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mi.y MüK.MNd. si;iTi:Mni:u .i. 1920
:hey are loyal
to republic in
tA Stick Together a Police
and Militär)' Keep
nv iirfiii rt KHAN.
YCrr-5-AtUr.?Jc Nwjri;ir Service)
' iiNTY T r . i : 1 : t:v. -iu.
ThT' in p.--rhars r.' fanty in Ire
land that has at th ir..MU mo
ment .1 worf. nam- thin Ti;pf-rary.
lTf the firf-t t thr police mi:n!fH
took p'.iC" rxr lht'rr. month
cr. f! re a p"!irf- f-rant w.i
hot (1'arl h f-v nU'hrs :ik. Tipp r
ftry N. thT'for. th H'urm crntr
nf th- troJ:.I'j through which Ire'
larv i now pa.-!r;. and by which
very county in thf- youth ar.d vft.
m well .is forne in th north, is af-
It thTf for-, prrhaps th- last
pl.t-- in whifh ur.yon'. fxcrju my
.'f. would think -f rhoo?irifr for a
lio!:-!ay. A hoypitable invitation.
ho'.vefr, xvouM br ok r.o refusal.
tiwi a. p-rrT..tl !f .-ir- to throuerh
ihn eüttirb-! ;ir a roal- mo a will
ing visitant. Iti thr- vi inity of a
thoroughly prop. rows town, I am
"ritnrrr this' b patrh I t rr.e ?ay
that it was with r.o luht h;irt I
Undertook the Job of transporting
ny family, for with the- railway service-
heli up very time an armed
T,r'2cenian or nn armed soblier pre-
?;v ly, and then as:.in as if by macric
;t m Its into thin a'.r. Th- police j
and military ar- cddiir M to h- i on- .
tinuouily on the aKrt. They know
not when the stroke will fa1,'.. I
whether in d.irk or '.aylUnt. but
thv know t-v ep ri r, tb.tt fall it :
'.vi.:. They kr.ov no r -t arul n ec. j
cape fro-a t e r ri.i I vigilance. Hard
ly a day t.r niht pass, h that some!
lnr-1'b nt do- not arie, a patrol Is j
i-hot nt or disarmed, a barrack at- i
tai ked. or a mail rar robbrd.
IVnpIo Aro Silent.
People wnndrr whether the whMe
population is vip-to the neck In the
ronpiracy. That is a question
w hich th- i-;icu;il v;?tor does not as'rf.
and if he dil he would not set an
answer. Certain It is that whether
willingly or not, as between the po
lice and people, there in a complete
line of demarcation. The majority
of the poop: preserve the most ab
solute sdh-iice as to what they know,
and th-y must know a great deal,
and for thi" reason the polir-o are
absolutely at l ay in their investicra
ti'T.s as to various out rapes'. Th
pn?itirn of thf poliro and military
in thte circumstances cannot be
other than humiliating. They ar
piiwerbs to prevent outrage and
they are powerless to punish out
rage when it does occur. The situ
ation i?. therefore prave and full of
even wor?e possibilities.
claims to be a prandniece of Alex
ander I., grandfather of the latp T?ar
and declares she Is In possesion of
tho mlraculou Ikon of Iversk held
in veneration by all sections of the
Ktivdan peoplo.
In February last. It is reported
she, with a hand of followers, felzed
Chelyabinsk, cut off railway com
munication, killed several bolshevik
corr-mlssaries and engaged and de
stroyed some red regiments station
ed In that repion. The central soviet
is Faid to have offered a reward of
1.000,000 rubles for "The Woman In
White." dead or alive.
Don't fail to read thw special dis
play Advertisement of th South
Ilend Realty Company In the Heal
Estate page in Sunday's News-Times.
will Insure to thLs country a health
ier and more intelligent "family of
the future" and many a woman, ob
viously unfit for marriage, has had
her health restored by the timely u??
of Iydla E. rinkham's Vegetable
Compound, the rnot successful rem
edy for female ills the world ha?
ever known. Enormous quantities of
roots and herbs are used annually
!n making this pood old-fashioned
remedy and no woman who suffers
from female ills should lose hore
until she has tried It. Advt.
Build in ITomcwood.
PARIS. Sept.
1 i k e 1 i
as a passenger, one
consider tho probab
ility of heir? stranded at a wayside
station for an idefinite period. As
turned out. I was able to reach the
famous c ity of "ashed without inci
dent, and by bicycle and motor to
iwakf tho rest of the journey. he
town to 'vhi'-h I was bound is on a
V-ran-h railwaj line, but as there
had not hern a passenger train for
a we.-k. It was uscb sv to attempt to
make tho whole journey by railway.
Arninl I'atroN.
To thp casual observer, the one
thin;: th it cannot escape attention
the constant and vigilant activity
of the poli.-c and military. The po
lic patrols appeareil to cons:?t of
four nien. some of them being ex
soldiers wearing constabulary caps.
Two carried rlfb s and tho other two
revolvers of a heavy pattern. When
1 came out from the railway station
thi morning, after making an in
quiry, there was such a patrol stand
ing outside. Further on at the po
lice barracks, a covered motor ve
hiclr. carrying police also heavily
armed was starting out into the
country. At villages through which
T have cycled, the same activity was
noted, and one could not help feel
ing that his own appearance wus re
garded with u certain amount of
To the casual visitor, the cause of
thfs- police movements did not
seem apparent. There was no ene
my to he seen, no threatening men
ace. That, however, does not pove
anything. Th, Army of th Re
public of Ireland an extremely
elUnivo force. It assembles as if
2. Recent: tht
landlord with due apolugies Inform
ed ("apt. V. W. Flfield, of Plattsburg.
