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Saturday'. Circulation
1 7. 820
Morning Edition
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-1 Jiiü JiJi vl JJLj k3kj
kJ IL iliJiiiLjJLf
iU nuyyiii j mutt
I iirrinton Group Condemn-
Lewi- awl International
I ii ion Offirrr-.
Mother Join-. Vrtrnm of a
Umpired I niou Rattle.-.
Pr; rnt- Disruption.
i r i . x. f r:. . ia. ..-.-
1 U' rr..i ' ; pport , .it a
. 11 Ay. 1 . wn r.r--- t" AJe--r
b : I low 1 1 .1 :.d ot'.t-r ApeHe.i
Pa :..;.. xr.i.-i' rs of tl." I'n:, I Mi'.
Worker C Ameraa. by th lihn-h
d;tri t !':;.. it" to r ho .-;- ei-.l cr
. . n ?:.-;! ;. Ts final vyer -.batur:
iy r f j- l to ro!..-.l"r Hov, -'-
appeal for union i i r;. . i:a:a nt.
The pb-d-e u;'.u u:.uu.i..ou-iY.
tm as a cliri.iu to a lo.u- ma et ir.g
1 aat wu h marked by several -p..-aker-.-r-ly
"!. m.'iir.; Pr st. John L.
i - vi ar-1 i t!.f t irt-r::ut;o.",al union
..T.p.c.-s who x -;ir H"-.v'il nl hi
!''i!!'wf,r on th- trio mi, d t r tasu-
. f,i,. ; i oin -r:X oril' r dire ct
i;,: f ri '.v -j : - "i bred bau to
,.,,r;.. I; a p!aind that was
j . s i r.- i ! . 1 1 : t th i h-; to A j ' . .
1 a -. i.f t i i r-t r. "- I n.gi' r's.
rtri'.' h gurui g n that. 1 -1 1 if no
i w ;, a rnr :r mole be
f !' th-::.
A . ! I':o;,i . m , !.-r t i: K ir:p i
i ..., t :; II hi d- atv' b -t-l
in- :i,,"l'.- ol' !; 1 n t t'H 1 1 . I .1 1
ilnior v. a ")! i u:i;::)irt' lor tliO
f-r.ti-.il '''inpi l.'.iV f.-Il. T... ro-u-n;
it '. viuch wiil al1--") li-a Ii.i- no ni
lr! froia t!i- In'i:i.a, hio aai
fat' ! ii I' n:; ! th.t. Ji?r. ts. ill
. i : i - r i i : t to ti fiat an ar--M!frit
; i ; vi t th" 6-trik--. ih- 1 1! u i
i i : i v i"f 'h"v'Ti loi'.ov.
!': Vt. I'rank Kami .i. Vire
It -i t il irry K;.hva h. h'- y Wait r
:. --'..t. tM: In. I I'i--fiak .-; ); -A,
'V. of Herrin, Cii-ni' s-(Jrac:
o; H i i i-hni k'. K. M. Mn 'aliisl.-r ül
li;no-; nn-1 AH'-n '. llaywol ol
Tny I nr iV.r.
'in!ciwri-i ( nncnl im's Slaml
'!r. Parr:: c?r"i in h; snf'i'h oi;
:'.- Knc. n r,in. iJf !.u ' l that. ln'e
(r. th- i t -rn 1 1 i--na ! union's
;ii;on w -. t : ur:;i"i: ho:n'
'..it!', "trf i u n 1 1 o i s K .-.-? i1 - i i '1 within
t iivin' rri'.k-;.' 1miüs" -!' tli
fil'.uvo to mns: U-r How.tt nopo-'il.
II. -hai-.l that "hi-h h.uul l taft
i v of Prf.-Vt la W.--1 i:. hl-.-kin 'T.
.l'rit'h". -f t!i-- aai-al hn.l ia'i:''l
Mr. llov.at a'-o hf th.- Il'.i-
.!.-, d'-!ft"-''-,"i !- la-ir.s: h hal var
! o'i thi1 forivfiition".1 orcUT t"i
-trikf-rs to rotnrn t w.rk. ro-tf-r-it.l
th. ho a:. 1 oth'T.-i v, ! '1
f ivii :h ui.."v. rvithi-ut tri', ami
ir.l tint I'ro-'t 1 . i a l oth r
nn.wi nn! - "t,t u in the
nh w h. a Af '. i i i fi.chfinir t!.f in-
I ! r . 1 1 ci'." Mr. Ilnrtat, who
. i:-.. .1 h.H fi'orn J i ; 1 ;:' i
1 t att-":nl In- fi t. r- r. t :.n . 1- :'i
I !V nie!:: fv.- !.r li-lw m 1. 1'!..
r-'latlvt'5 for im. l:'! f
'turning to . t out h.; .-frit. f.f.
h.M-h wm- jpiott-vl ly tlit- i:alntr:al
i ' ' a rt hi a .
