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South Bend news-times. (South Bend, Ind.) 1913-1938, September 29, 1920, Morning Edition, Image 17

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l nYi:OAY MORVivc. sr.rrisMnrn 2i. 102'.
Lori Fijiht of Tour Men Who
Killed Tollr-ton Hank
Cathicr to Knd Soon.
irrf ' .vrra! !.ir lit.r and. a-j
ru'ii'1 i aü'h ri'i'-. ( r. i. f v r to!
th- i.iur!. r "f iV(i,.r. Vh--nj
thy r.pj.f .r'd in ; i.urt t Ii y t: t c r i j
J'!..s if Kullty !: t '1 'vrr ?: t.-m:-l
to th- '.--tr:- rhiir- by .It:di;c Mar
:-' ih ' f t'.- r.il:- county co-jrt
! .';?f r an ;ii.i-al was t . 1- r t' th-
1 ro irt arid th" r- n-. for!
a :;f -v fri t! was rar.tcd. Tri i n?i
wrs t h; . ti brnjht to prater courfy
f-r hurin:r.
tho "miUi'ificaticn of h::ttcr ff
oMairu-r! from vinsalt! utt'r ir. c.
yr.'.ution rf klmmod nu'L powder.
(T öilut". tvapcratiJ milX.." A
;t.i !:u"" ?7i;xir..r vat. . ff ;f :r
a, 1 :...?f-.rc ap;.ratus. Crsotv.r-V.'.y
7.utr ww- Uffal in t.v i:).!n?
ar.d cirtfi trf inndr "v
ItiiMivL- 150 fet Inntr r,v 51 fr.-tidui't which prove. 1 to a !i".tT
v;,'-. v-a, ccr..-.tri:et(d pi uvi ltd superior, if ar.ythine. ihr- report
said, to natur.nl n.i'.k.
VATTAR A I. SO. I ml . Frt L v !
Th Ion f.r;ht of rmr r..oii to rs-j
of Iffrman I,'-rk'r. cn-'i.lr i tii
Toll'-stcn Hf.it'? tKink, v;!I r on-
tlnuM In th1 I'jr tt r county sup-ri"r
ourt herf Tu.-. lay.
Th m"n w!!l r- trkd o:
d.ictnifnts drawn aft r tl. -.upr rn.
court su!t:iir.-'l motion of th'-ir at
torr.y3 for a new trin! following
Thir conviction and f. ntrncf to
1 I !
rat?i In th. Iakr county circuit
court at Crrrvn Point.
Name of Ih'frnilniit.
Th men to bo tri"! aro Albert
liltchelor. Thonia.fl Pitrholor.
Ch'trlM (Ilrrl) Parker and Dunkl
Trkulja. Th y will havo f jurat..
trial nnd Thomas Lin. t che lor will
probably bo th" I'.rt tried. The
tri. lis will b' ondtjctfl in the court
-f Judge I r. I. Crumpa'T.
Th murder fir which th" rncn
will be tri"d was committed at th-Td:t-n.
Ind. bank on Juno II,
KUT. Flvf bindlt arr allcl to
1j;iv ntt-rod th ank ana tl.r-it-
ned thf employe.! with r'-V'jlvr:H
Th- rohhrrs hv;;an fhootln,' anl
Mr. UfCkcr v rs killed nnd C. i:.
I'hJllip.i a-riatant cashier, was
vour.rlod. The bandits thr-n rs-
C ir l vathout taking any nmrK-y.
The four r.ion to be tried were
KT' IK JAN'KIRO, S-pt. : .
proposal to nüi.Tlu:- an annual
Thar.kstri'. ini; hal in P.razil, a.n p: o
idd fijr in a rnr-fuirn now bvforc
tho national sf-natr, hay- r-j'ultefl In
M.:ny lively ljs(U.;.-y-OI-:s in tjat body
and continues n bo the vibjoct of
l'-r, ithy d.itor ials iri the local pn.
T!io nif.'i-iiri' iia;ii.s luv. 2 ' :
Tliankfirivlr.tr !.:. but an ar.ienX
mrnt has bei-n pr-rented makii.tr
th- datr- tho Mr st Sanday In Janu
ary. The bill w.is originally suirc-st-r-d
by a L'atb fdic a rci;bi.-hop. n
Mrft rr.-idin-, ;t was nominally ap-p;()Vf-d
by the senate.
