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The Republican.
J. W. S1DERS & CO.,
Plymouth, Inl.
Jffice: Cor. Michigan & Laporte Sts.
One copy one year, in advance $2. 00
One copy six months. In advance 91. 00
One copy three months, in advance,. .. W.
The Plymouth Republican.
BufincM card. 5 line, 96, pit yrar.
ipecial rat ?! given jo rejju'ar ad vert im-.
Legal Ailvrrtiaemetilii as regulated br law.
MM hih'. transient advertising made known en '
C'hnrch and society announcement, marriage
aniPdeathJnotire. fr c.
Local notice, in body tjft 10 cent per line, trat 1
inTtin; i .ii.l iniwrfion .'cent.
Job Triiiting o the niwtt avorahfe terme.
T. A. BO R TON .
Offlte in Poet Office Block. Dwelling 011 East SiJr
South Michigan Street,
Hamiiili Ariictl'd Faith.
Manie! Women.
llndinnaiH'lin Journal.
Or. J
1 Dr. N. Slierman ov.t Lauer' s Store, on
Sictiiiean street. Plymouth. Inl. Residence
on Cm tor street, opposite Catholic chnreh.
bm no6
ATTORNKY AT LAW. Prompt attention etven
t latHHMi atttlemcrt of decedent' ertat'-s
and fnarlianahip, deeda, mortgages, and other coa-
-racta drawn a and acknowledgments taken
Attorney at Law A Notary Public
"But what if we should live after cowards at heart, only touched by
all?" the dread finger of panie. which, now
"Hannah I Hannah!" urged her aus- and then, will paralyze ihe bravest The following is the married woman
The days were at their darkest, and band. "Do you not see that these Some hand struggled long against Um. Beet Ion 10 was put in by the
the hearts of our grandfathers were are no questions for you ? We are it. and only half yielded at last. And house. A Conference committee con
w. ighed down with doubt and des- discussing whut is best for you for some were there to whom old tradi- sisting of Messrs. Ifenslea and Harris
pondenjy. Defeat had followed de- all. Women have no share in these Hons had never quite lost their pow- ' the anate, and Messrs. March and
feat for the American troops, until topics. Goto your spinning-wheel er, whose superstitious eoneeiousne-s I i!ey, of the house were appointed
the army had become demoralized, and leave us to settle affairs. My had new r become quite reconciled over this section. Judge March nn-
and discouragement had well nigh good little wife, you are making to the stigma of "rebel," though their
become despair. Lord Cornwall!, yourself lbiiculous. Do not expose reason and judgment both told them
yourself in this way before our that, borne for the cause for which
friends." they bore it, it was a title of noLiliiy.
His word passed her ear like the The words cf the little woman hud
idle wind ; not even the quiver of an
t'itmarVfd SoldierN Uaatsa,
It is probably generally remember-
What America I Coating To
New Yrk JjoajtaJ o Commerce.
gone straight to each heart, be its
t.i. tinspring what it might. Gradual
ly the drooping heads were raised,
and the eyes grew bright v,ih munli-
ness aud resolution. Before they left
after his victory at Fort Lee, had
marched his army to Elizebethtown
! (December, 1776). where thew were
- now encamped. On the 30th of No
vember the brothers Howe had is- eyelash showed that she hcaid them.
sued their celebrated proclama'ion "tan von not tell me." she said, in
Prompt attention ?iven to all claims and col- that offered protection to all who, the same strangely quiet voice. "If,
ectious left in bis sire. Oftt- e in eorner of j . I . . , , . , . ,
tr' brick Meek Plyni ntL. Ind. withiu six'y days, should declare after all. God does not let the light
themselves peaceful British subjects perish if America should win in the tna( njlt tni.y QW gworn a solemn
cXF. AI Uff. Loeated in itf.. and bind themselves neither to take conflict aftei you have thrown your- oath to stand by- the cause they had
KaaJltaeiTSae !I5 omü I P against tbeif sovereign nor self upon Biitisb clemency, where Copied, and the innd of their With,
encourage others to do so. It was will you Leihen.' through good or evil, and to spurn
to discuss the advisability of accept- ' "Then?" spoke one hesitating the offr9 of tyrnnta and foes as the
ing this proffered protection that a voice. "Why, then, if it ever could jeadliest iosults.
group of men had met in one of the be, we should be ruiued. Wo must Some of the names of those who
large old houses of hieh Elizabeth- leave the country forever. But it is mej. jn secret council were
town was at that time full. jabsurd to think of such a thing. known afterwards among those who
We are apt to think of those old The struggle is an utterly hopeleaj fougLt tht,ir C0UQtry's battles most
times as the dnysof unmingled loyal- ODe- We havo DO merj.DO money, no DoMyf who (ieti upon tho fiejd of
food, and England has i.,....,- nr leioieed wiih nure hearts
7 m
when the day of triumph fame. The
you have name of the little woman floured on
Alitr. JJ
tion. Insures lues auu properrj in a. i eom
t tuies. Desirable "-.Hi estate for saio in the
pitr and adioiuice. lori-W
invstnV AMD SURGEON, will
J. pleaded tu Tt nies patients at his office.
No. 1 Üehisaa street, where he may be
fond a all Unit a, except when professional
ly absent, his residence beinK at the same
July ist. 187. 6m
Mfm m nan FY. m n .
