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South Bend news-times. (South Bend, Ind.) 1913-1938, September 30, 1920, Morning Edition, Image 4

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Tiirn.M) v m...i.ng. mjm i.mi. r.n.
DSTT! 17
-uo Appeal tn Proi:rri ( - .
of 3912 to Re-rnt Rrturn
of "Old Guard.
covTi.vrr.f' ru'M iwgi:
pre ,
1 : I
. Tu :
A A .
I 1 -
. 1
-I 1
1 .
tj. Id
V. H.
co I .-! m ,
1 1-- n
.re s.-
e r. x t ! n -
Iii-Ji ni in- I'roniiiu nt.
Mr. I k 'a i : I 1" in r h ir:'
-f the
rr.f. v. : ::: th
j i -
r Jritrr.i.i u of Ir.,!:.t:.i r-p:: tIi-
r.-m .-.'if 's rn . l f .f '.' I f
f f) 1 r 1 : .'i i ;.';'! iv- s-t.a.f
r : i nu 1 1 -. m 1 . 2 :. wi'l 1 in -h.ir-in
New Vorl;. v sth i;f 'KJr,-j trt r it
Murrav Hill ho;-l. I F-rtirh
' Indiana,
re'A'ly lorn.'d
'1 hf- frfr of tl:
orc;.j r.ia i' -n.
Tt r Ai jh.i!.
h I'Tori-.-: i v
r 'i rr.
a r(rr.
t ror:i
r" nn r '.n a n r'., n
ot t hi r,irr'A
;:p..l v.-orr'-n.
r?urr,ri t.. th.
"or. t !. ir I n
PT' Ii"!-.-'."-! th
h'i'. r .'pordir i.
th- fpuhür.iii
part in 1-1'., n--r
as X n. Hiflm?:
'A-i.-.ihl ir.r.'.c rii.'k.
to t h ' call to h
p-i o'. rth. rou it
r'; rtionn ry lTd r.hip.
"In th- priri-iii's I -JO th.o pro-j.T'.-.-sl'.'os
t-.icht to 1 an th" r-'j.'il.-I:-'.a:i
hou.f uithm. I'.ut th" ratin
1 ronv.'iition rpudiat -d a:y an
cli'lat who command' d nr.y :iT'T'rf-
riatle prwc-.uvt? ?upp''-u. fr for
fh.at rr-ittr any pop'ünr snpport.
The convention r-jo't-l Johnson.
Vood and Low d-r. th and; it
favored ry nin tv p r nt of th pr
: invention voUrit:.
"A 11M1 sro'ip of rh:rirtp r-:i:'
.lff'lf. xf ending th- autocratic pi"
r-i. nts of iri:' and 131 1 and d -rnrtrat
in th utm'-. t di-r ;rard
for trV will of fh" pirtv vot, tiani
ed thir prrfonal rhr.:c for pri
der.t. .rf "S ruit Oliznn ly."
"Truly the stam roll, r exrerd-d
th- sr?d limit. Th" .-nafc oli-j-rm'hv
nanvä th- lo-.vr wortl:y of
its own mmlert-hip. th.r m'-:;t roior-It--'.
pliable reactionary r-f that
unirriprffive pror.;-. f the lidT of
our democracy r a tiT" of
national and
.rt :
"Thi? cToup cho--.- Sr. Hardirc a.
th ir candidate lot:- before the cn
vnTion. Thfy he? him as th.
m-c. fit ir.s-trumrr.t to i-rv their
p.rivate purjio:-'S. the tr.ort ns ful
t r . I for asstinnj: th'ir p'.r.onil con
trol of the government, re-ardh-5-s of
th- ned oi the r.atior. for a bad'T
.f (Mitst.itnliii r.hility and intellect
ual power. ISo me states rerpured
priniarie? ftrd thin the voters had
th" opportunity to reject in advance
the senatorial ellOK".
Hut thos" i-Miators who w re
loudest In their it:?i.-tenr that no
treaty should be made without their
consent, had no limitation m di.ia
tiuir a man without th consent of
the voters. I'rotrr s- or.rs may
well ask ho-.v many timca their in
te'lUence and th;r jatriori.ni must
1. insulte d befoi" they will rj t
de. isiveiv eery clairi of paritsan-t-hip
and ot" down and oul of poli
tical powfr tl-e r:a et lonari s who
hif niaintaitvd a minority control
! fi
r-pubh'a'i party
m i:l and
lr.l' ani in
Wil.-on Vitmi HardiHL.
' T''hy the ind pendent t'-r is
. hope ,iir p at;d the pro-
tor of r iviliz.it ion. L t t'nose who
v r th ".r.e?nory of t?os- eit r -
t:ih.T p irth :r..i;-. th w. in th
n 'a h n a d' t'.i.'.rar ,c idmhiMva-
n uri.l.-r V. J 1 " n w a ;it '"-" a
writing into the law
p..h. i. s of Theodore
th- fhni
r os. It. ;
S n.
