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e crrcatcst
This year we will combine our RED LETTER SALE with our 25th ANNIVERSARY SALE, making the two combined th
sale e?er held in Plymouth. It will pay people for miles around to attend this greatest of all sales. We expect to clean up everything in
our mammoth stock at prices heretofore not heard ot. We never again will be able to give the people of Marshall County a Twenty-Fifth
Anniversary Sale, and therefore want this one to be befitting the occasion, and will spare noeffort to sell goods at prices that will fill our
store with bargain seeking people for the rest of the year. All prices made before will he kept up, and many new and attractive ones added
Shopping Made Easy
A Special Rug Offering
Witten Velvet Hugs, full mtst with fringe on ends,
VDrih anywhere 2.00, each 51.49
Scarfing Reduced
Fincy Dresserand Sideboard Scarfing, formerly 25c
per yard, reduced to . 5G
Ritnnants of all kinds at onc-hajf their value. It
will pay you to look at all the poods in the store
is everything is ve;y low during this sale.
Worcester $1.00 Corsets -. 79c
Lot of 50c Corsets at . . . 39
The Greatest Bargains
Dress Goods Diiparant
In this department we have gathered together all such
goods as trc want to dispose of, in lots, all at one price.
For instance, a lot of Double-fold plain and fancy weaves
of Dress Goods that formerly sold at from 1 5c to 20c per
yard, we will sell at llc per yard. Another lot ot all
wool Dress Goods that sold up to 50c per yard, now only
19c for choice. A lot of all-wool Series and Henriettas
that were 60c to 75c per y rd, now included in this sale at
50c Big lot of 7c dark Outings at 5c. All our !0c and
2z dark and light Outings, now 8c. Balance of Flannel
ettes that sold up to 18c, now 10c per yard. Fine Wait
ings at 19c. Double fold dark Percales, worth 7c, now 5c.
Oil Red Calicoes, z yard. All other Calicos, 5c per yd.
Extra good yard-wide Muslin at 51 and 5c per yard.
Cotton and Wool BlaiM Bargains
10-4 Cotton Blankets at 39c and 50c. 11-4 Cotton
Blankets at S9c. Extra value all-wool grey and red and
plaid Blankets, $4.00 value, at 52.89.
" CARPET REMNANTS, worth up to 65c per yd.
at 49: to dose. Many otheis still cheaper.
santii Glans Headquarters
S.mta Claus has made his headquarters again in our
basement, which is full of all kinds öf popular priced Toys,
Dolls, Picture Books, Mechanical Toys, Drums, Go-Carts,
Doil Cabs, Wagons, Horns, Harmonicas, Games, eta, and
many one cent toys. By far this, department is the best of
its kind in the city nothing but bargains. We also carry
a complete line of China Dishes, Cups and Saucers, and
all kinds of popular priced fancy Chinawart. As usual, we
suggest early selection for the reason that you get by com
ing early a full selection and avoid the great holiday rush
the fast few days before Christmas. Many of the best bar
gains may be gone if you wait until the last day or two.
In Qor Cloak and Suit Department
In this department evervthing has been marked down
to cost and less. Children's light weight Jackets, 44c, 64c
and 94c. Ladies' Coats, 190t styles, a lot to be closed
out at $1.00' each; luve been up to $10.00 before. 30-in.
Plush Capes, $2.93. All other Capes at reduced prices.
Ladies' Dressing Sacques at le&; than cost. Children's
Eiderdown Coats, 4Sc. Rainy Day Skirts, the 5 kind,
at $3.93, and many other good bargains in this line.
Our Big Holiday Line
Underwear Bargain
In our Underwear Stockte will cioie out a lot of
39c Underwear, best value on' earth, at 25&
A Hosiery Special
Good Fleece-lined Hosiery, per pair QG
Many other bargains in Hosiery.
Table Damask
Turkey Red Table Linen, worth 19: in the other
stores, here,' per yard 3.3
Elegant Picture Frames
Rfty Picture Frames, all kindi of them, for pictures
1x22 inches, an elegant value it jl greit bargain
to clo?e, each ßr
Make Early Selections
Do Your Holiday Trading Here
It will certainly be to your interest to do your Holi
day trading with us, as you will be best served at our
store and your money will go the farthtst, besides you
trc sure of getting reliable goods
V, -il " f - -S : -mm W
Wejgjjl beClosed AH Day X mas
Please remember this so you will not be disappointed
should you come to the city on that day. It his always
been, our custom to close on this holiday and ve iutend
doing so as long as we remain in business.
t CS''
Baker's Nomination to Be Con
firmed Without Opposition.
TolrLxinlis Hus Mo GrourKl for Open
Hostility in the Senate Though
. Beveridge Has Won a Great Victory
cer-Him-Cffecf of Appointment on
Indiana RollHcs-
Washington, J). C, Dec. 12
The Indiana republican repre
sentatives are much disturbed
over the appointment of Judge
Francis E. Baker of that state as
United States circuit court judgo
of the seventh judicial district,
which includes the states of Indi
and, Illinois, and Wisconsin.
