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The Republican.
Plymouth, Ind.
Oppice: Cor. Michigan a Laporte Sti. j
One copy one rear, in advance 9?. so
Oae eopp six months, in advance Ii. M
One copy three months, in advance. -- SO. r
The Plymouth Republican.
Legal Advisements at legal rata.
Business cards, 5 lines, 96.00 per annus.
Spe la! rmtca gl vest to refills r il T i Hisass
Business notices, so headed, set solid, 19
P'.t1id for arm Insert od, and 6 cents for
ab.qu'..t insertion.
r?pac j. I Iw, lw,,4 w.
rnu. sm. su
4 so; s s ' it
e m ' 'Im os, us
l lach l os eoi t aoj
S iut . 3 01 00 4 60 90 S 60 1 00
4 laoi.ua... ( IM: i U C usj 6 Oeilo 0 14 Ml
col i nn S 001 T QD 8 SO 10 ue 11 (tr OC'I SS 09
H column 7 0Uu 00 li IC m' s9 0" 90 On
i 1 CJia tin . 10 oof is oo re i U' ' rlfJ9 99
la Poat Offlce Block. Dwelling oa East Side
Soma MKli'gan Street.
X Dr. N. HUorman over Lauer' a Store, on
MlcHi-o street. Plymouth. Ind. Residence
on Center street, opposite Catholic church,
om nos
ATTORNEY AT LAV. Prompt sttentioa pven
ta collections, settlement of aecedeuts' eststns
SB J faardianahipa, deeds, naortgacea, sad other cod--racta
-irewn up sod acknowledgments tsseu. Ot
Sc urr Back A Toon's Hard war Store.
Attorney at Law A Notary Public
Prompt sttention gives to ail claims and col
ctions left in his care. OfH.' e in corner of
Sear's brick bloek. Plymouth Ind.
cTh- reeve,
ATTORNS i A T LAW. Located tn Isa.
Collections and coprerancin a speoi
litp. Bur aud .ei is real eaute on coramis
Ion. Insures lit es and property in A. I com -aoies.
Desirable, real estate for aale in the
oltp and adioinioc. Novl-79
JL pleased tu rr , ro patients at his offlce.
No. ft iichisan street, where he map be
fe&od a all Urne, except when professional
r aosent. his reetdaase nein at the same
Julr 1st. 1ST. m
Thlrtp rears
TkTTBiritN A SI'I'llK.KS'
leces. sad six rears burgeon in the arm y of
tue U. 8. (voi. aerv.) Can compete success
tulip with an p quae In the United States.
Thankful for pas favors, is stil! n reg' lar
Iractice. and only requires to be better ko wn
9 have an extensive one. Offlce in Heora
aew oriel, cor. of Jfichigaa and L&Porto
Plraouth. In 1.. air ist. irr. IP
J. 0-, S. O A J- W. PARKS,
A TT0RXEY8 IT LAW. NoUries Public and
A. Authorized WsrCliiim Agents; Offices at
Bourbon and Plymouth. Indiana. Especial
attention given to the settlement of decedents
Estates. Couvepancing. and the collection of
Sjldinrs' Claims for Pensions: will altend
rromptlp to all professionad business en
trusted to them, and practice in Marshall snd
adjoining cosnties. Plpmoutn oflce on Gano
f treat between JfichiaTn and Center streets,
lourboa ofllce . k aviau tr offlce. utf
ATTORXBY AT LAW. Will practice In all the
coaxes Is ths state. OBce is Wheeler's block.
Becker A Wait s Jrv gooos store, rivoaia,
sac! lyr
RnutrlPlTRIr' 1Sielsn snd Dentit-
and Dr. J. A. Duntap. regular physician and
eurgeou. respect nil ' öfter their services to
She public Orl:e in Corbin's block; resi
dence on East Gano street.
i Plym juU. ladiaaa. janlyl
lspr1l stteutioB given to the secta9Keat of -tata
.n,1 nartlttnn of Lands: slse tbe collection of
jlaiaas and foreclosare of mortgsgas. Remittances
attorneys & Counae lors
A. T LAW i
Mwtsry l'ubll. Cesiveysneer, Exmlaer of
TlUt-s snd Civil Kneineer,
Will fsrsish s complete Abatract of Titles to Isnds
a dsrsnsll county, Ind. Uffl.e st b s residence,
aa UaUisoa ttreet, north of toort House squsre.
PL YitOV 7 . tMMA A .
Teacher of
Vocal and Instrumental Music.
Will be la Plymouth evry Monlsv snd Tuesday.
Plsno Orsn. Violin, Onltsr. voice caltare snd
lisru oay. Leave orders at Cass. V httnore's aaasic
awBfJj jtaaWSSW
'at aTVsWsl WTl Sm
BjBw CoaiiiUUoa
as in
Dentist, Offlr over
A. Bckr's grocery,
oppoaite Post Offlce.