I !a nJ;n !
x-,-, com oat m, u' t'io
ei as r oh,;tior;ary and s
i!h t;r.
1 1
il-ooiiiirin;' the author as a mod. rn
A iron. Burr. To. lay C.r . "..x i.
o; n'A .'.-p' .U5i!i a- 1in i'ln! of nro-
ir . ;.m th.c iv. i". vho lead th. nro-p-ir'v
er j 2 ;ip1 is-T-.
Htrlinc: ' Mnd". alv.a'. s. oppo.-.r
to all th.sc tilings f-r which IIoo.--"-
elt !iv-1 and fo-i-ht.
'e are app. ..jin-r to th" mn
onsen of th
t h ! l n - i y
1 1 1 !.-n
r 1 1 - i
y for
r s o n. -
1 . r c V -i
t v
thev ( i r ful!
i:t'."rT.1'V and
o j f .
the c.r-riid
tier'. Lüh
ite ot the two
r Se-.. Harding
ajor p c
i"!nv. '
our president '
four ve rs from March 4th.. pet.
e I h n ' e of wha t a
i - . . t r i a 1 will do
h iJ rc c
Prom ( nrcr"Mn!i.il I?eH-nl.
"Sen. Hardirc. the rcpuh'c an can
dalat" ".f th" t'r.'.t.-rl ':a f -s rat.
or the pre.t;incy. his h.e-i a n- m
Y - of h.c M' T-tte stne March
i ri
r"r-ri a scn.tr,;- ir'y i::
ein ates wb.-.t he wo ;l i do as pr M
d".t. His recrd is void of e:h.cr
i'ifntiv .i.-c.v.tv or ceem p'.ish -c.-rt.
H. ran'1 i e t ( .ir
'h a ?v sincl" out ra din is-'i"
!A'l e .
h a m r
h i s
IT d on"
Th" rec
abs""t o-
1 uuor'im
That tr
r 'neon -
rucr! ve
- r 1 h o s t h a
I- l ;ei 1 1 ro'l nlN :' v
" '.!! Th" r cord sh. on
.. ..-'o vr.cchs wrre halt
;, nt. ;'fn ra'ly ü'cod
;'. n wtt'i
of view.
f ' 1 O T .
v .i-;vq .1 re 4Ct1orarv no
V-t b--ot r r l 1 1 : o :-, h hi
nroken Outfikin und Itedütic I-renui
Ileljiccl Our Nlsh!
r or uns:
rr blotches
body, you .1
'.y skin eruptions.
11 1 Ul
e.n face. rick, arms or j "For th time- forgetting our p irt-U. as selling it for $12. o p. r ton. He
nri ha ve to wait for re - I i.-anhip. we !uv. given the records . ,:c ; i!t freight eharges the .10b-
11--f from, tenure
or rat arr..s.-m .
declares a no'.el skm specialist.
Arply a l'ttb- Me.ntho-S-alphur and
Improvement show? nt xt iay.
Lkcaue o: its g-rm d.strojir.g
properties. 1 othirg ban er be.-v,
fo 1-. T.- t- t-.. .. ,v
pla.-e e-r this s;J- j
The- W onie-i.t ' OU i
piiur 1 reparation
it healing be-m:
e c.
bad unsight!;.
know the ib !i.
: h: :
tr.-ubles car.
M ". tho-Su 1 p h u r b ri ng.- Even t. . r .
lttbir.g ec-em 1 is dried r:.:ht up.
Gt a small Jar from ar.v good
drutslBt ind ua it like cold crcana.
h i.u
A N'T'.
i r.M)(.i;i;.
-:. J! v a r.
1 . I'M.
't ;-
a r. ')
h l:
II; ;
i r
, -1
.v . rs
die h..
! ; r :
j'h I:
i:i n .:i pofm.
i i r
rl '
I : ii IJ, '-.U'ht
' in-: i two '
r i
l ;
. ra
f ;1 .-
? 'S.
.J- Wjff,
t f
r v
i:: N
1 t
l o ,
' 3 i ughters
A brother ah-o
Mi. Pound
j ! V
, ,,. . .,. i
fl r-ll,
, -ral a:
I liUr.
f Mr.
y: s.
Mi. .fo t.i
F '' k'.r. 1
K" dall sr. .ii. d Y. vi ii : .1.
i . at 7 : ', . Uick.
I -;d . h; p.i re'jt.s ;y
by l h. 1 1 1 roth r-, Jf .-rph.
urviv d
ami Iludlph.
