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Tuesday's Circulation
HttAt.z er. I V.--: !-g VV '
MKMitru . p.. r
ON IMMIGRATION! ff "4 d iCl "n i:
C a 1) i n c t Con-kler3 Whole
Problem at White House
Conference Monday.
Labor Secretary Would Add
Restrictions Lalor Short-
age Considered.
WAFIUNGTOX, Dec. 1. (Py A.
) The whole problem of lmml-
ratlon wns discussed at length to
day by Tres't Harri In? and his cab
inet and It was indicated afterwards
that tills would bo one of tho eub
jeets with "which tho executive would
deal In his forthcoming annual ines
.ag to congress.
Wliile It was state! at the. White
Ho'ie that there had hern no le-
Irion arf to policy at the, cabinet
meeting, tome administration ottl
rera were under the impression that
Mr. Harding would propo.so a con
tinuation of the present- restrictive
law with certain amendments ppon-
(nrpflhrSoc'y D.ivi.s and designed to
raise the general standard of emi
grants cmbarkln? for tho 1'nited
The labor secretary. It was said,
Is opposed to any increase of tho ex
1 1 1 n three percent limitation, at
leas until tho tide of immigrations
from northern and western Furope
reaches h) quota allowed by law.
Thus far the number of immigrants
comintr from those regions have
equaled only about 50 percent of the;
authorized maximum. On the other
hand, oüleial pointed out, the inflow
from pouthern Kurops has reached
the permitted maximum each year,
with many thousands of others in
that section seeking to come to this
Would Conduct Tost Abroad.
Amendments to the present law
which Mr. Davis Is having prepared
would provide for an examination at i
debarkation ports of all emigrant
illens with particular reference to
character and to physical and mental
condition. There also would bo a
blood test. The examinations "would
bo conducted by public health and
immigration ofilcials stationed
abroad and would entail some en
largement of th" overseas forces of
loth those Services.
The immigration problem a3 ex
plained today presents many per
plexing" p hadert and any solution
might have its effect on general eco
nomic, conditions over the country.
It wan said that unless a shortage
of common 1 ibor could be relieved
through Immigration, there would be
a tendency toward higher wage of
this character of help with tenden
cies to other increases anil also for
farm hands to flock to industrial
centers. n the othT hand, atten
tion was cahea to the fact that a;
letting down of the immigration
bars might produce, an over-abundance
of labor with resaltant unem
ployment, a lowering of purchasing
power, and an economic depression
iu ii.iuutii itMUMnamuiaun.
There Is a present shortage of,11 lUUUi UI i',U:VlUI3
common labor and a White Housej OPPOSED TO CHECK OFF i
npiKe-man i:so.ooj ttiat because oi
this the-e had ccmo a pre?ure from
Industry generally for an increase
!n Immigration. It was said, how
ever, there w.is- an cjual pressure
against ?uoh :i policy. -Not
AfTcit Kcfugecs.
The rituitiou with which the ad
ministration b undertaking to deal
nt tliU !me is quite apart from the
proposal- that refugees from the
Nar 11a t be permitted to enter the,
T. . 0. . - .
I n. ted siatt';n excets of the quotas
.. Ä . , , . .
fcr the countries- from which thev
, t
come. There was no expression o:
. . , ,
opinion from the executive depart-
ment an to this but two resolutions
to waive the rstr:ct!rn law as to
tho refugees were Introduced in the
cnate. one by Sn. Walsh, Demo
crat. Massachusetts, an 1 the other
by fen. Keyes. Ilepublican. New
tT'I'A. X. Y., Dec. (Py A. P.)
lie '.,ir's tarrying 60.000 bush-f'-
cf wheat, v.tre caught in a tor-
r;:.- wind st
I-v s;. Point
beved to 1
orm on (neivia lake, eft
, 'at today and are be
a total los--.
Thne o
th'1 vessels were washed
ashore at Verona Peach and the oth
er two were reported drifting toward
Sylvan bcich. Ilffort.s were being
made by li:V savers to rescue four
cf the crew. Tho boats w ere owned j
t the
of N-w
Inland Marine corporation !
LrTTuE au.v nr.v lcxf,
IS TK,i& TUE vwOK j
s J
the Studebaker cor-
poratlon. In a special fion at Xex
York City Tuesday declared a Ftock
dividend of '.'.Z per cent.
Announcement was alftO) made
that tho earnings of the corporation
and its prospe-cts were fuch that the
management believed the present
rate of 10 per cent lividends on
the common stocks will be continued
on the new capitalization.
J IUok olo.se for the. stock dividend
on Dec. lfi, pajablo Dec. 23.
