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FTtt ir
Monday Circulation
1 7, 851
Morning Edition
n sa
1 A V
I !
iL -LL-LvJi.
ft 1 T- 1 3 . ftJ WM 1 y
Ratification or Rejection of
Free Stute Treaty I? Clear
Cut Issue.
a Pre-idinr Of f i-
cer. Will Tli row Forces
Aain-t Pact.
J Pr.-n
. IV h.
r rr'.'
: -rat
Monday night with j
TTi-v lay will attend .'
f Ar I Fheia, or j
!' In m -r.ti'.n. Mor !
"s haY" ai :i cd.
b :i ;.- cxp ted to hav
i r:
on ta e;rorn ,
and his follow-j
i;y with the j
m t ' j i : ! : : h
'.: .Ii -
men trom nein? enr
Mr. Do "alera. a?
, Sinn Fein, will pre-
i . 1 i r. : ' rf ': .
I f-ident of t :: '
It i f'Xp?:'!!
:'I latt on'j- o:-,
':e corn :nlf e..
1 at a v-te bo t n
::v. Ir n cons
that tli" convention
' 'lay. as the o::eeu-ha-
f ri at S p. rn. Tues
dre.l possible that
:i flst; r-s w ; J ! n
. rly W dr;-; day.
!suc Arc
'i"h'- ;-s;n-
."a rly re.-irr.i ,
;-.'iin: th" treat,
ii in given notice
; ! S':nn I V in orn
t be n ailab? until
(Icar Cut.
be defer ni in" d i
as being for and
Mr. De Valera
f a rer.'.ution that
an!z-''.tion will con-
'ir.ijo to adher to t la - spirit and let
ter of th constitution adopted by
the Ard Fhcis in 1917 and that "ac
cording! v. until international recos:
ri'Ion of Ireland as an independent
i'-puMi" hn? !m secured, the aim
nf tlie orfs-T nidation .hall he, n- he-
for", to secure t'nat recognition."
I'rt o Statrrs Coiifldcut.
Intimates ccnc rnir.p the result of
thf hallotlr.sr ar roüflirtlns although
the leaders of the free state party
de'.are they are confident of secur
ing a clear majority.
At n exen, ive council arranged
for the Ar 1 Fhcis, Mr. De Valor
Mi ndly mode evident his determin
ation to construe th Irish con;ti
t'.rion in lt5 strictest way. It tin-doüf-tedly
is his view that acceptance
of the treaty would not be ratified
; v the convention as the majority
of them sfo.d firm for a strict re
I lV. jr.
plit ,lmKt Certain
is regarded as certain.
t r
as certain, no mat-
ter which side
d party will
wins, that the defeat
not puhmit. but will
-tart a rival organization. Michael
CollJrv5, following hLs usual courre
of endeavoring to avoid friction, has
Kivn r.ofiro of the introduction of
a resolution to divide the party
funds in proportion to the vote given
ich fi.'.e. ft is assorted that sev
eral resolutions will be introduced
mhod.wnir various proposals for ac
complishment., but it 1 not be-
;ved possible that the Sinn Fein j
organization can continue
longer !
without a definite decision
for or
.igalr.Pt the treaty.
A disturbing dement is found in
tho altitude of the Sinn Fein clubs
in 1'Ipter. The treaty enables the
northern parliament with pome ad
justment of bound.aries to remain
outride th? Ir:h free itAte. This
f,:ct strongly influencing a consid
erable number of the Ulster Sinn
Feinors, who. it is declared, would
oi for the treaty if the change
w a h made.
lnve-tii:ation of Conditions in
Industry Will Be of
Sweeping Nature.
WASHINC.TON. Feb. 20. The
long delayed senate Inquiry to de
termine whether a monopoly etcists
among the dye and chemical makers
cf tbif country ax.d to Investigate
he activities of their alleged lobby
ists got under way Monday. Indi
cations of sweeping r.ature of the
investigation were given by Imme
diate demands by Sen. King, demo
crat, Utah, sponsor of the resolu
tion, that 3 0 persons, some of them
government or former government
e facials, be called to testify.
The committee also heard F. Ii.