Tlu f'ip'ril '
e i. h hd v. a
h. rn
, , i
! n !i;ir:-
moon at j r.viock trr.n, th-1
Hiii.rrariati :i r d Heart ..i;i-r, l, I
Kfv. t-v hpa orh'-i.arin r p.-irial v. ill
b - in the barred Heart e n-.et ry.
th" p.arty boi.-cs I t.ro.-e. f-.n ot and
Lodre. Not once h i h"- diL, .ajml
irr s'uhnty.
Harclins i Wt't.
an 'he prohiDitiun njue he i? a
"u.L". häutig voted with tin. liquor
intere: 's thirty times c.ut of thirty
two. Dunn-; the di.-cus.ion i the
prohibition nn n.J."!. nt to th. on
.iinution in the .-enate. Auuitl. I l 7
-Mr. Haniin.,- said. 'I am not a pro
hii.itionist. Mr. l'rsident and never
prct.r.dd to he. i r.oi Uaiia to
he a ton.peraTtc man. I do not ap
proach this uuestion from a mora!
ctandpoint, hecauic I am ijnatdo to
it as ;i j-Tr.it moral qu-tiua.'
Atfr much reluctame n.l inde-
"i'iori. he ii::al!y f jvordl woman mii
tr.j.,". II. r.ffd for the Cummins
r .ilv.ay hill v 1 1 1 1 its anti-strike pro
vision, ii" foo'l con:-i.stentiy aRaint
eons .! - ati'.n, .otinc: several times
for the r-'hiehh-i u.i'.' r-iou.'r bill. On
fiy import mt tst be-wcen capital
and labor, he voted with capital. He
has opposed public ;:vnership in
ev.-ry tor.n. He vot. I iamst a rov-
rniuT.t armor plat'- factory at the
i. "inning of th" w.i r. He r.ppcf d
th-- v. ir -control bill as a war-measure.
On revenue measured he vot-
i acrainpt any .'imendraent to m
i roi.-.. the tax against proiit erirc
and lar.-T'.- income. H:- oppo;d the
abolition of the ret -esions of thj
ler.ate. He tavoT'd 5"Cret diploma
cy by oppotin the open considera
tion of treaties' bv th" sep.ate. He
oppo;-d the. eoc.tirrr.a tion of Louis
I. Hrandie to the supreme court.
"He opposed a tax upon oinipnun
contributions. lie oppotiod
the i
IParopean food relief bill. He vot
fd and .-poke for t on.-cription as a
permanent policy. HP opposed li
; ra:c tit for all nation.
"In oar judoum nt, the above rec
ord shows Sen. Harding to bo a con
firmed and hopeh ; s reactionary. He
is not a l ad"r. but r lies wholly tip
on the I'onro: "-Lodge-sjmoot leader
ship. 'lrder such reactionary leader
ship my. cannot hoi to adjust our
donostic problems or make Ameri
ca first in world affair?.
Co in the Cemgrc.-.
"Governor "ox was a member of
tho house of representatives from
Maroh 4 . 1 0 f . to January lf'l.x. vhon
he resigned to become governor of
"Punm: th:- period, he introducf d
a lull vroposinsr tlo creation of a
. oinMUftee to inquire into the advis
ability of old age civil pensions,
jinofher to prohibit chill 1 i'oor in the
Pistriet of Cohimiia. anothtr to pre
vent flair dt :-c. ration.
"His speech es In riot: Iiis term in
congress indicates an it:tcresr in pr
ur ssi'. e policies, as they were then
I! n '. e r.-t ..ort . So far as h" dealt with
th" conservation issue. Gov. Cox
an lntehuo-iit
ive lrst..rrt ti th 't subject.
i "Yh:i-; a ipen'.bcr of .amrrcss he
,-.- n.-. opportunity tn identify him-s.-lf
wi'li niovon. r.ts for political
pet term nt.
Vii Asrain-t Cannonism.
'"vhi' h" was generally regular
with his party, ho di ! not maintain
an rs j..citii- d.w.. connection with
the machine element. At th" time
of revoU agamsl .-peaKr Cannon, he
oed with th" republican prorres-
(fives lor i-ni ircin auu e.et umk iae
i committee on ruks thus eUrfailing
the power
of the f peak er. During
this revolt against Speaker Cannon
in the house, Gov. Cox voe..l to de
clare the sp, ikership -Meant anI on
i.Iamnry 11. K12. he voted for m-
tor Mardock. progressive rcpunP.cn
a-i a :r. mher of th- conimittoe on
"His whole r cord in congress, as
indicated by his otes- and utf-rances
have be,-n pt orr'ssive r Cher than
.band pat, favorabb to governmnt.
economy, hut at th am Time lib
eral in p.rs!ons and like matter?