Tho directors announced that It
had been voted to capitalize $15,000
000 of the net earnings which have
been permanently invented in
plants, equipment. Inventories, etc.,
to provide for the constant growth
and development of the bus-ines.
On Sept. 30 fttude-baker's iproflt
and Iom surplus was $24.430,743, or
$10,000.000 greater than at begin
ning of year
DalanCO fhCCt SllO'VC'dl
cash or its equivalent In excels of
-i.uuu.uuu comparer with s.igntiy
more than $10,000.000 on January 1.
n s rs. r . ... .....
Entire Ceremony Takes but
Few Minutes Eject Sing
ers of "Red Flag."
LONDON. Dec. T. (Py A. P.W
The Irish constitution became the
law of tho lapd this afternoon, when.
r t ..I i. -
K'nuniiis me ancient ceremony .
responding to a summons from The!
Plack Pod. tho speaker of th
e house.
or commons headed a, procession of
tr members of tho lower houso tu
the upper chamber of parliament
to hear the king's absent to the two
Iri.ah bill- the constitution and the
consequential provisions hill read
by a royal commission.
Immediately after the ceremonj.
announcement wafc mudo of tho ap
pointment of Timothy Healy, a nr.
t!ve born Irishman, famous aj a
parliamentarian and lawyer, as the
first governor-general of the Irish
Free fc'tate.
The entire ceremony took only i
few minutes. The constitution bill
had passed both houses of parlia
ment unanimously and unamends".
Th consequential provisions bill
had been subjected to minor amend
ments in tho upper chamber, but
these were agreed' to by
the lower
As the procession was returning
to the house of commons from the
house of lot;d.s, Feme strangers in
the lobby of parliament house be
gan sinclng ' The Ited Flag." They
were promptly ejected by the ;to-
Kin;; George will make a special
journey from Sandrlngham tomor
row to hold a privy council In ISutk
ingh am palace, at which lie will sign
a proclamation declaring the adop
tion of the Irish constitution by the
r.ritish and Irish parliaments. The
constitution will come into operation
Immediately on the issue of th
TKURK IIAUTi:. Ind.. Dec. 5.
Mine operators of the Indiana as
sociation will not attempt the "check
off of the $1 strike benefit assess
ment levied by the United Mine
Workers of America, District 11, It
was authoritatively btated today.
The statement made by Phil Pen
r.a. secretary of tho operators, fol
lowing the Monday conference was
f.'ll'An t n r. r ...ill
..... w ...v.. K.V V I' I Willi
lorce a snowuown on the threat or
1nU ..,,. . ,
John Hessler. district president of
t. . . .,
tho miners, to call a strik un ess
tV, , . ,. .
the ehectc off request is con.pl ed
e . .
Pres't. Hosier and Seo'y. Mitch
loth were in Chicago today to attend
tho conference arranged to take up
tho wage cale for 101'
in tb.e cent
Dut Heeler
r:1 competitive field
gave out a statement prior to his
departure and previous to the meet
ir.g or tne operators here in w hich i
he said he would sanction a walkout i
of the miners if the operators refus
ed to make the chovk off.
In lew of this statement a st rike 1
n District Xo. 11 Tuesday seemed
probable after Deo 10. the last date
at which tho check off could be
ClIICACrO. Dec. 5. (By A. P.)
A plan of settlement unanimously i
agreed upon by representative coal i ler in connection with h'.s adminis
opertitors from 15 bituminous states ' tration as a university regent. The
here today will pave the way, they 1 professor also was faid to desire a
predicted for an understanding ; h armg.
when they meet with miners' repre
sentative tomorrow. which will
lead to a wace settlement.
details of the plans were
given out. operators indicated
had made enough concessions
to make the plan attractive to John
I.. Iewis. mine union president.
CHICAGO, Dec. 5. ( Py A. P.) 1
Indiana farmers won 4S of the GG
places in e!low corn contests thatt;n of rma.nent were approved at
the International hiy fhow here to
day. Iowa and Ohio rece'.ed one
place each in thU class, which w;m
for region thre. or the north half otibe drafted and presented for adop
the corn belt. More than .10 J 10-eart;on tmorrow.
entrie competed. Chief interest at tomorrow's es-
Canada catne to tho front again' sion is expected to center in the
by winning the grand weeptake for
the bet r c grown thi yar. The
Hoard of Trade cup and prize money
went to John Iucah, Cay ley, Alta,
Tiprr'f Visit to White House
"Delishtful" Gives Pres
ident His Views.
Rides About Capital Inspect
ing Points of Interest
Husy Program Today.
"WASHINGTON, Dec. 5. (Py A.
