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South Bend news-times. (South Bend, Ind.) 1913-1938, February 20, 1922, Morning Edition, Image 11

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Now is the Opportune Time to Begin to Investigate Real Estate Propositions
index : fi.as si ligations
2 1 1 M -n r n
." - - I rf Tri 's
4 ) : r.r r a 1 I ' r-- ' ' r
Far- ni Fb-w. r
i '. .ft rr la's. M-
T E- ige V t : . .
s. m ; -, g Event.
I4-- lvr- r i !
Ii' Li.t ard Fct: r.d
TOMf p.i r.r
11 A i ; - . r b : i " fr Sale
V.'- V' fr r-) i-!. i j r. 1 Pd-vfTr.
:.i -A -üf f r r Ex-hang.
)--: Acr.-' r:"S
IN s. rvi'- ,-f vi-.i.s --F.r. a'.r'.r.g.
1. - I.Erv- 'iirv
K .i n ! - m-dd'os
ft im service.
f . - r x" ie-s .
E :.! 1:: v- Cr.traf f ir.g.
TD-.ri-.g arrl PI amblng.
ll D.-': rar.ee
1"'- 'I I i I '. r r v - -1 rf rn a V i r g
M r'.r g." Tr-ikir g. Stories.
- - ?'. t.' ; r. g - Pa p.-r ir.g.
Fa Attf-rr.' x .
1'' ! ' r ; t : g- s ? a f i T .
IT IT' liI . cni f-
2- I'.; Erir.g
!: n-.x I'm .g and Dyeing.
' 1 Ts.! r.r-g :i r. 1 Presir.g.
M W .ir!.'. - Service.
r: Hf';. Wn.'ni :vna.
M. V. ? ?.' f 1 - -M i !.
n -ILlp War,'.-! -Mal f.r rermlrv
m!' i:i-t ard Afr.!"
t ' v. .-r. Win'Hi .fVms!
?7 s War.'-d Mi.
! in..- ' ' r ! ' r r ' . n t f i .
T ' I r.x c;::t t stocks, Rond.
4 - f ;.r v f i, I.f. i n.
41 Wanted T-. F-rrorv
I.NSTRt I'fl'iV.
4 2 -"o rrf; orlcr p C, , u rwo,
3 L-c; I r tf r'i'-r ''.n cia.'c.
4 -Mu'-i Dimdr g. Drjmatlc.
IT; v i f.- I r t r 1 " f :on
4 . V. 3 r: t . I - - 1 r: ' r t i -. n
4 Iii C.i'f !c ' Mr!.
T T;i: -! V.' ! rr; n f .
I'.. t inl A"r -f.r'
M f. i.. M.I k' TU-rT i
! " Ksrrii n n 1 iMirv l'rcl s.
'' ' . I n: -I TV. 'J
. T , .1 'Mi i n z to r.if .
H M f1 J, ! I C,rrtl
1 -Ntirii;t.rv Tr,M.
Mi:!r.i I r.st rumn? .
- Sfi. IM.int. hVrtili7.rs.
StffiiN af thf Stures.
f.. - . inj ; Ar i'.?r-!.
V War t. .1 T.. I'.nv.
, I
f:- r:.s Wit! wt H".irl.
V.'h-rf to St..p In Torrn.
W.Titf -IJofitin. !"ir'l
r:r:.i. i:stati: iu i:i:nt.
A T 'i rf r i.Mito :i:j! KITi
7'. p. mv :,,.. H l'i i. s fr Knt
7'. Knri: f"r M'-iJ.
77 II..';. f.r Ir-t.
7s - ort! -.-s ;i r,. l .k Rn(.:n.
7'.' :.r,,ir!.T f r ll -nt.
Si s i r:i n:r I'li" fur Knt.
v 1- Wn ntf l To In.
i:i:al ksiati: koi: sale.
S2 H:;i.f ss lT'Tfrty.
KT.-- f.- r:r. nr. 1 for Silo.
M- H'ii-f for Sa!o.
L..ts for Sal-.
v.. shri rr i rty ft r S.il.
s ut.iiri'3 n f'r Sa?;.
Vv-F!il 1 1 p r n t fr Kiflnn;".
KV an!f.l He il Ltate.
okmi.n nci: vo. ;
An r r.J i r i nco providing for the r-uli ,
tioi, ..f triff,- .it ivrt iin points the
rr'' of if,.-- i tv ..f south F..-:id. r- I
p'.iiiir s"-n..i, i.. :ind Is of Mrdi!:ai,ci i
... 1V. a:d proxidtng a penalty.
it .rd.j iri.vl l.v ti..- 'unii'Mi Coinril
i f i i.f of South Feud : j
'I h.,t at all points where traffic rfti- i
frs ar- now and may hercaffrr be kid - '
I 1 1 o. I for- th;f p-irj"'"' of dirertit.g fraf- j
1 on the Kf reet f said if.. siidi traf- j
V- sti.ill Mitijfi f f.- ft:0 control and di
ti..n oi iM tr.afrb' 'dflcf r and all j-.-r ,
J ttai on H.ai 1 sfret slnll 1
.1 ol t-v pr-d-er signals and orders
pr.Tii !. s.iid i f ,'i r . and in otifirtii
im with So-fi.-i-i l. Chapter 4 of the ..,ls
' l'.'-l of th- '-tat.. .f Indiana, all uHi
f:.. ' r ar- brebv given fV.e rwf-r iti
t ie rj.'P'.f of trieir d'itios to i.'Teruiine
t" right of w.-iy jit. all crossings und
s'reot irtersertloi.s whr-e ft.ov may b"
sf a ior.ed :ird to d.r. ct the traft4- -"
o r 1 1 : t; ; I y .
S c. A n v i erson xi-lTu g aiiv of
tie p r o v i k 'h n of th s ordinim-o nhnll
n 4-onv i. ; i ti llreof I.. hi..--1 in any
Mini ;. t 1 s t::t n o;,. 1 --ii:i r (1"i"i i --r
1 '..re than Txxnfy live I ! I l r- '-'." i"' .
sc- .; t - tioj-.H l ; und l ot .1.1 or-:;ti c
t nee t-t regulato rawing trivt l r..il traf
t lit o;l !' strc.U. :i!l.-x :i!ol p'lbli-
I I a . e s of the irv if South Fend an-l
i -vi.i-r.g p ;m .i h tuen t for violatioti
t t l f . being Mrdir, tri-e .No. l.V.s :,,J,.pf .
d .lulx- 2.". F.d". m. -I 11 otl-r ordii.aio . s
I,, I -irfa r.f . r,ii. im i-ot fli.-t ,.--.-.
x ...h ar. 1-er. by r-peah-l.
s.-e. - i,.s ord-ivan-e -I. ,11 1- i fill
ic-r. .. ard . ffe-r ft-m and nur .?s
ri.e i,: d legal publicci..,, tb. r.-f ',
i: m in r i n n st i n
M . m b. r - f t to- -niii-i, i urn-it.
(iltMNWI 1 No.
..-.I 1 V the Cl-,111..!- C.iun.ril r.f th-
!i p. :t d. 1 ti.l.-i : i. Ffbriary
P , s M MuNKiM", i
C.!y '! rk. '
.1 )::.
X t . v r ;
A ' '
V. l.iri; " EHLER.
t" , "ol.'tilO'i t .HI': Ml
Frei..!.-! bv ? the Mayor of fh
"v r s.-u'h Ii t d. Ir t.nrn. Februar
GLADYS M Monroe.
.1 t.I r... .x , I", iiT,.",rv
" -1" 1 -"I! 1 1 ' 1 ,r I
i .iv l.-r
A t ! t - - v i
1 '
1 r i j v I - r- i. I i . -i I
m!x ör '
C 1 F.b. 'is
no I HE OF sii OF i:il. L-r.VTK
v ' .1 e ' 1 .1 . T I .
s .l.-.-l C -UI. f
I n the M liter of the l.t.te of lovitl
f .Ibis.
' he if.;.-r-g: !. T X.. '.:.-r of tl last
o 'I . f A' s i . il n. . . r.s. -1. l.t-r-t-v
v x -s !-,',. i l.at iv x . rt u if the poxver
1 -. sa.d w sil i . ' . '.-.!. will at tl...
I -. r of a i 'Iii
: .. t t
n : .. r 1 i ! ".
M 4.txx.ik.;. 1 ! I
.iiv of March.
. I .1 ..id .1 Vv
'.i. 1 ; h w a y Eist.
. .id t r i ! i v To
i v.. !,. r. :fer for t-.ale
t n.t. r- st t f s i , i
t I f .-I i'.'X . t. g d-
: S f . ! o . , j h I'm -j-. ; .
. : i ;. ! I r 1 1 ! : ;: .
. private f lie ,
. . . .it ut in a i -1
r t i r- I: I es'.,;,
1 : . . a . i . to xx :
!.- o i 1 1 . r. d T ii i r v
C. . r T x i t m h ! tf.s . u l ;. '
t 1 - ' O '.V . L ' V - It V . . I '
i -7 a : -1
r s A i i -J ' f i u t-v
. ;. a vx a i. h .
i s.i .. xv ;il 1 . i,f
s ; J . -. t to the
iivii f s.j-.d f.-r t.-d !.-s th vi
t ; , ii
. a ; 1
a : s. i i
1 1 ! : f i'-.
aid real
rm s .-ir.!
r : is
o this d 1
::: !.-:!