This appointment stands as a
complete 1 victory for Senator
Beveridge, and the friends of
Senator Fairbanks fear that it
means that Beveridge is to hold
the same close and confidential
relations to President' Roosevelt
that Fairbanlfs held to President
McKinley. Beveridge bears his
honors modestly and does not
say that the appointment of
Baker ' was due to his (Bever
idge's) influence at the white
Senator 5everidge indorsed
Baker soon after the death of
Judge Woods and he stood by
him. Senator Fairbanks indors
ed no one, but would not agree
to Baker's appointment. He en
couraged the republican repre
sentatives to propose candidates,
any one of whom he said
would be satisfactory to him.
This plan of proposing half a
dozen candidates to defeat one
did not appeal to the president.
He had Attorney General Knorc
examine the papers and the
records of the candidates, and
that official reported in fayor of
Judge Baker. The situation
was peculiar. One senator in-
dorccd Judge Baker, the other
presented no candidate, but
cch of tho republican rcpro
ccntctivca had a candidate. VTho
opposition could cot get toother
c.d Ju-3 Er.T-:cr had tho strong
est indorsement. He was there
fore appointed.
The Indiana men want Senator
Fairbanks to object to the con
firmation, and last night he talk
ed to several senators to learn
what help he could) obtain. To
day there is little indication of
delay in confirmation. Senator
Fairbanks realizes that he has
no good cause for opposing Jthe
confirmation of Baker because
he refused to present a candidate
of his own.
The political effect in Indiana
is feared by the senior senator.
It will place Beveridge in front
as the most influential Indiana
man at the white house, though
the president had no intention of
of creating such an impression.
Some of Fairbanks' friends think
that he should make . a tight
against confirmation to restore
his prestige as the Indiana lead
er in Washington, arid show that
he still has great influence in the
senator. The older reuublican
senators have advised against
this plan, as it would be simply
another mistake.
The senate cannot afford to
encourage dog-in-the-manger
tactics. If Fairbanks had pro
posed a candidate and been ignor
ed, he would have grounds for
complaint. But as the situation
stands republican senators can
see no cause for taking offense,
whatever humiliation the victory
of Beveridge may be to him.
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core, has no records to beat except its own.
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tracks. It marches on.- .
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Neither Belladonna, Strengthening or
Capricorn plasters are to be compared with
Benson's. People who have once tested
the taerits of Benson's Plaster have no cs
for any ether external remedy.
Hore than 5,000 physicians and dmj
gists (and a thousand times as many non
rrcf cccionsl person) have called Ecnccn'i
Flasters one of the few (I) horns remedies
tL&t can be trusted.
XiTirTa tijh::i tnrds hiva been mZi
to it ta competition with the beet known
plasters cf Europe and America. Better
rrcc! cf iti ncrlb b hoczcdTiUs. j
rers to r- 3 rr"3
Fcr t JLs by ill drr'j, ex ttsttZI pr.
py ca tzj ordered La tl3
Uzited Clzics, en : receipt of 5c each.
Governor's Office Besieged by Appli
cants for Judicial Appointment and
Their Friends.
Indianapolis, Dec. 12 -A
delegation of Hammond, Crown
Point and Valparaiso citizens,
supporting the candidacy of
Judge Gillett, of Hammond, for
the place on the Indiana suprerne
bench to be vacated by Judge
Erancis Baker when he takes his
new oific as United States circuit
judge, were received by Govern
or Durbin yesterday afternoon.
The governor heard the members
of the delegation for nearly an
hour, but refused to commit him
self or to indicate in any way
who will be Judge Baker's suc
cessor. The names of Hiram S. Biggs,
of Warsaw, circuit court judget
and John W. Van Fleet, of Elk
hart, ex-circuit judge, were pre
sented to the governor yester
dsy by telegram ' for Judge
Baker's place on the supreme
bench. W. Dv Frazer, of War
saw, National' bank examiner,
was here last evening, probably
in the interest of Judge Biggs".
In support of the candidacy of
Judge Shively, of Wabash, a
number of citizens from that
place and adjoining counties
called on the governor yester-
aay. N
Lieutenant-Governor Gilbert,
of Angola, who was at the state
house yesterday, stated that the
Twelfth district favors the ap
pointment of Judge Roby of the
appellata bench to succeed Judge
Several ofher candidates are
being more or less gently men
tioned and it is expected that
nearly every republican lawyer
of any prominence in northern
Indiana will be at least suggest
ed. Governor Durbin will se
lect a good republican lawyer
of experience on the bench liv
ing in the northern judicial dis
trict, or if ho promotes a judge
from the appellate court the re
sulting vcccncy will be filled
from tho clc.23 dcccriccd.
Vandalia Time Table.
