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XCbc tribune.
HENDRICKS & CO., Publishers.
Advertisements to appear In TOE TRIB
UNE must b in before Tuesday noon to In
sure tneir appearance in the issue of that
Plymouth, Ind., Octiber 31, 1901.
James Collins went to South Bend
on business.
Rev. Father Yenn went to South
P.end on busines Tuesday.
Miss Lulu Howard went to Argos
to visit relatives.
Mrs. Albert Chase went to Chicago
to visit relatives.
Mrs. Charles Alberts went to Bour
bon to visit relatives Tuesdav.
Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Kretcher went
to Chicago to visit relatives.
Miss Vivian Weaver, of South Bend
is in the citv visiting relatives,
Mrs. J. M. Bowser went to South
South Bend to visit relatives Tuesday.
Mrs. Clara "Walters is visiting in the
city, a guest of Mrs. P. F. Yockey.
Miss pertha Carr has returned from
South Bend, after visiting in that city.
Mr. and Mrs. John Boss have re
turned from their visit with relatives
in Chicago.
Mrs. George Kuntz is visiting Mr.
Kuntz's mother north-east of town
for a few da vs.
Fred Logan has returned from
Steger, 111., where he has been em
ployed dunug the summer.
Miss Coral Stewart has returned to
her home in South Bend after a week's
visit with relatives in this city.
Mrs. J. Yeamen and children went
to Indianapolis to visit relatives.
They will remain about a month.
Mrs. Charles Nathanale went to
Bourbon to remain for the winter
with her son, John Xathanale,of that
Miss Nora Dickson returned to her
home In Rutland, after visiting her
grandmother, Mrs. R. Pelton of this
Miss Maggie Rhinehart has; returned
to her home in South Bend after a
long visit with Miss Marjory Vinall of
this city.
The supreme court has denied the
application of Mrs. "Work to be allow
ed to file a brief in the appealed case
of C. C. Yink vs Julia A. "Work.
Mrs. Anna Swett is here from Union
Mills for a visit of several days with
her father, Jacob Suit, and other rel
atives in this city and vicinity.
There will be two excursions on the
L. E. & "W. Sunday. One to Indiana
napolis, leaving at 5:50 a. m., and one
to Michigan City,leaving at 10:42 a. m.
L. C. Dillon, the Culver grain deal
er, is at Ft. "Wayne visiting relatives.
Hewastakm alarmingly ill Sunday
and Dr. O A. Rea was summoned by
John II. Taber and his mother, Mre.
Jonas Miller, who brought the body
of Mrs. Tabcr here for burial, have re
turned to rheir home at Los Angeles,
California. (
The Gospel mission, on Michigan
street above Buck's hardware store, is
holding special meetings each night
except Friday of this week. Miss
Ella Rudy, of SouthBend, experienced
in gospel work, will conduct the meet
ings beginning tonight.
Harry Enyart, having completed
his work here for "W. V". Hatch &
Sons as their superintendent in the
paving contracts, left for El wood
Wednesday to assume charge of a
large street improvement in progress
there. Mr. Enyart has made many
friends here who will miss him.
Ed F. Hutches, an inspector in the
rural mail delivery service, was here
Tuesday for the purpc.se of establishing
another route. The plan is to divide
route number one, northeast of
Plymouth, and include additional ter
ritory. The inspector and Postmas
ter Yockey spent the day driving over
the proposed new routes.
Malleable Iron
Leader in Low Prices Üf
Mr. P. J. Manual went to Argos on
business yesterday.
Mrs. Rosa Miller went to Argos to
visit for a few days.
Mrs. J. C. Tavanier went to Bour
bon to. visit relatives.
Mrs. J. C. Miller went to South
Bend to visit relatives.
Mrs. J. Crosby went to South Bend
to visit relatives yesterday.
Miss Rosa Haslanger is the guest of
her sister, Mrs. F. II. Kuhn.
Mrs. L. M. Jonathan went to
South Bend to visit relatives.
Mrs. D. A. Warrel went to Chicago
to visit relatives "Wednesday.
Mrs. E. A. Ilartsog went to Inwood
to visit relatives for a few days.
Mifs Alice Kopp went to South
Bend to visit relatives for a week.
Mrs. Henry Halleck has gene to
Xappanee for a visit of several days.
WANTED Good girl for general
housework. A pply at this office, d & t f
Miss Ida Hisey went to Argos to
visit relatives the remainder of the
Mrs. Gardener, of Chicago, is visit
ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D.