: i : e fur. Ii..-
r r , x - a s v,
i , - i : i s ; t ; ;
t-x - . d : i : e i .
t v ; ; '.cd t v
: a1-;.- -,; i ,.: t,,
, -ght.-.o, i ! s , f.,.-;, ths.
: : ' I :r ha- r.
' i : , i in;.-r s' (r.-m
. ; r. x g fi-r at'- r
f.r. i t-x rf gig.- r.
.- ! r- . 1 s- a'e ; i )-.
t) f t he taxes
I i ' ag ix pT r -
! :.-. xv a ; x i ;: g t !
i x s :-. i :. d
: r ( 1 . a '-
1 t to '.'
; . the year EC 2
" EOiIEs .1. si HINDI. EK
Ee. J
. 1 1 w . s i ii i n i i . t i :
.ti- n:c, f.-r it.it.-
1 Jo . -; ;!.."
Itinera! DIrevtor
i s-t. j, .lu.M.s vv.tr O,- Sil ot tri-
! t - d E l v . m
a , d :.. j.-im ; T-:
s . i ration" t-t. - ".El i ;
x . . r f ) -,i -1 . W a y
r a
-er in tho
- . tl- s-rvs
r I u -. cot
Li M. Jo
1 Vror4.ils
. N i i n 1 A TA.ollUh i 'IN 1 MEND
i" . hp : - tr ! re;: x f- r all ''
.. .. .. ... 7-r- ; p.' s. it. h. - i.f.
. r . . , - - v u " i r ö a r . p a v 1 1-
- i w r . -i ... ;;x r .-(.-; ct x.-r-i r.
"- hV. fit 1 f.-v -e-.t ch.: g-. 0. IE
- 1 1 V; P:..t.Tr.i h sf . Ox.alii.
N t- -,
m- tk i'.iil.M-, IE covering C t,
0 u g - .--. r :;) re Ig piges ; p
'." uit. ti. W i:h i harf. 2t year
' .-i ..-i.i r K :.' xx- x . r si-'f . f. i. l x - i r
'ghf xv . .... -. ; i.l M..roy b ok
' d .! : r-i i :x o i rt h-Ei v . x . ar.
Eb.-r-i .F.ht.s.-ji. I'.-.x J.'E L-s
U -;. s. ..
i'il.T.s- fi-.:rs. r.stUiH. u lcra t if. n. ran
'I tvi-v biodir g. 1'ching. eur-d at
! i.n Wri'e f.,r trial, t 1". lamer,
A v -rr, D-i.
Lo.t And Kourw
! I'm In i : I i'. K I.t, t i .1 . -k .ithr
; V.-.-..- k ji r; I rr1 Men t ' f! fi
fif-n nr.-1 rprV..1. CnN faln 'l-y
1 h u J. i : K k.t'. r.rnwn T-. i ti r . t
; i,h,t H !" n i n foor. Vln4-
; : iv r.: ' w. ;i rI. I " i n 1 r rill Mib:i-
i w j. t h-j:
n?omolllr for Snh. 11
1,1 it 1 t' urine vifli Krx rlod
frp ; pf-f-d 1 1 r ? hD'1 oiif nearly new
- irp t i r -; ii' O'l irjffb.inlal ctnlitlor..
I t Ml- r tr:tif. K. Fefrman, 1dO-10
I.ir.ff-In vf;ir I,.
1'. I I i - - A iio;:i..t.iif. iwntit tti Century
i.ar-izo. I'L' ti" Miiu .'". Ant for Mr.
r'n "iTTkmI.k 1 s 'l w- lafp mod!, in tin
t;nr. f'r al f-r frafl.-. South I'nd
Srih Nf 't-ir Co. 1 1 k io Unjoin wnv r!.
( i:;.i;t
So th rw Stirri"r Chrolrf
4 '." 4 flor pfiian now fn Ii-1v
; ri f.jr fiiOwrooin. r-f-iffl Auf'
S.ilfi Co. " 1 1 r, j i if rf th Cfaovro
I'f." I.iü'oln nay W. Main
71 J.
o huo i:d Chrrrolft. 41
rud "-flau. Srnill rymnt lown or
iv will fik 4 7irt pavmnt Forl
or ciirroit tr'irirr. Pttl Auto
,v;lo Co. "Homo of th 'b-vror,"
:;r; I.tu'-oJa way W. Main 711.
! tOI.l MI'.IA SIX. "C.oni of tb" H!?h
! wav"; a rfll ir for th monoy. Harry
; Woolworth. distributor 51ft S.
i Mi'-hifin "t. Tsl rars on av torm.
! IM-i;i. ii. Ciovrfd- d's. 1 CKor- I whoVMlf prioo9. IMumbing supplier.' man1. F.n luslvo a go no v to 1. ogtsh
! lar.d to'irmg, 1 Ovorlaud roadster. 1 batlns plants. pipfB and fittings at liphod in prorv town. Stato f-alos ox-
1 i-i.i- iv. - i-i-i " 1
! . ' . . A r. ...1 . ff r I . I
i Sains Co. r.:;.T S Main at. Main 202
IiulHih: rniit.p, in good condition; a roal
bargain f'r cash. Inouiro M. F. Fan,
m W. Madion ft. Nfaln o7s4.
J ( 1 1; I roupo. l.'.j inodd ; w ill take Ford
rad?tcr in oxrhangf; forms or b.al
u ti i- IJn'oln '.t-'
I ulili on- ton tru.-k th top. In good
or. It. for talo. nn Ford dolirory
tru.-k. FJ-t N. Mln nt.
Cood paint: 0 cord tlrps. Car In
J rt of condition. Will soli for 5ft
on th. dollar. Auto Markot. 4'
I'eunsylTaula at. Lincoln JnS.
F.KS Fefore you buy or trade
j our iiOv or used car it will pay you i
to sen u. l-vfcrmnn, South Hend Nash's
Mntnr ar Co . HX Lincoln Wav Fast
x yrt'i
l.unK ovr our lin of used cars
trucks l.ffore buvlng. What help:
b.li s us. stop in Service iarace, -Jl
afaeft. Main
Suporior Motor Salo Co.
21.V1.'. S. Mi in St.
Main lS-'i.
1 F'.l F01H SEDAN 42:iO
l 1021 i iii;p corn: .-.hon)
l i : fm:d i:maisti:i: i -h
Motorrjclfs And IJIoyclcs
Motorcx r.. e;i.ingr. 2s.xS. Fedeiat
trft-- tr. ad. ?s. (fr--s-'! Cyclo Shop,
v.'". W. Wahin?fon st.
.utoni(l)iIo Arrssorle'.
FA l"i FRIES Ft ) R W RELESS outfit. S10
ami up. liociiarying ami repairing
.I-m,,. , expert. Reasonable prices.
'.il! us for servi.-e. Arthur W. Dalley
t-i.. l."'':F -. S. Main st. Phone pV.4.
PARIS -Wo buv em i.nd wreck em.
Farts all makes of cars. Tor-I parts'
v,u, ,,, ,.r cent off list. Hurwi.-h
Nt Co -jls V South st. Main 10O.. t
RADIATOR rep-iiring that stays rignt.
N.-.x rii!;at-rs of nil kin-Is. Chicago
Avio Ra-M.itor Co., ."' Lincoln way, V.
Mx.n t''..V-
So;i.D C LINDERS Biived. Ihis proc-
r- make it possible to save your eld
m-.'-.r. Wo alo rogrind and fit pistons
and rings. All work guaranteed.
S'oip's l yüüder Grin-llfl?, 127 S. St.
.Toe st l.l-n ii! f.SO'.l
SPARK PLEiiS - Bethlehem. An -O-Fire,
H. Tz and AC-Metric. These plugs sold
from to,- to 51 M Will sell any plug
I. s'e.l above for -Vo' each durictr tb
niarv. Aldcrson's Tiro Shop, 40V) W.
South st
1 i Kl.s - A lew repaired .nsings at th
foTjoxxirg p.-icer HOxo. ?,H?, 0 $2.f :
- ..
;ixl $2 öd; 32x1. r..x4. S4x4 f4
."'xt1-. Glx4H 3 Linsen
to 'er Tiro Shop. S2H S." Michigan st.
fJ D I IKES- AM ires. Thes are real
arg xirs. Stubr-s Tire Hospital, 2f"-'. E.
SEE E.-n F.EEORE RIV blanket.
Hood and Radiator Covers, Alcohol,
k:d Ch Er.e. Ilt-aters South R ti-1
Mo, r Srpsdv Co. 117 F. .IerTeron st.
WE MAKE A SPECIAL TV in overhaul
i"g. lapping oersi7oI plstoit an-l
ri- gs dorie expertlv Eafaxetto Garage.
'Ji S T a'-, x'tte Main "7i.".
Service stations llrpalrlnjr. 1
AI UMT sTTlLE RAINUNG in n tirst-
hiss sh"p. vl-vn lv first cla-4 paint
ers ns'.rg first-class materials, tneari
a firf class lob Oualltv Auto Paint
ml Trim shop 2.2 N. Michigan tl.
