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MONDAY MORYIXG. sr.rTEMnr.n 6, in;o.
Social Calendar
Th twelfth annual reunion cf
th Jrdon an,! Thomreon fa mill a
vill t h.M with Mr. and Mrs.
lllchard Ces, 1111 Huey bL
Hev. and Mr. R. L. Phillip. 2l
.Standard Barere of the Trinity z.
H. church.
Mrs Chae. McCrmlek. 1202
Queen fit., will hostess to mem
bers of th lAem' AM sority of
the S'lnnytsltfo PreabyvrUn church.
Th Epwo.Ui league of th Gr-
man M. U. church will hold a meet-
Mfmbfrs of he Plymouth rcdl
craft "vill hold a roclal rotntlns at
Ftwdba.kr park aa the ueet of
Mrs. Charlen Reynold. A picnic
lunch MillI be r-rvf-d.
Mis.i Bertha Niemand, Indiana
v., vAW entertain the Bluebird
A eard party will b held by the
Wanlta Ewlr? circle t the Rd
Men's hail.
The PhilathM. ria of the- Wwt
rotester Presbyterian church will
enUrtai.n ith a Ardn party Tues
day evening? at the home of Miss
Dvs. Brick ell. Riverside dr.
A eupftr -will Feved at :30.
Temple- A ßiaterhood will meet at
the home of Mrs. Wolf Livingston.
XV. "Washington av.
A b'Jtineca meeUn? will be held
by members of the Thalia sorority
a the horn cf Zli&s Margaret Mar
tin, 728 mibail av.
Mrs. B. C. ritphenäon and Mrs
Don King Stephenson have isaued
invitations for a 1 o'clock luncheon
Wo-dr.e.-lay atmoon.
The Iafayetf Thimble will hold
thes 4.rbl meetir.j: of the nv ef-asou
at th hom of IMrs. Charles Tar
hon. "Woodward av.
The regular mertinf: of the Live
Oak IrUi tem will be hM with
Mrt. Laura. Cobb, Eighth U River
A meetirw? of the Missionary so
ciety of the Indiana Avenue Chris
tian church will le held.
Thr South Bend Kappa Kappa
Gamma Alumnae ataoctatlon will
Klve their annual luncheon Thurs
day at 1:20 In trve Robertson tea
room. Members of the eorority from
all northern Indiana cities have
ben Invited to attend. The com
mittee In charge of the affair con
Fists of airs. Charles Wattles and
Mi? Edna Place.
Mis Loui Fraxln, Cushinff ist.,
will bo hostess to the Jolly Nincf
A meotin of the Prt?cUla Sewlns
circle will be hold with Mrs. Claude
Tenderhoof, 418 B. South st.
Members of the Helena Rebeka'.i
Se-wlns: circle will hold a meeting at
the I. O. O. F. "hall. Mrs. Margaret
Doelkel and Mrs. Anna Hörnum
will act as hostesses.
The Victory club will hold a rru?et
intf with Mrs. Ilcn Ott. CIS S. Car
roll bL
Mrs. Howard Webster. N11s rd..
will b-hoates to the C. W. B. M
of the First Christian church.
Members of the Harmony Head
ing circle will ao.d a soc:.il meeting
in the nature of a blrhday party at
the home of Mrs. Charles Hall, 125
S. Hill st.
nkÄ T nl. 4.- cniltl t "(fftrt.
son Chapel, will meet Thursday,
September 9 with Mrs. Kllen Carlton.
Division rtreet rd. There will be
M-ork for all. A pot-luck dinner will
bo served at noon.
Mrs. P. Flowers, 140 Lnalle ct..
will bo host- o the Hooi?r club.
A sprclal meetlnp of the LadieV
Aid t -ocioty of tlie Hope Presbyter
ian church will be held at the
Members of the Norman Eddy
Sewing circle will hold heir regular
meeting Friday afternoon at the K.
P. HalL
A mcotir.tr of th Sunshino clas
of the Lo-.veli Heights M. K. church
will be held with MisJ Ituby Zehend
r.er. S14 E. Sorln St., acting as hostess.
