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South Bend news-times. (South Bend, Ind.) 1913-1938, December 06, 1922, MORNING EDITION, Image 9

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Clicncwoth Jock Named
Grand Champion of Clii
rapo Exposition.
CHICAGO, lit"!. ZO') V. I'.) ;
nllf.i th-- 1iS Jt."!?!njT ftr n.i of the;
Intrr.i'.J'.T.al Livestock i:.;o.-ltion j
H v ral chirr, plnr.s nlrta lv ik" lj
?!fcJ jirourlJy ab.jut th" PTGjr.'l-
thü-itlr? th0 rltijon. symV-cin of i
rttiT) I lr i'lT.'hlp In thir f I !
Other to b Juds1'! to-l.iy loo'clj
"'el; rxr. 1 fat, lit, fur th uror.rrst of i
'orTiT'etitlon. !
CJicnc.vt-th Jock, pur'r;rM Kn-j
tutky shorthorn 6tr, crrl 'ai?
iioiors tro.Jvllr. wai na:r.el i
rirul ehafnj lon of th? fhow, tl.o J
Iiisrhst honor of tho iWrstor.': vnfM. j
Chenexeth' honor will r- hrt
llvrd. Thursday ho v!'.I lo IM into
tiio arena and noM to th n!;li?:?t
H!4rr for Christmas href.
Stat colifi of ncrirulture car
ried off tho bulk nf th honor in fat
sTiMn raisins. Tho University c
Illinois won cliarnpIfT.ship honors j
for" fat Shropshire withers and jrrafle
and ero hrJ. wthor; Kanai won j
fh Cotrco!l and Dort clap.
Kntuckt' whs winner in th Ilm.p
n!r an 4 Cheviot afvl Iowa
3 1 1 ! College had tho champion fat
Oxford wethr.
Aphasia Patient Held
in Kansas City Hospital
ka:;sa.s citv, mo., iko. .v (v.7
1. K. S.j In the k n'rnl hospital
htro today i.. a man who st.-iTf phys'
rlans Fty 1 n:rbaMy the r:i".-t
tml'iuf- ca. of aphasia that ha
iYr rorn under their observ'km.
Unable to ansrrer a fiue'tlon (11
- f.tlv. h re.qion-Js öhly to the port
er of suRt?elion. In this wny, ty
rifirnin objects under hi" rrva
lljri. h rr,fnie-1 fufüclently
if Uad the atten'lin' physicians t'
tel!vo that he i tithfr a recMnt
-t Conimbu.a. Ohio, or that he ha
t'frt there recently. When tho woM
'train.' was sabl to him he re
IponilI "Columbus. Ohio." .
Guardian Sues to Ureal:
Will of Kathcrinc Lipps
Allein that Katharine Lipp-,
rircejfwl. was of unbound mind
when lie rnaie her will and t Tin t
the do-rttment rca unduly executed,
r'rM A.lin, guardian of "William
Lipp. t her ?n, of unbound niind,
ftlrd a petition In Superior -couit
No. 1 Tuesday to Frt oide the vriil.
Final report of th estate howrt
that $1800 In real estate and
473. 1 tn pronal property w.-4
lft by the deceased and Samuel
Iv.dd. superintendent of thf lnane
"asylum at IOJ?a report, the Zion
Evangelical thunh f Soutii I?end,
ru! lYancirt t. Jaek.von are made
defendants in the ras it bcir.ir al
loped that although .named .ben
efactors in the will, William I:pps
1 t fie- only rightful heir.
Ft. Wayne Realtors
Lots for $180 From Sheriff I
rtnitcCTo.s', Infi., i er. r ; v
BiicrifT C. II. Moon today fl:spo$ed nf n
lfj I'jerceton lot. at she.iiff's .alo to!
r:tiMfy a Judgment in favor of. Pri.-
til la Itarick and asrainct Eort Noel, j
The nrotiertv tvas bnuirht )v th
Huffman Ilrother. Realty Co., Ft.iB
Wriyn, rnr 40.
Miss Vada Fvlasden
Tells How Cuticura
Healed Eczema
"Bcxtmm Hoke ovt in t sort of
blistef oa the tip of my fingers.
It Boon spread ove r.y
entire f ngera tnd itched
and burned dreadfully.
Many tirnea in the nlht
I would waVte up and
scratch. I tried msny
different remedies with
out relief. The trouble
listed ibeut three months before I
bean using Cuticura Soap and
Ointment. After using tlvm about a
week i got relief and when I had
used one cake of Cuticura Soap and
cne box of Cuticura Ointment vna
completely healed." (Signed h!isa
Vada E. Maadert, Verdel, Nebraska,
Feb. 7, 1922.
Cuticura Ooap, Ointrr.er t and Tal
ura promote and maintain skin pu
rity, tVtn comfort and skin health
often when all else falls.
trrU. tsrtt. X. Mil 4i. Mm." 9 4 rrrry
Sp tix. t)T.tm3t uiü ?- Ta.pvrt 3c.
