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Th best reasons we hare heard giren
during ibis campaign, for leaving the
"Afiicanan democracy aDd joined the
Rrublican ranks, mi in the words of
our caption.
A tobacconist, now doing business in
this city, formerly wis engaged in the
ame pursuit in Petersburg). Va. He
had two apprentices, white boyt, end
when they left shop for meals or recrea
tion, the boys in the streets cried cut.
"See! there goes a tehin nigger! there
goea.a white nigger."9 This tobacconist,
who is i ver; intelligenlGerman.be.
coming satisfied that all men at the
ouih who labor for a living are looked
poa. even by the boys in the street, as
niggers, which of course, there means
degradation, left the polluted soil of sla
very for a free Northern home.aud has
- m a.
now aiso lett the "wooly headed democ
acy," who would Dermit clavrv In
spread everywhere, and goes in, heart
and hand, for John C. Fremont, the
champion of Freedom, who will resist to
death the oppression of the class which
oy a monopoly of the soil and slave la-
bor to till it. micht red IIP tVtom Itrmm
laborers) to the extremity of laboring
i'vi tu same terms witn the slaves."
Cleveland Herald.
A party of gentlemen were dining to-
pemer at Washington, among whom were
Mr. Clay and Mr. Buchanan. Mr. Buch
anan had just been appointed Ministar
to Russia, and was makinz some inoniri
of Mr. CUt ubout Court dress, its
character, cost. Ccc. Mr. Clay told him
that ha had one. for which he had no use,
and would 2te it to him. Mr. Buchamn
thanked him, but aid. as he had worn
il.lt must H tarnished. Mr. Clay replied
in that manner which was peculiar to
mm. -un, but you ein turn it, Buchanan
The discomfiture of Buchanan was com
plete, ts tha conversation took place
juai air. u. turned his political coat in
a most unblushing manner. Aususta
Chronicle and dentinal.
A Trecious Yoütii, "Tooimr nw
on, what are you going to d with that
t i fin i
Send it to the editor of course.
But what are yöu going to send it to
tne junior fori"
'Cause he savs. if anv bodr wilt send
him a club, be will send them a copy of
uii paper.
The mother came pretty near fainting,
but retained consciousness enough to ask:
- iu. lommj dear, what do you sup
pose ne wauis oi a clubr
-well. I don't know," replied the
hopeful urchin, "unless it's to knock
down subscriber as don't pay for the
Prtutiet's Last. Prentice, whom assured
ly nobody will accuse of Iookine at the
- o
Brooks affair through "Black Republican
spectacles. lets oil this good one.
Mr. Burlingame. being challenged by
Mr. Brooks, decided to fight in Canada
with rifles. Mr. Brooks, confessed him
self afraid logo to Canada, and therefore
determined not to puisue either Mr.
Burlingame or the quarrel. Hetnnoan
ces. however, that he is willing to ac
cept a challenge from Mr. Burlingame.
Evidently he ia for getting rid of the ti
tles. Rifles are bad things.. They make
ugly holes in folks. Their balls enter
into a fellow Ecrew fashion.
Louis our.
"We charge that Mr. Fremont is a Ro
man Catholic. Now, if ha ia not a Ro
man Catholic, why don't he come out
ever his own signature and deny the fact.
N. V. Express.
We charge that the editor of the Ex
press is a conaumate ass. Now, if he is
not an aaa, why don't be come over and
deny the fact.
Syracuse (N.T. Journal.
Carter's Spanish Uixture.
The best Alterative known!!
Not a Particle of Mercury in it!
An infallible remedy for Scrorula, Kind's evil,
Rheumatism, Obstinate Cutaneous Erup
tions, Pimples or Postules on the face.
Blotches, Boils, Ague and fever,
v Chronic sore Eyes, Ring
. worm, or Tetter, Scald
head. Enlargement
. and pain of the
Bones and
Salt Rheum, Stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic Dis
ordersand all diseases arising from an inju
dicious use of Mercury, Imprudence in Life,
or impurity of the Blood "
This ereat alerative Medicine and Purifier
of the Blood is now used by thousands ef
ffra'eful patients from all parts of the United
States,; - ha testify di y to the remarkable
cures performed by the greatest of all medi
cines, 'Ci&tz&'s Sfaxish Mixtum." Neural
gia, "Rheumatism, Scrofula, Eruptions on the
Skin, Liver Disease, Fevers, Ulcers, Old sores
Affection of the kidneys. Diseases of the throat
Female complaints, Tains and Aching of the
Bones and . Joiat?, are rpeedily put to flight
by using this inestimable remedy.
For all diseases of the Blood, nothing has
yet been found to compare with it. It clean
ses the system of all irr pun ties,, act gently
and efficiently on the Liver and kidneys,
strengthens the Digestion, gives tone to the
stomach makes the s'cin clear and healthy,
and restores the Constitution, enfebled by dis
ease or broken down by the excesses of youth,
to its pristine vigor and strength.
For the r seaes or females it is peculiarly
applicable, and wherever it has become known
is regularly prescribed with the happiest ef
fects. It invigorates the weak and debilita
ted, and imparts elasticity to the worn-out
frame, clears the skin, and leaves the patient
fresh and healthy; a single bottle of this inesti
mable remedy is worth all the so-called
Sarsaparille in existence.1
The large number of certificates which we
h ive received from persons from all part of
the United States, is the best evidence that
there is no humbug about it. The Press, hotel
keeper, magistrates, physicians, and public
men, well known to the community, all add
their tesimony to the wonderful effects of this
Call on the Agent and get an Almanac, and
read tie details of astonishing cures performed
Failed.) Th3 lim ts of an advertisement will
not admit their full insertion
YJI. S. BEERS A CO., Propietors. -Ko
304, Broadway New York.