Coudert. coun?e' for the Teitlle Al
liance, rrho called the attention cf
the committee to what he regarded j
the cangers or encroacnini: lier-
n.an competition. He protected
against the abrogation br the rtate i
dfrartment of the agreement by
which textile alliance wu orfranlzed
and also dinpeeing cf the German
reparation dyes and assured the
r -or -.mitte that his organisation or
any cf it officers were reAy to ap
pear vclnntartly and brlnir all their
i coords to faxUitat the Lijulry".
-a fonr.rr cctinty Cc1m1b werr ln
cicted In circuit court htr Mocclaj
'or &2lsd IrreruJiritJe tn expendi
ture of county road fanda The
omr nfücalf. including W. W.
rrl:k. former county judjre and
-balrman of the FJa: and Wet fed
rml highway a5sociAticn. and J. V.
r'ool. former read cgTr, are
harfe! with expenSIr.i' approxi
ately JO.O00 Illegally.
Watch for Verncm'a Dollar day ad
jrrKTTtrvr. Barest (.rraliui in history.
Charge Sherman Hotel U ith
11,457 Gallon Whisky Sah'
CHICAGO. Feh. 20. Th Ho
tel Sherman Co.. operating the
Sherman hotel, nn of Chicago's
largest hotel, cnargd with
selling 11,4 57 gallons of whisky
In violation of the prohibition art
in a criminal information flld
against th company Monday
Charles F.
enators .ol ati'ied w mi i
Refusal of Information on
i '., i d. -i i
HiirdiiiK informed lh. Frnate. Mffri-'
day he could not comply with its j
request for record of the four ;
power Pacific treaty nf-m.tlations j
because there are no .uch records ;
and because he considered it incom- j
patible with Hib public Interest to j
reveal "informal and confidential
The President'.5 fivr-jsntenoe re-
ply to the r"?olutlon of inquiry sent
to tiie whit- lotiso ;aL week wai i
accerted hy those in charge of the ;
treaty at the capitol as closing the !
! Incident, and at the .imo time it
3 rousfl Increased dissatisfaction,
amorp penators who invotiatd
the move for more complete infor- ;
Meantime the committee took its .
tirf-t formal action on nny of the
international agreements negotiated
durinc the arm. conference hv- re
pnrtinir favorably the Japanese
American treaty by whih th
Fnited States acrorde! cable and '
v.dreb.- riRhti on the Pacift-r Island j
of Yap. The committee, leaders j
made it public that !t proposed to j
pre?s the treaty toward a voto on ;
the senate floor, lndicutlncr that de-
bate on it misrht b jrin at Tue-day' !
session. i
Mr. TTardln's reply to the four
power treaty resolution which hail
ren' Introduced In' Fen. Hitchcock
of NV-uraska. senior democrat of
the committee, wa.s read to the pen- j
ate. and provoked no debate but
later Ren. Hitchcock declared it
mad? "absolutely necessary" the
appearance of Mr. Hushes to tell
what he knw of the conversation
which took
place at unreserved i
meetings of the "big four." Iate I
in the day ?.l. Hitchcock left for
a western trip, however, and there
was, mo indication that snv of his'
democrat ic
on the committee would rre;- a de- j
mand that Mr. Hughes bo um- ,
in o n e d . (
Sens. Borah, republican. Idaho.:
and Johnson. republican. Call-i
fornla. both predicted tliat thn I
manner in which the treaty was no- ;
gotiated would be debated at !
..... i
jer.gtn wnen the committee diseus
si(o;s weio transferred to the sen
Court nUmUcot: Plrvi fr .,.'
catins of Paris Divorce
. Supi me I
NBW YORK. Feb. 2
Court Justice Mullan Monday de- to the League of Nation?.
r.ied application of Bdith Kelly; "The League could not have done
Could for an order vacating the di-iwhat Washington did." he exclaimed
vorce decree obtained in
i Frank J. Could.
In dismissing the action with ?1
costs, the court set forth that the !
nctton had not been brought in good
faith by the actress and that "the :
limit of her hope is to coerce the;
defendant." !
The decision al?o denied Mrs !
! Gould the right to fde an amended 1
reply containing allegations that as- '
sail and put In ue the regularity 1
of the French decree.