I'.) Ceorgos Clemenceau visited
the White House today and talked
with Pres't Harding for 40 minutes.
! I Pat the subi'M't nearest his heart
A.nr.rir in M .rllnntlr.n in I'lirnnMH
affairs did not come up.
xhe visit wa.s described at the
White Hou-e as merely a social call
ef courtesy at which, it was eald,
serious problems of stato were not
discussed. The Tiger said tonight
it was "a delightful visit" during
which be e:ivo the president hi-'
views about lluropcan conditions in
general. He emphasized that he
did not a.-k the president for any
as.-ur;.nc-ey, pointing out he was
merely a printe citizen of France,
anad asserting he had not pone to
"preach to tho president, but to pay
my regards."
If Mr. Clemei.ceau's picture; of
conditions overman had any effect
on the administration's foreign poli
cies, it wa-s not indicated in com
ment at the White House later on
other subjects. "With respect to the
Liusanne conference on tho N'ear
Mast, full l articipation in which lues
been suggested by Mr. Clemenceau.
the president was raid to feel that
every' proper influence of this gov
ernment' and this influence was de
scribed as great already was beinS
e.ertel In a mailner believed In
harmonv with tho best Judgment of
the world statesmen who were fully
in touch with tho situation.
As to the question of American
mandates over territories one u, part
of the Ottoman empire, the presi
dent v.-as taid to "rejoice" that tho
United states had not assumed such
a responsibility. The executive was
represented as feeling America could
not take upon its shouMers respon
sibility for dirtctinsr the affairs of
the world.
Torgetrf Ills "TuIh'."
Clemenceau apparently enjoyed
his tall: with the president, which
was the first event of a full day. He
. . ti: . t. 11.. Vis, n v. a 9-
miuu nroauij mn n- c-imir
ii d from the executive oftlces where
he had been received and chatted
so volubly with Jules J. Jurserand,
the French ambassador, who had
1 resented him. that he forgot his
hat and hnd to return for it. It
was Iiis "Oube" the formal high
'Continued on Page Two)
Senate Forces Gird for An
other Battle as Harding
Represents Name.
WA.SiriNtJTON. Dec. 5 (Hy A.
p.) Return by Pres't. Harding toi" advanco of the contest m two
ca.- to the somit of the nomination , years. The iAate committee met with!
of Pierce Datier, St. Paul attorney. ; the successful state congressional
and a Democrat, to be an associate candidate and party leader today ;
justice of the Supreme court of the !
United -States, was followed by im-J
mp,lliti nritiir:iti(in if sf'Tiate flr-
ces to light for and ogainst his con
iirmation. Tho intention of the ad-
ment of Mr. P.utbr was fecn in the:
reiiomination, despite failure of conj
firmation yesterday at tho end of the
special session,- through opposition
of Senators Ia Follette. and Norris,
ltepubllcan of Nebraska.
Upon the return tcday of Mr. Put
Icr's nominatitn. Chairman Nelson
of the judiciary committee imme
diately called a meeting for tomor
row in an effort to hasten action to-
want confirmation. ,t ine fame ume
en. Nelson, w ho is the leader of the
forces favorable
ceived a request
to Mr. P.utler, re
from Senator-elect
Shipstead, Farme r-Iibor;te of Min-
nesota to be heard in opposition to
Mr. Kutier. The committee will dis
cuss proveduro tomorrow, wlth the
probability, it wa-s said that brief
hearing will be held by a tiub-com-mittee.
The committee chairnan alo con
f erred today with a former profes
sor of the University of Minnesota
regarding charges again-t Mr. Put
Whether Son.itnrri T. t-'ot'.ptfe n n .1
Norris would desire to be heard, or
present w . t n e.-c-e s to the committee
has not been indicated. The nom
ination was before the committee
during the extra session and was
reported favorably.
WASHINGTON. Dec. :- (Py A.
P ) Pules eimiliar to thoe
of the
Washington conference
the first business ses:on
the peneral committee of
t:al American conference
today of
the Cen
a r. vi w i 1 i
lüestion of Inclusion in the confer
ence agenda cf the proposal for a
of Central American coun-
. v. ; r, . , - ? . v.. V
P, ; ; . ; ; . -; ; V
. . . . .... .X, . - k
' : J - J -- - . .- -
f.. :..w l f. m:.
j . , : , V, . .'A :- : .;-x 'J
. . ; . - i;
V;iVV'.4-V.tl , v A.
I :-' v ; - : : :.y-:J ;.,y t::s
CTi.MiA riiii.i.irs
Under sentence for killing Mrs. Alberta Meadows. Clara
made a break for freedom early Tuesday morning and thus
eluded a number of deputy sheriffs which have been searching Lrs
Angeles for her. Jt was at first believed that her husband contrived her
escape, but he appeared last night and gave an account of, his activities
to authorities.
