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HENDRICKS CI CO.. - . Publisher.
Jage and human usefulness.
j At "what age are rien at their test!
The pessimistic theory attribute! tc
tDoctor Osier, which he afterward re
jpudlated, that the golden age is thir-jty-five,
or thereabouts, that It I foi
'lowed Inevitably by waning powers
and that there should he provision for
chloroforming nil who threaten .r sur
Tive t!ie age of sixty, has nev?r had
many seriom adherents, says the Mil
waukee Evening Wisconsin. It is gen
erally conceded that thirty-five is
rath'?r the beginning than the er of
the prime of life, and that the vig
orous human Individual who lives
sanely and cheerfully may do more
In sime important fields of activity
after he has acquired the ripe judg
ment that comes with experience than
In tho heyday of the thirtie- and for
ties. Dr. T. M. Crothers of Hartford,
Conn., has come forward with, a dec
laration that is quite as interesting as
the one Doctor Osier disowned, and
that ought to attract equally wide at
tention. He says that "there are
many reasons for believing that we
tarry around with us great reserve
powers, and unknown energies which
ire seldom used, and that in old age
appeal to these powers may give a
certain vigor entirely unexpected,
which lengthens . our life and prac
tically overcomes disease." He also
cays that ' the man past sixty and
from that on to eighty ought to be at
his very best because life is then no
experiment, and he has attained a po
sition where he can use all his row
ers'to the best advantage." Doctor
Crothers Insists that there Is no the
ory In this, but that It "Is sustained by
a gTeat variety of fact3 which fortu
nately are becoming more realized as
the years go by."
A traveler In the west a decade
mgo was much amused at the vehicles
lie saw. They were all kinds of "contraptions.-
Buggies, "dearborns'
ny old thing to ride in. The people
out there ere living dose, faring
'hard and saving money, says the
jphlladelphia Press. That's why the
per capita tavlngs bank account of
Kansas excels that of all other states.
St la astonishingly dirent today. At
the Leavenworth ccunty fair some
fixjs ago dozens of farmers came to
tthe grounds in motor cars. They had
paid for them, too. They had raised
tie wheat and corn to do It. The
mere sensation of gliding swiftly over
tie roads where a year or to back
täey had condemned the "buzz" wag
ons which frightened their horses,
are then confidence and a new sat-
ISafactlon. This is what the automo
bile has achieved in our country dis
tricts. It has made a modest toller a
can of new resources. It has put a
machine in his hands and said, V'Us
IL" And he is using It He feel
himself on a par with any millionaire
iwho can afford to buy a nev model
I every year.
The rapidity of development In Una
jajre Is such as to cause many to lose
: sight, of tho fact that some of out
I chief Industries are of comparative!?
modern origin. Cotton spinning has
come to be one of the foremost oi
j manufactures In this and other coun
i tries, says the Milwaukee Evenly
I Wisconsin. But in the present Torn:
Jit has been In existence less than s
'hundred y?rs, the first cotton-spin
ning mill in the United States havinj
jfceen started in 1811 at Fall River,
lllass. That city Is preparing to ob
j serve the centenary of the business,
jand next year will have an imposing
celebration. It may be of interest tc
know that when cotton manufacturinf
ras starte! there Fall River wai
known as Troy, a name which was re
lined until 1834. Cotton goods of
rious kinds are made in Troy, N.
and vicinity, and the anniversary
lof the origin of cotton spinning wiU
lenlist attention.
Wonders never cease. A womax
in Minneapolis is suing for a divorc
cm the ground of cruel and inhuman
treatment because her husband per
sists In kissing her too often and ar
dently. And others cömplalr: becaus
they are never kissed. No wondei
the poor men have been trying un
successfully to strike a happy medium
ince the world started.
Boston is developing a taste foi
chark meat. There is some uneasy
feeling In V.'all street lest the tast
spread to Gotham.
A Virginia school board baa estab
lished a rule that its school teachers
of the softer sex must not attend
dances. y The board should explain
whether this action is taken because
the teachers are not good enough to
ippear at dances or because they are
loo good.
The arrest of a man one hundred
nd seven years old shows how care
fully we are protected from menace?
Co our community.
A progressive physician claim: tlat
irunkenness can be cured by a -j.ur-jical
operation. Undoubtedly it can
!. An amputation about the region
of the throat will cure the patient
Crom drinking in perpetuity.
A hunter In Pennsylvania peppered
oi boy with shot, mistaking him for a
snlrreL Aviators had better be care
ful at this season, or this species of
hunter may aim at an aeroplane, mis
taking it for a sp-'irrow.
' The fact that an aeroplane can . as
cend to a height of 9,714 feet has ten
demonstrated. Why should efforts to
fhreak this record be made? Who
wants to fly more than 9,714 feet high
before starting for heaven?
1 No use trying for any more auto
mobile records. A scorcher In Kan-
City knocked down four blind
rfrla at once.
The bird men axe brav men.
High Personages Fear That
Dancer Will tell Secrets.
Sigiora Tarragona, Friend of Euro
pean Royalties, Threatens to Ex
pose Incidents in Private Life
of Reigning Family.
