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All Cakei
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Absolutely Healthful
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Dr. W. A. Weiser of Hammond
was in the city on business Thursday.
Mrs. J. W. Smith made a call at
Culver Thursday.
William Sibert was a South Bend
visitor Wednesday.
A. C. North was a visitor at Lapaz
: business Thursday.
J. N. Wilson spent Thursday at
Lapaz on business. ,
Mrs. C. J. Hannaker was a South
T.end visitor Thursday.
James Gilmore made a business
all at Argos Thursday.
Peter Lindquist spent Thursday
at Argos on business.
L. J. Southworth spent Thursday
;it Elkhart on business.
Eli Wiek of Tyner spent Thursday
In this eity on business.
B. 31. Seybold spent Thursday af
ternoon at Tyner on business.
Mrs. Anna Harris spent Thursday
with friends at South Bend.
Harry Menser of Culver was ;.i
Plymouth on business Thursday.
Mrs. W W Thornburg spent Thurs
day at South Bend with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Swiuer wen.
visitors at South Bend Thursday.
Gilbert Peterson of Tecgarden was
a local visitor Thursday on business.
Speeial meeting of -Masonic Lodge
for work tonight Fellow croft degree.
Ray Woodcock of Bourbon spent
Thursday in this city and at South
Ansen Schroeder and Frank Dietle
are spending a few days at South
The Misses Frances and Jeanette
Emerson spent Thursday at South
Prof. Parreant of South. Bend
spent Thursday in ihis city with
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Burke of Tee
garden were Plymouth visitors
Rev. J. A. Groves, pastor of the
Ü. B. church at Lafayette Ind., was
a Plymouth visitor Thursday.
B. W. Wiseman returned to South
Bend Thursday after a brief stay
with friends in Plymouth.
The census reports show that the
value of Indiana farms has almost
doubled during the past ten years.
The line of freezing last night ex
tended from northwest Dakota in a
southeasterly direction to Norfolk
For Sale Two black buggy r
farm horses, weighing about 1,000
each. Well matched. Call at Amer- ness were Messrs. L. E. Steineback,
iean Hotel. Plymouth, Ind. dfit.
J. Persehberger returned to his
home in Rochester this morning, af
ter visiting with the family of Dr.
Kdison in this city for a few days.
Cash Shoe Store
Exceptional Values In
A full Line of Mens Caps
See Our Windows.
This Weefc for Oaroains.
Miss Ina Hoover was home from
South Bend Sunday with her parents
Mr. and Mrs. X. V. Hoover.
- Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kendall spent
un'ay at Burkett, with her parents
Mr. and Mrs. Levi "Walters.
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Thayer
and Mr .and Mrs. W. II. Seybold,
were visitors at South Bend Monday.
LT. S. Lemert made a business trip
to La Porte Monday and -will return
with seven head of horses purchased
Messrs. Peter Knoll and S. E.
Flora went to North Liberty Mondaj
morning where they are employed
Mrs. W. K. Perry of Bass lke is
visiting her with her son George
Perry and family and will spend the
winter here.
Messrs. J. V. Lawrence and M. F.
Greer went to Benton Harbor Mich.,
Monday to spend a couple of days
on business.
Otto Weber spent Sunday at Indi
anaK)lis with his wife, who is at
tending her father Mr. Montgomery,
who is very ill.
Mrs. J. T. Filson returned to her
home in Inwood .after visiting for a
few days with her sister .Mrs. Benj
amin MeCullough here.
Mr. and Mrs. Kmmet Field are tht
parents of a girl baby, wliich arriv
ed Saturday noon. Mrs. Field was
formerly Miss Susan Hillsman.
J. A. McFarlin returned to his
home in Twin Iake Thursday
He was summonded on the special
venire of jurvmen, but was not call
ed. Mr .and Mrs. E. S Mercer of Mont
IK'lier returned to their home Mon
day after spending a few days here
the guests of the family of J.W.
Mrs. Harry C .Depert of Hamlet,
who has been visiting in this city
with the familj- of Louis Kelver for
a few davs returned to her home
Mi-s. Susan "Weaver returned to her
home in Larwill, after visiting with
Mrs. William Walter in this city for
the past two weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fisst I re
turned to their home in Ft. Wayne,
after spending a few days with
friends in t Iiis city.