Committee Authorizes Chair
man to Act Enthusiasm
Is at High Pitch.
IXDIANAI-OblS, Dec. 5 (IJy A.
P.) Walter S. Chamber, stato
chairman was authorized by the De
mocratic .ate committee tills' after
noon to carry out a fianancial pro
I gram he has in mind. The program
will call for the immediate raising
of money with which to maintain
headquarters and the collection of
a ium sufficient to run a camnaiun
a: the Deni.son hotel here
Chambers was o'.so authoriz
carry out his own plans for
ed tO
maintaining headquarters. It has
been suggested that rooms large
enough to accomodate meetings of
tho Democratic numbers of the leg
islature be obtained. Mr. Chambers
characterized the meeting js a tine
exhibition ef militant democracy
and said the enthusiasm wan at a
high pitch. He ."aid all of thoe pre
sent represented a rising tide in fav
or of the Democratic party from all
parts of the fiate. 1
It seemed to be the conserurjs of
opinion that the Democrats will
have 45 out of the 1G0 members in
tho house of representatives and IS
out of 50 members in the elate sen
ate, should maintain a watchful at
titude over public expenditures and
that the party program aa express
ed in the platform adopted at the
state convention lat June should be
pressed to enactment if possible.
P.) A declining birth rate and an
Increasing death rate fcr 1922 "a
compared with 1521 were forecast
today by the census bureau which
based it calculation on records fov
tht firtt six months of the year for
the registration area of tho country,
comprising about S2 percent of the
total population of the United States
The birth rate for the first tdx
months of this year was 22.7 per
1.000 population, while for the same
period of 1921 the rate was 24. S.
and for the whole cf last year 2i..',
The death rate for the six months
ending June CO this year was 12.)
per 1.000 populatlcn while for th
same period of 1321 the rate wa
12 and
fcr the whole of last year
will aid vim:iLxs
HUNTINGTON. Ind.. Dec. 5. ( Py
A. P.) The board of directors of the
Huntington county war chest asso
ciation voted $11.000. remaining in
the treasury to the American Leg
ion council of the county to be used
for veterans' relief. When the trans
fer is made the books of the war
chest association will be closed.
far has
Society Whirl Offsets
Good Done By Colleges
Says Y.M.C.A. Official
PRINCETON. N. J., Dec. 5. (P
I. N. ..) The college student of
to Jay. has three traits: Dissatisfac
tion, ultra-mcdcrnirni and inquisi-
tivenesi in the opinion cf John K
Mott. international secretary of the
Y. M. C. A.
Mott in an interview granted tcda
declared that though the average
college man i- "thoughtful ami pur
peseful" much of .the good derived
from college life is offset by "habits
of luxury, pleasure seeking and
softness. "
"The students of today, are dij
atisfled with the past and with
much of the present," said Mutt,
"and they do not have to say so. It
is true that undergraduates arc
overcritical of many phases of mod
ern life but tills very interest io an
indifference of tho past."
Moit expressed hit? belief a!-o thf.i
the "highiy eirganizeu" social life
of the cedlege i.s net conductive t
thoughtfulncss ami suggested that
the "constant swirl ' of social func
tions be counteracted if the graduate
is to get the larger things from col
lege life."
Devote Dav to Harinonizinji
Divergent Views of Yari-
ous Delegations.
LVrmwr D c (Pv A I
The trf itv t:,HM T -i osanne
devoted themselves today to an at -
tempt to harmonize the divergc-nt
views of the various delegations;
everybody i-eemed to realize that a
Pke that
few more hectic sessions
-..v, a .i,or tne escape to announce tneir oe-
. , .
luiuviiiiie arm puiiiuue neai ras-
ern pesire indefinitely.
The- allieJ leaders held lorg con
fultation.s to frame a common pro
ject for dealing with the Dardanel
les and are reported to have suc
ceeded in drafting a proposal per
mitting warship to use the htraits.
under international control.
The indications tonight are that;
the strait. discussion will be re-
turned tomorrow when the entente
countries will fall in with tbe Tur-J
kish .uggevtion and conform with'
their wlshet. The allies seem deter-
mined als to convince th? Itussian '
representatives that Pol5heik Pu -
sia i-? net dominating the Ft raits d!s -
cus.on. The fact that Lsmet Pasha (
conferred with the. allied leaders'
helped to strengthen the Imp rfwioa !
that if the conference 1 not yet out
of danger it is at leart not y cn!nf Cb i aooui ;jy p ,yn-i. lour.u
tto rocks.
