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Band of Ex-Convicts Admit en- Pershing tol
Keward Bravery
Brutal Murder of Wealth)
Chicago Automobile Dealer
tine of infantry, artlUory an l c:v- ,
try. nnd including ir.'.lo'.r ran:"!
ork. lie will al 5e 01 the1
..;orts of the Toy, especially boxing
j p Ilia -"rvjiiiuuir.. I itr 111 iif'- n . . . i -
nr I 1llllr ihliTnn with th Cadn corp in tho;
u quiver 'ticf!aca(prny mcM till anJ wilI Rlv,.:
jthem a hort tnl1 irnmoJiiic'y aft-
iiiirii vnnv uiiinai in i?ititr
-Military Ycademv at Cul-
9 m
vcr "Thursday.
Paralysis Proves Fatal
j to Retired Minister
U T n A D OTAUITV WI-VONA i-vke. im., ivc. r
V I IT II K il .1 I Vv I i I ! II v. All.ert S. Leonard. TC. for
A luv IV IkJUV 11 U 1
Ttroid'.vr.y I'mHoo! Thur-day afrcr
r.oon for W.ish'ncrtori.
'tI-Vi:n. Ind.. Dec. I. Gen. John
" J. Perhln?. Comni.ir.1it)ir Central of
Police Hold Four Men and Women After Grim j .r'ivtmy ÄÄ! j
iviurder Confession is Wrung From Lips of j''3- ;vlu,n he v-iU vis:t invutu-1
Prisoner; Boroslowski Asserts Slavers Went !! "o citations uiion officers of thj
Unusual Story
icians Denv. However.
That Former President
.Makes Journey on Foot.
N. S. ) Wooilrow VMon has made
raj.ij "tri : in r .coverin;; from the
illne?-? thit ptrurk him down more
than two yoarx an. but Ii. has not
yvt rfcovr'-d 5Ut!icitntly to walk un
iiccomjinnit'J thro. 12h tho streets or
to Garage to Rob Mandsome Joe Lanus.
: ende my.
Gen. Isizh II. GUnllliat.
CHICAGO. Dec. A 1 an 1 of ex-convict:-
murdcre I Joe Lmu.,
vraithy outomobij dreier, who ;vai
t'jir.-l shot to öf-ath in !;: t;.'.n,f.
ov;ta!n(l :-,y po,;;o to '.,-.
I cur rrn an l a wa:i.ir. were held
rending lurthr !nv.?tat.'on of the
TJ.'.- alJe-eil .'.!atr rr,r r. ; v. n - ji.ade
h' Morr; I:oror.!c;v5ki r.r:d r.arnrd
Inrry IleffTroan a-; th rr.an who
.".red too shots which kill..' :h
ore rnr.ol man.
jciit of tho murJr piar.nlni: tu rob
I-.ir.u5. Ilefftrnian and Cramer en
tert d the p!ac and the other two
remained outsid". According to the
all ; 1 t or.fts.-'on Cramer or"erru
Lir.'jH to ho! 1 up his hand.;. Ianuft !
dre-.v a ur. ar.d .shot Cramer thruugh
tho arm. The hand:: ff!l.
Lriuji aJvp.nced ar.d leaned over
Crarr.cr and Hcfjeiman. Ilrcd tv.o
.'hot3 into the automobile man's
Lak, i:or0fdowf!:i ; .'ulcvjed to
! have confessed.
AI! of thoo f-aid to he
were arretted.
Ie-:i'- Ilefferman ar.d Iior.cr-?-Ur.rsUi
th-y wer4: Otto Christina. -n,
Vil,':.-.m Cia;::T and Julia Hartnett.
Jii.'iis .: fo :r.d dr .i 1 - with two
oiilkj wound in his ,:x k i.'-.-i-h- one
nf hi- .-.u!'.:noh;U :;. police a first
? eü'.v d .1. woman x .i- -n.-iide
t'T !!'- f Ivf,! ir. K.
Planned IIMer.v.
Io;o-lo;vs!;i declared ihn tiio
fT tii'T v. err: f' the K ir:1.::'- on tl:e
Involved! Th t.andits thn f.ed to the apart
ment of Julia Ilartr.ctt where Cra
r;'.r'b wound. wtr dre?ed.
