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South Bend news-times. (South Bend, Ind.) 1913-1938, December 06, 1922, MORNING EDITION, Image 8

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i'" ' " S3' Hand &
t .1 i ' u - j v- r
sc iv. Sis VJ 8 A3
iL jVJsA'' VjSa 1 i1
or wwiv
I'c 1 ; i -" t I " . f '
r .i r r '-.i ;:
d the ; r. i: .- L.f.t:- i-ix.i . . r.tem;r.--i
: , t:. M'-fltpirt- ' v if,. a ; c!o-- d:r.r. r Monday ,
t .'u-r - i't at - '.:.,!:; ; : J ; ; r hom'. PI::': pom j
Y .'.. alt. ri."n ;.t '.h' pons and ,or.i: tri, .-- ;;. . 2 v r h"! 1- I
h.- u.1, "!''';!!' ;v : formal t!. .;ttra ! ' ora I
: ;.;! .ir.l :!,::!''! in : t;or. of t2.'- at u-Ji'-'.'i ru-r. I
i , ...... .- i-roLI'TUH v. Iii: h j v :.! 1 f'-r ! ;:i
; , . ; r .: - i. i in i' a,: r: a , -.-
.. :..!::; Fi.'.'ouln t!i pro- ' .Mr. M;ni" 1 1 i - f n. " .': V. L i 1 12
i . -.il I,..:jr -a .t r. jo' i ar.-l a... i . -r r .i i r. 1 i ; i : : 1 1 r s f i-r
i f r :;-'; f -1 v r- -r''l !' ' lr.-l'- -!ab Ta' s?lay a ffr n.-":: at th-
i ' of tl,- af'-rn1)",), .M:. II. H-t 1 I.-Si'. ( '.' rs i - .--J pla 2 1
V.. ' '!'. . h.i;rr:;an. Mr. I. 1 for 12 uv.-. !
cf t'i1 Irt 1'hr 5'ian c'aurch
'i'irt Ii. The nrjf :t, In .IIa. will fcf j
(i.-- u-.o (i hy Mrr. c W. Cocn' i
ro j;( who w.i; ;iio a-' t a. ho.s:e.s: !
-M:-. f. I. DuCoin:., Mr. Josepli
Ka;.-'ar. Mr, fjfo. Lu?hiauh,
l'.lr-. J. .V Hun'r:-. Mr.. n. Witmcr.
M:. Juhri (Ircint-r. Mrs. Tho. Frett,
Mi.-. Trank Wyrauoh, Mrs. Kizer.
M.--. l'a:;y. and Mm. D. F. Grow.
Tii" Iili Aid .oik-ty of Lowel!
Both Styles Popular
v Vor!;
! talir.:; is
will barn l. Garath u.-. T:
bad l.u'ir.f..-. yait-t
church ' will meet
.'.!:-. A. r-'-hfTn.ann. Mra
Mr-. II. I.. Ho-.:, and Mr. Marry Moor.-. I 1 .". ; portal"
h .M. Harnr': r.-- hraidr. Th" ; nv r.t : tair.- d tho larab' of h-r
..!:!' I.oar war in d:ar?- of ör:di:- dub at lanch'-nn at th Mof !
.1 !" N-ir.' r. Ti.'- r.xt m'-tir.i? Ii.-'all Tu vd ay. o r'- wT" plaf- j
tr.f parüi-'T. wi'd l-o h Id !'. j t ! for 1J a"-ts ar.d tlo- aft rrr.r.'on :
i .it wli. Il ti!..- t!." ;. artro"-nt
v i. a v ;t Js a ch:ldr''t'. party
'lr. I,1 l':iy Ci ni'T, r 1" 0 I'Ltn I
a v.. v a. i -tr T'H'-day afr--n:oon
" tf; ni!i'T of h-r liairh'on
' r ! ii. Ka.-- I1 ro- formed
a'trai't.vo. rntorp. t X 1 1 j
'r:Y,:- a, wl.'.'ii 1 u ii ch " i n w a. hr-d
at r.- j.,- k to 12 pu":- Th'-
afffrr.'rn v-..':- yrnt playinp Lrid".