SC"" Cuticura Soup K without raus.
Thin? Run-down?
Sure Way to
Get Right Weight
lnereaeYour Red.DlocJ-Ce'.ls.That'a
the Sare Wty! S. S. S. Build BioaJ
Cell; Thi Means Strength!
r- yoa Ir.err vrty Insurance rcrn
pr.1f9 r'-fa fs lo-re a gr?t r-.nny
K.en brciuse tt-'j T uii'l-r rr!ht?
i'i;ply becauu to to uad.-r ei ht
e ften VT9tt$ law fttlcr-rer In tb
befly. It cftea rream you are niinnj
ErTe-roTrr, rstau red-c!lj In yoar
bljoi. in'na fcfsltb. uiln'i enercT,
rjluui Titillty. It Is serious to ba
lalnui. bat th moment yon lnersse
tie onnber cf jonr red-Moo l-rell.
yea bejln to become pla. That's why
B. P. i!nr 12"'. mAnt to thoa
inda of onderweJjht inu anJ u-niripn.
a rd 1 tt!r ftrenth. IIcllow
rfcka fill at- Too t.-r beln? n n
ltBlty.leekr Ton Inspire onflJenrf.
Toot boJr Xllls t9 the point of rovrrr.
etjf ftB bee.ine firmer, the az
llnet ttat eora fron th!r.res tllsr.p
Tnr. Yoa.look TanPf. firtr.er. fcap
r1e. t'' 60 fet U. t-o. n oxvr. Tonr
body. Mre re4Mt -rtU ! S. S.
wlU to'.M then. Indies and certle
inen a raiT- bonr fr doesn't nk
you look very important or pn-tty,
tlw It? Take S. ? S. It rrrt;.!? er.lr
7Qr Testbli ra-liffrrt lnjrretlor.t.
S. S. F. is mil at all drnsr stores lo
two alte. Tfce Urzrr fire battle Is
tt nir eroaet3tcl.
C 6? niaJ5r ion 3r?l
Öa W yenrtclf again
1 Thursday
fl 111
u k
i m:i Ii
1 iL3
8:30 A. M.
TT1 m cr
1 r
8:30 A. M,
Ready-to-ear and All Heavy
Winter Merchandise
The Greatest Jaeoary Clearance Sale of Ready-
ToW ear Ever
Id I
.21 oourn
.fb 1 Ä 01? Ä '
V I t ft Fx
Here's cur Christmas gift io the women of South Bend and nearby cities and towns. If
you've been wanting and waiting to get a fine Coat or Wiap at a ridiculously low price
this is indeed your opportunity. Wc guarantee that no matter how much longer you wait
you 11 never be able to get such marvelous coats at these prices. We've held many great
Coat Sales and 'we're famous for value-giving, but we si.y to you in all earnestness and
frankness this is the most mavclous Coat Sale ever held in the city. You'll regret it a thousand
times if you do not come. You'll not be disappointed.
See these marvelous fabrics Suedenc, Brytonia, Fashona, Bolivia, Normandy, Baffin,
Plushes, Seal Plushes.
Fur Trdmoilngs
Ycu'H Appreciate What a Bargain Sale This Is
When You See These
l l wwwi .i)nii mw,iin nmrmrmmmn mm 1
' '-MIIH
Russian Blouse Coats
Drape Coats
New Straight Line Models
Values to $75.50 now
Combination Cloth and
Wide Circular Coats
Values to $59.50 now
Silk Embroidered Coats
Rich Plush Coats with fur
collars and cuffs
Values to $29.75 now
. .Stylish new dresses in women's and misses sizes and
in wanted new shades each and every dress a wonder
ful opportunity to save
Poiret Twill Velvets Serge Tricotine Canton
Crepe Charmeuse Satin and Combinations
Values to
$29.75 now
Women's and Misses Size3, 16 to 46
2 ff mjS
Values to
$16.75 now
Values to
$12.95 now
,smi a i BWia" f ti'f mar ?rygrg
Animal Sale of Slippers
Thousands of pairs of first quality Felt Slippers at the lowest
price we have ever offered. This is an opportunity to buy all
you can possibly use for personal needs and Xmas gifts.