TtarrarraAM a sinuiEON. Tim tv rears ty and courage of our own ancestors mi
X practice. Grad.iuie of two Medical col- , . h nver swervinc everything."
lege, and six years Surgeon in tbe army of HS "rnaneriufe neioeg. u. ei iB
the U. a. (vol, serv.) Can compete success- jQ the darkest hours from the narrow "No," said Mrs
I i i i Vinn hu) i'iu': iu mo u , . , - , . . a i . j , , ,. , . . . .
Ikaaafal for i-as; lav.rs. is stiii in regular and thorny path which conscience forgotten one thiug which JLngland uo heroic roll, but was she the less
JZmrttlXTSZ in star's" bade t hem tread. has not, aud which we have-one a heroine?
aew brick, ojr. ..f ji. higan and LaPorte Yet human nature is human nature thing which outweighs all Eugland's
treets. .... ... . . ..-
Plymouth. In ;.. uly ist. it. In all ages, and lr, at times, the old- treasures, ana tnat is toe ingtit.
nouueed that tho winde bill should
fail, or this section 6hould be attach
ed. Under these circumstances the
senate members were compelled to
yield rather IhftO see the whole
measure defeated.
Section L Be it enacted by the
general assembly of the sta'e of In-
at a a .
aiana. a man lea woman may iar-
gain, sell, asfic and tran
separate percoual propel ty the same
as if she were sole.
Sec. 2. A married woman may
carry on any trade of business ami
perfcr.n a iy labor or service on har
sole and separate account. The
earning and profits of anj- married
woman accruing from her trade, bus
iness, service or labor, other than
labor for hr husbaud or family,
shall be her sole and separate
Sec. o. A married woman may
enter into any contract la reference
to her separate personal estate, trade,
business, labor or service, and the
management and improvement of h?r
separate real property, the same as if
she were sole, aud her separate es
täte, teal and personal, shall be liable
hostility to fraud and oppression,
their steady inMstance upon the real
ity and sttingency of moral obligation ; Pd that some years ngo- in 18731 Ameiica will soon be prepared. If
In all the relations and activities or ' Congress passed a law providing for they are not nlready. to complete for
j life. Who hor he studies the editorial tbe erection of durable headstones j tue hoDor of of ufng the liehest
j page or the advertising p .ge, he will OVer lhe gruvps of toldiers of the log- People in the world. They are fast
find, if he bring Intelligence to the ar ami volunteer forces ot the j 8aQß the race, and will soon pass
; study, the unmistakable stamp of a iT,,itei States whose remains are in- ' France and England. No countiy
, i Tactical religlH:SMtt that does not, terre(1 iri the National Military Ceme
, indeed, run to phylac'erh s and trum- ) u. u. This u hma nrripd n,,t
and the graves of the Natiou's d-ad
in these cemeteries are now perma
nently marked. At the instance of
pet blowing, but is none the less gen
uine for that.
Then let him report the results of
his investigation to the readers of the
Cftholir World.
has become rich as rapidly as this Jn
tie past twenty yean. The last three
United States censuses give tbe total
(not assessed) valuations of real and
pe o al a a'e, exclusive of Govern-
.t he War Department, Congress lias ",el,t property, in all the states end
recently authorized the erectiou of
similar headstones over the graves of
the Union soldiers who are buried in
A Legalized Robbery.
With our hasty undigested system
of legislation, whereby members are private or village cemet ries. This
7 her comPe"' to gulp down or spit out j will be done as soon as tbe necessary
whatever is presented on short notice, , arrang nents can be made, lu the
very ridiculous provisions find their ! mean time the Quartermaster Gener
tf intones, as follows: 1850, $7,132,
780.285; 18G0. $10 159,016,000; 1870.
