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For Christmas Gifts
H A New Line that
Buck's Cash Hardware
TEbe Tribune,
HENDRICKS & CO., Publishers.
Advertisements to appear In TUE TKIB
UNE must be In before Tuesday noon to In
sure tnelr appearance In the Issue of ti at
Plymouth, lad.. December 19, 1901.
George Miller jr., is on the sick list.
Lottie Love is sick with malarial
fever. ' ',
Lost in New York, opera house to- '
night. j
Lost in New York, opera house to
night. I
Lost in New York, opera house to- :
Frank Hendricks was here to spend
Harry Hall has gone to Argos on
Wilford Aston went to Bremen on
business Monday.
Harley Logan spent Monday at La
paz on business.
George Megans living northwest of
here is ery sick.
Mr. Eddie Canan went to Walker
ton for a few days.
Mrs. John'Blam has gone to Misha
waka for a few days. - --
Miss Nora Roger has returned
home from Logansport.
Miss Martha Nifong has gone to
Iienton Harter on a visit.
Major Gignilliat, of Culver, was a
visitor in Plymouth Monday.
Mvrtle Holies has gone to South
Uend to visit for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Dipert went to
Kansas to spend the winter.
Carl Kloepfer will behere to spend
Christmas with his parents. "
A double wedding is scheduled for
Christmas day in Plymouth.
Otis Patterson is again on duty at
Kloepfer's after asevere illness.
Dr. Nils Lindquist is the proud fath
er of a bright new little baby boy.
Rev. Father Lafuntaof Fort Wayne
was the guest of Father Yenn Monday.
Mrs. Dr. Jackson, of Climax, Michi
gan, is here visiting Frank Redd and
Mrs. Lue Barns went to South Bend
after visiting her daughter, Mrs.
Mrs. Alfred McGriff has returned to
Argos after visiting her daughter,
Mrs. Will Cox.
Mrs. C. Henderson, of Kewanria, is
-here visiting Miss Angie Houghton
for a few days. -
Mrs. Charles P. Drummond has
ge to Chicago to spend a few days
with her father.
Dr. Aspinall was called to Tyner
Monday to see Mrs. Harry Miller
who is very sick.
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Hill have re
turned to Rochester after visiting
Malarin Hill and lamily. ,
Charles Schlarb went to Chicago for
a few days md from there he will re
turn to his home in Dakota.'
All railway trains . have been run
ning late since Saturday night and
many wrecks have occurred.
Messrs. Davis and Charting of
Svekla, O., spent Sunday with the
engineers at the Marble house.
'Miss Emma Wyraer, who has been
visiting Mrs Charles Rosenbury, has
returned to her home in Donaldson.
Sunday was the coldest December
dBy In Chicago since 1892 and the
coldest to. trie first half of December
since 1878.
- Storms and Hoods of grtt severity
prevailed Sunday in New York, Peim,
sylvania and Maryland, and heavy
snows fell in the west.
Wm. H. Young and family, of
Brooklyn, are guests of Mrs. Young's
father, H. G. Thayer. It is probable
that Mr. Young will again take up his
residence in Plymouth and connect
don't fail to visit
will surprise you
himself with the Plymouth Novelty
Mrs. Maggie Monroe went to Argos
Miss Lora Palmer has returned from
Dr. and Mrs. Aspinall were in Chi
cago Tuesday.
Mrs. Ed Baxter went to Tyner Tues
day morning.
Dallas Finney and Cecil Oyler went
to Argos Tuesday.
Mrs. Will Coat went to South Bend
on a visit Tuesday.
Miss Emma Gallagher will be home
to spend Christmas.
George Barlow has gone to Argos
for a few davs' visit.
Mrs. Bell Jordan was here from
Bourbon this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Omar went to
Tyner to visit relatives.
Miss Lillie Glass has gone to South
Bend for a few days visit.