TIecord n C.vrrnnr
"H:s record as thre time? govern
or of Ohie appeil? even more
stret cly to procrr"?! ve ard inde
pendent P'Oph'. TLs legislative rec
ord com pu--s all the
-j, :-.iures 1
whleh are pro -rc .---iveiy grouped un
der the Koe-se'. e!tian cl v.-ifie.i'ion
0f lustice." He has given
hi s-.atc a d.rect primary law. and
an up-t-dat e progressive rrr.??;tu
tion (n-.or the opposition of Son.
"Gov. "o brlicve-s that It i th
b'-slr ? ' o th.e trovemment t a jm-
rr,,.-, h MyipE- conditions Pnwte
tho eonifort and health, and in- 1 pf r ton. Further Investigation
i-ra'- the happineys of the avrnge brought to light that two car? of coal
mn-. woman and child. had beer, set on the rail." in this par-
"H attitude o-i the sacred ejues ticular city from the same mine on
f thi camrii'n is clearly do- he sum- day. One car was pur-f::-",1.
j chased by a retailor directly from
"':s angers to qtieyriorj are vrs j tr ia;no for Jlk.'.O per ton and this
ard r.o. Eook clo-elv at th record J ,i..tur was selling the coal for $S
of r.ov. Co and ou will find it i Pfr ton.
jtrue to the r"o?:ressii5m of Theo-I
; ,l,-,re noceve!t. i
,,t' Tho candidates, our eareful con-.
":.:, n. a:-.d we can find but one 1
answer: Thit it i our patriot
V.U.. T 11 Ifc-.-V.ll.V
4.... ÄV.r..i.--'0.
tn support
for the presi
es M. Co
,i r.
l or Tliur-Mlav at
. Miehigau sb.
Foef Pot He.at, teiulor. . . .
Fiib PxVllteg IWf
lurt Steak
!?!. CO
Cinrinnati Man Unanimou.lv
Klt-rti'd National Command
er For Cominc Year.
in the morning session when th
ii; ii 1 1 1 1 o:- Atn-i icannaticua pre -.v.-u;d
it. report. T)i:.i uport stated:
r ju t-ci th i I v- v:i u:i
hMns i' (ijr oi ta- can-
--'jr. ''on ;i.
Ct 1; l tli-n
j . ' ' Ui;n 4,f "pKture trid-:." and rie
,v' j'!'u xclJo.cn Jaaiu-cf: aü iia-
A:-! that '.vc cnn-r :nio igorous
I r t t . at:airt t!ic fi rr. and cf Ja
i p.r. that naturalisation rights be
(iciaJ ttd io it.- nationairi now locat-
tm- l.n;tt d Suits anJ that we
Mii'.st.y iti;ut.st the .-l;ite dtpart
i .thi of tht. L'ruted titatt.s in lt.-i t-ct-i!f
i.n nt of thi- ju t.;ion not to ecn-.-.I'i'T
any proposition which will
Xi mt rints of naturaiizaiiou to this
U!i i.-i ihii.a,b!" pi; pdf."
Morniy ltato.
The rn solution win adopted as
I'uu. but it created the torniitit
. i . i it- .if tin. .sun. it in m i? nee
- " .
hir U)1" tht' rgiant-at-ai rns and
a:.-, a. istant to qutal the ueltgatta
'S'-vtial time.-;. hit strongest,
situ n came from New York.
On r i commendation cf the Amer
icanization commute, the conven
tion voted that the National Amer
icinm commission be adequately
::!umoi , that it: activitHf b" i
(. hlraled on t nation-wide cdnca--ion
il, Americanization and pro
.Vnurican wijtk and propaganda
adi'iu Utly lin-inced. and that p-s
uthce le moved trom -New York to
Legion luadcpuarttr at Indianap
olL'. 1-futures of Convnitinn.
Oth.tr ouu-tandm3' Katurts of the
r je.u t
adopt t-d by the convention
s i re :
congressional tudy of
labor iie.Js ut Hawaii in view of
ii t d tor adeauate supply w ith
Japanese immigration cut off.
Comiuer.ding tho work ot the de
partiiicnt "t Hawaii in curing
pi t fr.nc e for American citizens in
employment and dfmamiing ciLrt-n
labor on federal work.
Lrging that colleg gne entrance
cr'lit tor work In American histor
and civil government and that the so
subjects, oe taught m elementary
and high schoohs and required for
Urgir.:-; Legion post? to see that
ail numbers of the Legion eiualify
for and exrcice the riht of .sut
f ragf.
ravr American ArtJiitit
Lavoring many American activi
t including; work for and among
immigrants; for school children
and among aliens within th"
L nited IS t ite?.
The tight during the afternoon
came on the question of political
restriction. When th committee
on constitutional amendment made
it report it -ajggesieq a itw amenu-
, . , f ...n i rtlOU G 1 T THP f'llM
stituMon," the principal one being
that "no person shall be eligible- for
reelection to tht e trice of national
commander or national vice com
mander. Tht report was adopttd.