Rehearing the facts lending up to i
the French action. Justice Mullan !
said that although the plaintiff had :
the fullest opportunity "she had not '
seen fit to say a single word in her j
"It would be open to the plain
tiff." he continued, "to assert that
the records of the French criminal :
court were not copied accuratelj- or ,
deny that the had ever committed I
a crime. An innocent woman is not j
to be expected to relinquish any I
rights she may possess, however j
technical." Justice Mullan decided,
... . . ...
I i'Ut sne would run rareroot over ,
! naked swords to vindicate her hr nor, !
assailed as plaintiff's honor had been "- --
assailed. At least she would be ab- 1 Shoals nitrate and water rower pro
cormal if she failed to avail herself ! c:s ''hir.itted to him Tuesday.
Fomehow, pome time, of the oppor-
tunlty she has had here to deny the
I highly circumstantial charg-s of her
CBIVEBAND. Feb. 20. A resolu
tion pretesting against the prohibi
tion amendment to the U. S. consti
tution and arrfallr.fr to congress to
modify it to permit the manufacture
and rale cf light wines
was adopted by the ci
Monday r.iirht.
The council acted upon th" meas
ure after it had ten defeated for
the second tim by it. legislation
cemmittre Mor.dav.
Tin: WF.Tin:it
Inillnn and Michigan Clondr
rufdur; Wfdr.rKla.T ur.fettlrd and
mriAr, i-rclalIy rain.
Enemy Nations
End Fight?
: v' -'V,
- i
i " S
r- y
n ?
rrincs. Yolanda. eldest daughter
of Kintr Victor Tmanue nf Italy, ifl
encased" to wed Archduke Joseph
Frar.ci. of irur.irary, accordlnsr to
r p t s in Vienna.
American Ambassador Joins
in Ralfour's Praises at
Pilgrim Dinner.
l'.v As.s(.-iite'l 1'
joined in the
f ur. head of
0. America
praises of A. J. Bal-
the lintish arms dele-
; nation, in Iiis welcome to the home
i land, when the American ambassa
j dor, (leorge Harvey, addressed the
i Pilgrims" s.iciety dinner Monday
night, at whi.-h T.Om persons were
It was "a personal welcome" for a
great pilgrim, according to Marquis
Curzon. in contrast to the official
welcome accorded Mr. Baltour by
the government luncheon Thursday.
The king in a letter, the Duke of
York. I,ord Cur.on and Mr. Harvey
ladliured in eu;og;..s oi Mr. ianour.
U'htcis greeted Ambassador Iiar-
vey's prediction that the United)
States senate was as certain to rat
n to rat-
the Brit-
! i:"v the various treaties a
h parliament was to sanction them, j
Mr. Balfour, in respondin;
that the Washington conference was
unmixed ber.etit to mankind. One
o .
two thing he hoped had been ac-
faction was
but the greatept satis
rbat mthing had been
I dor.e whicn carried the evil seed or
j future misfortunes. He did not
! acree with the onlr suggestion of
criticism of the conference he had
heard the condition were inimical
emphatically amid cheers. "The
world is in such condition that all j
machinery and aery instrument i
upon which we can lay our hands
needed to raise i- to its pre-war
level." Neither could Washington
accomplish, in his opinion, the work
ot the League for which other ma
chinery had not been discovered.
New Offer for Muscle
Yill Pe Presented
to I
nouncement by Sec'y Weeks Monday
that he would submit to congress
Tuesday -for acceptance or rejection
the Alabama Power Co.'s offer to
rHfoV o e -s! 1 O is ia Vn r-y
added to the po.tilities or further
dilay in congress of consideration of
Henry Ford's offer.
The Alabama Co.'s
offer, it was
eaid, would be addrt
d Tuesday to
the speaker of the house and presi
dent of the senate and be referred
by them, probably, to the military
affairs committee of the houne and
agricultural cemmitteo of the sen
ate, both of which are investigating
the Fond proposal.
Mr. Kahn said he expected to con-
and beer elude the hearing? on Mr. Ford's of
. council j fer this week and woauld immedlate
! ly begin an examination of that from
the Akibam.a Fewer Co.. which i-c- j
retary Weeks indicated Monday was
considered a "better offer" In some
rcsju-cts than that of Henn- Ford.