.At Hampton Court Regatta
Kitclie?l Ec0?l0mieS Science Has Discovered
High Prices and Unrest
Are Due to Your Glands
. V'
' . , ZJZ it
lit - " :
Lift V J . V.
si ; 5
Boating 1h always popular on this portion of th Th;ir.it s. Mf-r is a
group of spectators Mith toy halloons. th- plaything of American rhil
tlrrn, which flnd3 t!evit-os amonj; th rrvn-ups in Kncrlan!.
Winifred Liack Writes About:
Some Ways of a Widow
Did you see her last week the 1 Merry Widow nnds a husband. !
Mern Widow? She was here in an
the crowds, walking1 up and down
the corridors of the hotels, sitting in
all the cafes, at the streetcorner3
buying rosps all In black. dep
black, from head to foot.
With a crepe veil to her heels, a
widow's ruche, a widow's bonnet, a
dress so short that it looked like a
little girl's high-heeled slipper?, silk
Stockings and an entrancing display
of white neck and well rounded
arms, een quite clearly and most
becomingly through thv shadowy
thinness of her gossamer frock.
you think?
She won't take jus-t anybody she's
very particular.
What Sin- Domain's.
He must have plenty i.f monoy. oh.
plenty! And know how to ip.d it.
She wants a limousine, of couise.
and a touring car. and sh-'d like a
roadster one that she can drive
herself. And she must have a town
house, or. anyhow, a, town apart
ment, and something in th country.
Any simple little thing will do. s-o
that there are enough bathrooms,
and not too far from thv country
rjrir. thes- chilly mornings, and
evenings, an electric heater will
make your home or room mere
comfortable. Costs but few centn
per tliv for electricity. For sale at
the IJLU1 UniD SHOF 13 3 N Main
st. 9125-tf.
South Dmd TIgo N'o. 2117, F
. M.
Called meeting 3 T. M., Monday,
.ept. 6th. to attend fureral of John
M elber. Visiting brethren fratern
al Iv Invited. T. W. Lon W. M. R.
31. Horst. Sec.
IVuy lots In JIonvrod. nil S.S.
TiiAa. mHa and tail, .and risv!t'Un
i W I I I. n . V - - - 1 r-. 1
T 4 nA u-hita nnH I I IP
wito riin dim ynin unu mni j
oh. so fetching, so alluring, so intrig-1
No', she wasn't some one just made
up for the part: she was a widow, a
real widow. Her husband had been
dead three great, long monthd, and
she was out here looking for a sub
stitute. She was quite frank about :t. they
tell me.
Every time she heard of a nice,
comfortable, middle-aegd man. she
inquired anxiosly. "Is he married?"
Every time she par-?d in her
drives and perambulations a hand
some housh, surrounded with fine,
ample ground. ?he siid quite naively.
"I wonder who liws there. Now. if
I could find somebooy who would
give me a house like that "
And she likes the town Immensely.
Oh. immensely. There were so many
good looking men here prosperous
don't you know, and well groomed!
They looked ns if they knew how
to take care of a wife.
Oh. she was quite respectahl
member of the church and all thr t
kind of thing and yet b-r-r-r' It
makes me shiver to think of her.
I wonder if there are many like
her in the world? Absolutely cold
blooded, calculating, going out tQ
look for a husband as If they were
looking for a cook or a gardener?
So much for so much!
Yellow hair, blue eye, rosy cheeks,
a tast" in dress, a soft voice, nice
white hands and a cooing way of
talking. For file in the Open Mar
ket! Who'll buy? Who'll buv?
How long will it be bofore the
man must have a position,
in huMiuss life or :n the
cluls. She couldn't stand it to be
married to a "nobody." I'ut. out
side of these, little things, she's very
broad -min fled.
Education, refinement, character,
principle, reputation, brains, kind
ness horn-sty. couracre what do all
these things amount to anyhow?
Yhey won't even pay for new tires
on the new rar.
Love, fidelity, faith, trust, deep re
spect. triK- devotion they talk
about these in the best sellers. The
Merry WMow isn't in the hast in
terested not in such i.iinor matters.
And yet I haven't a douht that
some one will fall in love with her
and marry her before the year is
And not one of his friends will
apply for a letter of guardianship or
I tr yto &end him to the home for the
leebie minded, on the day the en
gagement is announced.
I'm glad I saw the Merry Widow
and heard her talk, and watched her
sweet little manoeuvres. I thought
her type extinct as the dodo.