Mt!iT .Tn- Ir.ttrvMiH
,' ? i.n's i:i' tti!- f Iü'mo:
..ar-s f-;h'ti t! : -or-!' -vly
'' oT t;'' si""a! -onv- n t i"n
-rarity .; ! : an ant: a I t. i n is ia -
n I . . . t ; -' :' i 1 ' ;: Wi'.i! I .-oiil is
, : a ra."i ::.'. I : : ruorr.i! c .-i s-'.on
::-:.:.: i .: a r i- - ' tin- o'!;r:al a r. -:
that Ilo at ha. I
: . -('toil ,.r i -fi nt h tt ni'-nt ly a otr
:' '.'.' Vr: to i. :.'". a ;.ia.;or'ty of 11
t ail:r.!ni.-t rat ;:i tht ; - " I o v I
: f -a a t '. .: i;r; r. '.f.I y Tilir.o.s
;- a' : u:..hr I': ".Jen I'arrin-
. ; .at.' I a- i rwl th ct.r.v en-(-
. ia-. who wt-rc ur.ili'.o ' to
, !i-...I i r if.-:oro ortlr u'itil
M r J.n. s" to.-k oharr
A .:, 1 1:. Ah ho Ii nro.,1 veteran o(
a him I: tl ur.-.on battles a-nletl
j.'.atf..r:n ii:!et fell ovit thf
i oviI. Sh- ir th r'tl th'- f.ht How
..: l-.n l nia lo the "ont rapoons In-
' i-::ia! rotiit 'aw of Karfis" and
a -'el that t!ir. lor- a million
I f .- .v n t in tiin miners union."
I : -3 1 fVi .loniand'-ii respe-'tfnl
: t i n r fr tho convention o'ücers.
w t-' tln'.y --".d l y t!ie men
: -criiM-A
S-i,N iIh" liorilorly
hon': i a know- the wliole indns-
wcr'.d if lok'.r.T to you for a
'r rt'.nued on r-iP two.1
A Request
The News-Times requests
all advertisers to get in their
copy early for Dollar Day.
This cooperation will en
able our mechanical depart
ment to hsndle the hu?e
amount of ads with ease and
If possible, Ret it in today,
90 that when Thursday of this
weeL comes, which is Dollar
Day. readers will be able to
get full and official list of ad
vertisers. Thank you.
The News-Times
Chicago Will Have
"Automobile" Hotel
1 u
Plan for
an a'it rn'. ij .. :io: i. .o h'ts
hlirh. ami lf?z,r.i-il po'-ially to
help riiove th onnsestion cau-f-d
by :h itiCf-asir. it i.urnVr of
motor car.-, worn undo public
here S'ir.'lay. 'ne of the fea
tures or th plan v n -t a fievle
by which ars will ho cared for
whhout beini,' touched by hands
-a iriil ojo-rritincr tho entir
Tnorh ni-ni from a i-'-ritral Fwitch
brward. T.hi wiil b- ac c impliyh
cl by nuar.s of a tiltiru; S'oor.
first allowlni; th- car to slale
into an vator and then from
til" ohvator to tio- f-xai't .-pat
. 1
t r bo -tord.
tf.'al a parity fur the bu;hlinp
w ill It" 1100 car.
Gotham.- Chinatown Echoes
to ollevs of Shots and
Crardi of Doors.
.TiV iOKK. Feb. 19. Kuieiy
li-'.i:nol -n tho peac that for years
ho brooded over its crooked tieets
and i:: :; i imis dw ellings. Chinatown
.awoke at dawn .Sun-lay to the sound
of pi-to o',leys and the r ndii1.
ra.-h of barricaded doors as police,
raiders stormed a sU-'ces-iiMi of lon
suspe ted tipium dens. lhcht p'r
sor.s were arres'od, Including a wo
man who?': back was t'nouiriit t"
hae been broken in a b ap from a
second Ftory window. A man. whose
plun.M fr freedom she imitated,
vriju Ti)y süuhtly injurel.
h;ir.;'-t quantitifs of opium, with
pipes and other paraphernalia werj
c on fi-c a t -d . t'jider command of
Ualih (;. a r. dii ,-f of the federal
narrocfic division, a s.-ore of police
and tar.ver.ntneiit agents tirst sur
rounded a suspected dn :n Mott
St.. in tho heart of the orietnai quar
ter. Wiel linx heavy axe?, they
chopped thoir way through the door
v.hicli was j-troimly tarred and
sfuddel with iron. As the barricade
yielded und crashed to the f.o-or,
there wx-i a shrielc I'rnr.i within.
Wi'h the lirM blows by the attack-;
ins party, those inside had made
for the tire es-ape and John Puff.:
17 years old, and the woman, l'the
Kelly. 40. had leaped from the rail
in?:, trikinc on a stor.o pavement
2o focr below. Poth were taken to
Pelb ue h'tspit il under uuard.
Tjpio:il Opium '.Foint.'