Miss Martha Kempe, ofSouth Bend,
is in this city visiting Rev. and Mrs.
Indian summer shows a disposition
to abide with us indefinitely. Let her
Mrs. Lou K. Green, of Ligonier, is
the guest of her sister, Mrs. R. B.
Mrs. Frank Kizer, of near Donald
son, is here visiting her sister, Mrs.
Jeff Florian.
Mrs. Unice Hanes and Mrs. Eva
Sterutt, of Erie, Pa., visited Miss
Maggie Welch.
Circuit court was fully occupied
Wednesday with the trial or the case
of Paul vs Judv.
Mrs. Emma Dickson and Mrs. Zeno
bia Russell are visiting their brother,
John W. Houghton.
G. A. Rase and mother, of Laporte,
were entertained Tuesday by Mr. and
Mrs. Theodore Cressner.
Mrs. Hannah Zugbaum, nee Kling
iummer. of YaIparaiso,is here visiting
relatives for a few days.
Why not buy a piece of that fort
une cike at the Halloween supper, it
will cost you only 5 cents
Mr. C. A. Willis is at Plymouth,
Ind., directing the work at the In
diana salting stations. Pickles.
Miss Agnes Curtis has returned to
her home in South Bend after a week's
visit with Miss Florence Lamb of this
Brick for the South Michigan street
pavement is being piled on the sidesof
that street near the bridge to remain
all winter.
Marriage licenses were issued Wed
nesday to Reuben C. Houser and
Alma May Thomas, Samuel Nott and
Maud Baker.
Miss Ella McCoy has returned to
her home in South Bend after a long
visit with her sister, Mrs. Richard
Hennesy, of that city.
Mr. and Mrs. Cal Switzer have re
turned from a long visit with Mrs.
Switzer's brothers,- Sam and Na
than Craig, at Nappanee.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Horn, of Valpa
raiso, who were recently married here,
spent Sunday with the bride's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Bergman.
George Grose, one of the old Novel
ty boys, stopped over Sunday in Ply
mouth on his way from the Pan-American
to his home in Chicago. He
was the guest of F. n. Kuhn.
Miss Ada Holdorf entertained a
crowd of young people from South
Bend at Mrs. D. A. Wheaton's home
on Plumb street. Those present were:
Grace Follinsbee, Mabelle Press, Viv
ian Weaver, George Allan, Earl Lynn,
Welcome Carter and Harry Burkhart.
An enjoyable time was had and light
refreshments were served after which
the party left on the late träjn for
South Bend.
Miss Edna Yockey visited in Ind
ianapolis Sunday.
Mrs. J. Throp went to Bourbon to
visit relatives this week.
Jeff Edwards, of Donaldson, was a
Plymouth visitor Monday:
Mrs. Jean Smith went to South
Bend to visit relatives Monday."
Mrs. II. G. Mclnery went to Culver
for a week's visit with relatives.
.Mrs. L. W. King and children went
to Lapaz to visit relatives for a week.
Mrs. J. T. Wood, of South Bend, is
visiting her son, Robert, of this city.
Arthur Metzler, of Rochester, was
the guest of Miss Helen Disher over
Mr. and Mrs. E. Snyder returned
from Culver, after a week's visit with
Mrs. Aaron Collet has returned to
her home in South Bend after visiting
relatives in this city.
Jacob Blubaugh and family are in
the city visiting his mother, Mrs.
Catherine Blubaugh.
Rev. Father Smith, of Cleveland,
spent Sunday in the city, -the guest
of Rev. Father Yenn.
Miss Dora Keller has returned from
Teru, Ind,, after visiting her brother,
John Keller of that city.
John Lacher has returned to South
Bend after visiting his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. Lacher of this city.
Mrs. Jacob Sydcrs went to Ok
mulga, I. T., to spend the winter with
her son, Mr. Syders, of that city.
Clara Russel has returned to her
home in South Bend after visiting her
sister, Mrs. M. Hogan, of this city.
Mrs. W. Codwell and children have
returned to their home in South Bend
after a visit with relatives in this city,
Mrs. C. Klinger and children, also
Mrs. M. Mortimore, have returned to
their home at Bourbon after a visit
with Mr. and Mrs. John Langfeldt, of
this city.
Jacob Sell Caught by a Yandalia Train
at the Bottorff Crossing.
The Bottorff crossing of the Yandalia
railway, near Pixon Lake, was the j
Scene of an accident Saturday evening
that might have been much more
serious than it turned out to be.