Attmpt to obtain eon regions
frora ther n eraher of the ai
1 ad failed, police iid The men
had ! rrr criminal rt.o-i'.w and re
fused to talk, police .ir.-rtt(I.
Chri.-.linson rervcl r. seven-year
term in Colurnbue. ().. for robhi-r
and fletf Tman : erved a Fi ntenee tc
.1 l 'l jj ill.. l!Ut"l'll'-.J
ui.ie uiiiiams tens ;r.e tnai you tj-r. tari;ii
are the owner of th seven story .tori ;., tht? effect that thb
huiidlnz l.-elr.p: erected next to your ! tl,rnif r ....- irt ,-,,nkiT
11. C. .superintendent of the u-ad-; office on Ma!n-5t." Faid the circuit . r.r.ct.Jrral jlUrr;M unaidtd except
rmy. i5 to rertiv the DUtinarui.ncd 2 court clerk tn Attv. George Sar.il. 1 for '-. , nr..
Tuesday In court. ( a!)CUt h'.s S street home, were char.
"You toll that old Rent that I'll J aterlzed by hi physicians today a
knock his block off for saying thin?.-- j unbounded
. Hill about me" paid Sands with hi? us-uai j
Includes; congenial ;;rin as he left the court! Winter Overront redncd. P.ar-
tri- organization ar.-l administration room.
The clerk told "Ollie ' and that u
many ye-ars a prominent Pre.v-
ter:ar. minitr. dead. Iite Sat
urday night no suffered a stroke ci
para'.y.O and became ur.cr ntscious
and srradually failed until death re
lieved hLs suiTe-rin?.
Ur. Leonard retired from th
ministry thrte year. a?o. whm he
pave up a charge near Chicago and
ramp to Winona Iike to make hi
He is ur:ved by a widow ond
two dauhtcrv. one of whom an
instructor in Woltern Co'ir-gt at
Oxford. Ohio.
Service Medal, awarded for his work
as (!-. in charge of the IntcdliErennc
S'crvico Section of th- S Uh division
and later of the STth division
ciistinui.-i'.u .crvjce
of tho civilian population uprlie in
the territory oroupi-,! ry the allied
troop;s after the Armlrtice.
ir.fa n-
;: -jury
Muiicie Man
Was Made to Murder
Him, However.
Insists . Effort I Passengers Are Rushed
Shenandoah Hospital
After Derailment.
.MlWTIi:. In.!., !)
tii (:i-a;ij?ar.inc(
I.Vt.'l r. I.I ,1 .fcl
d. (rdZ((l by
. r Iiis w : f an '1
u.iUKlit'T, wiit'ra h"
thought hid ret:irn-d to hi wif-
tlrnt husband. r.ov jd.untiff in a di
vorce .suit lib'-d recently in tlr
circuit court at Wabash, Ind. Jf s-h
It. strain, age 20. a Iisa!!"l v'teia.i
t th- World war. fired a bulb-t i r
hi left brMt and is n,w In a ward
at the Mono- hospital battling fn.
bis I;! . .
Strain. ho'.v'An. denies that h-
shol hln..-dr and 1 .'.res that h
has b'en rr. ;d- tli victim of a tri-
ai-gle affair. "I know v ho .iiot m .
to:t I'll n.-r Ii- told at-
t'Tdiirs "Hi will 'di't'er as much
i t'ra uffriotr mw. They f'l
IiWff' no- in an automobil- and on?
la-'y jumped o at and shid in
Amb"dv that sa- I sh t mv.s-lf i
a 'far."
The p. dice, howev r. ;;;' Con!ideri
t hat t'.'.e bllllft Wis f ir-. I lv iiis .Vi
han'. h ivi::.; found Strain's rcvol-v-'i
th.v rn"iii;r..r in u:j open au!'.
vb' rc lo- had ev i lent ! ilinnvn it.
Th' wt.aio:, wa
f r j rr (1 ; th iiti
Col. Charles C. Chamber?
try. It. C, executive cihcer -f the
academj'. will receive the lJ;.-.tin-jruis.hed
Service Croiis for h! acf'ion
on Sept. 26. 11 IS, when ho was r.ia
chin.' g-vn tdlicer of the 37th division
in the Meu.-,"-Argonae campaign.