Artruiiu; ti;at the constitution rx-pre-.-Iy
prd;ibit'(l recognition of or
.special favrrs U any one creeil. the
obj.-ctora alleged that the nieafurc
had come from tho Catholic church.
that its pat.xin into law would in
fini" decree t'ivo rec nition to that
church, and that th date proposed
as a. national festival wji.s . -ntial-
ly of a reiigiou.s Fi.nitlcar.c c.
(ovormnent Solves Pasturage
Problem in We.st Vir
ginia Town.
WASHINGTON, frpt ;s. i,ak
of iasttjrtce fop dairy cattle in th
vi.-ir.ity of Nitro. West Va.. resulted
in tii'- .-ta lishment at that war
built t :ty of a "mr char.i'.al dairy"'
v. her- n.i'.k and cream equivalent "to
th- output of a farm w.th 1.."'j0 milk
cow a prodiP d. i cordinc to a
i'"vi rnriient r jiori ji:st published.
Polt!.-; and eans of the fluid were
iabeler "reconstructed" milk or
cr'-am and "nitrolac."
Ar-corntr.odatlon.s f . r
habita ntM w-ro provided
. l i cnurctup. lie pitaiy. de
parttnent stores, restaurants. and
tli- oth.-r el mrnts of a modern
weib.qi:jnpecJ community boinc part
of th" project. As a construction
prr-!:.m it was comparative y si:n
pl , hut otHei ils becun to strike
s-naps as foon as thev approac h d
me i.trii or tnsunn a supply
particularly .r
wAmuLm III
i w - .
2:..(1 ;n
it Nitro.
Warrr n T. MfCray prrt:: th
ftato a 'buslnrs adiriiriistration."
Does that mean a J! 17.". 000 trarbair
plant prab like Goodrich panned olf
on Indianapolis?
i ta pl. foodstuffs,
frtsh milk.
.MoiininInr.it, District.
Xitrrj Is yituat-d in a mountain
ous district wher- little, if anv nat-
urtl paiurac i' avail'iha'. 'Loral
Iliill; si:tpli'S v-r- b.ir-! M'.iffi :u-rt
t .'ittisfy tb" nornal demands of
Char!--town, the i cans: ir.etropf.li.
1 "xpa nsi"n of til" natural supply -in;-,'
oui of tb.e .to; the puV.O
health s-rvice was a.kul for aid
and th- firM " m ch i. :i 1 dairy" re
sulted. The nr ")?( ss use d i t't-scrib : is
Mrs. Bowers Says Everybody
is Asking Her What She
Took to Bring About Such
an Improvement.
cry body Is asking what I have
taken to make nio look so much
better, and ! don't hesitate to tell
them I owe th? wonderful improve
ment in my health entirely to Tan
lac." said Mrs. Susie Bowers, of 104 3
Wabash Avenu I'ort Wayne. Ind.
I wa in such a terrible condi
tion before I bertan takim,' Tanlac
I thought I would have to pive up
altogether. I had indigestion so bad
that I couldn"t cat evoi tho light
en kind of food withou: su:"feriri;r
j.. vere '.Tins afterwards. My kidneys
also bothered me a c:-.:t deal and
my nark hurt sue so at tivit-s I
t( u!d hardly stand it.
"My r.rrves la cam .- so uns'run
tb ienst litt! noix- niad" me
irrnhh' all over, and I continually
had tb meanest kind or P.'-ada.ch'-s.
I could et but vi ry little sleep at
niht and was so tirai und W(rn out
all th- time it was impossible for m-
to do vtry much housov.-ork.
"A friend of my daughter was so
trreatly benefited by Tanlac tlia she
insisted on ray trying 1. and I am
so tbankful I did lr.r now my six
yearn of suffering 1' ended. I have
such an appetite now I can hardly
pet enough to cat. and I can even
eat raw onions without suiforinr a
particle from indigestion.
"I no longer have any trouDlc
with my back, my nerves are steady
and strong, and headaches are a
thin of tho past. I am now so much
stronger that I can do all my house
work with case, and can honestly
av that I never felt better in mv
.r . , Tr e
if-, .
nan I do riht ::.v. Mv br
-in-law. who was in an awful bad
shape on account of stomach trouble,
declare Teniae sa ed his life. 1
think It's the grcitos: medicine on
earth, and if anybody cares to eull
m up on the phone I'll be glad to
corroborate every went of this state-
m en t."