UIVKIUSIDK. Calif., Feb. 20.A
light farthiuiKO was felt here at
3:15 this afternoon. No damage
was reported, the vibrations being
Haynes Employs Airplanes
To Break up Rum Smuggling
British Schooner Annabelle, With Cargo of Liquor, Reported
Seized by Prohibition Forces in Air Raid Plan Com
plete Patrol of Atlantic Coast.
WASHINGTON". fcVsb. 20. Prohi
bition headquarters awaited Mon
day reports from Florida of what
was -aid to be the first dry law air
raid at sea with the investigation
of land, water and air warfare
against rum smugglers along the
.southern coast.
The Brittish echooner Anna Belle
was reported unofficially here Mon
day to have, been seized late yester
day off Jewflsh Creek, atut 4 0
miles south of Miami, with a cargo
of 11,500 cases of whisky aboard.
The seizure. It wa added, ww made
by airplanes of a prohibition
! fquadron oreratin? out of Miami
and adjacent eoant towns.
Efforts to confirm the elzure of
I fieially, however, were -without
i avail. LocaJ officiate claimed to be
without Information and communi
cation could not be established
with Jewflsh Creek. The use of
government airplanes In combating
the liquor traffic In this vicinity,
however, was admitted.
According to th unofficial report
received here, the entire crew of 21
men of the schooner were taken
intto cu5itody and now are. being
held under surveillance.
Commkiloner Hayncs said he
had not as yet received a report
from Miami of the seizure.
Omcial Are; ltctlcvnt-
Mr. Haynes and other high pro
hibition ofllcials were reticent con
cerning the mobilization of air
forces to combat liquor runners, in
dicating that they would prefer to
discuss the new plans when they
know that the machinery for the
concentrated campaign was work
in? smoothly.
It was learned, however, that
prohibition headquarters had been
quietly preparing for some time to
bring in bear simultaneously alr
planes, pubmarino chasers and rein
TY7;f, PMM,: n-
clares American Girls Will
Marry Anvbodv.
CHICAGO. Feb. 20. Efforts to
obtain a stattment from Mrs. Fdith
Rockefeller McCormick on her
engagement Monday
again met with failure. Servants at
her home announced that "Mrs. Mc-
j Cormick has nothing to pay."
Mrs. Margot Asquith. wife of the
r premier of Bngland, who 13
i visiting Chicago, was one of tho in
terested commentators on the inter-
..... ,
rational romance,
.... . .
lour America
on girls will marry
irnybody." Mrs. Asquith
toll inter
1 viewers who sought
ner opinion on
Misq MoCormiok's- lnv nffair.
.Th . berause tht.y ary ,0 aJapt.
,lt,i T . e
"As to Mathilde McCormick. I
never heard of her outside what I've
read In your Chicago papers. A
daughter of a multl-millionairo, you
said? Granddaughter of John D.
Rockefeller, the richest man in the
world? Yes. yes, I know of him,
"Alwaj So Swift."
To Mrs. Asquith this romance is
onlj- another ph.as of American life,
"so much like tho movies," she said,
"always so swift."
"International marriages are
silly." she continued. "Nobody but
an American girl could get on with J
a foreigner. You say this livery
stable keeper is old enough to be her I
grand parent? Really, that's amus-1
ing isn't it. I suppose she is one of
your American flappers perfumes ;
her hands, wears skirts up to her!
knees and all that sort of thing. !
Well. I have never seen anything at- !
'tractive in the American flappers.!
; To begin with they haven't pretty j
ankles. Our Fnglish shop girls have I
j lots more Ktj'le." j
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forced land forces In Florida upon
the Illegal liquor crafts said to be
infesting southern waters.
PLan Coast ratrol.
With airplane as swift raiders
to swoop down on rum runners
stealing toward the coast, the pro
hibition authorities were under
stood to plan a patrol of submarine
chasers from Maine to Key West
which would spot the blockade- run
ners and either relay reports of
i their location to the -planes or make
I peizurea themselves. At the same
( time the land enforcement forces
j In Florida were augmented by spe-
cial agents from Washington and
j neighboring taea and it was an
nounced that every effort would be
made to Ktem the tido of illegal
liquor flowing over the southern
Involve Questions of I.nw.
