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By Juanita Hamel
Vrw York SalcMium Gives!
Demonstration at Stüde
Laker Corp.
Tb" ur.uiil .-tout of
If l: a :rt- in 1 if-xTx.
at the pant
noon, 1
I by
r at iv
o. of
was t
l. p rir if r.t be
A 1 ; r t ". St. rn.
'.f tl,- F"amit
f x . i , : s ii -
VaS .1' '"Ti'.-
the .S'.ud.-
M-ndav ,ifter-
i'jr foam
: -.v York, for the 1; -n fit of
A i.ntr'i
t: in a ti.u-o tar. a
t ontainir.'-c -0 tr. II s of nanu I for
ihe purp"- f the demonstration.
The tank 1. id b n lined with tar
iapr r'0':r.K material to make U
just hs intl'imru.iM: as possible.
The n atch touched to it, the
fhtrr.f.s bapM h!i:h into the a!r, h'lt
was extinra.hd n 1 ss time than it
tak-s to te'.l it when a charge of the
llrffoam was thrown (n the hre
from a. 4 0 pa!!f,n engine which is
built rreiially for this purpose.
Svw Moth!.
Many factories in South Uend and
Mishawak.i are. blnir equipped with
the entire Jr. an effort t rut down
the ponsiLilitb s of bis fires Just as
much .'us possible. Thy firefoam
mot hod of lihtin fires is a new
method whi-h H belnx employed by
huge manufacturers throughout th
f-untry. Tho engine which i.s usd
has two fontait.iTH in which ia a re
lation of bicarbonate of f?oda and
foamitc, diluted with water and in
the othr aluminum sulphate dis
vdved in water. These two comhine
in a. sdlits powdtr fashion a they
mit through the ho?o and form a
fi-am which mothTs all sorts of
f i r . Tli?- fluid Is non-combustible
and through a h irmlcss generator
forms a Ka.s which issues In a bub-bh-liko
form from its own pressure.
This foam acts a.-; a motherer fur
th. Marne.
Mr. Stern, tho representative of
the fir foam company, will remain
in tho olry for sonn time for the
purpose of conducting the fire tests
in ariou factories of South Ben J
and .Mihawaka,
Eleven Million Dollars Will Be
Spent in Four Years on
iew Buildings.
NASHVILLE. Tenn.. Oct. 5.
Llevcn million dollars for new bulld
incs and equipment will Te .pent on
the educational institutions owned
1 y Southern Paptists during the
next four years it la announced at
tho headquarters of that organiza
tion ht re. Approximately the tunic
amount will bo ypent during that
period in lifting the debts upon
iiuH institutions nnd increasing
their endowment fund3.
Southern Huildln? Jnirul.
Of this building fund, .275.0no
will ko to what aro known as the
Southwide institutions, including the
Southern Haptlt Th olopica! semin
ary at Louisville, Ky.; Southwestern
Itaptist Theological seminary, Fort
Worth. Txas; Iiaptit Bible insti-
;to, New (.)r!eanf. and Hnptlst
lheoloiric.il Sminao for Negroes,
at ashvillf. Tenn., while there will
l-e eptn'lel uph new buildings at
tti Haitit colleKoa within the Rev-
eral state comprising the territory
of the Southern liaptist convention
th- followlns amounts:
A 1 iba ma. $27 5,000; Arkansas.
Sr.j5i.ori0; GeorKia. f45O.00O: south
ern Illinois-. $115.000: Kentucky.
$n'0(0; Louisiana, J40P.000; Mis
sisippl. $570.000; Missouri. ?600.
000; North Carolina. $893. 00; Ok
lahoma. J 300.000; South Carolina,
7:".O0 0: Tennessee, J 3. 10.00 0;
Texas. $:.2'.o.000; and Virginia.
More than CO.ono puril have rn
rolled In th Daptit schools and
summaries, of the south this session,
all of tho institutions reporting the
ht-aviest registrations in thtir history.