Tiie apartment, )i!ie reported,
was a typb-al opium "joint" equip
ped with tiers of woodrn bunki
around the walls, and with empty
or half filled drur tiii strewn about,
the puncrent fumes of cooking ellets
ri-in- from tiny ale diol burners.
Tiie f xamit.a ; ion of the re-ort con-idmle-1,
tlie raiders virejiared to
leave t,o pin o when three r-hot.-i
r.'uip our in rapid enoeesvinn. Iul
bts w!ii.zod past and sunk into the
woodwork about the doi.r. They ran
into court yard and no 're bul
lets foHowa-d in fu -ilia des. spatter
inir on the piin .tone? ami noo
ch.ettint: In e-ry direction. Part
iv.z baei; into the house the detect
ives, weapons in hand, soirrhed the
tipper l!o -rs. Hashing t!ie;r lights
it:to shadowy corners and probing
every possible plice on concealment.
Nn one wa- found.
The irty next descended on an
apartment in Mulberry st. Here it
met with no resistance, aside from
barred doo, and four prisoners
were taken.
In marked contrast to the other,
the Mul!erry st. resort was sumptu
ous in every detail. Carved mahog
any furniture, luxurious couches of
Tipho'stery and velvet hanprincs re
p'aeed the mean pallets of the place
on Mott sr. Four pipes, one of them
of Ivory and inlaid with st'dd. were
-eized. toreJhr with supplies of
opium aial burners. a lone: !:.-: of
names, presumably of patron. a!o
was found.
Polire Active on New Clue
Suspect Misinp Since
Time of Crime.
L'"S ANGELES. Calif.. Feb. PJ
Th ho.irrh for a taxlcab drlvt r
disappeared from hi home here
about the time William Desmond
Taylor, film director, was murdered,
was th autstir.dirig feature Sunday
of the police investigation d" the
cs.se. The man. it was said, had
driven Taylor home n several oc
casions, and detectives believe he
might hav visited the director the
night he wm slain.
The driver's disappearance was re
ported to the police everal das
fO by his wife, who expressed alarm
i.t his absence. The ofheers in look
ing over his tfTects dis-overed three
bullets of the caliber of that whi-h
kllltd Taylor and a cap similar to
that worn by a man several wit
nee s have reported seeing near the
Taylor apartments the n'.ght the di
rector was elaln. The parents of
Mabtl Norrnand. film actress, one of
the lst persona to ie Mr. Tuylor
alive, were to arrive f-crv New York
Sunda.' n!ght to visit their daughter.
Miss Ntrmand Saturday moved from
her Lo. Angeles residence to an
unannounced address, -vhl h it was
learned fcui'day is in Altadtna. a sub
urb of Pa-Klena. Htr friends ald
mhm was fek'rg rewt and seclusion.
Head of Appropriation Com
mittee Declares for Junk
ing Worthless Ships.
Expert to Cut Ahout $150,-
000.000 From Sec y Den
hv Estimate.
liv Asmh -hi to. I'ris.
WASHINGTON, l-b. 11. Con-
res will not ?per.d one dollar for
the upkeep of old warships that are
unable to contribute to naiional de
feruso Chairn.an Kelly of the sub
committee on appropriations which
will frame th new navy bill an
nounced Sunday.
Oppos-ing tn-- .appropriation of
$350.000,000 asked for by Seo'y
Penby, lie declined to indicate how
much mii?ht be cut from the secre
tary's estimate. By carrying out his
program of junking: worthless ves
sels, it was Intimated by the chair
man's associates however, that the
flcure would be reduced to 1210,
000,0 0-0 or possibly $2C0,000-.0O0.
"I believe that congress will be
willing to fu-nish the necessary men
ind ii xaney for that part of the navy
which has a military value, " Mr.
Kelly declared. "Put there are
-cores of ?hips coating1 millions
every year which are worthless'. 1
am not going to vote to keep these
old ships in commission nor will
congress unless tt can be hown that
they can contributes to our national
Ann.iiKiti.-4 Class Must Go.
Asked how he stood on the ques
tion of turning the 540 mombers of
t lie first las4 at Annapolis back to
civil life in June. Mx. Kelly tald:
"It may be hard, but the ilrjt clas
will not bo commissioned. We will
have to be conservative in cutting
the officer personnel and in this
emergency we cannot swap men for
boys. Some of the first clas.s may
be taken in to give a sprinkling of
fresh life and energy but with the
wholesale reductions necessary the
class will have to go. Its members
have received a fine education, they
aro ready dor the frtniggl- if life,
and then- los will be more senti
mental than financial."
KlToot Knornious Saing.
"An rnormous saving can be ef
fected in junking old and worthier
ships, especially some of the older
cruisers." said Mr. Kelly. "Take
the old Olympic, for example. Ivist
year the cost of her operation was
$1.171. 000. There is a fine renti
mental demand to save her. but she
ought to be put some place where
thrtre will be no such tax burden.