Many questions cf International
law may arts from the us.? of air
planes and mibmarine chasers by
the prohibition forces, officials said,
because of the rights of nationals
involved In the hoarding of hips
at sea. However, It is understood,
Commissioner Haynes has goni
thoroughly Into the various legal
phrases of the problem beforo put
ting his combined forces into ac
tion. It was not known here Monday
just what circumstances had sur
rounded the seizure of the srhooner
Annabelle, which was said to be
under British registry. Seizure of
a foreign vessel outside the three
mile limit might result in interna
tional complications if the foreign
government was dL'fposed to make
representations to the state depart
ment, it was said. On the other
hand several "vessel: of apparent
foreign register-, s?izd with car
goes of liquor in the past frrv
months, have been found to be
Property Owners Argue
Against Ordinance City
Fathers to Visit Land.
Unforseen opposition to the an
nexation of th? 113 acres of land
lying south of the city limits be
tween Michigan and Miami sts. de
veloped last night when the ordi
nance providing for the annexation
of the territory was called up be
fore tho committee of the whole
the common council for discussion.
"More than a mile of water mains
was laid in this tract of land and
a total of 14 fire hydrants were in
stalled by the Carson administra
tion, despite the fact that the ter
ritory was barren county land. The
ordinance providing for the annex
ation was introduced at the last
session of the city council and ha
for Its purpose the saving of thou
sands of dollars expended in im
provements. Mayor Eli F. Pee-bir'. Fred An
derson, city engineer, and John W.
Toyne, superintendent of the water
works, appeared before the com
mittee with b-lue prints of the land
in question and pointed out to them
the necessity of annexing the terri
tory if the city of South Bend ex
pected to derive any b-nefits from
the improvement, while Charles
Weidler. C. A. Tasher and W. W.
Fftes. property owners in this local
ity, who are affected by the meas
ure, also appeared at the meeting
and explained to the council their
reasons for opposing the annexa
tion. Sot Follow lnr Prc-ordcnt.
Mr. Fites argument was that the
city was not following a precedent
in attempting to annex more than
517 feet of land at one time, while
all of the old ordinances providing
for annexation placed 2f0 feet as
the limit. He declared that he would
(Continued on page two.)
Love or Money?
Love Is Victor
Whether she should remain sir.gic
all her life, and accept the annual
income of a trust fund of JS.f'On,
ciaatec by the will of her former
fiance, or marry and forfeit it, is
no long' r a problem, if in fact it
ever was one, for Misv Kleanor Ber
lin. 21 years old, of Worcester, Mass.
Sho was married in New York
City Siturday to Kaymond B. lod
Jng, a Worcester real estate brokir,
by whom she was employed as a
The will of Charles A. Hamilton,
of Chicago, to whom Mis Berlin vr.
engatr(d, provided that, if she mad-1
her home with his mother in Chi
cago j.nd never married, she would
have tho income of a trntt fund of
$f.0,00 Tiie will directed tb.al M:s
Berlin should make her d ;-i:.. n
when she rr-ached the ac of 2 1
Sen. Hitchcock 9 to Address
Knife and Fork Club To
night Others to Speak.
One) of the notablo events oi
year here is announced for tonight
when U. P. Sen. Gilbert M. Hitch
cock, of Nebraska, addressfi the
members of the Knife and Fork
club on "A Bank of Nation."."
Th-? visit of Sf-n. Hitchcock at
this time is of particular interest j
for he is in the midst of a tight ;
to hive Pres't liar ling reveal to j
the senate. Just what went on at j
the various committee and secret)
meetings during the recent disarm-!
anient conference. Sen. Hitchcock j
is the leader of this fight in th j
senate and left Washington for
South Bend yrsterday afternoon;
while tho discussion was at its i
height. I
"A B-.nk of Nations" represents;
an entirely nf w s-abjert for the
prominent Nebraska n and it is said
to present his ideas on international!
banking. S-n. Hitchcock, it is yiM. J
hr.s long been desirous of advancing,
a so'.-.ition of the financial condition
of the world and lie is of the belief ,
that an int-.national ; inking sys- j
t'T.a may bring
out the reli
badly needed.
MItiority ladcr.
