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South Bend news-times. (South Bend, Ind.) 1913-1938, February 20, 1922, Morning Edition, Image 5

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! !
!5 But send
no money:
Send us no money today. Simply write
your name on the coupon below, and
mail, or bring it to us. Without obliga
tion on your part, we will then demon
strate to you this wonderful pound
folding typewriter (the illustration of
Corona is actual size). Inspect Corona,
write on it yourself, lift it in your hand,
compare its work with that of any $100
machine on the market. Then pay $2
down and take the machine away with
you. You can pay the balance in small
monthly payments until you have paid
S55 in all; or, if convenient, pay $50 cash.
.wZ ......
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AA- O A' A;- -- .
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J A, 15-' j;.. UA ,r . , - . Vr- AVi3 .-L A A: t7A:AAf i
now in use
Things You Should Kno
About Corona
1. Corona weighs or.lv (y: ynv.r.c,.
2 A neat, strong fabrümnl coverrj
case is i;iven fre-c wilh v.-xh :r..;c;r.:;r.
3. Corona writes visibly and h.ts uni
versal keyboard.
Corona has all the latest improve
ments, such as two-color nl b.n,
back spacer, margin release, platen
release, shift lock, paper release, marginal
stops, etc.
5. Corona is the original portable type
writer, with the patented Folding
Feafure.which permits correct construc
tion without unnecessary weight or bulk.
(3 Corona is the typewriter which made
such a wonderful record for dura
bility during the war.
7 The cash price of Corona is only
$50. Easy payments, $55. Free serv
ice for one year rocs with each Corona.
V , "A; ,-A. V--.A -' 'A v' -A;f -A vAAlr V;. A". '. f: -- A
V-:: i -Aii y X"a::?-vja:'--
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-Ay-W r-1 'Av- f. A :v;A'i
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h ' r: .-. v .
Kv;fv-'3 - A,- v:y ,
La;": v':'A-a,;-a
A A4-:'AVA-
l -i: - 1 : w
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c?v o j o
L2y W Ala
r-i V'5 k" J f';:! .Tyl v.i i i tri , t-; t
ft fa Ai AA k n
AL lA'iicJv? i-HLtv?
.1 v4AA
Nearly 500,000 Coronas now in use
Business men keep Coronas at home and call them their
"private secretaries."
Salesmen carry them on the road and save time and
stenographic hire.
Doctors, lawyers and dentists use them for office
machines in preference to heavy "standard" typewriters.
Clergymen coronatype their sermons teachers and
professors, their schedules and papers students in every
university in the land are turning in neater notes and
essays since Corona came.
Women use Corona for their personal correspondence.
Children are learning to do neat, beautiful coronatyping.
Invalids are Unding it a delightful companion for the long,
weary hours.
Almost every well known author, playwright and
scenario writer owns a Corona.
Thousands of people whose handwriting is poor and
hard to read are doing practically all their writing with this
wonderfully convenient little portable typewriter.
When you are through writing with Corona, it folds with
one turn of your wrist, to a space only 454 inches high, and
fits snugly in a neat, strong fabrikoid covered case.
Take Corona with
you anywnere
Free Service to Corona Owners
Altho Corona seldom gets out of order,
you like to feel that you can get service
when you need it. Our service depart
ment is at your disposal for adjustments,
purchase of ribbons, enrbon paper and
other supplies. Each Corona carries
with it one year's free service.
Wherever you go you will see these smart black cases.
On railroad trains, in hotel lobbies, on shipboard, at summer
resorts. The fact is that people who own Coronas hate to
go anywhere without their little "Private Secretary."
All through the war thousands of Coronas were in use
all over the battle front. Every war correspondent carried
his Corona, and thousands traveled with the doughboys.
The sturdiest of all typewriters
People who do not know are apt to think that a typewriter
that weighs only pounds can't be as strong as a heavy
$100 machine.
But the fact is that no typewriter in the world has
proved itself able to stand the punishment Corona will take.
Knocked, bumped, dropped, abused, in rain, mud, dust,
oAuthorizcd Distributors
dirt, thousands of Coronas went through the entire war
without cleaning or repairing, and are still writing merrily.
Corona folds! That is the big secret of its compact
ness and completeness its amazing durability. Ask us to
explain this patented feature.
Small monthly payments
Even though Corona costs only about half what you would
pay for a new "heavy" machine, you need not pny for u
all at once. The small monthly payments of $5 each will
hardly be missed, and almost before you realize it. Corona
will be fully paid for.
And all the time you are paying you will have the
use of Corona in fact, you can very easily do extra work
with this little typewriter which will pay for itself several
times over!
We stand behind every Corona we sell. And behind
us is the Corona factorv, which has built and sold nearlv
half a million Coronas during the past ten years.
Mail this coupon today, or, better still, bring tin
coupon to us or phone us we will bring Corona to you.
f :
Tt m -rL
u . (TTj w en) m m i iBwr ie
(Not Incorporated)
414 Dean Building
711 rTh 0
' 1 M
11. Vi
fV- r;fT r'TrsM 'TPnr -t v.r?
Corona Typewriter Service Co.
414 Dean Bid?., South Bend.
Lincoln 2474
1 am interested in Corona. Please brinq; me one
for examination. I am under no obligation to buy.
Nam e
Address -Town
i m.iwi j. ii I,
' T -
... '
4 N
Telephone Lincoln

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