Berlin. A scandal which, it is
said, will make Maxlmillian Hard
en's revelations of the 'Knights of the
Round Table' look tame threatens the
nobility of Germany.
Some of the most powerful families
in Uermany are shaking with appre
hension lest Signora Maria Tarragona,
a Spanish dancer, be not prevented
from publishing her memoirs. She
threatens to expose incidents in the
private lives of members of one of
German's reigning families, of several
officers of the crown, and of other
prominent men.
Signora Tarragona makes these
threats in deadly earnest . and will
carry them out unless the . police
leave her in peace.
To a visitor the dancer gave proofs
that she has known well members of
nearly every reigning family in Eu
rope. She was a friend of King Leo
pold of Belgium, an acquaintance of
King Edward of England, and an in
timate of several royalties who still
are alive.
The signora is twenty-nine years old
and fascincting. Her first protector
was an American who made his tre
mendous fortune in sleel. Her ex
traordinary career began with her
meeting this American steel magnate
ten years ago.
Because of Signora Tarragona's
friendship rith a member of a cer
tain princely German house the
Munich police tried to compel her to
leave Bavaria, but they were unsuc
cessful because she proved that she
was a German subject. Besides, Bho
knew too much for the police to try
to bvlly her. Scandal after scandal
about her has been whispered, but
she vows, and has proof of what she
says, that in almost every case she
was the Injured party.
Secretary Dickinson Asks Nearly
$20,000,000 to Fortify Panama
Washington. Secretary of War
Dickinson in his annual report
indorses the use of the flying ma
chine as a military aid, and recom
mends that congress appropriate
funds to provide the signal corps
with, several machines for instruction
purposes and field work.
Congress is asked to authorize an
expenditure of $19,540,843 for the for
tifications on the Panama canal, in
cluding the construction of posts for
the permanent garrison, and $7,000,000
of this sum should be made available
immediately in order to complete the
project within three years. The ad
ditional sum of $2,000,000 is wanted
immediately, to be applied toward
the creation of naval establishments
in the canal zone.
U. S. Population Expected to Be 91,
500,000; Tacoma, 83,743.
Washington, D. C. The total
population of the United States will
be announced . by the census bureau
t ome time ' today as approximately
9J",503,000. The states so far given
have an aggregate of S5.362.725, a
growth of 20.4 per cent. Returns
from Georgia, Montana, Washington,
Wisconsin and Wyoming, yet to be an
nounced, are expected to total 6,186,
774. Director of Census Durand said
his original charge that the figures
from Tacoma, Wash., had been pad
ded more than 30,000 had been sub
stantiated by the recount. The popu
lation of Tacoma is given as S3.743.
Trol'ey Hits Machine Containing Yale
Students and Companions.
Stratford. Conn. A Joy ride with
two millionaire students and two
pretty Milford dressmakers in an
automobile closed abruptly when a
trolley car crashed into tho automo
bile from behind, ran over and be
headed one of the dressmakers and
seriously injured the other three oc
cupants of the car.
Stuyvesant Peabody of Chicago and
Benjamin Casper Thompson of Sf.
Paul, Minn., are the students. Both
are seniors and members of the ex
clusive secret societies of tho col
lege and have unlimited funds at their
Safe With $15,000 Disappears.
Minneapolis, Minn. Mystery sur
rounds the disappearance of a small
safe Thursday, said to have contained
$15.000 and valuable merchandise,
from the office of the Adams Express
Porch Climbers Get Rir.h Haul.
Detroit, Mich. Porch climbers en
tered the residence of Mrs. J. Eliza
beth Buhl, widow of the late Theodore
Buhl, while the family were at din
ner Thursday and escaped with $8,000
worth of Jewelry and diamonds.
Makes New Aviation Record.
' a new world's record here Wednesday
. 1 Haw Iß mflfla of (Iia
wnen. c " iaiw ui
almost 88 miles an hour.
Rich Recluse Dies in Incendiary Fire.
. Caldwell. O. Mrs. Minerva Wil
liams, eighty-five, a recluse, was
burned to death in a fire that con
sumed her home near here Wednes
day. Mrs. Williams, It was rumored,
had $5,ö00 In currency concealed In
the house, and it is believed thieves
robbed her and set fire to the house.
8am Langford Whips Harris.
Boston. Two rounds were sufficient
for Sam Langford, middleweight cham
pion, to put Morris Harris, the New
York heavyweight, to slumberland in
the feature bout at the Armory A. A.
Tuesday night
Fire threatens Town.
Menominee, Mich. Fire Tuesday al
most totally destroyed the plant of
the Leisen & Ilenes Brewing
pany, entailing a loss of about f7C,
000, covered by Insurance. For a time
the entire town was threatened.
Show Savlr-s of Vast Sum in Govern
ment Expenses Broom for
Custom Houses.
Washington. Franklin MacVeagh,
secretary of the treasury, submitted
his annual report to congress. Among
the recommendations are currency
reform, extension of the scope of the
national banking laws in the event
of no immediate general changes in
the monetary system, civil service re
tirements, a customs service free from
"practical" politics, businesslike meth
ods in the dairy transactions of the
government, and a general abolition
f red tape.