All work war reu ted
to give entire sstis
fsction In every re
spect. Diseases of
the month and teeth
sueceaatallv treated
T et th x trsc te d
withoat pain bv tho
a ae of attroas oxld
All work wsrrsatad. I
TuiidaT ud WedaesdiT rf h& Week.
as a. weifa-w. saSaSasaawaWS aSkSSasj SJSaWakSsWaSiSJswasWaSaaaWaia
inc. UcNUlNE
Celebrated American
rHE rountenance is pale and leaden
colored, with occasional flushes, or
i circumscribed spot on one or both
heeks; the eyes become dull; the pu
pils dilate; an azure semicircle runs
ilong the lower eye-lid ; the nose is ir
ritated, swells, and sometimes bleeds ;
a swelling of the upper lip ; occasional
headache, with humming or throbbing
of the ears;, an unusual secretion o.'
saliva; slimy or furred tongue; breath
very foul, particularly in the morning ;
appetite variable, sometimes voracious,
with a gnawing sensation of the stom
ach, at others, entirely gone; fleeting
pains in the stomach , occasional
nausea and vomiting ; violent pains
throughout the abdomen; bowels ir
regular, at times costive ; stools slimy;
not unfrequently tinged with blood ;
belly swollen and hard; urine turbid,
respiration occasionally difficult, and
accompanied by hiccough ; cough
sometimes dry and convulsive ; uneasy
and disturbed sleep, with grinding of
the teeth ; temper variable, but gener
ally irritable, &c.
Whenever the above symptoms
are found to exist,
will certainly effect a cure.
in any form ; it is an innocent prepara
tion, not capable of doing the si-litest
injury to the most tender infant.
The genuine Dr. McLane's Vf.r
mifcgk bears the signatures of C Mc
Lane and Fleming Bros, on the
wrapper. :o:
arc not recommended as a remedy "for all
the ilk that flesh i heir to," but in affections
of the liver, aad in all Kilious Complaixt.
Uvapepsia and Sick Headache, or diseases of
that character, they stand without a rival.
K better cathartic can be used preparatory
to, or after taking Quinine.
As a simple purgative they are unequaJcd.
The genuine are never sugar coatel.
Kach box has a red wax seal on the lid with
the impression Du. McI.wk'n LlVBS Pu i s.
Kach wrjpper bears the signatures of C.
Mc Lane and Fluxing lte as.
Insist in having tbe genuine Or. C
l.VNK.'s Lrsn Pi U.S. prepared by Flcminp
Rro.. of Pittsburgh. Pa., the market beinp
fuii of imitations of the name Mcl.au.
spelled differently but same pronunciation.
Tho Funny Story.
It was snch a tunny story ! how I wish you could
have heard It.
For if set ns all s-lsagliing, !rm th little to the
I'd rreMr like to tell It. but I drnl know bow to
word it.
Though it travels to the maslc of s very lively )ig.
If Sail v jost began It, then Anteils .fine won! glpcle.
And Mehetable and üesan try their vcrry bradest
And the infant Zacbariah on his mother's Isp would
And add alosty chorus to the very merry din.
It wss auch s fanny story, with ita ebeery snsp snd
And Sally always told it with so mach dramatic
That tbe ehlckens in the door-yard would begin to
''cackle cackle,"
As If in snch a irolic tbey were anxious to take part.
It wss sll about a ha- bs! snd s bo! bo! hot
well, resllv.
It Is-Ue! he! he!-I never could being to ten. yon
Of the nonsense tb-re wti in tt, tor I jnst maera
her clearlv
It begin with-hs! ha! ha! ha! and it ended with a
Bat Sally she could tell It, loosing st us so de
mnrely, With s woe-beeone expression thst no actress
would despise;
And If you'd never hesrd it, why you would im
agine sorely,
Thst you'd need your pocket-handkerchief to wipe
your weeping eyes.
When age my hair has silvered, and my step has
grown unsteady.
And tbe nearest to my vision sra the acenea of long
I shall see the pretty picture, and the tears msy
come a r soy
Aa the isuch did. v. hen I used tn ha! ha! ha! snd
bo! ho! ho! .hittiihine Pollard. in'Brie-a-Drac,n
Seribner for ltocembtr.
braska, but they are playing out as I Car-ami. or La Carolina.
the country fllla up with permanent A whole band of robbers was rery
settlers. This year's crops are good, neatly trapped in La Carolina, Spain,
but prices rery low; wheat all the by tbe brarery of a girl of thirteen,
way from thirty five to sixty cents, who has become the heroine of the
everything she had. I accordingly
sold out everything, and. as I saw I
Items of Interest.
It I now given out that Nast real
ly she must look abroad for tl Is great
factor of her future prosperity
was suspected, left the place and ! ires $200 a week from the Harpers ! 9alvaiion. It is useless to disguisa
the fact that neither capital- nor raU
came on to Mt. rieasant. it was on
tbe 8ih of December that I commit-
corn fifteen cents, and potatoes from neighborhood. She is the daughter ted these murders. I deny nothing
$1.500. and had the money In his
1 house. A baud of robbers knew of
fifteen to twenty-five, cents. The of a farmer named Fueras, and is
weather has been very fine, farmers called Carum ita. The family consists
having plowed up to the 6th inst.; of the husband and wife and dugh-
there is, however, a little snow and ter. The farmer sold some cattle for
wind to-day.
