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- Make our store your
. Headquarters.
We always have a good fire,
plenty of room and always
glad to see your Our stock
is always complete, and pri-
. , - - ces the lowest. The Ko We
Baline of canned goods can't
be beat and the Wilton line
is second to none. Bring in
your trade and see us. Yours
for 1911 ,
' ?V V M- Uf t TV V v
C. R. LEONrtRD. .
I Funeral Director ani Undertaker,
Office Phone 80.
Residence Phone IS.
Repair Work and
f If your buggy, wagon,
plow, or other farm ma
chinery is in need of re
pairs, or if you want
horse shoeing done satis
factorily -see me. Our
prices arc reasonable. ::
C. E. Rankin
Children Cry
If ym haren't a regular, healthy morement of tha
bow-a erery day, you'ra 111 or will ba. Kp your
bowl j open, and t well. Force, In tha shape of
Tlolent phytic or pill poiaon, la aangerova. Tha
amKthett, eaaleat, moat perfect way of keeping
the bowels clear and clean ia to take
?leaaant. Palatable, Potent. Taste Good. De
CKxxi, Kerer Sicken We ken or Orlpt 10, ZS and
W eenta per box. W r? xi tree aample, and book
let on health. Addreaa - i33
Starling Remedy Company. Chicago or New Yet .
Prices v
For All
Kinds of
Balfours Take Control of Orphcum
After Short Trial. Many Changes
To Be Made.
ce in
Rear of
M. Franklin
Phone 910
Jan. 7 The Balfours have taken
charge of the Orpheum and have
moved to Plymouth. They have
met with success here during their
ew performances in our city and
will make a number of changes in
our local theatre.
Tnejfmanager claims that the
eastfnumber of tickets sold any
night during their show was 285
paid admissions and that one day
they sold nearly 1200 tickets.
The troup has given excellent
eatisfactionland recieve praise from,
all who attend.
The manager expects to have
uniformed ushers before long and
Alfred Scheets will probably be
head usher. A change of program
will be given and many new and
interesting specialties are being ar
ranged for. .
C. M. Walker gave up the
management on account of too
much other business to attendee.
Real Estate Firm of
lis du
83 acres of well improved land 4 miles of Plymouth,
for $6000, on easy payments.
92 acre farm 2 miles of Plymouth, good buildings,
well improved, well drained, for $8900.
70 acre farm 4 miles of Plymouth, well improved,
for $3500, on easy payments, or trade for
city property.
100 acre farm 2 miles from Argos, good buildings,
faim well drained, for $5700.
110 acres 3 miles from Bremen, bank barn. 30 acres
timber, good sugar camp, fine orchard,
for $8200, on easy payments.
90 acre farm 6 miles from Plymouth, bank barn 40x
60 ft., 16 room house, land well drained, for
120 acre farm 3 miles from Plymouth, well improved,
best of land, good buildings, for $10,200.
80 acre farm 4 miles from Culver. 60 acres in
cultivation, for $1200.
8 room house, 5 block from P. O. in Plymouth, lot
"""" 'S,
63x176 ft. Good barn, all for $1400.
9 room house in west Plymouth for sale or trade for
60 or 80 acre farm.
9 room house in Culver, modern improvements,
best of location for $1800.
City property for sale or trade.
Fire Insurance, Official and Contract Bonds.
Money on real estate loans at
5 and 5 1-2 per cent
Mm Bbck9 Rooms 1 aodl 2
- : Pflymouttfo '.Indiana.
Unique Institution Operated in La
porte by Dr. Edward Rumely,
Preparatory School.
Out in the little town of LaPorte,
Indiana, is the Interlaken School,
an institution which is so uniquely
nractical in its scope and aims as
to be' unusual.
Edward Buckrum writes of this
unusual school and its unusual
head, Dr. Edward A. Rumely, in
Human Life for January. Dr.
Rumely is no mere theorist in edu
cation. He is a keen alert, up-to-
the-minute man affairs. Besides
being a graduate physician, a
graduate of German universities
the founder and president of a sue
cessful and unique boarding-school
he i:3 an officer in active control o
big affairs in a million dollar corpo
The purpose of this school is to
train boys in worthy tndself-relian
character; to make them sound and
vigorous of body and soul, practica
and skillful in work, able to think
clearly and express themselves
cogently; to develop in them truth
helpfulness, courage of will, in
short, to train the sons of the di
recting classes of our civilization to
become fit leaders of men in this
industrial republic.
