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The Republican.
Plymouth, Ind.
Office: Cor. Michigan a. Laporte Sts. '
One copy one rear, in advance S3, oo !
One copy six months, in advance $1. 00
Ob copy three months, in advance.. .. 60.
The Plymouth Republican.
LcgaJ AdverUaeateaU at leg ntmm.
Buniiun cards. 8 Kmtm, 86. Oo pet tun.
ftp 4i rates jfiven to reg-alBr ri rflmrt n m
Bj,,: i ntic-e, ao h-ded. act solid, 1 cot
pr line for flrf iaek-rtlan, and 6 ocats for each
enbaeqart insertion.
Sp.vr. 1 W.j 1 tr.j 4 w.i I m. S m so ;1 yeai
linrh 1 00; OO1 lO! 4 W, 8 W 6 oof 11 00
k inches. . S X 3 0 4 Mi i i. i (k te W U W
t lb( r,CB. . 3 00 4 iJ 4 SO t SO t W Ik 1 W M
tnti.es.. 4 ' ft 5" e o s myiv 14 n m
W column B uc 7 OU 6 00 10 00 IS 0 SO W'l 88 0
column 7 0"l(i 1 50 1 ilfn (., 1 So W
1 cut': in: . . 10 o l.'. 00 OK ' .4. IK;D H) !W N
OOc la Post Offi'-e Block. Dwelling ob East Side
Soath M'.i ;i 'aii Stre1
rr it
Ulli niFIIEU!
The Lips that Touch Wine Shall Never
TU('h Mine.
A ic? I.ee Flood awaiting her lover one nicht,
Her cheeks Aliened and Blowing, her eyas full of
nur Uhu jMrti 1 k pwo'I luiu uri niwuvniu trVHOtfl
"Why, are you rich?" asked Tabby,
"No, but my father is. He will let
TheNorristown Herald offers a rec
ipe for keeping apples from rotting
JT Dr. N. Sherman over Lauer' s Store, on
Hii'hian street, Plymouth, lad. Residence
on Center Rtreet. opposite Catholic church,
bm no
ATTORNEY AI LA W . Prompt attention given
t collections, settlement of decedent' tautm
and rurtliananipe, deeds, mortgages, and other cou--rmcta
drawn up ami acknowledgments taken. Of
Sea ovrr Back A Toan's Uartiware Store.
Attorney at Law A Notary Public
Proaipt attention given to all claims and col
cBons left in his care. Office in corner of
Sear'a brick block Plymouth Ind.
ATTGKXEa AI- LAW. Located In 1846.
Collections and conveyancing a speei
tlty. Buys and sells real estate u conimis
ion. Insures lives and property in A. 1 com
isaies. Desirable real estate for sale in the
eitr and adioinics. Novl-T5
pleased tu recoivo patients at his office.
No- 81 lichigMn et roe t, where b may be
tuend a all times, except when professional
ly absent, his residence being at the same
July 1st. 187. 6m
Wm. N. BAILEY. M. D.,
PHTSI IAN & SURGEON. Thirty years
practice. Graduate of two Medical col
leges. Mii-l six years Surgeon in the army of
Uie U. 8. (vol. aerv.i Can compete success
fully with any quuek in the Lnited States.
Thankful for , -a.- favors, n still in regular
practice. and only requires to be better known
to have an extensive one. Office In Sears'
aew brick, cor. of Jichigan and LaPorte
Plymouth. In '.. July let. 187. 1
J- O . S. D A. J. W. PARKS.
ATTORN Eis AT LAW. Notaries Public and
Authorize! War Claim Agents; Offices at
Six fflonnths FREE to Subscri
bers to
We take pleasure in announcing that we
have made arrangements with the publish
er of the Chicago Wk'EKLT News which
enables us to offer 'hat paper to our sub
scribers as a premium, at no additional
e. 1 over the regular subscription price ot
lac Republican.
For one iwaacriptfcMI price we thus fur
Bfak our Baoatrlhefj with two papers a
metropolitan and a home weekly. By
this arrangement our subscribers are pla
ced in command ot the w hole situation.
All eveuts ot interest, local, uational ami
loreign will be presented, completely and
promptly, by the one or the other ot these
two publications. The single feature of
hill and trustworthy Chicago market quo
tations will be worth, to many of our
le id rs the entire subscription price.
To those who are net familiar with the
Chicago News, we would say it is the
best representative of independent jour
nalism tu he west. The Weekly "News
No flower of the forest e'er looked half so fair
ehe did that niedt. as lie Mood h the door
Of the cot where she dwelt bv the side of the moor.
Her lover had promised to take her a walk,
me get you horses, and carriages, ani it is Keep cbildren.
Why is 2 o'clock and a young man
"And jewels?" asked Tabby.
"Oh, a peck of ear riügs, and
finger-iings, and bracelets, and
cbaius! In fact, anything you wish
"Thank you," Paid Tabby. "How
ll. r Mir- . kiff , t.'.r, 1 . t full T 1... tlton nf.-i ' Wait.
with rheumatism. w unable to mor,- ni til th. ' And Willinra has oft kept me watting of lafe;
next April. From tliat time until three years aj" 1 know where he stays 'tis ty to tell
this fall I suffered ewrv hin with rhfUtisai. He pends many an hour at the sign of the Ben:
sometimes there would tk- weeks at a time tltfU I w'"h he would k p irom siuh PiBCBB away;
eonld not sten one step; these attacks were suite "'s rakish companions do lead him astray."
otten. I suffered everything that a man could.
oer three years ago last spnng I commenced tak-1 She heard a quick st.-p, and her yoniif haart beat
ine VfoETiNi and followed it up nntd 1 had taken last,
wn w,n ;. I.Hi' hail nr. rheuinaliflm since ttmt . As s!ic said. "Iam Had he iacominc at Ut;"
time. I always advise every one that is troubled but it was only a neighbor, who h teued to peak, I
ith rheumatisiii to irv VufTiM:. aud uot suft.-r : Ami he mark. 1 the iiuicn nusn on tnt young main- 1
, 1 .1 -n ;. ...,..,,.... : I ...1. rI.Mlr
And his aged eye twiikled w ith pleasure aud glee,
As he merrily said, 'So you're waiting 1 see.