Jacob Sell, an old and well known
farmer who lives near Twin Lakes,
was driving home from Plymouth and
reached the crossing just in time to
be struck by the southbound passenger
train leaving here at 7:34. The wag
on was hurled from the track and
totally wrecked, and Mr. Sell emerged
from the scattered pieces with two
fractured ribs and many bruises and
contusions. The horses were unin
jured. The injured man was taken to
his home by neighbors and given
proper care and will doubtless recover
within a short time, but he had a bad
scare and a narrow escape.
Surprise and Farewell.
Mr. and Mrs.George Wymer, who live
near Bourbon, are preparing to move to
Plymouth. Sunday about sixty -of
their neighbors dropped in on them
for dinner by way of surprise and to
bid them a fitting farewell. A most
enjoyable gathering was the result
and a dinner was served that was fit
for a royal function. Among the fam
ilies represented were the following:
Bert Mann, Oscar Berkeypile, John
Jones, Dr. Kizer of Inwood, Wesley
Updike, John Zimmerman, Mrs. Gal
entine, Elmer Armcntrout, George
Fiester, Cyrus Jones, Morris Banks,
Charles Reed, Adelbert Compton,
Ella Wymer, Susanna Borger of Gosh
en, Miss Blanche Greer of Lycurgus,
Misses Flora and Grace Emmons.'
Suuday School Week Cosed.
The completion of Sunday School
week was fittingly observed at the
Presbyterian church Sunday at the
usual Sabbath School hour. The pro
gram as already published was success
fully carried out and a full attendance
was present, together with a large
number of visitors. Superintendent
Parks and Rev. Thornberry feel that
public interest in the work of the Sun
day Schools is aroused in a most grat
ify iner degree and that parents . are
more than ever awakened to the ne
cessity for more specialized religious
instruction for the young.
Si Plunkard.
The always popular Si Plunkard
was on the boards at the opera house
Monday night for his annual reception
in Plymouth and:as he always docs.hc
faced a crowded house and received a
cordial welcome. No show coming to
this city attracts so many people from
the country and none gives such com
plete satisfaction. There is sufficient
alteration and improvement this year
to make practically a new perform
ance without losing any of the sweet
and wholesome rural flavor that gives
it the popularity it enjoys.
. V
Licensed to Wed.
Marriage licenses have been issued
to Solomon nunsberger and Ida Bag
ley, George N. Crabb and Effie J. Ed
wards, Harry Baird and Alice Barber.
Turnbull Concern of Laporte to Remove
to This City at Once.
Mr. E. B. Turnbull, of Laporte,
was in this city Tuesday, accompanied
by his son, David Trumbull, and they
announced their intention to locate
here immediately and engage in the
manufacture of wagons, the business
they arc conducting at Laporte.
Mr. Turnbull came here in July,
as was exclusively reported in the
Evening News at the. time, and was
well pleased with the shipping and
other facilities of the town and with
it as a residence place. He has since
then been quietly shaping his affairs
for the removal now to be made. No
bonus is asked, directly or indirectly,
in aid of this concern, it being the
purpose of the gentlemen interested
to commence on a modest scale and
endeavor to work their way into an
industry of magnitude.
The gentlemen named have been
examining sites for the factory todav
and have also been looking for
houses for their families. They will
remove here at once and push the
work as rapidly as possible with the
expectation of getting in a full win
ter's work.
Doings Of the Court.
Evidence was heard Monday as to
the mental capacity of Wm. A. John
son. He was found to be of unsound
mind and Alonzo T. Slayter was ap
pointed guardian, under a bond of
The divorce case of Leona Mattem
vs Walter Mattern was set down for
trial Nov. 5.
A final report in the estate of
Charles Huff was filed and set down
for hearing Nov. 16.
The will of Mary Jane Shafer was
The court made final disposition of
35 cases during the first two weeks of
the present term.
Marriage licenses were issued Tues
day to Pearl E. Judy andLivinaRine
bald, Martin Silvestrom andAnnaBeck
man. The marriage of the first
named couple occurred in the clerk's
ofllce at high noon, Judge Capron oili
ciating. The groom is the son of the
defendants in the case on trial in the
The jury was calledTuesday and the
case of ErastusPaul vs Elizabeth Judy
et al. was taken up. It is a suit on a
note for $400 given in the purchase of
a barber shop at New Paris.
John C. Capron, was appointed
shorthand reporter for the present
An October Wedding."