Berause of the f.1
na e of S'-ti.
Oscr.r InuonviHi'l, or tr.e foreign
relation? corntaltt e who has been
devoting his time to the disarma
ment conference. Sen. H:i heoH
has been the minority h a i. r in the
uppr house of -on gross
Sen. Hitchcock is a m-wspaper
mar and lawj-e.- and has been a
member of congress since l&r'". He
served eight years in the ho"
of "epreentat tives and since that
time h.a- been In th- senate. He
wns admitted to the bar in 1SS1
Continued on page two.)
Rhode Inland Executive Acts
Following Disorders in Tex
tile Strike.
PKOYIDF.NCE, II. I .. Feb. 2 0.
Two cavalry troops arrived from
this city In Pontiac. B. I.. 10 miles
5ou.h of here, Monday night to
quell rioting of textile sympathizers
The cavalrymen were ordered
into action by Gov. Soucl when tele
phone messages advised him that
arnwJ rioters had surrounded the
oflee buildings of the Pontiac mil!.',
imprisoning officials and clerks.
Windows were smashed an! u-b.
phc ne wires cut.
Four companies of coast artillery.
ational guard, assembled for rou
tine inspection, were ordered here
Monday night by Gov. Souci a.-- a
reserve auxiliary to forces already
on duty. At least one company. It
wan announced, would be er.t into
the Pawtucktt Valy earlv Tuesday
Battery B, the field artillery unit,
tisfmbled at the armory of mount
ed commands, will be converted into
rr.arhir.c- gun units and t-er.t over the
road In detachments Monday night,
it was announced.
The Pontiac mills are owned by
B. I?, and U. Knight. Inc.. the
largest mill operators In the Taw
toe k et ralley.
I hree Shipivrerhed Sailors
Rescued in Gulf of Mexico
ki:v i:sT. f.. I., f.
Caj t. 11. A. .:v.;th and t o r::c;n-
U.U-k C.il PA.-Il II. C.J'
s.: "l.t. b.'.ch f'Ui: b red l.i t
week durirv; a storrr. in the Ju'.f
of Mc:i'o, ) -n ':'k1 up
by j o;i f w b.iJi
w as the st ar:; r 1 11 i or r.
I'ourd fir Cal'-:on. accorlinc
to a wireless :;-.e-s. r c ive.j
liero Monday n:t;iit.
Leaders Ilipih in Labor and.1, ;':
.Minor I olitics rleiluc
L nanimous Support.
l r.a:: : rn ou -
CHICAGO. Feb. L'".
support of a new movetn nt t i.sta.1;
men an! women .f th. w orkü g -
class In the nati-n s .;:;ative
halls was pb dged 1 y Tirnvr-. mcn
bers of the s -;.;. -t and firnior-
lab.ir part iet-. Ia!-r u niop b a b rs
and clergymen in a cor.: - t.--.- .M- n-
day, called by a gn ::; et' railr ad
union men. hade.l by William M. ,
JtdmSiOn. prtMdf ut f tiie lnvrna-
tional A:--vociation of M o-hmist.-.
Declared by Moiris llil'.qu-.t of ,
New York to Ve "the most sigTiif.'a rt 1 '
von th.it has taken place in tic'
American labor movement for a g- ::-1 l
f.ration" ti:e conference bro-.ih.t tie-;
get her leaders high in lab r ar.fl j
minor political party circles. j
ninelion by l'.2l. j
Although Chairman Johr.strn de-j
C.are-d in bi opening address th.it !
the time was r.ot jet r!p, fr thi
formation vf a new party. Monday s ;
ineetlr.g was expected i dry c; .i
germ of a new- politieai o-ga , .'-a-!
tion which some deleaN- -ail
wftub.l be f ur.ctionin by
Non-partisan poll it -a! ac; .on in Cw
lfl-'J i b-ct iojis wa-s tic1 keyio t" of
the im i'-lli'L A iln?i n sriakers
pledged their support to a pf -- ;r i
. , , , ...
to endorse candidate ja'-or.sb.e t
the workingmati
Py comi ininr their effort?3, work -
rs could build a iiolitical machine
, . . -ii . ... ..
. inch won id elect to othce 'nin
and women trulj- repr s-nfitive f
the people of the United State."' L.