Nebraska has been ami is yet, po
litically, Republican. I will be re-; the sale and the money, and laid their
tnernbered, by the old citisens of plans to rob' the house. After the
Marshall county, as a straight Repub- farmer had gone out with his work
lican, and la mauy respects I still people, a couple of strangers ap
cling to the old party; but on thelproached the house a man travel
money question I am rather inclined ! stuiued, supporting a woman who
tobe a Greenbacker, aad, by your seemed unable to walk any further.
permission, I will congratulate my The man explained to the farmer's
old frieuds. John S. Bender, Norm , wife that he was going to a distant
Woodward and Mike Downey, for! town with his wife, and she, being ill,
their work in favor of money stamped had broken down on the way. He
by the government. asked permission for the sick woman
But I do not design preaching poll ; to enter the bouse and rest while he
tics, and if this letter should be went to find a conveyance to enable
thought worthy of publication, may ' them to continue their journey. Per
at some future time tell you some- mission was gtauted, the woman
I am guilty of the crimes I urn
charged viith, aud expect to hang for
them, but when they take me back I
want to be treated as if I was once
a white man if I do not now des rve
the title, and have a fair trial before
the law. I believe I shall be mobbed
as soon as I arrive iu Kearney. I am
a member of a band in Nebrasku
that ia sa orn to aveuge tbe death of
for his cartoons.
A press telegram from Berlitr says
I road builders can be induced ta come
the Socialist law is being enforced trova Europe. No person or company
with renewed severity. Seventeen 10 anT or tn "oua ol 9bat eonti-
publications have been prohibited in I nent has mde ft0 to thl end-
LHpsdc alone.
The Charlotte, N. C , Observer says
that, owing to tbe 1 .-.; of an efficient
school system, the oung r genera
tion of North CeiollataBw aro grow
ing up iu igiioi atice.
Representative Alexander H. Bte-
Therefure, it is to tbe United States
where Mexico has to look. Tbe capi
tal and builders for hr railroads
must come from that country."
I l l . as 9TT SS I l
any member, and thoy will avenge j PueQ D0UJ -rvan nrrr. J 018
mine. I am sorry I came home aud j OWD ,brlft uU(1 industry, has become
hainaisratt f.,..,t i wealthy, aud is said to be a richer
uivuguv uioiavc upisu iut lucuuo i
who live in Mt. Pleasant."
man thau Iiis master.
The St. Paul Press learns that fif
teen thousand Kussiau Meuuouites
will leave Russia ilÜ4 wimer, a large
portion of whom will settle iu Minne
sota, Iowa and Dakota.
It is e timated thut the board of
health law iu Ulnum itas driven more
Offlce in Second story. Post Office Bail ling
Teeth from one only, to a
fall set, so cheap that the
rich aud poor can all
Preservation of the Natural Teeth
C. O. DU RR,
Office over Parks Bros.' Law
Office, Gano Street.
Plymouth. Ind.
Having taken the agency ef the above celebrated
Bottled I-ager Bear, I can furnish it for
$1.25 per Dozen Bottles
aad deliver at say part of toe city.
pivvaa MAX RUCE.
The tea wIU be printed every day during the
j car to cone. It is p' irpose sod method will be the
same as In the pest: To present sll the sews In s
readable shape, aud to tell the troth thongh the
heavens fall.
Ths Sex haa been Is, and will continue to be In
dependent of everybody and everything ssve Uva
Truth and ita own convictions of daty. That is the
only policy which an houcst newspaper uee : have.
Th-.t ia the policy which has won for this newspa
per the conSdence and friendship of s wider con
stituency than wss ever enjoyed by any other
Americsn journal.
Tax Suk Is the nowspsper of the people. It Is
oot for the rich man against the poor rasn. or for
the poor man sgsinst the rieb man. but it seeks to
do equal jastice to all interests la ths couimant'.v.
It if not the orgsn of sny person, clses, sect, or
party. There need be no mystery about Its loves
snd bates. It is for tbe honest mtn sgsinst tbe
rogues everytlme. It is for the honest Deaaocrat
as against the dishonest Rapohlicoa, sad for the
bo neat Republican aa acaiaat tl e disbooest Demo
crat, it does not take its cac from tbe atterances
ot any politician or political urbanization, it gives
Iis asp port BTsservjdiy when men or measures are
io sgrawment wltta the Constitution auJ with ths
firinciples upon which this republic wss founded
or the people. Whenever the ConsUtuliOD and
constitutional prtuciplea see violate.! -ss in tbe out
ri ou. couaplxacy o 1ST, bjr which s man not
eUcted was piaccti in lh ITesideut's office, whe.e
he still remejiuwt speak oat for tbe rigid. 1 hat
is Tue Sl'm's ides of independence, in this respect
thurc will be bo clisuge la Ita proirramme for 1-..V
Tum dl'N lass fairly earned the hearty hatred of
rascals, frauds, and humbufs of all sorts sad tiaes.
It hopsa tu deservo thst Laired not less IB the year
1S7S than In 1BT7-T8, or say jcar gone by. Tats
"i s is printed for tbe men and women 01 to-day.
whose concern is chiefly with the stairs si to. ay.
It nss both the disposition sad toe ability to afford
its resders tbe promptest, fullest snd moat sccsrats
iutcuigeocc of whslever in the wide world is worth
attention. To tins end the resources btloDgitig to
we'.l-i-stsbliabsd prosperity will be liberally employ
Tbe present disjointed conditlsn of partite ia
this country, and the uncertauity ot tue future,
tend an extraordinary aigtüfkancu to the events ot
the coming yasr. To präsent with accuracy and
clearness the exact Situation in eacu of its varying
pliMSos . sad to c-i pound, accordiugto its well known
methods, the principles that should guide u
tnroagh tbe isbvristii. will be an lsiportalit part of
Turn SvH"m work for 1ST.
We have tlie meaus of making The Scp, as s
poiiticsl. s litersry, and a gt-uerainewapepeT, more
esSertsiningsud move useful thau eva before; aud
we mau to apply theau freely.