The Misses Mable Lovgren and
Edith Larson of Donaldson were in
the city Wednesday enroutcto South
Bend to visit over the holidays.
Mrs. W. S. Sehens of Hamlet who
has been visiting with friends in this
city for the past few days went to
Rochester for a further stay Wednes
day. Among the Plymouth people who
spent the day at Bourbon on busi-
I W. H. English John Freed and II. B.
Mrs. (. A. Znmbaujrh returned to
her home at Inwood "Wednesday af
ter visiting with her mother Mrs.
Solomon Zehner in this city for tht
past few days.
Mrs. M. M. Logan returned to her
home in Valparaiso Wednesday af
ter spending a couple of days with
her parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Garver in this city.
Mrs. William Seatler of Argos,
palled on friends here Thursday en
route to South Bend where she will
visit with her brother William Fox,
for a couple of weeks
Robert A. Anderson of Berrian
County Mich., who has been here for
a few days, visiting with his brother
Isaac Anderson went to Donaldson
Monday for a further visit.
Harrv Kilmer went to Kewanna
i Thursday to attend the funeral of his
j Vother who was stricken with para-
I consciousness. He died luesday
Mrs. C .C .Pabcock of Galien Mich
and Mrs. H. M. Bartlett of South
Bend returned to tbeir homes Mon
day after viisting here with the fam
ily of Eli Silvius for the past few
Miss Elizabeth Thompson o
Rochester who has been visiting here
with her sister Mrs. William
Lawrence for the past few days,
went to South Bend for a further
stay today.
Mrs. L. C. Garver of Middlebury
returned to her home Thursday af
ter visiting for a few days with Mrs
Jennie Collier here. Mrs. Permelia
Witmer of Nappaneee, who has al
so been visiting here accompanied
Mrs. Garver home ,and will sojourn
at Middlebury for a week.
L. Burkett went to Culver on busi
ness Wednesday.
G. G. Love spent Wednesday in
South Bend.
Dr. S. II. Gould of Argos spent
Wednesday in the eity.
Mr. ami Mrs. L. G. Harley spent
the dav at Bourbon.
fieorge H. Thayer made a business
trip to Chicago Wednesday.
L. S. Vangilder irade a business
trip to Argos Wednesday.
S. N. Stevens went to South Bend
Wednesday on business.
Mrs. J. W. Parks spent Wednesday
at Bourbon with friends.
Ieave orders for piano tuning at
Houghton's Music Store. 8tf.
' Mrs. M. Rynearson spent Wednes
day with friends at Bourbon.
Miss Eunice Gibbons of Inwood,
was a Plvmouth caller Wednesday.
J. E. Pilo went to South Bend to
spend a few days with Bert Smith.
A. F. Henry, of LaPorte brought
in five head horses for U. S. Lem.rt.
Mrs. E. B. Hess and Miss Mary
Angelo spent Wednesday in South
I. A. Martindale is spending a
couple of days-at Rochester on busi
ness. Mrs. C. O. Yearrick went to South
Bend to spend a few days with
Mrs. Elias Canaan and Miss Jennie
Shafer of Argos spent Wednesday in
the city.
Mrs. C. J. Eich and daughter Mrs.
Louis Wittmach spent Wednesday at
South Bend.
Ed. Thompson went to Walkerton,
where he will be employed in the
glass factory.
Mrs. Margaret Baxter returned
from South Bend where she had been
visiting one of her sons.
Mrs. Marion Cnmer has gone to
Harris, for a short visit with her
sister Mrs. Hugh Shaffer.
Mrs. Mary McCall went to Chica
go Wednesday to sjend the holidays
with her son John McCall.
Southeastern Ohio is covered with
a foot of snow the deepest snow it
that section for twenty years.
Mrs. C. S. Miller of Walkerton
who hi;d been the guest of Mrs. Ed.
Richards returned home Wednesday.
