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Transacts a general banking business, and offers the
benefit of its resources, experience,, capable manage
ment, and completes facilities to those who have use
such an institution.
E i king by MailIt is not neces-
saryto reside in the immedi
ate vicinity of the bank but
deposits may be sent by mail
with safety and security.
A Liberal rate of Interest will be
allowed on all Time Deposits
Check AccputiiS may be opened byatiy rep
utable person their funds being subject
to order or dem and.
Certificates of Deposit are issued for funds
that may renin in uninvested and bear
interest when remaining a certain time.
Savings Accounts may be opened nt any
time with small amounts and Interest
will be added to the principal twice each
Advantages of a Trust Company.
A Trust Company has great vantages as
the Executor of an estate in that it is
absolutely responsible unci i.s large
capita guarantee it fidesiry." A Trust
Company is conservative, it exercises
the combined cautio; ;j ail ofmh.
Valuable Papers are Safe from
fire and theft in our Safe
Deposits boxes. Cost lessthan
1 cent per day.
Insurance against fire is cheap
and when the loss comes it is
a great saving of anxiety to
know the damage will be paid
Come in and get acquainted with us we will be glad to expian: : iiiy our manner and methods of transacting business
& ! ,
ill mi
City Council Is Determined To Sys
tematize Method of RoadTax Col
lection Which Has Been Source
Of Loss In Revenue. ,
Just now the council is hard after
the regulation of the street depart
ment of the city's economical struc
ture. For the last couple of months
a probe into the books of the former
-street commissioners, .and investiga
tion of methods employed, has been
the program ofthe city fathers. At
the. eouncil meeting held Monday
night according to previous instruct
tore Street Commissioner Bowles,
filed a complete inventory of tools,
supplies, machinery, and all appur
ienances, owned by the city on Janu
ary 1st, 1S11. The inventory showed
that a large quantity of new supplies
purchased last summer, are missing,
and are lost to the eity. Councilman
Bergman reported to the council, that
with councilman VanGilder, he had
inspected the books of-the retiring
commissioner, alsojfjhe present in
cumbent. He found that Mr. Bowles
is debtor to the city in the amount
of $1.65, so far as the records showed
which arc kept by that officer. A
total of $18.00 in cash is shown to
Lave been collected by his predecessor
no part of which was turned'into the
city treasury. In his report -Bergman
stated, that hitheftofore, there had
been aboslutelyno system used in the
matter of road taxes, their collection
and credit. The commissioner Tiad in
Innumerable instances; collected
2.00 in cash from citizens, and in
stead of turning the cash into the
city treasury, as is required by law;
the officer would pay out the money
ia employment of men for working
ths roads. The inefficiency of the
system is self evident. No record
eis kept of street laborers, so era
ployed, and as a consequence, the city
x?z3 liable to loss materially on th
icc2 from read taxes. The loss
of tools, is accountable through the
system of furnishing road laborers,
with showels etc., with which to exe
cute their work in the employ of the
city. Often times, tools so taken out,
were never returned.
Proposes Reforms
Councilman Clizbe led the move
ment for reform in' the street depart
ment, after the subject had been ex
hausted in discussion. Clizbe fs plan,
which will be adopted by the council
is as foilows:
.First At the beginning of eaeh
year, an inventory of the tools, etc.,
owned by the city shall be taken, and
the same charged up to the street
commissioner; who shall account for
the same, at the expiration 'of the
year, and be required to supply any
missing tools. The commissioner in
turn can be protected, by charging
eaeh laborer with tools taken out,
which shall be" accounted for,, at the
end of each day's work.
Second The system of collecting
roaTl taxes must be completely re
vised. A record of each poll in the
city will be kept, and each will be
charged with the $2.00 tax, which will
be stricken out upon the presentation
of a receipt fr,ora the commissioner
showing one day's labor, or the $2.00
in cash. All collections lo be made
o the city treasurer and all money
collected to be deposited in the city
treasury. Tn this manner the ques
tion of road taxes w;ll be systematiz
ed, and the citywill fear no"" loss
rom that source. The looseness
with which the department has-been
conducted in former years has been
sonrce of wonderment to many
the club room?.' -
The club has decided tc nr, l-v.;pr
' NAMFS OFFIf'FRS T '"'"-'''f - 'in':oin'' ! ;
lirilTlLikJ , vl 1 IVsluiYu elas, f.r private dances, as moi I
s ;ile fii'xr spac will be talcon up
. installation f tor ?ryi!iii!;
MRS. MARY WINNINGS CHOSEN n acMnrs. The larre dances. -H c
stated occasions will hr hr in o'lvp
TO SERVE AS PRESIDENT FOR i.aIls.. Mranwhil? the cl V is cr v:
nnd the prosppcts for .i Ii .e v re
PAST YEAR GIVEN. 1 " tl;e Apollo club, arr s'ron-.