'Hi. n-M :t ''tin' f.f th c!u2 sill
!a!;f p! .i in two works at vhih
tinio Mr.;. Ch.irlf.s A. (arH.-! Jr..
For"1: a v., v. ill i the-. Ik t' r-'s.
Mr. rr"d-rirk 'ook, lf'0. Wood
ward aw, f r. rta!n'-d r.T bridse
lab T:Jr''!;iy afternoon with a 1
o'clock Iwnchoon j-ir,n at tho Kob
rrtyou T .i room. Luncheon a
-'rrd to 12 uf -t. at 1 o'cloclc and
th- aftcria-on was spent playin?
brd at tb. homo of the, ho.-toss
TIf f.wor cjf tho frarao were Kivcn
to Mr.". V. ' f Trulson and Mrs.
tlnr?o F. Prar.d. In two weeks,
Mrs. Frrd, H!t;7in. i:ivrr.!Jo dr..
w :II I i hoj-'.c- ,s to tho member.
Th" Snc-y Jano club wa r.tr-
Tair...d Tu r ."day fvonini: at th horncj
of .ML- Im no Diirnont. 1. Lcaar
f. T"P. nicrnb'Ts wer' jfrtscnt and
:-owIr.". K.im'.s and mi!io occupied
tb- ryonia aft"r which a buffet
luncheon was ? rved from a, tabic
Vearir.tr decorations su crtrest i v of
Chr!-!ma- In two weks th" club
will iu-et a train at th lionu of Miss
N'ellio Quic-l'-y, IK"' S. Main .-t..
whMi the (lub will ho'd a laiscel
Iaenot:s shower for Mis Genevieve
Avery, w hco marrTtsre to Harvey
.Mar!i will tako jilice I)c:.
r, n
T!i" U'"rran'.- Homi Missionary
sf..-;.-ty rf t!i" Trinity M. F. church
!o i 1 a regular meeting Tues!ay
er-ii'. at the home of Mrs. IT.
ur:'::. v I .". All-n st. Tlio ao-istinr
hn-t- y. wa- Mrs. H. Mitchell. Tho I
h.-'-r: a- in t h'Uare of Mrs. K. Ful
'it: !.!.
"! i "i.ii-r w:is .--nt inforinally.
Tl -- to laetin-- will bo announced
'1 !. PI;, I l la- . t f W'e-tniinFter
: .-a iio-t M o;i'.ay ev 'ninr with
! nftt r an Informal 1 icuIon
-Sei work, the remainder of
t .
. i Ii '
- llth"i and Zora Zeitler.
'in-' av. Ther were 1 t
p: --nt. Plans were mado
to f':riiih 'hritin im bal;'ts and
Ii-!;:- to r. dy families and also
i" li.i v ari ly ar.d r.o'. elty booths af
th kurrli biar and Mjppor Dec.
7. Th' r.'-t no-etin- wtll 1.- I)oc 1.
i CI.; i-':r.as party, at the" home of
Mr.--. H.u ry lb vier. Cleveland av..
l.y- Whifromb wi!2 ! t the as-i
' . r r . . ,
To- r:ri-"r- ar.d l:r-. tor of the
. aV--ph Ho,-:..:ai Aid o..cty held
i" :ii.-.Ti' nir;'t:n:r Tued.iv
a. to
-(r:i-v:i a? D o'clo..-'.; at the Im.-.
P-ta i
l'.fte- n charity ati"nts have
ir 2 for birii:- the month of
c r :v..'er at th"
ver" ir..v! f -r a
ho.-j.ital. Plans
socl.il afternoon
r.:( '-. lo at St. Patrick's
hali. M th it pnie ten directors will
bi v I -" t -to .";-" next yvir.