L $
's Neighbors Deny He
Is "Dirt " Farmer Except in
J to n
otr tlilt v
t h e t o a 1 a c-
I nier.t of p t.mk; property cn
j firm is given as $ i 2 ').'.'. 2 th arr.o
; of insurance car:: 1 there i- Jl"
l4UjJUUllmy lUUglllg 111 lilCS ; THROW DISHES AT .U! Ju1?o IVnnhy on Man
round Cuilty tt( Liquor
ever "Followed Plow"
Life Save as Board of
Trade Gambler.
in -r. McCray has live,! in Kent'.and
Since early in h:s youth and hefon-!
he was lrj ycais old conducted
i- r.or ',
Special to The News-Times:
KENTUND, Ind.. Oct. '.-An
anamolouj note is struck in the
Indiana gubernatc rial campaign, that
resounded loud here In the home
town of Warren T. McCray, the re
publican nominee, incident to the
questions propounded to lion. J. W.
Feslcr, of Indianapolis. McCray's
chief opponent in the primary,
through the Indiana Daily Time's,
Monday. The note strikes loud es
pecially among the farmers here,
and people who pay their taxes.
McCray and his managers and the
republican state committee have
Insidiously cultivated the idea that
he is a farmer, a ,,dirt farmer." In
fact the nominee himself has cap
italized his agricultural talents al
most to the exclusion of other qual
ifications that he might possess.
Here, however, where ho is per
sonally known to almost every man,
woman and child, his chief fame
lies, not in the fact that he owns a
big stock farm, tut in the general
knowledge that he has amassed a
huge fortune through connection
with a brokerage firm that deals in
grain futures on the Chicago board
of trade.
McCray is Xot a Fanner.
Mr. McCray is not a farmer, nor
has he lived on a farm since his
early youth. He is a banker, a grain
dealer and a stock broker.
According to hi friends in Kent
land he "never followed a plow in
his life" and they express great sur
prise that there is a prevalent notion
in Indiana that he is a "farmer can
didate." "You had better refer to him as
the "board of trade candidate." these
people say, "for that is his real
Va Miller . s in hi :
court petition for dier-o :rum '
Marie Miller that she dhg'.;s ::: ;
' I iIi.aii-;.. .11 ,.-... ...1 ..-.,;....-, . . . 1
f,rtcer store there. He eartv be- ! i. . , , . i. s
inrill i,rir,ti: . i ,, ., I, i Je.ui wi.eu r.e ;s a -ur.d i U' : o;.s . i
,car.io luenth.ed with the grain bus;-,,,. th. . Ihr,, i.'.- , t
Ti.&C O 1 . f T - -r-i w , w . 1 , . i -. . . - . , I - - .... ---- - I
" ::. m "ruuuiH""5 kill hin-, refund at times to rirer.art
- i
hü. tuur.in- enaiueu mm to prosper. , . . ; , , V . , , .
llooaino Hank Frtulont. V' has often locked h:m out, ; t, s.r,-
Following the death of hi, father Z"r f Vi T T"; i' nrrmt:;:- :-
ho took the preesidencv of tho Dis-S t cfu" ,ul oC th',ir ' L, r;r",I,c "1 . . -
count and Depo.it bank of Kentland h?" r; "l' 1?!' V
and has maintained othces in the i ! hree ar o.d. The-, were m.s - re:;v;cte 1 f
bark building for vears. lntJ in -- j Uruor. thr-, m-: -
At one time he controlled several
elevators in this county, although it
is said ho has disposed of Iiis grain
interests within the last year or so,
with the exception of his- connection
wit a the board of trade.
Mr. McCray owns 891 axrer of land
and has an expert farm manager in
charge of the farm and ti e pedi
greed cattle raised there. The farm
is several mihs from Kentland.
The assessment sheet in the
county auditor's office shows that
Mr. McCray's residential connections
with the farm are very remote. He
listed at the farm, which is In 'Irant
township, six bods and bedding nnd
12 rocking and other chair. ah:in.c
them all at $4 3. At his residence
in Kentland. however, ho paid taxes
on household furniture valued at
IUIUa n 1 Table is Listed.
Among the Interesting articles
listed on his personal sheet in Kent
land. Mr. McCray gave in a billiard
table valued at $70. He also listed
$30) worth of diamonds and jewelry
and gave $ 1.S40 as the amount of
cash he had on hand the lirst of
Match. 1519.