Is Effect June 2; 1900.
Trains leave Plymouth. Ind.. as follows:
No 10. ex Sun..
No 14, " .
No 8, " ...
. 8:25 am, for South Bend
.12;01 pm, "
.10:08 pm, 44 '
No2J, ex Sun
No 3,- - .
No 9,
. 5:45 am. for-Terre Haute
.12:34 pm,
. ?;) pm, for Logansport.
Fur complete time card, giving all tralnä
and stations, and for full Information as to
rates, tbrounh cars, etc . address C Hartman
Agent. Plymouth. Ind.. or E.A.Ford, General
Passenger Apent. St. Louis, Mn.
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matic sufferer.who will lestlfy to the merits
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AT) and Exchange
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We sell Typewriter Supplies.
We sell Typewriter Furniture.
We furnish Stenographers and
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Kt'.lizj Exccrtlan Uttel via Vanilla Llri.
- For the above occasion tbe Vandalia
line will eel I excursion tickets at one and
ons-third fsrs fcr the round trip. Ticksts
ood coirj Dee 242531 and Jan 1st
1C02, arjd pood returnic to and including
Jm 2nd, Dl Through tic'-cts trill C3
eold over connecting lines at came tzclj.
C. Uactiait, An-2t.
Applicatlon For License.
To the voters and citizens of Center townshlD,
Marshall county, and State of Indiana.
and of the Second Ward in the City of
Plymouth. In said township:
Tbe undersigned hereby gives notice that
he will apply to the board of commissioner
of Marshall county. State of Indiana, at the
next regular session thereof, beginning on
Monday, January 6, 1902, for license to sell
plritous, vinous and malt liquors, in less
quantities than a quart at a time, with the
orlYllejre of allowing tbe said liquors to be
ilrs.nk.oo the premises where sola, and with
ri vilene of selling soft drlnksJuncb, tobacco
md cinars. In connection with said liquors,
in the room on the ground floor of the two
torybrlclc building owned by him, situate j
on the north eighteen and one-half (18)
eet of the south fifty-ÖTe and one-half (55)
feet of lot number forty-two (42) In the
irlginal plat of the town (now city) of Plym
outh, Marshall county. Indiana. Said room
fronts to th east on Michigan street, and la
61 feet long by 17 S feet wide, and lsl2M feet
from floor to ceiling.
Application For License.
To the citizens and voters ofNorth township
i Marshall county and State of Indiana:
' The undersigned hereby gives notice
that he will apply to the Board of County
Commissioners of said county, at their next
regular term, to be held at the court house.
In the city of Plvmouth, In said county, com
menotng on tbe first Monday at January A.
I). 1902, for a license to sell spiritous, vinous j
snd malt liquors, In a less quantity than a
?uart at a time, with the privilege of allow
Dg said liouors to be dranlc on the premises
where sola, for one year, and also to sell soft
drinks, lunch and cigars in the room where
said liquors are to be sold and drank, said
f i remise and room Dein described as f'il
ows, to wit: In the room on the ground
floor of the frame building fronting on the
public highway or street runalug norsh and
sooth on tbe west side of lot six (0) of East
Lanax la said Marshall county, Indlaaa. as
laid out and platted; said buildia? being
situated on the west twenty-aevea UT) feet
ot said lot six (S) and aald room being seven
fsst erst fren ts wert line cf Sali lot and
thirty-four fat f tora the souOi line tkertjf
and being thirty-five feet iostv by Biaeteea
and one-tixth f;?t wide, by tin fen klja,
exr?t a rocn la tie nottirtit eorrtj tltra
of It cy T feet. The door of said room ctas
to tie west on sali h'-hwy. i t
' r vi
Rules the
whole realu
of Sound
AHofd3 endless amusement and delighV If you have
one la your home you can entertain, your family
and friends with the Yery 'latest popular. orj?:c
songs, r,una:ES, rurjw stores,
HEFEATS T1ID.I ALL Its repertciro b without C;L
Write for Special C&telogua No 35
88 Webcsh Avenue, CHICAGO, ILL.
i tnruxariJxriJTJiJxrinjx
furniture ana MrMiing
Largest Stock-Lowest Prices.
Store removed to new quarters in "Wheeler Block,
comer Michigan and Laporte Streets. Thanking the people S
for past favors we invite you to come in and see our new
store. -:- :- -:- :- : :
, jorriaeso
xrLf -jwrirLn 1 uirurrLrmrLrurr: i rLruxruajxrvruxruimrLniJ
LÖ UR $1.75
Pay Ccsh for Grain
Cell Flour ot OL 7C per hundred
Mafco all Ulnia of Chcp Feed
Crush Corn and Grind Feed ct Ce per bu.
Mako Cuclnvhcct Flcur
Do Q General Milllna
Gusrantro Car Ccc-3 cr.d VJcrlt.
Tiin PüV;:oüTn nmiiino co.

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