Herbert liachraan has diphtheria
but is getting along nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. Hostetler went to
Tyner after visiting with Joel Miller.
Mrs. L. II. Corpo has returned to
Culver after visiting Mrs. Sam Miller.
Mrs. Catherine Porter has returned
to Cuher after visiting her son, Oscar
R. Porter.
Miss Bessie Allman, who is visiting
in Chicago, has had the misfortune
to fall ill. " ' '
Mr. and Mrs. Harrv Lacke v, of New
Carlisle, formerly of this city, have a
nine pound bov.
Miss Jeanette Becker returned from
Chicago Monday evening and will leave
Friday for Noblesville.
Joe Bergman and wife went to
Peru Tuesday after visiting Con
rad Bergman and family.
George Cannon slipped on the icy
sidewalk at the Corbin corner Mon
day evening and fractured his kneecap.
Mr. Hite was taken sick while teach
ing in his room at Washington school
Monday and was compelled to go
The -8-year-old son of James Bach
man died Monday nJght of diptheria
and was buried Tuesdav morning at ten
o'clock at the Stringer cemetery.
An echo of the cold wave is due here
tonight and the temperature is ex
pected to fall below zero and remain
there until Thursday at least.
A large number of local' Pythians
went to Walkerton today to attend
the district meeting of Knights of
Pythias In the afternoon and evening.
The local themometers have varied
greatly in telling the tale of the low
est temperature reached Sunday. The
reports run all the way from 12 to 17
degrees below zero.
A small blaze occurred in one of the
cloak rooms at. Washington school Mon
day morning but was extinguished
promptly withlittle damage and with
out farming the pupilr.
James O. Parks, who is in the em
ploy of Carson, Pirie Scott & Co. , Chi
cago, has been promoted to the posi
tion of salesman on main floor in the
muffler and silk handkerchief depart
ment. The special attention of our readers
is called to the line of holiday goods
at the Peoples Drug Store. You will
find there a complete selection and
prices the lowest. Call in and see
our holiday displays. lltl
The hiebest price reached by hogs
in the Chicago marketduring 1900
was $5.85, the third week in April;
the top -of the market in 1901 was
$7.37 J, the last week in September.
One year ago 54.60 was the figure for
average Indiana hogs in Chicago; to
day they bring $6.35.; ' .
Don't forget to attend the Great
PoultrjuSbow to be held Dec. 24 to
28, 1901 in "corner room of Hoham
Block, corner " Wporte & Center
streets. Admission lb cents. . Season
tickets 25 cents. If you, have any
good birds bring them along. Entries
close at noon Dec. 24th without fail.
Have all entries in hunds of the sec
retary by that time. F. B. Carey, S'cy.
Homer Linkenhelt is on the sick
list. '
II. A. Shambaugh is at Elwood ou
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Love went to
Culver Wednesday.
Mrs. Lucy McFarlau is the guest of
friends at Walkerton.
C. B. Bentley has been reappointed
postmaster at Warsaw.
Mrs. J. S. Goddard is visiting
friends in South Bend.
Mrs. W. J. Deardorff has returned
to her home afier visiting Mrs. Julia
Mrs. Chas. Ebel and Mrs. Will Boll
man went to I;naldson Wednesday
to attend a funeral.
Mrs. M. J. Ehrenfield went to
Grovertown after visiting her daugh
ter, Mrs. II. B. Allen.
One year ago wheat was 6U cents in
Chicago, corn 41 and oats 21. Com
pare with present prices.
The ladies of the Presbyterian
church will meet with Mrs. F. M.
Burkett on Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Drummond has returned to
her home near Argos after a short vis
it with her son, Charles P. Drum
mond. LOST A green plush lap robe from
my buggy today. Finder please leave
at my otlice and receive reward. II.
G. Thaver. - 62tl lltl
Mrs. A. C. Hume met her daughter
Marguerite at South Bend, the latter
being on her way home from Oberlin
College for the vacation.