Mi--. J. it. I.'r.eLack. 22.1 Dayton
ft., rr.'ertal-ed tho members of" tho
Tuvd iv I.ar.cheon-Ilrld. club nt
2icr :iom" TufvTaj- with a 1 o'clock
h;r.ch;-m for clcht ku.s:s. The aft-
was spent playin.r brid-" at th
hosiie of the l;o'-t'--s.
Cii.-int Aial r.-oii. "'. Sn:i:h IP-nd
av.. w:h pleasantly ftjrpris'-1 hy 2
of Ii.-, fri 'r.b- Monday ewnin;:. t!ie
occasion beint his t.irthdiy anni
versary. '!"!) liome was .attractively
I-orale(l with Cbrit ma.s eolor.-- of
red, ar.d pneri atid tip- evening v.a-f
spent with Tnu-if and ramc. The
favors of the contests w ro ivn to
French Mlton, AW Filer ar.d
Charles lleis. A baffet lur.( h on was
st r ( d.
Mrs. J. U. Goorl. 111 Wondwatl
a v.. was hoste? Tue. Jay afternoon
to the members of the Colfax YV. ( '
T. F. Nine members wero p-eeMt
and Mrs. Fannie Copp trave an in
terestinir report on the national con
vention of th" V. C. T. F. held in
November at Philadelphia. The
next meeting will take pla'-e tho
third Tuesday in January at the
homo of Mr. Philip GiHiir. 712
California av.
The Oh So Jolly F.unco lub met
ftcrday afternoon at th" horn- of
Mis Kllth ertch. 1007 F. Wash
ington. Prizes were awarded to Mi.-s
Carnot Conklc and Miss MarjorJe
Thorpe, after which a liitht lunc heon
was served. The next meeting will
be held at the; home of Miss Conkle.
The? Woman's Guild of St. James
Fpi.-eopal ehurch held its annual
bazar Tuesday in the notary room
of the Oliver hotel, in the evening
th" bazar took the form of an in
formal social affair at which MOO
Kuests danced and enjoyed an in
formal frolic.
The London Fridge club was or
ganized Moinliy evening at the hoini
of Mrs. Albert Wass, H 10 Harvey .vt
Oihccrs were elected and Mrs. Hob it :
Schiinner w:w chos( n president; Mrs.
Albert Was treasurer: Mrs. Lou!:.
AiMesperfrer, secretary. ami Mrs.
Oorso Donahue, reporter. Folio
ins tlie bri'ltro air.e, lur.rhoni wa
served. The next meeting will bo
held in two week;;, the place to b
announced later.
TIj- L. A. L. A. Drill Team t.ic.
Monday evening with Mrs. Mint.
P.rothers. 217 N. St. Peter st.. with
Mrs. Olli JefferieM as assi.-tir.r
hoste?'. During the business meet-iiT-,",
Mrs. GtotLjc Snyder was lecte I
pi esident; Mrs. Mi nry Ik al. vie
president; Mr5. Charles MtCartlier,
secretary: Miv. Warren ("oe. ricas
urcr. and Mrs. Nora Kemerley, re
lorter. In the contests the favor?
were won by Mrs. Maggie Faulkner.
Mrs. F. Stauh'er. Mrs. Henry Fov.
and George Snyder. A dance w.is
planned for iK-eember ."0. Mrs. 12.
Lr s'.i') iT';:h and Mrs. Grant Fho le.:.
will entertain the team at the horn"
of Mrs. Loc-'hl au;rh. 40S S La,fayctto
s.. January s.
Mi-s. Nelson Jones. F -pari: av..
was ?;von a urpriB- Monday vn-in-r
at her home by' lß neighbors in
iionur of her birthday anniersary.
The evening was spent pla ing orid'-r-;
ar.rl lur.cheon was enjoyed af-er the
T!;ar.-Iay aftrroon in the church
in:u. for a regular monthly bus:-ro.-j
.--! Oil. The ho.te-es for the
af-riKOn w.L'I be Mr. Dora Ha?a
dorn. Mr. Fdward Hefner. Mrp.