Now don't think at all I'm intending to blame.
For love ought ne'er be a snb)ect of shame;
But I tell yon to warn von. 1 fancy my iass,
Vount; William is getting too food of the glass;
And oh 1 if you wiah for the love thai endures.
Say the lips that touch liquor shall never tsuch
lie went on his way; but the truth he'd impressed
Tsvtl. - .nil .link ,Imii In l,r fmir niaiil.in'u Kmq.I
i ...... sli Mi .'...,,rl.t..r ,fl..r I wi,, a .. v .. ' - - ' ,
- " nl trange thiugaahe could scarce account for he
tack of VN hoon:ug Coogh, was left 111 a feeble etate lore
of health. Belnif advisd by a frieud. she triel the KriW ,1Mm1'i,P niain. ,hl. non.lered them o
for years as I haw .lore. This statemejit is i;raiui
toua aa far Mr. Stevens is concerned. Your", etc.
Firm of A. Crooksr Jt Co.. druggists aud ap:the-caries.
Has Entirely Cured Me-
Boston, Oct. 1870.
Jfr. H. It. Sterens:
Bourbon and Plymouth. Indiana, Especial: is a large eight column folio, "cram lull
attaa.iou iriven to tbesettloment of decedents I f te(.ffrHph and general news, short ami
Eatkvtes. C onveyanciug. and the collection of 1 ... , b , r ,1 1 .
Hol.Uera' l lainm for tensions : will attend PltllY editorials Oil the topics d the da ,
VFjrtiNF, and alter using a few bottles was 1 all y
restored to hlth.
I have been a r. at sufferi r from UheumHtixm. I
have taken sever ai bottica of Vegeüuc for this MSB
plaint, and am happy to say It .tas entlrelv cured
me. 1 have reo miucnded the Vegetine to others
with the aame good result. It is S great cleanser
and purider of the blood; it is pleasant to take and
1 can cheerfully reenmawpd it.
JAM Ks K ltsK, Athens street.
Now appeared'qnite plain, as she pondered them o'er
She then said, with a look of deep sorrow and
"I really believe the old man Is right.
W'h-n Wi liam next comes I will soon let him know
He must five up the liquor, or else he must go;
Twill he a gv t chinrc, no donb', to prove
If he in really sin-re in his vows of deep love;
Rheumatism is a Disease of the
iromptly to all professional business en
trusted to them, and practice in Marshall and
adjoinina coanties. Plymouth office on Baao
str-et between Michigan and Center streets,
Eourbyn ofHc i in'i: iiatiur office. 'JMf
ATTORNBY AT LA. Will practice Id all the
coarlsia the Ute. Ufflce in Wheeler's bliKk.
ovar Becker A Wolf 's dry goods store, Flymonth,
BS. K. W. UIM..U',
HOMEOPATHIC Fhyslelan and t)entit.
and Dr. 3. A. Dunlap. regular physician and
Burge-jQ, resp.'et:ully ofler their services to
the public OrTice in Corbin's block; resi
dence on urt (iaiio street.
writteu in a verv familiar, incisive style,
and in all its departments evidently aims
to give facts in few words, without the
verbiage and tine wrilting which render
so many of the large metropolitan jour
nala "a wenrines lo the flesh." Fust
not words appear to be its niatto.
All new siibscri tiers to the Republican
and all old buhcii!ers who renew before
the first of January, will receive the
tüKLY News six months as nremium
.1 W. IDERS A CO..
Pub. Keimblii an 1'L in oiuh.
Plymouth. Indiana. janlyl
Especial attention given to the acttlo.eat of es
Bi'rs, a'j i uarthiou of lands; also the collection of
Sltiraa and foreclosure of mortgages. Keuiittanessi
rompt. tynl
' a. cTTa. b. capror,
Attorneys & Counse lors
tfiriCB-A. L. RBBBUBVI ulo k.
,n PL. U UTH. IMP.
N otary Kut.ll. Confujriuie; Emmlnrr ort no ad v roe crilieiani UMn cither its get.
The Indianapolis
Bas now li en BabilssVai for over Half a
C entury, nnd ie hut jut to I y tltat it has
done more to promote general latelltgeace
and eslablih a healthy moral and jmhii'kmi I
si nliiiieiil in tl.e State than :iuy other in
BtHaiB 11. eil her public or private. It is
the unaniiiio is venlict of f ho leading news
paper men throughout the oonatl v that,
ciiaslflirriai: its Hehl, THE JOURNAL
has no RMNlteff hs a newspsjaT in the
Goxerument. There 1ms been literally
Mr. A LBEKT 0BOOKBR, the well -known drug-
gist and ait h.-cary. of Sprinirvale. Me., Slwaya at- I Anil she hielt all her hope OS) a long, pleasant talk;
vi we every one trounieu with rcm-umausui 10 try Hut the daylight was tailinjr, and u 1 wren
VKtiEllNK. Her temper was tailin, 'twas plait, tobeseen;
Daari Mis Ktito m n n t I For now ehe'd stand si ili.t hsn a tune she wouM hnm
Keaa his fctawment. 4 Mtm ,nj mu,fer, -i wish he winkt com-.'