It did not mention politics.
The majority report, recommend
ed "that the legion thrpugh it or
ganization has the rieht under it?
charter and constitution to ascer
tain for the information of its mem
ber? the attitude of candidates for
public office towards euch policies
.ard principles."
Minority fUport.
The minority report merely rec
ommended that "the report of the
majority be dfcfeated."
Th debate which followed was
almost as Ptormy as that which fol
lowed the presentation of the Japa
nese question. The majority report
was dcf'atfd.
Other reports a'dopted were those
on disabled soldier? and insurance;
departmental organization, and pub
licity. The publicity report asked
th" cooperation of the press in not
featuring as ch?9 tho name of ex-
servie. men in connection with
A me.'. age of "affe.rtionate grati
tude, best regards and admira tion"
wa received from the mayor of
Thierry, a .".Ort pound stone, prop
anwerd by the national com-
n. ander.
The convention was addressed by
Mij. HumN'r Isaac, vice president
Union Nationale-, d-s Combattanu.
and Capt. l De enechal. president
omrades des- Cornbattes. th" or
ganizations ot Franc which corre
spond to tli- American Legion.
The commander i f l ontc dera t
Veteran-, was unable to attend.
James A. r.aherty. supreme
grand knight of thr Knights of Co-
H'K.',rcr.l.,-.lÄ'"'inStltatl,n is raxt of it."
th. ranu f the mayor of Chateau
Thierry, a "" pound ston.c prep-
eriy enravea.
The f- I'ow in j
com mandt rs we
e!e cted :
John G Emory. Orand Hapids.
Mich .: V.. J Wmslett. Sabeville.
f Ala.; Thomas J. Goldinsay. New-
and .1. G. Scroughum. lie no.
Ne V.
.John W. Ir7-r
Ala., was elected
afr-r which 'h
convention ad-
joiirne d.
The new executive committee, ap-
po'iit d prier to wedneydays con-
v ntlon. win meet nere lomorrow
K OM1M l,n FKh.m iWrr. e'.E.
The otlier dealer purchised his car
from a lobber for JT..'0 per ton and
v 1 1 . 1 g ; 1; t
ter in this instance made n-ar'.y 1"0
per cent profit. As a result of tho
activity of the "-. ho.oalcr. the public
buying oal from one dealer was
forced to pay J4.Ö0 a ton more than
the price being asked by the dealer
buying direct front the mine."
When ai-ked whether thr. was a
possibility of jobbers bcinr excluded
frorn Indiana a.s a result of the dN
coverbs of his insrectors. Mr. Ksch
bieh said that nothing had ben de
termined by the romialion and that
no a. :!or. would be La ken until Sat
urday o;- Monday.
Murderer of Carl Cook. La -
portc Groeer. Sentenced
" : . ; ' :
nr to that present by it at tn trial.
of Walter Hakr. Th- 5tory. ar.-or.i-
in? to tho i1iiCr- in both ( ws
v ho
:s knosn
.1 a
"I-Yencht-T" 3-1 et Laker and I.artak ;
at Indiana Hu bor and plann d wit.ajclub
them to go to Laporte to rob a gro
cery store there. Wnilo in lndiaoa
IT. 1. . -i., .... J r-.. 1-
iidiuor i.dKer, i.aiiepy ana wri.ih
committed fvc-ral highway rob-
The three men vent to lapcrte
on Christma ee, 1 0 1 S. - They had
planned to rob another grocer-, hut
when they arrived there tney found
it closed. They th"n went to th
Cook grocery. Baker had gone there
earlier in the afternoon and bought
some cra-ckerr.
Remains OutJe.
When the three men reached th-
Cook grocery. Biker and Baata,!; en
tered. Gaiiepy remained on the out
side to give warning o: the approach
of anyone who might distuib their
Baker and Bartak told Cook to
throw up his handü. The grocer
wia behind a counter, counting the
day's receipts. Instead of throwing
up his hands Cook backed away,
and then either Laker or Bartak
hrcd at him. There were four t-.hots.
Two of them taking vi feci in tht
grocer's body. Cook then stag-g r 1
out of the door, tailing on the ;,tep.-.
Birtak and BaVu' were forced tu
step over him in Mettin out of the
store. A physician lied near the
Cook grocery. Cook was able to
reach the. physician's hon. Mrs.
Cook, u-ho was preparing a Christ
mas tree- was summoned, but t he
husband and father had sunk into
uncop.i-ciousncc.s before she arrived.
He died a short time after she reach
ed him and without being permitted
to My a. la.t tarf U.
All Iisappcar.