While cn liaison duty he rallied a
large number of men from another
organization, who had been thrown
into confu.-ion by the enemy fire, es
tablished them in trenehe?. and later
!sl them forward and re-established
tho front lined, and at tho same
time accomplished hi? liaison mis-
Ision. Col. Chambers U now Chief of
Staff of the CTth division, which is
the Ohio National Guard division.
i G"n Pershing will reach Culver
f Thursday, toming a. tho ?uest Of
jCol. J. P. Iiodgerr. of the P.mnsyl
ivania railway. He and his party will
j !. the guests of Gon. . GiCnillrat at
the nuarttrs for breakfast. after
j which there will be a reception for
j0the faculty of ihe Institution, follow
i ed by n crartisop review at which
I Gen. 1'ershing- will present th?
j medal and cross. After the review
! he will have thv opportunity of wit-
De- n niv iu'in.: sor.ic cf the mi)it iry instruc-
gnt. who is acting as bailiff in the
circuil judiciary in spite of his
rheumatism, started a search fo
Sands. rinding the attorney in Superior
court No. 1, the bailiff beckoned him 1
out in tho hall and after choking him
severely, smiled and said "l just
wanted to show you my block can't
even be chipped."
"Maybe vou'ro block can't be 1
chipped but U? lost Its bark" re
torted Sands with a lauph as ho got
a friendly strangle hold cn th?
elderly bailiff's windpipe.
av;r.g. Gantz Toggery Shop. fc.
Adv. 339-C41
A good Coal is always the best.
Tiy our Old lien. Premium. Amber
Jacket or Black Joe. All are low In
ash and soot, and high In heat units.
j 2001 pounds per ton always. C.
De freer. r.!5 ?. Taylor st. Cell 279.
Lin. 527f. Coal. Lime. Cement, j
Face Brick and General Ma?on Sup- j
p'.irs. Adv. CCO-tf.
1 .
1 1 n
n n a k p n 1 h 4
H. iu v WJ?
F t It
lit y2r- crr-p n
Engine Trouble Forces .
Ship to Return to Port
HONOLULU. T. II.. Dec. 3. Tho
j United States shipping board liner.
President Taft, oi the Pacific Mai!
line, which sailed from here Satur
day night for the Orient, was due
to arrive back here today, having
been forced to turn ab.ut an l limp
into port by engine trouble.
lion of tho Keservo OlHcers Train-
I I i Thirtv ii.i.-.cnerir.-i were in
jurt-l v!k-:i WaUnh pis-htrw train .1"? ror- 'H its in the ucartcmy. con-
N'o. 14. enroute to St. Louis from
Omaha, was d railed Mix miies north
of here l-ast ni.Iit.
A dozen pas-sengers were rushed;
to the hospital here. Others vere
vr.vtn first aid treatment in a bas--vape.
cor at the scene of t'.v wreck.
yiif-t of the injured suffered cuts!
and bruu-'e.s.
1 a sN f l I l' i
IgmfcgMsiMm : and
femster Trips I iW Ii
4 ... . . . . . . , ... a 1.9
Moving-öO-feet Sale. Bargains
Gantz Toggery Shoi., S. Main st.
Adv. 23ti-311 i
Dyeint. U.
P. Cleaners
Adv. :',Z?.-?.4 4
Nrw "iVlntrr TourUt Fare Vre nd ThU Seaoa' Special Routes
Th lollowinc Itound Trip Fare Apply from South llnd
Jark'niMi!:. 1 la. ?CS.t) Mobile. Ala. .' ."..v$ o9A0 San l'ranrlsro one
.Miami 01.54 New Orlrun. .. a.4 nay tIu I'ortlan.1 .r
Talm lUiuh 1M).3I Loo Anels. Vancouver ..f 1(57.80
St. IVtrlMirn .. ..12 San Dlrjjo and Tortland or
Tampa M.M) San Francisco dlreet 119.0.1 Vuneouvrr ...143.rl
Let ne nlan dellithtful tour taking in Florida or California and tho
werth -while sights and scenes en route. Free guidebooks. Will make .all
n f-e- :iry resi-rvations and assist in peeurln? definite rates for hotel. lard
buisf, ei.ttatre or apartment building aoertuimoda tinns. It wi!l i as
gr-at d:iiire to assist you as. in turn, it will b yours to follow the routes
whi.ii I ain prepared to unfold. Phone or address
f. A. MeXl'TT, Tickrt Ajrent.
tiraml Trunk Ry. Station.