-'- r .. fui , a tr.j
.- .n.. , . . .. iiti....i . T 1 1 .. : I ..
ff. H. Sterpti: A : ' ay say what you like, tis not pleasant to ueuguuui; i uevet uu a ring iu my
life. How nice a real gold ring
would bei"
"Wouldn't It?" And then he extor
ted a promise from her thut she
would not speak to any of the other
students about his proposal, at least
for a clay, while she on her part told
hiin that she would give him her an
swer on the following evening.
"And much good may it do you!"
she laughed to herself, as she ran up
the steps of her uncle's house. "I
wonder if he thinks I can't see that
he is making fun of me. lie does it
because I am poor and ignorant and
Her cheek was fl .shed now, and
her eyes sparkling, for though slow of
speech she was quick of wit, and
could read character pretty correctly.
In something less than an hour
Drake had met his friends, who
crowded around him with questions.
"What succesB?"
"What did she say?"
Splendid ! splendid ! " ejaculated
the young man, rubbing his bands
vivaciously; and he repeated the con
versation with in. my embellishments,
saying that she bad asked him if he
would give her a peok of jewels and
a white horse with a red velvet sad
dle, provided she was willing to mur
ry him.
This proof of the girl's silliness
bi ought forth peals of laughter from
the boys and girls, by whom he was
greatly admired.
Before the young people parted, it
was ugreed that they should all call
at the profeasor's bouse on the follow
ing evening, and over-bear, if possi
ble, his love-making, and witness
Tabby's acceptance of a brass ring
with a bit of colored glass in iL
"You see the piofeesor and the old
ludy are invited to a wedding, and
there will be a splendid chance.
at that time the most enlightened
nation on the globe a nation of as
tronomers, poets artists, architects,
armorers a nation which believed in
the immortality of the soul, aud in a
Because 1 'uture ' lewards and punisbroeot,
J and, which, therefore, ranked h.- hest
I l 1 m 1. - .
I id tue Bcuie 01 morality. arui wass
the printer said : heU from wbich weut q uucea8.
.uot ilk ir r aar .. t
iug discord the impr cation of rage
aud the scream of mortal uffonv. No
Some men are very logical and Hn,ft ,fH nrnnHrtv. or wife or
that wants a wife alike?
they are both after one.
"Set solid," as
a-han t ha ohufr ha aar ilnuin saati'r I
there, and he landed on the floor.
Items of Interest.
O v. Hampton had his leg cut off
and was elected to the United States,
both i j one day.
The grave of Thomas Lincoln, the
father of tbe "martyred PreaidenL" Ja
marked out by a "hillock aad a
Dennis Hanks, Linooln'g oM friend,
neighbor and instructor in tbe three
R', is still living in Paris, III., s hale
considerate. They blacken their CDi,df wa8 eafe for ftn hour Now and hearty octogenarian
i. ... .. .1,.. 1. ..!.... 1 .1,....
BL,UW w savc lUB iW 1 mark what the earth is now-and
won't stop driukiug rum to save knn ,h, phftnirt. r,ominwMI
hell to tüe confines of heaven, Is due tne Flr8t Napoleon, died in the SL
Captain Julius BazoH. who had
served as an officer with honor ander
themselves. Flying Leaves.
He must srive up o once anl forever the wine.
Kor the lips that touch liquor shall never touch
Before matriage a man is generally . to tbe Gospel. And that gospel will
greeted by his sweetheart with "My make the world as much better here
dariing is It jou?" But after mar- j after than it is now as the members
riage she generally rushes to the I of our Christian churches are better
door and shouts, "John Henry, wipe than Assur-izir-pal and his incarnate
your feet. devils, "
A dandy, while being measured for 8Ix Charlie Rosse in the Field,
a pair of boots, observed, "Make them Although four years ai d a half have
cover the calf." "Heaveusl" exclaim- pas8ed since the kidnapping of Char
ed the astonished artist, surveying j e Roggl tne father avers he never
his customer from head to foot, "I glveg up thö 8eQrch. At tbe present
haven t louther enough.
Lawrence county, New York, poor
house, recently, at tbe age of 96.
General Robert Patterson, of Phil
adelphia, now more than eighty years
of age, is said to have entertained at
bis table every President of the
United States since Madison's time.
The Marquis of Lome's great
, grandmother was Elizabeth Gunning,
tbe famous Irish beauty, of whom
Horace Wd'pole said in his letters
SLe heard a quick step coming o'er th' moor,
I And a merry voice which she had oft heard heforc,
AnJ are she oaM speak a strouc am held her fat.
The hlood In tins di-eae. Is totmd to contain an I Ad a manly voice whispered, -i've ,'umo love at
excei of fibrin. VsgjstfSMI acts by converting the 1 laft.
hlood trom its disease-', condition to a healthy cir- I But I know you'll forgive mc, then give me a Bias;
cnlatton. Vegetine regulutef the bowels which is I'm porn thst I've k pt you wsitiug like this."
verv important in this complaint. One bottle of
Vegetine will give relief, hot to effect a pennant i.t Bat slie shook her bright curl on her heaatifnl head
cure ii must 1m-taken regularly, und may take sev- ' And she drew herself up while quite pron-lly she
era! bottles, especial y in cases of long standing. , saul,
Vegetiue la sold by all druggeets. Try il, and your ''Now, William. I'll prove if yon really arc true;
vi 1 tict will be the aame as that of thousands betöre ' For you say that you love mc -I don't thiuk you do;
you, who say, "I Lever tonuil so much relief as
Iron the use of Vegetier," which is com posed ex
1 lusively of Bark, Knut ami II b$.