To whom all order must be addressed -Czl
l by FzasniNG & Thompson, 1'lymoutb,
da Da. Cnis. Hcxruaxvs, Knox. Ind.
Hay 23, 1856. lUyl.
Co C!a rzillcrOf Cc. - An assort"
nzzt cf Jarinr-rtJ Tins, io.it ble for sign pain
ters for sale by G.B.ROBERTS.
o o
TEa 12L
2 F atkiroEiB
tflfimotwj Siuroct fHce
Are now informed that we are prepared
to execute in a neat andfashionable styl
all kinds of
Eitherin black or othercolors. The ma
terials are now in good order, and the es
tablishment is under the superintendence
ot an experienced and competent worh
man. ' Jan. 1856.
(GrBlank Deeds, Mortgage!, Justices
& ConstablesBlanks, of all kinds. Also
Blank Notes, kept for sale at this office
at prices to suit the times.
German Hitters.
raxriKXD ar
DR. C. M. JACKSON, Philad'a. Pa.
Lker complaint, Djspcpsia, Jaun-
dice. Chronic or Nervous Debility, Diseases of
the Kidneys, and oil disease spiriting from a dis
ordered Liter or Stomach.
aa Constipa
tion. Inward Piles,
Fallness or Blood to the
Head, Ascidity of the Stom
ach, Nausea, Heartburn, Disgust j
for food, Fullness or weight in the
stomach. Sour Eructations. Sinking nr
Fluttering at the pit of the Stomach, Swim
ming of the head, Hurried and difficult
breathing, Fluttering at the Heart,
Choking or suffocating sensations
when in a lying posture.
Dimness of Vision, Dots
or webs before the
sight. Fever and
Dull pain in
the Head,
cy of
Yellowness of the Skin
and Eyes, Pain in the
Side, Back, Chest, limbs,'&c, Sndden flash
es of heat, burning in the fifth, Conktant im
maginings of Evil, and great depression of
The proprietor in calling the attention of
the public to this preparation, does so with
a feeling of the utmost confidence in its vir
tues and adaptation to the diseases for which
it is recommended. It is no new and untried
article, hut one that has stood the test of a
ten years trial before the American people,
and its reputation and rale is unrivalled by
any similar preparations extant. The testi
mony in its favor giren by the most promin
ent and well kown Physicians and individu
als in all parts of the country is immense,
and a careful perusal of the Almanac, pub
lished annually by the proprietor, and to be
had gratis of any of his Agents, cannot but
satisfy the most skeptical that ibis remedy is
really deserving the gTeat celebrity it has obtained-
Principal office and Manufactory, No.
96 Arch St.. Philadelphia, Ta.
Indiana Tetiinony.
HcimwGTOjr, Sept. 20, 1851.
"Wm. Noams says: "Send me another sun-
ply of Bitters immediately. Tbey sell rapid
ly, and give the most unbounded satisfation in
every case. I do not know of but one instance
in which I have sold one bottle that the per
son did rot return for more, and in that case,
the one bottle cured the person."
Goshen, April 18. 1853.
Da. C. P. Jacobs says- have used sevei-
al bottles of rout German Pitters, myself and
in my family, and I find it the quickest and
most effectual remedy for nervous diseases of
anything had ever used in my piactice or
family. Myself and several members of my
family are troubled with heart complaint, and
it is the only medicine we depend upon for
relief, as it never fails: I have prescribed it
with unfailing success in a number of cases."
Delphi, April 9, 1853.
Jacisoü &, Brer say: "We have sold all
your German Bitters, and the sales aie dai ly
increasing. Send another supply immediate
Cortdom, Feb. 18, 1853. Dr. Clemons
Sir, olease send me the other two bottles of
HooOnd's German Bitters, prepared by Dr.
C. M. Jackson, agreeably to our arrangement.
I have received more benefit from what I have
taken for the Liver and Kidney complaint,
with which I have been afflicted for eight years
than from any and all other medicines I have
taken, put them all together.
espectfully, &c, N. 5. RaTJioL s.
Jacob C. FrcnT, Postmaster, North S'lem,
Hendricks county, writes:
"I take great pleasure in informing tou
that I have used your German Bitters for Dys
pepsia, and have found great benefit from their
use, and would like you to send me a lot for
the benefit of my neighbors."
They are entirely vegetable, containing no
injurious ingredients or alcoholic stimulants,
always strengthening and neer prostrating
the system.
Price 75c. per bottle. Sold by Druggists
and Storekeepers in every town and village in
the United States and Canada.
Sold by PzasuiNo & Thompson, Plymouth,
do. Da. HcumaEYS, Knox, Ind.
May 29, 1853. , . . ; lOyl.
YOU can buy Looking Glasses at prices
mach lower than eer before ofle.-ed in
thii market.
rf A Good ' assortment ot Ba ts and
vi 11 Shoes to be .obtained at the Brick
Store, at prices never beat in thi mar
ket. Fine Boot as low as $2,50 per pair. 3
m UfllT ntnnDf) CTTATJ , j
ML II Iii II lib 11 tSllOl
Shaving Hair Dressing.
y nnilE undersigned has located him
y -"-self in Plymouth, for the purpose of car
N rvin? on the above business in all its vari-
3 ous brauches. and would respectfully soli
cit the patronage of its citizens. He is pre
pared to do his woik in real New York style,
and hopes to recive sufficient patro nage to mt e
his present location a permanent one. , ,
(pShopnp stairs in the two story frame im
mediately south of Edwards Hotel.