The appellate court has affirmed the
circuit court judgment in the case of
Lorinda Railsback vs-Wm. C.Gordon,
appealed from this county.
The furniture and fittings of the
new bank are being put in place. The
electric lights are connected and in
use for work in the late afternoons.
Two stoves are being installed in
the opera house to help out the fur
nace during cold weather. A steam
heating plant will be put in for next
The friends of Judge Biggs, of War
saw, are active in behalf of his can
didacy for supreme judge to succeed
Judge liaker. This appointment
properly belongs to the thirteenth dis
trict and Jutige Biggs is eminently
qualified for the place.
Plymouth show windows are as-
suming an attractive holiday appear
ance and demonstrate the truth that
no one need go away from here to
make holiday purchases.
J. R. Vinnedge will close out his
stock on thfi south side and quit bus
iness in this city He will seil off his
goods at retail at greatly reduced
prices to make them go quickly.
Miss EIsi: Gurthet. daughter of J.
B. Gurthet, who has made her home
with her aunt and uncle Mr. and Mrs.
C. M. Slayter, for the past five years,
left for Spickard, Mo., Monday where
she expects to make her future home,
her father being in business at that
place. During her stay here she has
won the respect of all who knew her
by her kind disposition5always lending
her little mite to those needing it.
She will be missed by all in the com
munity where she lived and especially
by Mr. and Mrs. Slayter. .
Closing the School.
The public schiols ill be closed
Friday for the usual holiday vacation
of two weeks and the children are
correspondingly happy. L room at
Washington school was closed Wednes
dayby order of the board of education as
a measure of precaution in view of the
death from diphtheria of the Bach
man child. This step was not regard
ed as entirely necessary but was
thought to be wise and prudent.
The room will be thorougly disinfect
ed. It was also thought best to omit
the "dress-parade" that was pre
pared for Thursday and this was also
done. .
Republican Love Feast
It has been decided to hold" the
annual republican "love feast" at In
dianapolis on Tuesday, December 31st,
1901. No set program will be arranged,
hut short speeches will be made by
the senators and congressmen, the
governor and other representative
merlin the party. The "love i easts'-'
in the past have been of great Interest
to the party, and this one will not be
lacking in any of the features that go
to make a successful and pleasant
meeting for all who attend.
Railroad Aid at Warsaw.
Two railroad subsidies were voted
Tuesday in Kosciusko county, $37,000
to the proposed Toledo & Chicago
transfer steam line, which is to run
from Ntreator, 111., to Toledo, O., and
$25,000 to the Logansport, Rochester
& Northern traction railway electric
line, which is to run from Logansport
to Kendall ville, Ind.
Death cf Mrs. Lcng. ,
Mrs. Elizabeth Long, who formerly
lived near Lapaz, died in Muncie at
the age of 81. years. Ths cause of
death was paralysis. The body , was
sent to Lpaz for buria1., Undertaker
Leonard receiving it heie Tuesday and
taking charge.
Is a constitutional disease.
It originates In a scrofulous condition ot
the blood and depends on that condition.
It often causes headache and dizziness,
impairs the taste, smell and hearing, af
fects the vocal organs, disturbs the stomach.
It is always radically and permanently
cured by the blood-purifying, alterative
and tonic action of
Hood's Sarsaparilla
This great medicine has wrought the most
wonderful cures of all diseases depending
on scrofula or the scrofulous habit.
Uood'b Pills are the best cathartic
Consent Given to Change of Date For
Democratic District Meeting.
The tempest that has been raging
for two weeks in the thirteenth dis
trict democracy's teapot, and that at
cne time bid fair- to go so far as to
disturb the harmonious relations be
tween the Democrat and the Inde
pendent, appears to be subsiding. It
seems to be dying for want of wind.
It will be remembered that Chairman
Kruycr, at the request of a South
Bend democratic club and in the ex
ercise, as he supposed, of his ancient
rights in the premises, set the date
for the district convention on Jan. 8
and that subsequently the state com
mitte; directed that all such conven
tions sh' ii Id be held Jan. 2.
