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IPlymoüth's Christi Store f or ttte Men Mb
The Economical Christmas Store 44 Lauer's of Course " i
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Great Task Will be Commenced at
Special Meeting of Finance
Board Held in Three
71m Hoca?Ki
The eity council is contemplating
the review, correction, and publica
tion of the ordinances which are now
in effect. This enormous task will
be begun by the city fathers, about
January 2nd. and it is planned to
actually start the work of review at
the special meeting, called for the
finance board on tfcat date. The citv
ordinances have not been published
for many years. Very few of those
published in t!e pamplet are now in
foree, and se.eral scores have been
added. Just how many new ordin
ances have been passed during the
paat si or seven years cannot be
stimated. but the council is deter
mined to enter into the task, and ac
complish it. Citv Attorney W. B.
Hees, will have charge of the revi-
sion of the city statutes.
Court House Lights
Th council has continued the mat
ter of the court house lights, which
it propose to remove. Members of
the couneil will confer with the
Board of County Commissioners, to
see if an agreement can be reached
in regard to the lighting of the court
bouse grounds. Up to the present
time, the city has been paying for the
xnaintainanee of the three arc lamps
located on the court house .tower.
The eounty commissioners have stead
iaatly refused to pay for any electric
lighting outside of the -county build
i a ffc ?T,nc frrr, r ' Pt danger in the plan as proposed
v a j:;v.w: v, for the reason that when the brewers
WITTt UISU 1UU11UJ, . kUCUl Ulli ,
the- street corners in the neighbor- ?nd the liquor people have succeeded
hood, wher thev will do more rood. m PUSlnnS ltirou&ft lne one bU1 c
:n v i , I peal in- the present law and snb-
th i.tar, f the rnnntv rnmmi. 6tltntlU City and township option
" sioner in illuminating the -onrt t,,eJ' have tln accomplished their
house premises. - .
Hew Furniture 1
The mayor and council indulged in
a xninature. unofficial "pipe dream"
before eonneil eonvened last even
ing. 'How nice it would be, if we
could have some real furniture in the
ouneil chamber" one of the mem
bers suggested. "Each councilman,
tt 1910
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op course:
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mam purpose and tuev "will be in a
position to oppose the passage of any
further legislation on the subject.
This would leave the liquor laws of
the state in a' bad condition foi
there would not be any regulative oi
restrictive law on the statue books
then and saloons could run as they
please. It is even hinted that this is
and the mayor should have a desk of the very thing the liquor people arc
fcis own" suggested another "And lo "np aD.oul .anu luai ine
a table tor tue reporters. lor tne '
street commissioner, marshal, water
works superintendent, and other city
ffieials.,, Real enthusiasm began to
b displayed. Some even planned on
the scheme for furnishing the room.
of the plan to accomplish it.
Crawford Fairbanks Busy.
The two bill plan is known to have
originated with Crawford Fairbanks
the Terre Haute brewer. He has
Z VMission furniture with nice mission been hn nembers of the legisla
taifceetrie lights, ete., etc A matter "" that this is the way to handle
tnc'fain iurnSv r.ndpr..l ' l.owPVPr. the nation and that it Will
inc.', tnor seriously considered however,
do ? vas the installation of a vault or safe
01. ior the protection of the city records.
r .t present the public books and
-j or in
uments reposeon wooden shelves
wooden eases, entirely unpro
tected against fire. Some . of these
'records are very valuable, and their
loss to the city could not be reckon
9 ,Sv3SnS5vSS2S
Pocket Knives
and Sleds
bring about the best results.
"The first thing to do", he told
one man, ''is to repeal the county op
tion law and substitute city and town
ship option just as the I)empcratic
state platform demands. This will
comply with the platform promise
and will redeem every pledce the
party made on the subject. Then,
after this is done all of the other
features such as regulation, resfric
tion of the number of saloons the
amount of license that should be
charged and such matters can bs
covered in separate bills and be tak.
en up one at a time and threshed out
But the matters ought not to be put
into the repeal- bill, for they will
complicate the situation if they are
i there. .
-." -f ' , Fairbanks also told one man that
. ;; Ptoplf TTosdering If Party Can Get this plan would be entirely satisfac-
Past General Assembly with tory to Gov. Marshall but the govern-
or has not made any statement of
. 7 Legislation. that kinJ as far as s known. jt
' 1 would be rather a surprise if Gov.
