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Call and See them
Mrs. Geo. Koontz is visiting with
friends at South Bend.
Mrs. Albert Sisk has gone to South
Bend for a few days visit-
Roy Rhinehart went to Chicago
Saturday where he may locate.
Mrs. Catherine Staley is the guest
of Warsaw friends and relatives.
Mrs. Harry S. Chester ot Elkhart,
is visiting with her father, B. E. Ry
der. Mrs. S. A. Brewer went to War
saw for a couple week's visit with
C. E. Toan has gone to Chicago
where he will spend a few days with
Morris3 Banks and daughter. Miss
Alice, are visiting with rc!atives in
Mrs. M. Teeney and her guest,
Mrs. F. E. Butcher of Goshen, went
to Fort Wayne, to attend the fair.
Mrs. Maftha Wilhelm of South
Bend, has returned to that city afer
spending a few days with - friends
Mrs. Minerva Marrert has returned
to her home in Bourbon, after visit
ing with her sister, Mrs. Pettigary,
in this city.
Mrs. Ed Conlin has returned to
her home in South Bend, after spend
ing a few days with her sister, Mrs.
Delbert Bryan.
A. T. Wallace left for Ladysmith,
Wis., Saturday. He expects to be
gone a couple of weeks and will visit
relatives in Chicago.
Mrs. W. W. Flanders left for ET-
wardsburg, Mich., Saturday, where
she will visit with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Bollman.
The Marshall County Trust jand
Savings company has filed ariic!es of
incorporation, which appear in an
other column in this paper.
Mrs. Chas. Vermillion of Rockford,
111., who has been visiting with Mrs.
Ed Rogers for a few days has gone
to Bourbon for a short -visit:
Miss Laura Shoemaker and Glen
Underwood left for Bloomington
Saturday, where they will attend In
diana University the coming ye,ar.
While most crops are shy this year
we will have plenty of cabbage and
it "vill be your own fault if you do
noi have a barrel or two of sauer
Charles B. Rush and Mrs. Carrie
Ward, deaf mutes, were married at
Warsaw Thursday. The pledges were
taken and the questions answered in
Special mission lry services will be
held at the Reformed church on Sun
day evening, under the auspices of
the Woman's Missionary Society.
All cordially invited.
Mrs. Alexander Young of, Chicago,
is here the guest of Mrs. Holdridge.
She came to attend the reunion of
the 29th regiment at Laporte, and
to visit with old friends.
According to figures just published
by State Statistician1 Stuhbs, Mar
shall county has but 43 acres planted
in onions this year, as- against 41
acres of tobarcco and 54 acres of peas.
Editor .Mosier cf the Bristol Ban
ner announces an increase of 25
cents' per year in tjje price of the
Banner. The rapid increase in the
price of print paper is making it hard
for cocntrv oirblishers.
Mrs. S. M. Burch, Harry Scott
and family.Claud Harris an! family,
and Mrs. Wm. Montgomery, have
gone to South Bend to --.ttend the
. t- u A Vi
home of Jesse Ramsey.
Mr. arrd Mrs. P. J. Haag, Mrs. Carl
Ebcrt and Adam Ebert have gone
to Mansfield, Ohio, to attend the fun
eral of Conrad Ebert. Conrad Ebert
will be remembered by Plymouth
people, he beng a former resident
of this city .
The jail at Lafayette now holds
twenty criminals, the largest number
in the history of the city, and a guard
is kept around the jail every nrght
to prevent a possible jail breaking.
Most of the characters iri the lock-up
are desperate characters and one at
tempt at. jail delivery has ben made.
Piatt McDonald returned to Bre
men this week, after nearly a year's
absence. He has been engaged in
newspaper work at Torreon, a bust
ling modern city of 35,000 in Old
Mexico, but says he became ired of
the work and had a longing to look
at his little farm near the Lake.
Bremen Enquirer.
Rev. Howard left for Richmond,
Va., Monday, where he will attend
the General conference, and expects
to return about Oct. 26. . In the
meantime the services will be con
ducted on September 29, by George
H. Thayer, and on the three follow
ing Sun-days by Rev. W. ,W. Ray
mond, the former Episcopal rector.
UvAl 'if:.!