And here she is alive and busy,
just a she was when grandmother
wore a hoop skirt ar.d did her hair
in ringlets and thought no delicate
mindede woman should over listen
to a proposal of marriage without
sinking into a swoon.
We don't chance so awfully fast,
after all. do we?
Sohlrur Some pot -and -Pan CI caning
Dishwashing is the most hated jb
or earth, largely because of the pots
and pans.
To wish china and glasware is not
distasteful. Indeed, some women
really like to hir.dle their beautiful
piece of dinner war". But when it
corner to pots and ran? there's'not
a good word to be said for that Job
by any orl
There isn't any way to avoid this
tafk. Not even the dishwashing ni
chine for thf home ?olve the prob
lem. We rannnt completely JubFtl
t;ite paprr for pots and pans, as wo
can in th eas. of dishes.
As long long as we mu?t fry and
roast and boil, there will be metal
I ar.s to clfn, and the onlv wav ta
make the tisk less disagreeable is
to xt-reife special care in the clean
ing, that the utensils may never get
that hopeks look which dlhmays
th- conscientious dishwasher.
Srono women make It a regular
practice to scrub all saucepans,
whether they ned it rr not. Now.
in tb rise of enamelled wire, such
har:-h treatment will chip the enam
el vfry quickly, and make the pa 3
"appra battered and worn out before
i's time Now, contrary to enamelled
wir aluminum nee! not always b-
sruhhfd. It's astonishing how
mirh can be done with plain, warm,
sudry water, by way of preserving
! the newness of such Utensils A little
lorgr r.
for Various Tyhs
Plain soar and warm w.iter
should boused to cle.m all dish4? of
of enaroel, aate, porcelain, tin and
i a 1 'iiViinum. invert iron pans can be
;!.a,Kd well with , plain soap
;ard wa'-rf if they are not badly
jburnrd. or if just frehhly used.
Aluminum Khould not be cleaned
i with washing soda, as oda will
d irken it. Nor should it be s-crubln-d
with a gritty jiowdr. The heft way
t" keep aluminum bright, like new.
N to wish it with sap and water.
if? rff;.o:uls readily to this treat-
m nt. Then o?ce in two weeks, or
! on silver-i-lraning day. shine the
' a'ufdnMm pans with one of the e-
ellmt proi)arationf which are avail-
.;!! for silver polishing. The aer-
a: - powders that can be used on iron
: uter.sils are far too gritty fro alum:'-.
r.J 1:1 and will scratch the surface.
! If an iron utensils is badly stained
'and does not yield to the hot-water-
and-.-oap treatment, boil it in a
j strong of washing soda, then rinse it
jwcl!. and dry at once. If an iron
! saucepan or frying pan Is to be put
away for some time, it is well to rub
it with a little fat-minus sail, of
course is this will prevent rusting
and era -"king.
!vnics and Saucvjvans
Steel knives can be cleaned of
gro.i.e by boiling In a strong soda
j solution. However, a quicker way
, i the use of some of the cleaning
j powders, and many of these are not
too gritty to be used on j Iain, steel
' knives although they are too rough
; for some of the polished metals like
j nic kel, aluminum or bra??.
I A strong soda solution is made of
; one pound of washing soda dissolved
j in four quarts of water. This can
r b kept bottled, ready for use. and.
if necessary may b0 diluted so that
it cn be used for the finer metals.
1 Do not polish the metal saucepans
too frequently, even if they do lose
' their brightness. Of course, a shelf
of briuhtly shlninpr. metal, -ookirif;
(utensils attractive, but most ftich
j articles are plated rather thinly, and
J the plate wears off with too fre
! duent oolishincr. Tnd.iv. nil of tM
I equipment is extensive. The use of
metals like aluminum, during the
war period, cut heavily into thesup
ply available for household use. If
: only reasonable attention Ms given
j to the cleaning of these articles, fre
Jquent replacement Is necessary.
It was supposed that scier.ee
would finally get around to the
popula.r gam of expl-ilning present
bocial and industrial unrest and con
fusion, but as large bodies move
slowly it haa required time for the
savants to reach a conclusion. That
conclusion is found in a treatise
which declares that defective, funo-
tioning of the thyroid and emotional
glands has resulted in an explosive
emotionalism beyond the victim's
control after constant giving away
to excitement and indulgence in
emotional excesses.