A very pretty and, quiet wedding
occurred at the home of Jacob Hum
bert in West township where his
daughter Anna, was united in mar
riage to Monroe Martin of near Plym
outh, on Oct. 15th, 1901, at 5 p. m .,
J. F. Appleman officiated in the pres
ence of a few invited relatives and
friends. The supper was all that could
have been desired. The happy cou
ple left for Buffalo, and on their re
turn will be at home on a farm north
of Plymouth.
A Surprise at St. Michael's.
Monday beingSt.Simon's day in the
calendar of the Roman church, and
therefore, the name day of Father
Simon Yenn, a pleasant surprise for
him was planned at St. Michael's
academy and successfully carried out.
A program consisting of music and
recitations by the pupils was arranged
in his honor and he was invited to at
tend without knowing the purpose of
it. After the exercises the children
were given a holiday.
Removal to Peru.
John A. Shunk has formed a con
nection with N. N. Antrim, a Peru at
torney, for the practice of law and left
Monday morning for his new location.
Mr. Shunk is a Tippecanoe township
product, son of Wm. Shunk, a former
county commissioner, and is now
chairman of the Marshall county re
publican central committee. His
Plymouth partner, Frank W. Boss,
will continue the business in tl.e
present office.
After a Missing Spark.
Bert Bowell went to Valparaiso
Monday afternoon, in pursuit of a
traveling man ' who was alleged to
have wrongfully appropriated a dia
mohd ring valued at $100 while a
guest at the Ross House Sunday.
The man was found, but the jewel
could not be found nr could guilt bt
established, so he was released and
Bert returned home.
New Music Received.
Whave received from the Groom
Music Company, Steinway.IIall, Chi
cago, several professional copies of
their late music. This company , is
putting out some good pieces, both
vocal and instrumental, and will glad
ly examine authors' manuscripts with
aview to their publication. It sets
song words and poems to music on a
basis that pays a good profit to the
Business of More or Less Importance
Before the Council.
The city council met regularly Mon
day evening. Permission was given
Lawrence Linkenhelt to move his of
fice building from its present location
to his new elevator grounds.
The contract for the Healey sewer
on Washington street was awarded to
Otis Mikels at 30 cents a foot, catch
basins to be $14. Other bids were
tiled by W. W. Hatch & Sons at 50
cents and Mr. Brumbaugh, at 80
An ordinance was passed for the
construction of sidewalk and curb on
Garro street on the south side of the
new Bank building.
After the bills were allowed a deficit
of slightly more than a thousand dol
lars was disclosed in the general fund
and a loan of $2,000, at a rate of in
terest not exceeding 5 per cent, was
Wednesday afternoon was fixed as
the time for. a final inspection of the
Michigan street pavement and that
evening the council will meet special
ly to take action thereon.
The city attorney reported that the
electric light company is not author
ized bv its contract with the city to
charge for the rental of meters or to
fix a minimum price for lighting
other than is fixed in the contract,
and that the remedy is by mandamus
to be brought by the city. He was
authorized to commence such a suit
as he may think proper.
Lucius Lockwood, sr., was born in
Vermont, April 8, 1815, and died after
an illness of fourteen days at his home
near Maxinkuckee, Marshall county,
Oct. 16, 1901, at the age of 86 years,
6 months and 8 days, ne was the
lineal descendant of early New Eng
land stock, his grandfather having
emigrated from Rhode Island to Ver
mont about the close of the revolution
ary war.
The subject spent his boyhood days
among the hills of Vermont, and
when nineteen years old, under the
allurements of western opportunity,
he decided to leave his youthful home
and made his way over the old
Erie Canal and the Great Lakes
to Chicago, which was then but little
more than a frontier settlement,
thence to Elkhart county, where he
began life for himself in the new
country. He was united in marriage
with Hannah Hibray April 8, 1838.
Eight j children, six sons and two
daughters, resulted from this union.
Five sons, Enoch, of Ola, Mich.,
Jasper, of Glcncoe, Okla., Ashcr of
Cloverdale,Kansas, Semoreand Luther
of this county, Juliette Kilpatrick, of
Yuma, Arizona, and his faithful com
panion, with whom he traveled the
rugged road of life for more than six-ty-thrtö.
yeais, survive.
He removed to Marshall county near
Plymouth in 1857 and to his late resi
dence in 1866. The funeral was con
ducted by Rev. Wittaker, at the
Washington M. P. church, Friday
Oct. 18, at 2 o'clock, with interment
in the Washington cemetery.
Current Assessment of the Five Lines in
Marshall County.