It seems the South Bend organiza
tion had planned for big doings on
the 8th and desired the convention to
assemble then and there as an adjunct
to their entertainment. Contracts
were made and speakers engaged for
that date and Mr. Kruyer did not
feel that it would be courteous to make
a change without the consent of the
club. He asked for such consent and
while the club was considering the
matter the Independent raised its un
friendly voice and brayed loud and
long at Mr. Kruyer. The Democrat
rebuked its asinine cotemporary and
the tempest was on.
In due season a meeting of the St.
Joseph county democracy was held and
Mr. Kruyer was notified that a change
making the date conform t the state
call would be perfectly agreeable.
They decided to make make certain
changes in their program ar.d ded
icated their new quarters yesterday
evening with a smoker instead of Jan,
8th with the more elaborate function
that was at first contemplated. The
storm is all off.
The Date is Changed.
P. J. Kruver, democratic chairman
for the thirteenth district, has amend
ed his call for the district meeting
making the date Jan. 2 instead of
Jan. 8. The meeting will beheld at
South Bend and Mr. ' Kruyer 's suc
cessor will be elected.
William J. Hand.
William J. Hand, of Union town
ship, whose death occurred Dec. 9,
was one of the earliest settlers and
oldest residents of Marshall county, to
which he came in 1842 from Ononda
ga county, ew York, where he was
born Oct. 25, 1813. He lived naarly
sixty years in one neighborhood and
was long a man of prominence and in
fluence. Unlike most of his pioneer
neighbors he possessed a good educa
tion and his judgment in matters of
interest to them was often sought and
freely given. He presided at the first
republican convention held in Mar
shall county and never wavered in his
adherence to the principles of
that party. He died at the home
of his son, Wm. E. Hand, at Culver,
passing away unexpectedly while ap
parently sleeping in the afternoon,
and was buried at Maple Grove" ceme
tery, funeral services being held at
the Argos M. E. church.
Abusing the Mail Boxes.
Neither the owners of rural mail
boxes nor the country postal carriers
have any friendly feeling toward mer
chants who fill the boxes with all
kinds of dodgers and posters for ad
vertising purposes. The department
at Washington has been informed of
the abuse and will probably ask con
gress to make it a punishable offense
to deposit other than legitimate mail
matter in any postal box. Meanwhile
instructions have been sent out direct
ing the carriers to take out and throw
away all improper matter found in
the boxes,' thus increasing the burden
of labor imposed on these employes
and littering the farmers door yards
withpaper trash. Advertising circu
lars &ent out through the country and
distributed broadcast by men and
boys are seldom read and the' mer
chant who wastes money in that form
of publicity is away behind the times.
The same matter nicely displayed in a
respectable paper obtain all the privi
leges of the mail "and is . welcomed in
to the household and read and dis
cussed at the fireside. It brings busi
ness while circulars repeal trade.
V . Holiday. Excursion.
On Dec. 24th' and 25th also Dec.
31st, 1901, and Jan' 1st, 1902 the
Nickel Plate road will sell round trip
tickets to all points East or West at
reduced rates. . Return limit on these
tickets Jan. ' 2nd, 1902. Further
particulars from any ticket agent or
CA. Asterlin, T. P., Ft. Wayne.
Ind. , ' 58t8 llt2
McDonald's Graft Materially Reduced From
Former Years.
, The countv commissioners were in
session Monday to receive bids and
award contracts for county supplies
for the current vear. The bids for
printing and stationery were as fol
lows: Class 1, Class 2, Class 3.
D. McDonald
& Co., $133.915 $224.00
Levev Bros.
& Co., $611.96 141.15
John R. Jones, 716.17 163.22 199.55
Journal Print
ing Co., 842,20 223.10 352.80
Levey Bros. & Co., an Indianapolis
concern, received the contract for sup
plies of the first class and D. McDon
ald & Co., for class two and three.