Oar rates of uWription remain unchanged, for
the Dainr Iva, s foor-page sket t of twenty .eight
column, the price by msil, postpaid, is 55 ceuls s
month, or S)S.50 s year; or mc.u.im the Sunday
paper, an eight-page sheet ot Sfty-six solumna. the
price is 65 cents a month, or 8 7. 70 s )ear, post
age paid.
The Sundsy edition of Ths Siim is also furnished
separately st SI, 20 a year, postage paid. The
StoaT sun, in sidition tn the current news, pre
sents s most entertaiuiug and Instructive bodv of
litersry sod miarellsneous matter. In bulk twice as
great and in value not Interior to that of tbe best
monthly magazines ot the day, atone tenth of their
Tis Wskklt Sl'N is especially adapted for those
who do no. take a New York osily paper. Taw
news ef the week is Jul') presented, its market
reports are tarnished te the latest moment, and its
sgricnlluraj department, edited with giest t are ami
ability, is unsurpassed The WaKKLV Sl'N ia pro
bably resd to-dsy by mot farmers than sny other
psper psblisbed A choi story, with oibrcse
tully prepared miscellaoy, ai pears in ea h issue,
Tbe Weekly protects its readers by barring its ad
vertising columna agsinet frauds sad humbugs, sad
furnishes more good matter tor less money than
can be obtained trom any other source.
Tbe estce of the VV'bsklt Sl'N, eight pages, fltty
six columns, is 91 s y.sr, postage paid, r'or clans
of ten sending BIO we will sendsn eitrscissy free.
Address. 1. W. K.SULA.Mi.
Publisher of The Suh. New York City.
A Most Ksrltlng.
l4SM.t.ria amti snsorb.
ng book ef innuuii:
iflvrntiufs. A Coro
letc record of the grs-
.eat Kdltton tor Sg'tn ' eipioraiions u in.
aaBBVaVaBBBWaaBawsawssVassw:'irK Continent, snii
mareiou j4urney dosra the Congo, by il KN It V M.
TAM.K V. No other edition can compare with n
for &ttra tivenesa aud cheapness.
tasysaSM Miiaakbl MM11 ,or fu prtl. ulrs an
AtfsttliH WAnifeWbe umviacsd; or to av tin.
send cents st once for canvt sainaT book, and state
choice of tow nah! ps. Profusely lduatrstsd. Over
7 no psgee. Price, only f t.il. Address.
1S West Flfh Ptrvel rilteionatl. O.
What a Former Resident of Marshall
County Thinks or Nebraska.
Madison. Neb., Dec. 23d, 1878.
Editor Republican :
Being the only subscriber of your
paper in this part of Nebraska, and
having been a resident of Marsha I
and Stark counties for ten years pri
or to coming to Nebraska, an i now
that immigration is being turned
towards this State from Indiana, a
well as from other eastern States, it
may not be uninteresting to those
of your readers who contemplate
coming to Nebraska to have the fact
as Mi.-y are in this (Madison) county
and Northern Nsbraaka before they
Next March I will have been here
eight years. At that time Madison
county bad been organized but two
years, and possessed about seven
hundred inhabitants, but now she can
boast of a fractiou less than five thou
sand. The B. Sc M. R. It. has a large
r amount of the very best lands in the
county, and are preparing to locate
not leas than two hundred families
on the shine the coming summer.
Many parties from Elgin, Iii., have
been here and made their selections.
Government land, subject to home
eteadio?, &c, Is about all taken, yet
very many claima can be bought at
low figures, ai there are always some
migratory persons who are constant
ly on wheels, bound to go farther
west as long as there Is land to travel
on. Madison county is located ad
joining Platte county on the north,
while Madison, the counfy-seat of
Madison county is thirty five miles
north of Columbus, the county-scat
of Platte county, whieh is located on
the Union Pacific railroad, and con
tains perhaps 3,000 inhabitants. The
town of Madison is situated io Union
Creek valley and Immediately at the
confluence of Union and Taylor
creeks, both streams affording good
water power which is still waiting to
be utilized.
Madison has one flouring mill as
good as your Plymouth water mill,
one weekly paper, one bank, two good
hotels, three churches. all flne atruu
tures, representing the Methodists,
Presbyterians and Catholics. Busi
ness of all kinds is well represented;
three blacksmiths, one wagon shop,
one butcher, one harness-maker,
three general stores, one drug store,
and a aohool edifice that will compare
favorably with some in the East, cost
ing fifteen hundred dollars; lumber
yard, boot and shoe ahop, Sec. Tbe
town consists of about three hundred
aouia. When I aottled here, seven
years ago, one small structure, six
teen by twenty, uaed as a district
school bouse, was all there was of
what is now known as the town of
Madison. Norfolk and Battle Creek
are both growing towaa iu the north
and ncrth-west part of the county.
The soil I think is as good as there is
iu the State: a black, i ich, porud soil.
of a depth of from four to six feet,
which produces iu abundance every
thing that Indiana dÜBS; wheat
(mostly spring wheat), coin, rye, bar
ley, oata, potatoes, aud in fact any
aud all kinds of vegetables are pro
duced readily. For atock raisiug, I
think this country canuot bu sur
passed. The general health does,
aud always will, excel that of Iudiuna,
or almost any locality east of the
Missouri river. The altitude of this
county is at least fifteen bundled
feet above Marshall county, Ind.,
hence the pure air of which we boast
so much. This entire county is the
best under-drained of any couuty I
have ever seen; no wet, boggy marsh
lands to create ague. We have to go
very deep for water, but it is good
when we get it. My well is seventy
eight feet deep, and I knew of some
on the table lands that are 130 f-ct
deep, and on down to thirty five feet.
