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South Bend news-times. (South Bend, Ind.) 1913-1938, February 18, 1921, Morning Edition, Image 14

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I'll I DAY MOIINING. ri:mir.rtY 18, 1D2.
rr. v :.r .-."-oaf .V.y nt raust
.'' ::.,.... ; ; v t ... . .it. f Iii
writer t l.'.iir vol f,tl. No r
!:.!!.. :.tj fa f' t r.ti-n'nt
ft f i - . - :t : i .. t , i . D lu-
t!t.i. t it .-.r . .. r.i.t rirvl to
ellc.u 'u ;. 1 timatU
tttt. Tt Cy' Xrcc Hat.
Chinese Like New American Devil Wagons
Electric Truck Revolutionizes Far East Unloading
The Horoscope
i: e
PilOl . I 1.1 NN l
i . i
'.:.' ! I'll; v :.
! U' k .i n .- a .:,
.w.m k" .-
:i'...r ! I r- .,
1 tri-. .-
.t ... ::tt;.- .-in-
-'. i'i ;i:,AtT tO vu;;if
i' : a :k r ' lit iS - a-
: r t;.. hf idir.S
if Prove That j
I '. i:r " First, I
v. i r r- :n in is rue off
j.- .i i J tli-'it a.
! :( h- s ti l he j
T 1.1 'W it !T1 th' !
! 1 ' Ii..;-- it to j
: i 1 1 . i n k h of a j
m - '.f tills .lay
and ,i'f !o j rove , t ; i'' t h i r. to th
v or! ! th it i th"'J-- i:::a of yc r.
"'1 f . m - I" .!ti - in th" '
tu . W....M r.y in hi., riuht
!...r. i ( ü h .i tl.ir.cr? I would
f-:ty X" T!.i n v.. . iw- n aly -vvh'
fit::::--; i-h" ;" . ' 1 lii:n to i.iani
f -t to hr :j I'f.f' ro :ir.y no f
(tli;t i ', :i fir-!; t rf .'..-; i ;r i'-
I jri: f. TIit. w- r u 1 h'- h i.i ap-jf-
!r I, ju-T fn" v- k from th- 1 iy
V n t' th" In, ;r ; i f t r ii'is.-in
ut, 'nl piv;ii ti-.:.- niovsip-, "T ;un
Truf. Flvrwi, Tii'T.i :s I";yr;n I'.r.Kl
for.l." A?. 1 hr- .-i:-. "I h.ivt- not
tr ivr 11' 'J f ir. I .im s'ilt much in
rlirkr.vs-,-.'' -howir.u' t hi t if ho real
Is' rivr this m"-.-'-,.i h': hn'w vry
littl nl.out p-ych:.' law while h"i'
In th- hMly.
Tl:. n .Mrs. It. .. Por.in, thf rr
r;p: vA cf thr- r.io : ntrc, tf lis us that
a w-rk a co yho f-'coff-''! at ?uch a
thinir takir.K jilarr, showing, ac
cording to pr?s reports, she knows
'-5M of p "( hie laws than Prof,
riynn Knulfonl rli.I. Thm fha did
t!i thiruj i-ht- ouht not to have
dono, 1) iri.h. into a room with
others and t'.-!Ii:;v; them to put all
tin lights mi!. I o . s h' realize
tliat a? so-in a t!i-y were- in dark
iif.'.s th y oprnt -l th- way for
thoii'-arul' of arth-bound spirits to
lirmif. st and we h ive p.oj.1'' in t h
ri r 1 1 -1 i f wiio ar- wai'incr for such
a rh.ino' as t h : to mak a fool out
of th sf tliry orn" in touch with?
Tht re is ?.o douht in the writer's
mind th.it Mr.;. Ior in irely li.nl a
Mrorr. imagination in that dark
room, and it A'ot th" best of her.
I have found by personal experi
ence in Kettinic a message, of this
kind that it L- not to ask for it or
ro ir.to the s- ar.ee room for it. but
let it eoTii" to you Mpont i neous'.y,
and th n yo.i kruw it is a truth and
corner fr:i th'- one whom you
wanted to h-ir from.
The writer was picked out by his
spirit t'; i- nds to jrivo two years'
time, tv, o nights a week, to help
what we ca'.l earth-bound yiirit:?,
p.-on'e w!p-m Up- ch.urch of tn'l iy
? ivs are i! imiif'l forev-r. I fully
i '.i ve th;f t!i "-nrk my wife and
1 did. d; i; !" tho;ie two years, wo
sr.- hi h--s. ,( 1 ri zur spiritual
v"r!; tod.-v for it. Kl".d render,
you dent have to kill your.self to
provo the continuity of life. Just
read your lühle n n . I you will find
lots of prtof, whore ansje's (sr.iritB)
eamr and sp: die to people on the
arth p! me. pet. r in the. prison,
Christ and 1: is 1 . -jjd' s on the
Mn:;r,; fif Ti.i::-::-,ruration. and
in. my oth.-rs too numerous to men
tion. Thanking you for this favor, I
remain. Yours truly,
"17 Llr.co'n way 12., City.