The great Bourbon Fair this year
October 8, 9, 10, 11. 18w3
Mrs. A. B. Truax is spending a few
days at Hibbard.
Mrs. A. B. Caslow has gone to
Inwood fora few days' visit.
Mrs. Joseph Rifle of Misnawaka,
is spending a few days in this city.
Mrs. Martha Lamson, of Irving,
N. Y., is visiting with friends in this
Miss Imogcne Hughes has gone to
Lapaz for a few days' visit with
STRAYED A black and tan
hound, female. Return to thia office
and receive reward. dw
George Mangus and wife of, South
Bend, are the guests of the former's
brother John Mangus.
H. L. Singrey and son Paul, have
left for a week's trip through Co
lumbus and other Ohio cities.
Frank Jarrett representing The
Standard Land Co., will have. excur
sions for Stratf6rdx Texas, Oct. 1 and
Miss Lyral Morris; has returned
from six weeks' trip through New
York, Connecticut and other eastern
Mrs. A. T. Wallace has gone to
Chicago for a couple weeks' visit
with her daughter, Mrs. W. O.
Warnes. ' I ! I I :'
Mrs. S. B. Fanning went to North
Manchester Wednesday for a few
days' visit with friends and to attend
the fair.
Mrs. Daniel Gorman has returned
to her home in Ottowa, Ohio, after
visiting with relatives in this city 'or
several days.
Mrs. Fred Boitsct and son Hol
brook, of South Bend, were here at
tending the funeral of Miss Anna
Dunn Wednesday.
Dr. O. W. Winters and family have
returned to their home' in' Arthur,
111.,- after spending a few days- with
J. M. Steelo and family.
Mrs. Chas. Anderson and daughters
Mrs. H. Bryant and Mrs. O. Breece,
attended the Seiders family reunion
at Donaldson Thursday.
Mrs. A. H. Kortland of Chicago,
who has been visiing with Mrs. S.
L. Ritchey for i couple of weeks, has
gone to her new home in St. Joseph,
Jacob McDuffy left for Pine Bluff
Kans., Wednesday. From there he
will go to Hot Springs, .Ark. Mr.
McDuffy may sperd the winter in
that region.
William Truax and wife and son,
Ross, have returned; to their home in
South Bend, after visiting for a few
days with Mrs. Truax's sister, Mrs.
John Wright.
J. H. Williams of Baron, Wis. ,is
visitiirg with relatives in this city and
in Bourbon. Mr. Williams was rais
ed in thisf county, but has not been
here for 38 years.
The Lake Eric is using three crews
from the main line, two engine crews
from the Lake Shore and a -train
crew from the latter road during the
heavy freight busineV
Mrs. Mary Hilton went to Logansi
port Wednesday, for a visit with her
nephew, Fred Shilton, before the lat
ter, who is in poor health, is taken
to Las Vegas, New Mexico.
The W. C. T. U. will meet with
Mrs. S. TomHnson on Sophia street
Thursday, Sept. 2Cth at 2:30 p. m. A
very cöf dial invitation is extended to
all interested in any temperance
Walter Olds, former judge of the
supreme court of Indiana, cornered
a burglar in his house in Fort Wayne
early Sunday morning, marched the
prisoner kfownstairs and handed him
over to the police.
The attention of the St. Joseph
county bar and of attorneys all over
the state is centered in disbarment
proceedings against former State's
Attorney George A. Kurtz, which
were opened in -the circuit court at
South Bend Monday, before Special
Judge Lou W. Vail, of Goshen.
John Rosenstock, of Warsaw, own
ing property in Cleveland, O., has
deeded one-sixteenth of an inch of a
lot, owned by him, in order to per
fect a real estate deal in that city,
in which the purchasers tried to back
out because the lot to be conveyed
lacked oe-sixteenth of an inch of
being the required 120 feet frontage.
After this conveyance the purchasers
perfected the deal.
An editor on being askcU if he ever
saw a bald-headed woman1 replied in
the following vein: "No w never
did. Nor did we ever sec a woman
waltzing around town in her shirt
sleeves with a cigar between her
teeth and run into every saloon she
saw. We have never seen a woman
go fishing with a bottle in her pock
et, sit on the damp ground all day
and go home drunk at night. Nor
have we seen a woman yank off her
coat and say she couM lick any man
in town."