I. .il U.iUli, "Ji. Ill" V.'Hl' I ''I II U.'-.ll
Telegraphers-, told the delegated at d
both he and Thomas Yard a r, for -
mer mavor of .Minr.ei;H)lis. pied.'-d.
their support to sucn a movement.
Urges Capturing Primaries.
lv. Herber Blgeiow cf cin.'in-
nati, made a plea to capture the p-ri-
manes in ine si.a onsnen paiiie i
electing men representative ' f t!;e
workers' interests and H. I". Sim
uo'.f. a farmer of Idahr i;rgei th'
unity of all (lapses in achieving thit
enl .
The organi7.ed tarmers attifub was
ITf. sented by O. K. Bct.g ' f th'
United Society of Agriculture, who
emphasized tho necssity of obtain
ing the actual fact" on the value f
their production an bruar.diug ili.y
share of production.
The farmer-labor party, reprr
sent'Ml by J. J. Bn o.vn. r.at.'-r.al sec
retary, was frierd.l- to the rc' w
movement, he a. rted, in pb .brin
his support "in any lii-eral plan r
1 llLLiU n)JJVUU V.liL
Texas Authorities and Phv-i-
DALLAS. T' .. Feb. 2 S'- i-n' e
Monday for th- :lr.-t tl?.:- ha.-- ri-
umphed oyer the cunning cf r r !:. -
Jr. a Is, Dallas authorities and phy-i-
' i.l r.S be 1 b-yed .
"Twilight sb en." fir rr i i M
to make the tain of chillbirth t. :-,
intense, w.a i;e .ai'a in ,".a." r.
u.-e.'4 surcfsfuliy - a "truth se. u?:."
on persons in cor.n ''cti.-n v. it h rim
inal r:i:c-.
IM Smith, acevj'-ed of murder, was
placed under the jnf!u-ne- of tic
drucr. He denied killing a man.:
Police released him when j.ercn- j
who identitied him refus. I to take (
the scopalimian ter.
At Fort Werth. J.din Corni-h M II- i
r. wour.de. :n ;, laattb- (-tvc-'-n
police and albae I and it-, u e
placed under th- drur and. j 11
declared. he answer 1 U' -;-.-
straightforwardly fcs to tit: allege
bandit Kar.'.
Smith was questioned ;t tl. .
He denied throughout any ?. :. c. 1-
r'ce f.f thf. ilf .! r f'r.ttr.' T ....
another r.ecro. for whi --h !i'- v. a-
e be r. tried. f t'a
' ! 'A efa
t gain from h'.m st.ate".er. , f
moverr.er.ts ior tr.e j y. ar.-
Tl.'-f' were rh-f ke.l a r.d four 1 to b
true. M or. fay when St-.ihs r
was called. I!-t. Atty. Maury H't-rn
rskf d th.e two witr.e v. 1 h ad
previous. y dec. area they .?. ; see
Smith kill B.e. if thev woul 1 -:!
mit to the scnpallrr. ian t-t to che
their veracity. Th-v ir.dicr.antlv re.
WASiriNCTON, Feb. CO. The a -- :,onto. !-.-b. : A r r. v -lu-tivity
of federal prohibition, aathori- : tior. h i1- brr k ' . tit !. P '!:; .', -av
tie? has res-. It-d in the bn-'lra' of a di'-ratcb t- B-ut-f: :c :..r:
the prices of l eer in rs- ': rv .a- T n :.y.
cording to a report cor.- m. r.r
' . . K ' , . A
Ha-T-.e Mor.dav "f Ivr -! fr
fcrr-emont Chi f John ?xr.lcir-js
I have r een working very
tefs.uij oa fciTwi.. .ur.
ticious raid. "I have them in the
tame position that I have the t iJ
boot pro-rs artd as a result the price
of leer has gone sky high'
Ways and Mean Committer
Refers Finance Problem to
Sub- 'onunittce.
V,TA, K I AX ,, AX
icat hc(
Ori:ani7e t Dr
utie" Propo-al
in Coinniittee.