Shadow of New City Hall
for Plymouth Now Looming
The first meeting of the Saturday
Club in the New Year was with Mrs.
II. A. Armstrong. '
The members present" responded to
roll-call with beautiful New - Year
wishes and poems. The principal
work of the afternoon wa9 the elec
tion of officers. The time of holding
the election has been changed from
May to January to meet the require
ments of the State Federation."
The following officers were elected
to serve one year: . I
T f ir ' Tr: " I
Vice Pres. Mrs. Martha Stevens.
Secy. Mrs. Jeannette Bunnell.
Treas. Mrs. Pearl SnelL
"A Retrospect of 1910" by the
club showed the growth of nation
alism in our own politics; the libera
lism of European monarchs; and the
great progress . of the world in all
The club adjourned to meet next
Saturday, with Mrs. Brooke.
Parson form o Gem
From Ifev IT. Snii-. v'-'. A
Ir , in r.ra'S' f I'r. Kii c s Np
LifpP.118. " '
'Thyre Ut h a 1i- nU' iihch-hW v
I pve v h 'he tnls o 1 ; p .
I o h-"" d or - " fl v .
And b eil in 0"ly 25 i
Fred Wenzler'g.
The Apollo Club, which has beer
located in the Kuhn block, for the
past fifteen months, is fitting up its
main hall, into an up-to-date gym
nasium. Every kind of athletic ap
paratus will be installed to make the
equipment complete. A large triple
hori2ontal bar apparatus; has just
been installed, which occupies a floor
space of 20x14 feet. Other gym
nasium fixtures such .;s punching bag
racks, trapze, swinging ropes, wrest
ling mats, etc., will be added to the
present equipment. At the club
meeting held Sunday afternoon, a
committee was appointed to investi
gate the purchase of a pool or billard
table, T7hich will ebo b placed in
Under protest the city council al
lowed the bill of the state field ac
countants, for work done in examina-
- .
tion of the reports of city treasurers
past and present, in the amount of
$335.35. 'The protest was made under
instructions from City Atty. Hess,
so that if the state accountants law
is declared unconstitutional, the
money so allowed -may be recovered.
At present a suit has been com
menced in Starke county which will
test the constitutionality of the iiew
law. The -bill against the city, was
originally charged up against the
county, as prescribed by law, which
in turn presented the bill to the cor
poration. City Treasurer's Report
Following is the report of City
Treasurer William Ilahn, of the re
ceipts and disbursements from De
cember 26th, to Jan. 9th.
Amount on hand.... $609803
Water Rentals .......... rT 24.71
Licenses ,....17.00
Total ".$6133.74
Disbursements 817.95
Balance.. on had . $5167.95
Coraty Trs-TiTer epcrt
Received from 1st installment
( Coming 'Vtnts cast their shadows
cm. The shadow of a ik-v
ala ost visi' !. In fact t! e council
is seriously considering the purchase
of a lot to be used for that purpose,
-'r lrt sout and adjacent to the
present city ball, is the location which
is mos favcraVle to the governing
od Sfondav evening at the council
etinir, c"üncilTan ClizVe, reported
I at the nforeinontioned piece of land
s to rrr -rt'xof Frd H. Kun, and
' r' '-'ym n ('.n "o. ?v.reaspd for
hp ,.r. rf fiicni) M.;ih easy terns.
ltOeTtlT,',n. T ask t? co'inc'l to in
vestigate the proposition" ra:d Cl?7ve
"because at the next meeting of this
body, I will mr.ke a motion to pur
chase that lot." An informal discus
rion of the subject, met with unan
imous favor throughout the council.