Eaker and Bartak ran to a rail
road tower some distance from Im
porte where they remained the re
mainder of the night. Garu-p also
disapprare d. Baker went te his
home at Chicago Heights and a few
months later was married. He was
located by the Laporte authorities
in Ohio, and taken to Kiporte tor
trial. The arrest of Gariepy and
Bartak follow-.l. A change of :mi"
from tho Laporte circuit court
brought the trial of the eases to
South Bend.
Gariepy is C" year? old. and is
well educated, being a. graduate, of
the University of Montreal. He is
a. I rench Canadian, and during his
incarceration in th" St. Joseph coun
ty jail whiled away his time by re
citing Keats. Milton. Shakespeare
and Dante, for tho entertainment i f
the other prisoners confined in th?
Kinpr." vas reached on the program.
Several boys and girls in a chorus
of the musical program l-ft tin-
vtnr.fi .aviil" hl V Uflll (1 nOT Slug!
the number and that they did i.ot-Pl-.ns for th" next two weeks,
know it was on th program. i The tnecng 1 rid ay wi 1 b" the
Two men wearing United States first of a series which, will be con
army uniforms and carrying the j tinuei up to the Lm- of election m
American flag, also left th" sta?e. .'November. The-; -will include every
riav lirlttsh Anthem. !tn"n rrI township m the eountv.
When the piano and orsan tnat ! Addresses wiP ak-o be de live red nj
ac companied the chorus broke into ! many of the county s. aool houses-,
th 'strains of the British anthem.' Th- speakers eoenmitteo is mm.
shouts arose in various parts of the- jP.'d of roimty ( hairman Harry
hall. The instruments -ontinued ami ' ruhe. -Tohn Henry Zuver and .
part of the cheirus audience started j
anfing eh i r.rrti of " Airte rio;. " At '
.-...t.,... .
the same tim? many
left th sta'p.
When th. music stopped. S"amu"l
Gompers. president of the American
Federation of Labor, tried to speak,
but bis voice 'vas rirewned in the
uproar and he gave up th" attempt.
The meetinf: then was called off.
Immediately after several of th-
women went to Mr. fiomners and I
apologized for interrupting his
sp. eoh. Thev s.id the .le-nionstr.it ion
was pot dire'ctrel at him. Mr. Ciom -
pers made no reply.
Se-c'y cf Sate Bainbridge
Colb ,
was scheduled to sneak, hut he ha d
-v,r-.,-. th. ,iit,,ri.
Mrs. Gertrude Corliss. presbk-M of
"The American Pickets." declared
'after the meeting; broke up that "this
organization khos trier- is a pioi io
make the Fnited States a part ef the
British empir and that this Sulgrae
G. 0. P. DARES
Monaay night was subje ct of criti-
, cjnm by e rov. e ox m hL major
of MontC'n:e ry. , speea hes. He said it was not a "trif
tvitional chaplain. , ling circumstance." but was symp-
("ITiaiiC '1 me're .-.trious 'l.'iaiiions.
Gov. fox in his di u.-sion of the
league in Kamas. was i'vd many
questiem?. concerning it operation.
At Atchihon Harry Stubey. stiper-
intrndent of schools, led in the ques
Summirg up his argument fnr
ltapue and in auswar to questions
aiked Gov. i'ox alerte that t he
moral obligation it imposed on mem
ber nations was sutiici-nT to
it tho instrument for prtve
Gov. Fox left at midnight to eon-!H
tlnue hle Kansas campaign tomor
row. Mothprs
Ahsolutepy Safe
it' All Ort
re-prnn ytanTor co ptpt in AnTr c.
All thine succeed which fill
a !
real need; that a doctor is kept busy
day and n!?ht proves his ability and 1
skill; that Lydia E. Pinkham's i
Vegetable Compound lt fold in er.or- '
mous quantities in almost every city, J
town and hamlet in America and in .
foreign countries a? well proves Its
merif. and women are found every
where who tell of health by its use.
-. H
Mothers rRiENTvMi H
t I I V I T l .
Zin r.-if man was dropped frTij
i -. . i n I'll.!. . i 1 1 : a w j i j
sa;.1 f. "lavo f...J ;h iwry. t'-rauv? I
J information
ha 'I
to thf Now
third !a-.--rf
' York minasr-r
t h h t ? h (
r-.ir , o, .-.a i!t.,iv
i .. . i -,
"I btdieve Kauft M? innoeer;?."
:-aid Mrflriw. "but I zc-i rid of!
ias- and Zimm.rrn.in lcaa-is.- ii
did no want such mn on th:
He filer'?. Testiinonv
Heder"s ttstitr.opy was
a rc;. i
the in."ri.-w h
a " n. vvr,.i pe r-
teiimi- .f his:
ho w ( o ni i s - I
r men irundav right
' private inv stig ation
key had fold him a year ago he j
suspected Pom' of tl)- Whi'e
phiyfrs. and how he and William
V'eeck. president .f th.e Chicago
had obtained
I"e Ma get.
a confession
"(ne incident in -Magee's r:e" :s
amusing." said Hejdier. "f." r whi'e
T .Viin1- 1.-. ..4 ... V .
he really helped win it. j
"In July. KM, Magee. while play-
in g second for 'ineinuati against
Eoston. came to hat with two oit
and hit an ea.y graundf r which
look a bad bounce ard he was safe.