Mrs. X. H. Crum returned to
Crumstown .after visiting her son-in-law,
George Sensenbangh and family
On account cf early purchases
we can save you money.
fl rinr I adit' Storm Ruh-
, en lysis Friday night and did not regain
20 Doz. Mens Rolled Edge
Rubbers 90c
20 Doz. Mens Storm Rub
bers 75 &85c
Many Cases Which Had Been Set
Down for Trial Have Been
Settled and Dis- ,
of South Bend, Leoua, Plymouth,
Sister Mary Agnetis, of the Assump
tion school South Bend, and Alpha,
Plymouth. The jrirVwas reared and
died a devout Catholic.
The funeral will be held at S.
Michael's church, Saturday morning
at 9:00 o'clock. Interment in St.
Michael's cemetery.
Virgil Gandy and family of South
Bend, are visiting friends in the
Strong Clew to Accomplice of
Lawrence Edwards Convicted
Burglar Possessed by Sheriff
Business in the circuit court is
agging. Because of the settlement
and dismissal of several cases which
had been set down for trial, only a
small grist of miscellaneous business
s being transacted. Judge Bernetha
returned to Rochester "Wednesday
o remain until Friday afternoon oti
account of the great slack in court
The case of Bessie Fretz, versus the
Chicago & Frie By., venued from
Fulton county, wliich was to have
been tried this week has been con-
inued until the February term. The
entire term will not be crowded with
A feature of the ease of Lawrence
Edwards .convicted of burglarizing
the' residence of Dr. II. P. Preston
which did not appear in the trial,
is a clew possessed by sheriff Daniel
Voreis, pointing to the accomplice of
Edwards in his crime. Because of
the lack of interest in the affair ex
hibited by the parole officer of tht
Jeffersonville prison, this suspect has
been allowed to slip away and an
easy capture lost by default.
The suspected accomplice is Ben
Rut eher age 20, who was in the em
ploy of the Borton and Aspinall
Sanitarium in this city, until this
fall. Butcher was taken by the local
mstitut ion, a paroled . convict fron'
the Jefferson vi lie prison, where he
'ad been sent on a-convicted charge
of larceny.
The first clew to the accomplice,
was obtained by sheriff Voreis, when
among other things found In the
pockets of Edwards at the time of hU
arrest, was a card, bearing an ad
Iress written in pencil. The address
was scribled on the back of a cam
paign, candidate's card. The address
written thereon was as follows
am Bucher, 4.32 . S. Franklin So.
Bend. A trip to South Bend by
heriff Voreis, revealed the fact that
Tei Butchei has resided at that ad
Iress up to within two weeks of that j
time, then he had removed to 000
south Chapin street. It was also
found that lie was cohabiting with a
rirl from Plymouth, Bonnie Beck,
and the two were posing .as man and
wife. Other evidence was disclosed
by neighbors ,who told that Butchei
was out of the city on dates corres
nonding to the night before and night
'if the Preston burglar;,'. Other cir
cumstances connected Butcher with
he robbery of the Adams Express off
ice here, which occurred a few weeks
before. Alo on that date, Butcher
was awav from Sonth Bend.
A Pinkerton expert at South Bend
was consulted, and the card bearing
the address found in the pocket of
Edwards, was compared with the sig
nature of Butcher. The expert stated
that there was no doubt that the
writting was made by one and the
same person. "With this evidence,
sheriff Voreis wrote to the parolo
officer, stating the case which he had
unravelled ,and asked that officer to
come, and investigate. The' reply
was that the officer woald be here
within a few days. He ; failed to
come, and tue case was cropped
hrough default. With the evidence
obtained .totrether with the former
record of Butcher ,there seems to be
no question that he was either the
accomplice or principle in both the
Adams Express .and Preston burglar
ies. Through his residence in Ply
mouth, he obtained knowledge of the
oral conditions. Whether he is still
n South Bend is not known, but iho
probabilities are that with news of
he capture of Edwards here, he has
eft that city for other parts. As a
result the commonwealth has a dan
gerous character abroad, who might
lave been apprehended, and recom
mitted to prison.
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Spccia to riymoutli Tribune. .
InflianajM.lis, Inl., Dec. 14.
Appellate Court, in t lie petition of
Arthur W. (VKeefe, for rehearing, in
the Marshall Count v Court House
case' graute! petition for rehearing
The court in its finding affirmed part
of the ruling of Special Judge Moses
R Lairy, an! reversed a part. The
part reversed was in reference to the
remodeling of ti e surveyor's office in
the court house, an item of aboui
$900. All of thf remainder was in
affirmation of thf Lairy decision.