En.-oln lOr '
AEro R DI A TOR repairing. Reir ?11
aEfort.ia av ; open evenings.
A! to iols. sent i overs, curtam. gen-
r.il u ; h --Is? erv ; estimates furnished.
Deck r A :'. Trim Shop, 204 E. LaSal!-.
Lincoln .".I'.-.'v "
sl'l I a E RA i Es F rm g your car in f r
- v. rhaul.ng h-fore the spring rush,
s; f'- 1 1 raff- I'l-.iris'g January and Feb
i irv. i erlat.d s-mtli Rend Co . 2.12
N Michigan s t .
We charge "Ford" msgnots v ithoat
rer.iovlrg fr-Ta joir car. A guaranteed
?ih. done xxhl'e you wait: s IXE lon't
bnv rw magnets! Crazier Ä: Frailer,
Tis I.' pro In war. FP
U h E N in NEED of services n xo'ir
t-sttory. Hart r. gn rater r-r any rlec.
fro-al part ef your car se.- us. We
h V e the r.-.ot fi.mpii'tO Srrvi.-e jitatSOtl
in norf h.e-M Ir-liana. All work gnar
ar'.fii ivr-r-tp, Ra'tTy snd lgr,ifi",n
"2". S Eaftvette sr." Main 4 721
v ELDING-Cast !el. alurclnurj. rrss
xxe!d:r.g. carton bnrnirg; aufos wash
ed, cleared and polished. The WLlta
We'.dirg Co. L'jo N. Pol st., rt-ar of
c, as Co. rifri'-e
Auto l.lvry iarnre-
1 o w 1 Mi -AS e will pull you in sny time
from any p'n'-e. div or night. St or
yf ar ear w.th us f.-r the xmter. Dead
sforago. $1; 1'xe. .; t e- tr.orth. Cen
tral i.nrage. !; p. ",;. tt-r st
Uuslnes srilrrs Offeml IS
H m ( i . CLEAN lNt V e cioan hnut
f r- m .itr.' to celisr. Our men ar
I - lujod rand 'ose. red. We cirrv l.ahility
an-i publh liability. South P.eml Win
.Icwn Cl.-.an.i.g Co. (nil Main -M22
WEI. I.s repair-.j. tw x,iis. and cistern
.'suing H Dale. 'd 1 Laportt- av.
Fh-M.e Eln.-dn S'.f.is.
HAVE Ol iC wmloxss an-l rugs aeane-i
t-T tr.e Acme Window CJeatisg V
Scribe (. Lin-oln .'rF2.
Unsinrss STirrM OfTf rrnl. 18 t
1 v i i a 1 i o .s - -1 . t in "jK-iiCfl ' j on in
tr prop-r method of r.irtur tpkine
cm- hi and t; I"r intru' tloDS.
Anlf" fti!t 12'' S liin t
Travel .'rul lAninlnn
FJiuM .11 M: l- KL'KmFKAN Tu Ii J )
Ad?. : Twelfth rondurfd. Mirr I'.
Fitrerald. 14s .v. Humphroy nr.." Oak
Fark. 11!.: pp- l.ii ftenrlon to ldi
aiorr; privity lirr.lfed. minaM :
id" trlp4 to Irlsnd. Stlnrd and'
Spln. aiito tour from (JrnoM" to)
Mf (3 dar', l.'ornif Le drir to Mont,
t'arlo. Arnalfl drlv. I'ion r!ax:i
o.Thlr.c In Switzerland. Krf. nmbri;
Ilfaflnr .rtl Plumblns 20
I'M M1U.N; ar.l halting; rtair work oi
all kind- rsfiroato rhoorfully fur-j
ni-nori. i.on I urr.ork A: i n.. ...I i..
.terTron tilvd. Main i:is.
1'l.rMHIN;. cfarn artt hot watr h"at-
1;.?: vro p!v ntiafart ory rork with
rittiimtim hirpp. Thou. J. Mcjrath,
TA l: l.aSnllA av. Main ..M.
i:i:al i:ai:(;atn in fltmhin;
i '
Sa -rifW il of ever VtO now nnd'J
Fo.-on 1 fcnd rTii.-nldnff and boattn? fup- -
." f.'.f i - . ri fiiHnif!, rol! rim Mth tub,
I. ; don t i j-r.T-. r'ain l 'Sft oiitfit, rom
ido'o. $17..".
p-r-f'Iain Tt-ajh donn rlosrt hoTI.
2 pirr cnrl!" layndry fib. S.
All kind sinks. rr fitting?,
brl.-r lfcoa1o.
squarh !r:AL rr.FMPiNn srrrrA'
172.' S Ctt f.. Chiraro. Hl.
Calurpot "2ort
i SI:K us ttrfor von hnr lfMwhoro at I
r-i'iiriB ; i u ju 1 1 1 u 1: fiiruiii xir
- - .
l m . imv,.. T I K T "T ' .
n-lllllKli'll .11 PI I 11 U1.
Al'TO ACCIPFN1S orour orory day. .MAKh $.." ; to rr month distrlbut
So do nuto firor, and ronborlo,. Ar ing SpT-odolino; ea.y, pormanont Wr,rk;
you rroporly insured against these f'",u?1 territory: an omob lo free,
things? If not. call William Ilapp.i rl e 'nrr"'?,Tt!,r,!j:r!'- SP'' .
Id7 S Main. Lincoln 1.V1 j Iept. Dallas. Texas.
IF YMF wish your boue or jour auto-I WE WANT MEN AND WOMEN
mohilo insured see (o. I.. Kulisori. -ho are desirous of making $20 to $200
iL'.? Farmer Tnut nidg. Idnooin 1107. per week clear profit from the start In a
" -r- - . permanent business of their own.
Movlrwr. Trxu-klnc. Storage 2S i
L,.,-r-, n .. v i . , , MITCHELL'S MAOIC WASHING
hC OT L UlANsFKli 4 O. Local and long! 4'OM FOUND
dttinoe hauling. Special rates to all)
InWnroan twr? l?os T'horo T, r.?71. w,ghp, riothe spotlessly clean tn 10 to
3 minutes. One package toea 20 ordl
PrlntlMc Sintlonory 20 nnrv washings. One hundred other ues
JOK l'HINTINti Iiusiness stationery, ja yery homo. Nothing else like It. Na
fartorv forma and everything In Job ture a mightiest cleaner of clothes M
ürmtinL-. he Nirrio M I'rlnt nc Co..
2.14 N. Michigan st. Lincoln fiOM.
kin.l tha brings res,tH; f.dders !.oo-
ets stationery ,tc The lemple Frint-
lT.g-L2---r'- T.icoH av . ChVaco
rroft'ssionni SrrirrN-s 27
A FACf-it is an absolute farr that
many employees are abused of Inof.
flcienev nd carelessness that in en-i
Ft'tiT SPEFIAEIS IS Utting or r,rch
supporters and mechanic:
nicai ioo(i aptii-
aticfs. Examination free. J. A. Mogle,
nil V. Michigan st.
27 A
M.ti'll.K A. HE1 I.MAN, Doctor Sur!
cic.il Chiropody. Foot specialists. .112 j
Fnion Trt't lllr Main o4." '
27 n
CM RmPR.xc i ic -For advancpfi -pain-
less"' chiropractic. F. . Kish, chir--
praetor. ,':us Citizens Rank Rldg. Hours,
r. 1 1 r,i i Main s7. Evenincs 7-s.
nonovntlnjj And Djelns
HAVE Vol' thought about your last year s
Ftraw hat? You have heard what we
can mo witn mem in line or reunisn-
Inc. blocking and resewlng into differ-
ent shapes Tho cost la small. Don't
wait for the rush. South Rend Hat
F.'eaoherv, 11; S. Main st Main I.W
Dry Cleaning and Pressing. 30
SCFIFRERT "Little Dutch Cleaner." ( P( ,sl j K)N wanted on truck farm FT
2T2 N. Main st. Thone Lincoln 647. . exper!"nced man. married. Address Al
The best .ideaolDR at Rtandard prlcei. n. - r. Sorin st.. South Rend
Help Wanted IVniale
ComK Wauted, a xvonian f-x help t ok.
ronver Restaurant. "7 W. Sotith st.
r j HoFsEWoKK Experienced girl wanted
for general housework; niut furnisa :
cood references Call Lincoln 2Ö01. j
MAID -For housework: pix xxashing
whif. cirl preferred. Phone Main 2177
N D MM LD1.U h L x -cr.onced
hi nd embroidc. ers . rrocheter,. hem-
jt.tcherH. furnish material, paving
liberally for making stamped envel-
cpe brings particulars. Enderxvood
Art tioo-ls Co.. port -mouth. O.
rich week a few openings for et-r-erieneed
power machine operators
In our shirf and un-lerweir factor
ies. Wilson Pros., linS W. Sample
n. "A good pla-'e to work."
GIRL OR WOMAN xvanted to care for.
t vx o children; board and room; good
p i v 1114 E s..rin.
Help Wanted Male
, ,,,v- . i
, , I v n;,n "'. rn"fll'
Address N. Liberty. J..o Rene
k farm.
Yop.Nt; MEN. oTrr 17. desiring govern
ment positions. f1"0 monhly. Write for
fr. list of positions noxv open. J.