Expenses of government in the fis
cal year 1912. for which this session
of congress is asked to appropriate,
are estimated at $630.494,013.12. The
estimated expenditures; of the Panama
Canal are given as $56,920,847.69,
making a total of $687.414.860.81. The
eotimates represent net savings of
about $18,000,000 in the executive de
partments, compared with the ap
propriations for the curent fiscal year.
Calls It Panic-Breeder.
"Our system can fairly be called a
panic-breeding system," he says,
"whereas every other great national
banking and currency system is panic
preventing. As long as we continue
under our present system we are lia
ble to panics, and the devastations of
panics reach Republicans and Demo
crats, and all parts of the country
alike. Panics are no longer necessary
and no longer respectable. It is for
the government to say whether we
chall have them in the future. It L a
mere matter of choice.
"We have no system of reserves;
our banking system destroys them. It
concentrates in New York what are
pretended to be reserves and then
forces the New York banks to lend
and abolish them. Our system, in
stead of building up a reserve, de
stroys it as fast as. It inclines to ac
National Conservation , Committee
Hope to Form Agreeable Policy.
Washington, e- A plan tc bring
together the opposing advocates of
federal regulation of water power
and those who stand for state regula
tion, on a water power policy upon
which boih can agree, Is being consid
ered by the executive committee of
the National Conservation association,
of which Gifford Pinchot 'is presi
dent. The object of the plan, which was
drafted by Philip P. Wells, counsel for
the association, who as former law of
ficer of the forest service had a large
share In devising the system of water
power regulation in national forests,
is to afford a water power platform
on which both sides of the controversy
may unite to protect the public inter
ests! and at the same time encourage
the development of many millions of
horse power now going to waste in the
mountain streams of the far west and
the great rivers of the central and
eastern parti of tho country.
Government Loses Suit Against An
thracite Coat Carrying Llr.cs.
Philadelphia. The United States
circuit court for the eastern district
of Pennsylvania decided that there
is no "general conspiracy among the
anthracite coal carrying railroads
or coal companies to restrain trade or
commerce, or to monopolize the trade
or to maintain certain prices, but it
did decide that the Temple Iron com
pany Is a combination of anthracite
coal carrying railroads In violation of
the Sherman anti-trust Iw.
Tho court granted the prayer of the
government for an injunction restrain
ing the Temple Iron company from
continuing Its violation of the anti
trust act.
Missouri, Nebraska and Uouthern Illi
nois Also Visited by Storm.
Kansas City, Mo. The first gen
eral snow of the season began
falling through Missouri, Kansas and
Nebraska. In Missouri the 6tonn ex
tends as far east as Sedalla and In
Kansas nearly to the Colorado line.
On the north snow has fallen at Lin
coln. Neb.
In parts of central and western
Kansas a drought of three months
was broken by rain. Later the drizzle
which had been falling turned to
snow. Orer most of this territory the
mercury is falling.
College Authorities Blame Sweets for
Girl's Fatal Illness.
Lynchburg, Va. Miss Nina Buzzard
of St. Joseph. Mo., died at the Randolph-Macon
Woman's college hero
today of typhoid pneumonia, the fe
ver, it is said, being contracted from
a box of dainties send her from home
six weeks ago. There is no other
case of the disease at the college.
Breaks World's High Mark.
Pau, France. A new aeroplane alti
tude record was made Friday by M. 1
Gagneaux. who reached the height of
10,449 feet at the aviation. He land
ed half frozen after a remarkable do
scent. Police Chief Asked to Quit.
Milwaukee. Mayor Emil Seidel Fri
day asked for the resignation of Chief
of Police John T. Jarssen on the al
leged ground that the chief will not
work in harmony with the city admin
istration. Eighteen Hut In Wreck.
Springfield. James T. Uppergrove
of Chicago sustained a broken rib and
17 other passengers were slightly in
jured in a collision on the Illinois in
terurban line near this city Thurs
day. Warship to Honduras.
Washington. In view of reports of
an Impending revolution in Honduras
against the administration of Presi
dent Davilla, the navy department
Thursday ordered the cruiser Tacoma
to Puerto Cortez.
Shearer Gets Life Term.
Mason City, la. Protesting his In
nocence John S. Shearer was Wednes
day denied a new trial and was sen
tenced by Judge Kelley to Imprison
ment for life.
Labor Head Is 8laln.
8an Francisco. In a riot between
S00 union and nonunion workmen
Wednesday Domingo Navarro, presi
dent ot the Ship-sealers' union, tac
rhot and killed by Augustino Navar
leo, a nonunionlst A number of
others" were badly beaten.
Boys at Auburn, Indiana, Forgot the
Gun was Loadedand One Pays Per
alty Other News.
Auburn, Ind. Bidding his brother
Glenn' to "aim at this spot," Harry
Weldin trifled with death once too
iften, and received a 22-caliber ritle
üullet in his forehead.
Glenn is' fourteen and Harry aa
right years old. Glenn bought a gun
against the wishes of his mother, Mrs.
Oliver Weldin, and with his brother
went hunting. She was away from
home. The boys came home long
?nough to eat dinner, after which
Glenn picked up his rifle and, forget
ting It was loaded said: "lsook out. I
am going to shoot something." ine
jun snapped, but the cartridge did not
Harry heard the click and said:
'Aim at this spot," pointing to a scar
an his forehead. The brother did and
Harry fell over with a wound above
lis right eye. Glenu is grieving over
the shooting and has to be kept under
surveillance. His father is a junk deal
?r. There are seven other children in
the family.