Well, I think I oan hear some of the
good people of ofareball aud Htaik
utilities say, to use ;; (ndian term,
"heap deep"; but I thjuk deep welltt,
with good, pure water, far preferable
10 shallow wells, as some pf them ate
in Indiana, where you pump up ague
by the bucketfuls. We only consider
it good exercise here to draw the wa
ter trom our wells. Qrasshuppeis
have been a great drawback to No
thing in regard to our railroads, &c.
Verj respectfully yours,
Warrs-m H Harkis.
Sigas ortbe Times.
There has.been no time during tbe
prest nt generation, perhaps no time
taken in, and tbe man left. The sick
woman partook of some refreshments,
and the mother and daughter went
on with their work. Very soon Cara
mita discovered that their guest had
on a pair of pantaloons under the
gown. She communicated the fact
to her mother, unobserved 6y the
When the election of Judges by
the Legi-latures of the States became
the accepted theory of American
sta estneusbip, the appointment of
many other officers was vested iu the
same bodies. Here ffas a wide field 1 tüliD twelve hundred quacks out of
Tor combinations, for exchanges of tUlit Slate. No doubt aiauy of them
votes and iufluence. This system has ; have crossed the liue iuto Indiana,
given rise to the expressive term "log j An Army Aid Society was formed
rolling as applicable to that and to , in Washington the 23 1. The object
other forms of legislative action. It ' is to form u society which, by its ae
comes from tbe custom of the early ! cumulation of funds from fees shull
settlers in clearing the trees from tbe i insure its members' a certain amount
soil which they iutend to cultivate. 1 of money in case of death.
When the trees were all felled uud ! A woman at Iawrenne. Mts.. has
in thn mnmorv of an v tierfton now ÜT
, . ... , .... , visitor, and the two managed quickly
me evhn th nn i i'ii condition of 9 w
Europe was more critical than at ! t0 S,,P iut0 HUOlner ro0ra' c,0a6 and cut into logs from ten to twelve feet j just giveu bitth to her tw uty-second I
n, i , twin. 4ii" uwi. sue 1I9UU1, irii 1
present. Disquiet and unrest prevail , Li .
. , ,, , i w ! and knowicg that bis character
everywhere, aud on all sides may be:
ot. . . . . . . . . . .
a ne visitor, ten aione j long, they were gathered iuto large j child, while her two married dauyh
bad ! niles and burned uo to uet them out I ten httie ft im f ri Im t d st Knliv n nut
been discovered, threw off the dis
guise, and ordered the women to
open thi door or die. The door was
not opened, and the robber began
to cut through it with a large kuife.
of the way. This piling business re
quire more force thau was at the
command ol' one farmer, and so it be
came the custom, as it did in house-
noted signs of deep popular move
meuts which portend change. Some
of these movements are open and
demonstrative; others secret and un
derground, witbonly occasional out
fror nines : but thev all ooint to one
conclusion, and that is a sta'e of Qough for his bodv. and he began to ; ready for the pet fonnance his ueigh
unlv.raal unrest amonff the neoole. craw through it. The woman faint-i bors came and, putting thir joint
Whatever form this feeling takes it d aQd to the floor
has the same origin eveiy where in u
growiug spirit of liberalism, a grow
to the population of the sta'e during
the seven aud three years of their re
speciive wedded life.
The real reasou why there are no
Influence of the Moon on Crepe.
A correspondent of a New York pa
per was planting potatoes ia tbe
light of the moon, or in tbe increase
of the moon; several of his neighbors
were present and a discussion arose
as to the effect the moon had on the
different crops. Answering ita cor
respondent's Inquiry, the paper said:
"There has been always a powerful
superstition that tbe moon exerted a
great influence upon the affairs ot
mankind, but this idea has prevailed
chiefly among those who did not un
derstand the utter impossibility that
J the moon cold exett any such Influ
ences. Formerly the.stars were sup
posed to assist tbe moon in these in
terferences with mankind and their
labors, and to be able to ' read the
stars' was equivalent to tbe posses
sion of prophetic powers. Now the
ütars have los, their reputation, and
the moon is in a fair way to lose
what little is left of It. Formerly
otaxv people were 'moonstruck,' but
now wlifii we see a lunatic (derived
from I una, the moon, and really
meaning moonstruck,) we do Bot
blame the moon for it. The moon
has now fallen so low as to be sup
posed by some to influence only tbe
At length he hacke. i a hole big lar matter?, that wheu the settler was
Tbe brave . forces together, the logs were soon
girl seized her father's gun, which piled ready for tbe fire. He in turn
was in the room, heavily charged with ! helped each neighbor wh-u t.eeded,
raising, corn -hukitig and other imi-1 regular sailings from America ports to ' twining of beans on the pole, the
aud so these neighborhood meetings
came to be called "log-rollings." It
is aptly expressive of the combina
tion of forces iu a legislative body, by
which one member or set of member,
who have a particular object to ac
complish, secures the old of others,
indifferent in the matter, by promis
ing to assist in matters in which the
others are interested. This log roll
ing hoatilitv to arbitrary government buckshot, plac d the muzzle against
and determiuati jn to asaert Individ-: the -ide of the man- now half y
ual righta. The spirit of liberty is through tbe bole, and una le quickly
abroad iu the world, and though the to 8et either backward or forward,
progress be slow, It is steady and in aQd Pu,letJ tne trigger. There was
cessaut. The doctrines of the Decla- n lostantly dead mau aud a loud re
ratlonof Independence are making lort. The other robber, lurking in
their way amoug nations and peoples . lQ neighborhood, heard tbe shot and
where, perhaps, tbe declaration itself ' returned to the house to find bis corn
was scaroely ever read. The doctxiue , rid' d'1 0,,(y plugging the hole in
of tbe divine light of kings no longer he door and hanging there. Before
has any foothold among the masses. he cu"1'1 remove the body, which was
Personal government is on the wane, held in the openiLg by the girl, ami
and personal right and p rsooal Ha- eter the room where the mother and
bilitv are in the ascendant. The idea dandier were, the farmer came wi;b
that a few men are born to rule and force sufficient to capture the other local or Individual interests, often at
the great mass to be ruled, is becom- robber. Thn tbey sent for some pa- j variance with the general welfare.