The doctrine thus advanced would
he impressive if it ware proved to
be a finfular manifestation of indi
vidual and national disorder peculiar
to this particular period. But such
Is not the case. The entire history
of man on this globe Is ftunctured
with just s"ich recurrences as now
afflict almost the entire civilized
world. Certain causes produce cer
tain results in the body politic, just
aa certain causes prcKluce certain
diseases. In the body human.
From the time that the childrer
of Israel had that series of troubles
in making their way out of Egyptian
slavery and into the Promised Land,
huirun-kind has had its paroxysm
in readjur.tn.cnts to new conditione.
It will be recalled tht so great were
! the dimensions in this effort on tho
part of the Cif-ator to establish a
n"w order of existenco for man on
earth thit hardly any of the original
disser.tors ever reached the ultimate
goal. If glandular infection ha
ben and still is the ?it of human
eruption", revolutions and indisposi
tion to do honest work for an hon
ept living it may be acclaimed as
the most universal and presistent
disease knon to medical science.
V 1
Style Ellsworth
Thai Our
1 !
Representatives of a Swedish cem-
j pany have made proposals to th'"
Hrazilian government looking to the
establishment of a print raper man
ufacturing plant in the state of
Rarana. Among other advantages
afked of the government is that of
free entry of necessary machinery.
According to the co.npany's rep
resentatives there is an abundance
of necessary material for print paper
manufacture in Rarani and other
Local publishers, who have for
s-ome months been occupied with
problems growing out of the scarcity
and high urioe of imported print
1 paper, are unanimously in favOr of
the manufacturing project. In the
meantime they are meeting fre
quently to discuss measures of
economy at which reduction in thn
size of newspapers and increased
advertising rates and subscription
prices were tinder consl ieration.
. 0
11 I I
cc tri f
Violins for Sale.
Largest stock of violins in the
city ranging in price from $5 up.
Violins repaired and hows rehaired.
F. L. Williams. 213 S. Michigan. 2nd
floor, room 2. Open Thursday and
Saturday evenings. 9127-11.
Homos! tes In IIomCM'eexl. 9115-5.
jrisiiiiiiiisMiiiniiiiTiif i:i!iiriiiiii!iuiiiiiiiixiiiiiii!itiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiisiiiiiixiiiiH
I At Wheelock's At Wheelock's i
I Reproductions of 1
1 Ulcl Dutch Silver i
(Cros Atlantic Newspaper Service.
PARIS. Sept. 1. The duel, which
still exists as a regular institution in
France, will be made illegal if a
bill, which has ben brought be
fore the Chamber of Deputies, pass
es into iaw. one or its supporters
The shimmer of white from dainty
t: ft
ar . " ' -
A comprehensive showing of
this hcautiful silverware is on
Many new additions to the
line have just been received,
which embrace
Flower Baskets
Cake Trays
Water Pitchers
Photo Frames'
Meat Platters
Marmalade Jars
Roll Trays
Covered Boxes
Coffee Sets
Candle 5ticks
Relish Dishes
Smoking Sets
PASS IHK PLOWKItS. plf.asi::
When I cash in. ar.d this poor race
is run.
My chores performed and all my
rrands don
Perhaps some folks who mock mv
efforts here.
Will, weepirg. bend above my 1 w-
ly bier
And bring larg girlands worth
three bucks a throw.
And paw the ground in ees-acy of
And friends will wear crepe knots on
their tiles.
While I 100k down (or up) a mil
lion miles.
Ar.d wonder why those people never
k n e w
?Iow märe I was before I died
How square I was befor my spir
it Hew.
When I c-vh in I shall not care a yen
For all the praise that'? heaped
upon me then;
Serene and silent in my narrow
box, I shall not heed the prais-'s or the
And all the pomp and all the vain
Will be u;?t fus and feather
thrown awy.
So tell me now. whil I am on th
Your estimate of what my friend
ship's worth
Oh. tell m what a loyal chin I am
Ar.d fill me full rf taffy and of
Jam :
Spread it good, like honey's ppreid or.
bre ad -
Don't wai to shoot the tunk when
I am dead.