Loot. aril, (former Civil Service eiam
iterE 11. V5 E.p.itable Rldg., Washlcg-t.-n.
W ooD t lit PPERS wanted, lo Ea paid
ter rank. Timl-r l-i-'ated one mile
from oitv Lincoln Sill.
WANTED- An experienced m't--r tru-k,
tract or and shaiionary engito mechanic
I n t. ma 1 1. n a 1 Harvester Co.. FJO'j S.
-fav.-M.. t
Help Wanted .Male or lVmalo P. 1
MEN or women who want to make
b g ino:i-v at homo. ad-Dess o ti.
FischT. ."itT Lawrence nv., Elgin. HE
alesm-ii Ami Age-its
AoE.Nis. D E MmN s 1 RA 1 o RS. si REEL
Poov.rv. After much effort we hav
fe. ured the se;e Shaving Cream Form-
cram. W have n-x free particulars.
Son-1 1 for formula, and full mar.u-fa--f
.iring instruction, r.-urco of sup
l ly. T-fc. start now. Pus.ness Service.
2t. Dearborn St.. Chicago. IU.
sA EEs M K t n xxjta gentlomanly ad-,
ilrcs oxer 2." yeirs of age, xvho can toll'
th.. tr afh in a co;:xncirg manner, wEl
End wiO, u, an opportunity xvhere grit.
iiwi.-.r . .loa r'.'-tt-i.iiFr e i ,
reaar l.d. This is a i!f pos-.tion and
j?.ire, -.eeix a - I v a n-'en: eii t to n-an-i-
f'ijl T.ri&1 1 1 - n s f ,x lh.,. wh.i r.roroi
t-eir xvorth. See Mr. Drullner. I'olj
rr'ii-r Trust bldg. from V, to F.!
an-l 2 : "-d t o f.
SALFsME.N wanted 0 sell electric- elenn-
r and washers. Central Eiertrie Co.,
12 S. Main ft.
Uli. No soap or brush needed. Just guaranteed to work any phee. IrtTRr ; st. p.l L PL, F21--Warm si.-M.j-g; I I FN s'i N 7.1 s.-ven ro-.m Lora I r .-.. - - t - r i - r- l f: rs in
rib on fae and wash off and N Scott t ; r ....... i:i rj.!(.rn home. r!o.e in arid: .'n d-"rabie ärraT ; has :-mr gsrag-; : M x.,.i n PRmpFKi V - "t ' hx-:- '" ' '"" ' '
have a .loin share. Think of the . - rsj,, ,r,,, , , v(:lt; subsfar.'nl ' i. lk . rVj.t . ,j ; -..:. hot
worldwide sale if it. Every man a, loultry And Supplies 49 . ........ v , . ri rt . . ; p ,v " w-lPam H-t.o Realtor 2'"'7 S.I . J.- , ' r . 'T""i'-n- . ar. J c.'d xiavr. !;;:. !:;.":. -: t.sir.1
ttjier. F t e r v woman can ue it to re i . ; j-1, u u ,A -E s l - a c.mf-.rf a i.,- r.-.-m i y -l 'V 1 1 , ,'; iv:,- " " f'',r" '.-'V, l!" t ..- i - r- 'u.-.- .cr.
nuve superfVoii hair fro-i th arms EoGS are high : make your cm-kens lay : ! m a strictly modern hogg one or . Main st. l ... i..,.ro.i i.-. er i ra-t bldg. I. : --..a l , . , . ." ,
ard reek. Re' t ho first In your town to f.M pure feedisg tankage meat, blood two gentlemen. Ill W. Waym- st. lURDsELL ST.. 411-Sexe-room house. ,I.r. , ,.Ti(, T , : I : Z V r" 'm :,:'.' t -l
s-ipply tae cream or soR'the formula.. bor.o. fresh dal. v. IV lb in F-lb. M-4.4-. J ly lot : gas amlel e ' h;s.T rJ; , r Drg- :.;. ",.., TAHM !!;- II::, T I'IEDIm.
.lailv fron, the sale of formula . Linnnisn s N Main , IcLOsE IN Two rno.j.rn f arr.ufco.l light' 'w-m! -tc dJ l --f-. --h. i r Uo:.:.'l. i-v ,
.ilu.e Any one can make it at home. - - i housekeeping moss; garage. iin.-..v gftrf.. W ris..inte n ta,e i.a.,k mi.. E::gii.w. 1 .t 4-, fn--, - ' J . - . -
V a ,titriKi!lA ... ,mnSi, r.f Oi. W iinted I .1 Stf Ig It' .Vg.s 111 I XV VI V 1 - - ' T r. ... v s ai.il bath:' . . . . . .... . .- . i '-. --' -
..- - - - - 1 - ,-vii' ir-. 4 - '
Pressure leads to power. Responsibility calls out abil
ity. Determination is the seed of development.
An easy position, a sheltered life will never yield a
strong character or a creative imagination to the world.
Without pressure, without years of mistakes and training,
there can be no power.
A fine fallacy is that if there is something in a man, it
will come out. The truth is that men find themselves
under the great character-making urge of responsibility.
Make a man fight for what he wants, for his job, his
family and you have given him his greatest chance for
success. Until his courage is up and his self-reliance
aroused, no man can come into hisr own.
Snlosmon And Acnl
SALFsMF.N cjxcluhivo rountv distrib
utors for automobilt1 ac--nory. If
out of work, -with small capital,
ran giTe you rxrltislv torrifory that
ill brlnp Mg rpturn?. Safoty First
Automatic Signal. Haoino. Wis
jSlATF MAN AiiKIiS Must b hign
rr?sir Ttalpaan. prfr.iMr with
rakorv trado xponriifo; avorago
rjonthlr arnings. JInm); rommif-sion
bapl. no inToPtrnont rrouirod. Now
rrodurt. iio i-ompetitinn. unlvorsal do-
i'riu''. i. aa'i i'tuHi 'ri.iiii.' dii'Jin
. ..t.AM I 411 W n
in applloation. Intorriow b ar
ranged. F. O. Hot lll'Z, Michigan city,
u.u.-. r.iu. ri.in.
Classware. floors. 'Take the drudg
rr mit of rlirt ' Contain a nr Iva limo.
r --ox Cnarnnto.! nr.1 rr. Inlnra
cotn inj, or most delicate things
and to ßlre rerfect eatlsfaction. Fastest
filing articles ever sold through agents.
r lir.tJ AMrir.s make saies easy, mu-
fhells Magic Marvel Washing Compound
a wonderful seller and bis repeater Id
ry DeT,Y.hfre hn.
1,1 1 u 1 K 1 1 M,ni
of every package; take back untold
,,..i x-.. ..,.1
"i"j!. vuj'ii.ii u i v; iri it-ijv j ic-
QUirfiL Raker. Ohio, made JüDO last
month. You can do a:
as well.
Our new products,
soap flakes and
magic marvel
blu-i.m; paddles
aro another smashing success for the
Mitchell agents. They can be sold to the
same people who buy the washing corn-
pounl. thus trebling your profit. Free
samples will le sent if you anxver at
once, also full particulars that xvilp prove,
all we say and make you want to sell
these articles for us In your nelghbor-
g hood. L. MitchelTs A. Co , FW tu FJPi ,
situations Wanted Female
FIRsl CLAsS laundry work done. Call
Lincoln v.oi or MS y Kwtnc av.
Sitttations Wanted Male 37
POSITION wanted in garago hy rirst
I class mechanic; can give reference. Call
! rr write John Miller. 311 S. Franklin.
I WANTED -Rv an experienced and re
: liable man, to represent local firm or
! store, or start an office in Goshen, lnd.
xxii, stand n.iir tue expense, tinx lov,
nnsinesj Opportunities
AT 1 EN TT ON W hen you are tired of
running around looking for a business
or locution, go and see Revers, who has
almost any kind of business you wish.
Rooming iio;is s. hot,!-, grocery stores,
meat markets, pool rooms, confection
cry stores, rigar Mand. tiro repair
shops, auto iiccessories. restaurants,
coal yards, etc. Rooms 7-S Odd Fel
lows "bid;;. Opc-n Tuesday. Thursday.
Saturday evenings, also Sundays. 2
to .".
i SALES MANAGER There is a Mg on-
portunify f'-r so mo live man to seen re HEP kelis all kinds of musical instru
the txeiusive selling agency for the j mer.ts. Cash or time. 210 W. JeTerson.
m-ist neeiie-l a uf om-biI- accessory in
this territorx : n- competition; must
finance initial or-ler $ Dhmi to ?l."n. Give
telephone number if possible. Al
cemo Manufacturing Co, 111 Rri-lge st.,
Newark, N. J.
I.I1..I- 1. L I . I I - v II , lt. f - ... I
M . i , i.i.l .114 i-'i Mir, "mi
! " modem machinerv. Inoiiilre at 21'i S.
i ,fi,.,nv st
Inipstmi'tits. seecks, Honda
! LAND roNiRAFT lor sale. In-juir" G.I
1 T. Rulinson. ;j"j Farmer Trust bldg. t
Fhoto. Lincoln 11"7
3loney To Loan
i MONEY TO LOAN on farms, any amount
l over .2.(100 Wesley Van Valin. t-21 -
Farmers Trust bldg;.
liooal Instruction Classes
HIGH-GRADE 1 RAINING Secretarial. :
bookkeeping, stenographic; night-day. j (, m mioes-s. Mon Ko,es s
Enter any week. Liceused Luip. Dept.. nvin-, iv. n Mi,-' -qo
iMHVfR mi trauiiHirs awi uu,ri. . A uw
Tiiftm f,im?ncr.iil Sf-hiril tlchitrfin
Thomas Commercial School. Michigan
and Washington. Main
THE VER REST In - commercial edu
cation mar b had at the Sooth R-end
Business College. Call at the colleg ,
nd eeo 3ixj youug people at real worn.