Ing hateful to the people. Kings and bee to take charge or the living rob
uiouareh9. Instead of riding rough ber and the corpse. Ou the person or
tL. 1 . I . st . m I a
ahod over their aubjecta aud making ue i loooer tue ponce tounu two i (eU'em, if you see a pussou rush
footballs of their Iiberti. as former- pistols, a poiuard, and a wtilstle. me j,,. rouutj Ue world enveloped iu a di
South Atti'-t ica is that the Uade nt
the outset canuot be profitable, aud
that it mil-: be cuutracled at a disad
v.tntige against the competition of
existing und established lines.
The school-boy in Japan r quin s a
! good deal of pluck. In the goveiu
; meiit elementary schools, as uow
! constituted, a boy is required to learn
I about 3,000 ch uacteirf, ami. u mati
layiug any claims to scholarship
must know from 8,000 to 10,000.
The Uerman Chancellor took ad
vantage of the attempts to assassi
nate the Emperor, to secure the as
of rtpies&ive um I
ing system found a fruitful theater of w 01 uli'1 ""
laws wiiicu givu tu tue ctusu auio-
operation in legislative appointments
to office, and was soon transferred to
other subjects of legislation, in which
members or their constituttents had
rtruther Gardner's I. inn -kiln Club.
ly, arescaicely to retuiu their thrones whistle was a treasure now, as there
by the most careful aud cousiderute were doubtless more robb, is within
exercise of power. It is truer to-day it call. The police sound-d the
thau ever before that "uneasy rests whUtle,and ooucealed themselves in
the head which wears a crown." The ' the house to await resulta. The
Emperor of Germany is ocarcoly ; shrill call brought four more men into
able, even with the consumate ability the house, where they were caged and
and adtroltuess of Bismarck, to re- iroued, and all five were marched to
press the growing spirit of iiberalism l: jail iu good older, aud tbe dead rob
throughout the empire. The Czar of j ber was buried. Little, black-eyed
Russia, whll occupying bis army i Caramita saved her own and her
with schemes and dreams of foreign ; mother's life aud her father' money.
muud pin an' un ulster, am dat uuy
sign dat tie puys taxes, tents a church
pew, au' biiugs bis cbill'eu up in de
wuy dey should go?"
Brother Garduer looked down upon
the sixty-four faes in the orchestra
chairs, but hot a voice responded.
"When you see a pusson seated in
a sky-blue cutter, pushiu' de Hues
over a fast hoss au' lookin' outer his
left eye as if he had the bulge on nil
de co'uer lots iu town, am dat enny sign
cratic power over persona aud pn-p
city such as it has hot possessed foi
nearly a century.
The suit against the government
brought by the lu-ii s of Stephen A.
Douglas for certaiu cotton cap tun d
by the United States Gov. rntnetit in
Mississippi din ing itiesjvar and solo
as ubandoued propeity, was sett led
tlmdly in the Court of CUiims Thurs
day by judgment in- favor of claim
It has transpired that the two men
who were burued alive a few days
since in Mt biuku were iunocetit pat ties
who had iucuried the displousi-re
of some cattle-thieviug renegades,
who perpetrated the horiible out
piautiug of seeds, the wasting of fat
pork iu the pan, unless it was klUed
under a growing moon, and tbe mak
iug of soft soap. To a reasonable
person this seems a small business
for the moon to be engaged in, ot a
very unlikely thing that the moon
can exert su.di influence. If any dif
ference occurs it will be from other
oaus- s, such as soil, weather, eta,.
Lastly, it is absolutely certain that,
i he moon' influence ou our atmop
phere is ao very unull that it cannot
even effect the weather iu the least.-
While refen pig tu this 9ubj-ct we,
are reminded of the anecdote of Tim.
Harden, a member of the "Lying
Club." It is a bint to pork dealers;.
"One day," said be, "when I wee.
about to kill my hogs, a neighbor
came In and told me that tbe moon,
w.-ta on the cleerease, and that the
meat would sbiuk up It I killed the,
pigs then. But I only laughed at
him and went on with the butchering.
