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Valentino in
"Wood and
- - s , . r , v -
) 2
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tf- ?ViH
And How Ten 1 kousan
A an A:
pena an nnxious
Day or Two,
Not Because of
tlie SKeik s Arrest
for Having aWif e Too
f --T ' f-; ? ' W v -. w - . . -, l'f -'Ji 'i - " -'-
II KX the news went abroad 10,000 maid- tlv ht'''" ' i '
WB ecause
He Has a
Wife at All.
A I-ove-Makinj: Pose That Set
Thousands cf Hearts a-FIutter
Valentino and Alice Tcrrv
from the central rosition on the dreiser,
At about t'r.2 an;e tiir.o tho clerk of the Los An
celcs divorce court took a shrrp look at a le
calendnr, consulted a file of iexal documents in
his drawer ar.d whistled. Al-ncst i-r.mcdiate'y
thereafter the district attorney declared that to
tho bes: of his knov:!edp:o and belief Rodolph.i
Valentino was a bigamist. Whereupon 10.00J
maidens said "ah," or wordi to that broad and
general elfect. and restored his photograph to thj
cntral position on the drescr. As lcn as hd
was nobody's he wr.a theirs.
The Great Lover of the Screen was put .under
arrr.-i: before he had had a chance to bcin hla
honeymoon excursion. His le.ral wift for Msi
Jean Acker still had that title even while Ilodol
ph'j was be.n' wed a second time collapsed whea
the hear the news. Winifred DeWolfe lludaur,
tho allrjre 1 illegal but none the lesi devoted wife,
departed burrivdiy for New York and with a
EOltly nra'.tered "damn" went into seclusion whila
a corps of attorneys started straishtenin out he:
perfect lever's love tar-clf.
Thomas Meihan and June Mathis went bail
fcr the (rwi.t Lover.
An interlocutory divorce decree was granted
Mi? Acker and Valentino last January but Val
entino evidently overlooked tho fact that the de
cree did not become effective until n year had
lapsed. Less than three months later rumors of
tri er.jrajrement between him and Winifred Hud
j.ut, step-daughter of the fame us perfumo manu
facturer and herself an artist and a dancer, wera
beard abr.ut Hollywood. T-'fore the rumcrs could
be tracked down. Miss Hudnut and her Sheik had
rushed across the border into Mexico and thera
Who Asks
Her Lawyers
"Am I or
Am 1 Not a
"Marry In Haste, Kepent-
"I couldn't wait," said Kodolpho, when be found
himself afoul of the law. "I had heard about men
who had been divorced in Ncv York poinp over
into Jersey and marrying immediately and I
thought this would be tho same thing."
The Perfect Lover mii;ht have rtad the danger
signal in the experience cf Fran!: Mayo, well
known acor in the world of r.-otion pictures, anJ
l-r.:ar Godowsky, actress and daughter vf Leo
pold Godowsky, piano virtuoso. i ney married
Oct. Ö last at Tia Juana. He fecured an inter
!.:cut.ry decree of divorce four days before. Ma;.
T.-.cmas McClelland, assiftant district attorney cf
L s Ar.i.tdes, has had tins marriage under invecti
i'aiion for son.e t:me.
Ilcfore tracing the rr.ianglcmcnts of Kodolpho
frc-.i their ieg;nninfc. it i only fair to the 10,1-0)
Fifhin maidens that his rial scr.tiir.ont3 about
love be r.:adk known. Tr.eso i;:aidcns know him as
the Torrid Sack, cr the swashbuckling Julio in
"The Four Horsemen," or as the dvlv:.air wooer
cf Cli i ia Sw;y:on in "licyond the Kocks" The
real Iiodolph" is quite another person, with c;uit
t dderent love credo.
Ho admits to a certain experience with worn
cn even cutside the screen. Kut out of thi ex
perience come the three major articles cf hij
credo. Here they are: 4
1. Never play at love un!eS you feel the
crpc. Insincere lovemaking is cheating and
you ch-at yourself mot cf all.