Indiana: Kair Wednesday fellowed
by inerr-;is!nif rliidlnt-ss Thurxlay ;
not uui'-a change in itrruptratures.
Urr Mlrhlrn: tleneraily fair
W-la"la j anj ThuTsUa j ; coi.tt3il
JAIL BREAKER,! Not Give Message
Husband of Escaped Woman
Located, but Throws IS'o
Light on Disappearance.
Convicted Woman Aided by
Three Persons Bars of
Cell Were Sawed.
LOS ANGELE?. Dec. B (By A.
P.) Clara Phillips, who escaped
from the Los Angele3 county jail
early today where sh was being
held under a ?cn:ence of ten years
Imprisonment after conviction of the
muraer ot ,uena .ituj .i.-5 im
ported as having been seen in tho
southwest .action of the city eight
hours after her escape thLs morning.
Her husband. Armour Phillip, was
located and gave a detailed account
f mnvrmfnt during 'the ivtsl
"J hnnrs
A deputy sheriff notified the sher
iffs rff:r.- tn,bv rhnt he, saw a wo
man resembling Clara Phillips andjin carefully the program he wmiM
a man answering tho description of. outline fore the .senate and houi
her husband in m automobile at 10 tin joint session.
o'clock in the southwest
miles from the
section, about five
Mr Phillip i, fhoucht tO ha
. o
madp lirr escane about tWO O ClOCK
. , . . " , . . Ä, oii
this morning. The bar on her ee l
window had been sawed through
and after crawling through the win
now Mio uii'ppeu 10 un- iu. v4. "qn.nr i
adjoining building and disappeared.
Absenco of aiw "ilings on the win
dow ledge le-d investigators to be
lieve that tho (liar-s were fawed ev-
eral days prior to her escape.
Had a (kkkI Start.
Mrf. Phillips had tix hour start
on the authorities and the informa
tion gleaned by the dragne-t placed
over bouthcrn California was
Tho woman's section of the Jail is
nKniPu on ui" nuui - j iic iiuau in ius message also ui.
jail building. The tank cell In -which j cuss thid utject from the stand
Mrs. Phillip was lodged Ts one offj,out of restriction. Tho shipplr.?
three, eight iby eight feet, the. win- bill and annual appropriation mc.v
dow of the cell looking out over tne'mcs ere already listed for disposal
roof of a
two story Auxiliary jail
The cell entrance i.s about 25 feet!
'from the stairway to the matrons
j sleeping quarters on the floor below
! the tank.
' Jailer Bailey pays that indications
i are that the csc.Te was effected by
a rope from the jail window to the
roof of the building adjevining. Mrs.
Phillips then. 'with companion's who
apparently agisted in the escape.
rroRswl the roof to n fire eacane and
petting to the rear of the buildiris, : ftruck -Ma-vo ovor thc head w ith an
walked through a corridor to tho,ron l'ar Wlovvins a riu:irrcl.
street and to waiting automobiles.!
The jail structure and auxiliary
building are within a few hundred
feet of the main postoffice and di
rectly acr(s tho street from the
county court house. There is consi
derable traffic in the vicinity at all
Under Heavy Sentence,.
Mrs. ciara Phiiiiixs was under
sentence to serv? from ten years to
life in the state prison for the mur -
der of Mrs. Alberta Meadows. Her
escape wa.s so well planned and exe-j
cuted that it remained unknown for
more than six r.our.
Three steel bars guarding the
window in her cell were sawed i
through from the inside. Then a !
.-juctie- ui nv. nuuK
tut and through the opening thus
formed the woraan made her way
out and over adjacent roofs of i ;
other rarts of the jail, tlown through i
a trap door and out to where lib- j
erty and an automobile awaited;
The sheriff dispatched deputies to
all ports along the western portion
of tho northwestern bouncHary of
Mexico. He ht.d also had depots
and main roads out of southern Cali
fornia guarded, telegraphed de
scriptions of tho woman and her
husband to nearby oiTice-s and per
sonally led a sexrch of those places
to which it. was believed the woman
might have fled.
Investigation at the jail indicated
that? at least three persons had aided
the woman. Her quarters were on
I the third floor cf the old jail build
jin - nd she occupied a tank cell
overlooking a root oi an auxu.aij
structure, a story lower. Footprints
and other marks on this roof lei
: t3oJ:ut'eg inveRtIatcvl that angle
1 def that at least two persons aided
her on the roof and one or two
more awaited them in an automo
bile at the street level.