Uli will want to Join thetn j
Musical, Danclne. Dramatic
DANCING LLssUNS Private lessons
ciily. Charles C. Gates Danclnj; Studio.;
F2i E Warne st. Phon Lincoln tum.
.. . .. -
I CTiArt'
..... . j-
Io-s. C ats. 1 et.s 4
iloiNi puppies; .i; ff.r tnnios. 5-", fori
femib-s t lonj N Tslbott t
Horses, Cattle, Vehicles
row. g-t-.d. fresh in days: one eirT-
t.T.t t'ninllr hi.ra.. hw ooriv hllCCT.
In-iuire E. E. Ellis Garage. South Fend
av . two nn-cK, oursiae eirv iimu-
HoRFs Pair h.ui.kv gddi:.gs.
lbs., sound an-l in first -class condition ;
liii.HKsi PRICE paid for fancy real
.ixe l ne b.Ktw.-i'U .xiarkei. .t . ,
Wa shinct on a v . J hj. i o- M - Ev-'l j
r i
ArtJrlo For Sale
jjA t ! KRJl.s for fla3 lights. s.-e Rf r-
. I",-. v Mb-hlrrin
' : .' . . rrrr-
1' lI'r" erv.m.. .1 ...........
N Mcldgan
Huslnet Ixpilpment
GROCERIES and r.xtures for salf, foor
cases, o top caos. 2 counters. 1 soda
fountain. 1 wall case. fi tables, it)
chairs. 3 idles. 112o W. Divlsloa et.
'J J
Hiiil.lin- IatriaL"
id. an.
LI Mi'.KK for P.ile; 4xi and 4
. . i
amount. 5. per M foot.
h pan". . 0'J4. pra-tjcniiv row . xT'h
pair; also chi.-kon hu -.. 1ix2l fert
r-peari Can s;rt inr:o .iv
Iiol And Feed
CO A I. West VirHnU .nli.f rill HI"
liver 2-ton order. f.-Vi. on arrival of
cor. One foD. .'S. Fhone MaiD 5otJ
Lincoln .V07. I. A. New.
$?0 per ton
Mixod Slab Wood
$3.t0 per rack
Fonth Rend Coal A Wood Co.
1T.2S W. Sample st.
Mala S74, Lincoln f-s7t
Ilourhuld Goods
ELKCiHlc IKtJ.SS Ering in your old
electric iron and wo will allow $1 on
purchase price on any of the following:
niversal. Westlnghouse. American
Feauty, Hot Point, Red Top rrnd other
make. O. W. Schaffner Co.. v"7 W.
Jefferson blvd , opposite tosf office.
TARLE LAMPS Theso lamps are ideal
for th" homo. We carry a complete
line. Prices $10 to $1s. Marche owicz
Electric i'o., cor. Chap'.n an-J Division.
KEFU ITERATORS A few goo-1 Fecon-1 !
hand ref rl cpr a f ora fnr cn'd MfPru I
rtfrigeratcrs for all purposes. lvTJ S
Mlrh'.can st.
SEWI.Mi MACHINES-- Large rssort-.
merit, new and rebuilt, all kinds; rii-hti
price, easy terms. Also a line of pho- i
r.ographs. . Open evenings. L. ise.
Mil N. lllil.
I'n i inr ins. i uiiue .viniu itii inr ueuiou
stratlon and prices. S. D. Moran 'c Son,
132 N. Michigan ft.
fcAVE ON PRICES without saving on ap
pearances by buying your household
goods through the ads In Classifica
tion f.0.
Mahogany davenport table $10 .V
enuine learner .cur rocker i" i
Walnut finish buffet .".'. i
Reautiful table lamp b 70 '
1 re si r 1 7.r- ,
Daveiip-.rt '
421 2.' 'J-i Chapin st Phone Lincoln
274". Open Monday, Ihurs-lay and Saf
urdav nights " "
HI NT Mi ROOM sLIlES for tale, tn goi
eng oak, fumed. Jacobean and walnut,
at greatly reduced prices. See. our
Little Giant and Ruckeye water power
washers; have copper tub with gas
burners attached. Avery fc Hull, 1-
N. Main st.
I'oJi SALE Closing out m ise.-H moons
lot of paints at ral l-iv pri-es Rei
mold. F.'ö N. Main kt
SPECIAL Mondav and lueiar: Wash
tubs No. r. at sfw. vo. 70e xvash
boilers No. S. ?1.2:; No . I.T.; vol
xef throw rugs. 27-"E . 2 ami sev
eral other bargains at G. E. Wiuencer
A- Son S Chr-i.M. Li'---o1n Mm.
.Musical Instrument
ELl.ciRlc PIANO l-.r sab or xvould
tr.mle ;,s part payment on l-.f. 2100 S.
Kemble st.
ORGAN for sale, cheap, llo E. Miiton fct
iH(rNO,RAFH R E I'AI lil.M. All
makes; largest line; best qualif - main
spritiL'.-i i;i city. Other parts an-l :o--cessories.
Coop.r. 2"l E. .Elfcrson
blvd . Lit: coin ."."..Vi.
FLA 1 LR FLx.Ni -Look at the b.autifuli
player j-ian-i in the win-b-xv at 22s S.J
Michigan f. $: l,.r th- neu 1 I days ;
.sv d-iwn. 51." per month; no I Merest, i
I- r p betn-h scarf and rolls. ,T. M. Rose.
22s s. Michigan st .
ilEST line or xophones Tn the city.
Trade your dd Instruments tor
m t.M Uhus new at JI'. . JeTerson.
YOl' LL SAVE time nt tho stores If you
read through the Merchandise ads In
today's classified fccctiou before you
ftnrt doxvntoxvu.
1 W m Ni;w i xv-.r-t r-.i; t-.r SI. Frtng
j in y - 1 1 r dd rolls an-l .rhange tiiem
InU-ir.l i r, am- 1, if I Xf 1,.... O
1 . . ' " tl. ! . .'4. J..-ST. ,
, xiichi- aii sf
I . ' . . :
i J . M- LOSE carries ;i .-.mpleie line of
Hallet - Davi-i. H. C. .I.dit.s.oj. Kimball
and other high-grade pian-.s. Ve aNo
Tiandle SoIIK g,.,.. i;se,l pi.lIlO.S. .1. M
Kose. 22S S. Michigan sE
Seeds, riant.-, rerllliers
A ty
I SAW: m( R t.ARDE.N cu.-sf i ir!
! l."J v.hfdcsaie Jit tea-ly now. Giant!
Carnatior.s. Ch rx -a n t h--::i u m s. :. year-
ed-i Hybrid Tr.a" Rexes. H.ir-l'v peren -
mal. No xv ( d i la .
New Dahlias
F'-'bli'i P arMs, V. g-ti.i-le Plants. Trees
and Shrubs ; e'-xentli xe.ar of selling
dlre.-t to private planters Writ-- for
yo'ir i if v to.'.iy. l ,e Harloxx ar-len
Gar-e: s. i;;eenp..rt. N. .
Specials At TTio Stores
per -
SPARK PIT l-s - i hampion X, 4 cent
Roman's. pg; N. Michigan st.
MIOP with your eyes! Read the Mer- '
chandlso au tcfure jou make a trip j
to the stores. I
Wearing; Apparel
IT S EASIER to look from ad to ad than
to run from tore to ftore rad the
j Merchandise ads In the clas!fed sec-
tnn hfor vr.' fTt jhepnln
. LilLH.-
w E RL l AND SELL new and second -
Lar'1 tkt"lr'C shoe, ami genfs fur -
n:?hir.gs. RpSt reMilt, g,;aract.ed.
Roscnhaum. 711 W. Divlsloa ft. L-52'H
Rooms Without Hoard C8
Oil.KAX. W., .'12 Two p'eepi-jj roorris;
shower ar.d lavatory in r-'-ni ; :-"ir.es
and pr..fess'or.al p"P
iMARlO.N ST.. E. Ill --One f urn mIomJ j
I room for nut m modern homo; gentle-!
fimi: sduar-s north of i rpt.f i.m
THo AiiEAt MVR. weil heute i r-.-ms
with private bath, in nite or separate;
cl.-se in. 2"2 S. S- ott st.
Hoasekeeplng: Kooms.
ELDER P.. Four urf lrniTied
r-'-oms. .". second f..iar. kitchen first
foor: a-lult. Inquire at ls.'S . Michi
gan. WAsHINoloN s T. w.. p-s - .suite of
i gni tiOt.seK,-, t i:,K rn'tii). w.-ii tnr-
n.phed. tight; in desirable no-iK-m
home M ITi'l
r'oR RENl A naite of ri-.-lrn fur
bished roems f.-r light hos.-. ke ping,
with private entrance, heat, ga, and
eWtrieitr ; to adult c r.ly. 1120 W.