John R. Jones, of the Argos Reflector,
did not include in his bid everything
that was required in the third class
and his bid was not considered. The
Journal Printing Co., of Indianapolis,
put in a very high bid under an under
standing that appears to exist among
the establishments at the capital in
such matters.
A perusal of the old records will
show that in the "good old days"
when the county business was less tnan
it is now, McDonald's hold on this
kind of business enabled him to get,
more than ten times as much for the
same supplies and no question was
raised as to his right to charge any
price he felt like asking.
Ball & Co., were the successful bid
ders for certain jail supplies, at $47.
TO DEO. 19. 1901
Owners of the only abstract books in the
county. Abstracts of title to all real estate
In Marshall count compiled promptly and
Ida Rotzien and husband, warranty
deed to Sarah E. Mabry, W of lot 76
Rose add to Plymouth. Consideration
Valentine J Troy er, warranty deed
iz Chauncy Dill, A in X W cor of
N W J of y E J of S 19, T 33, R 1,
Consideration $5
Jacob S Wickizer and wife, war
runty deed to William Stafford, X h of
w or e j of Coffey lot Argos. Con
sideration $150
Heirs of John F. Beck, dee'd, Q C
I) to Ametta Beck, und 8-15 for life
in N E of S 36. T 33, R 3; also E
of X W of S 36, T 33. R 3. Consid
eration love and affection.
William and Bertha D. O'Keefe,
warranty deed to Timothy O'Keefe m
trust, E I of X E J of S 10, T 34, R
1: X 42 A of W of X W of S 15,
T 34, R 1; s W of Tyner in S W J of
S W J of S 10, T34,R 1; S E of
Ontloc 20 Cabell's add Plymouth.
Consideration $1.00
Timothy O'Keefe warranty deed, E
J of X E i of S 16, T 34, R 1; X 42 A
of W J of X W i of S 15, T '34, R 1;
S WT of Tyner in S W J of S .W of
S 10, T 34, R 1; S E of Ont lot 20,
Cabell's add Plymouth, to William
O'Keefe. Consideration $1.00
Minor S Viuing and wife, warranty
deed to Charles A Creighbaum, 510 A
of X 30 A of E of S W of S 9, T
32, R 4. Consideration $625
Jesse R Moore and wife, warranty
deed to Clement Shoemaker, S W of
S 9, T 32, R 3. Consideration $8000.
Alpha B. Culp and wife warranty
deed to John V. Keif er 23 A in X W
Cor of S W i of S 19, T 33, R 2, con
sideration. $725.
William II. Huff and wife warranty
deed to James M. Ranstead lots 8, 9,
10. 11, 12 Blk 11, Wm. II. Huff's 2nd
Add to Bremen, consideration $450.
William Yairer, Philip S. Alleman
and wife warranty deed to Franklin
and Buth A. Flory N-W k of NE 1
of S 7, T 33, R 2; lots 1 and 4, of S 24,
T 32, R 3, Ex S 35 A, consideration
$4000. ,
Bruce S. Artz and wife warranty
deed to Pennsylvania company 61-100
inXWCorinEi ofSEfofS7, T
33, R 3, consideration $61.
Mary Lambert, dee'd will to Clar
issa Ann Lambert, X E of X E $ of
S 34, T32, R2.
Mary A Ray, dee'd, will to John F
Ray, partition lot 5. in X E J of S 3y
R 2.
Christopher G Halt, dee'd will to
Eliza Jane for life, John E and
Amanda Halt, W 65 rds of N W i of
S 30, T 35, R 2; Eliza Jane for life,
George E Halt, 65 A in X W i of S
30, T.35, R 2, ex R R; Eliza Jane
Halt for life, Sarah E Waner, E 30 A
of X W 1 of S 30, T 35, R 2; a W of
of X E of S 30, T 35, R 2.