i.i ix-? t4fe
: Conflicting forces dominate this
. day, according to the planetary tcs-
pAST Is East, and Wert U Wert.; timonic. V"hi:o in commonplaco
but eea the Far East Is; dally affairs there Is the promise of
learning the econornls superiority; success and prosperity, in the; realm
of tbe Yankee "modem lmproTe-. C f t'he heart and the home there are
rnenf in freight-moving as a sub-i ; indications of Inharmony and dis
stitcte for tho stralnlnc and; 'appointments. The busing and
sweating of its coolie labor. .financial prcspeeta assured, espec-'
The familiar e!ecui truck.- ; iaIIy FinCe oM delays una obstacles.
driren b7 a man tändln at a i Fhould4 bc s,wpt asid, undtr an j
... . . . 'auspicious influence from Saturn.1
mwuw uat lu uuaw auu " : Cains and credits should be sub
long train of trailers naking! stantlal.
behind, which we nowadajs see inj : Thoie whose birthday it is have
nearlj erery big railroad or team-' 4 the forecast of a satisfactory and
ship freight houses In tfa United i ! pvro!roys year in busnes. but
0. . . , , . . , ' i should take care to protect and
SUtes. is revolutionizing unload-i . cherIsh thelr domestic and social af-
ing operations la ererj port ia the! ; fairs. Tho.e in empioymont should
be careful. A child born on this day
world, almost.
Probably nowhere hare the; fhou!d bo industrious, persevering;
o substantial pro
(Copyright. 1S21.)
1 1 . - 1 . W . .! 1 . 1
trucks worked a greater reroln-1 1 ' 1 "iaKU fU"SM,luai prurt in
.... . : Ufr.
tion than along me cocks or tnei
Chinese ports where for years pastj
the Chinese coolie with his home-
made wheelbarrow has been the
one dependable freight handler.
The3Q devil wagons, as the
, I)o Twill Currency.
j The Papuans use dog teeth for
I currency. A sufficient number of
I them wiil buy anything. Only the
Chinese have dubbod then, do The' four canlne teeth' however, are of
work of a score of coolies with ai an va'uc- a'1 inc oers being
tremendous saving cf time, which; worthless. These quaint coins are
even In slow-soing China is a; threaded on fibers, and when a
, jr,- wealthy Papuan iroes trading he
growing consideration. . . ... .. . .
mvi i- vA 1- v- v: brings with him strings of these
, This is tno only one Tankow
foreign trade victory of recent! , !eth- T,he women greitly prize
years that will be related to the: tben and make them into necklaces
3500 American business men .j lhcir wealth and standinff in the
pectod to attend the eichth an-! community belnsr indicated by the
rmal rnntPntlnn nf th Natinnall number of teeth which compose
Foreign Trade Council In Cleve
land May 4. 6, 6 and 7.
Says "Family Night" Church
Project is Proving Success
Passing of the old-fashioned mid- church according to tentative plans
week prayer meeting in favor of a j f-nntilat. .1 by the commiit, o In
devotional service combining k" ; i.
turc and social features, appeal? . . um
;hd;4 1 """"''1 LCti"i in liv I opic
At OW ' 'fi'v'ffv
baker -corporation, at the regular
weekly dinner of the Chamber of
1 Commerce Monday noon next.
Dr. I.ippimott spoke on this topic
at the First Presbyterian church
'.ast Tuesday evening before a large
.ruJience. The speaker will delin
eate the rights? and duties of tho in
dividual and discuss the. rights of
tin state and the scope of the "Clue
Liws" with regard to the Sabbath.
these ornaments. The wives and
daughters of the influential chiefs
wear rows upon rows of them
around their necks on every festive
occasion. They polish them until
they shine like ivory, and they cer
tainly make an effective decoration
on a glossy black body. One neck
let seen by a traveler, was composed
of no fewer than 320 teeth, . which
means that SO dogs were sacrificed
to obtain them.
The OrigfeJ kmi Sgqs 2mm
r '
1 14 E. Jefferson Blvd. 114
BLANKETS Special Beautiful plaids and stripes, worth
$6.00 5
SWEATERS Special Wool and Mixed Heavy Roll Collar
Coat Style, values up to $ 1 2.0 0 3.93
SHIRTS New O. D. Wool Serge, special $ 3.9
WORK SHIRTS Extra Special Blue Chamhray, Polka
Dot Blue, Khaki and Black Sateen
FOUR-BUCKLE ARCTICS While they last 3 2.9
SHOES New Munson Armv Last Shoes, while the stock
lasts $ 2.95
MOLESKIN COATS Just a lew left. Come early, stock
will soon be gone at v!6. 5
proof coat, very special at $ 4.85
Many more Specials for Friday and Saturday. Come in and
f A look them over.
