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Foreign Nations Courtesy to
Uncle Sam.
none 5o Mighty But Tlust Reverence
Monroe Doctrine Which All at Tirst
Contentncd Gigantic and Deep-Rooted
Strength of American People.
London, Nov. 22 High di
plomatic opinion in London is
substantially a unit on the pro
position that recent develop
ments have placed the Monroe
doctrine beyond the domain of
practical dispute. Russia's
known determination not to dab
ble in occidental affairs, Ger
many's sweeping disavowal of a
purpose to seek a foothold in the
new world and England's latest
official action in conceding the
right of the United States to
dominate the politics of Central
America, coupled with Secretary
Hay's New York defination of
the cardinal features of the for
eign policy of the United States,
is interpreted as constituting the
final triumph of the policy of
President Monroe.
'We do not agree," said a lead
ing member of the diplomatic
corps yesterday to a correspond
ent, "that what Secretary Hay
and his compatriots back to
Jefferson and Madison make prac
tically the alpha and omega of
the American foreign policy
rests on any sound foundation of
international law. But what is
probably more significant than
the deep-rooted and gigantic
strength of the American people
is the fact that all the powers of
Europe are too busy guarding and
furthering their immediate inter
ests to dispute the right of the
United States to rule the west
ern hemisphere. When the Mon
roe doctrine was first enunciated
there was not a single power of
Europe so humble as to do it rev
erence. Now there is none so
mighty as to do anything else.
'American statesmen are wise
in exercising vigilance to pre
vent the possibility of a Levan
tine question in the new world.
The Turk's very feebleness
makes him the keystone of the
European political arch, so that
the powers must studiously
avoid entanglements likely to tie
their hands in the event of the
sudden toppling of Ottoman
We Have Lost a Good Chance.
Laporte, Ind , Nov. 23 The
Laporte Improvement associa
tion has completed a contract
with David and Fred Turnbull
whereby these gentlemen will
enlarge their wagon factory in
this city instead of removing to
Plymouth, as they had decided
and partly arranged to do. The
Turnbull patents are in use -
three immense factories in otL
cities and it is confidently ex
pected that the success here,
under the personal direction of
the patentee, will be no less than
it has been elsewhere.
Conspiracy to Seize Yukon Territory and
Form Independent Klondike He
public Did Exist
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 23
The Times prints the following
from Victoria B. C.
There was an organized con
spiracy to seize Dawson, secure
the barracks of the northwest
mounted police with their arms
and ammunition, loot the banks
and pillage the property ot the
rich northern gold field.
These facts are confirmed.
James Seeley, formerly of this
city, now head of the secret ser
of the northwest mounted police,
is in this city and says that not
only was there a conspiracy to
overthrow Canadian rule in the
Yukon and loot Dawson, but the
scheme hatched by the . conspir
ators was a very feasible one
and had its existence not been
discovered by the secret service
of the Yukon and nipped in the
bud, the conspirators could have
accomplished theirpurpose, and,
after taking Dawson, could have
held that place and the Yukon.
The conspiracy was born in Daw
son and had a branch at Skag
way, but no existence in any
other point to the south of Skag
way, although efforts were made
to secure the assistance of pro-
Boer sympathizers in Seattle
and other points in the United
It was at Dawson that the plot
was made last summer. Several
American Fenians who had drift
ed to Dawson got together and
formed an organization which
was called the Order of the Mid
night Sun.
A number of others were
gathered in and the order grew
until there were several hundred
adherents in September when
the members of the secret ser
vice of Yukon became aware of
its existence.
London to Have a Sky-Scraper and it
Will Be the Largest Office-Building
in the Strand.
New York, Nov. 21 The
London Times and the New
York Times announce that ,4the
largest office building in the
world," which the Anglo-American
syndicate expects to erect
in the Strand, London, will have
thirty elevators, operating day
and night.