The old cruiser Brooklyn, commis
sioned in 1 S f S . cost $790. 000 last
year, and the Rochester, commis
sioned in IStKt. cost $1.154.000.
"Just 'o on down the line and
you will find other old hulks costing
millions of dollars that are not
wo-th a tinker's damn for defense
purposes. These old craft, with
small guns are back numbers; they
can servo no useful training pur
poses. We have got to tie them
Mr. Kelly said, however, he want
ed to emphasize that there would
bo.no ruthless cutting of appropria
tions and that new ships which real
ly make up the treaty r.avy would
bo kept in full commission. The
enlisted personnel total would de
pend, he said, upon the number of
ancient ships relegated to the junk
There will be no new construc
tion next year. Mr. Kelly said, "but
5 4 0.0or0f!0 will be needed to com
plete ships allotted by the treaty.
Many Valuable Animals Per
ih in State Fair Grounds
INDIANAPOLIS. Ind., Feb. ly.
The large brick horse barn at the
Indiana state fair grounds here and
about P'O valuable horses were
burned early Sunday, causing a loss
estimated at $200.000. Three horse
men also were burned, two of them
seriously in attempting to rescue the
a nimals.
Harvey Pushy, owner of Lord
Pusby, a valuable pacer which was
burned to leath. narrowly escaped
after being seriously burned, when
trapped in the stall with his horse.
He was sent to a hospital Fitteen
hundred dollar ir currency, which
he is paid to have had with him, was
also burned. A horse which Frank
Meyers was trying to rescue, became
panic-etricken and fell on him. pin
ning Meyers to the floor, and he
wa sserious'y burned and trampled
before freeing himself. Edward
Wood another horseman, wa. slight
ly burned.
The dead hor?es are said to in
clude 6 0j of the 67 sent here from
Camp Kncx for use of Batteries A
end C. several polo ponies. Gov.
Warren T. McOray's riding horse;
the "Great Rose." a J 1 5.000 mare
recently purchased by Thomas D.
Taggart. and sxvera! show here-
owned by Ion McDonald. gT.ind
circuit race driver. The horsea that
escaped roajntd around the north
east settlor of th city and & num
ber had not been roundetj up Sun
day night.
Princess Mary and
k V;::ev-- : X ':l ' ';'-l .,:
T?imm Kr4 sttvfW-. -..V,. .. ? :;. X -t i
- :yy . - ;C W:- . :: J-7 v 7
.:. - J,. . . 'VT, : :-l 'I ' - 4- VA" -
. . '" . Ä 'y ,y ' .'-.. i . . c :: .'- it " 7
;t. - a. v.; W yy.-- . : '.;.;
i yy: SXy ;j: Jf J
n ys-: :-y- Jr-y- .-y--- . .;yy:
'. '.-. I V V.
. . . - ".N . . - .
.w.'('w i'uif.s. imwuui-y-'ft'1 .-.( 'y - . 'y,.. ,im"h - . 1 1 ,,v-f
-vi. ViUU'. -. MaL.rp ' y. V. . v" -JLSk Tv k 'jt. ' J
: V iv L ;if- rlJ'T 4 t ; "? ; , f -vi Z t :, i t : J ' . i - .
Wedding of Princess Will
Be Ultimate in Pageantry
Ceremony Feb. 28 Will be Marked With Splendor of Music,
Ritual and Display Westminster Abbey Will be
Scene of Royal Marriage for First Time
in Six Centuries.
LONDON, Feb. 1?. The ultimate in pageantry, music aid ritual will
be achieved IV.. 2S when Princess Mary will break all records of the
British royal house by marrying a commoner. Viscount Pas -elks, whoso
title is only one by courtesy. He is the heir presumptive to Lord Hartwood,
his father.
The only daughter of ttie king and queen of England wdll be married
in historic Westminster Abbey, this being the first time a daughter of the
royul house has been wedded there for six -enturics.
On the wa dding morning the route from Buckingham pal ice dow n th
Mall, through the great Admiralty arch along Whitehall, where most of
the governmental buildings are. past Parliament house and to the abbey,
will be lined with rows of the gorgeous scarlet-coated, be.ir-skinned British
People fortunate enouch to get tickot-3 to the abbey will so., not one,
but four processions.
The first will be that of the royal family and representatives of foreign
courts. CJueen Alexandra, the sep-fr- .
tuager.arian grandmother of the
bridt. will be the central tisure.
The second procession will be that
of the Oueen of England, attended
by th- ladies -)f her household, and
walking with her son. the Duke of
York, followed by her other sons.
Princes Henry and fJeorge. The
Prince of Wales will not be present,
as h is touring India.
The third procession "ill be that
of Viscount Lascelles. attended by
his best man. Sir Victor Mackenzie,
who is a captain in the Soots Guards
and won the Isit inguish d service
order in the war.