Railroads in Marshall county are
assescd for taxation as follows:
Tracks and Improve-
rolllDfr stock tnents
P., Ft. W. & C tl,4!i0,3tf $7,975
Nickel Plate 705.845 1.205
Ii. & 0 497.7J 2.070
L.E. & W 438.842 820
Vandalla. 31-MSO 1,630
Total $3,534,995 $13,790
This makes a total of $3,548,785 on
which the railroads will pay taxes for
the benefit of the county.
List of Unclaimed Letters.
The following letters remain un
callertfor in the post office at Plym
outh, Ind., for the week ending Oct.
30, 1901.
Mr L O Strang Mr Wm Mjers
Mr Hang Klsbons
Miss ITazel Renkenberg Mrs Nancj Roach
Miss Ella Squires Jane Vinnon
Miss Barton Myers Mrs E Braver-man
Miss Effle Seiffer - Miss Lillle Kuntz
Miss Ada Bailey Mrs Mary Anderson
Mrs Adelyne 11 HaUeck
A fee of one cent will be charged on
all the letters advertised.
Please say advertised when calling
for th ese letters.
J. A. Yockey, PM.
Mrs. Pulaski Wickizer.
Mrs. Pulaski Wickizer died at her
h ome Thursday, October 24, and was
buried Saturday at Maxinkuckee
cemetery. Funeral services were
held at Popl ar Grove church at 11a.m.
Some Coffees i
are Glazed
with a cheap coating.
If glazing helps coffee
why aren't the high-
priced Mochas and Javas
glazed also?
y is not glazed. It is per
iVrÄ. fectly pure ..arid has a
Jft delicious flavor.
f r - -Jk fora quality and tmhoM. s
The U. S. Government Tests.
Show the Absolute Superiority of
Royal Baking Powder. .
Murdered at a Dance.
Ober, Ind., Oct. 30. At a
dance hero Monday night, James
Lucas, aged 19, was shot and
fatally injured by Henry Man
ning, aged 20. Lucas said a girl
whose name is Fannie Lawrence
had promised to dance with him
while Manning declared she had
promised him. On being asked
whose company she desired the
girl chose Lucas. Mannering
then threatened to shoot Lucus
at his first chance and carried
out his threat as soon as Lucas
left the hall. Manning was cap
tured and imprisoned immediate
ly awaiting results and trial.
Grand Cora
Bring in your best ears of corn before Dec. 1st
10 Big Prizes will be awarded on December 2nd
for the biggest ear of corn. A souvenir free
to every farmer bringing in his best ear or ears
of com.
Everybody invited to see the grand dis
play of fine Marshall county corn. Attend our
Great Winter Supply Sale of
Overcoats Suits Dry Goods
Allman's Big Store
Also Flannel and Silk Waists fc&
Plnnnnl onri Zilr Wnictinnc rnn Ha
aiivi a laiinvi unu
CS found at our store.
Just received our
We also Show a Complete Stock of
Kainy-Bay Skirts
2? at popular prices. Ask to
ft at $4.98. No one in town can'show.such a complete to
line- of the above mentioned merchandise as we do; com-
Cft ing as they do direct from manufacturer to the wearer,
we know that the prfces are' absolutely correct. g
Our 25c Underwear for ladies is the best value
given in the city, all sizes from 3 to 9-
Cft Did you see our 3 l-2c Calicoes? If. not it will to
pay you to look at them.
Cft Flannelettes; from 8c to 18c per yard, all colors to
ft to
Cft and styles. to
Cft Outinj Flannels 5c, 8c and 10c, best in the city, to
Don't fail to see our goods and get our prices
0? before purchasing elsewhere.
New York Store
o o
A Soldier of the Ninth.
Maj. George H. Carter, a. sol
dier of the famous Ninth Indiana
Infantry, died at his home in La
porte Saturday at th.3 age of 61.
He was a pioneer resident of La
porte and one of the Urst volun
teers m the civil war, serving to
the close. The funeral will be
conducted Tuesday by Patton
Post, G. A. R.
"I am indebted to One Minute
Cough Cure for my present good
health and my life. I was treated in
vain by doctors for lung trouble fol
lowing la grippe. I took One Minute
Cough Cure and recovered my health."
Mr. E. II. Wise, Madison, Ga. J. W.
Pay Cash For Grain
Guarantee Our Flour to be No. I
Make All Kinds of Chop Feed
Oush Corny Cob and all
Make Buckwhest Flour in Season
Do a General Milling Business and
Ask You to Give Us a Trial.
?? uiuim o-
second lot of the above.
see the New Chalkline Skirts
o o

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