$30,048 518,507. Between 1850 and
18G0 the wealth of the United States
more ban doubled. Had tbe gain
continued at the same pace since 187ft r
the coming census would put us far
way Into our stutute-i ooks. One of al, at ashinton, will at once proceed anead Of ranee, even allowing her to
the most ridiculous cf thse sped ! to collect the necessary informa4lon count in Ihe national property, which
mens is found in section 256, Uais's
statutes, volume 1, passed iu 1872, oa
the subject of sales of real estate for
delinquent taxes. It provide that in
any conveyance made by a county
as to where these headstones are re
quired. All persons having any knowledge
of the burial places of soldi -is in
private cemeteries whose graves are
we omit. But the known shrinkage
of values in the United States for the
past few years fotbids us to expect
confidently that this country will take
the lead in 1880. But if she does not
auditor en sale of lands for non-pay-I not marked, are requested to ootn- ! occupy that rank next year she will
T. Vma mi1 V . ! i r I I
"JTo.". tv7tW .PARKS. fashioned lire' burned low even in God is on our si le, aud every volley
ATrOKXEVS AT LAW. Notaries Public and manly hearts, and profound di-scour- from our muskets is an echo of His Under the provisions of this bill,
Auti,. nzed WarCia.m Agent; unices at itnomunt u1iU. ,nr a th. nriW v..i,.e We are nnnr and Weak and now the law, the Governor receives
üuuruun anJ 1 ivm-aitn. inuiaii.t. e.i.-.-i.i "-o '" ' '--- ... --- i .... . .i
attention given to tb tüem.Tof dmedenn. nn,uu hut nra va that ... thn,,i f- Gnri u flhiinr fnr um. Vi $5,000 a yen r, and his private secre- thereforo on execution or other j idi
wonder at or coLdemn them? Of entered into this struggle with pure i-tary $1.500; tha Secretary of State
i this period Dr. Ashbel Green wrote: hearts ami prayerful lips. We had his .lepury secretary, $1, BOO,
! "I heard a man of some shrew- coun ei tbe cost and were willing au.l cl.-rk $700. The commissioning
m ss once say that when the Biiti-b to pay the price, were It our heart's notaries public, ?! MOH; to eommis-
troops ovrrrau the State of New Jer blood. And now now, because for a noners or ueeus. o eacn, one nan oi j
sey, in the closing part of the year time the day is going against us, you which latter goes to the State; brides ;
1776, the whole" population could j would give up all, and sneak buck, the he is entitled to certain other
h ve been bought for eighteen pence j like cravens, to kiss the feet that fe8- Salary or State Auditor. $1 5oo.
ahead." have trampled upon us! And you call w'h Mi deputy also IUB00.
The debate was lonz Bad prar. vourselves me i -t le so.is of those Cleik of Iusurarc- D. partmcnt, f 1,-
tttate. L'ouvoyaticing. auv! tbe colleeüon "f
hoUliers' LlaiuiH for Pensions; will attend
I rouipt'y to ail professional business en
trusted to them, and practice in .Marshall .and
adjoining cotuti.'.s. l'iymutb i.nle on tlano
street between Michigan and safer fltreeta.
ourboo safa over.Mirror printing ofnee. 36tf
A TTORNKV AT LAW. W:!i practice tn all the
.eoarta iu th ataif . Office iu v Ueler'a UliK-lt.
vvu tteckar WuU'a Jry aod btorc, eiiuontli,
Ind. aot-iyr
v PwaUa. ray alar aaysleaia and 8ome were for accpiing the ofl red who gave up home and fortune and 2K)i Weill ef Laud 1- partBMIlt,
Irrassat once. Otke-n hung back a fatherland to make for themselves ; Adjutant Genetal. $1250; Q
HOMEOPATHIC fbysi-ian and
an ! Dr. J. A
surgeon. reape
Uie public. U
i-1 .) on tast Hano i
. Plymouth, lu i.
K, er al attention jjiven to the ettletr.t ut of e
latee, an i partition of landa; alao the roilection of
:Uum ad (orecloaure ot inortgag-.-a. KeiUittances
gasaaa. ,vnl
A. C. & A. B. CAPRON,
attorneys & Counse lors
at law
rnoB a. l. wumjun isuk k,
T FLTOt) Til. TND.
little; but all bad at length agreed
tfcat it was the only thing to be done, j
Hope?, couragi, I yalty. faith, honor- J
all se med swept away up in the j
flood of panic which bud ovcr.-pread
the land. There was one lis etDT.
howe vtr, of whom the eager dispu
tants wete ignorant one to whose
heai t their wise reasoning was very
far from enrrying conviction. Mr.s.
At nett, the wife of tho host, was in
the next room, and the sound of the
debate had reached her where ?h
sat. She had listened in silenc
until. ranifd awity hy her feeling,
he could bar no more, and, spring
icg to her feet, sh" pu-hed open the ,
parlor door and confronted the as
sembled group.
Can you fany the scene ?' A large ,
low room, wiih the datk, heavv
j carved furniture of the period, dimly
lighted by tho tall wax candles and
! the wood fire which blazed in the ,
Notary fubll.. Convrvanrer Exa-l.r of fireplace. Around the table
TUI-h ami Kugliier, ...
the group of men puna, giiomy,
In the door
on llatiaou itreet, uorth of Court Huiisv fquan-
and for dear liber'y, a resting
in the wil lernes , ! O i, shume
you, 0OWVrasIa
Her words had rushed out in
flerv flood, which her husband had l")tl lwo f
vainly Striven to check. I do not Law Librarian, $1,200, and asbisiant.
know how Mrs. Arnett looked, but I ',,l
, mhi. , -UK The fee system is retained with
i IUt J I , ' I 44 III 111 1(111 W 11 WH .4.
eal process.