Dec. 27, 1855. 41tf.
Essence of Jjinica Ginger.
THIS Essence is a preparation of unu
sual excellence. In ordinary diarrhoea,
inefpient cholera, in ahort, in all cases of pros
tration of the digestive functions, it is of
inestimable value. Daring the prevalence of
epidemic cholera and summer complaints of
children, it is peculiarly tfficacious; no family,
individual, or traveler should be without it.
Caution. Be sure to -et the geunine es-
lence, which is prepared only by F. BROWN,
at his Drngand Chemical Store, N. E. Corner
of Fifth and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia,
and for sale by all the respectable Apotbeca
in the United States.
So!d byPcasHCto ox Tnoxrson, Plymouth.
May 29, 1856. lOyl
OP ALL KINDS Sugar as low as 9)cts. per
pound, to be found at the Bxick Store.
OCt35, 1855 . 32-
Marshall and Starke,
Two doors north of the Post office,
Garden, Field Y Floivcr
Paid for Clorer, Timothy, Pampkin,
Apple, Peach, Sunflower and Flax
Laporte. Feb. 14. 1856.
Great Excitement.
Wholesale Dealers iu Drugs, Medi
cines and Groceries. ' 4
VARIETY is said to be the. 's pice of Life,
and this is all proper enough, if confined
within proper limits.
The subscribers having recently associated
themselves together'as dealers in
Drugs & Medicines,
Of all kinds, Taints. Oils, Dye-Stuffs, Glass
and Glassware, Surgical Instruments, Patent
and Eclectic Medicines, Brushes, Sash. Var
nisher, Groceries of all kinds, Toys, Books,
Stationery, and a general assortment of
All of which will be sold at the lowest living
prices for cash and approved produce.
Pershing & Thompson sensible of the fa
vors heretofore received at the hands cf the
citizens of -
llarshall County,
Tender their thanks for past favors, and so
licit a continuance ,of their corffidence. We
are determined to make their interests our in
terests. 0V7e warrant all goods sold by us to be
what we represent them.
Call at the old stand oi II. B. Pershinp.
March 20, isoo. put.
iot Sale Enquire at the Brick Store.
Feb 21, 1856. ' 47tf.
Marble Factory.
riIIE unders'gtied would res
ß pectfully iiiiorni the citizens
of Marshall ar.d adjoining CMinties
that he has commenced the M n ble
Manufacturing in Plyniouth, where
he intends keeping on hand all
kinds of
Neutly executed, and of the best
stock, which he will sell as low as
any -o..,. in tue country, tus wrrk inauutac-
tured to order, is executed with the greatest
precision, and the inscriptions strictly followed,
as near as possible.
His fhop is iu the basement tf Browiilee &
Shirley's Store.
W. L. Piatt will net as my agent, receive in
scriptions and forward them, and I will de
liver the work accordins fo order.
June 19, 1856. 13if.
WILL all those who are indebted to me
please call and set le their little ac
count, as am sorely oppressed on account
of some bad bargains hereto ore ma le with bad
eggs. I am now trying to do business on my
own hook, and want all the dimes I can get,
if they are justly due me. -
March 6, 1856-3w50
THE partnership heretorore existing be
tween Thos. Pryce of Laporje and N. H.
Oglesbee. is this day dissolved by mutual con
sent. The notes and accounts of sain firm
are to be paid to N. II. Oglesbee, and all de
mands against it are to be paid by said Ogles
Jan. 28, 1856. - "...
Having disposed of my interest in the Brick
store establishment at Plymouth, to my late
partner, N. H. Oglesbee, earnestly hope the
friends and patrons who have heretofore.so lib
erally bestowed their favors, will continue
and increase them with the new firm.
Jan 3 ,' 85 8. - . 4Ctff. .
a- ,
mm- A
The Mysteries of disease laid open to the peo
ple. Health is the Principle of Lifi; Disease is
me principla of Death
The K- H. K. R. medics possess the grea
Ed En- UT tlhc;huT,UU y,t-CI" tH.?1
ana long ule, ana tu tree the h'nnun f irmly
r v , ,. . . J
1 he art of preserving health and the method of
curing duease by the R. R. R.'s
I , i
latm ay's Heady Relief
Is to be used in all Cuse where there is p;iiu.
The moment it is applied exterunily, or taken
internally, it will allay the mostL rlüiin aehe.
p;iins, cnunps. fpasnis, burns, culds. &e., und
quicker th in Murpliinc, Ciiloiofonn, Venitriue
or ay other anodyne or remedy that has ever
been iised by medical men.
it is aler than these d itigerous remedies.
The public will bear in mind that Cidorofoi jri.
Morphine, Opium, &c, only stifle the pain by
stupyfying the senses, so th.it the perceptive
faculties loose the power of leeling, and that
sions it; it infuses new lifo into the weak and
diseased parts. It braces tip the nerves, and
establishes in the system n reaction of health
snd strength in lducc of pain, weakness and
pucaiion oi uuivva's lieady Keliet wilt re
store the patient to case and comfort.