Ki' hard IluVr. A large ottendanco
Is de , ;-ed.
The M.-ther-' club will be- enter
ta.iieri with a 1 o'clock luncheon
Thürs! ay at the home of Mrs. J. A.
H..''..erd. AV. WaNliingrton av.
Tl." At'una club will meet this
afternoon with Mrs. Harry Taylor-
4 0 1 F. divert t.
Th" Builders clas of the Conf"r
enc" Memorial l.'nitecl Brethr"n
e-hurch will xveci Saturday evenlns?
for suppT. witli Mr. and Mrs. Coy
Ward. 1117 S. Kush ft.
T!ie Pa-t Chiefs cltib of the Tyth
i iii Sisters will hold their annual
Christmas party Wednesday eveninf
f:t tli" K. of P. hall. Dinner will be :
.-"rel at 7 o'clock.
The Woman's Missionary society j
of th" First Urethren church will
nieet thi.-i afternoon at 2:30 at the;
I The minutes which fallowed dra
th" bick.
the c a r
i Kvt ir.t-
st as th
u; to a
1 ack cf
o powerful michlr.e
,1 s.var.i : ii .'. ;
r"i : Iiohi at the
ced irterniinablv.
sdioolir.?: even my
Afr:J to stir.
By Annie Laurie
war. a i
j with the silence ar.fl th.e iiarkms-j
! s"?m:r.g to grow htavitr and more)
IV. 1 2
earn pa sin ST seror.t. '
1-C:: gave itn nneartJr.2"
" men sprang to their,
By Genevieve Kemble
oppre sive
And th.cn a
call, and t:
-It is the signal.1 or." f ai l. "IP-1 Till IISDAV. DI.V. 7.
nv.i5t be comlns. Hold the dooj Tliis may prove to b" a day
-'pen. so r." can jump u.rec.ij m. ,io-i. r c-r.Ieitv an i -üis appointments, a
f-will beat the whe-1 with my f"'. j rordi-g to the astnl gowrnment
upon me si.u.o. lie wafi-.j. ' 1 I .1 o tr.alettc .iti:rr. I-" JtUced so as
i. . :i i. .- e...o '
il'.'- t-y;ii:e uni.i at- i- i.i ii
7 for
h-air 1 ;ho
er fliinp; hiir.-
l roise of t lie er.gna
up to us for feir of pursuer.-."
I took aivur.tage of ti.eir prco-,-ftilt.Tion
with t'r.e posts each ha t
I been assigned .n sp.ral apart t.."
Nines wh;ch cc ncca.e -ne sa tiiat
I won hi
into tue rc'ad. And 2va there earn
a swishing sound, at. 1 n bicya
dashed into the r-ad
1 l!mou-i!ne, srd the tit
I Fe if off.
I "Quickl" came Smith's unm'.sttk
j able accent?. "1 am followed."
I I thrilled wlt.i the kr.owle 1 that
thoiiph I coulc not (li.':r. j;s!i ;-;
j feature, my t.ierirory of
, wis 5U'.h tb.at I w as cer :
identitv. Ar.d then, as St
, the man hoblirg t'ne door
i into the tonneaa. slanimin
'after them, and the dr'.v?
obst k le-
Jl. 10'
ard rtubb
tr preimo
fituatici s. while cCier banrfu2 forces
justify the jtresair of disturbances
... . - 0
jartd d:t!u u ,;.-. Ne w projects mat.
j k' considered, but financial invest
I ir.er.t sliould !e deferred. Tills tin
be .abl" to f p: iag r, aick!y j f-Vr,r..ble augury applies to business
or.!y. sin -e social. lonicti'- and af
fectional matters siiould thrive un-b-r
tlie friendly Venus ruie.