Tammany Hall Partially Destroyed.
New York Tammany hall, the "wig
wam" -home of the famous political or
ganization known as the Tammany so
ciety, was partly destroyed by fire.
There was a fear of the blaze spread
ing to nearby bindings, including the
old Academy of Music, the Olympic
musical and the Central hotel. The
flames, however, were confined to the
Interior of Tammany hall Itself. Tor
rents of water poured into the big
structure and the great of the damago
was caused by this deluge. The firo
chief exerted its force upon the gal
lery,, where it started and portion of
the floor. It took two hours work to
get the blaze controlled. Tammany
hall stands on East Fourteenth street
in the part of the old time theatres.
A. dance, was given the night before by
l social club in the club room of the
hall and it is supposed that a lighted
?igar or cigarette left "in one of the
boxes In the gallery started the fire.
It 13 estimated that the damage of fire
and water to the interior of the build
ing can be repaired for approximately
Wat the Cow Hurt?
Mobile, Ala. When a Louisville &
Xashville passenger train out of Mo
bile struck a cow ntar Kirkland the
fonsequences were as unusual and unex
pected as they were fatal. The cow
tvas hurled to one side, striking a ne
gro who was watching the train go by.
rhe negro was knocked into a puddle
Df water and killed. In falling he
struck a dog which was also playing
the part of innocent b)'stander and the
Life of the canine was snuffed out, too.
Motorist Sent to Prison.
Munich. The chauffeur who acci
dentally drove his car into a crowd of
Americans as they were leaving the
Prince Regent theatre on the evening
Df August 30, killing one and severely
injuring three others, was sentenced
io fifteen months' imprisonment. The
woman killed was Mrs. Alvin A. Good
rich of San Francisco. A sister, Mrs.
urelius E. Buckingham, of tho same
lity, was one of those injured.
Priest Dies at the Altar.
Cincinnati, O. While Preaching a
sermon to his congregation in the
chapel of St. Mary's hospital here, Rev.
Father George Fleisch, chaplain of the
hospital, was taken suddenly ill and
,'led before he could be removed from
i'ae altar. Uev. Fleisch was sixty-flvo
rears old, born in Getzis, Austria, and
for a number of years was cUaplain of
5t. Anthony's hospital in Chicago.
Robbers Murder and Steal $40,000.
Cleveland, O. The officials of Noble
:ounty after Investigation are positive
that Mrs. Minerva Williams, widow re
cluse, eighty-five years old, whose
:harred body was found in the ruins of
ier burned home near Kennettsburg.
Wayne township, was murdered by rob
bers who fired the house after obtain
ing $10,000 concealed in it.
Costly Gift Church Dedicated.
Newman, 111. The Shaw- Memorial
Presbyterian church was dedicated in
this city, Itev. Edgar I). Hill, profes
sor of homlletlcs in McCormick semin
ary, delivering the sermon. Mr. Shaw'a
gift represents a cash investment of
J2C.800, to which $3,300 was added by
i pledpo after the services.
Lorimer Cleared by Senate.
Washington, D. C. The sub-commit-
tce of the senate, which has been in-'
vestigating the charges of bribery in
connection with the election of Sena
tor William Lorimer of Illinois, decid
ed unanimously that the testimony
does not prove any of the charges
Noted Author Dies.
London, Eng. Dr. Emil Reich, au
thor and lecturer on history, is dead.
He was born at Eperjes Hungary, fci
Yeggs Loot Postoffice.
Cairo, 111. The safe in the postoffice
at Pulaski, 111., was blown open and a
large amount c stamps stolen. The
robbers also made an attempt on the
vault In the bank ot Pulaski and while
ao money was obtained, the vault was
badly damaged.
New Louisiana Senator.
Tlaton Rouge, La. Judge J. R
Thornton of Alexandria warf elected by
the IouisIana general assembly t'nit
ed States senator to succeed the late
Senator MrEnery.
Congressman Stricken.
Washington, D. C Representative
Joel Cock of Pennsylvania lies in a
semi-comatose condition at his hotel
here as the result of a stroke of apo
plexy, and grave fears for his recovery
are entertained.
Football Player Dies of Injuries.
Enid, Okla. A. Eagan of Watanga,
a member of the Northwestern normal
.ootball team of Alv3, Okla., died as
the result of injuries received in a
football game last week. Ho suffered
& fracture of the skull.
Church Source From Which Fortune
Carr.e WiU Get Back Greater
' Part of It.
Uoston. According to the terms of
the will of the late Mrs. Mary Baker
Eddy, which have been learned, the
Christian Science church, the source
from which it came, will get the major
portion of her estate, including the
value of copyrights, which Is about
. To the board of directors is left
the final decision as to the form which
this bequest will take, but in her will
Mrs. Eddy has left several suggestions
and it is said that the principal one
relates to tho instruction of needy
persons who may desire to become
Christian Science healers.