Crippled tcith Rheumafism, an and leg per
ished no hopes of htst'euorery timely use
of R. R. R. .1 wonderful cure.
attertlieinlluenceor these narceti :s have pas- rg-inieennrgrmeni.. are promised spe-dv de- j oll,re ana luul any and every thing you
ed from the systesi,. the mm again breaks oit , 11 v'fn'i ibcirniiserieabytli R.R. RelU-f j want in the line of New Pure Drnira
with its terrible puugs. with renewal vin!eiu j n'1 R gl ltors, MedieinP Pa;f, ai T
Radway's Ready II liif Ptopa the pain and j We now direct the attention ef the public to 1 r rnr' T v JeS' Gnss
removes the r:in nr tli, li our second ceat discovery fur th
i urocenes, toys, iNotions, Cieirs. Tobar-
- w.-v - - " - - V - i IJ 1 UL III
As a counter irritant. Tl.it7w.iv' T?-'u!v ! eve .m fnr l. i. r : !:.. .P . . ;
.,. ,.,, y 'i v , . nine, lamunir tne t.lood UJ"
pet applied to the s lrface of the body, where , with impurities and covering the body with ' TTqttt C!f "V"kt rt 'i
there is inflamatiou or congestion, it w II in ; sore. and ulcers: diseases inherited by her-! 3 ulOrQ CL NQW GOOQS.
stantly scatter the congested blood. q-i d.zes editary descent, 3r contracted by inoculation, i f VllE S-ibseriber having p-rmanrntlv 1o
tho circulation, and in n lew miuutes .the most . or transmiyted by other diseases; over alfof! J- inline, Starke CiÄnn
excruciating pains are removed. 1 In may be ; which said diseases an J disorders in this sec- i a;crS to the people cT Starke d ad-ictrt
seen in ca.es of Lombaao, O.n.t. and Rheuma- 0nd class, ! counties, that he has ou hand a full and w, i
tism in their most terrible tonus, where ii ai- ItADWAY'S RF.VnVATTvn ni7orT x. I selects! Xt.-i .,r " ÄBUB"'
LETTER FROM ISAAC nXDDLESTO.XE. Jct ls repilJSlVe 'O the Sl,ht.
Uajt'ds Parish, hn.. June 10th. 1S.V. I m .mors nn nr.oo
Messrs H id way &. Co. R idwa) ' Heady It- Chronic diseases, scrofulous an 1 svphilti.
lief has cured lYterMay vi Rheumatism, when ; c mplanrs, conrump'ion, anil other affections
ere was no dopes ot his ever recovering
iic;iw ui iiij viiU'iuou aiKt xent tcr turn. Hi i
1 . -
ri"ht arm and leff was all perished: he h:ul iiolouiar swelling-, hacking d. j foM-h. canrer
uso ot llicni at all: li-it bv lho ns ! vnnr iru-.l.
ieine in t vo months he wii carrying the mail
fromClierryvilleto Barr' Feiry. I objected.
tie said h must do something for livinr. It
has been fourteen mouths since he was cured.
He is now wo'l and is working on his firm, uiul
the whole cost of his cur for yo ir med ciuaa
was live dollars. Isaac IIidulksto.nk
Railway's Hernial or.
We lu re direct the attention nf the public to
our nrwly discovered reuie iy RADWIY'S
U EG U LATO RS; they poyes the great curative
propr i a oi ;i purgative, cntbariic. aperient,
stidoritic, nuti-dysj eptic, corr-ctur an I Regu
lator of fliesystcm.. They are in f.ict tlie only
perfect purgative and cathartic that has ever
been diseovered or jriven to the worl I.
It td way 's Fcpulators will mmwer a better
purpose th m Cal miel or M.'n urv, without en
tailing on the system the terrible injuries i i
these baueful drug?.
They are in the form of pill, t b ginily ce il
ed with gum, perfectly tasteless, and cm be
taken without sickening or nauseating the pa
tient. They are tu be used in all cases when
the system is out of order, or under the infi
ence of disease. One or two doses ot Kuhvay'
Regul ators has frequently checked the prores
t'f the most terrible diseases, m l restored the
system to health and regularity.
They establish new and approved princi
ples in medicine, and secure the gr. at and im
portant power ot resulatiuL' to a healthy, natu
ral and harmonious action, euch and every or
gan in the buvy. Tiiis great coutrollin:; power
has never formed any part of the properties d
the popular Catharic, Yegetab'io or ndian Tur-
gutive l'iüs, liathrivc ever Lucu u u.
Itulwiy's Rgtiiaciirs rd the v.tem from
liseascnml restore the hitman body to health.
on an entirely ditFcre t principle to the weak
ening, sickening and griping method of the
crmmon cathartic and pursatnc pills
Unc or two ot Rtdway s Reul-itors will re
move the cause that occa.ihi.s pain or sick
ness, or an irrrgilaror unmtcral action or con
dition of the organs of the body, q ticker, mole
effectual, and wifli hs trouble t;i the patient
than six orten of the common raMnrtic or pur
gative puis. The moment R:idw y's Regula
tors are taken into the system ntlticted with ilis-
ease, their efi'ializmg tr.ieaev becip.: tliey
search out the elemeut of disease wherever it
may be seated; they act upon the whole surfte
of the intestines niul buWel?, nttneting tlie foul
and morbid humors from the blood, ciand. se
cret in "f vessels, and ex .!! in? these seeds
disease from the bo.lv, restoring a healthv tihd
regular action to the iver, R we's, l'ancreas,
Heart, Kiducy, R udder. Skia and all other
All of the cemmon pills of the dar, called
vegetable, Imliin, Cathartic. Acclaim that!
they cure disease by purginjfrom the bowels.