The verdict is a great victory for
O'Keefe, who no doubt will now pro
ceed with the repair of the court
house, excepting the.natler of the
interior decoration of the court room
ruled out by Lairy, and the remodel
ing of the surveyor's office ruled ou
by the Appellate Court
Anna Regina Wickey
Aflrr ioui weeks of suffering liom
he ravages of the dreaded white
plague, Anna "Wickey, breathed her
ast at a quarter to one o'clock Wed
nesday' morning.
The death of this young woman,
not vet twenty years of a?et has cast
a gloom over her citv vide circle of
friends. She was loved by all who
knew her. '
The fortitude of Anna Wickey in
'ier severe rufTering before relieved
by her las? sleep, her persistant
opinion that she would recover, and
Anally her reconciliation to d?ath,
which took the young woman away
in the years of her youth, augment
the sadness of the tragedy of this
short life.
Anna Regina Wickey was born on
January 9th, 1S91. the daughter of
assimere and Christ en a u-key
The homestead on south Fifth street,
hieb witnessed her departure from
this life, was also the scme of her
'irth. it her home all her life
he was Vdiieafed in St. Michael's
Catholic school in this city, and af
!er her completion of the academic
course, she graduated from the com
mercial course, in June, of 1908. In
the fall of that year she took employ
ment in the Tribune office of this city
as assistant linotype operator .and
became regular operator about six
months later. She continued in the
employ of this office until July of this
year, at which time she accepted a
similar position in the office of the
South I?end News, at that ciry
Meanwhile her health had been de
dining rapidly, until on the evening
of Snturdnv November rJth, tout
weeks ago, she became suddenly ill,
and was brought to her home here.
From that time .declm? was rapid
until her death.
She was preceded to the spirit world
by her father, who died on August
2Cth, 1909. She is survived by bei
mother Mrs. Christena Wickey, three
sisters and two brothers, Mrs.
Genevieve Clay of Ft. Wayne, Louis
ft Plhrü:nHGH
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Base Ball Pitcher Takes Bride in
Argos Girl Wednesday After
noon. James (Jimmie) B. Middleton cx
Clipper pitcher, and at present
s'ar twirler on the Springfield 111.
Three I. team was married, to Miss
Bessie Seikert of Arp;os Wednesday
afternoon. Kev. C. I). Baker pastor of
'he Christian church performed the
"erenony at the parsonage. They will
nake their home in Springfield.
Miss Blanche Deacon is ill at her
Mrs. John CSreer was a Bourlonj
visitor yesterday.
Miss Zella Wiseman attended th
institute Saturday.
Mrs. Kmmit Warnacut spent Sun
lay with her aunt Mrs. Jennie Stizer.
Albert Joyce of LaPorte spent
Sunday here with relatives and
Mrs. M. Crews and niece Miss
Clara Crews were Plymouth callers
Miss Ocldie Penrod of Elkhart has
been spending the past week with her
uncle Holl Switzer.
A dance was given last Saturday at
the home of Tra Gibson, which ended
in a fijjht, at about 1:30 Sunday
School Superintendent Bulled
Clyde L. Wagner, superintendent
of Attica schools met a tragic death
Saturday morning near Withrop, in
Warren county eleven miles from
Attica. With. a party of friends Mr.
Wagner was, out hunting rabbits.
He had shot the rabbit and was
about to draw a bead on another
a short distance away when his foot
slipped in the. snow and he fell on
Iiis right side against the muzzle of
the shotgun, which was discharged as
he fell. The contents of the gun
entered his side and penetrated vital
organs. He uttered a few words and
died three minutes after the accident
Advertised Letters
C. H. Beeson.
James Carey.
Commonwealth Kdison Co.
J. II. Eaman
H. B. Gard.
J. M. Stover.
John B. Snyder.
Miss Ida Gurthet.
We will want Turkeys for the
Cristmas market. Commencing Dec
12. th. This is the time to market
your large gobblers. We will pay
not less than 1G cent for number
one young turkey, poor turkeys 10 to
12 cents. Rush in what you can
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
For the New eYar's market want
them the week following. Can't say
what the price will be at that time.