The Los Angeles county jail stands
in tho main business tection of the
city. It is within a block of the
federal building; where postal activi
ties are continuous. Street cars pass
iriinr.? ot-.a Mr. on.i v'in the nu(t
hours of the night vehicle traffic is
heavv. There are alvvavs jailers and
matrons on duty ai
street '.amps u;rour
3Iatron Heard
The pherlff ann
number cf peri-ons.1
1 n. glare of
VI : that a
PHA-ere con
&,Jo drs. rhil-
.nected with thu trü
lips would be ought--1 .row what
Hffht they could a 'Bcape.
The matron on- rr;J. the time
of hc "cape w AJ louu.p. riaher.
She "h vUted H 'orhUllps In
r.er in bea ana com-"-1 isnr or nines-?.
Mrs. Fisher iaj?tpne then re
turned to the matri?Vs quarters
about 23 feet froni the door of Mrs.
i Phillips' cell.- She said during the
j night she heard nothing unusual.
I Mrs. Fisher iald she knocked on
I all the cell doors u 6:30 this mom
Ar,g and then a. woke the woman In
I (Continued on Pace Two.)
Press of Business Delays Exec
utive Weighs Matters
With Great Care.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 5. (By A.
F) A precedent established cany
in tho history cf the republic wa
broken by Pres't Harding today
when ho failed to deliver hi annual
message to
convened in regular session yester
day. It has been the custom for tb.c
chief txecutives to deliver their ir.es;.
sages in person or in writing ( n
either the first 01 second day T
a session and. according t-- -f.i'-.,-l:.-
at tile capitol, the only time h
practice Ins been broken heretofore
was in 10.", whn Prr t Vnn , -
i it neu nis message until nie jast i tvi
in December because of tho inability
i of tlie house to nrnnivo r ihit
fos.ion it required 1 r,; ballots lor
the house to elect its speaker. j
At the White Hoi's. it w.us stated!
the president probably would ddii
er his message "on th" state of th!
union" Thursday or Friday. l'i'i-j
c;a;s dii not indicate the
in-.' o;
tin !or
h i ing
ine uciJ, ar.nougli jt was
Stood that t!)C CMCtltiVC
sole responsibility for
rnendations to congress.-
1 rthsun ot iHirue ousmes was;
to bo in
I for the delav but
part resPir.ihlo
there wrre ;iI.-o
lmimai!nlW th:lt
tb.e ir. sia :it be-
..i.-v ,f ff;..! .t . c i
' ... I
: wou!' lj tne jiart f wisdom t g;
Tl ,u,'getion that
au.ung .lies qu-.uons was a plan
for legislation to ;."il tb. farmer..
The president discus.-ed this sub
ject late last week with .er
son of Indiana and a dozen other
Itepullican senators and it wan be
lieved possible this progi-fim li.id
Pot been worked out in all its de
tails and more time would be, re
quired to put it in final form.
Th? executive also discussed th
Immigration u'aestion at length with
his cabinet today and it was Indicated
at the present session.
sriuuiNDiiits to siimuirr
PKDFOPD, Ind., Dec. Z. (ly A.
P.) Everett Mayo of Needmore,
Lawrence county, surrendered at the
, office of Sheriff William Owen hre
; today after a warrant had been Is-
, sued for his arrest in connection;
I with the death of his brother. For-
fe;t- The Lnvn-nro gmnd Jury i j
I in fpocial session to investigate the)
ieieu is said lo iiave ,
T Tr f
Incomes lieretotoro Exempt,
j hut Collected ill Kaib-US,
j .
i liaises Sturm.
WASHINGTON. I.e.. 5. (Pv A 1
j P.) The internal revenue bureau 1 ,
i expected soon to dicide whether in-i
dividual meml'ers of coopei al:vt ;
iiiarKcing ass(c;utions must pay in-;
come taxes on divide
t h : V
1 "
ceive rom llch 0 n iza t j (( n .
, . , . ... ,
incomes hrrMofere had be. n e
but attempts to colP-ct
tne tax s j
in K:ir-is have met with prmest an J !
a request for a final dejon by th" j
bureau was made tod.u- by Job:'
j Tromble. president and C. Ii. P test
ed, secretary of the Farmers union
of Kansas.
While no official statement wv.
forthcoming fr.:n the t,ff. ,f
Commission r plair, there we:,., in
dications that the exemption would
be made a permanent part of the
internal revenue regulation. The
stand taken by union officials w; o
that to require tax returns on Mich
forms of income would mean doubl-?
taxation inasmuch, he paid, n-:
the cooperative associatio:
i i.'iCt nie
as a corporation is taxable. j
Mottor ('rlticicl. j
Criticism had bo-n directed at;
Harvey 11. Mott' r. collector f '
ternal revenue for the d-.-ttrit
Kansas who, the Farmers ur.i- u of-j
ficlals claimed liad attempted to en- i
force payment)! of taxe., on incon a j
which members received from th ir- ;
cooperative association car.ne--t.ior..!