L'oR x av.
m"j . I WAN I ED in RUN l - Five to 7 room
VACFFM CLEANERS We hav.? just house in good location. E-ix 11n N. xvs-lakc-n
over th agency for the Amerl- i-n.-s.
Sa"UIIl,JrJ!C-7:1S,:Lfl ,Jl YSll7 I SMALL FARM xx.nicd to rmf. or
Wanted Koonn. Ilonnl
A M i hi: U t
is w i r r. t . k-
1 -..,
'1 ri-
win riTfi i ( :i:ifirfn : irip,
r.-T 1 !. - r :r.- s
i lUl ; t;!.. I I.I.MA.N irfs r--"::i tm, j
IT.t.c frr .iv. r...ir .rr.T.r c.U S-.i,
en ITH.
Apartments And lints
UMSi;V si ., dl - F'iriiih. hrflfv j
n ia ri ?.t. ro.f;s and l..Th
,-pnt l.-ir i" Mr.,-V fr.ini , r ir
nTo t ro -n, f n rr. I sh"-1. rr.'-' lrn I'jht
i: !.!'., i'bo:o i.iri.'o'm r
r M I C J 1 1 ( ; A N . S. 4't7 - For r.Mif. :i s!"-
lüTiiir,' at 11...',-s i.-h "r,.
1 MICHIGAN. S . 4..; -".' I"r rfr.t. a v..(.ni
t i;fa:r :n d in lb" ro r ef 4'7 ar.d
s. Mi.-hicari : o..d tr.:n' ; t-lz j
ii..'.. i. . 11 ...11 . . ... i..
in'". ru.. ii'io inr i.i iji
'i. Tf 'I.'.", s J i .- f-,i.
I'anns r-r Kent.
' 'l:i: r.KM fr r'::t. r a'o; thro
n. n rt of .ty; k'""d building".
-o,-,d ic.d nd goc d orr.irils. Addro';s
F.." 1 N..M Tiri'-
lIonc i'or llnt
j.i.i. s I . s . Ml -i.t-ht r..oin. lar. I
jnod.rr, bo,,-. C:. : 1 a t 1 v. Was!: j
Ill hi.'ht r
si.-kmm. stri--t! v -i'o-ern h or.se tor
I rent. corr.p!eelv f irr.U'V'l. good rejgrj-
j h-.rhood. Inquire at Jaw orh-e -.f Cbf
ford DuComh. :-v: C-.tirens Hack l-l-ig.
Fhore Main ü'C'.i'j
S1-H'TEV MOhF.KN llV.Pg room, dm-I
bedrooms and.
j ,; r 'iy i'" 1? VTV
I C.' s trl ' " ,lnp; P,;V'1 ".-igh i...rhou'l i
j . - American Trust Mdc ,
I MR KI'.NI -An ideal p!.T e to live, all;
kind? of fruit v ith any .invmnf of
lan-1 wanted. Ca 1 I.ineoln V1-
A u H .Mi COCI'l.l u MhToTt"TüT-lren. to J
ibaro a modern I inn-; norfrTVe-r pa rt '
of cify; referenevs required. I'Ii-t-
Lincoln I'll'.!.
- -
Officr-s ru? Isic Hoom TS
OrFICE Si'ITE-One re-septlon room ; NAVA jKE E IM. - er - f to rv..t beci
aad work room for doctor or dentin:' 1:1 . m -;': b-i"! on corner
i hoat an-1 light fi rn'h--1 : cheap. Ad
dress Postofice, Lock Fox oi.
Vantol To Kent
HOI. Si: OR AFAE1MENT in Madison
chool district vanted to rent; one
child Ad'lres T'.ov HE News Time
Hol SE witn barn wanted to rent, m
Iishaxvaka or South I'.cnd. Address
Rox 14'. NexvH-Tir-ien.
WAMKh 'in RENT I wo or three mi
nished ro.imi. modern or partly mod
ern; man. xvife ;,nd two hildren; by
March or sooner. For 31s. M '. .
Ei-rht r.tom hone. Rlvr-r Enrk. or
similar first lass se.-tion. A-ldre.
i. e . po.-tofj.-o i;-i 'j.;.
on farm bv motth. C. E. Apph'gate,
R. R. 1, ocCoia.
Karins and Luid for Sule 83
in ACRE S prosp,.e-ive oil. gas an-l i.in
eral lands in Oklahoma for fl -n; e.asv
terms. D. G. Williams. 2"'i1j Chocfaxv
:iv . Me Xlesti r 1a
for sale, with frontage of ir.2
feet on Dile highway; 1 ticre
timber, just r.orth of school at
SKp No 1. I or parti-ulars, see
Frank .1. An-i-nsfn, Realtor. c,X
Farmers Tr'Jt Rl-!g ., Lincoln,
offi e, l.Vs ; Lin-"in. rcsiden. e.
40-ACRE trnit, p-ultry an-l truck farm
for sale. Six miles fr--m center on In
x ision road. Sit;-rooiji house, barn,
fruit, timber, crops Cash or terms.
Owen F. Windle. M-Ss-o
04 ACRES A bargain if taken before'
Feb. .".. Six miles south of south Rend.
Fine buildings; good black clay lop.m
soil, all under cs.lt ivat ion except 2
acres, which are iu timber. Will take
a residence worth S-"-"!') ns ti rsf pay
no tit. balance on h-ng time F. R.
Eondtnaut. 410 J. M. S. bldg. Main
D"iry farm. - 1- y soil. ei. i'galv
io-proxed. A 1 building. barn
2EI2". sjlo. st :nel: io--, f-.p 10 coxx ,
p.-'iiiry and f -.-1 l-.ouses. garage.
pNii'lid Fi rooni h.onse, wire! for
cbrtrEitv. f';n.aee heute.) Water
engine pumped. Ope ,,f fi- best
farms on Lincoln highway W. Call
own-r, Main Is", tioorge K. R':c. h.-
: :
rain tain, lo-ar
11Ö ACFEs -Mo, h and
barn 41x.'E ee'n ent floor; many ot h, r
g i towns ; uandv a room ra-us
out build i n es. .all in
end it ion ;
large orchard. 10 acres timber. go...j
fetiCi . clay l'.'.ltl Soil; .!('", per .vr,e
xvorth ?l.Vi: l-nis. D-i n-.f mi-s this
bargain Mund Rristol. Did
t o X i ! r sl XX ill T,-l.. t , ' - l,.r , t r,,,
- - i i
.L I...- - 04 - I O
rty f-tie of th best farms in Laporte
county; sto.-k a -ol iinpl-'ini nts : no rea
s' tnl 1-' offer rit'-'.se-l. Deal direct xx'Mh
W. A. Rice. 721 J M. S. h'dg.
MINI FARM tor sale. F3 miles from
Walkerlon or, -oiiefy lu.o. lor full
particulars in-iiire of c.ro M. River.
administrator of Lloyd Kn-.wlton es.-
) t:',f, v I riinklin t-t. Elkhart,
' D'-l . or Loren Know-Ron. Walkerlon,
! 'ir.ide tor city jr-tperty. I'.eactitul 2.
i acre fru't ai.l pouitrv farm: 7-rf-orn
Tif-nie; good buildings; furnace, fire
P i.i er-; won lern I shade: ,; miles Trom
town See us -"-r farms of all si.-s I
Our lists are large. Ca;-s (V. ir.fy farms
':; I to :'-r acre. Word-n" R-alfvi
! Comt-anv. 2".s Farmers 'Trust bldg.
.pol: SALE -WE. WILL bELL Ol Ri
After 12 siifft-s -fil year" of subdivid
ing farms an-l selling at auction xx
are prepared to say it is tho only wax
to sell. Hundreds of sales throughout
Indiana and Illinois nr.- i idem is if
Mir SU----.--S. W- alsi- juake a s; - iapy !
of buying small acrf.age in good Ef?lo
towns par resi len- e purposes Write
ns. We w ill pay for information Pa-ling
i-i a deal Taylor fV. S-'n. I.'.Jj
I r 't-.j E-o'- x i 1 !e. K v
' , .
1; r-r-r iP t r ; r
j 1 VU V'1' f " , i " a"r" ii,R',T
I'ai larni ; gn-ol budd.ng s-.m.? or-
char-! b of I ern-s. hoa-1 nf rattle.
team hör--, fca'ness. xvag-ms an-l other
! farm muipm. at : U- all Lay. s'rw.
tats. corn. etc. now on hand; every-
thing in f;!., shap- for new buyer to i
t-eg-n. lor iurt'ior pariiciiiara wri-e
C. De Keyzer, Holland, Mich. Write
f v r free farm tatj'.ogue.
Houses; for Sale SI
modern : extra wen u'iu; . garg- :or
4 car; .".m ; paynei.ts Wesley Vjr. I
Valin. Farrji-r 'I n' iddg j
bin ADW AY. E ST A bargain, half i
Mock off Michigan. taoder3, 8 roorai
and bath; 4 beiruoms. 4 closets. 2 sto
ries and attic; garage. Fine locatloa
for roomerr anl boarders. J. M. Jolly,
223 S. Main sr. Phone. Lincoln GCei
Residence. M;hawaka 2114.