The building will contain 6,000
offices and there will be a huge
rotunda under a lofty dome. The
London building laws at present
do not permit skyscrapers.
London, Nov. 21 The action
of an Anglo-American syndicate
in applying to the London coun
ty council for a 999-years' lease
of a site on the north side of the
Strand, for the erection of an
office building, on American
lines, to cost 2,000,000, has
caused much comment and inter
est and is discussed from vari
ous points of view. Many people
sharo Wm. Waldorf Astor's
views, as expressed in yester
day's issue of the Pall Mall Ga
zette, throwing cold water on the
proposed "addition to that con
glomeration of architectural
chaos which is modern London."
The Pall Mall Gazette fears the
mammoth building will deform
the new thoroughfare.
The majority of the business
community, however, share the
views of the London Times,
which says: "We are Dfar too
much given to muddling along
with timid extensions of methods
essentially antiquated."
"The stay-at-home English-"
man," the Times continues, "has
a great deal to learn ana as his
fine, insular superiority prevents
him from learning by inspection
what others are doing, the best
thing possible for him is that
others should come here and do
things under his nose. Besides,
the Ar ricans owe us a good
turn ol ais sort. We built many
of theiv railroads and lost no sm all
amount of money in the oper
ation. It is only fair that they
should energize our operations a
little, though we have no desire
that their experience here should
be as unpleasant as that of many
a British investor in wildcat lines
over the water. They are really
doing very well ju&t now, setting
up a magnificent electrical fac
tory in the north, pushing the
electrification of the underground
roads and interesting themselves
in the 'tubes,' while American
ideas and methods are largely
recognized in the new telephone
Attack on the City Expected by Rebel
Force Now Marching.
Colon, Colombia, Nov! 23 It
is reported that a large liberal
force is marching on Panama.
The United States consul at Col
cm has made a public announce
ment that in case of attack on
this town American citizens, if
they feel that they are in person
al danger, may take refuge on
board the gunboat Machias or the
steamer Finance.
It is rumored here that Buena
ventura, a Colombian port on the
Pacific coast, about 400 miles
south of Panama, has been tak
en by liberals. Confirmation of
this report is lacking. Marines
from the gunboat Machias still
guard the station and property
of the railroad here. The battle
ship Icwa will land forces at
Panama when the necessity arises.
Liberals Overpower Government
Forces in Brief Fight.
American Marines Landed from Gunboat
Machias Conferences at Washington
Result in Orders to Protect Our Treaty
Colon, Colombia, Nov. 21
(via Galveston, Texas) The
city of Colon is in possession of
the liberals, who made an unex
pected attack on the town Tues
day night. The government
was not prepared and there was
little resistance. After some
fighting in front of the barracks
and in certain streets for an
hour and a half the liberals gain
ed possession of all the public
offices and the town of Colon.
Fourteen men were killed and
about thirty were wounded.
The issue now depends on the
result of the fighting which is
doubtless now occurring at
Chorrera, news of which is anx
iously awaited here. The liber
als are b .sy raising re-enforcements
locally. They are report
ed to have several hundred men
at different railroad stations be
tween here and Panama.
The United States gunboat
Machias landed a detachment of
marines here yesterday morning.
They are now guarding the rail
road station and other property
of the road.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 21
The confirmation of the reported
capture of Colon by the Colom
bian liberals caused a decided
commotion in the state and navy
departments yesterday. There
ware long conferences between
the officials interested.
As a result of the consultations
it was resolved to take no
chances of an infringement of
the treaty rights of the United
States. Therefore, Secretary
Hill cabled Consul General Gud
ger a direction to notify all
parties who are engaged in mo
lesting or interfering with free
transit across the isthmus that
such interference must cease.
He was also directed to consult
freely with Captain Perry, tho
commander of the United States
battle-ship Iowa, now lying at
Panama. Then Captain Perry
was cabled by Secretary Long
to land marines if necessary for
the protection of free transit
across the isthmus, in accord
ance with the treaty rights and
obligations of the United States.