Reed Parker of South Bend, spent
Sunday here.
Miss Lottie Langdon was an Elk
hart visitor Sunday. '
Mrs. Bert Heim is visiting with
relatives at Inwood.
Mrs. Enrma" Kunz is spending a
few days at Tolleston, Ind.
Jay Brower of Logan'sjort, visiteid
with Plymouth friends Sunday.
The Misses Bessie and Lulu Wil
liams spent Sunday with friend at
Mrs. Charles Colmey has returned
from a visit of several weeks at Terre
Miss Maud E. Smith, of Parding
ton, Ohio, is visting her cousin, Miss
Iva Disher.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hanna, oi
Laporte, spent Sunday with Mrs. An
droas Wade. .
,Mrs.Sarah..Wahbura.:has?gone to
M&hawakaicfox. ntfew..-'vexKs visit
with relatives.
It is reported that Plymouth is to
be favored with a eal boxing match
in the near future,
Mrs. Nettie Start and son, Clifford,
are the guests of relatives at Lafay
ette for a few weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sisk have re
turned from a few days' visit with
friends at South Bend.
William L. Taylor formally enter
ed the race for the Republican nom
ination for governor Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Helpmian of
Warsaw, were the guests of jMr; and
Mrs. Frank Brooke over Sunday.
Miss Grace Grube has" gone to
South Bend for a two" weeks' visit
with her sister, Mrs. Geo. Shelley. ,
A slight frost was seen on very
low lands in this county Sunday
morning, but no damage was done
Mrs. S. B. Steward of Knox, who
has been visiting with friends in this
city, has gone to Hibbard for a few
Miss Dora Phend has- returned to
her home in Nappaneei after spend
ing a few days with Miss Ada Laude
man. . Ii
Miss Mary Schlarb and her guest,
Miss May King of Quincy, 111., have
gone to South Bend for a few days'
Mrs.. Mary A. Woodward has re
turned to her home in Grand' Rapids',
Mich., after spending a few days in
this- city.
Mrs. Joseph Anders, Mrs. LotnY
Horn of Valparaiso, are here visiting
with their mother, Mrs.'.- Conrad
Bergman. . .
Mrs. B. F. Berry has returned to
her home in Macy, Ind., after visit
ing with her brother, John R. Jones,
for a few days. -
Mrs. N. S. Stevens and her sister,
Mrs. H. P. Latta and husband of
MobiV," Ala., have gone to Goshen
for a few days' visit. ' . ' '
Miss Calista Garrison was called
to her home in Donaldson, on ac
count of the serious illness. of her
father, J. D. Garrison.
Mrs. Caroline Crist and daughter
Mayme, have returned to their home
in Monterey after spending, a few
days with relatives in this city. -
Miss Hazel Newhouse who has
been spending the summer at Wino
na lake has returned to this city, -after
a two weeks' visit at Findlay, O.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kleeman and
infant son George, have returned to
their home in Chicago after spending
a few weeks with friends in this city.
Miss Ethel Munn and Miss Hikok
who have been the guests: of Mrs.
Eugene Marsh and other friends, for
the past few, weeks, have gone to
Elgin, 111. ,
Rev. C. A. Spitler, who has the Sil
ver Lake Circuit of the U. B. church
this year, came up Saturday and vis
ited relatives in this tity and vicin
ity until Monday evening.
Sid Conger pulled out of the race
for governor last week. .. Beyond the
simple statement that his name
would note go before the Republican
state convention next year Mr. Con
egr refused to say anything.
Albert F. Haslanger, next to the
youngest brother of the large family
of Haslanger boys that formerly liv
ed in Plymouth, is here on a visit of
a couple of days-. Albert is railroad
ing on the Rock Island railroad.
Claims are being made this 6eason
of profits of $3,000 an acre from ap
ple orchards in Washington! But
then the land is worth $2000 an acre.
That's certainly practicing the much
talked of intensive system of farm
ing. I
Lovina M. Bowers of Fort Wayne,
is suing her husband for divorce, al
leging cruelty. Mrs. Bowers states
that , although she is only 30 year
of age, she is a grandmother. She
says she was married when 15 years
of age and her daughter was married
a year younger.