After a brief pause the last proces
sion will come. The bride will enter
leaning on the arm of her father, the
king, and followed by her eight
bridesmaids. Lady May Cambridge,
Lady Rachel Cavendish said to be
the fiance of the Prince of Wales
Lady Doris. Gordon-Lennox, Lady
Mary Thynne. Lady Elizabeth Powes
Lyon and Lady Diana Pridgeman.
The wedding ceremony will be per
formed by the Archbishop of Canter
bury, the head of the Established
Church of England. He will be as
sisted by a number of bishops.
At the conclusion of the ceremony
the bride and bridegroom will be the
first to leave the abbey, followed by
the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and
then by the king and queen and
other royalties.
The procession will go bai k to
Buckingham palace.
If the weatehr is good, the prin
cess expects to go to and from the
nbbey In an open carriage, so the
people on the streets can see her.
Vliit and sliver.
The wedding will be a white and
silver ne.
The bride will be attired in a white
silk tiress. ornamented with silver
tissue, and with a long train of simi
lar material.
Her bridesmaids will also wear
white silk with silver tissue.
The princes' veil will be the .same
her mother, the queen, wore at her
It Is probable the bridesmaids will
not wear veils, but will have sliver
bandeaus in their hair instead.
The princess will wear plain white
kid gloves and white and silver satin
slippers, which have been made
especially for her in the town of
The women guests at the wedding
will not wear evening dresss, as was
at first expected. Because of the
chill in the abbey, it has been de
rided that they shall wear morning
There are comparatively few bulld-inp-j
along the line of march which
are not public buildings. However,
upeculators have already secured
all available space and arc charpinc
Honeymoon Castle
-v f in fm ? v. v.-1 -
frm $5 to ?2f for seats in windows.
Honeymoon Plans.
The wedding pair will spend the
first part of their honeymoon in
England, going to "Weston Park,
near Shofnal, in Shropshire.
This is the home of Earl and
Countess of Bradford, whose daugh
ter. J.ady Diana Pridgeman, is to be
one of th' bridesmaids.
Later they will go to Italy, where
they will bo lodged in the magnifi
cent Villa Medici, overlooking the
city of Florence.
XEW YORK, Feb. 13. Sidney
Thompson. 2?, a chauffeur, shot and
killed his wife. Hannah. .'3, Sunday
night and thn committed suicide by
shooting hi rase If in the head, ac
cording to the police of Bockxway
Beach. The murder and suicide oc
curred in the home of the wife's
uu'if, Penjamin MeKeage, in .la
mif Thompson and h:a wife, the
police said, had been separated.
They had two children, Arthur, four,
and Vernon, two. Thompson went
to Jamaica Sunday afternoon to try
to effect a reconciliation. When h
reached the uncle's home, Thompson
pleaded to permitted to "talk
things over" with his wife. TlK-y
had been together 'but a few- min
utes when Thompson drew a revol
ver, fired at his wife and then shot
himself. Both died instantlv.
WASHINGTON, F-b. 19. A de
cline was registered in railroad traf
fic during 1021 of 2i:.3 percent un
dr that of 1 & 2 0 . the greatest ever
recorded in American transporta
tion history, accordirg to the Asso
ciation of Railway Executives. Com
piling estimates from reports to the
Interstate Commerce commission In
a statement issued today said that
In 1921 the number of tons of
freight carr'e! one mile In the
United States were 5 4 4,167.000.000
or 1O4.29Ö.000 le than th ton
miles of 1520. The decrease in the
eastern district was 24 1-2 percent
in the western 22 1-2. and in th
southern 20.6.
Indiana Fair and redder MonIT :
Tuesday ur.st-ttled
Lower MIrhlran Pair and rolder
Mondir; Tuesday utfettld. probably
local r-noTTn.
- i
Sentiment for Financing; the
Measure Out of Appropri
ation Savings Grow.
Opposition to Sales Tax Pro
gram Believed to be Strom:
Enough to Defeat It.
oldiers bonus situation continued
Sunday to be so nebulous that re
publican house leaders still were
unprepared to venture even a guess
as to what plan of financing ulti
mately would be agreed upon. It
was understood to be their disposi
tion to let tho question simmer a
while longer In the hope that senti
ment would so shape itself as to
facilitate the task of those who will
frame the measure.
It developed Sunday that beneath
the surfaco of the storm which has
raged around Pres't Harding's sug
gestion thit the bonus bo financed
by a sales tax there ha. been a lot
of quiet tslk in support of the pro
posal advanced by some leaders last
week that the legislation be made a
general charge again!-' the treasury,
with expected savings through cuts
in regular appropriation bill relied
upon for the financing of a portion
of the initial cost.
When first suggested by Rep. Men
dell, of Wyoming, the majority house
leader, this proposal senned to meet
with considerable favor among the
rank and file in the house, but the
Idea became all but submerged by
the wave of talk that swept through
cloak rooms and corridors after tho
president's letter to Chairman Foid
ney, of the ways and means com
mittee, had reached the capitol.