Indianapolis, Dec. 13. People here Marshall would come out in favor of I
are taiinng about me eviaeni mien- mis pian ior ne nas aiways oeen
tion of the pemoerat to try some known as a temperance advocate and
"double barreIed,, legislation on the a man that believes in strict regula-
Equor question at the coming session tion of the saloon business. It has
ef the legislature and they are won- been expected that he would stand
Aering whether the Democrats can firm against . any legislation that
- ;). a Tf .Uvoln. Tii-kiil-l laccri flip tfltp rnntrnl nf thf
;. ed when the Democratic 1 senators saloon business and this causes peo-
;' were her a few days ago for their pie to hesitate to believe that he will
pre-sesaion conference that two liquor drop in with this two-bill proposU
bills will be introduced in the legis- tion.
latnre. One will merely aim to re- The reason which some of the D e ra
pe al the county option law and 6ub- ocratic senators advanced for split
gtitute eity and township option and ting up the liquor legislation Into two
this one will be introduced and push- pieces was that the platform only
' ed first to passage. The other bill promised to change the unit of op-
will contain the regulative restrict- tion and that so long as the Demo
kuS ing and other features and this will crats stood squarely on their plat
can.': b the seeond bill to' receive consid- form declaration they could probably
Come ration. swing all but one or two of the Demo-
Ihln o. n nutmn rnxwr ic reVioihaT the oTiit senators into line for KIlh 11
A UO UUV7VtVi4 V FT A-l W. & W w .--
bill. But they said, if the bill went
further than that and undertook to
Fine and Useful Christmas Presentsr
7 (o
- Ü laiority of the memb-rs of the leg
jjucn latnre will stfd' for' this kind of a
She i "ration of question into two
broker 1 1 or whether tijemajority will de
call hi land that the whole' subject be cover
pdnlr d with oi -411"-'
Xt ia "poinied out here that there s
include other matters than those
contained in the platform pledge it
would give some of the dry Democra
tic members of the senate and house
an opportunity to refuse to vote for
it on the ground that it was rot -a
platform measure. Therefore they
said it. would be safer to take two
bites at the cherry.
Repeal of Option Law.
But it is believed that the real pur
pose behind the plan is to accomplish
the repeal of the county option law
first of all and then let the other
features take care of themselves. It
the brewers find they have absolute
control of the legislature to such an
extent as to be able to swing it as
they please they would then be in a
position to block any efforts to enact
regulative laws.
Altogether the situation is a pecu
liar on. The coursn which Gov.
Marshall takes will probably control
it, and much interest is manifested
in what he will do.
It is believed from what can be
learned of tbe plans of the temper
ance people of the state that there
will be a gigantic demonstration by
the' temperance people at the legisla
ture when the time comes to take ac
tion on the liquor question. It is said
that plans are being made for thou
sands of people to come here and
storm the state house and try to over
whelmed the members of the general
assembly as was. done at the. time
when the Moore remonstrance law
was passed. At that time the major
ity of the legislature was opposed tb
vote for its passage but mothers,
wives and sisters and other relativeis
of the members came here by he
hundreds and stormed the legislature
Wives and mothers took seats in tht
chamber with chairs in the aisles i
longside husbands and sons, and vir
tually forced them to vote for the
passage of the bill. There is no doubt
ing the force of such a demonstration
and if it is repeated this time it is
hard to tell what the outcome will
be. The anti-saloon people are mak
ing an active canvass for funds with
which to carry on their fight to save
the county option law, and they prom
ise a vigorous fight.
Big Fight on JUquor.
Undoubtedly the liquor question
will be the one that vain produce most
of the fireworks at the coming ses
sion. There arc other : matters of
importance to be considered bot this
one will be the spectacular fight It
is understood that Gov. Marshall in
his message will recommend the
adoption of a law on employeiV lia
bility that will be fair to boti: the
employer and the employe; that he
will urge on the legislature the neces
sity of strict economy in .appropria
tions; that he will tell tbiem to pre
pare two appropriation. biH one for
specific appropriations and the other
for the maintenance of tbe state in
stitutions ,thu3 preventing "the log
rolling that has been so common at
former sessions; that he will recom
mend larger appropriations for the
support and maintenance of the de
partment of public health; thaat .he
will tell the legislature be believes in
conservation of the state's resources
but that he believes more in the yre
servation and conservation of the
public health; that he ivill not fce
willing to advise on appropriations
for carrying on the work of conser
vation of the stated resources.
These are some of the things whicn
it is known he will put into his mes
sage He says, too, that his mes
sage will be short and to the point
because he believes in short messages
which the legislators and the people
will read rather than in long winded
affairs which on one will read or pay
any attention to. He proposes to set
forth his recommendations as briefly
as possible but that he will not go
into lengthy arguments to sustain the
The governor is already at work on
his message, but it will not be ready
much before the op ening of the ses
sion. The legislative visitation com
mittee is still on iUs rounds of the
state institutions .and will not be
ready to submit its recommendations
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to the governor before Dec. 20, thus
making it necessary for the governor
to offer the financial part of his mes
sage the last.
Anyther matter which the governor
will recommend in his message will
be better support of the Indiana na
tional guard. He, will recommend
that whenever a certain number of
taxpayers file a petition an appro
priation may be made to build an
armory for a company of the national
guard. He finds that the state is no
paying about $40,000 a year rent for
places for the troops to use as
armories and he believes this could
better be spent in erecting buildings
to be owned by the state.
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