Extra Heavy
3 Pair for
114 East Jefferson Blvd.
Store Open Until 10 O'clock Saturday
A Fcv
Army Cr.os
left, while
they last
M Ui
Wop Mcmuts lop
117 South Michigan St
Correct Apparel for Women
will h(
Germans Send J ivies on
Indemnity to Council
I".y li.t ri::it i a il N s Srvi:
I.OM'OX. 1 l 17. Germany
mad her st :r,"ve Thursday In an
ff rt to an-.clicra to the allies' war
indemnity dcclin. Frojop,s that
to be a success In First M
church, according to IK v. A.
Monger, pastor.
Enthusiastic attendance ha. me.-u,,. i.i Try WWW 'ViT-TUO IFdU
rcetc.t a series of we-kly social ai.d the suhjeet cf an a I tre,-- to he given j J i j" iluij3
religious mevtini held at tlv y ir. c. J. Upjuneutt of the Stüde- tllC Ads
church ilarincr tho last Fix v.eks. :
The mcctiners have been de?ifcnatcd i
as "family niphta" and soek in pur
pose to pather attendance from
families of the church os units. "The
Inauguration of the 'family night
services," Rev.' Monger .-nid Th'.r.
day, "marks a progies.ifn r,f th.e
modern church to adjust i'.s If to
rew circumstances in the pres-vnt
day and to meet new demand" that
are being made of it in a social as
well as a purely religious way."
Tho final "family nipht" of the
first of a series of similar affairs
was held Wednesday nlurht at tho
First Methodist church and an at
tendance of more than 4 00 mem
bers of the congregation attested
forcibly to the popu'arity of the
new movement. At 6:15 o'clock a
tupper was served, followed by an
address hy Dr. iu-rt V.. Smith, su
perintendent of the adult derart-
were worked out over the we k end j m,'n
Methodu-t Sunday
w re s.-nt t. Fa ri It in understood ! schools of Chicago, npoke cf "Fam
tkät r.irmar.v c.-nt.-nds that the di-! U F.elicion."
crtpmcy P. tu h- r nation il rev- "The faiuily is thobasic unit of
t um s ami c m 1 i t u r show the j civilization." Dr. Smith said, "and
imp. i' i'.;t v cf met tine the allies' j if we are to conserxe the int grity
Umar.d. H.-wev.r. th.e promise isjof thi unit we must pive more at-
Eivc'i that, th.- i;.r:v.m irov. riiTnrnt ' telltion to the greates-; lorce
Nucoa stands for
the highest grade
nut butter ever
wi'l continue to incr ase taxes.
The tnt:'.to i :tii i.ils are most
hop tul tl:.tt tl:.- l. rrnans will adopt
a "err.p:irativ'"' atütihle ami that
an acreem nt wi'.i l e r ach.nl whn
the r. ;arati"r..s ta nfen r.ce oprr.s
liere next month.
K L. r.oh-rt.--. Chir.oL-?:. will
open his .ffat- at W. Colfax.
L'n l Fi., S. Saturday. Teh. 1?.
1 p. m. Lin. f.l?.?.. Advt.
moulding and developinc the home.
Our Christian r. ligion has Invested
our civilization with its superior
ity." In speakinpr of the force which
make for greater religious spirit in
thr home, Dr. Smith cited the Sun
day school and the week clay relii
OUS schools .tnl advocated new in
terest in thesx institv. ions.
Other "family nights" will be
held once or twice a mouth at the
Butters Bread
Stays Sweet
t i
m v.-
11 vi
Sizes Di to 8
S2.501 Pair FREI
Sizes 1 0 to 5
I Fair 05.CÖ 1 Pair FREE
emeu's Shoes
Oxfords and Pumps
1 Pair FREE
Sizes Vi to 9
'It id: -
mm vp'frsbszi '
' .N
Wholesale Distributors
223 S. Main St.
South Bend, Ind.
E i
i 4 .WU
Shoe Co,
125 N. Michigan St.
E-sy to Find Worth Finding
C 11
$455 and upwards
228 So. Michigan St.
Main 235
TI Ai ' '
trances Sita
117 South Michigan SL
- Correct" Apparel for Women
Every lfook ana
r i
The Frances Öhop
hi" Vw?
i 1 II s t 6t j
Aeay Sptin
v5 r C
ii yJf d u ! cJ
At Prices That Are Surprisingly Low
For Apparel of Such Higl
V. ..v U CI i - y
T 7" 7
'I'll Nr
You 11 hnd it a positive joy to see our new spring circles, epccrai.y
So dainty and fresh and new! There are dresses for every occe icn,
from the simple street frock to the most elaborate, reflecting the new
est vocrue. They are. here in all of the season's favored matcrinh:
Taffetas, Canton Crepes, Crepe de Chines, Georgette Crepes and Lace
fffrt? And the colors trulv wonderful is ill : cirrliiicnt or
K4WWwt ..r - - J
New Spring
Variety of
Styles at
fJ t '
Ham! A
Trimmed and
Kinln uiU r d
ft Z ( 'S r-7 m
t i AT 1
You must be sure to see
the new Spring Coats that
are coming in daily.
The Frances
Ö (I)'
The new Blouses and
Skirts will delight vou.
They are here for your

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