If reallv yiiu love me you inu; i.v.- up
For the' Hps that touch liquor shall
the win
I never touch
II. nll. .m.nJ W V, . Ali.-,, tl. rlr
TBGl riNL, sayi. a Boston phys.ctan. 'has Yo n.alw p.ttiüi; quite ,1,1. mv dear."
no eq.ial as a blood purifier. Ilear.uc .1 us inanv j tljH, an. rjcilt- Bh(. wvi. .- , oe
wonderful cares, alter all other remedies ha. failed. You. ,N . lur tM lrlu.r tlian me.
I riaatod the laboratory ami convinced ray at-It ot ita j lua J . ( the poi-ouou- wine
,-en.ene ra-rit. It la prepared from -ark-, roots Kor lip? that touch liqi or siiali n. vor touch mine."
aud herbs, each of which is hiubly effective, and
mey ure eo;npoun.ie.i in sw 11 a manner as 10 pro- , , ,h jf 'r..nfound itl" SASflid
duce B8touifbiui n-Mi if.
S. nth' Salem, Mass., Nov. 14, 1ST.
.Mr. f. f. fit.cn:-
Dear (Mr . I have n.-en troubled with Scrofula,
f'ank.r aiel Liver Complaint tor three year; noth
ing ever did me any good until I commenced using
Vecetins lam now gettim; along nrat-rate, sua
still Daiug the Vegcl ine I counhler there is uotb
:ug equal to it lot sasS eoinplaiuts Can h -artily
recommetid ii to everybody ours tralv,
No. 16 I-armif,- street, South Sal. in, Mass.
"What nouseuse you'M ot lajrosvoV ar utile head;
Bnt I'll see it I an not remove it Iren heu'-e. '
aul ehe, ' Tis not uou&snac, 'tis plain common
And I m. itn what I say, an t this you will find,
I don't otten ctian.' when I've made up my mind."
i . 1 1 1 t. . 1
time he says be is engaged in looking sue Wtt8 luo "ttuuou"iüBt
A musician, George Sharp, had his ; up six different clues. One of them j ino wu,lu
name on the door thus: "G. Sharp. "A la In Australia, and he is dally expect- The tide of immigration is again
wag of a painter.wbo know something ! ing a letter detailing the history of i setting toward our shores. During
of music, early one morning made the discovery of the boy. There are this year, 1678, the strangers have
tbe following undeniable and signiü- ' two more in England, and a fourth in come at the rate of 6,000 per month.
the mountain fastness of Wales. That In 1877, the average was only a little
the interest of the public in tbe j over 4.000 per month.
In the yeai 1854 Horace W. Tabor
was a stonecutter at Augusta, Me.
Now be is Lieuteuant Governor-elect
cunt addlion: "Is A. fiat.'
With a fine-tooth comb, the indnlgent mamma
Was scraping ber youii.u.-r's head.
While he squirmed and growled, "By Jingo ma,
"1 wish tne Ocvii was dead."
"Why, what in the world do yon mean my son?"
The. astonished par -ut crice;
"B ell, my teacher told me, at Sunday-school,
"Tnat he was the father of lice."
"We,l," said an old bachelor when
he found a basketful of baby on his ! ba eed Ä child living under suspic-
x half 1
Prepared ny
She never hfoie saw bim look half so vexe fc
But she said, "H he talks al bis lite I won t tünch."
And he talked, but he never could move her an inch.
He then kllssilj cri.il, with a look and a groan,
"O Alice your heart Is as bard aa a stone!
Bnt thoneh her heart beat In his favor quite load.
She tili firm! kepi to "h- vow she bail vowed; '
And at laet, in. out c. n a tear or a sigh,
ÜRM 'i 'I am C'.ing, so. Wil iam run by."
Nay, stay," he iheu aaid ; "1'ii choose one of the
I'll gite up the liquor in favor of you."
Titles nnd Civil Eugtiieer,
WIU furnish a complete Abstract o.' Titles to landa
a Marshall counly, ind. efll at h a resUcnci-,
qu Badon rl.cet, north of ourt Uoue square.
I 1 al Bentlst, Oil
'A.t -f y A. Becka.'s
w'-y-- . opposltsPoi
Consaltatton free.
Bentist, Omre ovor
1 grocery,
ire satis
faction in every re
spect. Diseases of
the mouth and teeth
successfully treated
Ts th ex tr ac t d
without pain by tie-
use of nitrous oxid
All work warranted. I
crnl or e.it.Til maim.. 111 ut In tin pasl
three years, except such ns OaflStfl from
Bdverav poliiicsi or rival business interests.
FHE JOUBNAL'S gtawtli la popaauHj
and in cin uiation has been steudy und con
tiauou Ehmb year to j ear.
M lu'iij d Weinesii? of Eich Week, j
Without With
Souday is.-us. Sunday issue.
One Year, by mall $14 uo Sl4 .00
Biz Moutha, by mall 00 I
Three Months, hv mail... too So
One Month bv mail 1 00 1 V
Per V eek, by carr.er .... 25
The St' N DAY JOUKNAL alone will be sent by
mail to those desiring It at j per year.
In entering uMr. new business year
the prouiictorB of TIIL JOLKNAL have
announced u Git EAT RKüL'CTlüM in
he price and terms lor the
Ufflce In Second story. Post Office Building
Teeth from one only, to a
full set, so cheap that the
rich and poor can all
Preservation of the Natural Teeth
Office over Parks Bros Law
Office, Gaiw Street.