I'hone Main 03. South Hfnd, Ind.
Garde Throat
Tho wrtck .va.' caused when t'ae
f nine tender jumped thf track.
Four coach e. including a diner and
smoking car. were derailed and rol -
j ed. over on their side.
i W'rc'kin? crews .-.ill worked to-
day r"tait':ri?r the damage.
1 Trains scheduled through here
j were route! over the Burlincrton
I roatl temporarily.
riBKi: i riiMTrnr -:::;:vi:s
Fibre chairs (r.cxe-s aial
rai-chtK F.i'-r now siiipmr.t f nlil
! ' hairs j;:.-t .arrived. tur -oace is
ileiitirrd by a limit1 1 and we have priced these
rried by St rain ! rhn iis for imme liate sale. Ileal
ha.-t SatWf iay when he w nt to M r-i Clni.-itma lireser.t.-. Von can tav
fon. Ind.. in .--artdi of iris wife. II-J "'',; ;y buyimr now. T.'ie Heel
w as determined to kill r ai d him - S'mn. 'J 1 ! S St. .Tne S:. Linea! p
self. hfiuM they me f.- Stiain's wttsl "Ji'74. Adv. .'aD-!!l,
wa- 1 cat-i r.t the b.omo of her si.-- j
tec in Marion tlii.-, mornimr and sh" i ": - -
bi out.!it their bil I to bis betL ile. j
iie denies tliat she ran away frou !
bim ar.d d'-ci'ires that during th i
past fw months sin-e she di.mise ", ;
her s iit for divn-ee their tiouble
have been few. Fri.-ii.-ls are iiicline.1 ,
tu the belit f tha' Srr.tin'r mini ha.i
been, a f fected ly injuries he rcc idi
in th" war.
Willi Aspirin
Clip This if Subject to Sore
Throat cr Tonsil'-
Prepare a harmless anl effective
i,'arrie by tl i -soiling two Bayer Tab
lets of Asoi.in in four tabiespoonfui;
of water. Garble iiiroai thoroughly.
Itepe.it in tvvi hours if neeessaiy.
I'e sur; j ou ti e only tile genuine
Payer Tablets of Aspirin, marked
with the Bayer Crosj. which can be
had In tin boxes of twelve tablets
for few cents. adv.
Van Dusrn Held on Charge
Of Promoting liogns Stock
Sisters in Charge of Children's Home "Have Used It" With
Great Success for Coughs and Colds"
Wilbari Van IM. !!. i'ö vears old.
areMKr at St. s. farm, was
:ire..il nt 1:4.. cV'cck vesterlav!
aflerne.cn by Ser-t. O'.m.stead .ndj
ltlicer I;v r. i 1 1 i r I witi: obtain-
tn nii'tiey under iaI- pr tenses.
V.itiD'.itvn ;s f a:d t have indact-d
fe e ra !
f the
At tho
!v to I'V
co-operative sto:
'. 'x c tine:
He was
: h e
after fO
peart "1.
for tuc
tnrts: r
the : r!:r
v as :
IV- ;
.-' - (
1 a:
Children's Home in Xew-
' 1'Urypert. Mass.. there are an aver-
acre of sixty children under the lov
in care of tli Sifters of Charity.
In a recent signed ttalenient the
Sisf!- io I h irL-c s.aiii: "WV i-iK-erfiil.
J Ir nuIorM rather tTtdin's .Muliciiu
I lioaiii' in our Homo it has lui-oino
i trt:on j itMlipensabl. We uo it. not only
. a.ie in a ror t)MriiS and folds Iiut aUo as :i
ion. nfl; )Ui,rr. WV tell our friomlx that we
. .....
1 ... . .
.a '
o mr. r;
r.ur. o t::
rd an I a- r. to
: ntbn :r:vep. th
' I "'bunco -jasnt.'
:x:ia!!y arie-ted
r.cermnr: !'tty
farm hut when
vre xamirud it
r. toliie.! with
dice of
) era to r.
woulil not bo without it. Wc have
nnl it with errat success and find
if to have no equal as a builder.