The South Bend Times installed
a leased wire service Monday, en
abling it to Receive full telegraphic
news, which place the Times on the
same footing as Metropolitan news
papers. The special wire was run
from Souh Bend to Plymouth and
taps the special wire at this place.
Mose Dosset,' a negro, was lynch
ed Sunday for an attempted criminal
assault upon Mrs. J. Breeder, a white
woman, 90 years old. Dossett was
hanged from the same tree from
which two negroes, Jrm: Robinson
and Will Thompson, were lynched a
year ago for assault upon small white
Widely conflicting statements! have
been published in the papers regard
ing the physical condition! o ex
President Grover Cleveland. There is
substantial agreement as to the nat
ure of his principal ailment, which ial
gout. The statements also agree as
to his having lost forty pounds of
flesh fat would .be more accurate.
Beyond this there is no agreement
of version.
Shall a tax of .114 per cent be levied igainst all
the taxable property in Center township to aid in
the construction oj the. Indianapolis Logansport &
South Bend Traction railroad?
The aibove is similar to the ticket to be voted
Saturday, October 5, 1007. If. you are opposed to
the subsidy tax make a cross in the square oppo
site the words: "Against the Railroad Appropria
tion" and nowhere else. Be on hand and DO NOT
FORGET to vote.
Mr W. M. Murnhv and son Wil
- -
ford have pone to Criglersville, VttJ
for a few weeks' visit with relatives.
Mrs. Sherman Ellis and daughter,
Frances, have gone to Ft. Wayne, to
visit with Mrs. Ellis sister, Mrs. pil
Iingham, for a few days. '
Mrs. Amanda Dennie of Plyihouth;
had for her guests Saturday her sis
ter, Mrs. Ella Lenz and daughter,
Adena of Ft. Wayne, and Mrs. Dcn
ftiie's daughter, Mrs. junn Lauby and
.When 11,000, volts of electricity
can pass through a man's body with1
out seriously harming him, as related
ina Buffalo, dispatch,, and it only re
quires a voltage of 1,400 to kill a
man in an electric chair, it follows
plainly either that scientists know
little about the power and qualities
of this' mysterious ether or that pcj.
cupants of the chair die from fright.
Mrs. Nanna McGuire, 30 years ot
age, strangled from the flow of blood
following the pulling of teeth, and
died in a dental office in Logansport
Twenty-one teeth had been extract
ed and as the woman was coming
from under the anathetic her jaws
suddenly closed and her mouth filled
with blood.' Efforts to open her jaws
were unsuccessful and she strangled
to death in a short time.
Thousands of victims of the Mar-,
di Gras celebration at Coney Island
have been treated in various hospi
tals and dispensaries for inflamed and
sore eyes, caused by the throwing of
confetti, according to several physi
cians', who say also that probably it
is an epidemic of skin disease. Com
missioner Burlington, of the head of
the department, said the use of con
fet:i and feather ticklers was very
harmful and hould be discontinued.
In Circuit Court.
Thursday. The case of the remon1
strators against saloons at Argos,
was. set for. Oct. 11. (,
Chas. Daugherty, charged with fail
ure to support family, was sentencedl
to state penitentiary ror x w o
but'sentence was suspended upon.th
good behavior of the defendant.
The case of state vs David W.
Brothers for holding himself as a
veterinary surgeon without license,
was called Ttiesdav morning. A jury,
has been selected
' Court convened Monday afternoon.
Edward Thomas whose right eye was
put out on Jan. 26, by a stone thrown
by Russel Mock, was ' g ven $300
damages. Testimony showed that the
boy's health is being affected. The
court dwelt upon the cost of a glass
eye, expense incurred by taking the
boy to a hospital, nd concluded that
$300 was not too heavy. N. S. Stev
ens was attorney for the plaintiff.
The jury on the case of State vs.
David W. Brothers, , for illegally
practicing äs a veterinary surgeon,
returned a verdict of not guilty,
Places for Holding Election in Cen
ter Township, Tuesday ' Oct 5,
First precinct in paint shop oppo
site LemertV Livery barn. 2nd, Court
House basement. 3rd, at Massena's
residence just west of Tribune office.
4th, American Hotel. 5th,; on North
Pearl street, Dan Gros-s's. residence,
just ncrth of John B. Ciller's east of
Brownlee bridge. Gth, Al Fish's paint
shop near pop factory. 7th precinct
at Inwood.