Plymouth, Ind.
rj Better than F:er. NA- 4
sasiiai aa aw m a a aaa X ' A. JT v
PH GL KtüüCLU V.v-
a! of ruin, Practical, Reliab'c,
r : ir :
for Crrr.tn iy
f r ail Uoys and 3v
uvvch ftv r inc ehkhvihwov
both pieaing ai d nonictive. Tbe
I I Il I v
for Wm, East. South, North I fe
N of ( atlie, Hot ep, Swire,
S ' jr .ena, or VieJge l.ot; fciiiou
w 1 Ä. V a v Ä
im B V ra er wmrrrm wmw rar, jw,
SSS, i ajeach.
$1 EACH, g
Single wascriBJlif n,f 1.50.JCJ
r . J V 1 , -
R One number, aj c A ifwcimcii, yi.-ict, wc.
A lAfralFICEST SiESl il.lt SSfiiATiSfi lor t!l.
lBTBl I ii. in 'A for Claha.
iT . . if WIU ;y.
43 B-vadwvy. M Y.
A? w v
Weekly Mm Slits Jowl.
The price of single subscription for one
year will hereaftei be only $1 20. In clubs
of twenty-five and upwards, per copy, $ 1.
They will pav to the Agents of TI1K
WEEKLY JÜLKNALa cash commis
sion of 10 cents, to be retained out of
each subsci iption. To secure tbe paer
at $1 ou per year there must he a club ot
twenty-hve 1 hey oner no premium this
year to subscribers, having given theui
the benefit of a 20 per cent reduction n
JOUltN AL is the che.ija-t paper at the
above price that cau be produced any
Now WiiKini had nftrn (rrciit cause to rrioice,
For the hour he had nnide sweet Alice his choice ;
And he hlenaed, througk law whole of a l.'iij, uaeful
HU atOVOllw IWkstlkll Tlie fate that had eivin him his dear little wife.
. lt. V Clin, IJUMUII, JlilO Al, .,.,,, t r svmMeaa wo to as that uiht
One who In oar canae is an ornament bright.
Vegetine is sold by nil DrugRists. 0ktiiBiBdkMriMtaaraBBsBMiaa4
W..'ild aav, -ITl ic-'.-r fJB ray heart or my baud
- j ,,(,,,,,,, n do 1 -ver h'ld n soili to think
Would taste one small drop ol tbe vile, cursed
But aa.v. when yon"re wooed, " I'm too U th
Aud the lips that toovli liquor shall never touch
CcsBaMBted America!
front steps, "some men are born ba
bies, some achieve babies, aud some
have babies thrust upon them."
It is beautiful to behold at a wed
ding tbe sorrow stricken air with
which the parwot "gives the bride
away," when you know to a certainty
that it's the very thing he has been
trying to accomplish lor tbe past ten
years. 4
TÜ stay an old maid .till I got
DiucK 15 tne race, oerore i d marry a .
man that chews tobacco." Aud ohe
took a wad of gum out of ber mouth
aud stuck it ou the uuder side of tbe
scat of her chair for safe keepiug
while she was eating her dinuer.
A careful man went to his room
Thougb what shall I do if the little I aod noticed that there was oul? one
goose SCOl pta me?" : uiatc'i remaining in the box. "Now
Roars of laughter followed the j jf lLllt shouldn't burn to-night when 1
query; but tbe young fellow, declar- i coine iu soiii0qnizel he, "what a fix
ing that ho would trust to bis vita at j WOuld be in." So he tried it to ste
the proper time, ua.ie tnetn goou- ( it Waa tt K)0,j OQd jt Was.
lySrccimen copies of the WEEKLY
JULli.NAL will be sent uratnituu-ly to
iBOal h' wisli to examine the paper with
reference to subsciu ing or raiaiug clubs
t'irculara anil Posters furnishtd ueuts
and getters up of clubs. Additiou V
LsllBfl in ty be BMBB at any time, at club
rates, alter the club lias liecn raised, pro
vided only, that a toll year's subrcription
is taken. Single subscribers invariably
1 in advance. The money must ac
coinany all orders. The above prices
are invariable. The time at which the
subscription expires is printed on each
wrapper, ami to ivoid missing a number,
reuewals should reach this office betöre
the lime is out.
Hemit la Drafts or Pontofflce Money Or
ders, it possible, aud where neither ot thtas
can be procured send the money in a Heg
istered Letter All Postmasters are oblig
ed to register letters when requested to do
so, and the syatein is an absolute prolec
lion agaiti-sl losses by mail, (jive lull ad
dress, Postothee. Counly. and State.
We w ill club with the Weekly Indiana
Slate .Journal on the following terms i
For the Jouriml and the
One year, ft.?.") in advance. Parties
who are already paid in advaucw subscri
betB of the Republican can renew their
subscription lor the .Journal at club rate.
All communications for the JOUUN AL
should be address to
Indianapolis, 1ml.
mm Frintinar Prsnwii for Flewaure
; yy 1 1'rotltiaiiU I uat ruction.
Amateur Printina is a delightful
and pleaidug pastiuw for the Hoya. I
gives then a sate aad beneBrlal amuse
in. lit; keeps them at home improving
their tiute, learning to real. siell aud
ptinet tvtte correetlv. Outflt of 1'rese,
l yp-'. Koller, luk. casti, cards, etc. for w'i. 7...
KEhWEI.U wan.N Kit CO., 1 aad 174 Clark
St., bJCBtfO, 111.
"Yes, Tabby ia rather pretty."