(Sirned) The Home for Destitute
Children. Sisters of Charity. New-
Uuiypor:. M.ts..
In a -r at many institutions of a
similar chara-ter throughout the
ccuntry. l'athr John's Medicine is
what the nurses in charge depend
upon to keep" tiie children v. eil and
stronir. They know that it is entire
ly safe because it is free from alco
hol and dangerous dru?s.
Many similar letters of endorse
ment have been received from homes,
hospitals? and institutions, and the
names and copies of the letters will
be sent on request.
Father John's Medicine is a Hoc
tor's prescription, and is pure and
wholesome. It has had more than
Ixty-seven years' success for cold,
throat troubles and as a tonic and
body builder.
1 ö Ö 3
truck Driver Inherits
Two Ltwizc Fortunes J$
:: ::i i '.: ;. r.d . r, . ;,. - - i-.. it
Lb well
Cer.t . .
n"i i.v-
i r. : a : !.. .: .t a oi :::- ;no::o r an.
d ir.c ' wo we ;
. - - i .
" e mi!
'- d t
i ii'.cia n '..
i- - .
uniMTi: ur.'iTt : i;:.t i; ni;.ii". iy
Guararf-i .. 1 m-rcrted " fir.er i
.Vil di.e
M any Fine "Dry-Kold'' Market Outfits JHave rSeen
Installed in South Bend
Telephone at Our Expense and a Salesman will Call on You
Nibs - Michigan
The Drink that Has a Delightful Flavor
a-i.t vi c- -;. C-ä ,

i . . : : I i itW'cf "v
w; - cm i "1 '.r'
-liT t it- ''"a 'J
i -
If '5 Different It's Better
Pure Unadulterated Filtered
"Goodness Knows It's Good'
1522 Lincoln Way West Phone Main 780
Forty years is lon enough to prove
the strength of any business enterprise.
It may be accepted that any com
mercial institution which not'only sur
vives, but which makes steady, con
sistent progress through a period of
forty years, is founded upon sound
John Sexton & Company was founded in
1 883. It has faithfully served two generations.
Today, it is the largest wholesale grocery
house in the world selling direct to consumers.
Among its customers are nearly a quarter of a
million housewives, and thousands of Hotels,
Schools, Hospitals and other institutions to
whom unwavering standards of high quality
are of first importance in the purchase of food
This message means much to the house
wives of South Bend. Here, now, 'at your very
door, are large stocks of Sexton's fine Jellies,
Jams, Preserves, Fruit Butters, Table Syrups,
Desserts, Flavoring Extracts, Baking Powders
and Pickle Condiments all products made in
our own sanitary kitchens. Here, also, are
stocks of Sexton's Canned Foods, Dried Fruits,
Baking Requisites a wide variety of Table
Delicacies and daily food necessities of every
Through our new branch house in South
Bend, Sexton Service is brought right to your
door. An experienced salesman will call on
you regularly at your home. He will describe
the Sexton line, quote you prices, take your
order. You pay nothing until the goods are
delivered to you. There is no risk. We guar
antee, without reserve, that every arti6le will
satisfy you in every respect.
You are interested in buying quality gro
ceries at wholesale. Phone us and a salesman
will call.
M.'inuf.H (iin-i Wholesale Grocers CoiTw Roasters
South Bend Office, Citizens National Bank BIdg.
Phone Lincoln 2585
low priced
$30 Suits and Overcoats
40 Suits and Overcoats
50 Suits and Overcoats
ery spe-
,1 eroup
of the famous Styleplus make; all wool
materials, in smart patterns and colons;
$25 values
At the regular prices Kuppenheimer pood clothes are rec
ognized everywhere as the best value.it is possible to
produce. At these lov Removal Sale prices this is an
opportunity that you can not afford to pass by, and right
at the time when you need new clothes.
Famous Livingston, Jr., Suits, Overcoats and Mackinaws
at prices you'd expect to pav for ordinary clothes. Our
immense stock has been gathered in three big groups for
quick selling:
$10 Suits, Overcoats and Mackinaws
$15 Suits, Overcoats and Mackinaws
$20 Suits, Overcoats and Mackinaws
Everything in the Store at
ale Prices
Every Article Carries the 6 7-Year-Well-Known
Livinrston Guarantee
110-112 W. Washington Avenue
r 5

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