This is a far a they go they act op n the
bowels by irritating the mueuons membrane,
and thus obtain an evacuation in th same man
ner as the bowels are moved bv eating Sf.nie-
ihtug thutdisieree with the system. This is
truly an unnatural methed of restoring th sys
tem to health, by swallowing pilis that irritates
nl disagrees with it. Those who have taken
these cooimon pills ni e well aware of the weak
ahd debilitated cnudfdoa their systems are left
in. After the scouring operation of the?edras
tic purgatives is over, the bowels are sore and
feeble, and again become costive and bound
up. Honce arises dyspepsia nnd a host of oth
er disease. Railway's Regulators never leave
thrt bowels in si costive condition, or occasion
pain or weariness in their operati ui.
Diseases and comphints caused ly exposure
and atmospheric Changes, orer which llndvcnfa
Ready Relief and li idicay ? Regulators poss
ets the molt remariablc curative powers, and
whichwill readily yield to the R. R. Remedies.
When tjie system i lirst eized with h sudden
cold, or a fever sets in. A dose of from three
to ix of Rtdwiy'a Regulators shevild bo taken
this is all the mi.Üciueat this stage of the
disease that is required, in a few hour the sys
jeia will be restored to sound he: Ith. B it if
the ccld and fever is neglected, and coughs,
headaches, colds, chills, pains and aches in the
limbs, joiuts, muscles, bones, sid- and back,
sor throat, hoarseness, difficult breathing fol
lows the roid and fever then Rid way's Ready!
Rjhet Blioul l be applied externally, und a good
iWeof the Regulators taken. As soon as the
Relief is applied a reaction will tske place, and
in a few hour the pstieut will be free from all
pain or annoyance. ,
It these sigtn vl the presence of disease in
ihe system are unnoticed, and violent fevers
break out, in" the form of Billions, Typhoid,
Scarlet, Ship Fever und other malignant fevers
such as rueumouiu, Lung fever aud Drain Fe
vrr, a more rigid treatment becomes necessary.
The Regulators s ot M be giv-ui every four
hours, in large d.ses of from four to six, until
lree and copious discharges from the bowels
aro obatiued. The relief applied will produce
a salutary effect v.pon the skin, and. takeu in
water will abate the fever.
It inn imatioti or congestions take place,
Radway's Regulators and Rendy Relief shou'd
be takeu iit large doses. A enrj will quickly
malignant Bilious Fever, or Bilious Pneumonia, 1
ioliow ineir uxe. iu casea ot liiliousuess rv
Radway'n Re nlatois. riren in fill doses- and I
the wholo urfiice of the body bthed with '
Radwav's Ready RMief, will effjctually and
peedily cure the patient.
Attacking the joints and limbs, in flit tin? its
terrible pangs of pain with merciles rapidity
changing atiout trout joint t j jint ami from limb
to limb,
T.nnibncrrt r.iira1ri'f nr Hint ftflif .
vmi. R ulwav' Pe.idvRtdief annlied nnnlipd to'
the parts where th j pain is felt, will quicklv
relieve you Irora its excruciating pings. Rid-1
way's Rejndatyrs will expel from the intestines
allirritatirgaud corrupt humorr. .
Rati way's Ready Relief is not only ;i cure for
these infectious mahid iep, but will prevent those
who use the Ready Relief and Regulators agVmst
the iufectioiii
weti.ive known the K. R. Relief rid the
i. ... -
, fln(j c., . p. ,.or. i
j bipmasters wh have saved the lives of their
1 rri w nn,i .,,. , i i i
criws nna psisseneers, nn l entirely ur vn off
'the .mall Pox and Shi,, Fever from their ve-
gel,t ,,v Hing the R, -fitly ltt lief throngh
thrir inf.Jtl .1.;,. Tt ; l J,," g
mcir iniectetl .slnp. It is astonishing vh;it hip-
y civet the Heady Relief w n h.xlc if tveriy
sprinkled in pl.icea where the infections and
j contagion poixuns prevail,
e will g'larmtee thfit if those who are now
Pff'-ring with fever nnl igne, or its effocte, uvll
1'biee their pystenis mifler the influence i.flUd-
Wa's.Rl':i;ly Keljef and R gul i!ors,to cure them
oi this distressing malady, and to free th?m j
, iroty l" lever t ngne that is now lingering in
! eir systems and to render f heir bodies ague
, lMrc,- g:i't renewed attacks. e
! Those iiowstitTering from enlargements of the
opi-ii, tiiiorgements il the Liver, and oth
' chronic disease.
j t
! m mors mnnvi iwcr-...-
. Diseases thnt l.avo l.ar. l ; 1: 4 .
- - - ' - III
Possesses the mot positive
re curative powers, j
'ly has performed!
lh-sall powerful reme
, iinrs. ii uas mnue
many persons sound and whole, whose fie h
was one mass or corrupt:on, and who were
so disfigure I by disease as to renJer them o.
in in in wn v rf n r i. .
I'oi the lungs and throat, Indurations and
! :. . I . .
"a'seinen , ctir iuc rheanna ism. do n.
fus n fTeetine V.1
uii..iu ui me luiiiTS, oyspe -
sis, water brash, tic doler ux, while sweRin
timer?, ulcers. h:p diseases, female complaints
G ;ut, rickets, bronchitis, liv..r complain',
The moment a dose of the Kesolven? is tak
en into the system infecte 1 with dis ase, the
patient experiences the m st deligh ful sensa
tions, for new life is coursing thr.-usrli every
vein nnd tissues of the b dy enrichW and
l unfyuigthe bl od and osting out all m r
bid, corrupt an 1 loathsome hum r.