Cut Estimator Sliarpl.
Irrespective of the bonus, there
apparently was a determination in
the house to reduce sharply the esti
mates for both the navy and the
tirmy, and that possibly $200.000.000
would be cut. out of th supply bills
for those departments alone. Such
a sum, it was said, would go a long
way toward meeting the first year's
cost of tho cash payments to the
former service men.
Some opponents of the sales levy
concede that there are sufficient
votes among the majority members
of the committee to report out such
a tax, but declare tho question of
expediency must enter into the final
If .such a tax is proposed to a party
conference, tho opponents assert
that they will renew the tight which
was waged successfully in a similar
conference in lfJL'o when the first
bonus Irl 11 was pn sented with a
sales tax atta-hed. Failing to win in
the caucus, they declare, their fight
would be carried to the floor of the
house, with the expectation of al
most solid support from the demo
crabs. It Is understood to be the hope of
the leaders of the agricultural bloc
that tho committee will report out a
bill without any specific provision for
raising the fund-, as the .viKit'j
finance committ ee. did last Near.
Pres't Harding has said that ho
could not look with favor on a
mea-sure that did not carry ways of
financing it. but it was understood
to be the thought of some of ;he
supporters of such a bill that with
a large sum available through re
ductions in the estimated cost of
conducting the regular government
establishments a situation would be
created which would remove execu
tive objection.
Irir-li iceroy Takes Steps to
Settle Difficulties Be
tween Factions.
BELFAST, Feb. 1?. The mem
bors of the football t am of the Irh
republican army recently captured at
Dromor?, have been ordered rlas-d
by the viceroy, according to an otti
cial announcement i..iud Sunday
evening. The announcement add-j
that Michael c.olllns, head of the
provisional government ha.s given as.
surancon of the re'.ea.-e of additional
kidr.api'ed royalist?.
The c rliclal announce m nt came in
a dispatch from the viceroy. Viscount
Fltzalan, in Dublin, to Sir James
Craig. The dispatch paid that Col
lins had promised the release of I
individuals kidnapped at various
times, thes not Including th un
wounded special cor.stabb-s arrested
at Clor.es. It is believed, however,
that Mr. f'oliin? has arranged for
their release al?o.
With the exception of a few minor
incidents the week end in Belfast
pawed quietly. A man named Hun
ter returning from church th
morning was shot and wounded by
an armed pp.rty in the Springfield
road. At Clones, the situation now i?
4ulet. The patrols art- moving about
unarmed. Members of the special
constabulary who were kidnapped
are still being detained at Newton
Butler and Roeslt-a.
iimNi:i to DnTir.
Mrp. Ada Hampton, 1$ years old.
wife of William H. Hampton, was
burned to death here Sunday when
a can of oil with which ehe wan at
tempt! rff to FtArt a fire in a stove
exploded and set fire to her clothing
"Graduate Burglar'
Caught in the Act
PROVIDENCE. R. i.. Feh. I ..
Di-covvr 1 wh.il- .it w-or'K
drilling hobs i-
a s f
in t h
vestry of Sr. Patrick' R.-.n.an
Catholic church here early Sun
day morning. Charles Pensen.
who p".-s se what purports to
be a diploma from a San Fran
cisco sch(M-1 of burglars, was cap
tured by pc-i.e-v
Among possessions claimed by
the man and taken from a c hc-c!: -ins:
room in a railroad station
here, are several corr por.d' -n-.-e
course lessons in how to be a
burglar, a diploma signifying
thrt Benson is a graduate, and a
full line of burglar too'.1, tlah.
Uchts and otht r unusual -p.iip-
GETS $50,000 LOOTw ,:V-::: ,---;,:::;::;
Marked Robber Strips Ho?te?s
I T- I 1 CT 1
aim rour wuests 01 jewels
and aluables.
By As-o.-hi'ed Pres.
DEAL. :;. J.. F-d. 1 A dinner
party at th Lome of Mrs Sarah
Eober:i,n was int rrupt-d S iMirday , e-- a month n..--nig
J-r. bv a n-.ask 1 ba ndit w h v. is and mo-.hr's c
adn. itted by the hostess- and at th i 11 r. ! pl-mr.":.
Pint tf a revolver robbed lo r of a homo -:) v.urlc!-.
liau-.U-ag which -la- told th- pol.
contained jew Iry valued at ."". 1
stripped her four gucsisi of thlr
valuaabs an 1 scap.-d.
Til- j -weis w i i". takep from a safe :
in the Hotel M.-Alpin. N- w York, the ;
day b fore-, with t'o intention. Mrs.'
Robertson sail, of placing th.m in a ;
safe deposit vault in Anbury Pat k.
Mrs. i:d)--rr or.'s CioN ii:- ! ; b 1
Davis S. Meyer, r a I sisti' broker
of Long- Branch. Eluar M. Ivin ua.
his; business ttssoeiato; II. T r.
of Rellmore ;;nd OUvo Rol-.ertson, a
nb TO.