Those wh.cise birthday it :s !:3e
tli" pi os pert, rf a year of bafllir.s
and iiitticu'.: situation in business
unless th'.v work wisely, but they
m.ny rxp.rienro pleasnr. t and prr-
pcrotj- (T.n litior.s in all ot'ncr rela.
tionships. A eaild born oji t2iis clay
v 1 1 1 b-- acromphsi-ie I. artistic. lov
able and happy in home relation
ships but may n counter some ob-
ms v.'io
in of lti.s
u:th ar.d
stumtde I
th? ii or
" pre.-s'i
dfai: avn'i v. !,rr::r.t
I am ft g.r. 2 7 of
havf Irren goir.z w '. a a
four year- xr.y .--r... r. W
grthcr f'.r a.:-). -at s.v mor.t'
ho cjuit me. He :,, ,
eerv Satur.lav r. -i-.t ,-.!
ho o,u.t a a '. 2:.
.oved ni", ; y.f
mttci'i. New. I w i;,; y. j
ITl" wll.1t to do t; w;;- '...- i
for I don't care f -r .ry .
do f"r htm. FLFF-FVFD I
FLFF - FVFD pf ; V
t h y o u n tr m .i 7i to nli it
my dear. If h- a , ;
tion you can r.-urr" joj: fr,
If he does rot. th-n try
'v e t
a nd
rr. v:
: tc-
'. or. ta
VJ ... .
V. . u 1 .. .
hat he
ii ry
- i.l'R.
' : I
: r '". " -,i e ,
Ami" IiJrie will
of ir.nuiry on ?al)j
ir.ferrs; from yurg
worn' n
' "r
of this paper and w;il re;-!y
ii tlify roliüiir. letters
L.Tjrie ?hn,;h1 be .idiirc-.-d
in care of this c:Tb .
ri .-!
o t'1.:
o M
stach s.
Mrs. K. J. Iloche. 337 W
av.. and daughter, JVIIsm Vivian
Itoehe, and .von. Pre.-?ton, 'left Wod
neday for California where they,
will remain indefinitely. 1
Mr. and Mrs. L. Browne and
daughter FIeinor. of Greenfield, O., '
who have been the guests of Mr. and,
Mrs. It. I. Conkle, 123 E. Dayton
st.. have returned. j
John Itush.' 301 W. Washington
av., haii returned alter an extended
ft ay in Detroit, Mich.
Mr. ind Mrs. Thomas K. English
N. Iifayette blvd., hayo returned
from Muncie and Connersvillc, Inel.
They also Isltcd their daughter at
Flmhurst coilese.
Mrs'j Harry 1 Johnson, jr., of San
Itafaef, Calif., lias returned from
New- York City and is the guest" of
Mr. and Mrs. Studebaker, Jr., at
Sunnyside. I
Mrs. J. Albert Stephenson. 122
Te-eumseb av., has gone to Cham
bers.hu.rs, Fa., for a short visit.
Miss Harrirt Davis of Uutte,
Mont., is the quest of Miss Dorothy
Miller. 110 F. Madison t. Miss Da vi
and Miss Miller were room mates
at National Park seminary at Wash
ington, i). C.
Mr. J. S. Kenshaw of Chicago.
I!!., will spend the week in the city
a- the gae-st of friends.
The 1922 model fur e-oat may be long or short, but it must be ;;mart.
Mack caracul nd kolinsky make the kmg erne and moleskin and fox the
short one picture-d here. For early winter, the jacket with the hip band i
Colfax most popular, but the longer model will have its inning later.
his foot on tho -atter, setting tho
entire going. I sprang through th'.
buh.es to the rear of t!ie mackine.
'aught at the 5.ar-? tires fastened in
nature to advantage-
True wit
el rest.
What oft was thought but
W (11 C ,: "weed.
re er set
The fairest tow.;- in tl.e ard ft: c!
creation is a ou:i n'..rd. offer! r.j
and unfolding itself to ti,.- ir.r'.aer.'
of Divine Wislom a the hiiou-'V-
turns its sweet blossoms to the
Dcing. It. P..
-Adv.---:. -s.