Women s reit Klippers- TfvN
$'fpähVAny st'Ies' ribbon artdNl JA
f-S1-''- pompom trimmed; all colors V 'v )
Vi' and sizes. Regular $1.50 V '
values; special
& I
Women's Satin Slippers,
large assortment in old rose,
copen and black; pompom
trimmed; comfy soles. Real
$2.00 values; special, per
pair $1.'13
Women's fur trimmed
Slippers, leathers soles,
leather or rubber heels, all
sizes. Regular $2.00 val
ues; special $1.48
Men's Felt SI ippers, splen
did rualily In grey, blue and
brown. Regular $1.50 val
t rs; speci ". . . 95c
f.t;a las ;e assortment of
children's v arm Felt Slip
pers; colr3 are red, blue,
pvrple. b;o'n and black;
values at $!.2 5; special 59c
In the Easement
Tinker Toys the won
der builder; special ...59c
Piay Phones, with bell at
tached; special ...... .69c
Bisscll's Toy Carpet
Sweepers, special 25c
Hummer Wind-up Train
with Track, special . . . -75c
American Flyer Train,
heavy iron engine and sec
tion of track; special . $1.48
American Flyer, electric
trains; special ..... .$5.93
"Chemctaft," perfectly
safe chemical set. Three
sizes; special $1.48, $2.45
and $4.95
Dolls, full jointed, curly
hair, sleeping eyes and. eye
lashes, 21 inch size; spe
cial $2.93
Other sizes up to.. $4. 93
tI:3v Tvar;0
'5. '-4-
Mamma Dolls, 23 inch
size, with dress and hood;
special $2.98
Gilbert's Erector Sets, all
sizes; specially priced $1.00
to ..a $20.00
Red Chairs and Rockers,
specially priced 39c to $3.25
Red Tables specially
priced C5c to $2.25
Complete line of Games,
Doll Cabs,' Wagons, Bicycles,
Sand Toys, Books, Autos
and Toy Cedar Chegts.
This is OUR regular period for closing out special lots cf
winter merchandise taken from our regular stocks, also sur
plus stocks of desirable merchandise which come to us at a
considerable concession from regular prices. We know you
are sufficiently interested to respond quickly to a special offer
ing of this kind. The prices we absolutely guarantee lo be as
low as if this sale were held off till after Christmas.
Everything is displayed end arranged for convenient in
spection &nd selection. The offerings will pay you bigger
dividends in savings than any January selling event we've held
for years.
Winter Needs At Genuine
January Clearance
Sale Prices
Ladies' ribbed fleeced Ladies' Bungalow Aprons,
Union Suits, special ....45c gingham cr percale, $1.00
i j. , i ir , . values, special 59c
Ladies heavy V elastic
fleeced Union Suits. 52.00 Ladies' Outing Flannel
values, special $1.48 Gown?, special 59c
Children's heavy Velastic Ladies' Sateen Bloomers,
fleeced Union Suits, sizes to special 55c
1 6, special 97c . c n.
Children s oateen bloom
Ladies' heather mixed ers, special 35c
hose, $1.00 values, special, r-M ,Mrr ic
no Children s nil v ool isweat-
Pair uc . n it.
ers in all popular shades.
Ladies' Silk Hose, welt values to $4. 00; special
seam, $1.50 value?, special at $2.69
" ' $1.0o Purse3 and Hand Bag:',
Ladies Outing Flannel 100 different styles, $1.50
Petticoats, special 48c values; special .$1.00
Dry Goods January Clear
ance Sale Prices
Wool Jersey, 54 inches Figured Serpentine Crepe,
wide; colors are brown, OQd assortment of pattern;
navy, wine and black: ?pe- ,..,,1 so
cial vard $1 r?S special, jard 29c
. . il 1 . i i Figured Curtain Mat-
Corduroys, in all desirable . . , , ort
colors; special, yard. . . .85c q'ottc; Pia1. yard. .39c
Flannelette, 36 inches Imported English Dress
wide, in splendid patterns Gingham?. 32 inches wide;
and colors; special, yard 22c special, yard 39c
Large , assortment of i'ancy Si !k Pill ows. special $2.19
Children's Coats
Two Great Assortments
These are pplendid conts, Hnrly tailored
some have fcr collars, others have large
storm cellars of reif materials. They are in
both sport tand dressy mod-
jorr.e full lined, otljers
lined to waist. You'll find
these coats exceptional
Values up to $10.00
Sizes 2 lo 6
Values up to $ 1 2.9 5
S:z"s 7 to 16
: ! 'J
Domestics are Lowest at the
Star Store
C. T. N. Curtain Swi?s.
large selection. 2 to 10 yard
lengths; special, yard. . .29c
Large selection of Cre
tonnes, 35c values, 2 to 1 0
yard lengths: special, yd. 19c
"Wearwell" Feather Pil-I-'jws,
size 21x27;. special.
rcr pair $1.89
"V.VarwcH" 9-4 Bleached
Sheeting, special, yard. 43c
ens ana ooys rurmsoings
Genuine January Clearance Prices
Men's fleece lined Union
Suits, all sizes to 46; spe
cial $1.00
Men's fleece lined Shirts
and drawers, special, ea. 69c
Children's Winter Hats
with car laps; special. . ,48c
Men's Leather Mittens,
lined, $1.00 values; spe
cial 73c
Boys 2 Pant Suits, large
selection. Regular $7.50
values; special $595
Mens fine Silk and Wool
Dress Host ; special, pair 69c
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