Author Unidentified
See this display Main floor.
I George K. Wheelock& Company
SreCal to The News-Tim?:
CHICAGO. 111., ö. pt. Ö. Paul JT
Rohm md Miss Mary Mills, both of
South Rend, were licensed o wel
hre Saturday.
i- Oen. de Casielnau. formerly
French Chief of Staff.
The bill sets forth that during the
war such great courage was shown
by every class of Frenchmen that
anyone, who to increase his reputa
tion for courage, provokes or ac
cepts a duel, really diminishes his
own prestige. Arbitration is urged
for quarrels on points of honor and
the following penalties are proposed
for duelling:
Refusal of arbitration: Imprison
ment of from a month to a year and
fines from $20 to $200.
Wounding adversary: Imprison
ment from 3 months to one year,
and fines from $40 to 5 400.
Killing adver.iry : Imprisonment
from one year to five years and finea
from $20ö to $2.W.
Seconds and newspapers publish
ing reports cf duels are also to be
liable to penalties
tne i linen does it hurt your eyes'
Do you wonder why you get so
weary on ironing day? Better have,
a competent optometrist examine
your eyes.
The Home of Kryptok lenses.
Ground for far and near seeing
In one pair of glasses.
230 S. Michigan St
Take Care of Your iiiiiiiii'
Homes In Hoincvto! 9 LIT..
114 South Michigan Street
Correct Fail Apparel
The Ready-to-Wear Section
offers Women's Fall Wearing Appaiel
at Very Attractive Prices
Also a complete line of Millinery, Accessories of
Dress, Yard Goods, Dry Goods and Blankets, that you
can buy here for less money.
Store Closed All Day
Our Buyers have combed the
markets for good merchandise at
lowest prices, and found many lots
in manufacturers' and jobbers
hands who needed money.
ft H
Sept. 9th
at 9 o 'clock
Oar spot cash talked
at good big discounts
We will offer during this 49th
Anniversary Sale
65c to
$1.75 to
$2.75 to
$4.00 to
$5.00 to
$6.00 to
$7.00 to
75c merchandise
$2.50 merchandise
$3.50 merchandise
$4.75 merchandise
$6.00 merchandise
$7.00 merchandise
$8.50 merchandise
at 49c
at $2.49
at $3.49
at $4.49
at $5.49
at $6.49
$8.50 to $10 merchandise at $7.49
$9.50 to $1 1 merchandise at $8.49
$10.50 to $12 merchandise at $9.49
$18 to $20 merchandise at $14.49
$2 7.50 to $35 merchandise, $24.49
$50 to $55 merchandise at $44.49
And many other lots at 49th Anniversary Sale.
Sale starts Thursday, Sept. 9th, ends Saturday, Sept. 1 8th
LTJRA CletnüaA Crtm
perfumed blend of
iweet thuti ooihin!
Safely Removes
Superfluous Hair In Three
Tiny Minutes!
WHAT joy ! What convenience ! So
swift so sure ! In three tiny minutes
this simple little duty of the toilette is
A spoonful of innocent powder a bit of
water and you have the depilatory perfect!
To dissolve superfluous hair is it's mission,
leaving the skin smooth white fine! No
trace of irritation! No interference 'with
Nature's essential function of perspiration!
LIT? A HiMt Crn
freier v i Yocta
I-UA ToiIt U'tre
( i it ir.ee eljtv
"T. gleim cf eunihx
for ycut tret I
LURA Combiajtion
VfcrJry Bex crr
rodet unirjufe. Fur
at I
It is different! You will be deb'ghted to
find that the heavy odor of the ordirr
depilatory has been overcome. Suift
odorless harmless . . . and you cin't be
really nice and sweet without it. Ideal
Laboratories Co., 533 S. Wabash Ave.,
ri4t LUfcA to-.!et r i.t'rrt re Tr;ide-atK the
me reecnon at LL? A Dri'-'or: Yer ct
exrrtenc hv Vruht the Vrcvleite tKf
BVlte rerr LL'RA Pre-r'.T n tKieetneoti
cm Oil Tcrmitr
fitfr.r.t rJ cllrsL-t'
LUPA P.rftBti-
These Shops Supply LURA Toilet Preparations:
South Bend

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