The Reu -vating Res dvt nt is a positive cure
for all chronic comp'ain s. It h.is mal whole
:md so md patients who ha I suff re 1 the m st
terribl- to.turv disease coul 1 infl ctup n the
system Let to- wir rf.7e tri. d oti. er treat
ments and ar.- sli 1 uce.rcd, givy the Reso-1
vent a tri 1 it wilier: you. Price one dol
I r prboltle- RTDWAY X- CO ,
16. Full n Street, New York.
Sold l. y DU','L'ists, M ,-rchants, and store
k' epers everywhere.
D.C. 'JU, Iii
T. I.
JFrsiil 4V Seal. Si ore.
One door South of the Post OJJice
V.iportc, Ssidinuu. '
' kinds ,1 S e I, F irruiu? Implements,
JLJL r not and Ornamental Tiees, II mse I'laufs .
c, t irhi.h'd on the most favorable terms.
JjMibscriptions reeeive! lor nl! Airik-ullural
Papers pablihed in the I'nitcd States. All let
ters oddresxed to us, in regard to our line of
lmiiej. will receive prompt attet.tiou.
July 26. 18m. i j.
Fj fleet i f Is h ;.s i e i
HAVXO associited themselves tosrethcr
. for the purpose of practi i-e their pro
fessions, Mould respectfully offt-r thursenic-
es to all who nuy leel disposed to favor them
with a call. Doctor West having had a lone
experience in treating the diseases of this
climate, fee.s confiJe'it in the success ot his
treatment and we design bein alway on
hand to attend all calls hy night or day in
every branch o' the medical profession. Hoo
tor fuller having been in regular practice in
(Joshen and Elkhart for six years, and having
received a regular medical" education in the
West, feels confident of the successful effect
of his treatment in all the diseases of this
country, and will attend all cases requiring
surgical treatment.
OiTiceoa the east side of Michigan street,
three doors south of Edwards' Hotel, Plym
outh, ml.
Nov- 2 J, J 8T5. 37 tf.
TT is a fixed fact that the undersigned
1 (till exerting themselves to keep up, "
or a
utie aneaa ot the times, in this atre of
ression, in the manufacture and repair of
r'sw -tr u ü r sj
We manufacture to order, and of the t est ma
terial, and our work is done by experienced
workmen. To those who have heretofore had
of our manufacture, it is useless to talk in
an advertisement, further than to return our
thanks for their patronage heretofore bestowed
and to solicit a continuance.
It is alsoa fixed fact that we now have and
intend keeping on hand a constant supply of
The Rochester Plows
At the manufacturer's prices, to which the at
tention of Farmers is especially invited, be
fore they supply themselves with an inferior
article. These plows are known to most of
our citizens, and have hereto'bte given gener
al salisfactio-i.
With the present flattering prospects of abun
dant crops and certain prosperity, farmers and
others need never expect a more favorable
time to purchase such articles as they really
need ' Give us a call at all events, and let us
talk about it, and if we can't suit you, we hope
there will le no harm done.
Plymouth, July 12, 1?5. .7yT.
Professor Humphrey's Specific
Homeopathic Medicines, for Families,
Travelers and others, just ree'd and for sale at
17yi: R0UEUTS.
Book Seli.kr, in
Clark's Urick Block, op
posite the pub. square La
Porte. Indiana, WHOLE
Drts, Books, and .til articles apDertafninctr
tne fame- Occupying two rooms, the finest
ana in(sl extensive in me city, and having
oods to nil the same he does not hesitate to
invite his numerous friends and acquaintances,
(which a business of ten years in La Porfe,
has given him. to call and and examine his
Stock, which he is now receiving.
Druggists, Merchants, Grocers, Pedlars and
others buying Goods to sell acain. h rorri:.
all Y illviteS tO Call IJuvin? GoodS nri ni' 1 1 1
by the package, he flatters himself th flt hf fori
futhish the same at as low prices as thev can
be Dougntinany maraet, in less quantities.
Laporte, July zi 1855.
City Drug Store.
Jlilson A .liirtrewy keep con.
stantly on hand, a splendid assortment or pure
Drugs & Chemicals, paints, Oils, Varnishes,
Ax. Also, a good assortment of Toys and
Fancy Goods, a: the City Drug Store, one door
Westof the Laporte Hotel, Laporte, nd
March 27. 1853. iyf
BEEl 110!.
Djing anything else, so to
ötore and find
gl . ' - mm v m j
v uuey uoo.is. ömtionery, Uooks;nnd
everything in the line of Country Drug,
IWk and Notion Stores, at prices cheap
er man "KnowOioth
Oct. 25. 1855.
GOODS wd "ch other articles as are hsu
nlly kept 1 11 a Country Store, at as reasonable
i prices as can be Had at any point in the West.
IL' keeps on hand a eood supply of
at low prices.
His terms will bo liberal, aud uncurrent
money taken at its re il cash value.
No trouble to show go ids er give prices,
wiU bo in receipt of new ?oods almost every
mouth, aud always keep his stock well re
plenished. D i.i't forget the place Store of
June 7, 1855. iyj
IS prepared from a receipt from an eminent
member of the Medical profession, and so
licits the scrutiny of the scientific. It has
been successful iu arresting disease in a mul
titude of cases, in which without this invalua
ble medicine, the sufferer would have become
a victim of that fell deslroyer, Consumption.