Revelations Wife
Tili; MLI) ClIANCi: MAlXii;
I pave myself no time to thir.k a,
I wheeled Tom Chester's bicycle out
of the little glade into the open
with which the woods abounded. I
made my way along the pith to mj
goal, the plai e where it joined tio
wi.tdir.g woeidland read, and with
! shaking fingers pulled aside th. 1
If I had stopped to vision la:c'e'-n of vines which masked lt.,
Not fic feet from me, lmperfe ct.y i
detail the task which the young
man's 'collapse had thrust upoa
me I do not believe I would have
had the courage to undertake it.
Fortunately. I knew almost every
inch both of the road I was on and
of the winding woodland trail where
we were sure the limousine wa con
cealej. Hut a few steps from m?
there was a narrow path connecting
the road I was on with the wood
It was a path so overgrown with
vines and Underbrush that I wa-
r7 v
visible because of the intense dar.cj
ness. loomed the shadowy outline of j
big limousine.
"Did you hear anything?"
A guttural voice bounded close to
me. and my eyes, straining through
the darkness, glimpsed two men si.-i
tir:g on the. running board of tho
t "Yes, in the bushes there." th
answer came promptly. "Probably
a labbit er a squirrel, but "
On? of the figures sprang up.!
sure ro one but Dicky and I. ipf"!r-c quickly toward the spot wher
had discovered it and spent a happv j I Mood, and suddenly begin to
Just Folks
erne on was jpcn at
I. rid i
'bs ar.d tho favors were won bv
Mrs. Frank Frollock and Mrs. Ia
12;; Smith. In two weeks tho club
f'll bo er.tertnlr.e.d nt the homo Df
Mi -. Fmiüi. lt!ors!dfl dr.
Th" Standard Fearers of )-. Iloly
iTintry- M. i:. ctiurch m-n Mondav
"Ve;;;:: - Uf tJ-e 'U-;e of Arthur r.'id
CI.lmI IIo!!!ner. California
av. ;.!:-s itk"r Kirkpatr.-k was ltt
( harr cf th-e hsu:: hour nft?r
w2i;2i a s-'di evenir.r w as enjoyed
' : ht refreshments were served
The current history department of
the South Fend Woman's club wli!
mee. Thursday iftemo?n r.t the
new chJb heme, N L-xfayctte b'.vd.
Dr. F. M. Ltnten of Indiana univor
sity will be the .-peak or. Mi. Kath-
! Iter. Cuilfoyle wil; render clarinet
r.-:mher.i preceding tho lecture.
A ,ba?.ar wil: le piven all day to-
ilay r.rj alo will w-rn tliis evn-
ir.j at -t. .H.iryV Coücge. Many al-
I .u:
t h. : n
w l.i
g. rt re
Tili' Wt,
A I'LliA.
Lord. let me brir.g a little peace
To every elark and gloomy place;
Let me rejoice that 1 can givo
Some spl"ndor to the life I live.
A little fiith when I am tried,
A little joy where- I abide,
A touch of friendship now and then
To mark my comradeship with men.
Lord, let me bring a little mirth
To ail who sh'.re my days on earth.
L-:t something I have said or (lore
Uemain. when I have traveled on.
To prove the man I've tried to be. i
And mak? men glad they walked
with nie;
A flower, a smile, a word of cheer
Make these my gifts from year to
Lord, not for high renown I ask,'
Let mo bring merit to my task,
A fair companion I would be
For all who share life's toil with me;
When heavy burdens weigh me
Grant me the courage not to frown.
Ar.d kowsce'er my hopes shall end.
T.,et iv.e not cease to play the friend.
Loid. let r.t" carry where I go
L.V ...... 1 ; 4 ... 1 ' T 1 - . .
Let these into my lift; be wrought j
A little faith, a little thought. i
A little r.i!r;2i. a tittle grace
ii ghr.-ify the common place- i
T tr.no Pttlr- crdpn.lor shir'
forenoon clearing ot out. knew ii
was there, fantastically, wi haJ
left both entrances a m;i?s cf tangled
RPiWth, so that no one rise should
discover it. and it was with a feel
ing of thankfulness that I reached
it. thrust aside .the vines and drag
ged the bicycle into its flielter.