See. 4. No conveyance or contract
ma le by u married woman, for the!
sale of her land or any interest there
in, other than leases for a term not
exceeding three years and mortgages
00 Inn K to secure tho purchase
of .such ! uid, shall b ? valid unles her
husband shall j dn therein.
Set-. 5. A married woman shall bo
bound by the convenants of title iu
deed of conveyance of her reui prop-
termaater Ueucrai, juu. ir.aurer ot erty.
Bute. 8 000; deputy. $l.fi00. Attor S(V (. A mfirrio,, woman raay
BarOeaeraLtlaOO, and cleik, & hllDg !ilul m.AnXliin :m ai.,ion iu ht.,
SuperiBlendent Public Instruction,
leiks, 0U0 each. , - f .i.j,- Im or...
i vjmj v.vipiittic Mnuitii.3 iui niij
injury to her person or character the
; same as if she were sole; and the
kindly blue eyes and dt adlike fea
ture a tender und loving little soul,
wli '-e scornful, bhizing words must
h tve seemed to her amazed hearers
like the Inspired fury of a Pythoness.
Are we not alt prophet at lime
cunty oflk-"rs, except auditors, treas
uters and commissioners.
A reduction of from 20 to 30 per
cent is rnad" ia most item.
The auditors are allowed $1 200 per
year, and MB additional for ea h
CR. J.
'Ii' ' - hin
!Pl ofayloillll Services
At the wn offlri'.
Over Poe A Chapman's Drug Store
Kt-sidcnce on Michigan Stm-t.
money recovered shall be her sepa
ratJ property, and her husband iu
sucu cases shall not be liable for
Bee, 7. Whenever the lnfsban 1
causes repairs or improvements to be
mn le on the real property of the
wife, with her knowledge and DOMOSl
thereto in wtitiug delivered to the
M mo I 111. IT! lA'.l.
Will furnish a coirn't-te Abtra-t ot Tltl to lands
n 4Hrhai' rnuntv. mi. omit- ai u n nfiucur, .- J 1 t ' !. ' ! i sneart e tieo .
way the figure of the woman, In the
aatiqne eo-aume with whieh. In these
W. H. MERSHONi I lattor days, have beaoasi so fa-
TciiTof miliar. Cin you not fancy tho proud
Vocal and instrumental Music. V i-(- of her head; the indignant
win b.- to iivmnath evry Mor.day ami Tm-wiio . liht of her blue eyes; the ciisp.
Piauo. Onjan, fWhi, BSMr. aM nitiire and; .
liaruiony. Uaveordirs at C:ia. hitmnrv i. mnalc Clear tOtie OT her Voice; the majesty,
rooso- occ' defiance, and scorn which clothed
her as a garm nt.
The men all started up nt her en
trance; the light of n ghost could
hardly have caused more perturba
tion than did that of this little
woman. H r husband advanced
hastcly. She had no business here;
a woman should kuow her place and
keep it. Questions of polities and
political expediency were not for
them; but he would shield her as far
as possible, and point out the impro
priety of her cosduct afterwards,
when they should bo alone. So he
went quickly to her with a warning
a ,v I - . I! . t - iljV. ...
prophets of good or evil, according l,W IHipuiatlcn extx-raiD .pua. mV
to our bent, and with more power 2'J.WK) d $l,K) for llM)
l c4 a . . . TT I II . 1 L a tt aaei
than we ourselves suspect to tfotl ""' nw snB"B,SÜ a,,,,w " contractor or person pet forming
out the rulhllmeut of our own proph- P W0 pat year foi making ullreports abQr or f(,rnUhlng ln Mlfiak, she
taktl Who shall say how far this required by law to the Auditor of 1, .. fof (U
fragile woman aided to stay the wave State, and several Other fees for fUInish,Ml or labor lone
of desolation which was spreading sundry duties. 8pc 8 A nu,ban,i 8vaj not be
ov. r the land? Treasurers shall be nllowtd $800, ia,i fot ,iny jaj contracted by the
"Gentlemen," said good Mr. Arnett 1 per cent, commission on the Brat I wjf,. U1 eajtrkal OB any trade, labor
uneasily, "I beg you to xcuse this $100 000 taxes collected and 7 per or business on her sole and separate
most uuseemingiy interruption to cent, on all sums collected In excels i account, nor by improvements made i Riey, Sarninghausen, Shaffer, Tail
our council. My wife i beside her- of that amount; al-o I per cent, on by hvr MthorlUP on her separate I t n Travlor Viehe. Wood and Wool-
! ment of taxe, if the sale for any
j reason is invalid the purchaser sh. 11
! be entitled to recover from the owner
I of the property the amouut of laCet
and charges paid on the sale, with
interest at the rate of twenty-five per
J cent, per annum from the date of sale,
! and shall have twenty-live per cent
; per annum interest on all subsequent
j tuxes paid. If the sale is just and
valid he is not entitled to half this
. ....