"nlitl T I'ront Door.
Mrs. Robertson was alb-d to th-
front door w h.lle n! .-rt ai nin g h'-r
fue.sts an i th re was . on front -d bv
. !
the robber whose fa 00 -a ptinc the!
yes were entiia I v ce v-r. d bv a whit
It 1- -11 1 1; -..I
to hold up her ha mis and k-c-n oi-
ent. He tore n diamond sun b -;r:
from b.er th roat and with the v. . n;.o:,
press-d acamst her Jo:'y. tor d her
to rf-turn to the limj.g ro-iu.
J'efore tla f-'tartle.l -.-.i-s's cr,-;M
r a'ize w hat was happening th-- ban
dit fiouri-: ! e.i his rvolvr. 'on.ma r.d -
ir.g all to nut im their ha nd -s .a r.,1 1 .
warnc-d th' ta not to rr.alio an out-
ILVviIx Tn Motor Car.
Whib the Intruder instructed
vil't fiij to turn r-i r t' ir -o t ' . i a
Mrs. Robertson trii to conc-a! tin
handbag with her jewel that lav on
a sideboard. T.v- robber ob..-.-r . d
her and snatched It from br. Cath -
erir.g un I he loot h;c ,r. il teen a - .
posited On the dining tnbb by th-i
frightened guepis. th-- 1 audit th n
warned all to keep quiet for five- n.in-
UI'-S. lidi'Kf (1 fUT f'l I : : r"M)m .'til I
fl ri 1 T j v j r- o fc,!.l - . . t- 1
. 1 , 4 1 . j - I. ; i ' 4 i " 1 r ' ill
tliought lie l;earl a motor car afp r
the man left the house.
Th.- noli' o le-irn-d tha' a worn "in
and a man w' r-- sf n n ir th- Rob
frtson home shortly ?--fo tlie r eb
be r-v T ' J i. I'U--r e,? tint t1ik. i. '.n
wait'd in th- j.-.r,ff.r car and aidd
tie- tidef to or.'i no.
Mrs. Robert on's hVsT! rp-aJ con-U-
t ion s:nc-- h r p- ra-n the j.orTt
5aid has mad- it i-i .o...:i,;e f(,r th-m
to get a lit of ti-.- i.-is-g jeV.r !.
NEWPORT. Ky.. Feb. la. --ofii-cials
rf 'he .N.-wport Rolling Mil!.-)
Co.. Whri.se , r', e : - have been on
s'rike for 4ev-r il mot-,t h. intimated
, , . , ,
Miiw.i.v that too t nt'.re- p. an. t:.av
be operated ti i. c. n an "op. r, Hho;"
1 asis. In a statement the .--::; g-i-
cial.s; lechired. that,
In v !',.' rf t.. "
e . .
temporary r- e-tra.;nirg o
yesterday by Feda ral" .Tu !
Cr.chran against any Interf. rene by
Ftrikers witii mill employes. There i
no strike on at the rn.ll. insofar c.h
ma IV. iio ieven-a p. is re i),t a; y,,;, -r ..,,r r - .. .
her and in sharp tones erden ! v-r!r,;.rv Th '- -(, v- ,vi
the nfTlciall of the company ;r- cr,n. v rmb . ! ' I
' erned. " ; 3'r.g J W.s . ... ;.
la o m e w i h l.'r "
U. S. Senator Savs American
ill Not Consider Can
eellinif ( )hlii,:ation.
V.y As-r.rdr.'A.j Pre
PARIS. Feb. 19.- -"L-. my
I am f-rfnin J h e s m- w .:. rit.lv.
virtually unanimously, the tr-a.-
and convention-; .z.- i a .).- r- -
cent Washington ...-.f. r- r c-,"
United States S n. owen f r.ik a -
horr.a. replying to u' rb. tr,Al. y
the Journal d- lu-ba-s an-1 pub -
Ushed Sunday. Cur.c rr.ir.g th- .vl -
lied war leb!- to V- I'r.lo-1 S:.'-s
government Sf n. ow e:. fpj' t d ,oS
"I thing that Amer.c.a, will post
pone frcrn. ?. to f.O years the date
upon whih Iurop". an detts will b
corne due, ; x:r.g th- rate, r f int-ro-t
at thre percent. A r:; rbx nn al
ready a.-e too h-.tvlly taxed ever to
agree with any member of conrr e3
ho .should f.ivor a c-tnc-liation of
the foreign debt."
tV-n. Owen 1 In Europe to tudy
the grourai whether a f eder ai
rr-.erve lran measure of 12,5 00, C00, -C00,
which the. senator pr (;; .sei in
the senate. Jan. 4, la feasible.
Harold F. McCormirk. Fnthr r
of Hoirrs-. Makr Formal
Mother ami Rockefeller ALo
Said to Haw Approved
" , I'.y A?t t iat ed Pit
CHICAC.O. F. II- Haroü F.