This criticism, however, was de.- j
C'r.red by Sens. Curtl.s and Capper e f ;
Kansas who accon; panie.l the union j
officials to the treasury-, to i.av-.
been misdirected because the :r .i- i
ury department bed act-i through j
a 5peci.il acr.t. j
(ifficials of the bureau were sii 1
tor.ight to be grjng ovr the entire
record in the c as which In.eiud. 1 '
taxes from 1 5 7 io 1'j2u ir.clu.-iv.. . '
A-s foen as that is do:.' , i: waa.s in- '
dicated, a ruling wouli be forthcom
ing. ;
Mr. Ura.teJ e i: I th derision
would affect prob-bly f;e hundred;
corperative a'sociatior.s in his stafs !
alone but he had r.o estimate as to!
the. amount of mc.-.ey involved. He!
eald he had Informed th-- revenue;
officials here that to tax the merr. ;
her diviienelfl would ad I a r.-w bui -:
den to many hundred of farmer. '
who were able in the yrars ef th
w ar to mal.- a pre fit on their op
erator.. While the ope rati jr.s j
would generally net have to f riy'
about the tax now, lie said. be.-iU.--j
few have rr.ide enoi.h monev t-
trir.? them
returrs. he
within the cl axs
rued that th.
tion snouia Le ettie-i ana tne eis
turbir.p Influence removed.
Plan for A incndiuz Constitu
tion Finds 'o Favor With
hit House.
Spokesman Says Harding
Frowns on Clianginj: I rn
rt of (io cniineiit.
WASHINGTON, i - :. iby A.
P.i Mcml-er.s .f r-v.- .... s
sive ldo. ;n r-.- jv t ::. :. a
today but a: tl.e ',:-- n
into White 1 !.,:-..
Jrl by Ne.u . , i; p -.:i of
Nebraska. h!- . n,. m:.. i : : ; : r. g i a
tb' senate ,i ; i i' ;. J i . r 1 ; r r . ' '
obtained a l.i ej i : . ,: j j . ;
that cniin:ti. . :". i- .1 t-i: .::-.;
anicndrrK nt pro ;.i:t .: !,: u
of tb" ele. tu-;il i ..il. ;,v.l t' .
l:re.-t ! .-ti..n .f ! rr 1 i .-
president an 1 for a '..! t. n ef !.
bng p'-ri-'d e! Jit.l" n v. ,'.:. t' i -;:.-, g
betn a do, - ...i; . , : :-. a: I
the p-glllr ir.ee'. J - ;" tl;.. . - ( -
pr.s. Su' h a n -I .'.. v. i f orrr.
One of the plai '. s ;n Jhe p'.T.fcrt;'.
adopt d by lh" Id - .it -:s e-- -tion
le(- ting 1 it w 1. .
Opposition on p i: . I': . -'. II l r-
ding to at.y SU ll e!..iVU.- ;; i ert-
sfitUti"'! 'A. IS c J.J-. .-J J.;.- W'.ije.
l!(Use s i 'i es m.i n i : . .!! ; ;:. !' -ate
atrricult ur caiin-.itT e i -i
w.is lai-l hi fv!' ti:" :' :.::.I
sicneil a yi ) i ri :! . '. r. s-'n'n
administration 1 i i ; ;:: t!.-' !.!
likewiM o;,- d th'-ir i .1 ; : . i !
tho amendniei.t and n.n-.it 1 n;.
pars that any ff-Tt l y the j
press the j, n.poy.il im:;M l.r.r.; .n a
tight whieli wouli jM-w-r ef
tb. J'i'ogr'sA e f i' tion.
lit i;allt lir'-ilv.
Tb.e pi op-. d ;ir; ' !,;!:::' ::t v.
provi.Je cperir'i.-.illy tbt "t!;. i iv.;.'.
of each state f..r .re.ii.t ai d : -
ITfvid nt s!; il! 1 ' d' : M:;i:; I at i
pen i.ll et ctioii i f t'.i.' ;n:-'. it'.e.l
electors of nili sr.it-. thus prm-.t-
ting voters to cit tb.-.r l-lb's dir
ectly for pr.F.de-.t and .. - pr-i -dent.