When I salted away tbe pork, I
thought it looked rather light, and
evcty time I went to look at it Ah
pieces seemed smaller. But when tt
came to tooking the meat the shrink
age became absolutely appalling. A
big slice shiank up into a mouthful,
and a whole ham or a side wouldn't
make more than an ordinary meal for
four persons. The n xt year I con-
rage. Forty thousand dollars is of dUtled lu Etcher my pork when tbe
fered by tbe Goveruor of Nebraska
for the arrest of the fiends.
conquest, has all he can do to sup-1 made six robbers fewer iu Spalu, and I dat .i single grocer would trus bim I urvl Urtrl 801 üul eacn 11 18
press the spirit of discontent in his j herself the heroine of the La Carolina. I for a box of sa'diues or a peck of car- ! "' rl hlt Outcasts of roker ?iat.
own capital and prevent his dissatis- i St. Louiu Jiepublican. i rota?" i Euck of Roaring Camp," Miggles,"
The Elder Toots heaved a deep sigh, j Ämlttle ütuer raordinary atotios
S as . t as t
pital and pre
tied subjects from open outbreak
The spirit of communism and liberal
ism which pervades Gertnauy aUo
pervades Russia, aud under the form
of Nihilism has permeated all classes
of society. Within' a fo
telegraph has reported a formidable
demonstration- of students iu St.
Petersburg, who assemuled before
the place to the cumber of several
The load Ricbnrds.
Stepben D. Richards, who is now
being conveyed to Kearney, Neb., to
and Huckleberry Jones silently
scratched bis off leg just below the
"When a mau takes up fo' seats in
he wrote fore the Overland MonUly
while he was its editor. The publish
ers ef Scribner's. It is reported, paid
him $5,000 for "Gabriel Couroy," to
bo published in their muguzine alone.
Though the ptlces of farm produce
answer the charge of tbe murder of
days the the Harle sou family, has made a full j de kyar, pushes folks roun' on de
confession, acknowledging his having market, elbows arouu' de City Hall,
committed oiue muiders withiu the j uu' gits do fust place at do stamp-1 Rre 80 low lhe 00Q,ry itJ pioeperoue,
last three years. Hia own words are I window in de Post oflice, am dat euuy ! um' plenty of all the good thing-, of
about as follows: "I was born in ! sigu dat when it came to de pull he'd ! llfe abound, a bushel of wheat will
hundred to demand certain eonces-I Mount Pleasant, Jefferson county. give half a dollar's worth of wood ter ' huy aa much of the merchant's Wares
sloes, and were ouly dispersed by j üuio, and am a Quaker by birth aud
military force and after numerous ar- religion. I lived there with nothing
rests. The same spirit of unrest pre eventful happening to me until three
vails to a greater or less extent uo-1 years ago, when a desire to roam
der every monarchical government j about took posse-sioii of me. I went
iu Europe. Only iu Frace, where the
people have Republican government
and something like personal liberty,
are they moviug along contentedly
In the pursuit of happim-,, and to-
kcep uu orfun asylum from freeziu'
to death? Doati' you bla"k folks git
dust iu yer eyes! Dar's a heap of
saud an' saw-dust in di woruld dat
passe for sugar to de man walkiti' by.
west, and haviug lived iu .Michigan, I but when you come to de piuchde su-
Iowa. Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouii,
Colorado, aud Nebraska. The first
as ever it would, aud there is uo lack
of any tliiug. Iu the far West, ia Col
orado, and on the Pacific, "times are
fitish," aud business ol all legitimate
kinds prosperous.
Iufui imuioa was' received a few
murder I committed wus in Buffalo
county, In the latter state, wheie I
ward the achievement of a uaiionnl shot a man with whom I was engag
destiny in which thoy f. el they BBVe j e.l iu a quartet. I afterward inurder-
a personal interest. Every In re else Jed a uraii iu his own house, because
there are deep muttering, an' the ' he curoed no. beating his aBBtBS out
sighs aud sounds of approaching ! with a hammer. I tueu Wept te
eoe vul-ious. As matter now look it Kearuey. At that place there lived
would be safe to predict that the ju Swede, a bachelor, ou u farm by
next few years will wituess great himself ; he had plenty of money; I
changes iu the government ami j went to live with him, soou after
dvuastles of E .rope, great triumph.' which 1 poisoned him, but as ho did
of liberalism over absolutism, and a
seiies.of gieut triumphs of the peoph
over those who claim to be their iu
ler. Jnd iajiapolis Journal.
not die quick enough to suit ine. 1
one night knocked his bruins out
with a club und look ull his tuouey.
This Mrs. Ilurlesou. whom 1 niurdei
9)d aloug with her three children, had
Here ia another prison romance: a dissolute husband, and a short time
John Smith, a convict in the Gbio ago he went awaf u d left her She
Penetentlury, sick with consumption, wo a haid- wot king womau. aud had
was granted a pardon. The warden afann with pl aty of gtuiu, slock,
carried the document to the Invalid ! poultiy, etc., ou it. I conceived the
with some misgivings in his mind I idea of murdering bei aud her chil
P'irtsibly, as some ten years ago n dien, and then selling off t veiythiug
consnmptive prisoner who hail been she bod aud pocketiug the proceeds,
pardoned, that he might tile at hotio , For ihi put pose I told the ntlghboi.