He gave in for assessment two and
one-half automobiles valued at $?00.
A rotation in handwriting in con
nection with the automobiles reads:
"JL of Iluick to sister." The total
of bis personal assessment in Kent
land is $4.320.
In this connection it Is inter, sting
Taps Wife With Beer ir.or:.::.ir. !.. :. -.S j
Bottle: Divorce Follows, ir 1 -f"t 1 .J,:
J f ry to pay . n a he ;e
Ar.r.iee Himile -. a I t rouble : the r .r: a; ;-.-ar 1 :p.
getting a divorce m th- ap. ri.r ! h::u :'.
court Tuesday afterr.ren fro::i Wi'- i fr '
Ham Himile after she b.nd t-M :hl Thr
court that her hushar.d h. 'd strur'.c j S :.i :
her such a severe Mow or: the h .4 d (,ff
Witn a ia (r r.ottie that for son:.- i . , .
time afterwards she eould r.ot r'-j''J'4
member lur name. She was award..' co.i:;: y
ed the custo.ly cf their children ; ; a
Helen, it and u illian Jr. of 11
yea i s.
1 1 .
a i:'.:.
: . . t . -a e
hi'H'i i r.
v-;d :
: cf
ib. ...-.
." 1. s ':. t "
i k" i e
p.. VI
r. a '
i .. in :i u ".
Seh K r.be. k. : s arr. st.- 1 y
f.d ral rutr. h: r. tiuc- :;: r. ;:J
w her. they de n!imer'.:i r.'.i.N in
the city. Sf h K n t'eck was trld in
.:v c.'url ar.d was fir.rd 1 1 a- I
Ser;.r., -ed t" ') vl.i in j-ii
' . . me r.
y Jude
. ,
. e
-art w .' n
l it S h' '.'. t.b k. unie.-s '.)" :a;-v-
:i-.e .-a-' t the stju.me ov:rt. w ; I
f.KANTFI divoiici:.
After testifying in the sajerior
court Tuesday afternoon that h r
husband. Martin (lartee, h.a,l threat -
icnol to kill her, vre:ia C.irti ' w.is
given a divorce fn-m him and the
custody of their two minor childr r..
I na, 1 ." years old. and Stanley,
whose ao was iven la years ob!.
Martin Cnrteo w:i rdere.l v f h.- rem j;n fi T..e e
court to pav her a we k start. riu-f ,f "ur.!.
Nov. 1. j -
.71ST OIT. i AT .
"Fair One" ce.upled with ";pvv ! Two !r..u tal pan lure s:. c -f
Men" !v'ld Lewis. Hon.e dvc ' " : hr Hh- r '..:f:-.- w :,
record. 5 ' 1"' "n s-t'. a 1 - - pra-. at... b
W. COIP MCSIC SlIOl'.'l A!! s'vi .. pi..:-: y fa-i-fu:y
I pair perle. T ai. 1 firs .i-ji.it.
Tili: Ll.LSWi 'HTM T u:l
Try MM S-TIMES Want Ads
Gerrrirfu. 1920. bf N..i I
Strric. Lie, Grim Brvxaia rtgfat
AUTUMN'S golden days may be melancholy days song:, for she is happy with the joyousness of youth!
A for 5ome, but not for our American Betsy. Fresh-gathered fruit, Golden-rod swaying in the me!
Over the fields of nodding Golden-rod if you low Autumn breeze and a maiden's cheerie smile-
there, you would hear her voice ring out in these are Autumn s gifts and Autumn gins.
"Save an Orphan" is the slogan of
the near east committee, which has
been carrying on an active campaign
of publicity in South Bend and
Mishawaka during th past month.
During the campaign plans were
made for completing the work of
raising the quota for the two cities
during October. Individuals and cer
tain groups will be asked to adopt
one or more of the orphans at a
minimum coat of $5 a month for a
year for each orphan.
TV. O. Davics is the county chair
man, and A. 1. Hubbard of the
First National bank 1 the county
treasurer. The first endeavor in this
work will be made through the
medium of the churches and Sun
day schools.
AT U A. M.