The construction of a college fo- !
indigent students may be the outcoii;.
of this provision of tho will, but it is
considered equally probable that the
bequest will be devoted to the spread
ing of the faith in foreign lands.
Ideas along both these lines are
said o have been included in the
Tho estate at Chestnut Hill is be
Ceather to the mother church. Its
future will be determined by the
board of directors.
"Pleasant View." the splendid es
tate at Concord, N. IL, where Mrs.
Eddy made her homo before coming
to Chestnut Hill. Is to be sold.
The administrator of tho estate Is
ex-Congressman Henry M. Baker of
Bow, 2t. II. He was the favorite rela
tive of Mrs. Eddy. But all he gets
nnder the terms of tho will is a
Members of Mrs. Eddy's household
are remembered in bequests which
range from J1.C0O to SlO.OOe. The
will was drav,n in 1904 in Concord,
N. II.. and thoso that . receive be
quests were then members of her
household at Pleasant levf.
Net a dollar Is left to George W.
Glover end Pr. E. J. Foster Eddy, re
spectively the son and adopted son of
Mrs. Eddy. They were the leaders In
the famous "next friends" suit which
had a sequel in each receiving a large
amount of money from Mrs. Eddy.
Members of the board of directors
and oilier leaders of the mother
church are not mentioned in the will.
St. Louis Delegation Is Given Snub
When They Call at White House.
Washington, D. C. President Taft
snubbed the delegation of the deep wa
terway convention in a manner they
will not forget. The committee from
the convention held at St. Louis last
month was going the rounds resent
ing engrossed copies of the resolution.
and wound up at the Whit 5 House.
President W. K. Kavanagh of the
Deep Waterway association was the
spokesman, and presented a carefully
expurgated copy of the resolutions
which, as originally drawn by Kava
nagh at SL Louis, contained a bitter
personal attack upon the president.
The president listened to them and
then he said:
"l was on the bench long enough to
learn that it Is the duty of a judge to
hear the testimony of any man, no mat
ter how much he may have abused the
court at tho corner grocery. Gentle
men, good dy.M
Legislature Grants Free Entry Hun
gary Not Yet Committed.
Washington. According to advices
received at the state department from
Richard C. Kerens, United States am
bassador to Austria-Hungary, the Aus
trian legislature has passed a law per
mitting the free admission of Ameri
can beef. It Is net known, Ambassa
dor Kerens adds, whether or not the
'Hungarian legislature will agree to
jthis. Should it not. it is expected the
law already passed by the Austrian
legislative body will be Ineffective.
Annie Kelley, Who Evaded Judgment
for Whipping Pupil, Is Married.
Champaign, 111. Miss Annie Kel
ley of Tolono who fought for years
In the courts to evade a Judg
ment for whipping a pupil, was mar
ried in Chicago to Clarence Dillavou,
also of- Tolono, whose admiration for
her fighting qualities ripened into
love. Mrs. Dillavou has quit school
Reaching forever, but Bhe will live in
iTolono. The couple was given an
ovation on their return.
Marshal of Oklahoma Hands In His
Resignation at Washington.
. Washington. Jack Abernathy,
, United States marshal for Okla
home, an ajpointee of former Pres
ident Roosevelt, came to Washington
and handed his resignation to Attor
ney General WIckersham. Charges
had been preferred against the mar
shal, but he did not wait to hear what
'they were. !
Newspaper Man Is a Suicide.
' Milwaukee. John W. Schaum, for-
'merly part owner of the Milwaukee
;dournal, committed suicide Friday by
ishooting himself through the head.
Business trouble is assigned as .the
Many Sail for Old Homes.
New York. Eager to reach their na
tive homes in time to celebrate the
Christmas holidays, more than 10,000
steerage passengers left this city Sat
lurday on the various trans-Atlantic
Blow at Tariff on Cattle.
Washington. The first effort made
In the present session of the house to
'have a change made In the tariff law
was by the Intro: action Wednesday
!by Representative Sulzer of New
York of a bl"' "to repeal the duty on
meats and c.ttle."
Mrs. James McKlnney Dead.
Washington. Mrs. James McKln
ney, the wife of Congressman James
: McKlnney of the Fourteenth district
'of Illinois, died here Wednesday of
' paralysis.
Twelve Hurt In Wreck.
; Hammond, Ind. In a head-on colll
Islon between two freight trains at
North Hayden, 20 miles south, of Ham
mond on the Indiana Harbor railroad,
'Tuesday, twelve trainmen were In
'jured. Th trains were practically de
molished. The property loss will reach
Congressman Swope Dies.
Washington. John A. Swope, repre
sentative from Pennsylvania in the
'Forty-eighth and Forty-ninth con
raases. died here Tuesday.
Thirty-Two Firms and 16 Individuals
Indicted for Conspiracy.
Detroit, Mich. The anti-monopoly
campaign of Attorney General Wick
ersham shifted to Detroit this
week with the result that indict
ments were returned by the federal
grand jury against 16 firms and 32
individuals alleged to have secured
control of 83 per cent, of the annual
output of enamel ironware, bathtubs,
sinks, lavatories, etc., in tho United
Against each firm and each Individ
ual there are two indictments, con
taining six and four counts respec
tively, under the Sherman anti-trust
law, charging in substance that the
defendants control S5 per cent, of the
output of enameled iron ware, tubs,
sinks, lavatories, etc.. and that they
have conspired to restrain trade and
fix prices. It is alleged that the con
spiracy was formed at Mount Clemens,
Mich.,last April and the criminal
cases grew out of a civil suit brought
in the federal .court at Baltimore.