New Bank Elects Officers.
The directors of the. Marshall
County Trupt and Savings Company,
the new bank recently incorporated
in jhis city, met Saturday, Sept. 21,
and elected officers as follows: Pres
ident, C. A. Reeve; Vice President,
L. J. Hess; Secretary, Hoy L. Sin
grey. They expect to open for busi
ness between October 15, and No
vember 1. Their safe and fixtures
have been ordered and are now on
the road.
New Suits Filed.
Ida Beall has brought suit against
Thomas E. Beall for divorce, ali
mony and allowance.
Ella May Gardner has sued Daniel
W. Gardner for divorce.
Macbeth and Evans, have brought
suit against Martin L. Keiser and
John C. Bunnell executor of estate of
James Keiser, deceased, on note, af
fidavit, etc. .
Oscar O. McGowcn and Miss Flos
sie Falconbury were united in mar
riage at the Wesleyan Methodist
parsonage, Saturday afternoon. The
bride is the daughter of James Fal
conbury, and the groom is a brother
of Mrs. Fred Appleman. They will
go to housekeeping at once, near the
Brownlee bridge.
In Justice Court.
The case against Shell Leland for
attempt to bribe Prosecutor Moltcr
was continued until next Monday ,at
9:00 a. m. on account of the serious
illness of the principal witn-ess, Shell.
Death of Mis4Anna Dunn.
Miss Anna Dunn died at 12:15 o'
clock Sunday night at the resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs.. J. A. Yocke
where she had made her home.
Miss Dunn had been unwell for a
year from asthma and later biopsy,
and for the last few months had been
compelled to give up work 'at her
photographic studio. During Sunday
she -felt better than usual and was at
the supper table with khe family. She
died without effort while sitting in
her rocking chair. Her age was. 52
years. The funeral was held Wed
nesday afternoon" ,at the Episcopal
Mrs. Angeline Harness. .
v Mrs. .Angelmc Harness, died at
the home of her father, Fred Shultz,
near the CathoCic - cemetery, Sunday,
aged 26 years.
Deceased is survived by parents,
her husband, and one girl, 5 years
old. Remains were taken to Grover
town for interment. Services' were
conducted at the Grovertown church
by Rev.. Geo. H. Pflug.
Donald Erwin.
Donald Everett, son of Mr. and
Mrs. James H. Erwin of Mishawaka,
former residents of Marshall county,
died Friday evening after an illness
of two weeks cjf cholera infantum.
The age of the child was 7 months
and 19 days. The remains were
brought to Plymouth Saturday even
ing and taken to the hörne of its
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall
Greer, four aniles southeast of Ply
mouth. Funeral services were held
at Richland church Sunday afternoon
and 'the body was. interred in Oak
Hill cemetery.
Birthdb) Party.
A crowd of about' forty young peo-
ple were entertained at the home of
Miss Marguerite : Holzhauer Friday
evening in honor of fier fourteenth
birthday. .The many old-fasftioned
ames were f played, refreshments
served, and the party broke up at a
late hour, all declaring a good time.
'.V.Dance Well Attended.
The dance given at Hill's hall Fri
day evening, was attended by twenty
six couples. Visitors from Bremen
and Argos were present. The music
furnished by Mrs. Carl Reynolds
and Howard Allman of Argos, was
appreciated by all: -
Marriage Licenses.
William G. Humes to Agnes. Rol
ing, James Holmes to Maggie Ziwn
baugh, August Fchabbell to 4da
Fechner Ernest R. Winrott to Kath
crine VV- 'Mattern. ' . '
Band Concert.
The following is the program to
be given Thursday evening, Sept. 26,
March, "The Eagle's Convention"..
. ; .....Schultz
Waltz Suite, "Cupid's Captive"
Twostep, "Ben Buxton" Collins
Overture, "Down the Mississippi ..
... Laurens
Intermezzo, "The Troubadour",.....
. . . . ; .Powell
Clarionet Solo, Ari. and Vari. "Glori-
oso" . i i Montague
Mr. Williaoii Hendr-'cks
Serenade, Selected ;
March, "Gloria" .....Losey
1 NOTE In case of bad weather on
Thursday evening, concert will be
given on Friday e veiling.