sum. lUis statute is simply legaliz
ed robbery. There cau be no better
definition given to the act. The Su
preme Court, ou a case made before
it, sustained the law, and held that it
uiiyh be enforced. This was a sur
prise to lawyers, but was a giand
thing for a combination which had
been formed in an adjoining S'ate to
speculate in tax titles. If the sale is
valid ifcay do well, but if the sale is
iuvalid they do better. Thete is no
law ou the statute book which is so
uuiforml3 condemned, and noue ao
oppressive. There is not a man in
the State who does not condemn the
law, uuless it be the men who draw
under it twenty -five per cent, inter
est per annum ou their investmeiit.
there is no apology for such robbery,
none in the world. A bill, No. 4i"n,
was introduced In the Senate, Friday,
by Senator Oarrlgaa, amending the
law so ns to require the co.intj on
void sales to r fund the purchase
money and lawful intere-t to the pur
eh.iser, and was defeated on Its final
eaaaafte by the following vote: Yeas
Bass, Dice. Garrigus, Grubbs,
Kahlo, Mercer, Moore, Olds, Poindex
ter, lLigan, Reeve, Shirk, Smith, Tay
lor, TffStlyr. Urmston, Wilsos and
Wintcrbotham in all 18 votes. Those
who voted against it were Briscoe,
Barrett-, Cadwallader, Coff-y, Daven
port, Davis. Donham, Fo-ter, Hart.
Herfron, Kramer, Majors, Menzies,
rnnnicate the fa.t to the Qnartermas
ter General, and give regiment, com
pany, and date of death of deceased,
if known. Similar information Is de
sired from purties in oiiarge of such
Of course it is not intended to
furnish headstones for graves over
which monuments have already been
erected by relatives or friends of the
dece. scd.
"Let Hie Mud dry First."
Here is a capital 1 MaTM that may
well bo impressed upon the memory
of both young aud old : Mr. Spurgeor, ! large amount of this coinage has ae
iu walking a little way out of London i cumulated in the vault. The amount
surely do so at a lime not remote.
The Daddies Hollar.
It Is the intention of the treasury
department, as soon as the April In
terest on th- public debt is paid, and
the four per cent, refunding certifi
cates put well on their wsy, toderota
considerable attention to the circula
latlon of the standard silver dollar.
Since resumption, the treasury has
sent out upon orders therefor about
$15,000 in silver a day on an average.
The coinage Inst month is $2 000.000.
Since the passage of tbe silver bill A
self, I think. You all know her, and all delinquent taxes collected, and 10
know it is not her wont to meddle iu cents mileage when coming to Indi-
politics, or to bawl and bluster. To- anapoli?.
morrow she will see her fully, but County Commissioners ero to have
now I pray your p atience." BByBQ per day for each day's attend
Already her wotds had begun to aoce oa the board,
stir the slusibeiiug manhood in the Township trustees $2 pr day for
len, making in all 21. Why tese
Fine Boot and Shoemaker,
aea the bet Ftoi h. to bo ntrfalned, guaranteea an
aaay lit, and rbarifea rvaaouaWe rati f.
ateatly doi on abort notice. SSMatttM 0MB in
all reapetta. Koom .No. 2, I'eatoSlce block,
bosoms of those who hear? her.
Enthusiasm makes its own fitting
No one replied; each felt too keen-
each day's service. Assessors $2.
Jurors Sl.G'J a day, and five cents
mileage, in Circuit, Superior aud
criminal Courts, and 75 cents a day
ly his own pettiness, in the light eael b,.rorp j Uä of tnp peuc0. Consta-
. a . a a . fl
upon I Data oy tins urave woman s
"Take your protection, If you will,"
she went on. after waiting la vain for
a reply. Proclaim yourselves trai
ors asd cowards, faUe to your God,
- but horrible will be the judgment
that you will bring upon your heads
and the heads of those that love you.
hies are allowed 10 cents for each mile
traveled iu serving process and sub
I e ia.
The law is entirely too lengthy to
be given In full In these columns
Indiana Farmer.
The Antl-Treatlug League, of Balti-
Dvntiat, OftVc ver
. I'kf' S '-
All work warranted
to give entire aatia-fat-tion
in every re-
the month and teeth Jqj.
Pill ' 'N1UIIV I I-.iru
M. Coaanltalion
am la
I tell you that England will never more, is doing uu active business in
conquer. I know it and reel it in the way of procuiing signatures to nu
every fibre Id my heart. Has God anti-treatmg pledge, which forbids
led us so far to desert us now? Will dilnking at other's expense or invit-
He. who lead our fathers across the lag another .o drink at your expense.