2. Never try cave-man tactics on the
woman you love. That's a sure way to losa
her if she is worth winning
3. VjC patient. Never try to kiss a worn
et the first or tho second time you meet her.
And never reveal your purpose, whatever it
may be, until she is used to you and trusts
Rcdolpho began to learn about women when he
was quite young. There was a c'trl Carlotta-
who u-od t- sit with him in
front of a rrnrdl cafe in Naples,
lie never did more than touch
her knnJ. Hut life with h-r was
vn y sv. c ct. Finally be went to
Tarij. Anctl.er world opened
for him, a world of rirhei, gay
cty and deceit. Cut what Char
Iota had taught him h? rerr.em
born.!. He never forgot that
without freaking a vrcrd or
moving a finger he expressed
to her a comnlet? enthralment,
tn overwhelming adoration. Ha
never forgot, even though the
d ornen in Paris recmcd bent on
proving that love va? only a
casual thi.i;r after all.
It was in Paris that Kodol
pho became prorlcient in the
Argentine Tango an accom
plishment that he afterward
ucd to such striking advan
tage in "The Four Horsemen."
With this as his chief asset he
catre to New York and danced
m cabarets along Broadway.
Aficr a while he drifted
W est. Somebody noticed his
regular. chiselled, features,
and coal-black eyes and start
ed him in the movies. Th
rede cf Juho ir. "Tho Four Horsemen" was his
Lrst cf any importance. And it made him.
About trie time he was petting his start in
P-c.urcs he met Jean Acker. IJy now the Neapoli
tan g-rl was remembered more as a principle than
as a woman. The memory was still sweet. But
the persuasiveness of the woman he could see wai
nor' potent. Ho married Jean Acker.
This marriage, he soon found, was an en
tanglement, for it is Rodolpho's definition that
any condition which binds and chafes is an en
tanglement. This union lasted less than a year.
hen it was that Winifred Hudnut came into
bis lifo is not clear. Long before Valentino was
more than locally known Winifred Hudnut, under
the name of Natacha Rambova, had made a repu
tation as a dancer.
This spritely. colorful girl who is the focal
point of Rodolpho's present entanglement, waj
Lorn Winifred DeWolfo. She is the daughter of
Mr?. Edgar DeWolfe who afterward married
Richard Hudnut, the millionaire perfume manu
facturer, and the niece of Elsie DeWclfe, tha
net? 1 interior decorator.
In 1Ö1G she startled her family and friendj
by disappearing. A continent-wide investigation
was started which resulted in her being located
in Chicago as a member of Theodore KoslcrT'j
Russian ballet. She had determined on a stage
career and when her family objected started out
co her own hod; It was then that she took th
4 -;4t.V VA'vV-' V'f.d '; , - v. ? U-' .: -- ' ,
: y h.;t 'd-..- -
i! Just After the k.,? , Kll-" .y. i
-l:'"-5- Mnrrinsrn Cprrnionv ft ..' :Ä rM 4 y-i ;i
lieved She Was fev
Mrs. Valentina V , jmm'
t 1'' " Vt
vt;. -3
Frank Mavo and
Dapmar Godowsky,
Whose Tia Juana
Marriage Is
Also Under
r.arr.e Natacr.a Ran
bpva, which she ha3
borne professionally
ever since.
When it became ru
mored around L03
Angeles that Ko
doipho and Natacha
tu tiigacu uo taought was given to tne rc-en:
c'ivorce proceedirgs. Thoie wno thought about .:
fit all concluded that everytnir - was in order and
the way civ- ;c his .'eco;: i :v.arr;age. And
doubtless Koaoipa though: tr.e samo thing or ha
wouldn't have vt;n so naive auoul ni return tJ
Douglass Gerrard, who acted as Valentino'j
best man, says that if that wadding was not legal
he has lost his faith in ail ceremonies.