Plymouth Cedir Co
Nebon Hersbarger
Ray Giver
L Lawrence i
Henry Thaxton I
Ulcry Burkhold r
William Baseler
R W Parkhurst
Patience Mitchell
Joseph Vangildcr
May Haag
Sarah Fansler
Pell Caldwell
Lizzie Himes
A Ice of one cent will be charged for id
vrrtM.tisr. In cllintc lor these letters please
My ".drertised." p M
Notice of Early Closing.
We the undersigned merchants of
the, city of Plymouth, do Ihereby"
agree to close our respective places
of business at six o'clock' p. m. on
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday nights, commencing October
1st, 11)07 an'd continuing to May 1st,
1008, with the exception of the two
weeks previous to Dec. 25, 1907.
The F. W. Bosworrh Co.
L. E. Clough,
M. Lauer- and Son,
M. Allman. .
Wile & Richter,
Ball & Company,
J. E. Marshall,
J. F. Hartle,
A. E. Rhodes,
Mrs. B. C. Styles.
Practical Preaching.
Theology is a systematic statement
of the human conception of the nat
ure, of God, and His relation to man.
The Divine character never changes,
and human relations to the Divine
are always the same. But the con
ception which man is able to form of
this character and of these relations
necessarily changes: with the chang
ing capacity of the human mind, and
the varying conditions of man's en
vironment and development The
theology of the Israelites in the days
of the Judges was decidedly different
from that of the Jews in the times
of the prophets. The theology, of
the Christian! church in the middle
ages had little resemblance to the
theology of today. Yet the Divine
nature has not changed neither have
the duties) of th.a individual to his fcl-
low-men or to his! God varied in the
least since the days of Sampson. ' To
succor the distressed, in li
In ht Hh'pV&encV. bf : the, Di-
vine, nas Deen, is now, and ever shall
be the essence of true religion.
Hence, it would seem that those
ministers make a mistake who preach
theology, rather .than the religion
which St. James tdisicribes. Practical
preachingt that which will produce
practical results in uplifting human
ity, ought to dwell upon the present
sins with which mankind is prona to
be "spotted," and .the present duties
which our complex: system of civili
zation is continually making more
multifarious. There are personal du
ties, business duties, social duties and
political duties which the righteous
man must heed, if his righteousness
be not a sham and a cloak for hypoc
risy. An exhortation to these duties.
it would seem, is the chief province
of the pulpit. There certainly is need
that someone should "cry aloud and
spare not"' along these lines. South
Bend Times. : ,
Tramps in His Bare Feet.
"There is not' a Christian in the
town Such was the statement of
John Worrill, disciple df Christ ait
Terre Haute, Sunday.
Worrill was brought in from Fay
ette Township by Guy Briggs, a far
mer, and turned over to Jailer Casey
for - safe keeping.
it is said that he was found wand
ering along a country road exhorting
widly to all objects and preaching the
Gospel on every hand. The people
of the neighborhood, fearing he
might do something desperate, caus
ed him to be taken up and brought
to the jail.
Worrill gave in his age as 34. He
wears long flowing hair and beard
and is a saintly lookne individual.
He goes about attired in coarse blue
overalls and wears neither hat nor
shoes. He says he has not worn shoes
for three years.
"Christ," 'he says "went out and
preached without purse, script or
shqesjfand I,ibng his disciple, "do
the same." '
Earthquake Under Pacific Blamed
for. Break in Cable. x
The Commercial Cable company,
of New York, announced Sunday that
they have not been -able to locate a
break in the Pacific cable somewhere
between the relay stations' at Mid
way island and Guam. Officers of
the company are inclined to think
that an earthquake may have been
The cable that goes under the Pa
cific from San . Francisco to Yoko
hama and "the Philippines via Hono
lulu, Midway, and Guam went dead
on Friday. Midway, which lies be
tween Honolulu and Guam, reported
that the spark went out of the sub
marine i wires without ' warning and
that all efforts to communicate with
Guam had been unavailing.
Since the Commercial Cable com
pany's lines is the only one connect
ing America with the orient directly,
all cable messages for the Philippines
Japan, and points on the China coast
will have to be sent around the other
way at double rates.
Pays Dearly for Choice,
Wall paper which she thought
"pretty," but which other people
thought "perfectly awful" cost Mrs.