Tanlac is rcld in f-outh Head at
the Central Dnm- Store. Public- Drug
Stor. lan'lon's Pharm t-y and Wet-
tick's Cut Pate Dru: Store; and in
Mishawaka at the Red Cross Pharmacy.
if in i )
1 '
1 -J
rv i
f--- t - I I Ifäl&W''1
k J?&h - Mf L Jmk?ßWfi0ßW
i - , 'e ,
i - - t. -r . . i . ' . l it r.
f - - --. r '.v ' vf ;vV vr
tr- . k . ' . ' - -'-- - '-'
r -l . ',. , - r-v'-;-v ,
i - ' - . . v . - k ' ... , - ' - . v . 4:
a.' . .-..
ONE of the most surprising
reversals of opinion ever
known in the history of shaving
has suddenly come about.
In the past four months since
the introduction of the new Gil
lette razor, the BIG FELLOW
more men have given up the old
fashioned way of shaving for the
Gillette habit than in any similar
period of time heretofore.
Many of them, men who had
always looked upon the safety
feature of the Gillette as its only
advantage and one that they did
not require of a razor.
There vas something about the
Big Fellow, the Gillette with the
longer handle and heavier head,
that appealed to them the instant
they saw its size and felt its weight
and balance.
And the men who used to think
they couldn't shave with a safety
razor are making the Gillette Big
Fellow their particular razor and
the fastest selling razor that has
ever been placed on the market
TIic man who excuses his use of an
old-fashioned razor on the ground
that he has a tender skin and a wiry
beard, often tells this to a safety
razor user who has a much more
diljicult face to shave.
1 m
No Honing
''.'- v' m A A
:: rp . : f :p-A h : Od
(;, II M M 11 L
-myy.-S 0 ti&t& ly&MR
CcnaJLm Factory: New York
73 St. Alexander St. Chicago
London Mndri-i
Paris Krüssels
Amsterdam Sydney Calcutta Rio de Janeiro
Geneva Shanghai Constantinople Tokvo
New B e sixty Every Day!
QUEL magic cst-il? What magic is this?
.All day in sun and wind burning
LUTtA rerfumM Ex
CJisite blends of Cower
fr igrancc I
drring! vlais, behold! It is moming-and
Madam is marvelous! Frch as dew dia
monds pink as the petal of the primrose!
What delight to sec her so!
Quel magic est'il? Magic? Non! It i but
this the coft purity of
LURA M.Mtf Cretta
Trrifrves Youth
LURA Coosbiaatlon
Vataty Dox ccir.ria
powder tod rouge
Purx -icl.
LURA IInna Shampoo
The Kleam of anight
for your tresset!
LUE A DoiWy -Sf
CJoric remove
jprdoout hair in taree
tiny nunutei!
On finger tips to cheek to brow. An
instant of massage the passing of gentle
linen and Madam's skin is soothed . . .
satisfied! Next morning how ravishing
ehe is young . . . radiant . . . alluring!
Tis the perfumed bend cf sweet things
soothing in LURA Cleansing Cream that
gives the skin true morning freshness! One
ingredient abj-crbs waste oils another
cleanse? without irritation! Ideal Labora'
torics Company, 533 S. Wabash Ave.,
y - .
Eight LURA toilet requitlte are n.ae with the aatne
perfection as LURA Cit?nirg Cream! Year of ex
perience have brought the knowledge that make
every LURA Preparation an achievement!
These Shops Supply LURA Toilet Preparations?
Centrsl Drug Store Red Gross Pharmacy
South Bend IViisHawaka
LUSA Toilet Uarr
.lust a breath of fwcer
r.cenei fouers cluitve
Comrlenon ponder,
fragrant and ding.nf I
- '
TÜST keep your eye on the World's
J Series and notice how everybody goes
wild over the fellows who "connect" con
sistently. A hit is the thing!
That's why Arrow is so popu lar-
"always hits the spot."
Tangy, zcstful; and oh how good it
is as the taste spreads over the back
of your tongue. Get it at fountains
or groceries.
Kamm & Shelliner Co
lilishawaka, Ind.
LtoJ-ker and Hea.vler You'll Favor the Flavor The Juicy Orange Drtr.
r-i ar
Montreal, Quebec San Francisco Milan Copenhagen Duenos Aires Singapore Port Elizabeth
I r I

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