John D Johnson, Q C D to Calvin
Lötz, lot 1, Orig Teegarden. Consid
eration $50.
Daniel G Walter and wife, war
ranty deed to William L Norris, lots
32, & 33, Lowry's Con Add Argos.
Consideration $600.
Luther R Cressner and wife, war
ranty deed to Elizabeth Monroe, lot
14 Klinger's Add Plymouth.
George M Riddle and wife, warranty
deed to Samuel H and Edith Riddle,
all S of road in of S W i, ex 15 A
of S 7, T 33, R 3. Consideration $800.
Adelia Bash, warranty deed to Jen
nie L Bennett, S of lots 5 and 8 of
Blk 9 of Tyner.' Consideration $300.
The U. S. Government Tests
Show the Absolute Superiority of
Royal Baking Powder.
Swell Affair at WalRerton Attended by
Knights From Plymouth.
The members of Hyperion lodge,
Knights of Pythias who attended the
district meeting at Walkerton Tues
day report a most excellent and pro
fitable occasion. The program was
carried through as arranged and al
ready published and the Walkerton
knights outdid themselves in gener
ous hospitality The banquet in the
evening was the most elaborate affair
of the kind that prosperous town ever
indulged in. The Plymouth lodge
was honored by an invitation to ex
emplify the degree work and it was
done handsomely and well by the fol
lowing team: King, J. V. Yangilder;
herald, Ren Yangilder; prelate and
monitor, James Trowbridge; Pytha
goras, Grand Inner Guard Wilson;
senators, C. M. Slayter, Bert Allman,
W. II. Yangilder, L. M. Kendall,
Ward Logan, Harry Grube, Bert
Bcerbower; executioners, Elmer Wil
son, Otto Albert. Two vacancies in
the senate were filled by Walkerton
Come and select a nice pair of Shoes or a
nice pair of Slippers. That would be some
thing useful and would be appreciated . . .
Your money back if they do not fit or please
Gall in and see
Fine Holiday
Handkerchiefs 1
The grandest assortments ever
shown. The collection is simply
superb. While we claim to always
have the greatest and most varied
stock of Kerchiefs in the city, this
year s assortment is away beyond
anything shown through the holiday
season. It will; interest you to see
them. We also invite you to see
the magnificent handkerchief dis
play in the main aisle.
Have also received a handsome
assortment of Foot Rests. During.
December the prices on these goods
will be 19c, 29c, 50c, 75c and $1.00.
We have many useful and prac
tical articles for Xmas gifts.
This store will be closed all day
I Ball and
New Suits Filed.
CVmplaints have been filed in the
following cases In circuit court: Es
tella M. Stant vs Hiram F. Stant, di
vorce; J. C. Capron, attorney. The
defendant lives in Laporte county.
Petition of I). M. Bigler vs Amos
Bigler, unsoundness of mind; Samuel
Parker, attorney.
Xorman E. Davis et al vs Marion
Manufacturing company et al, labor
lien and receiver; J. D. Chaplin, at
torney. John L. Thompson et al vs Piatt
B. Dickson et al, on judgment; C. P.
Drummond, attorney.
Complaints have been filed in cir
cuit court a's follows
Harriet B. West vs John B. W.
Giller et al, ejectment and to quiet
title; II. A. Logan, attorney.
Margaret A. Miller vs J. William
Miller, divorce; II. A. Logan, attor
ney. Brings peace, comfort, mental and
physical happiness to the whole fami
ly, if taken this month. Xothing
liaif so good as Rocky Mountain Tea.
35c. J. W. Iles.
Of Benefit to You.
D.S. Mitchell, Fulford, Md.:"Duricg
a long illnees I was troubled with bed
eoree, tried DeWitt's Witch HazelSalve
and wa9 sure I." Cures piles, eorce. and
burne?. Belara of counterfeit, j.w.hess
There Are Only Five More
Shopping Days Before Xmas

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