Hannah! Hannah! this is no place gt.rmy winter sea, forsake their Premiums are offered to those to
you. We do not want you here children who have nut their trtiat In who secure the best list of signers to
aaawfiF' Te.th ex tracted lust now." and Would have taken her u,...o v i .. .n. ..... ,. this niedere. Tatero is no information
1 U ,L. I ' . 11IUI . i Ul 111(7, X III 1111 111, tUlll
UllOU! I .HI II in in." i l 1 a . L. . ..... J. !!... U. . I.. l
nanu tu leau uei noui me room, rrVt ar,4j fUj hand shall never touch lu muicaic wuui uegiee oi auccsss is
She was a docile little woman, and the hand, nor my heart cleave to the "Valued by a temperance movement
hi&TMaWftuiiMiWEdi Week 'jeyd hia wldDP8 io enoral without heart of him who shames her." of this, kind but it is reasonable to
.IJBasT wM tVSUBBUaT tu kiiä w 6W. a wor,j ; but now it seemed as if she She flashed upos her huaband a suppose that if it is couducted in the
scarcely saw him, as with one hand gaze which dazzled him like sudden rRbt way it must have some lu-
sbe pushed him back as she turned lightning. fiuence. Most of the drinking ill this
"Isaac, we have lived together for country H done under the iteming
twenty years, and for all of them I ByUem, aud ono In a party of three
have been a true and loving wife to or four lä much more likely to j?et
you; but I am the child of God and thftD 19 for Mm U,UQ if
my country, and if you do this were alone. Kvery ono in a party has a
:i c i Whenever n judgment is honorable gentlemen should draw
recovered against a married woman, i substantially a party line on this
Bat Separate property may be sold on I legalizing of piracy is more than are
execution to satisfy the same, as in can see. Why should l property
other aaaaa; pfiOSiatat, however, that j owner who is not at la.ilt for the sale
Ser wearing apparel and articles of j of his property be compelled to pay
personal adornment purchased by interest at the rate of twenty five per
her, not exceeding $200 in value,
and all such jwelry, orna
ments, works of art aud vertue,
and other efleets for personal or
household use as may have been
given to her ns presents, gifts and
to preach, chanced to get bis panta
loons quite muddy. A good deacon
met him at the door and desired to
get a brush aud take off some of the
mud. "Oh. no," said Mr. S , "don't
you see it is wet, and if you try to
brush it now, you will rub the stain
into the cloth? Let it dry, when it
will come off easy euough and leave
no mark." So, when men I prall evil
of us falsely throw mud at US doS1
be in a hurry about brushing it eff
Too great eagerness to rub it off. i
apt to rub it in. L"t it dry: by and
by, iT need bt a little effort will re
move it. Doti'l foster scandal aboi t
yourself or o hers or trouble in aj
seciety, or in a church, by haste to do I
something. Let it alone; let it dry;
it aiU be more easily eridicated than
you think in the first heat of excite
ment. Time has a wonderful power
in such matters. Very many things
in this world will be easily got over
judiciously "letting them dry."
Americon Agriculturist
grows every month. It is understood
to be the intention of the treasury to
adopt such measures as will get the
monthly coinage into circulation and
reduce the amount now in the vaults.
A statement courteously prepared
for the Her to-day, by the cblf of
the division of accounts, treasury de
partment, shows that since coinage
was commenced there has been re
. ( iveii 21.t.Gl.27-l standard silver dol
lars from the mint. Of this amount
there remaius $15,050,198 in the treas
ury ofliccs. This leaves a balance of
only $0,0' 5 07G in circulation. Wah -ing
ton St nr.
Sot (J row bur Worse.
Is the world growing worse? We
do not think so. All observing. In
telligent men know that the world,
however appearances contradict it,
?jrows steadily bettor. One reason of
the contrary seeming true Is that we
now have facilities for gathering all
the news in the wotld and evil
Thal a Man Will 1H when Huh cry.
"I will work three hours for a loaf
of bread," i the war-cry of a very In
telligent colored man, who is bow vis-
Jit ing our places of business all over
i town, and who, when taken at his
word goes to work with a will and
does so well that he often gets more
for his services than the promised
loaf. A story of late has been started
that he is craay. but if so the writer
has been unable to discover it, and
has seen the fellow do two or three
jobs exceedingly well. His own ex
planation of the 'drsane" charge is
that it comes from "a lot of those lazy
negroes who had rather dtlnk rum
aud play policy than to work; and
some folks think I must be be queer
cent, to the disreputable brood of tax
title venders? Why should he pay
anything except his taxes and the
penalty ta tfca county for the delay?
Why should tho Democrats In the
Senate want to perpetuate this rob-
keepsake?, shall not be subject tojbery? Where the property-owner is
execution; nnd, provided, further, i not Ht fatf jf nny penalty is paid, it
that she shall hold as exempt,, except 8n0uia be paid by the officer who
for the puiehase money therefor, , commits the blunder. There is noth
othet property to the amount cf $300, like this, we presume, in force as a
to be set apart and appraised In the
manner provided bv law for exemp
tion of property.