"She don't seem to care much for
tbe admiration of gentlemen," said a
i vivacious girl, who was, evidently,
SYMPTOMS OF WORMS. 'only too willing to accept all the
TI 1 E CQttaia!C is pale and leaden- homage she could get.
colored, with Od asional flushes, or j "Still waters run deep," was the re-
a ctrcnoaacribed spot on one or both sponae of another.
hecks; the nci become dull; the pu-; "Nonsense! the girl is pretty, but
pils dilate; an azure semicircle runs she is, evidently a little fool. Why,
alQBg the lower t ye lid ; the nose is ir- if you speak to her she seems to be
mated, swells and sometimes bleeds ; frf hM
a -Avel bnifof tue upper lip; occasional , . , , . .
. . . p .i u - .u,i i ; . some soap, and isn't afraid to be epo-
beadw he, with humming or throbbing r
of the ears; an unusual secretion Ken
saüva; slimy or furred tongue; breath j bet you I'll spoak to her, and
u-rv foul, particularly a the morning; make love to her, too; and there she
appetite variable, sometimes voracious, comes as sure as I'm aUve! Good-bye,
with a gnawing sensation of the stom- friends; I'll report success perhaps
i h, at others, entirely gone; SeetMal lu an hour."
pains in the stoma, h, occasional This conversation had taken place
nausea and vomiting ; violent pains at the hoU8e of a frieodf wherei by
throughout the abdomen; bowels ir- Kö i , u i . j
. ' , , chance, several of the students aud
regular, at times costive; stools slimy ' ,
not unlre.piently tinged with blool . one or two 0u ladies happened to
oelly swollen and hard ; urine turbid; f5lt' , , .
respiration r casi, mally difficult, and ' rhe ynn man wbo ftPoke la8t WM
accompanied by hiccough j cough some thing of a favorite on account
-M.ietimes dry and convulsive ; uneasy of his flne appearance and -easy man
and disturbed aleep, with grinding of ners. He rushed out on the street
the teeth ; temper variable, but gener- intime to encounter the girl of whom
ally irritable, &c. he had spoken, a modest, somewhat
Whenever the above symptoms I uncultivated, but very lovable girl,
are found to exist, an(j the niece of a prof es or who was
DR. C McLANFS VKRMIFUGB fitting Drake an. a dozen other
will certainly effect a cure. young gentlemen for college.
it runs sol contain MKBCOBY " Will you alio w mo to walk home
in any form : it is an innocent prcpara- with you?" he asked, politely lifting
t on. not aifQbk f lining ftf sh.-hteH his hat.
injury to the most Under infant. "Certainly, if you are going my
The genuine Dk. McI.ank's Vkr- way," said Tabby. "You know the
MtrVOI bears the signatures of C. Mc- street doesn't belong to me."
Lamb and
Fleming Bros.
are not recommcmlcl as a remeily "for all
the ilU that flesh is heir to," but in affections
of the liver, and in all BUioes (.'omiilaiMts,
Iys-psia and Sick I leailache, or diseases of
that character, they stand without a rival.
"Oh. certainly; and and won't you
take my arm?"
"No, indeed," said Tabby, shortly.
"Pray, why not?"
"Because I don't need it," laughed
Taboy; "I've two of my own."
"Why, Tabby, I didn't kuow you
were witty."
"Didn't you."
"Of course not; that is, I haven't
had the chance, you know. You
A (; U E A N I) F F V B R .
NolttercathartM. cm be ucil preparatory ' don't seem to like me as well as you
to, or after taking Qvinhte. fj0 tne other fellows."
As a simple punitive they are uneualed. dou Ml n 8aid
BtitVAHK or MiTATtMBv . . , .
"You mudt make an exception in
The renuine are never sue.ir coated.
Each box has a red w?x seal on I he lid with
the impression Du. M Lank s LhtRr PlhU
Each wrapper liears the sigaatatas of C
M LAMB and Ii.fmim; Bbos.
Insist upon having tlie fCtMBBM Ir. C. M
I.ANE's Livkb Pili.s. prepared by Hcmiiij
Uro., of Pittsburgh. I 'a., the market bein;
full of imitation of the nane Mcl.itne.
f.pelled diffcrciitly but same pronunciation.
my case," said the boy.
"You're as bad as the rest. They
all make tun of everybody, but es
pecially of girls."
Having access to the professor's
house, Wilton Dnke conducted tbe
next eveuiug some tlve.,of his ac
quaiutuuees to the place appoiuted,
viz., the etudy of the professor, aud
h-ft them there te await evonts.
"Patieut Tabby," us she was some
times called, was einging a lullaby in
the nursery, which led from the li
brary, to the drowsy children. Drake
tapped at the door, and when she
said, brightly. "Come inl" his friends
gathered in tbe darkness waiting for
the fun.
"Oh, is that you, Mr. Drake?" was
the first sentence audible. "I really
didn't expect you."
"Why, my dear, didu't you think I
was in earnest?"
"When you offered me the peck of
jewels and said I should live like a
Queen if I married you? No, of
course I didn't."
"But I was," said the boy, tremb
lingly, wishing that the door was
shut, his ears tingled so; "and you
know I have come to learn my fate."
" Well, then, you can go as wise as
you came, Did you thiuk me foolish
enough to believe you? I saw
through your conduct from tbe nr-t.
It wouldn't surprise me in the least it
An Illinois farmer has told his rat
story. Uo was going out to his corn
crib the other morning, he says, when
lie saw a Urtfe rat with head erect,
carrying a full sized ear of corn In
his mouth, while at tbe same time his
tail was wrapped around another
i.t! ear, which he was diuggiug be
hind bim.
A Highlander having to fire some
rounds of blank caitridge, put three
charges at once Into his rifle to get
soon done. When he flted he was
knocked flat on bis back , and his
mates running tip to him, be warned
them off by shouting, "Keep back
lads, keep back, shehas other twice
to gang aff yet."