This Jwas the first time since
1685, when Admiral Jouett open
ed up transit across the isthmus
of Panama, th?it communication
had actually been stopped m
such fashion as to seem to re
quire the interference of the
United States naval forces.
Seven Dead and Sixteen Injured Orders
Needles, Cal., Nov. 21 A fa
tal wreck occurred on the Santa
Fe railroad one mile westofFran:
conia, ArL, twenty miles east of
here, at 5:15 o'clock yesterday
morning, Seven trainmen were
killed and three passengers and
thirteen trainmen injured.
Limited trains, east and west
bound, Nos. 4 and 3, respectively,
crashed together while running
at full speed. Train No. 4 was
drawn by two engines, while the
west bound train had but one lo
comotive. The three engines
were crushed and blown to pieces
by an explosion which followed
the collision. Both the trains
were made up of vestibule cars
of the heaviest and most improv
ed pattern, and while they stood
the terrific shock well, and pro
tected the passengers to a great
extent, several of the cars took
fire at once and burned up. The
dining cars, one on each train,
one Pullman, and two composite
cars were destroyed. ' .
The collision is said . to have
been due to a disregard of orders
on the part of the crew of the
west-bound limited.
Iron and Copper and Where They Are
Fully and ioterestinglCdoscribed in the
illustrated booulet containing large in
dexed map, plainly indicating the region
in which this valuable ore is found, now
ready for distribution by the Chicago &
North-Western rt'y. Copy will be mailed
to any address upon receipt of two-cent
stamp by W. B. Kniskern, 22 Fifth are.,
Big Liverpool Bank Robbed by Trusted
Liverpool, Nov. 23 It was
announced yesterday that the
Bank of Liverpool had been
robbed of 170,000 pounds by a
trusted bookkeeper. When the
news reached the stock exchange
the bank's shares fell one pound.
No trace of the defaulter has
been obtained by the authorities
and for the purpose of assisting
the detectives in apprehending
the thief, the bank refuses to
make public the name of the
shrewd, but dishonest employe.
It is rumored that the fugitive
had taken ship for America.
In the official statement of the
bank the loss is charged to a con
fidential bookkeeper, whose dis
honesty may have been broaght
about by adverse betting trans
actions. Conservative financial
leaders made light of the gigan
tic defalcation. They said that
even were the loss 200,000 pounds
the bank's standing would not be
Big LaPorte County Ditch.
LaPorte, Ind., Nov. 23 The
Machlor drainage canal, by which
16,000 acres of Kankakee marsh
land in LaPorte county is re
claimed, was completed at noon
yesterday. Work on the big
ditch was commenced July 1,
1900, but was greatly obstructed
by litigation brought in the La
Porte county circuit court, state
supreme court, federal courts at
Indianapolis, and Chicago by the
Panhandle railroad company to
prevent the crossing of iis right
of way. The canal is ten miles
long and cost $40, 000.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tabl els
Try them
"When vou feel dull after eating.
When you have no appetite.
When vou have a bad taste in mouth.
"When your liver is torpid.
"When your bowles are constipated.
When you have a headache.
When you feel bilious.
They will improve your appetite,
cleanse and invigorate your stomach
and regulate your liver and bowels.
For sale by J. W. Hess, Druggist.
California Oregon Excursions
Every day in the year. The Chicago,
Union Pacific and Northwestern Line
runs through first-class Pullman and
tourist sleeping cars to points in Cali
fornia and Oregon daily. Personally
conducted excursions from Chicago to
San Francisco, Los Angeles and Port
land, leaving Chicago on Tuesdays and
Thursdays. Lowest rates. Shortest
time- on the road. Finest scenery.
Inquire of jour nearest ticket agent,
or write W. B. Kniskern, G. P.- & T. A.
Cheap Rates Again to the West.
