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WT? i:si. v Moitvi.vf;. si:rri;;m;u i. 123
By O. Henry
Marth i
lit rf l.ikrry rn tl,
u- hfrf 3 tr'"1 up
M ,ir I. am krpt
rrn r ( the-
t lift " t .
door j.
MJf-s Martha a ff rtv. hT Kink
1'iok thnvTI ;l c r ! it "f two thoi
mnd J'llnr. ;nl sfu- p'sf-v.s.-l two
la'.pr tfth and a syn.p tt!i tl- lir.irt.
Many p nji- hav- 1:1 .1 r r 1 I v.hns'
ch-irff to do 5f wfr1 much inferior
to Mi.vi Marth-iV.
Two or thrr firr.- a wrk a cms
Mis-t Martha If a nod wo.ikly atrainst
tho sh-ios anI laid "no har.tl on hfr
I.'uf -dot tf (1 silk waist. Ino yountr
iii.'in too' tf1(. other iy tho roll.ir.
"'nrr. n." ho said, "yo-i'vo Kail
nouk'h." lie diacijod tho antrry
orso out. at tho door to tho M-kwalk,
and thn nm! bak.
"Gu'S.i yoi.i ouht to J.o told. fTp
firt. Vhn it's done ho rub out
tho ponU linrx with a handful of
rtalo l.roadcrum!. That's totter
than India rubbor.
"Ulunibf rtr'.s brn buying hi.
VrotfJ hrro. Wrll, yrstorday well.
you know, ma'am, that butter isn't
well. Illumbcrprer's plan i.n't pood
for anthinsr now rxoopt to cut up
Into railroad sandwiches"
Miss Martha wont into tho back
room. She took off tho blue-dotted
filk wait and put on the old brown
fdr tjyod to wear. Then she
ta tako an lnteresr. no was a miu-d!o-afred
man, woarinr: .-port.K les
ma am,' ho aid. "what the row H
a!.f,iit. TTnt'n IllumSfrcr. lie's an
arrhitootural draftsman. I work In
I tho 5.1 mo r.fMce with him.
it' porn working hard for thro;
plan for a now
months drawing a
city hill. It was a prizo compfti-
Tareful n " lyrstr-rdav. You know a draftsman
III Ipokn KnB!l,h with a ,trong;" ak' h' 'Irawlns In pencil
Gorman accent. Hi r!otlos w ere 1 r-
w orn and darned in placi s, and j
wrinklod and barrrv in others .I'.ut I 11 'r 1 r" ' -v mf- n
ho looked neat, and had very good
manners. j
Ho always boucht two leaves of
stale bread. Kr-.h broad was fivo
cent n. loaf. Stal" ones woro two 1
for fivo. Never did he call for any- j
thini; but stalo br-ad. !
Onco Mi? Martha Raw a rod and
brown stain on his finor. She was j
uro then that ho w.s an artist and j
very poor. No douit ho lived in
a Karret, where ho painted pictures '
and at Ftalo bread and thouqht of ,
tho pood things to eat in Mi:,s M.ar
tha's bakery.
' Often when Miss Martha rat down ;
to her chops and Ii?rht r-dls and Jam !
and tea she would dKr. and wish;
poured tho quince ?cod and borax
mixture out ofthe wndow into the
ash can.
1 Pr UnltM Tress:
MON(;C. Ind., Au. 31. The body
of A. C Helper, living four miles
west of here was found in the ruins
of his home late last nij;ht, by neigh
bors who were attracted by the fire.
Tho holy was burned to a crisp
and was in such condition that no
marks of violence coui.l be found.
He was alone at the time. It Is be
lieved that Helper was murdered and
his body thrown into the woodshed
and then the building, tit afire.
LOS A NG 11,1 IS After Mng im
priNoiMtl for ficht minutes under nn
auto completely Putimercctl In tlc
Nuple Canal, Mrs. Warner Sehet
was ronifil. An air pocket under
the top of the machine save! her.