McCormlk. pr-s! trr.t of the- ir.fr-
r.ntfot'.il iHarvecter Co, s".;. d i" r.'. ht
:::allv i:mo".r.ce 1 the uriir".t
his dau-liter. Matht.de. ae
; ; . i r-cld
The ar.n v. - --n f r.t. v i follow
i lihr.'-u'ch
! "...
ed a day .f fuailv r--r.:"- o-.cs. w
:"- m? th
home of Mr-t. '-:- 1 -rmSe-c.
i m ,?her of th- H.,r v- r- t int.
' - r-d - -i -. v. - - i -. i- t -
! w- Iii: - v.1'1 "-
: Mis-- MaV.: y , .- ;
1 fr -ra Sv. It.--: 1 r. 1 v.'h !.
i . i m
1 . V v cr -
- .-, V r - ' , V , .
i t " h
sh--, w :
Tho f rnvil a-. :.;.
"Mr. 1' .r d 1 M
1 r
t o-:r, :
ca mrht-' r. d.-s
( c..r ,,f Tb t r -'
a r.nounc r.
. ;s .v tic
- o, . .
' ' ' .
a f v
T f t . -
J spiper pu'i;
! C, r.tTi I fa I h.r pproc.
1 Thoi;-:h a 11 -.r..-T.' ..- v fus-- 1
b ? , r :.:'-;- n .. ; v.
i l; -, r:- p., . f, . e-i:- w ,
; .-.(-n .-.prove.' :, ,- -. ; ; P...(',.--
: fr-Hn- Mra" -ri4.-'r ".d' o r. . ; ; y
ti! I'..
a i
fr-.ia M: M .-'---
mir k, a i
P.-.- Ma
I' r ;-r I
' e,.;,, r ja ,, 7 1?, . o , t-r . r
! M.n M ithil 1-
.., ,lA .-,,r ..a rf T, h- Tl
Rr.cVef. I,
a yr-i
1 , 1
.row n h e r . ,
.-00. e rf J 1 n, c i
H- '.
; t , vc-, -. r'
.. i a
. . ?a,--. fa'her, v. h , -Aa--- ' -n P
c a i'.' i
v- in
Illglit Vear-s Pi s.-.rit r--r ri.l.
M:s Vrnr-.!"'. t ' ' '
'n - .1 e ' v. , r
r ru "
, Irr-''"1',-, - ,! -iv 4M
a i.
.u ', .. '
, n a r 1 ht t." .-'. .
, i - n-
r - - t
f iv-rP-
cot, ".'t ' 1 ' ' T
' ' . " , , ,
, ' , ' '. ' ' , ' ',
,' " , ,
i ,'. , ' '
' " " 1 " "; ' ' -: '
t . n
- a
l n
- . . -,- I
'' r "' '
1 1 t - . . -1 - ,
;. - ' 1 ' t - r
" ,f
t:i" '':! r ' ' " :''
. ' e ;-i
re , d i .
S r r v 1 v.-? ' V r
I V r
M of for Ne'if 1 jo 10 i t tal.
. e .
"' ''
?-e rv, v:!.' r- ' ' ' .- ' ' , u -
' a'"'1 !r'",i T--"'r ,1" '
t.f-n ' O ' ' e ' v y' - ' T I ..,- 1.
' rn h-
knew roM.'-g rf hf.
-,i n ,sh b, - ! r a I 1
r 1 1
: a me--,
U r: .
trlrl S
: .--ran, bilf-F-t
r '-. i t: e i 1 r r
c o l r ' f i T i r ;
. ' "
'' "''
' 1 rr,r- c',v
a r: . . e -c o
er a ! .a u-h
"I ni -
A-'-m- I
v ""' r': :
h-'-n: s'r.-.
.u.-- a - . i
. fcrr.erlr Mr ' r"
r; P.rg a i! - .-
r-". b" 1: ' s " -
. ha-
! their arrl vul. ...'.- I .,-
! f-a. to th- r.o-. r t; e rr. en
j r.w-. to a p -"...- f;:r.
). att: !- I Th- r g
;-. : u
rt.-r.t 1 e e f - '. s ;
fc.-rr.ly say. fr . ; . l.-g
p.raderrv ..vs 'f,.' " -.
mb k !-:' ; -. f- d v -g
Mr. O-'g'ti ur.t
rUTNA'F'i. ' ' . P. b 1 '. p ur
f TT i I"v y c of th- D- ":v r a- '
j IaV e ra.lril. w r- (
tnow!i t srv? y. an ri .' - 1 '
Ir.g to that r a 5 --r 0- . t
. arly Su- I
arly Su- lay m m: Th- r nj
trre .--wept dev. n a . . . ..n 7' r- f.-
. c- b 'b
: -.ve r-d y,
ibrcn n-eov-re.l.

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