On Oct. 15th, Nov. 5th and 19th
aud Dec. 3rd and 17th, 1901, the
Northern Pacific will sell Home-seek-ers
excursion tickels to western points
reached via its line, at one fare plus
$2.00 for the round trip. For further
informating regarding rates, write
J. E. Turner, D. P. A., X. P., Jack
son Place, Indianapolis, Ind., or ad
dress, Chas. S. Fee,G. P. & T. A.,
P. P., St. Paul, Minn.
The Indian and the Northwest.
A handsomely illustrated book just
issued, bound in cloth and containing
115 pages of interesting historical data
relating to the settlement of the great
Northwest, with fine half tone engrav
ings of Black Hawk, Sitting Bull, Red
Cloud and other noted chiefs; Custers
battleground and ten colored map
plates showing location of the various
tribes dating back of 1G00. A careful
review of the book impresses one that
it is a valued contribution to the his
tory of these early pioneers, and a
copy should be in every library.
Price, 50 cents per copy. Mailed post
age prepaid upon receipt of this
amount by W. B. Kniskern, 22 Fifth
avenue, Chicago, 111.
Holiday Excursion Bates via Vandalia Lines.
For the above occasion the Vandalia
line will eell excursion tickets at one and
one-third fare for the round trip. Tickets
good going Dec 212531 and Jan let
1902, and good returning to and including
Jan 2nd, 1902. Through tickets will be
eold over connecting lines at same basis.
C. Hartman. Agent.
If so, you secure cany advantages by r"
Ing via Ondnnati, the Queen & Oescent
Route and Southern Ry. Its fast trains pen
etrate every part of the Central South. 94
hour schedule Cincinnati to Jacksonville and
New Orleans. 9 hours to Chattanooga. o3
hours to Shreveport. 36 hours to Port Tampa.
Observation, parlor n4 cafe cars free re
clining chairs Through Pullmans to all la- I
portant Southern cities.
Oar booklet trll toq th adrtntactf
W9 offT vrr l-i
iC- Why toi Jj
1h reute, and ara tonl for tua ain
wriMM about it r
Is often only a sympton of dyspepsia.
In dyspepsia there is a loss of nutrition
which is felt by brain as well as body;
the mind grows morbid as the body
loses vigor.
Doctor Pierce's
Golden Medical
Discovery cures
dyspepsia and oth
er diseases of the
stomach and asso
ciated organs of di
gestion and nutri
tion. It enables
the proper nutri
tion of the bodv
and restores men
tal cheerfulness as
j well as physical
1 strength.
1 For about two years
I I suffered from a very
I obstinate case of dvs-
I pepsia," writes R. E.
I I Secord, Esq., of 13
I f Eastern Ave., Toronto,
Oatano. "I tried a
great number of reme
dies without success.
I finally lost faith in
them all. I was so far
rone that I could not
bear any solid food on
my stomach for a long
time; felt melancholy
and depressed. Could
not sleep nor follow
my occupation. Some
four months ago a
friend recommended
your 'Golden Medical .
Discovery. After a
week's treatment I
had derived so much
benefit that I contin
ued the medicine. I
hare taken three bot
tles and am convinced
it has in my case ac
complished a permanent cure. I can conscien
tiously recommend it to the thousands of dys
peptics throughout the land."
Accept no substitute for Golden Med
ical Discovery. There is nothing "just
as good for diseases of the stomach,
blood, and lungs.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets stimulate
the liver.
Report for Year Shows Unexampled Pros
perity in Indiana Financial institutions
and Reflects General Good Times.
Indianapolis, Nov. 21 The
state banks, savings banks and
trust companies of Indiana have.
just completed one of the most
profitable years of their exis
tence, according to the report
prepared in the auditor of state's
office, for the fiscal year ending
October 31, 1901.