The two Indictments against each
defendant contain six and four counts
respectively and charge that the de
fendants, controlling S5 per cent of
the annual output, combined to re
strain the trade of manufacturers and
of jobbers of plumbing supplies by re
fusing to sell to jobbers handling the
goods of so-called independents, by
the fixing of re-sale prices, by the di
vision of the United States into eleven
zones and refusing to sell to jobbers
who wculd not maintain the re-sale
prices established by the alleged
agreement of the defendants.
It is charged that the effect of these
re-sale prices is to make the price of
the articles manufactured by the com
bination the same throughout the
United States, and to eliminate the
competition of jobbers as well as of
The indictments charge also that
the defendants compelled the jobbers
to enter into uniform contracts and
that all the defendants refused to sell
to any jobber unless he would sign
such a ccntract.
Tho defendants will be required to
appear at once in the United States
court here and give bonds for their
Popular Rule Is Granted in China
Thrcne Yields to Appeals.
Peking. After the Chinese New
Year in January, 1911, the ancient
absolute regime in China will dis
appear, as the throne, it is stated,
has decided to acqulescs to the reso
lution of the senate petitioning for the
creation of a constitutional cabinet.
Political events in China have
moved with a rapidity that appears
almost revolutionary when it is con
sidered the provincial assemblies rep
resenting the first step toward popu
lar government in the empire's his
tory of thousands of years were in
augurated so recently as October 14,
The first imperial senate met on
October 3 last. The late empress
dowager had decreed that a general
representative legislative body to b
known as the imperial parliament, be
convoked in 1915 at the end of a nine
year period of preparation.
Tribesmen in West Africa Suffer
Heavily In Fight With French.
Paris. Official advices confirm
earlier reports of a battle be
tween a French column and tribesmen
in the Oualal region of Senegal,
French West Africa. The French were
attacked by 5,000 natives on Novem
ber 9 and the fighting lasted for an
hour and a half, when the enemy was
routed, leaving 00 dead and many
wounded on the field. Tho French
lost six officers and 28 tirailleurs
killed and an officer, three subalterns
and 69 tirailleurs wounded. The sul
tan of Massalet and Doudmourah and
a former sultan of Oualai were killed.
New Jersey Governor-Elect Opposes
Return of Senator Smith.
Newark, N. J. Governor-elect Wöod
row Wilson has taken up the cudgels
against James Smith, Jr., who wishes
to return to the senate as successor
to John Kean, telling him he must
abide by the selection of James E.
Martine, the winner in the Democratic
primary. Dr. Wilson says he will fight
out the lssce, even if it causes a party
Congressman Introduces Bill to Re
move Duty on All Meat Food.
Washington. The first effort
made in th e present session of
the house to have a change made in
tho tariff law was by the introduction
by Representative Sulzer of New
York of a bill "to repeal the duty on
meats and cattle."
All meats and all cattle imported
for use as foods are to be placed on
the free list 'by the bill.
Run Closes Small Bank.
Macon, 111. The Farmers and Mer
chants bank failed to open Friday fol
lowing a run. The institution is a pri
vate bank and has been operated for
40 years by J. L. and'E. L. HIght. De
posits of $100,000 were in th
E. H. Ozmun, U. S. Envoy, Dead.
Constantinople; Turkey. Edward
Henry Ozmun, American consul-gen
eral here, died Friday after a brief 111-,
ness. He was born at Rochester;
Minn., August 6, 1857.
U. S. Loses Coal Trust Suit.
Philadelphia. The United States
circuit court here dismissed the suit
filed by the government to dissolve
the anthracite coal trust Thursday,
but declared the Temple Iron com
pany to be e. combination in violation
of the Sherman anti-trust law.
Lasker Retains Chess Title.
Berlin. Dr. Emanuel Lasker of
New York Thursday retained the
world's chess championship by de
feating the challenger. D. Janowskt
of Paris, with a rcore of 8 games to 0.
Cuts Off Man's Nose.
Munde, Ind. In a quarrel over $1.92,
which Charles Conway said William
Meyers, aged sixty-three, a well-to-do
contractor, owed him, Conway Tues
day stabbed the elder man 11 times,
cutting off Meyer's nose and fatally in
Jurinc him.
Thornton Wins Louisiana Toga.
Baton Itouge, La. Judge J. R. Thorn
ton of Alexandria i-a Tuesday elected
by the Louisiana general assembly
United States senator to succeed the
late Seator McEnery.
Heads of Enemies Jre Embalmed,
Profusely Decorated s4 Tnen Used
for Purposes of Adornmntr-
Grisly Souvenirs Cola.
An Italian traveler reports from the
Interior of Brazil the di&covery at ar
ethnological collection or much value
The chief object of interest is ar
imbalmed head of the tribe of the
Mwndwrwows a trophy of war.