I D iRENCE AV.."l'd.V-E.ght room an-I
attic: gas ;i n d water in house; large
lot. Price S4.2. t rrr.s. Now Tacant.
Louis tgetT, Wahlr.gton State Rank
lddg. '
HARRlsoN A '. seven rooms, modern,
large lot. eist front. J'.bnor.i. Voight
A Rradford. grpged C-..or Fnion Irust
l.b' -
1 . - r - : 1 r r r-..- :.. xx . v
Hiu-. - for s.l
HAN hi a i.
:: -U rr
1 r :1 ' . I !,- A
r ! rr.-i. f
r . .Iiti.i
l.'-rk.- 1 v
:t- J : T ! ;
! ::
o ;:.d
1 TV" "
f'...'.r I :
a r.
. t
h vi . r-r.'.
1 t' -K iv f ri" "i
lU'i.ir,-' n A s-
! Ki;t,1 sj ; M .- , ... .. .,. ...... r ,.,
t 't.u, i. i.'-i, jit 1 1 : ;4 1 1 a j i. .i ruoii-
ir.-. Ir s ?'.., ,u. .m. F.-". ; or :
in. .nth s M Kor!:..n l.'t N. :
M n i ii . S' . i i r. i
' K l.M I'. 1. i: A
r; r.::n-
r'--1 ii fcot: js.
Jl. "i .k.ut S M. K,d.-:.V..ri A
i. . . I'll x - , .
u. i- . . i nn t-r . 5.--n, nr. '
K ! : N i I . h si . s .
t. . : T'
S 1
I K'l . f j ; .; , i
- " i. Mil J '. " . ,T
t.ldr. It.-, v,-.
: . b ' r t . j
LA FA V. I 1 K s't . N
.V t:V-d-r:: . M-i ; .,v
1. v i i Va;:.-- .,:t Fr:.:.'r-
.? I.'.
u:u" i; A v ; ...-. Ii ,
t-.' c.-.t: : i
1 1 ' : i : ; r m. ,
t : r m a o . ? .
t.Ty. ' I.-tr-Ii
'g ! !:'
t i :.- !-.:' r.
T'ri-- i r.
H. icp. f:--.i'"'
I. 1 !;- 'n 1VT1
! 1! .
'or d
V v. ,!.,'
; r IT1.
1 V!
l.l c, 1 1 w i ,'','
,-.v..nVT i,..:-.,- ,:l -... ", .. -,v.r ,;
: t a .-r
i r. -
. and a if h -d garao. F--.it .,) r !.-'-
' tu. W km Ha -p. K- .-'- r. :--7 S
MIAMI S'i .-Sex en r
I v h I 1 , v
I.t.j: cr: r l..t
.m' V'n Vn!in- ,",r"-r? 1 1
M 1 H Ji ; T TT s" 7: r - - rf" l.sT
r.io-l. 'n : .--rr-r Jot ; ir. ' -. t : !
r-x-i's fl t :. 1 i". . ak : 2 r.ia ,: . V i
tage. .1. A. Mct.'.jRo lgh. 22-' s. M.- hi
M I 1 1 A W K A V. N im tcti hi-ir--!
b'.ock. nine-room th--TouMv
modern. Ft i-vi.f ihmmi ; S 1 ii i ..-,. n .
$.V"ik r-T m-.Tifh. S. M R.-.b!r--.n A.
Son. F2 N. Main f.. se.-ot,,l f;(
I"t m Navarro rl.i'e Nw Fcfin 1
e-fdonial a rch'.tecf uro. Rri k arr-1 sfi'-o
A t;t on-, a t h
1 ent
p'ac. Min par'or. crh.n'al Tall, doxrn-
I'orrnsrairs iarg.- lint c r--in xvi'h pro.
k'.aus ioi -r a n i .ax a:--ry ; upstairs.
three t,e. roorf.. .1 res' ng room, fib-;
bath. This ; f-T-e of the r.os -om-i
riete hon.'-s In the - .ty a nd mu't ! -i
Seen t- l- appro vT,-.,j. Wi". illl H Ifp. !
,; -AIV-n sr 1 -
-oi n i.-1 i
kllOLÜS ST.--S i x -room house, gas ,. lee- I
trie lights, xvat-r in th- ard Fri-
?.'. Hti I ; hi fni fj-xxx n S. M. Rol iti-on j
V Son. 124 N. Main t . s.-eot.-l fio-.r. j
SMITH ST.. -JllJ S"7Vön n-ms"all"""iiüd- j
ern except bath Pri- - ? 4 (". terms.,
Poss.-ssion ?') dnxs. Louis- Stg rty. 1
Washington State Ihink lddg.
WALNET s'T.. N, - - A ll nmd-Tr 7
rooms and attic- niVv t-i b- an-l rear:
lot 4oxl-i feet ; ail kii.-ls of !-iwers
and hh rubbery : large -hi- ken h.-n-e,
und park. Price Sti i'.-'O; terms. Louis i
Segerty. Washington State Rank bldg
Sol 111 FAs 1 - Fung.a h.xv. r-.-w. w.-li hunri
mo.i.-rn. .'. large r s and bath, oak :
t'oors and trim, kitch-n ;'i"l bath white '.
enamel, btult in I k.- ; birg- base- I
nient xvith drain. .E7M. on t ayno Ti -Va-
ant. Wish y ';;ri alin. -1" Farm
er T.-'isf bl ig
lull REI LIS list x oTr prop- rt v vT;7h
tue. Eargains in all j arf of th- i!v.
Maxwell. 'Jill F-rtrai-l st.
PA R i A I N if s'-l-i at one,.. .", r- ..;:i l.ou-e
on Kalev rt., Moo; asv pavnicnts.
P.m. R. 'Maxwell, 211? Rertr.and sf.
CI.i iSE 1 N I ,.r k.'l
1 '
I -I I f m-
mall l"f. Ea-v terms r
i a;)
Double h-'i.s... ni'-.i-rn. '. foouis r
fide; n o f s n 1"2d a vf-nr. Ea-v f - rtu s r
cash. Ralph C s.-rno. R.-altor, M -
o7'h Cos-s.-rvaf iv e Life Fd-lg.
MODERN ", r-'om h--n,; lar-iwood
floors ; cement garag-: fruit tr .s.
Oxvuf-r leaving city; .E."o.i. I'hun- L.n-
coin i,.i..ii
1 nil SALE OR illi.S I :i.-r. g in i. s
lr--m c i f v : pka-arst i-.t-af i'.i -,x.:n
plet.l v "f go, ,,l b'lii-iir.gs an-1 a r-.v
:i ni" iint of J.,nd xxith th.-i.i. All l.n,,!- - f
Call J.i -.-..'!
N urn m. t;--o.i . !
b'ca ! : ti v . 1 1 i
i-i ;-
. t,t ra 1 1 v
s ? . r 1 1 .
70'.i f.oi.-i
r "i ;
f . Nil
Wo will mako a bbi-pris-f of just
what von wart ard b iil-1 if on y-.ur
lot. l'ngbright RerEy .a -id Rnibling
Co., t'or.t raci r.rs and Rnibiers,
Room No. 1, America l. Trust Lllg.
F.EPJ I ER REV MHV-'Itsc spring n-vivii
will be
re s-.f-n. Rusir.ess is "com
ing back." Many people in South I
ar- Eving iu rooms Lunib. r p'
re a. Iva t. eitig. our Chant-, r f '
teen million d-diars m-.r
t-i a-leq , a f el - take rare of tho p.-.
If yoii have pot arranged to bav r
biiiid a h'-m-'. yoi owe j to xm.r-c'f
and family to give the f.uo.r rrj.
tins consideration at mi-. I En n
liiinjb.-r of i. -lrib!e h.-.;:s. s f- r sal
T Lev ate price. I r ghf and s-.m- f
tl.im can ! hi-l on a-v tir-ii-. AN".
j I have sexa tal v-rv g-v.o irt l .fs
! Com. in and Ft u- talk it ox ,-r I'rai k
T,f-..ri..s T.'..,r,r 11", I.-...:, In:-' I.!.!
W I LL IJJKM s.crih le.avia
city. MOlil.K.N i. .xv .-r---m t.
furunce. garage, oak fini-'ii c- rn-r 1-t.
mall pay::-, er. t ar -1 s:-" p r II rs
is xo'ir char. oo. I.r i s !, w it to p- ;
Sm'i'h A- Jollv Ltrc-.l'i .e.'.'.--,
ftii.r.i'itv Tiiitfi
I.MUlil.U.X 11 I '
: . v i i r . :
in Cbupin Park ; ". r; H.if.T II- ;gh-
C. II. W ink l.-r. 412 N . Mi- h:ga: s
Liner. ?n F:m.
PRmI'L R I i iT Ve r-: to J .r - .
pl-opert l.-S to t-eil b.--.----! a
c..iim and that a r- v.-nh t .. i-re-
Davies Walsh.
Lincoln ."77'.
211 V, . J.
1 t-.v
-, ( H 1 I 'H I
CA? II '
six ff-o-x. prricf
f-ft Mishiw.':k:i av
h'-ire i ,,s x .