Feed your light turkeys for New
Year. A week this time a year makes
a big difference. Good tinia to mar
ket, guinea. We pay 23 cents each.
Chickens are 9 cents at thir:
time. J. Swindell Bro.
list of Allowances.
made by the Board of Commissioners
of Marshall County, Indiana, at their
December Term, 1910:
Rochester Bridge Co. Water
Tank & Wambsgans ....$2024.00
Troyer, P. J. Ditch cost 58.00
Myers, F. II. Collectors costs 106.25
Easterday W. S. Friend Bridge
Repair 20-69
Steinebach L. E. Snpt. Per
diem 108-00
Bo well Geo. Tru. Off. P. D.. . 42.00
Myers F. H. postage 20.00
Steinebach L. E. postage.... C.22
Monroe, Ed. R. Suppl'rs 55
Metsker C. W Printing & Sup. 7.0j
Hendricks & Co. Printing &
suppplies 10.90
Boys, Saml. E. Supplies 6.50
Whifesoll J. C. etal Board of
Canvassers GS 80
Cleveland, A. M. Snpt. Misccl 25.00
Burford Wm. Election sup. 177 9S
Af orris C. L. Supplies .... 17 85
Troyer P. J. Postage 3.00
Whitesell J. C. Election 35.00
Easterday W. S. Election.. lll.?0
Richard John El-cticn .... 307.3
Voreis Jacob Election .... 73.90
Eutv J. W. Election 153 30
Beck M. M. Election 78.45
Marbunrer J. L. Election . . 174.90
Gontcr Chas. A. Flection 83 2
Nash Frank S. Election 127.0H
Wolfe, Jonathan Election.. C4.?5
Middleton C. T. Election .. 159'
Vozel John Janitor 37.50
Yai-riek C. O. Pepairs 12.52
Snoeberger C. D. Lighting. . 30.35
McCoy J. I). laundry 3.00
Northern Ind. G. & E. Co &
Gas 4.75
Northern Ind. G. & E. Co Gis 5.00
City of Plymouth Water... 13.5V
Northwestern Mfg. Co. Sup. 75.00
Marks & Harley Sup 31.75
Klingerman O. B. Repairs.. 1.9.")
Lauer & Son Sup 30.50
Soice M. E. Sup 87.80
Citv Feed Store Sup 0.07
Allman M. Supplies 104.25
Ball & Co. Supplies 79.55
Kruyer, P. J. Labor & Sup 3.91
Kruyer P. J. Salary-- 225.00
Canan Fred Labor 22.50
Green Glenn Labor 21.75
Thresh Marv Labor 28.00
Mast Fredericka Labor 10 00
m T mm m.
wrkiioii jom uepairs v . . t
Clizbe Bros. Repairs 23.32
Wickizer John Co. Papers. . 2.00
Smith W. n. Soldier Burial. 50.00
Eastfr V,' W. Soldier Burial
Watson NicVrlas J, Milege.
Young W. F. J. P Milege..-.
Mill r Henry II. Road View.
M;llrr Ilrnry II. Road View
Alliran M. Indigent Children
Xiror J. II. etal Coroner In
quest Witnes my hand and seal
7lh day of D-cmber, 3910.
Cras. 31. Walker, Auditor.
Notice is hereby given that Peter
J. Kruyer las fled his' resignation
as Superintendent of the County
To r Asylum. ard which resignation
has been accepted by the Board to
ale effect March 1st., 1911..
Net ice is also given that on the 3rd
uay cf January Term, 1911, being on
f!-e 4th dav of January, 1911, the
poard of Commissioners will employ
and contract with a successor to fill
the unexpired term of said Peter J.
Kruyer. beinr for the term ending
Aug. 31st., 1911. The party select
ed will be required to furnish at his
own expense five good horses, lin:er3
therefore and a buggy for use at truA
Asylum and to keep said harness tnd
buggy in repair. The compenc-ticn
tor the Snpcrintendent and matron
to be $900.00 per year. The County
will furnish all necessary help to do
the work at the Asylum and farm.
Applicants for the position are re
quired to file written applications
with the County Auditor on or before
Monday, January 2, 1911. No peti
tions for appointment are desifed by
the Board.
Witness my hand und seal this
14th day of December, 1010.
. C. 31. Walirr, Auditor.

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