Before leaving witn his fiancee for Mexicall,
the Mexican city which is across the border from
its twin, Ca.exico, Valentino obtained a letter
from the Mexican consul at L03 Anek3, directed
to the mayor of Mexicali.
ckcr, the Wife to
WThcm Rodolpho,
Says the District
Attorney, Ir, Still
Married, the
Divorce Decree
Not Having
Become Effective,
The mayor, or the Jcfe
Politico, as he is knewn
there, was routed cut of
bed and presented with
this letter when th? Val
entino part y arrived.
Even though h i s slum
bers had been interrupt
ed the Je re Politico, as
sured Valentino i n h i a
b6t Spanish that all ar
rangements for the mar
ria3 would be expedited.
But the Mexican law
is such that it took all of
three days to complete these arrangements. When
all the usual documents had been signed, and all
the proper officials fixed, the wedding party gath
ered in the Jefe's own home, where the senior
judge of that district performed the prescribed
At the lest moment, when some questions as
to the legality of the wedding aro:c, bcih Valen
tino and Miss Hudnut hesitated about allowing
the ceremony to tnke place. Everybo-iy present,
however, urged them to go on. The Jofe as-sure.!
them that everything was in order and that he
would stand back of the marriage himself. A
deputy sheriff from across the border assure 1 th.2
pincipals that a mcrriae in Arizona under simi-
lar circumstance -vculd be legal.
Like a Reel Wedding
After the ceremony, the Jefe, who wa3 an
ardent admirer of Valentino's creen impersona
tions, saw that the whole town turned out to dj
him and his bride a sufficiency cf honor. A feie
was held in the Mexican style. Valentino, who ii
adept in ah the romance language., madj a
flowery speech in Spani.-h after he and his bride
had been eulogized by everybody present, incurs
ir. the alcalde, the Jcfe d Policia and ctr.e-r
Pretty girls crowded around and threw
flowers, a musician played languorous love tunc.?,
wine was passed and after a while the military
band marched and played American, Mt-xicun
and Italian airs. It was a successful interna
tional occasion.
The. fete lasted until late. Th" band then, ac
companied the party to the border, 'lb? party
returned to Palm Springs, California. Three days
later Valentino was put under arrest and Wini
fred whether Hudnut cr Valentino sne is
prepared to say started on her journey east.
The complaint was sworn to by an attach? of
the district attorney's office, who investigate i the
marriage and declared that the Yadeiitir.os r.r.d
been entertaincl bv Ilo'dywccd friends. ir.cludi::2
1. AyM' " .
i ir.if ' . ' . ; n f::
r ,y -si , -'- :d; - ' ''ji.,--:;
, k..:
y - ' ' ... w
.. . ,. -', ,
h' d ;" -
l . - f .1 ? '
r 'r in
Mine. 2ain;vk at i'airn ijpr.ugs. lnu
bine 1 the fact that be was in California.
Vrdenrino declared that he would b.avp to t
patient; that i. and hli eloved would ßtav apart
l..r c , .-. . . : tl.ry . , : 7 . a fry.
'I: r.i.-'. a. -.3 to say," he continue!, "thz.:
tho year's epaiu.joii will in no degree .essen oj.
1 , ...
. j:;; : . a;c-
e h D--c '
And Kodolpho, tr.e I'inV:: Lover, still holds th
j l:.ce cf nrnr on tne dresser.
Henry Waitha;., s:reen star, ig:rou?ly drnlti
that he hs in a rlnhlar situation. He married h j
Jr.iä.ng v.cmun, .lary Ch&r.eston, i:
a:ar.a, t?r.
cays cftcr he was ci.verced from Irene Kontor
'There ar? ab'lutely r.o grounds for investi
gation into my second marriage. I married my
f.r. t wif j, Isab -Ik- Kenton, fifteen years ao. We
co-::dn': i;et ah-nvr an i pa rated. 1 tbta;::ed a
ivorco at Ci.ieau'O f:ve years agi. I was giver.
. r r. "i -'r t; r-i . . - c r V . T ..--..1 -
tr.aL i:ate. Thj I.'.d.ara j'udiciar
U i J - p-, '
deciaed that my second marriage is entirely lejal.
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