Two thousand pairs pure silk and
all wool hrather mixture women's
hose on sale at 1-2 price and lest.
All styles, plain or fancies, every
pair perfect and first eiuality.
Make Way Through (rla:
Blockade But Iron Blocks
nrlnl to The Ncu-Tinics.
F.LKHAKT. Ind.. Oct. A'.-
thouch the till looked big when W.
J. SYhu'.t, local merchant, paid out
-M 7 Z to have a. few iron bars fasten
ed across a skylight nnd windows
;u his store a f w months ago, to
day Mr. Schult belie es that was
the best Investment he has m.ub in
a ling tirr.e. Yesterday morning
when the ntore was opened, the
manacer found pieces i f putty on
the floor under or.e skylight. In
vestigation showed that marauders
had entirely removed the gl iss from
on pane of the skylictht ar.d had
scraped the putty of? thr e i r four
ether par.., but apparently had
given up tluir task when they pot
through the glass ar.d etuMur.tf-rec.
iheiron bars
they succeeded
In breaking Into the tore. they
would hae p
tair.ed a.-
cefs to larce stocks cf r.ew
as we. I ns
the stor 's c.ih box.
Fails to Make Payment
On Note; Sued For $')0U
John V. Collingsworth lias r. 1
ult a?aint Fdward Lynch in the
puperier court alleging that he has
'it!ed to make pavments on s. Prom
issory not for JjO'i nnd. has disposed
-ty suejfCt to execution
Co'.lin.csw orth
cf his prope
with intent
f!kj for a
to cheat,
31 S. Michigan t.
nib n!Ilmr I'MM-f
To Help
Cost f
This includes all Men's, Women's, Boys' and Chil
dren's Shoes and Oxfords in our store.
Our new fall creations in blue, black, white, grey and
brown Kid, Suede or Calf are most complete and are all
included in this reduction.
Our guarantee and your satisfaction in our shoes is more
important than ever.
Good quality in shoes is the only thing worth buying
and vou want to be sure you get it.
The shoes cost enough to be good, but there is a lot of
poor stuff on the market.
Our business is to see that you get good shoe value and
we try to be sure of every pair we sell. :;.-rv-.
The First Store in South Bend to Reduce the Price of Shoes
Come and JScc lv
Store Hours: Open 8:30 a. m. Close 5:30 p. m.
Except Saturday when store closes 9:30 p. m.
1 - f :
? v. , - :.
? ' ? v. '
- -1
1 V' y-
.; i..r'V.-.r-; .'4. xi , i
An Individual Shop of Dress Materials
Silks - Woolens of the Latest Vogue
North AisleFirst Floor
This is an age of specialization, a time when concentrated efforts produce, the most effi
ciency. It is not the aim of this store to add department after department but to increase the
value and scope of each one that we now have.
This individual Shop of Dress Materials is one of Wyman's Specialty Shops. It is through
specialized study of market conditions and insistence of quality and price, we have been able
at all times to give the very best merchandise at the lowest price. This year especially we have
been able to maintain lower prices.
Sixty years of success ful merchandising forms the background of this shop. Its future
will be one of ever increasing service.
In visiting this shop you are assured of obtaining the latest fabrics of the best quality and
at the lowest price. The materials listed below give a glimpse of the wide selections to be
Georgette Satin
Kitten's Ear Crepe
Mole Skin Crepe
Moon Glow Satin
Moon Glow Metior
Duvet de Laine
Wool Jersey
Fulwool Coating
Heather Jersey
Wool Velour
Pussy Willow Satin
Klimax Satin
Chinchilla Satin
Satin Broadcloth
Satin Panne
Invisable Plaid Coating
French Serge
Poiret Twill
Wool Taffeta
Wool Poplin
Storm Serge
Flirtation Satin
Satin Charmeuse
Satin Broche
Metal Broche'
Chiffon Velvet
Plaid Velour
Plaid Worsted
Check Worsted
Broadhead Plaids
Broadhead Worsted
Plush Velour
Seal Plush
Wyman's is a Group of Twelve Specialty Shop
.... 9
. . . 1 2c
licet Fi't 1 toast . . .

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