He- was ordered to fteal second and
antb'ed down. When half way to
S'oor.d. he stopped, but Ait Wilson
made a wild throw and Ma gee had
to go r.n to. third. H" might have
scored with the typing run. I think,
if h" had trie d, but he didn't. The n
Kouseh knocked a home run. Ma-i,-e
hail to rojv.n in uith th t-. ing
run and Itousch s run "t course-
won th" game." I
Ma gee- Coufesrs.
ILyLrr is said to have- told the j
jury that Magee confesse d to him J
and Veeek that ho took part in the
throwing of several game:-.
Accord inj; to an othrial in tho
state's attorney'!: fdfi a-, the r.anu-s
of two brothers in P'. Moi"es
have b.-en brought h-fore the jury.
They arc said to hive placed large
bets on the- world's e-uie-s and to
have been tipped that it was
Further indietmenTf- against gam
blers may be expected within a diy
or two, it was said.
Thf jury, will no', consider ba.-"-
K.,11 .t itc: T!lllV.-ll I v hut
.'.1.1 u L . 1 ' ' - - - . - - - ,
probably will resuife. the mestiga-i
ticn the next day.
Chairman Harry E. Grube An
nounre? Datc and Speak
ers for the "verk.
A routing political rally will be
held Friday night nt democratic
headquarter? on K. Jefferson Mv.l .
which will be featured by addresses
by both me n and women. It will bo
predicted over by the county chair
man. Pre'viniis to rh" meeting the
! committee on speakers will announce
A. .Memerny.
October t ill be n Innnor month
of the chorus 11 - l- r'-i'" ."ii-i. w.-.....-i -!
cording; trt n statement ijjS'jed last
- ... . ... , .
night by the eoun'y rlnlrmati.
Speakers eff national repute will b;
brought to South IWnd and Misln-
waka. th-Tr nam er? to b- ;innoiinr.'i
Jn th near future.
Nano Kino Parks of Mish.T.vnki
n. '11 - - 1- -1 --1 , A - , . c-' - !-.
t - 111 uia r iii -ix. 11 -I iie,c
I ri'i.i v nmni,
. Saturday night at X. w rarlisb a
! Me . rmonde- rally 7 HI V h"M :" '
lwhlrh Mu ,r: county i
lattorney, anu .Mrs. i.raee . t.arpen-
of Elkhart. 12th district ehair-
: nm ,T1- l" U,M I'n-ipa. spciK-,
"t s. In addition to the sn.-akers.
(program of
enterta inr-ient i:
b in:
nrnrcr. iivhsox i-nirr..
Announce meitt. hms made csrer
day b- th" Hudson M-tor r- a
reduction in th" nric of Hudson
and I--e cars. D. A. l-v.ell. ot"
th" Superior Mot.r ,ales e 'o . r. -eep.-d
tb" news Iron"1 the- Hud.- i
home nrhec.
A reduction of J20'") i.-- made on i
ach type of ear. j
11 "w -."' ' jL " " J V ' ' . Li . j. -
Where There is a Hawaiian Steel Guitar.
Call today and secure one of the beautiful instruments Free
and learn to play your first piece of music in 30 minutes.
No Knowledge of Music Necessary to Start.
Hawaiian Music Studio
Open Evenings for the Benefit of Those
Employed During the Day.
301 S. Michigan St.
Member of American Legion
.Hent to Institute at
Marion. Intl.
nne rf the first world i r veter
ans -ho will enter the new Marion.
Ind.. h-r.-.e for feeble minded ;md -
dirt" ction
of the United states
pub he health
-e-vice Is a man f;
Warsaw. Ind.
Tl;- nian. Hh-. r.an.e u;.h
hr'.d '...cause of his u if c and chi.'d.
and the- fact that he had an. sin-spotte-i
mi'.har?- record. ow. his
eondi'ion to wide open eorditior?
xistin'- in South Bend. ac. ordirg to
American Iegion mn who mve.-ri- !
gated the rase.
Ca' i Ilcixerted. i
:horough inv stigation
f the '
case was n.auc
at;u rc
te i t o t he i
st lie pub- ;
surgeon in charge
of the
ii1 .l.ui nur
it Indianapolis b i
ni"mn rs of tn- :egii"n.
It .as feurd that the oung m.n
vi-itrd this citv and on invitation
e.f several friends "stepped out tor
th-- eer.ing." He contracted a dis- i
e ase in one of the de.wntown lives
and th:s is satd to have causv! him
to loo his mind.