WAHIN - : 1'' ' 1
T h
s ', I : r '
.! . : i . to
. - a ys
1 . u t a r. -
. iTt
a r . -5 ; c m -:.onus
. r n : t h
' h.l
... er.H op-
1 ' 1 ' . s J.-gj.-
. HAm
- si .i -
; 1 i ! -
v. t h
I at. 1 I.;
v . .if-.. : :
1 -r
- l ies-;,.
W'h .- il.-- v
r . : i t T - wa- :.
qu. .!::;. ; v. a
'A b-e t;.- t
" ' A ' l'
b,,-'-t"-g er.act
' : : : :
;;- ' - A '
l:v '
: "!;
: !
i ' -:: - -i ' :' ; ' ""'
: s . ii.'i:
:.t of
fa cr-
: v, 1 i
bb I that t.v
Co- . i a .v :1 ;
Tl;- :r : i
and . orrid- m . - : :: ::
i i rc r
,. rt r.'
: '. -s :av
er i w h
. a r;.an:::.i - : ?
plan -.-. -.: i ! . dt.it't- d . .
I Pr r H.av t.r - -
Iii!. at:.',: ; '. t 1 , ..
J I :iit A;.iio-( s.tl.- f;t.
' In an et'tort to b'e . . - t v
' ,
' r
' ' ' '"
e. . !' ; , . . ; ; : .
o-: oner.ts of t n -s ;.,r.i -f a : v p.. ft
?" ''" 1
ire. ly c;r -let. d a:;.! i-
.- 1 b. 'or-;
! ": ; lay.
. .... -i!'.' I
th- l.OU:
1 . 1 ' ' h 1". '
1 ' V' '.. '
obtain ';:.;c i.t -,-:t
b-r? t i. at it wc.l 1 1 j-:-; iblo to
put a sab-s ta : ' : v . -. 1 1 ti.c'iph
u ,
i 1. ' I"
o : . v
1 in f.. -.or cf
1 , ,
. j' . , . ,
sat. or. t , , jt.e j.j a'. Ii'.g . a sa .
! a ( tar is ' a:n !
. .". a t :. - sii. :i rs .
- : . r ; :
r. - it:- t!.a'
! i t ' e el
: " r ' x T ro -if
". a. : :-
for the aij.i:-tel - on.
' ,j..-.s m,r ,.r,.
y or n i
Hep. lb I v . t . i
l . A .1
(;;iJ.. ti, ,;,,. .
l.:!tt. it ac.
a::.! in the
1.; 'h i- ' I
Shoül I t1.
poi-t oat a a'
a sc.::.. v. h.a'
a ?e-
ta b
t t ' r.
. o e
t (
t ' . e
it, !.
: i i t
; . A l.i!
s 1 1 1 '" . 1 ' . ': d -i
-;r. ! a 1
: ' i: a-
. i . : -' lit
pro; S' i i r - a : i :.
i i
quiz taxi driver
M(hea L Heh'd-t'd l oll(sin
. (;riHin.- lV DMri. t
I,' AN'".
1 BBS. Caal.f . F b. :'
.-t-i'.r. of rf...-: r:
i .;rl'-t. :' . ." :.'
The lr.t
Sic a, a
p i.a-.i
!. r ',-
n. ; c ,
. ; :: v
-. t :
.f if
d v
; . 1 '1 , . : - ti.n. d:r . ..- r-
; .v--1 . f t..- ! . 'i'lvl'.:
r.. r-
.v,. . ,i -'.; -.r' i '-i ;..
j T.ia r'- '.: w- f .r 1. -; - r i . - ;
! r, t ; .. j? , r.- . w,
j v;i :a. - -.t a . ,rrr . i. d v.ra
. , . ... .
C .
i ,
ta e r. t u as -a.
.-st ira :. i.
T .1
b . -a a -1 '
f r e;u- r.tiy T y '. n
' " " "' "
t' -' '' '
. c r . t o r. ' e r t . : . - :. r I . : -t t o
f -5
i:f:vom tto i itpkTi (;r
An earlb r cay
.1.1 I..!'. '
I !.- , r. s' a e . ,
i pre-r.t I' ! ' : ; r".a
-aiter r.v r.: - . irr ....,
! -
! tV;i for V--. -y- i-r d iy s i
, tomorrow. l..yt-; tarpiir.s ia h.
j tory-

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