Magdalene Beach $46 in a justice
court in Indianapolis Thursday after
noon. Mrs Beach agreed to take,
for a year, a house built recently by
Spray Hiatt, paying $27.50 a month
rental. Mrs. Beach selected the pa
per for the house. Wken it was fin
ished she had found another house
she liked better and refused to live
in the Hiatt house. All efforts of
Mr. Hiatt to find another tenant at
$27.50 a month were in vain. Peo
ple didn't like the wall paper. Finally
'he house was rented at $25 a month,
and Mr. Hiatt sued Mrs. Beach for
the difference in rent for a year and
damages incurred, he said, because
)f her poor choice in decorative mat
ters. Grafters are Jovial.
Sanderson, the chief contractor in
the building of the Pennsylvania
State House, who, along with the ar
chitect, and a dozen other men ar
under arrest for having defrauded the
state, is described as a jovial man,
whose cheerfulness and jollity were
particularly noticeable while he was
in the magistrate's office after the
warrant against him had been served
There is nothing remarkable about
this. Grafters are not commonly
distinguished by dignity and gloom;
on the contrary, they are as likely to
be genial as the reverse. Such men,
too, lose their good spirits slowly,
for they find it hard to believe that
the law will interfere with their pro
ceedings. Constipation causes headache, nau
sea, dizziness, languor, heart palpi
tation. Drastic physics gripe, sicke
weaken the bowels and don't cure.
Dorm's Regulets act gently and cure
rnnstination. 25 cents. Ask your
jf m
here we would like you to see, the latest work of the famous
makers, fresh from the tailors' hands. Thc correct cut in quiet
patterns for the solid man of business; the extreme of fashion
for the younger elemsnt.
We have the suit or! Overcoat for you Tit's, only, question of
trying on those that please you
best for your purse and purpose. You get the cream of the
cream here, and you get it at
In our Men's Suit and Overcoat Departments we show;
We show 20 styles at
We show 25 styles at
We show 25 styles at
We show 20 styles at $15
We show 12 styles at $18
Don't foriret that we huve the larcest line of Men's. Rnv and T.itfio
Gents' shoes in the city.at prices
IIIinPRlFAR LetS SC? yU this fal1' We u.rantee you a posi
UIMUCIVW lurllXi tive saving quality against quality and orlce
against price. We will save you money
Call at the ENTERPRISE, Kendall Block,
Unitkd States of mkrica, l
State of Indiana.
(Office of Secretary cf State.)
I, Fred A. Sims, Secretary of State,
of the State of Indiana hereby cer
tify! that the annexed pages contain
a full true and complete copy of the
articles of association, or agreement
in writing of MARSHALL COUN
PANY, with the certificates ..hereon
filed September 19th, 1907, as the
same appears on file, as the law di
rects, in this office.
In testimony whereof I hereunto
set my hand' and affix the Great Seal
of the State of Indiana. Done at xny
office, in- the city of Indi
(seal) anapolis th's 19th day of
September, A. D. 1907.
Secretary of State.
Train of Cars SwallowedL
While an engine and four cars
loaded with gravel were being run on
to the new track of the Baltimore &.
Ohio near Lodi, Ohio, Monday, th:
ground opened up and the cars and
engine dropped 12 to 15 feet :.nto the
The crust over an underground
river or Jake is supposed to have
broken, as in less than an; hour the
cars and engine were covered with
water. Two locomotives were hook
ed to the submerged cars and pulled
them out of the hole.
Close by a highway disappeared a
few days ago. Residents are frighi-
ened lest the earth's crirsrt over the
entire territory give way. There have
been indications for years that the
surface for miles about is insecure.
A Great Scheme.
It is now proposed that congress
shall pass a law whereby, men who
has served in the Philippines in offi
cial positions paying not less than
$3,000 a year be retire'di after ten
years on a yearly pension equal to
one-quarter of their salary, to be
paid, of course, by the Fib'pinoa
whom divine destiny threw into our
hands. The $3,000 limit would ex
clude the teachers and other hard
working Americans' who have gone
to the islands, but it is a great
scheme for the $3,000 fellows Go
shen Democrat.
Baptized' in 93rd Year.