The state banks, almost with
out exception, did better in 1901
than 1900, and a comparison
shows that the assets at the end
of the last fiscal year were$3,000,
000 (in round numbers) greater
than at the end of the preceding
year. With the combined capit
al of $4,867,000, they have a sur
plus of $799,000 and interest and
undivided profits amounting to
$566,000. Li. G. Rothschild.clerk
of the banking department, who
has prepared the annual report
for a number ot years, says the
state banks have never made a
better showing. The report is
regarded as a mirror of the gen
eral business conditions of the
smaller cities and towns, in which
most of the stato banks are locat
ed. During the last year the to
tal deposits reacbed $20,700,000,
an increase of about 4,000,000
over the preceding year.
"Last winter an infant child of
mine had croup in a violent form,"
says Elder John AV. Rogers, a Chris
tian Evangelist, of Filley, Mo. "I
gave her a few doses of Chamberlain's
Cough llemedy and in a short time
all danger was past and the child re
covered." This remedy not only
cures croup, but when given as soon
as the first symptoms appear, will
prevent the attack. It contains no
opium or other harmfnl substance and
may be given as confidently to a baby
as to an adult. For sale by J. W.
Hess, Druggist.
Excursions to Chicago via Pennsylvania Lines.
December 2d, 3d and 4th, low fare ex
cursion ticket? to Chicago will be sold
via Pennsylvania Lines, account Nation
al Live Stock Exposition, valid return
icg until December 8th. For particulars
see Ticket Agents of Pennsylvania
The "North Coast Limited."
Train of the Northern Pacific which
created such a furor during its first sea
eon, in 1900, is again shooting back and
forth across the continent in all the glory
of its former dayp. This Crack Train of
the Northwest, almost entirely new for
1901, is the epitome ot modern passenger
train construction. The Dining car
with its a la carte breakfast and lunch,
and table d'hote dinner for I1..00; the
unequaled Tourist Sleeping car of 16
sections, roomy lavatories and electric
lights, the first class Drawing Room
Pullman with two electric lights in each
section, and the palatial Obbervation car
with two smoking rooms, buffet, barber
shop, bath. library of H0 volumes, cur
rent magazines ladies' parlor, and ob
servation platform, all together form a
train of unusual comfort, excellence, and
even luxuriousness even in this day of
Of couree.broad vestibules, qtetm heat
and eteel platforms are there, and there
are nearly 300 electric lights on the train
the baggage car and day coaches) being
thus lighted also.
The train runs from St. Paul to Port
land, Oregon, passing through Minneap
olis. Fargo, Bozeman. Butte, Missoula,
Spokane. Soattle and Tacoma.
Connections from Duluth and Super
ior and for Helena are made en route.
Send to Chas. S. Fee, General Pas
eenger Agent, St. Paul, six cents for
Wonderland 1901. a royal book having a
chapter on this royal train. rj jjfc ;
a W
English Captain Killed.
Cape Town, Nov. 23 A Brit
ish patrol under Captain Elliott
leit Ugie, a village in the Trans
kei, between Elliott and Maclear,
before daybreak Thursday. They
discovered a Boer commando
under Bezuidejihoüt on Gatberg
Nek, in Drakenberg. Captain
Elliott attacked the Boers, who
were driven up the mountain in
disorder, losing six killed, one
wounded, and forty horses cap
tured. Captain Elliott and one
British private were killed, and
three officers were wounded.
Ideas of Gravity Upset.
Chicago, Nov. 21 Yesterday
afternoon John Bedim, of Lon
don, holding an ordinary carv
ing fork between his teeth,
caught on its tines a turnip hurl
ed from the summit of the Ma
sonic temple. An immense
crowd witnessed the feat. It
was the general expectation that
the fork would be driven through
the young man's head, but be
yond a severe shock and bleed
ing lips he was none the worse
for his daring act.
OowT Be Fooledi
Take the genuine, original
Made only by Madison Medi
cine Co., Madison, Wli. It
keeps you well. Our trade
mark cut on each package.