The o'ke would be ar."ise.l
by the s-er.a'.e and li"..-1. i:ie(tii.g i:
joint session, eaii state 1" -ing rie i
as many vote for this ! '.:: ;. ' a? it
has M-nators ai.d i p r ;
If .-uch a eana-s ? y :-t i shouM
disclovo I a- ,f a maj. .;::- th- ;i the
pre-siuer.t would b- th .-.a ly a rii
jority a.:o of th !i' ;-, '-fi-cm th-
p rse-ns h iving t!:e jj r.umb r
not ext "-ding thne. n 1..-: ef
tho" ats as i .!-.! :.t ."
Tb.e ot" for b e-; re- . i . !; t w ul I
be canvas-' 1 in a i.iilar manner,
e xcept that in e r of r...lr- b'.
j ui.iji'i a., o . i . . o.-; i : . i ! '
j Would s b : t that tta ..al a -t 1 ; v . tt
the two perori-i r . :..! !.. 1 :r:-M -t
nninPer of vef s.
The ( osujr.itt. in re:--:!:! Vu
I aiu ii'Ini' nt re-. , Pit t br ::' ;?
' chairman, S' :i. X' : pe.-:.:. j o-;t
: that th" .r"pe ' .1 o. rn:'-!;t re-
suit in th" e;. etic?i ,.f a nr -.d nt and
viee-pre -id. nt fr":a .l.rtr':.t j.-irtb i
i 'a matter of fatal..: , a i! j i-tb e
w e ought to b- : : : 1
: tahinr
::: i v. ,p t
; do
i The rim r.dn-.e::! v. o-;id furtii' r
J provide 1 1". a t tb" t rr:.- ot' -r. it ..
j and i pr e- ntativ - si:'.;;; I t;..
I hist Mot, lay in Jar.:, try fo.l .; g
i the i-!.n:al en? . ; , ;.
:t:d that oi:Tf - si.'' : i r . a
year en. that da " TO . - -a - :;M r ',
e.ut til- s'.-sl n of old o: : - i
aft'-r t!.f' 1 . i u : . ; I !
Woiil.l ("Iiango In induration.
Ar. other pr.. i-a n n . .'1 ! '
i h.a;;.. th" 1 it of s .-;:' a
from Mar- h I to th- t !..; '. M :. ! .
in January.
wi-.it - ur-u-e . v :-: ; r
ing Fr .'t. H.ir i.i - -- . - '-u t'.
f proposal re;
. 1 th" ' X
1 V '
I .a -i f a ;r -' t ! . it : - : : . t :ti
ti:" ( f.r.-t.tut.. a v. : u :: ;'.
and in so::":" a- - a:..'.:-" Mr. Hiv
II.,., . , ., t - i r , -,?, i ' . ' . . -
it... , .H .l; .v..., I - i . ' t
.-nt pro- dure r t
tio-i v. h reby th" r :. .r'-i d
T'a;t J.teet f v- ;firi t );a ?; a . i r 't ' ' ' "
its t a- 'ion a j r." of tl.- w ;.r . . ; ,
taker. by :!. ratio:-- f :i. d.g
fathers, a-- ir alio .---. p . : . - to co-.l.
The a--: ulttiral t.-mi't- in
report, to. 1; an r.'lr ly :
view, d a r! n -T ' ! : r.t '. .
tion of affair-' i la t :.- arf-.r ' "
th- r.:!zfn-h.p at la
r x'trj -.- d t r w .11
is la tion they ,r - .re. 1 at .t :- l.'t' v -
u r. f i ir to ti: ir -':"' a t. -. : . :.a
a . e
el" t'd to rry oat ti.S '.."
W.th r'S
: to f.b'l'ir n f
eb c'i-ral i '1!'.'" tb. e :..:...". :
You Get Them!
Time wa.--:, r.o. f-- rr.ar.y rar?
arc. when a r. ".-: r a: -r v .a
bought sob y for th- r. v.-f r.r. 1
adverti-ora-rs th-'-t it c-rrl'd.
To lay jo.u r.. b r ti:':.. fin,
but you de:..ard ::a t--.
You get jr.- f- w'r.' r. you buy
The News-T.na-a for in it y-u
firtd all the re , by b.g f a-a rs.
They hav brc-r: a ; ':;:.. r.er.t
pÄj-t of the up to th- r-.'.-te
r. c.v. pa per.
You f.r. l ihe.m r n th editcr'.a'..
worr. an'.s, ?;.f.r's par?. Then
there 1. the -w-riil vt ry, and
the coTb-. an I "i: .- it
the Mr.vb "
They are f.-atur' far ..b -. -he
average, at..'. . : c. t . : '.
great n.aj : .ty -r
readers In X :':.: a I: '. . t:. i .. r. I
Lowf-r Mi. hl,:.m.
The News-Times
Always th b ad.

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