A Michigan gentleman, whose ed-
ucution was considered fair, wrote to
a bookseller as follows: "Dere sur, if
yew hev gut a book culled Dunel
Webster on a brige pleas send rue a
OOpy by Pyser's Express c. o. d. I
want to git it termortcr if 1 kin,
cause my spellin ttcher says I ougbter
hev it,"
case is not abated is manifested
in the numerous letters which
Mr. Ross continues to receive. On
an average he gets a letter ever) day of Colorado, whither he went in 1859
from some person who is certain be j to engage in mining, and is reported
to be worth $2,000,000.
Tbe Bv. Dr. Thomas, of Cbioago,
was shadowed at Yorkville, Canada,
recently, by a sharp detective, who
took him for a burglar, and who did
not relsx his vigilauoe until he ran
he suspected wretch into a pulpit.
J ihn L. Clem, the "drummer boy
of Chickamaua," now a lieutenant in
the regular army, Is In Washington
visiting his wife fthe daughter of
General French, of the Fourth Artil
lery), who has been very ill. Clem la
stationed in Texas.
The Marquis of Lome and the Prin
cess Louise are the cause of much
gayety in Montreal attending balls
aud dancing with much apparent rel
ish. The Princess Is said not to
dress tastefully, but, nevertheless, to
be very 'Utructlve.
Ths first person the Princess
Louise danced with in Canada was a
printer named Stevensoo. Tbe next
with Sir Hugh Allan, of Pacific scan
dal fame. Stevenson quit the print
ing business some time since, and is
now a colonel and a millionaire.
The stiver men in Congress pro
pose to punish the national banks
wbo refuse tbe legalized silver dollar,
by a withdrawal of their franchiae.
That attempt will bring up the old
question whether the franchise of an
incorporation is a contract, protected
by the constitution.
Lightning, they say. never strikes
twice in the same place, but it is no
safer to put trust in proverbs than in
princes. The tower ot the parish
church of Week 8L Mary, North
Cornwall, has just been destroyed by
lightning for the thi d time in thirty
yeai s. It wilt ooat $1,000 to repair it
At the late meeting of tbe British
Association, Dr. H. Muirhead made a
ious circumstances ot reaembling tbe
portraits of Charlie.
In the course of his journeying Mr.
Koss says that he has found that a
majority of these children are off
spring of people who have separated
through domestic troubles aud have
been placed in sxnie out-of-tbe-wuy
place by either mother or father iu
revenge. Others are illegitimate
children that have been sent away to
bide the disgrace of their mother.
The boy found in Bradford county
l.iat week, supposed to have been
Charlie, was takeu from his mother
iu Veiruout.
Mr. B ss has almost ani vd at the
conclusion that his boy Is not sei ret
ed in the country. He thinks, if he
is alive, it is most likely that he is in
New York, iu some ctowded tenement
house, where the people are used to
seeing children run around without
parents. He said that he knew of one
ease where an Italian had a child liv
ing on tbe fifth floor of a tenement
that none of the other inmate-i has
ever s en. He has not given up aii
hope und say that every case pre
sented to him, having the least sign
uf probability, will be earefully lavaav
t ig ted. Philailely h la Record.
Almost every day we hear some
one say too world is worse than it
ever was before, and is growing
woise all tbe time. To such we coin-
A Trick that Cared a es ire for Death.
A young man, suffering from the
reaction incidental to a spree, entered
a grocery at the north end recently
aud unceremoniously knelt before the
proprietor, asking bis forgiveness for
being in such a condition. The gea
tleman thus addressed tried to pacify
him, but couid not, and Anally re
ferred bim to the clerks. Tbe young
persistent then turned to tbe senior
clerk, and on bis knees pleaded to be
shot, offering to -iu'n bis own death
warrant. Finding him persistent, the
cleik decided to try and dispel his communication on "left handedness."
morbid desire for death by means of j He thought it depended upon which
a practical joke. So a death warrant, ; half of tbe brain took the lead. Left-
solemnly worded in long and sonor- j handedness once begun in a family
ous phrases, was drawn up by one of was likely to run in it. It was a ouri-
tiieiid the following sketch, from the
you had laid a wager wi'.h some of , ,tenor.
- ' Ka I .. . 1 ,1
your iiieuus iu see u jruu eumuu i
fool the professor's silly niece.
the clerks, to which the petitioner af;
fixed bis name, remaining still upon
his knees. The first clerk then drew
a revolver, and ordered the victim to
close his eyes, which was done. A
fire cracker was meanwhile slyly ig
nited, and placed upon the floor at
ous fact that left-handed people had
tbe left foot one-third to one-eighth
of an inch longer than the tight.
Medical and Surgwal Reporter,
Here is how an exchange puts It:
We suppose that many people think
the back of tbe fellow, who with pale that newspaper men are persistent
Wo um h'ttrincr nopoilnn to lonL-
I ... u ,i ,,u M . face and anxious expression awaited j duns; let a farmer place himself in a
iitr if.it-ii in in l i ii,i h i l
iso, sir. i aon t want your jewels. , AjWvrittU nietory M m when tne
the fatal shot. Suddenly the cracker
simitar position and see if he would
and I guess your father has about as
much as he can attend to take care of
you. At any rate, your bills are not
paid; and, more than that, I kuow
that you were sent away In disgrace
from Gray Mount Institute because
you played very much such a tiick as
you intended to play me."
"What are you talking about?"
blurted Drake, bis face blaze of
"About you and I'm telling the
truth, too," she responded, with spir
it. If I've hurt, your feelings, I'm
sorry; but if I have taught you a les
son in decency I'm glad. When I'm
old enough, sir, to think about such a
thing as marriage, I hall kuow who
to choose, and I hope he may be a
The reader may imagine the feel
ings of at least one of that party who
had come to see "the fun of it." Iu
pity for their fallen hero the listeners
shrank away, and when he left the
spirited and sensible girl, there was
not a student there to do bim honor.