Price, 35 cents. Never aold
In bulk. Accept no ubttl
-T(oo tute. Ask your druggist.
is all right; if you are too fat;
and all wrong, if too thin already.
Fat, enough for your habit, is
healthy; a little more, or less, is
no great harm. Too fat, consult
a doctor; too thin, persistently
thin, no matter what cause, take
Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver
There are many causes of get
ting too thin; they all come
under these two heads: over
work and under-digestion.
Stop over-work, if you can;
but, whether you can or not.
take Scott's Emulsion of Cod
Liver Oil, to balance yourself
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on it true but, by it, you
can. There's a limit, however;
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Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver
Oil is the readiest cure for
:fcan't eat," unless it comes of
our doing no work--you can't
ong be well and strong, without
some sort of activity.
Tha genuine has
::his picture on it, Tp;
:ake no other.
if you have not
:riod it. send for
reo sample, its a- s
jreeable taste will
surprise you.
409 Pearl Street,
New York.
50c. and $1.00;a!l druggist3.
A new. reliable and safe relief far
euppreseeü, excemire, ecestr or pain,
ful menstruation. Now used by over
SO.OOO Ladies. Inriporatea theee
organ. Bewake of dangerous im
itations. 2 pr box. small box tL
Prepaid in plain wrapper. Send 4c in
tsmiw for aarticnfar. PEFFEB
i MEDICAL ASSN. Chicago, 111.
For Sale byL. TANNER
Notice of Sale for Storage Lien .
Notice is hereby Riven that we will, at 0
o'clock, a. m. on the seventh day of Decem
ber. 1901, at our machine shop and storage
room, located at the northeast corner of
Michigan and Sophia streets, in the city of
Plymouth, Marshall county. Ind., sell at
public auction, to pay charges for storage,
the same having been entrusted to us on the
third day of May, 1900, for storage, the follow
ing described personal property to wit: . One
Peninsular store stove valued at $23.00, and
is the property of John C. Corbln.
Dated at Plymouth, Ind., this 13th day
of November, 1Ö01
AU trains arrive at and depart from Van Buren
Street Union Passenger Station, Chicago.
Uniformed Colored Porters attend passongers
holding first or second class tickets in day
coaches on thru trains, insuring scrupulously
ciean cars enroute.
East: read down.
West: read up
Plat 1'anseng'r
Lo.i t ia
Trams Daily
S 15
5 I
7 4o;
5 511
f5 35
6 03!
4 42!
4 30!
4 08!
3 60;
1 ( Lo.
t 111 23,10 35
2 30
... CbicAfo....
.. Valparaiso..
. So. Wanatah.
.....Knox ....
....llibbard ...
5 25
9 35
8 33
7 15
2 05
II ou li w
4 09
4 27
5 02
3 40
3 2
2 50
2 28
J 15
11 SO
e so
7 40
fl 15
f8 27
3 09 fl 17
1 do
a 2:
a 4a
a 6s
3 22
5 43 -
..ArgOS ....
Men tone ...
Claypool. ..
1 30
9 401
i 11
1 51 12 01
10 5
6 59
J 2S
3 10
8 25
2 05
So. WhiUer
S 17
4 35
3 22
12 59 9 30
1 28 11 20
4 05
io n
5 50
7 50 ..it. Wayn..
1 65... Cleveland ..
7 35 .... Buffalo
7 35 .. New York..
2 30
7 50
12 10: 7 00
6 25
11 25
6 10 12 5Q
fi 10 2 00'
I 001
1 40!
1 00
13 07
7 50
3 33
5 23
,4,1,,,, IUB vUU
4 30 t6 19
1 Local freiph MtVound between Stony Island and Knox,
only on Mondar. Wedneiday and Friday 5 westbound only
on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Light typ kTP P- ,
fDaily except Sunday. V Stop on signal.