James Benton, 93 years old, fell a
mon't-h ago at the Elkhart county
farm and broke his hip. Thursday
he died from the effects. A week
after the accident he wrote a friend
in Nappance where he once lived, Mr.
Yost Yoder, informing him that he
desired to be baptized. Mr. Yoder
communicated with Rev. Samuel Yo
der of Elkhart, and the latter bap
tized Mr. Ronton in the- Mennonite
r Wanttü !
Hay and Straw in quantities to be
baled on premises. Will pay best
market prices. See me at Wickizer
& Bondurant Co.'s office over Ply
mouth State Bank.
aug22wlf Elijah Cannon.
Is a mighty Important
Thing to You.
It's not our business, perhaps,
to tell you what you want, but
it is our business to help you
find it. We have some clothes
most, and then deciding on the
the right price.
$7.50 IN ALL THE'
$10.00 very iatfst
$12.50 up-to-date
& $16.50 GOODS
to $22.00 J and Styles.
below all, good quality considered.
or we will give your money back.
The Good Clothes Store
of course:
No. 12649.
State of Indiana, Marshall county, ss:
In the Marshall Circuit Court,
September Term, 1907.
Macbeth E vans Glass Company
vs .
Martin L. Keiser
Complaint on Note and Attach
ment. The plaintiff in the above entitled
cause, by L. M. Lauer, its attorney,
has filed in my office its complaint
against the defendant; and, it appear
ing by the affidavit of a competent
person that the defendant Martin L.
Keiser is a non-resident of the State
of Indiana: He is therefore hereby
notified of the filing and pendency
of said complaint atainst him and
unless he appears arrd answers there
to on or before the cilling of said
cause on Monday the 2rh day of No
vember. 1907. being the first judicial
day of the November term of said
Court, to -be begun and held at the
Court House in Plymouth. Marshall
Count)', Indiana, on the 4th Monday
of. November. A. D. 1907. said com
plaint ami the matters and things
therein allegeVF will be heard and dc
tcmined in his absrnce.
Witness, the Clerk and seal of said
Court, at Plymouth. Tndi-
(seal) ana. this 24th' day of Sep
tember. 1907.
Clerk MrOU Ci
T, M T,-nfM PlnJntiTs Attv.
No. 12632.
State of Indiana, Marshall County ss:
In trie 'Alarsauil Circuit Court, Sep
tember 'lenn, iuu7.
Ivouis E. Wolfgang
Mrtlt M.V Wolfgang
Conlplaint for Divorce.
The plaintiff in the above emitled
cause, by L. M. Lauer, iiis attorney,
has hied in my office his complaint
against the defendant ; and, it ap
pearing by the afndlavit of a compe
tent person that, the defendant. Myr
tle M. Wolfgang is a non-resiaent of
the State ot Indiana: She is there
fore nereby notified of the filing and
pendency of said complaint against
her, and unless she appears and an
swers thereto on! or before the call
ing of said cause on Tuesday, the
26th day of November, 1907, being
the second judicial day of the, No
vember term of said Court, to be be
gun and held at the Court House in
Plymouth, Marshall County, Indi
ana, on the 4th Monday of Novem
ber, A. D. 1907, said complaint and
the matters and things therein alleg
ed will be heard and .determined in
her absence.
Witness, the Cleric and seal of said
Court at Plymouth, Indi-
(seal) ana, this 18th day of Sep
tember, 1907.
Clerk Marshall Circuit Court.
L. M. Lauer, Plaintiffs Aty.
Married! at Father's Bedside,
With her father critically illj but
desiring to sf.e his daughter married
before his death, Miss Louise Cham,
bers, one of Crawfordsville's popu
lar young ladies, was married! Wed
nestiay; evening at the home of her
parents, Dr. and Mrs. W. B. Cham
bers to Roy H. McClanahan, of Sul
livan, Ind. The ceremony v.as per
formed by the Rev. Clarence Hall
Wilson of Cravvfordsville, in the
presence of the parents of both the
bride and groom.
Girls Sail to Get Husbands.
The remarkable exodus of marri
ageable young women from England
to this country and Canada is empha
sized by the departure from Liver
pool of 1,000 unmarried women, on
Thursday on the steamer Baltic
alone, while several hundred more
were among the total of 5,000 passen
gers carried on three trans-Atlantic
steamers which sailed Thursday..

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