Youthx Companion.
exploded, and at the same instant the j not do the aame. Suppose he raised
young mau overcame all desire to ! one thousand bushels of wheat, and
arts, sciences aud literature were at
their hiirhouf nod wlipn akillfnl mn-
chanicaits supplied luxuries of all ; shuffle off this mortal coil, and with a i his neighbor should come and buy
It I 1 l 11. . .1 I kimk.J .... 1 I, . I
kiuds. Assvria was at that lime, in
-- . m , . . . i . . i ...
store, iuiiy.persuaueo tnat nis time
had not yet come. New Bedford
(.Vo.s-.s-.) Mercurg.
these particulars, fully abreast with
any nation of Europe of two centu
ries ago, and yet the earth was as
nearly a hell as one cau imagine
without a storm of fire and brimstone.
Asshur izir-pal s-peut thirty years in
burning, butchering, crucifying, cut
ting off the noocs ears and othci v hie
maiming the people of the nations
howl and bound he was out of tbe bushel, and tbe price was a small
matter of only two dollurs or less,
and the neighbor says, "I will hand
you the araonnt In a few days." As
tbe farmer does not want tc be small
about the matter, be says all right,
the man leaves with the wheat. An
other comes In tbe same way, until
the whole of the thousand bushels of
wheat are trusted out to one thous
and different persons, and not one of
hat is the Sun.
Tbe following paragraph contains
the most vivid description of what
the sun is supposed to be that we
have ever read. We doubt if any
Letter idea of that great luminary
from the east side of the Vaiiev of the could be concentrated Into a dozeu
Tigiis to the Mediterranean, and j Hues. It makes oue perspire while tne I,urohHer8 concerns himself
fiotu Lake V.m to the Persian Guff, j reading it even, aud suggests more abour ir' for lt ,8 a 8mHH amount that
Three times did be assault the com thau anythlug we remember the lake ' ne owea the fRrmr- d of course
biued rot qn of Phoenicia, Israel, Syr- 1 of fire which is said to burn for ever j tbat "'''J not he,P him y- He
m. Moab. and Pbilisda. who united I and ever. ' dof8 not ralixe that the farmer has
frittered away ail his large crop of
wheat, and that its value is due him
The right of the people of tbe south
to govern themselves is recognized.
Oh, no. i never dol Do you know ! nay, insisted upon, by tbe people of
then rib; but If the people or the
Tearhar of
Vocal and Instrumental Music.
U lli l In Plvi.w.ntli .iv.1. Wmulll atwl Tnwl..
Piano, oraii, violin, oiiitar. rawe iiiture and a I have finished by studies, you
barsmny. Leave ordcra at ( has. Whilmnrc's mudr ,, .. ... .
rami. m I E Buall live like a princess."
the reason v It's because I like you
so well."
"Really ! What do you like me fox ?"
"Oh ! well--because I do, and be
cause you're tbe prettiest girl in
town. If you will marry me as soon
south vi jiate the laws of the country,
and tbe laws are not vindicated by
local sentiment, and the Democratic
party winks at such violations, mak
ing no protest against them, tbe nat
ural effect will be the punishment of
tbe Democratic pnrty in the north by
leaving it out in the cold. Boulon
for tbecommou defeuse. Twice tin-.. A molten or white hot mass, 85ti,000
xeouiscd him in successive cum- ! miles iu diameter, equaling in bulk
paigua. The third attack be made ' 1,260,000 worlds like our own, having a thousand little driblets, and that
with the whole force of his empire, a surrounding ocean of gas on lire, ne wrwmly embarrassed in hla
aud overwhelmed them in the .valley j 50,000 miles deep, tongues of flame, DU8lne88 because his debtors treat it
of the Jordan. And then the Assy i iuu ; dan iug upward more than 50,000 I 48 ft ,Ittle matter- But if all would
devil, aud his myriads, made them- miles, volcanic forces that hurl I.. to pay ,iira Promptly, which they could
-elves drunk witu innocent blcod. the solar atmosphere luminous mat- ! do weli a' not u wouJd 66 very
His twenty-seven campaigua were i ter to the height of 160,000 miles. ! largw amoUDt to tDe farmer, aod en
with no other object lu view than to drawing to itself all the worlds be 1 abl him to OD hlB buiia
Indulge bis thirst for blood aud bis j louging to our family of planets, j wlthout diffiouUy. The above com-
love fur destruction. He records his
work in a suited style of self-congratulation
and glorification. He
tells how be crucified aud maimed
lue people, burnt the cities, cut down
-- x a . a iL. Jtaa .a
aud holding them all in their l'dnBun " luu irue Ul inw oluwullw
proper places; attracting with 8Uoh '"at the newspapei man has to ooa-
force the millions of solid aud stray eId with.
masses tlat are wandering in the i s
fathomless abyss that they rush ! Witty sayings are as easily lost as
helplessly toward him, and fall into the pearls slioDtna off a broken aaaemwai
all the trees, and drove off all the his fiery embrace. And thus be con but Ä word kiodnt,g8 to w
cattle; and bow be theu made thank- I nues his sublime ami restless march , "
uffetiugstohisgudsfor bis success I through hia mighty orbit, having a Poen .n vain. It is a seed which,
uuetiugs to ins guus ioi uis success. , , . lunnniwui even when , nun, hv i.h.n.
y s m vm v tuvi j wuuu M.yjtrj fJV J I f is-VWHlVVs
Now mark the fact that Assyria was j years.
(springs up a flower.

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