"Don't Waste Jtivatli."
One problem was solved, that of
j the disposal of the bicycle which 1
tiid not know how to rid", and ye.i
i must not leave upon the open road ;
I pushed it yet further into the
bushes, and then, with infinite pali:.
taking" but a few steps at a time,
and .ircommoJjtin? the little noi?"
I ma'i'.' to the'sour.O of the wiid lifo
Mi.o-io-.i ! V
orao little- splendor sal:
tills- -nri2i2v course of mine.
At Wheelock's
.V - 2 ft
At Wheelock's
Nu Point
Propeller Pencils
1 hese frcoci looking atid practi
ca! pencils make excellent Chriot-
inas Gifts.
The hinged cap as shown in the illus
tration is found only on Nu Point Pen
cils. Sterling Silver or Gold Filled Pencils in
two lengths, 4 or 5 inches, each with
clip. A variety of d-signis.
Your choice $1.50
Sterling Silver or Gold Filled Pencil, 4
mches long, with ring to fasten on chain
or ribbon most suitable for ladies. A
variety of designs. Your choice $1.'50
''' . 1
Each put up in a neat Gift Box and un
! conditionally guaranteed.
j $ Store hours 8:30 a. m. to b p. in.
j - during December.
"George H. Wheelock & Cornpa
ve, e
. Ntirth announces removal
p!cr. lidly f'j'dipped r.aw
7 3". Fo.-tifro- av.. kr.own as
Ipjpp- . w here ?he hopes to ;
r many obi as well as new4
s. Nn Itor.o orsets a pe- I
I 1 1
i i
I! Today9 s Fashion I
i 7 !
i (fr - Vi :
- if v
ft WX ' Ib.W o I
ssm !
Vi" :'"ll
r o
Thv ?hop will also enrry a
: -' si'.k ard Philippine li
aktast ccats. l-iOs-:---!-;.-. hand-
and - to. let articles.
Aiiv:. 40-
(4 -. ; V.V. "Js
thrust some lor.g object which I
j iic:-etl to be a cane into the Pushes
beside me. f Again and a?ain hb
thrust.' sometimes above my head,
sometimes beside me. while I stood i
numb with terror, conscious of but!
eno thing that I must make no sound. I
Once he missed me only by th"!
fraction of an inch, and when ho1
finally turned back to his t ompan-
i ion. saying In a satisfied tone. "I j
j thought it was nothing dangerouV
my knees buckled under me. aid if 1 ;
I I-, .1 1 V, ...1 .1 i n ro irrU1,. t "i k .
Ill VI I i I . I ' v . I I liUKllIlS UnlHIl I" I. . I .
banch of a small tree I am afraia !
I would have tumbled ignominiousl;, j
to the grounel. Hut my clutch on i
the branch saved me. and 1 gradual
ally fought myself hack to calmness J
again, and was able- to listen atten-j
tively to the few words which th!
men uttered. ;
"If we could smoke."' one saiäj
with a longing inflection. '
"Don't waste breath." the oth.et I
advised briefly. "Against orders. )
"How long must we wait, do yo i '
So Time to Le.-c.
"Till ju-t b'-f oe daybreak." cam
the inipitiftit answer. "If he- dies
' nat ome i.e iot c- then wc must g-1
' baek and e-onu tomorrow night."
"Well, he mut admit everythir.-s
! is in readine.-s! T2ie car is in th"
i best condition, is slu- jiot?" ,
' "Fvervthing overhauled to the last
bolt.' And it needs to he. We":'::
have to crawl oti this road, but when'
once we strik" the open the road to
Trouble Comes
When least evxpeeted. An extra pair
of glasses will save you disiomfort.
South Bend's Greatest Christmas Store
Giving Practical Gifts ?
then give House Slippers
But be sure they're
i :
- m J f
Civr 2i) year in same location
l'3o H. Michigan St.