Drawing Boom Sleeping Cars on Nos. 2, 4 and
6 thru to Cleyeland, Erie, Buffalo, New York
and Boston: on Nos. 5, 3 and 1 to Chicago. Meals
are served at "up-to-date" Dining Stations and
In Nickel Plate Dining Cars at opportune meal
hours. Baggage checked to destination. Un
inquiry you will find our rates are always lower
than via other lines, service considered.
For rates and detailed information, address B.
P. Horner, General Passenger Afent, Cleveland,
a, C. A. Asterlin, T. P. A., Ft. Wayne, Ind., or
local Ticket Agent.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and recon
structing the exhausted digestive or
gans. It is the latest, discovereddigest
ant and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It In
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache, Gastralgia Cramp9and
all other results of imperfect digestion.
Price 50c. and $1. Large size contains times
small slse. Book all about dyspepsia mailedfree
Prepared by E. C. OeWITT A CO, Crjlcayo.
For Sale by J. W. Hess-
Physicians and Surgeons,
Oorner Michigan and Jefferson Street
Night calls answered.
Physician and Surgeon
315 N. Michigan St., PLYMOUTH, IND.
Dr. P. M. BTJRKET, "
Office over Plymouth State Bank, Michigan St
Plynjouth, IndiaQa.
Itcosts nothing to
Call or Write.
JOHN G. GflPRON, Packard BIk
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Office First Floor Parks' Law Bulling,
Practices in all courts and in all
branches of the profession. Notary
and stenographer in office.
Offica in Kuhn Building.
Brick and
Tile Mill
with 30 horse power en
gine, only six years old.
Cost $2, 600, includes kilm s.
Will take 500 cash.
Plymouth Indiana.
5 POT-
This brilliant man walks up and down
Upon the streets ot Spotless Town.
Tbeglitter of his shining star
Arrests attention from afar.
It lights the beat and goes to show
That naught can beat SAPOLIO
A housekeeper's attention is in
stantly arrested by the condition of the
shelves, paint, windows, and tins in
her neignbors kitchen. These mark
good housekeeping. No matter how
fine the rest of the house may be, if
the kitchen is not clean it shows the
worst kind of unthrift. A basin of
water, a cloth and
will save you from this reproach.
Hare Pleasant Work every month of the year
and get good.wagea. We teach it quickly and place
oor graduates in railway and telegraph service. Ex
penses low. Operators In great demand. School 29
years old. -.Write for illustrated catalogue.
L v OH!! an Only Ueauin.
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tamp Ihr färtlealara, Te? 1.310 lj.lt
od "Heller foi Ladle," i ietf, by r
tarm Mall. 1 0.OOO Itiumtmiali. SaUfcl
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Notice Is hereby Riven that by virtue
of an order of the Marshall circuit court
made In the case of Melissa Kallsback etal
vs. Sallie Deemer etal, numbtred 1174, at th.j
October term 1001, the undersigned commis
sioner. will offer for sale at private sale.at the
law offlcd of Wm. B. Hess, In the city of
Plymouth, Ind., on the second day of De
cember laci, between the hours of 10 o'clock
In the forenoon, and 4 o'clock In the after
noon, the following described real estate In
Marshall county, lnd , to, wit:
The northwest quarter of the northeast
quarter, and fourteen and one-half acres of
the east side of that part of the said north
west quarter that lies north of the New York,
Chicago and St. Louis Kailroad, all of said
described real estate Is In Section 17; town
ship 32, north, range 3 east; also lots 4? and
48 In Rhodes addition to the town of Arjros.
Said sale will be continued from day to day
at the same place and between the same
hours until all of said described real estate
Is sold In case it Is not all sold on said second
day of December 1901.
Terms of sale: One-third cash in hand;
the residue In equal payments of 12 and 24
months from daf of sale with notes at Oper
cent Interest and reasonable attorneys fees
waiving valuation and appraisement laws
and secured by a mortgage upon the real
estate sold.
5t4 Wm. B. HESS, Commissioner
- all

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