It is to this day a custom "of the In
liana of the upper basin of the Ama
son to take the heads of enemies foi
'.he purpose of embalming, adorning
and preserving them.
The head in question is v(ry ornate,
being ornamented with long streamers
3f bright feathers attached to the hair
vnile the eye sockets are fLled, in !e
'ault of glass, with the teeth of a
iarge semi-aquatic rodent native tc
che region.
From the mouth depend a number
of heavy cords. These, however, are
aot meant for beautifiers. They are
nerely intended to keep the lips quite
rigid and motionless, with the canny
i object of defeating an desire of the
!ate departed spirit to utter curses
I and revilings in the abede of his con
It has long been known that the
south American Indians possess secret
tnd jealously guarded processes ol
j Embalming. Among certain tribes ol
Ecuador human heads are so mum mi
led that they are reduced to the size
Df a man's fist, without the features' oi
the expression being noticeably al
The hair retains Its length and
character, but the skin and bones
hrink without losing their relative pa
sition and symmetry.
Fiften years ago it was possible to
?et these little mummified heads in
ihe Interior, and even at Quito, where
:olporteurs offered them frequently tc
tourists at the doors of the hotels.
"I bought a pair of them for a hun
ired francs or so," writes V. Forbin
n La Nature.
It is now, however, impossible to
obtain them, and all on account of the
mdden development of commercial
leumen on the part of-the simple sav
Business, Indeed, became so very
5risk as the prices on these objets'de
pertu advanced that the government
became uneasy in regard to the mat
:er. Investigations were set on foot
ay the police and by the missionaries
vhich resulted in a shocking discov
ery. The fact Is that the demand
javing outrun the supply, the cupidity
it the Indians of tho eastern province
was so stimulated that, having no
jrisoners of war, they were arranging
imbuscade8 for each other, merely to
sbtaln heads to embalm for the mar-
The archblshor of Quito promptly
xeommunicated the enterprising mer
:hant8 who dealt in these grisly sou
venirs, and the authorities forbade
'.heir sale under heavy penalties,
thereupon the simple ßavage returned
to less profitable employment and
ibandoned modern methods of cut
ihroat commerce.
Teach Flirtation at School.
A merry little dame was sitting at a
?arty. "Girls learn such a lot of un
necessary subjects at school," she
rrumbled. "I wonder they are never
:aught flirtation. Just look at that
junch of them over there. They are
simply dying to have a try with those
joys, but as they don't know how to
egln, they cling together like bath-.
?rs afraid of the first plunge. It is
lad to reflect that many women are
orn with a fear of man only equalled
by a desire for his society. They never
rrow used to him, and discover how
harmless he is, until they are too old
!or him to appreciate them properly,
dan is a shy creature, and shy crea
tures never imagine others may be
is shy themselves. So these poor Ut
ile hearts beat In uncongenial soli
tude: marriage, like other adventures,
being for the bold. I really think a
little training might bo useful."
Every iiie is a profession of faith,
tnd exercises an Inevitable and silent
propaganda. As far as lies in its
power, it tends to transform the uni
verse and humanity into its own im
ige. Thus we have all a cure of
louls. Every man is the center of per
petual radiation like a luminous body:
ie is, as it were, a beacon which en
:ices a ship upon the rocks, if it does
lot guide it into port. Every man is
i priest, even Involuntarily; his con
luct Is an unspoken sermon, which is
brever preaching to others; but there
ire" priests of Baal, of Moloch, and of
ill the false gods. Such is the high
jnportance of example. Amiel's Jour-
Choosing One's Fiction.
Fine fiction, like fine friendship, is
i personal affair. Your frlepd is not
x be of another's choosing. He is
routs to elect; yours to have and to
lold, or to love and lose, as the inner
aws decree. Whether he be of your
oelal or intellectual case is a sec
ondary matter; he must be of your
joul's kin or you must believe that
ie Is till you learn better and his
luality to you is as Individual as your
taste in fruit or wines, in sunsets or
narine painting. Elizabeth Stuart
Phelps In Century.
Caught Again.
"John," said the wife sweetly, "do
fou know what day this is?"
"Of course," said hubby, pretending
ro have remembered all the time; "it
'.he anniversary of our wedding daj
"No such thing!" frigidly answered
lie wife. "It's the day you promised
to nail the leg on that old kitchen
A Futile Scheme.
"I always have a quarrel with my
husband In order to get him to buy a
aew suit of clothes. He never thinks
he can afford it."
"I should think he would learn after
i rhile that it is useless to try 1b
that way to get you to quit spending
so much for dress."
Hog or an Angel.
If a man wants the gratification oi
als bodily appetites; If that is It
which makes him contented when he
rets It and miserable when he does
not, he is a hog, morn or less. If he
wants beauty, knowledge, friendship,
love, a chance to work and create
something, he is an angel, more or
Increase In Rail Workers.
The number of railroad employees
in this country has increased 67 per
cent in ten year-
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Vendr th km.