Sec. 10. A man led woman shall
not mortgage or in any manner en
cumber her separate proporty ac
quired by descent, devise of gift, as a
secuilty for the debt or liability of
i her husband or any other person.
nae of nitroua oxid
All work warranted. I
law aaywhefe natside of Indiana. If
there were imperfections in the Gar
ilgus bill, why was it not perfected?
The majnity of the Legislature have
made a great many blunders during
the session, but uono worse thau this
that we have seen. IudlttU1tpQ&M
Ofllce in Secoiid story. Post Ofllee Building
Teeth from one only, to a
full set, 80 cheap that the
rich and poor can all
Pieservation of tbe Natural Teeth
to the startled group.
"Hve you made your decision,
gentlmen?" she asked ; bave you cho
sen the part of men or of traitors?"
It is putting the question too
broadly-so like a woman seeing only shameful thing I will never own you luea lhnt he ls undr obligations
to set am up, and each gets three
or four drinks ou this co-operative
the bare ugly facts, and quite forget
ting the delicate drapery Intend-1
ed to veil them. It was uo awkward
position to put them in, and they
again as my husband."
"My deur wife!" cried the husband
agahst, "you do not know what you
are saying. Ienve me for such a
plan where he would otherwise have
but one, and where orte is as much.
Ileligion in (he iTess.
Naw Yi rk San.
The last thiiiL an editor wants In
his paper is rtligion. This surprising
assertion we find in an article con
tributed to the Catholic World by
some one with a tendcucy toward
We iufer that the contributor's nc-
quaintance with editors is not limited, . themselves as well
and that ho has been unfortuua'e la bis
choice of newspapers for personal
If he had said that the last thing a
sensible editor wants in his paper is
i cunt iii w i 1 1 1 1 1 1 h;i ) i i f thn null nn
If not more than b llk,ljr to b,- good j a,s0 havo 8aid
with truth that judicious editors do
Tho Onnncial troubles of England
and Germany will causo a large In
crease of immigrants to this country
the ensuing year. The year 1878
shows an Increase over 1877 of 22.701
If these immigrants, who have the
means, could be persuaded not to stop
In eitle?, but strike out itito the unde
veloped West and build for UMB
selves homes, they wt. u!d bem fl
as the places
I 1 .-i K.a lAAltuil I I , . t -it, til. Ml.
wiicic uu j iviv 'nvi. i i 1 n i fcu'aa-
sands of children growing Bp to ci imc
und I life of misery in every city who
only I n k healthful associations and
the means within reacb of honest
labor to ndopt lives of usefulness.
makes news while good does not to work so cheap, but I couldn't get
and presenting it In a single day. anvthlng to do, so try this plan. Th
When we take up the morning j ur Tellow is certainly uiselflsb, and
nal ths villainy of the entire civilized , whatever food and money is given
ylobe is thrust upon our attention; him he ; Mays takes home to his fam
wherea, only a few years ago, we got iySjritigJiel(l (Afrits) Republican, .
it in fragments, at intervals, and
often but a small portion at most. An-
A Jndge Arraign Hin Sod,
Dayton (O.) Joarual.
There was a remarkable scene in
the Cleveland Police Court on Satur
ay. A son of Judge Tilden, a widely-known
and highly-respected law-
other is that, during peiiods of com
mercial dullness and mouetary pres
sure, men, dtiven to their wits' and to
avoid failure Jn business", nie temptd
I . . 1 . , i . 1 . . . . 1 wnlla fli.it ffllAIT WMll.l
IU l llUUUiru nnja mat, uirj huuih ,
Mote I "US in I mp; urn uu n lunigv vi
i petit larceny. Mis veneraoie ratner.
k.i !..i..ti ika linnnrait TililaiM of
, ., , Willi Hil l l II IU-' liuiiun'l H ""ftv v.
by subsequent success, while contln- . .
, . . . I the county for twenty four y ars. apT
ued strain nnd stagnation, their mis- , ' . . . . . t L.
peairil ill. I asnci umi ii'. iiiifiui i'iuc-
not be in prosperous times.
over, their irregulaiities are hidden
deeds are forced into light there Is
method of covering them up. Sinners
are "found out." now a days, and can
not lead wicked lives undiscovered.
Old aSS L'pon Hint.
William of Get many has been made
to f el that old ngt is upon him. He
was lately, as is his habit after din
ner, walking wiih his wife through
ecute his own son as a matter of duty
owing to himself and the State. Ha
then conducted the examination, and
at Its dose said he was satisfied be
yond a doubt that his son was guilty,
and when he referred to the sad spec
tacle of a father prosecuting 'lis own
son he burst into tear, while his
powerful framo shook with the vio-
her saloons wheu his foot slipped and euce of his grief. The Police Judge
he fell heavily to the ground. He
endeavored to rise to his position,
but being very awkward he again fell,
this time injurisg his right hjp. The
Empress, who fs io rather feeble
health, was so alarmed that she near
ly lost consciousness, and ooly after
a time was able to call for help. The
found the boy guilty of stealing a
coat from a Common Pleas juryman,
and then nawninur It for money, but
reserved sentence until to day.