DKS MOINES ITecl Sti"lbers
Hxlay tartetl hunting for an appli
ance to jwvvcnt auto tires from Inl
ine stolen frrm the machine. Stahl
herc's c:ir was stolen yesterday. He
found It today, minus the tlre.
that th centlo-mannf red artift
micht shiro her tasty moa! instead of
fating his dry crust in thnt draughty
attic. Mis.s Martha's he irt. as you
hivo been told, was a lympathetic
In order to test her t leory a? to
bis occupation. ?he hroutrht from her
room on day a palntinp. that she
lad bouerbt at a sale, and het it
nalnt tho shelves behind the bread
It was a Ven lan scene. A splen
fllri martlo jialarzio (so it paid on the
I-irture) stood In the foreground or
rather forowater. For the rest there
were gondolas (with the lady trailing
her hind In tho water), clouds, sky.
and chiaro-oscuro in plenty. No
av'lst could fail to notice it.
Two days afterward the customer
came in.
"Two lcafa of stale bread, if you
1 lease.
"You haf höre a fine bicture, mad
nnif," he said while fho was wrap
ping i.p tho bread.
Yes?" says Miss Martha, revelling
in her own "-unnintf. "I do so ad
ndre art and" (no, it would not do to
say "artists" thus early) "and paint
ings." she substituted. "You think
It is a cood picture?"
"er balace." said the customer, "is
r.ot in pood drnwintr. Der bairrpec
tive. of it is not true. Goot morn
inpr. madame."
Ho took his bread, bowed, and
hurried out.
Yes. he must be an artist. Miss
Martha took the picture back to her
How !?entl and Iclndly his eye
fhone behind his spectacles! What a
broad brow ho had! To be able to
udKo perspeetivo at a clance and
to live on stale bread! lint ponius
often has to struggle before it is
What a thlnpr It would bo for art
and perspectiv if penius were
backed by two thousand dollars in
bank, a bakery, and a sympathetic
heart to Hut these were day
dreams. Miss Martha.
Often now when ho came he would
chat for a while across tho showcase.
Tie seemed to cravo Miss Martha's
cheerful words.
He kept on huyin fctale bread.
Never a cake, never a pie, never on?
of her delicious Fally Lunns.
She thought ho bepan to look thin
ner and discouraged. Her heart
ached to add something pood to eat
to his mearrt purchase. Put nor
courasro failed at the act. She did
rot dare affront him. She knew the
pride of artists.
Miss Martha took to wearing her
blue-dotted silk waist behind tho
counter. In tho back room she
cooked a mysterious compound of
Cjiiince seeds and borax. Ever so
many people use it for the complex
Ion. One day th" customer came in as
usual, laid his nickel on the show
case, and called for his stale loaves.
While Miss Martha was reaching for
them, there was a prrat tooting, and
clanging, and a fire-engine carrie
lumbering past.
The customer hurried to the door
to look, as any one will. Suddenly
Inspired. Miss Martha seized the op
portunity. On tho bottom shelf behind the
counter was a pound of fresh butter
that the dairyman had left ten min
utes before. With a bread knife
Miss Martha made a deep slash in
each of the stale loaes. inserted a
generous quantity of butter, and
pressed the loaves tijjht apaln.
When tho customer turned once
more she was tying the paper around
When he had gone, after an unus
ually pleasant little chat. Miss Mar
tha smiled to herself, but not with
out a ff!Uht f.utter of the heart.
Had she been too bold? Would he
tako offer.se? But surely not. There
was no language of edibles. Ilutter
was no emblem of unmaidenly for
wardness. For a long time that day her mind
dwelt on tho subject. She imag
ined the scene when he should dis
cover her little deception.
He would lay down his brushes and
palofte. There would stand his easel
wl;h the picture he was painting in
which the perspectiv was beyond
He would prepare for his luncheon
of dry brad and water. He would
!ico into a loaf ah!
Mis; Martha blushed. Would he
think of the hand that placed it there
as he ate? Would ho
The front door bell jangled
viciously. Somebody was coming in.
making a great deal of noise.
Mi.-s Martha htirrud to the front.
Two men were there. One was a
young man fmokir.g a pip a man
rho h.id cover seen before. The other
was her artist.
His face was very red. hl.i hat was
on the back of his head, his hnir was
wildly rumpled. I'o clinched his
two f'.sts and shook them ferocloul'y
at Miss Martha. A: Miss Martha.
"Dummopf!" ho shouted with ex
treme loudness: and then "Tausen
danfer!" or something like it in (Jor-r.-.an.
The young man tried to draw him
'I vi:l not to " h" said angrily.
"e!?o I shall told her."
He made a bass drum of Miss
Martha's counter.
"You haf hpoüt mo." ho cr!?d. hi.i
rdue eyes blazinz behind hin specta
cle. "I vill tell you. You vas von
m55!nFBome obi cat!"
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