The soldier served in th" Fnited j
States army overseas a r.n had an
cr.viah-l-- record for bravery while
m the front line trenches.
feijount Irctcrt-1 Yie.
In rc, iking the report of the cas
to federal authorities tin- Legion'
men, ia no uncertain
terms, con - (
the practice r.
prote eti d
ere liquors
he.uses of prr-titutton wh
are soul m houtn bona. j
The ca. e was pre.-ntcd to the
Imli-iM rnKll.- b--.i!tb v.rviro ni.n I
at the second annual convention e.f
th.e American legion at Cleveland.
.. W'eeinesday b tlie elelgate from
Warsaw. As soon as the new hos
pital for the treatment of service
met: is completed the doctors in
'Yire promised to see that th
man was transferred.
Fn T f n n I o
g)Z & Invalitis
Tb Food - Drink" for All Ages.
Quick Lunch ct Home, Office, and
Fountains, Aik for HORLICK'S.
stir Ave id Imitations & Substitutes
rich tone, a design
that is incompar
ably hanclsomc,and
notable features
possessed by no
other make of" pho
nograph make the
Sonora uruzquallcd.
VlipnitScMJt urf Igbt ani
prtn" modfl $AOto $2500
H. O. VA.milj A SON
tic, . r.lf;v e.
axis JverjAH"
! ,,
.. e. - Zi
Not a Dull
the Home
Over 999 Clothing Store
J JU'l
a - : i
tf rn-" -r
:. r- a d
i:r- t'
"a r :
on w :!' :r r
v t. it
t" airc-t's r-
at th con
court hon.
1 cord ;
a n n ou m em e n. t
n.in.i for eour
n a rketing of
e rv ir-...
;y .'? - e j . ra l
!:- sU". k i ".
ve 'op. d.
T T t .
iv. 1 1 g r. r :
:vr ;
I hipping
a g r :v W
"vi" tell of that count?,
rnarketmg li f stock. C
s t : -L.
V iV,
":n.. mac. d;tri- t li -ro
r ' ?;'. n
nn .4 T' d
U Pre
th' Tnliski
ri'iv.tv f a rn . r s"
. H-
T -
w : ' '
nation, will
also attend the j:
g. and it is expected trm h
i ve much information of m.t
, for
the :ocaI crca nidation.
i .
, t
meeting wil- b in th.e .;. .re
ra : he r
f h. a n
ü.M. .--.
P .?.....7l7r...i, ,....... t.v. .i..virri..'.'i':n..,i.. $
S Sil-".-" r-.Gfrt ' - ,- f f V y . - li v
a miv&Wr.-: c-f tu v;r -f t
:S rUv. CM-: w;-y
5 ; :!rZLLZL 'Ski!
Jur Reputation is Your Safeguard
Unless you know the merchant with whom you
arc dealing, you have no assurance the diamonds
you purchase are worth the price you pay for them.
Slight variations in quality make a jrrcat difference
in value.
The h est plan is to put your faitr in trie store that
has had experience, a itore that has proven itself
worthy of trust.
Jewelers Silversmiths Diamond Merchants
Extra Strength in
Boys' Shoes
Kickiryc a football
around isn't exactly th
best thing tor boy;
sho..s. but it's healthtul
for t he boy. T ide s.
if h elidn'r d- that,
he'd h doing, some
thing else.
Hero are shoe thit
won't mind it much,
though. They are x.
tra strong; will stand a
lot of -kicks." Th-y are
good-looking, too.
Shoe Co.
125 N. Michi Sl.
TOWN and Country folks agree
A on the beverage that never
fails to delightfully quench
thirst to please and satisfy.
an oasis in ike desert of fest
Served at refreshment places. Delivered
in cases of dozen bottles by grocers or by
Hoosier Cream Company
South Bend IndLxas
- j j
r.V t
: t .
: :
1 t ::
T: ;
T -' 'i . .1
i a : '. re
- t ,, r
I i a :
' a
e t'
I 1MII 1 Ht LD
I s -gberr?- . p- : 1
of :',. ; a po.-i r
s - i ; ;v
1 ! c
C irpov;,
p '. -p.
r i : io
. p -Thursd
h a . - -w- :v- lr
V'. f
1 co-
i o
.. i -
. a :i.;n it;
aLj-U-iAJ-l.' - V W j I
I-.'o. r.o:-.i
A boy's h hu'.t
on ery dr-:-' lin. s.
bu built for , rvj-f.
J "-r ejresa ejr hool
n e- a r.
$5.00 to
Mako sure that the
bey is ntted proper
ly. It's an :m pot-tint
thin,. Urine
him in. We'll make
( e) f 7 T j'
- .--4.!iV J-f
v. -T:-y if
TTrn"'' ' ' III f

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