 69c
White Voiles, plain and figures, 36
to 40 inches wide 50c value, Sale
price 37c
Mercerized Table Damask, 72-inch,
excellent quality. Regular $2.00 value.
Sale price, yard $1.79
Bed Spreads, size 74x84; square cor
ners, good quality. Special $3.50
Towels and Toweling
Save You Money
Huck Towels, size 13x27 with red
borders (seconds). Very special, Sale
price 12c
Huck Towels, size 1 7x35. Very spe
cial. Sale price 25c
16-inch bleached Toweling, red bor
der, 25c value.. Sale price, yard. .19c
White Huck Toweling, 1 8-inch, good
quality. 35c quality, yard 29c
Miscellaneous White Sale Specials
Venice and Filet lace edges. Values
up to 25c. Sale price, yard 7c
All-over lace and embroidery. Values
up to $1.00. Sale price yard 39c
Women's Initial Handkerchiefs.
Very special, each 5c
White pearl buttons, good variety in
different sizes. Special, card 5c
Bleached Sheets, good quality, size
81x90. Sale price, each $2.59
Pillow Cases, size 45x36, good qual
ity. Special, each 50c
Interurban Day
Every item listed below is
a big money saver.
Big Dress special. One
lot of Voile and Tissue
Gingham Dresses. Former
ly sold up to $16.50 on sale
Thursday ß
at Jtl iij
Short Coats, for sports
and outing wear, good va
riety. Very special Thurs
day at
One lot of blue serge long
Coats. Formerly sold up to
$25.00. Choice Q4 ß
Thursday at. . Ofia
Gingham Dresses in
plaids, stripes and checks.
Formerly sold up to $6.50
Th ursdav
Painless Fpinal adjusting and
ilrUpN ss healing.
120 l-jit Vutvo St root
Over Kinney's Shoo Stero
Install Your DOWAGIAC
om: iu:gisti:i: i-tilvaci-;
Now, anI to prepared for lnt-r.
226 South Michigan Street
mon oioe
223 So. Michigan Sr.
Auto Market
Jefferson at Lafayette Blvd.
Try XEirS-TlMLS Want Ads

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