& j)
Felt SI ippcrs that Convey Your Thoughtfulneis
for the Comfort of Your Friends
"Cozy Toes' for Men, Women
and Children
They're comfortable because they arc made
of soft wool felt; colorings are attractive;
copen, old rose. American beauty, lavender,
taupe, purple, and darker colors for men.
A very attractive model with hand embroid
ery is priced at $2.50.
Another is trimmed with ribbon, with large
silk pom-pom, priced at $1.50; seven different
Dainty quilted satin mules, small French
heels; black, pink and lavender, $3.50.
Beaded Indian moccasins for men, women
and children, $1.50 to $2.75.
Boots for Children and Misses
Children's red top "St. Nick" boots, $2.50;
Misses' sizes, $3.00.
Ellsworth's Shoe Row
Mezzanine Floor
15 More
2 4!.
and hi- staff ar? import-
.TLliXDI ;) HOli: DKK.-S FOR
Pattern 3655 is here illustrated. I
cttt in 7 s:z?: .It. ". ;t. 10. :,
: h ro
e crew ot tr.e new 44 m.l ti inches -dm
Casare, oporat- inch sixe will rouire
inch lratcrial. Th,
at tlie foot, is 2 yards
. G:r. cham, chain' 1 a
liner CJ:u.io esare. oporat
n New Yot l: rr.1 Me liter
The ftori"ts rare fr
vat cry arid the p'unUs
out tin. ship
ivv k'
.I'.c !
may become a
"MO c ale.
nautical , may
1 e used
;i r- surc
'. yard-
biiii c' tu
,"jrc a
1 r
pp. iinc-n a-.:
"or tb.is j.iode
ca I i - o
if other
dc( i
vessels follow the I sleeve n.av be finished i:
birg- picture shows a elbow length.
irs.-t i.v the flower-, Pattern mailed to u:
a ddi es s 011 1
Compounded Quarterly
1 or thr P:t 40 Yrnrs
AiithoHi-d Capital ... S.i.O00,0Ut)
Av-(s 51.713,000
Cuitinji-nt I'timl .mil Umllxided
Trolits $50,000
316 Wot Washington .v.
I'. M. liOOM:. Trra.
rriiu-rly 12 4 S. Main St.
receipt o
. - ' stamps.
ents ir.
Quick! tptfM
Cir$t tcaspoonful
ir.j: in ycur throu Phlegm loos
ens, trKln.edtissus are oothei.
Kcüow th directions oa the
bcrtlr. Such welcorr. relief!
Your coagh eases your cold
bretlisup. Now not when it'
sriioja ask your drugrist for
DR.KINGS&tkv i
- a s)rup for coughs & colds I
Tattern l-dltor,
Tlie News-Tirr.t"
rJoutli Dend. Ind.
Dear rfir: Kind er.clo.-rd 1
cents in stamps or silver for
which you will Kindly send me
N i ni e
i -r.
T w n . . S att
S.i-.c- the pitterr. !- to : or
dered, it i. : in?Tstu'd thai I
h.i'I r.-l r-fvelv- it f. r about a
Sharp Eyes
Sharp Work
Compounded Quarterly
,n All Savings
121 South Main Si
P. II. liondurnnt. F-?c'y.
Upl-o-ite Court llou;
Union Shoe
223 5. Michigan St.
All mechanics like to use keen
edged, perfect tooh.
Eyes are toDls of the mind antl
must be sharp to do good work and
resist the wear of constant use.
Let us sharpen your sight hy
furnishing glasses that will enable
you to ste cle.iriy.
In Wliat Condition
Are Your Eyes?
lj rna L-m!iic cioiomr triat ana
TUmafactunaf Optkiaa.
Mother used to make-
None Such
mince meat
er can auplictt any
;iu ikat ia nvaJ
S(r.,l 1 1'c in silver or jtarr.p? for
w i nt En i?::-i?:j lvvk ui

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