Cart Cm
Small Pill, Small Dote, Small Priem
Crsntiiiio BXMtbeai Signature
will keep fresh eggs a
year and we guaran
tee it, and will let you
try it in. your own
home. EGGISAVE will keep your cheap
summer eggs for the high winter market,
which means MONEY. No liming, no pick
ling, absolutely no musty taste as from cold
storage eggs. Handled and shipped just
as any other eggs, but as good as when
the hen laid them, and cannot be told from
A trial bottle to prove our guarantee wHl be
ent by mail upon receipt of a port office order
of 25c to cover portage and packing A one dollar
quart of EGGISAVE will dip and keep about one
hundred dozen erca.
Place EGGISAVE treated ecx and aome un
treated eggs under your stove and aee which
will spoil and how t3on. We know oor 25c trial
bottle wiU brine your Sprine ordc for at leaet a
quart. Prove it yourself, NOW, because la
Spring you wiU need it badly.
IOOO Caxton Building CtiloaffO ItU
M Bu. to too Aero
I a botry yield. buUhafi what Jvha KonnrdTcf
Kd inunUin . A lftn. Wrtitern Canada, rot from 41'
Iron oiaer district in int pror.
nee bowed oiber excel
lent result ench 1 4,-
0UW bo bei of b4
from 120 cm. or hi l-t
bo. peracre. AMaud it
bu&belrieldt were outre
crom. A fetfb at 132
boabela of oats to the
arra wertfi r-hl from
Alben Sc Ids ia 1U0.
The Sil. er Cup
a tbe reoent Ppokins
V I r ws s aws rded to t he
Alberta Gore murin for
ts i hibl t of sralns .ar iki ssd
mvtables. Hrporuo'.iellfnl
yields lor twin fom a o Trora
haskutcbewsn and XaiU)La In
Western Car.sC.
Fr homesteads of ISO
sriw. sktid SMtjottiinfr pr
rm i( ions of 1 bO srreiMt
P3 per acre) are to be bad
In the choicest districts.
Hcbools matralnl, !!
mill lenlrst, oll
very best, ntllwavsr lose at
band, building; lumber
cheap, f neleasy to get and
rssmmahUls prl'c,alr
easily procured, mix od
farming a tacreo.
Write as to best place for set
tlement, settlers' kw railwsv
rates, descriptive I lltunirj
"UntBMtWetl'Vml Ire on
application) sod other Informa
tion, to Kop't of imniipratlon.
Ol ta wa, Ca n. .or to tb Caaad i n
1 1 ln Vi lim TnctiN Trtiul th.
Isdmsok. MWu. sr (jssJm fcswriatsf
srat. fares ssitfhsj. Tales. OSJs.
If not you can have an open face gold guar
anteed watch for $1.50. If not satisfactory,
money will be refunded. These watches
make Christmas presents to !e proud of.
Write for particulars to
lad MMB
"Before I bean cslcj Cascxrets I had
a bad complexion, pimples on my face,
and my food was not digested mm it should
have been. IJojt I am entirely we'l, and
the pimples hare all disappeared fium my
face. ' I can truthfully tay that Ctscarets
are just as adrertised; I have taten ccly
two boxes of them."
Clarence IL Grir.n, C!:ni.-:3, Ind.
' '
Ple-iSant. Palatal:?. Pot f. Tasta Good.
Do Good. Never &lcken.stea or Griped
10c, 25c, 50c. Never sold la bulk. The reax
Ine tablet stamped CCC. Guaranteed t9
core or your money back. Si7 .
nr rin PtT'-l cf blfbrrade farms la Uv
It ml r&IU U41m J ptonlODT. teicb.4
on reqaeek 1. CdalU., .U.A1N. UoweU, Tiäcs,
Fondpai You say baby swallowed sj
spoon? Did It hurt her?
Mrs. Fondpar I'm afraid so; she
hasnt been able to stir eine!
His Means.
"You are charged with ragrancy,
prisoner at the bar."
"What's dat, judge r '
"Vagrancy? Why, you have no visi
ble means of support"
"Huh! Ileah's mah wife. Judge;
Mary, Is you visible."
Health Regained by Right Food.
The average healthy man or woman
Is usually eager to be busy at some
useful task or employment.
But let dyspepsia or Indigestion get
lold of one, and all endeavor become
a burden.
"A year ago, after recovering from
an operation," writes a Michigan lady,
"my stomach and nerves began to give
me much trouble.
"At times my appetite was vora
cious, but when Indulged, indigestion
followed. Other times I had no appe
tite whatever. The food I took did not
nourish me and I grew weaker than
: T lost interest in everything and
'wanted to be alone. I had always had
good nerves, but now the merest trie
would upset me and bring on a violer.
headache. Walking across the roci
was an efTort and prescribed exerclär
was out of the question.
I.had seen Grape-Nuts advertised,
ibut did not believe what X read at the
time. At last when it seemed as it l(
wis literally starving, I began to ext
"I had not been able to work for a
year, but sow after two months on
Grape-Nuts I am eager to be at wort:
ftSiin. My stomach gives me no trou
ble now, my nerves are steady as ever,
and Interest In life and ambition have
come b'fX with the return to health."
Read The Road to Wellville," in
pkgs. There's a Reason."
Brer read the aber left erf A sf
em appear fresm tlaae te ttsasw They
are areaalae, true, aad fall ef fcaawa
Uteres t.
r Anrrrro
i wir i kiwi
s i TITTLE l
V III iitmw. I
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