National Hank Taxes.
The Washington National bank in
our city, with a capital stock of only
for him. If nobody ever treated
drinking would be reduced one-half.
A colored preacher in Kentucky
Officf over Darks Brat,' Law
Office, Gurw Street.
Plymouth, Ind.
stammered and bungled oyer their thing as this?"
answer, as men in a fnl e position "For such u thing pa vhis?" she
will. The reply came at last, mingled cried icorofully. "What greater
with explanations and excuses, and cause could there be? I married a
apologies. 1 good man nnd true, a faithful friend,
-Quite hopeless; absurd for a and it needs no Jivorce to sever me culled ou tobacco dealer for a sub-1 and vital bearings on individual and p0Df aiu it was I laee for life, for the
starving, half clothed, undisciplined from a traitor and a coward. If you scription In aid of tho church over public morals. mau who got it was certain to hoot
army like ours to attempt to compote take your protection, you lose your which ho presided, arid when the
with England's unlimited resources. ! wife, and I -I lose my husbaud and dealer said ho ought to go to work
Repulses everywhere; ruined; throw-! my home!" and earn something for the church
ing away life and fortune for a shad-i With the last words the thrilling instead of begging, offered to work
ow," You know the old argument voice broke suddenly wiih a pathetic if the dealer would employ him. The
with which men try to prop a stag-J fall, and a film crept over the proud dealer agreed; the negro preacher
gering conscience. j blue eyes. Perhaps this little touch laid aside his clerical coat and labored
Mrs. Arnett listened in sllenco un- j of womanly weukness moved her assiduously in the factory all duy, and
til the last objecting word was spokea. hearers as deeply ns her
Then she Inquired simply ; accrnful words, They were
Two herdsmen quarrelled on i Lf
braalca oratrle. and each threatened
I not look with favor upon dieouisttoM j t0 kiu lu0 other. Neither was arm. d,
I on abstruse points of theology except j but ther0 wa9 ft gun ln tueir nut a
in bo iar mese may nave oovious mile HW!4y. Both started for the WCS-
Hut religion nnd theology are two companion. They had several
thisgs. Let this mistaken critic ex- lights on the way, and were bruised
amine the daily newspapers more at- au j exhausted when they neated the
tentively. He will discover withsur- j g0li!. but (ljey ran with desperation,
prise that the best and most popular autj kept breast until close to tho
of them nro full of religion. He will j noU3e Tnen one tripped and fell,
note the honesty of their news gath- civing the other the lead. The vlc-
Emperor was carefully lifted up, aud , $50,000 pays taxes annually amoun-
t ng to over I1.T00. For 1877 the bank
paid $1,702 U. The taxes for last
yeai, Mr. li ed informs us will exceed
that Bum. In the nine years the bank
has been doing business it has paid
over $15.000 in taes. "Now what
other busiuess In this city or county
piys more ttx?s? Of the 11.700
paid in 1S77. the city got 3G0 and tho
county nnd stale got $440, and tbe
government $1H)2 14. These figures
completely refute the statements that
National lanka pay no tales. Ki
bat ks were ever taxed ao heavily.
after a comparatively quiet sleep he
felt much better the next morning,
and was sufficiently recovered per
form his usual duties.
Mrs. Ann Kliz;i Voting has written
a long letter to Mrs. Hayes on the
subject of polygamy which closes aa
follows; "Polygamy desolates every
home which it enters. Surely it will
nvither be improper nor unwise for
you to exert your influence against
that vast ;ind Increasing ctlme. It is
oppoeed to all that you prize In do
mestic and social Ufa; it makes the
n , u ,.1. .
olrU!!, Christian home impossible. ! uppe sjasoeswinwy wi
Even if you can only do but little ! n,ack back. a 8O0fe Democrats de
thnnah von enn nnlv flneak word- nf ' mand, what tt be the result?
i 4 ' ' fj i vwj - - - w " W V a
sympathy, such words will speedily
be wafted westward to thousands of
aching hearts; and will be refreshing
Washington Gazette.
Suffer not disappointment by em
ploim; too many "cures;" but for
eriug. wie sinteniy oi uieir ot miens, tor dashed into lhe building, pulled fts he dew of morniucr to manv a ' the diseases of Infancv use Dr. Bull'
brave, at sunset received a $50 check in pay- their constant devotion to truth and the gun down from its hooks, and weeping Hagar, wandering in worse I Baby Svrup which never disappoints,
not all mont. I justice, their unrelaxlng, unsparing merciletsly murdered bis fallen foe. than desert lauds." I and costs only 25 cents a bottle.

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