Try it la Hes, already the incipient growth of
this disease, is discernable in your hollow
check and sunken eye, which if not checked,
will bring you into a premature and earl grave.
TRY IT, and you will find a restoration of
youth and health. 0. K. TR1PI, Wholesale
A sent, Tremont Iouse, Detroit. II. R. PER
SHING. Agent, Plymouth, lud.
Sept. 2D, I-'j.". 27yl.
I'rocliu iurr Hair on I2:all I!r:i!.
j hence the unparalleled success of llt.rd's Hair
Kestorer. For a superior artcle f.r the toilet,
Iltird's fair Heiterer is cold at 1 per bottle,
GoUen Gloss ': cents, by dealer generally.
CiiEJircAi. M.iu'actuim; Co., I'ropric-tors.
t"J J Broadway, New Yurk.
0. K. TdlPr, Wholesale Agent, Titmont
House, Detroit.
öepr;- i..7. 27vl.
'0 wmrrrmTmv;wrrtW
Great Arrival of New Goods
V. . Ozlcsbcc ft Co.'s
Nil. OGLESBEE & Co." tae thi meth-
ol of informing the public that they
re now in receipt of a very large and well
selected stock of Spring and Summer Goods,
boots and Shoes,' Crockery, &c,
To which they invite the attention of those
wishing to buy
Good Goods at tlie Lowest Prices,
As they are determined to offer Greater Bar
pnins than have ever before been heard of in
this county. Hop ng to merit by integrity of
purpose, and a sric regard to the wants of
their customers, a snare of public pdronage.
All kinds ef
n exchange for Goods at tho Market Prices.
Plymouth, May 8, 185Ö. Ttf
Wayne Engine & Car Works.
Fort Wayne, Isxdiaim.
IIE Subscribers, Proproprietors cf the
. bbove w. rks, manufacture
Stationary Engines
A?rlfnltaral Imj-Icmcnts and Castings, .
of every description. They ca'll special At
tention to their STATIONARY ENGINES.
Having adopted the
Latest and Beat Improvements ,
and using the best material and the greatest
care in their manufacture, their Engines are
regarded as the most superior in use.
They furnish to order.
ions .rcwes-riaiKannss
Of any Required Power & Sizes
for Flour and Saw Itlills
Their works sinate ADJOINING' THE
RALROAD DEPOTS, with immediate con
nection with the CANAL, enable them
to deliver their work with facility and dispatch.
N. B.:iV e are also prepared to furnish the
superior Steam Boilers manufactured at this
" 7 iJlOiJOWIllaU ix
6m50 J., B. Sc Co.
tWsT' ATT V ft
u al.l. liAMra, :or sale tt Roberts
f I IHIS preparation has r.c-icr failed to mo- I me d,y to veiltv t ' V L .V"!!' ivttut
X dace a new rcuth of hair, when ucd u.ur to l, jVe anotiur chill, bv c, i t Vi, J?,
I according to directions. It is desi.Kd ex- rcerdi,,- tu dir.cio,,.. W
riessly for tl.ootn orrr.c ha. r, whereas, ! "" h ?lrii to recover bis appetite Vud '".-il,
nearly all articles advertised for this purpose, i and continues until a radical cLVe
1 are in reality designed onlv for te t)ne r tw.. hmti,. ;n . t 4t"!ed-
" r . I t l liiiir, UUI XldVI
JULl.I IUI ILL, c. would prove injurious to the cohsiifuti.m.
1 SADDLE' II: JAMES It GII1LTON.M. D.,Cbeniiat."
'yl Laporte.
DU. J. E. BHOOKE. having perma
nently located in Plymouth, tenders his
professional Services to the 'public. All calla
promptly attended to except when absent.
Office in Houshton'sBlock. J. E.BKOOKP
Dec. 14th, 1854, 39)1
B rincr on vom- ftnnrlc!
B U?K- bright clean Clover seed.
CO fln Hrt Virrmtlf C?J
5,000 do
Flax Seed
w." "euf" k Te- Agricultural and Seed
Uore. for which the h.ghestmarktt mice will
Laporte, Oct 18, 18Ö5.
Md II & .IRE.
ÄZä Äaaaicl7 tulllcrj, &c.
i ouoscrtoers nre now re-
.v ngme loiioMing, direct from
the hastern Manufacturers and old
u""u- " e "ve now on hand a
in the WSt. Ä r' ,,
new arl,cl6S.as well as increased those her.
to.ore kept, which via he told . Cindnn.t
Table und VurUt r,i. t::, T6"" .
v uac a lull fl.unr rnc.nt.
nt ever offered in V'Sl aSsort'
tJMng Materials-Such as Locks, latctet "
butts, hinges, screws, glass dec.
Carpenter's and Cooper's Tools A full
wrtment of chisel., hand and tennaatfim
Planes, drawing knives &c. '
Cabinet Maker's 7oo Mahoeanv and ul
Blacksmith' Tools Furh ..'.iT,V
crew plates, bellows, h.mrne ,Ti Utl'
Shoenberger's ron. steel, plow rnouids! & c '
Ountmtth Maferials-Locks. triwm tu!
fe-un mounlry and barrels, pistols S i V
caps, flasks. $c. ' eaiJe Le3'
Jers Leather belting, pacliur ror.e
boltmar clotl-.s. miti 1 at u:S f'pe
aiv,. file, &c. "tUl and c,fCular
and steel bad, scyuJc'
spades, shovels, Loes, &c. C3'
WJIrry Hardware, Hörnest Mounting -A
large assortment .addle tree,, LucUca
stirrup,, Lames, enamelled and patent itlxhlr
morocco, ,UevV and calf ,kin,, Ac &c Ä
dcMgnkeeptn, every article in tha line
e, -.-.t uaucr ana riith rh .