Keener ana Keener nas grown
the demand," says Dr. Rumley
tor scnoois mat win prepare our
boys for the practical things
life. The men who are great in
the nation today were not reared
in the city flat. They were trained
most of them, by hard work on a
farm in the open, teaming fields
driving the patient-toiling horses
caring for cows, ducks and chickens
doing the manual training of chores
and nlaying hard when they had a
Juet how this clear-sighted, far
seeing educator is carrying out his
theories, and what kind of boys are
the product of his training is made
apparent by the writer of this very
readable article. Would there were
more DM Rumelys at the " head o
American institutions.
-s .
To See the
New Stock of
At the
Plymouth, Indiana
Ovar.Twenty of the Members Partake
of a Swell Banquet at Hill's
Legislation for Hospitals.
Superintendents of the hospitals
for the insane in the etate have
joined with the state board o
health' in an effort to obtain legis
lation looking to a change in the
formal list of questions tobe ans
wered on admission of any patient
to the hospital. The list is pre
scribed by law, and rction by the
general assembly is necessary ' be
fore any change may be made. The
list, as now used, is held to be in
complete, in view of modern
methods of collecting and compiling
vital statistics.
To Institute Rector.
Tomorrow morning at the regular
10:30 o'clock service at St. Thomas
church, the Bishop oi the Diocese
of Michigan City, the Rt. Rev.
John H. White will institute the
Rev. Benj. F. P. Ivins as Rector of
the Parisn. The Bishop will preach
the eermon and the Christmas
music will be repeated. It will be
an unusually interesting service
and the public iscordially invited
tobe present.
Jan. 6 The Apollo Club gave a
6tag party at Hill's cafe, last even
ing. About twenty members
gathered to enjoy the occasion. A
fine supper had been prepared and
Clifford Burkett held the seat of
honor and acted as toastmaster for
the evening. Every one responded
with sh'arp, spicy talks as their
names were called. William Hen
dricks gave an excellent talk on
"Good Fellowship," which the
others claimed was the best of them
They adjourned at 10 o'clock,
all declaring they had spent a most
delightful evening. Ths following
is the menu which was set before
the boys with the emphasis on the
half chicken:
New York Counts Waffer Crax
Cold Slaw
doodle -Soup Pearl Crax
Celery .
ShximD Salad Lettuce Leaf
Baked Chicken
Cr-eam Gravey Säge Dressing
Mashed Potatoes
Oyster Patties Cranberry Sauce
Buttered Rolls Escoloped Corn
Peach Pie " Ice Cream
Postcard Shower.
MrB. D. E. Moore of Plymouth,
who lived in Pierceton for many
years and was a very active worker
in the Presbyterian church, was re
membered by a large number of her
friends on her seventieth birthday
last week, and was given a post
card shower. In reply Mrs. Moore
writes as follows:
"Many thanks to my Pierceton
friends for their kind remembrance
of me the past week. Although
seventeen years have past since I
moved from the:e. they made me
feel that absent, I "was not forgot
ten. Again thanking you all.
Mrs. D. E. Moore.
Pierceton Record.
$ .6 5
For a
This engine is
high grade in
every respect
and will do the
work of other
engines costing
twice the price.
We fully war
rant it.
We can also
furnish a fu
line of
Fittings, Pipe, Pumps, Hose, Tanks, Feed Grinders
Wood Saws, Corn Shellers, Meat Choppers,
Cream Separator Attachments, Etc, Etc
Call on ASTLEY CO, HO HAM, Arfnts for.Plrmouth
A' yaffil
The local health officer has no
right to retain a pupil from school
solely upon the authority with
which he is vested, only upon the
basis of the contagious diseases
listed by the State Board of Heath,
viz small pox, diptheria, measles,
membranous croup, scarlet fever
and whooping cough. Mumps, al
though considered, contagious are
not eo listed, hence on that disease
he has no jurisdiction. But teachers
in all schools, private, parochial or
public, shall without delay, ssnd
home any pupil who is sick, and
said teacher shall inform the local
health officer as speedily as possible
and said health officer shall exam
ine into the rase and . act as is re
quired by the law and the rules.
J. S. Martin, .. -Local
Health Officer.
v Installation Service.
The installation of the Methodist
8unday school teachers and ofläcer
for the ensuing year will occur to
morrow morning at the 10:30 Pr.
vice. Every officer and teacher is
urged to be present. AJso every
parent and pupil, thus showing:
your interest and thereby giving en
couragement to these worthy work
ers. Sunday school at twelve o'clock.
Start the New Year right by bring
ing another with you. Your efforts,
may lead others to better work;
Medicines that - aid nature are-
always most effectual, Chamber
lain's Cough'Remedy acts on this
plan. It allays the cough, relieves
the lungs, opens the secretions and
aids nature in restoring the system
to a healthy condition. Thcusanda .
have testified to its superior ex
cellence. Sold by All Dealers.

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