X. Y.. American Red Cross worker,
that his rent was raised for the
fourth time since 1918.
Tpun receiving the information
Capt. FifleM chuckled; all of which
is an unusual thlnr for a man to do
under the circumstances, but the
fact was that In rplte of the fourth
raise the American was spending
le-s for rent than before the firs,
boost came almost two years ago.
The. unusual condition is one of
th results of the vagaries of ex
change between French and Amer
ican money. In 1918 Capt. Flfield
contracted for the room at four
franco per day. At that time he was
receiving five francs and forty-rive
c'-ntlmes for every dollar in salary.
TUs rent, therefore, was something
likn seventy-two cents per day.
Every season a new raise came
i along until the landlord set what he
believed to be the exorbitant figure
of seven francs as the rent after
May 1 this year. Capt. Fitield is
now receiving, according to the ex
change of May 1, seventeen francs
for every dollar, and his new rent
reaches the total of forty-two cents
instead of seventy-two, although it
has been nearly doubled.
- rty-1 ( i f - ' . U.J-ij.l..-'wu.u ' -----1.. .' 3
magic or tho pressing of an electric
button, delivers Its stroke fiorcely,
audaciously and Invariably effec-
TOKIO. Sept. 2. A mystic
"woman in white" is reported by the
soviet journal Rabotchi Golos. or
the Vojce of Labor, to be rallying
tho anti-reds against the soviet in
Russia. The woman, who is pop
ularly known as the White Tsarina
on account of the color of her gar-
by I ments she and her companions wear
and because of h?r claim to the
throne of the Romanoffs, first made
her appearance at Kourgan. She
TT is natural to think of the expectant mother
influence upon the unborn babe. Her food,
her habits, her hygiene, and even the condition
of her mind, nil have a part in determining the
well-being or ill-being of her infant before birth.
No one cm be in doubt that the months which pre
cede birth are of vast importance for the future of the
chili It is therefore necessary that the expectant mother
prepare herself. Mother's Friend gives comfort to expectant
mothers by softening and making elastic the nu$clc4 dur
ing the anxious months before nstcmlry.
of mothers record the virtue of Mother's Friend for not
only allaying distress In advance, but for assisting nature in
assuring a speedy recovery for the mother. It renders the
abdominal muscles plimt as they readily yield to nature's
demand for expansion. As a result, the nerves should net
be drawn upon with that peculiar wrenching strain.
Mother's Friend
Used externally At eH Druz&sts
Write fcr spcdal loollct en MOTHERHOOD rJ BABY, free
Dradxteld Regulator Company, Dept. A-22, Atlanta. Ca.
For Immediate Clearance
ces lr u ran tu re
at substantially reduced prices
During the heavy selling of the past two months.
j and particularly including our August Sale, a large
number of odd pieces have accumulated on our floor.
These pieces in most instances are from broken suites,
n also many other odd pieces.
Colonial style dresser, large
mirror, roomy Qflg
drawer space . . . . ""
Queen Anne style dresser, in
mahogany. A
magnificent piece
2-inch steel tube bed, heavy
filler, in golden (Mß "gT
oak wood finish.. wUvubu
Wood finished bed in walnut.
extra heavy ?U 7i
fillers ÖflO.sf'
r me oinin
Colonial Dining Table, 54-inch top,
j pedestal base, highly polished
Queen Anne Dining Suite 60-inch Buffet, 54
inch Table, 6 genuine leather seat Chairs. One of
our most inviting values.
This is a decidedly rare opportunity to add another
chair, rocker or odd piece to your living room, dining
room or bed room, at a handsome saving. As these
pieces are one-of-a-kind we advise an early selection.
A small deposit will deliver them.
In all woods and finishe3.
$9.00 Rockers reduced
to $7.25
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Chiffoniers of oak, wal
nut or mahogany at values
you cannot afford to over
look. Dressing Tables and Van
ities, mostly from broken
suites, marked exceedingly
Bedroom Chairs to match
any suite.
For the Living Room
Overstuffed Tapestry Suite, either 2 or 3 pieces,
loose cushions, pillow arms, QOiO ffe
3 pieces
Library Table, reed fibre, brown finish, quarter
sawed oak, top 24x36 inches, QQK
at only UUvJ
it w m
U 1
;i -
The Low Price
316-318 S. Michigan St.
Open An
Extended Account
With Us
1! il W h-.
for fall 1920
Zwr&A 190. "Hie Hwh fi Kuf?uiiwa
It is time for new clothes time to dress in tune with the new
season; mirror the vigor and freshness of autumn in your appear
ance. We are ready to show you what is exactly right and in good
taste in suits and topcoats and what is, also, the best for you
to buy. To say briefly we have the latest in garments for men
Good Clothes
just another way to say "good appearance." Be sure to re
member it. You owe it to yourself to give your personality and
figure the best there is. It costs no more in fact it costs less in
the long run.
Conservation marks the new styles
for fall. The waist lines and pockets
are a little lower; shoulders are natural ;
coat fronts are soft and straighter.
Browns are the favorite color
and up
k ws&r&L cite??
Fall's Smartest Hats
What's the style? That's the first thins young fellows ask us when
th ey come in for their fall hats. Shapes are smaller; brims sharply
rolled. Brush and silk finishes are very strong. Those of you who want
to be sure of style and finest quality will buy one. of the new
Dan lap Hats
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Saturday Night Our
Fin a I
Just 68 suits that were left from our summer
sales. One or two of a kind in light and dark
colors. Styles for young men and men. Real
$50, $45, $40 and $30 values. NTow
the House of Kuppenhetmer Clothes

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