Cellar, in this St,erwe Ä 7 L
vauce above Day t-.n price.. d
ir v r ILS' KELLOGG &S0V
Inlini.poli, Jan. 31. 18-SG a)'
Rhodes1 Fever. And Ague Cure
It will instantlv cl.n t A
... .1 .. in
fnme may rcjuire more.
! P""ted in German. Vvvuch , Id Sa, i h ?
1 1 , 1 1 : 1 1 . n . . .....t. 1 ...1 ... . opaniMi, ac
'l;l a::V fill 1 l.ntll.. !..:....
. .. Kjv.e uoiiar
.lO-ial lcounts nio.le to the trade
J-IME3 A. RHODES, l'rovidence. R. I.
Evitlcnce of .Safely.
lt1 , , New Vi kk, Juue 11, 185.
Ihnve made a chemical iiami,tien t.f
F vr r aiul Ague Cure." or "Autidote
........ 1 .0, mm tiuvc t Kt.s.i it e..
LKwi.BtRo . Union Co., l'a., Mav2. 1853.
ir.J: A. Rhodes Dear Sir: The box of
med,cit:e you ,eut me was duly received on the
11th of April. I Lave old ottut one half of it
and fo f:ir the people who have used it areea
tistied that it has cured them. It has certainly
ft' 'pi ed the A sue in rvprv rn. V,. 1
it and six of the rase w, re of lo-g standing.
...j rUll uuu,ia nau 11 iornve oreixvesr
et u. I never pet it etonnpil 1..,
v i:.nue, .uia iiiat uilvas Ion? m.hn tx-r.t,t
I ..n... .... I a X - 7
EE " t v.i,ui UT
take it, is now, I think, entity cured l.v our
re,1Ktly- C. R. McGlNLEY."
T.tke no n.ore Arsenic, Tonics, Mercury,
Q'liniiie, Febriliigcs Strychnine, t,r Anti-Peri-
rxlh-m , f ai.y kind.
1 he well known inefficient
A?J!:"3laand Consumption.
Brought home to the door of the Milli
A F-EnFl'L discoverr has recently
XX. been made by Dr. Curtis of this city, in
the treatment of Consumption, Asthma and all
diseases orthe Lungs. We refer to ' Dr. Cur-
-ipr5?Sana' r ilhaUn? "ygean Vapor and
cherry Syrup." ilh this new method. Dr.
U has restored manyafflicted ones to health,
as an evidence of which he has innumerable
certificates. Speaking of the treatment, a
physiciau remarks, "It is evident that inhal
ingconstantly breathing an agreeable, heal
ing vapor the medicinal properties must come
indirect contact with the whole arial cavities
of the liugs, and thus escape the many and
varied changes produced upon them when in
troduced mto the stomach, and subject to the
K155sldl?Stion'' Thellygeana is for
sale at all the Druggists' throughout the country.-
Jew lork Dutchman, Jan. H.
The Inhaler is worn on the breast underthe'
linen without the least inconveniencethe
heat of Ihe body being sufficient to evaporate
the fluid. .
U-Forsale by II. B. PERSHING, Plymouth
May 3, 18)3. . 7yj
Kurd's Golden Gloss
rII2?lteiPalat?oa 4 bihly Perfumed. I
X gives the hair a dark, soft, glossy and
lively appearance, which cannot be obtained
.rom any other article. It effectuallvcleans-
es the scalp from dandruff and scurt and keep3
the head clean and healthy, it preveats the
tiairtrom falling off or turning grey, , and in
spires it with new life andvgor. Hurd's Gol
den Gloss is put up in larr bottles, and told
at the low price of tvcen-ßve cents, by all the
principal dealers inynigs, Medicines and
Fancy Goo.ds throiy-nout the world.
O. K. Tirr, lpolesale ag't, Tremont IIoue'
Detroit, Mich nd II. B. Pcasmxo, Plymouth"
Jnd. Sept 20, 1855. . 27 j, '
1 1
wiuaow a.shtc ice, tor !ale,at mhnleale nr
rjtail, at thesis of ,jle h Padlock No
J'. U1VII1? mndo nrrn, . ,
V t Vt , 1 i 1 a,:1 cu'"ü f'f Infermit
i t, Lt a.il Remitier revcrs.FcTcr &
Ut: I1 1 .mb Agno. G.-n-ral DobiU
uh1: !:uVcacül!,mo wigininMalarbor
!v r , I!' ' a'ltlJo!c V',ic,, "ire
licilv f"1-11 wVrvrU.r e.en in th
V uecr l'il T'n,,y 1,,'CalIli'. from any
A. ie or Lil.ious disease whatever, cr onv in
i-ry frum cou.taLtiv inhaling Malaria cr
V Iii, IlrlV! s!it r..! I. i. .
" " "i 1 ior orniiinr
1 m w .-v.. --'--v m nriiii:.
1 -'UTcnry. U'liliine. :n..l K-..rn:.,A 1 ... v . '
: I I -
11 111.. IWI.I . . . ,
the II.., mg ,thrr offals medical principle,
or of mercenary quicks. The ody remedy i 11
J'iiy iy. 1055. "
. j w

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