gur ain't dar. De saw-dust bulges days ago by tbe superiutendeut of
up an' de sand creeps out, an you am ! the lunatic asylum on Ward' Inland,
di&'piuted un' disgusted. It's kinder m at New York, that one of the iu
hard to have to eat cold luiuipa when i mates ham received a b quest of $4
you knew dut family hex' doah uiu 000 in ppttl from a deceased hi other,
iuxaiatiu' on sweet unke an' luikey, j When the lunatic wus informed of
but if de turnips am paid lor you ; -be f.ict he declared he would have
needn't fer tor yer digestiou. 1 ex- ! Dothiug whatever to do with it be
peck dal de O arufLer am de biggest j eause mouey wan the caused alt the
fing enny ol us hev got to work fur, j misery iu the world,
an' I udo jou. brudders, dat big seal- i During ihe curreut year the city of
nugs an pants cut twenty two iuch i Piovnlcnco ha.- provided laboi a', fif
acioss de kuil am no-what' 'lougside : ty cents a day for all citizens in need
of a kin' woid uu' an honest heart." j of employment auJ able to work, and
lieu oil Free Vre.
Hop) live horseg and a cairiagc be
fore lie had been a week out of ptia
on. u this case, the prisoner took
th patdon in his hand, kiseed i with
chijdish fervor, and di d. 4 few
days later a ndy, richly dressed and
heayjly veiled, claimed tin icrnaius,
and retui tied with them to a u hh
borhood thut know her busbaud by
another name.
1 was !oing io lake Mis. Hartcsop
and her chlldieu to a ueigbbot ii.g
town and fo. them to come ver the
next dty aud feed the stock. That
pigbt I murdeied them, aud hid tl.t a
bo jes under u hag stack, und weut
aWli.V Hi) elf After the lapse of two
oi three diys. I teturued aud gUff
out that !i ra. llark.ton hud gone to j the city ha resolved to c-elcbruto the
join her busbuud, and I bad bough occasiou vYith special honor.
An elderly geuticmun accustomed
to "iudulge," entered the room of a
certaiu tavern, wh.- re sat a grave
Ft lend by the fire. Lifting a pair of
greaa speclucle upon his foreliead,
ruobing his infiatued eye aud cull
ing for hot brandy aud water he com
plained to the Friend that his ) -were
gelling webir,er, and that even
speciucle didu'l seem to do them
any good. "I'll tell thee, fiiend," re
plied the (Quaker, "whut I think. If
thee Were to wear thy rpeetaclc
ovei thy mouth for a few uiontha,
thy eyes would get well again.
September lj, 184, wi(l be the two
tiundtedlh auuiveisury ot the deliv
ery of Vienna from the Tutks by
John Sobieski. Tlie. municipality of
has also luiuished food and lodging
for t amps and other nou iesident
ppl iug for the sumo und willing to
lecoinpeus-e the city by chopping
nood. Il wus expected that the ex
pen men t would cause u marked in
crease of expenses, but the figures
ulre'idy show a small saving, and the
number of tramps has already ele
ct eased ; in fact, the truuip who will
not work doe not appear iu the
neighborhood of Providence.
' isaaPJss-apnsa- ,
A dipatch a tew days since states
IHM the Mexicans would favor tic
eticoii ta'etuent of EuglUh railwu
PtoJeetS in Mt Xico. The Mexico IWt
Rri'nlili'8 gays on this question: I
is a couviutiou upon the ududs of ..i
intelligent men. lucid as the noondai
light, that Mexico mut have ruilrobdp
or she is lost. The Mexican peupfji
have not the capital, nor the exper
icoce for building them. Conscqmnt
moon was on the Increase, aad did
ao. Oentlemen, I don't know wheth
er you nil! believe me or not, but It
is true nevertheless, but I didn't have
that meat salted down three weeks
until it swelled out so that I had to
enlarge my smoke-house to double
its former size to keep it under cover.
When it was put into the frying-pan
the i fleet was wonderful. A piece
two inches square would spread out
until it was bigger than a napkin.
Fact, ttud I oan prove tt. No. gentle-
men, don't fool yourselves atout tha
signs of the moon."
After this story the cub solemnly
A Plr.sant HtoTY of Lincoln.
White I was io Congress, during
four years, I had frequent interviews
with President Lincoln, and never,
duiing ail that time, did I hear him
utter an unkind sentiment. I was
told by Secretary Stanton that at tbe
first Cabinet meeting u(ter tbe sur
render, the question aa to what should
be done wilü i he Confederate leaders
was under discue&ion. Some of thetB
vveie for banging, gome for impilson
ment, and so oo. During tbe discus
sion the President sat at tbe end of
the table with his legs twisted up and
said not u word. At last some one
appealed to lam for his views. The
Presideui's reply was: "Gentlemen,
there has been blood enough spilled;
uot another diop shall be shed if I
cun help it." Said Mr. Stanton:
'This reply was like, a thuuderboit
thrown into tbe C'unet. and not a
Aord of opposition was offered. 4
nau who could use such language as
that, at such a time, could truly iah
'1 ihe himself: "With malice toward
wie 1 nd charity for nil." Oreen
Clay Smith.
Officers of the Hue iu mo regular,
it my havecomplaiuta to make against
isciiminutioui in favor of staff offl
ers, and have embodied these in a
memorial to Congress. Among the
point made are the following. Staff
jilieeiaar more rapidly promoted;
. ey have more comforts and con
enlencs; thdy have control of the
money appropriated and piovlde first
lot themselves; they so manage aa
to keep power in their own bands.
The memorial calls for a general re
form, placing Hneofficer on an equal
ity with staff ofJBeers, aud correcting
abuses It the staff department..

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