Pi'- h-n. E-- !roo -,
d I
in h i n a -;f sr.? ni.-l 1 ;.--
f'oo.-s aid ! : ; - h - lo .x r -i a i - I ; -
has 2 hm- I -iro.-t, - ... ,i . F- -
uu-nt is large, xx i'li IE! n.-l f ;-
Owner is h-ax mg ti," i'y .''-.i t.-.-t
pr;ei f'i l-r'.l.
S.:;. -. 1 1 '
N e-.V .". r '"1 Com ; w
g.a low. i.f a r i.exv s , ,
'' U.l I rt'l
N .- .'t r" -m h ' .-. f
Egii's :,::d ga-. - n E
r i '" i . .
T- f dr.-n t.
ia lExer F:
' ;.- '.x -, f.
c.i!-. .-rr s-.
y " i io i a $ i 1 1 i
N.-xx 1 rc-otti f,i;:i en f'p' .r !
Ctx- wafer, e'.f-rr.' a d
x "I
l"o-;r r-r,.-.r-- a
trie E g h f s . ' o
sr. r - .-: r !:-.;-
1 ha"
r X v vx a '
, . ot I
I ix ,- r.
b : E.
1 : ! a 1.
part! v
-. u
.1 r .v t . .E
I".-r these bl rg'i : s ". rr?i ' o- .
( Ei'A EKT ET. .T 'OR Oi:. : Ji c,
l.'o.-r.is 1 an-l 2
R:.T-kfo:.o 1 h-f,?, r Rldg.
i.:;.o.:-i :r,j.
tr.--:-r-; but f i'rr.a--e. ', -1 - ? l ' " '
R-'-ePir:-:. m -E-r-; ö r- '-m t-;.: gah-w,
P.rge p.', go.- S.-'-i eaL Nih - r .. J
,"t .f-r s. W 7 rf-''I h' jse S.'. -
R.iHi cah. s-- .Le.ist. st -i 1 ..
ro.-rri E' :r-'. r-. j t fur:. 1 .-.
$4.o, l..'-"i cjh Wo h ax - l.T-.i .t if .I
re:iet t-s jr. . x er v p-irr f e;ty ..:.-!
in Harter IF ghf-, Vir . '-'f.. p,rk.
E-lgf-wat.-r. fr-'ru '-) f.- 2. W- r-
f I o f i
R-a !x
l-'a !
'1 rust 1 a 4C.
SEVEN RotM no dt-rn Jr.rk r-!.:.
ink floors ard ir.-.. i 'i osk s'a.r
way: large Exo-i..t rt xvith drain . h-.t
water heat, tc ; Prick trm.m J. -
nient po reh; o.rrr It. il .' fj,
n.ents. Weslev Van Vai n. t.I Farir-rs
Trust M-Jg.
I ' it: g;v. d.T- . - .-f a 1.
tii-- fur s.,,.
s. f
:. 1
I ' 1 I I .
i I
t ;
C 1 ' s K IN- I
I, s r. -u
tr.:a :
I r::k !.
nrrrt; fs..-
r. I . i T ; r-
r :. . i :.
I ! .:
r i r . ! i r ; t
V!;: 6- . ; t n t:.
s : i
"I T.
V . c y
I 4 " '
-4 F..r-
; r r r
i t I 1 t : :
r ,T
M 1
A F- E A I '. I F t " I. I.XWN
.. .t,-,-. s. ... . ... . '. ;
' - 1 ' t xi. ; : ! .. -.-. y
x ( ': V:- - i ; ' .- .
r- - - i ; 1 i : : . - . ; .
xv :!1 r- : . '' r ' ' - - '. i
xv . . I .tr; ! '. 1mh
x.-..r f. ! ft ::, i-- .
' - ; .- i .- - .- - . . - -it
:. r- 1 - , i . i ! - L-' .1 -
1 )" i ' ' - - '
I. id- Lr Sale S7,
Mi' II 1 1 1 A . ; 1 1
1'.- xx r .n - t . . . ' v. r , '.ji,'. . ; jj ,.i
I t - Wis' -n F.i-s
:. r. -, i i i v. ok a n
V-t't- 1 j r- M !g "
i Mt; t; , i .- rvr., i v -
J:;l l"-t.-it- lr Kxt'lifUCt' vS
-. r ,,r..,t j . ... . J f - , : - r. !. i ..ts r f
! i .v - a : 1 T'e ! t- k Mr-. .1
-..-!.f r f.-.i!... ri . f "'!. 'rn ft;,
' - 1-:, 1 r- ;! -"i r .-1 1
1 " ! i : s s : 1 r T- i x y -t ai r I
k wal'.v : land f-vel -d Mgt !y
I r- -i : ;vo i d r.-ard. j-r---
i i i ! T'-- p r, t . I .- j) " I f V(- f
f -u'-T.t r. .r t lard, p'.x
' v''''- ''-4
r..s rn-,r
".!-.- f.r
1- li.T-
r f o - fe': g
. i " N . w 1 e Is- ! .
weil flü'e , .i':i rf r'e c f In SV
Joseph c-.-t.'y W '11 c. r s-- ler good 1n
propf r v i-i so ;t. I'.oa-i or M ish
xx a k .1 f s i .i rf of p .: r,-h s pri S-"1
oxv i . r. Dr. X. F. St or-e.-'pher, Ar.ir!.
an i rn bhikr . South F- nd.
w.XNi E DN(,f. f..r i;
-.::: i-.e
f.-r t:r- s: op. v.o-.a-.t
" s: op. v.--'.a-.t r innrere.!; ,
n- ar I'r. Ird ; fair sf of
n r. t
bt;ild;ngs; oit xvrr.t ...' bi:hei pr
r-r. 1 Tt rsr. x" j t hnre .,:? L:n
'"El 14 1. " .1 C Vi! go. .'.''s F. Mhio
'--ifor sale or em hasm
ilf. ' 2
T ....;:(
Ear r. ü .
t-itle'l iows. '' p'.g, I pr g-o.-o. EvTi
che k-r. pmiiirv -js:"j r.ier.. fr -.:.
I -err;. . I"' t-lr .' , feci s.-.--d. f-i'1
Fx i . t h o.g to s'urt f irrnir.g. '.:' cah
,r r",,,:'"'" I'd erty ;n Nib- -r
e-'h R.v.-I. ba!at..-e e-ky terms R. R.
' 1; -t ops. Mich.
l'n; s A E F. j;
i IIAIM. 4 .1. r iir:i
x, i h g...
I'l i'il'l.s. ic.. I.;,! XV. st , f
ii!! :.".."; T ar: -, rs Tri: Ei 1g
N I . W ." IO'm iM bug-l-.w f..r t er ,.x.
h.mge W'!l s-;i for .:".i -ri pa vnir-.t
i.xx ri t xviil a.-- ept g i i .. .' nr.
House s ... ,'. , j 1 4 ' urth if ,
River Park Fn-$'.. Ir.-i'::r- Lio-
' '4'- Mr. 1- lg- r.
.l"e iiA.Nt.l. a- r' l'g" " l It . I.
, ., l.u.hi i g f..r g 1 i.s. .1 a : -...
I !h
Wi.l g .
.it , ir ' r.
1 v f i r ! -a i" o : 1 I
!.' Fi :- lU.t; i
1Cl '.
Wanted Heal ltate
FIlMFERIlLs WAN i ED All ie an I
pri- . all parts --f ti e c;tv. t- kit'f f
i.sto-r.ers xv a it .ng. "i..;-e t.. tr.m fh--x
or all 'is bx I u'-: e. a-i xx o w;; waif.
on x --'I pt -!.:,,
i, tr, c.i"
ptlv 1-ir, s M-in Fh----
".. Cail f- r Mr .I'-lix- . r Mr.
hi S r i ; i h .
I i ) ) . FI.m Pl.t i - l -r i ; ;
-: i x
i s,..th .;-r' - f .-,t v If x- a w,-h t.
I v,.;; xv.-uid pk- i- r fr-'in ro-a
W sitv Va n "al
i r .
: Ear."".--ts Tr-i:
i; ; f; t H-'IFf. xv .. ted o-
la k.
. g 1 'o-at. v; f..r IP H'i-orn, Iti
i i;i.v..-p -v. Mis', aw ti. a. E
A l K M( Ulili: AFC I sso;
oi r. w inn en g t a i: vnteh.
new i hit: niiii:.
i m ; :
I r.'ir.' j ci o i" v
i r. I x t ........... 1 " ' x ' j . . . '. 1 7 VI
: pjx i ':'- :; x C 1
; :;.;x i .1 s r. :::.t ; j 10 c-i
jllx4 1. ."- x" 2
j ?2 . pcs: on aü lit ord- r FO't- d;s
i c-.-: n.t if - -h .-:-,.. -, ..rd'-rs tor 2
i t iif - or : . r- .No . - i.
1 CHIC ;m (,t ARAN 1 EE TIRE CO.
! n parrs i or. am:.
1 ci!i"Ai,M. il:.
' in mm ss opi'oi: rcNi i n
j w.; j J
l ' ft XX pv;
:'. r-l ".. -rf-
-1 1
:. - 1 ii-'-
us v, i
g - C r s . r
M :s vx ai.a
Ir.g ar. 1 E
It ; : - . ::
W. :
:, A
. la
S LI s,M I N AND bl N I -s.
r - - - - s .
I - I N : ,
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