Mayor Cleveland was absent from the
city, and courcilman Bergman pre
sided as mayor Pro Tem. Council
man Swindell had been excused early
in the evening, after the official busi
ness was transacted. VanGilder and
Bowell were in favor of purchasing
the lot on time. "The city cannot
lose on the proposition of buying
that lot" said Bowell, because even
as an investment, the opportunity to
sell at an advanced price, is golden.
As -a dealer in real estate, I know
that, price for the lot is more than
reasonable, and would be heartily in
favor of purchasing it." The lot
Las a frontage of sixty-eight feet.
Other Proposal
Councilman YanOilder proposed
that a public toilet room with closets
be constructed in the city, for the ac-
c.o'iation of visitors. Almost every
cthfr eify the size of Plymouth has
i'o firt ous WatM in the center
of this city, which fills such require-
- r'.-.. ' -.' ;m -Ty .-ifl. with tho
county building far distant from the
i.-pr.nost rn is a question.
the quest'on of hill boards, which
in seme localities in the city are be
coming a nuisance, was also discussed
in council. The members put City
Atty. Judge Hess through ü cross fire
of questions, as to what recourse the
city might have, against the station
ing of ungainly bill boards, at the
edge of sidewalk, throughout the
business and residence sections.
Clizbe referred to a bill board on east
Sophia street, which he deemed more
than a nuisance, nere the papers are
said to become loose, and fall on the
sidewalk. Paste is spilled on the
walks and make a disagreeable spot.
Judge Hess said that the only re
course which the council might take,
would be in prosecutions on the
grounds of public nuisance. All of
these discussions were continued until
the next meeting of the council.
"A Welcome. Chance to Those
Who Suffer"
Coming to Plymouth. Indiana. On
Wednesday, Jan. 25th to Stay
at Hotel Ross House.
of Indianapolis. Ind.
Consultation and Examinat;on
Confidential, Invited and
taxes $ 87.8D
Delinquent taxes 189.30
City Dog Tax 2.19
- Total $279.38
Bills Allowed
The following bills were allowed
by the eouncil:
First National Bank, bond .
. coupon ...$180.00
D. IT. Bowles salary . 30.00
Fred Wenrler, acct. books.... 2.15
M. IL McKinney, police...... 45.80
S. Love!, sexton 15.00
C. R. Leonard, box 1.50
John Birkhold, labor ........ 2.50
D. E. Snyder, refund on walk. 34.00
C. D. Snoebersrer, current.... 57.65
C. D. Snoeberger, arc lamps.'. 322.83
C. D. Suoeberger, fire whistle 6.00
Central $unplv Co., supplies.. 5.45
W. P. Alln. supplies ....... 1.33
SouthTepd Supply Co., sup... 1?.71
H. Mueller Co., supplies 13.12
F. A. Cpp, cash expenditure .75
O. B. Klingerman, reading
meters ......1............ 13.C5
Ford Meter Box . Co,, meter
boxes ; . . . . 7.00
Pittsburg Meter Co., meters.. C1.80
William Ormond, city fireman 7.52
To Enf ore Water Ordinance
It was reportd that many delin
quent water users have not been cut
ciT, which matter was discussed by
the council. The members were of the
opinion that the ordinance should be
strictly enforced, and all delinquents
prohibited from the use of city water
until "accounts are settled.
The Indianapolis Commerical, con
tains the following items under the
heading ' 1 Indiana News, 1 ' published
"Morgan county is out of debt.
Marshall countv netted over $10.
000 in revnues, the past year, and is
one of the most prosperous counties
in the state.
Wabash river is full of floating
Frm m t-Mlt Snptlt
To see all of his regular Patients and such,
new Cases, as may wish to consult him.
Dr. Finch enjoys a state wide reputation,
among the profession and the Public of
Indiana, where for more than Forty Years
he has devoted his entire time to the
Study, Treatment and Cure of Chronic
Diseases. The Doctor has had wonderful
success in his chosen work, that of curing
chronic sufferers, Men, Women and Chil
dren. The Patients he has restored to
Health after they had given up all hope
of being Cured are numbered by the
Thousands. He is a kind, generous,
democratic gentleman to meet, of high
scholarly attainments, and dignified per
sonality. Coupled with a Fatherly inter
est, in all who seek his advice. He does
not take a Patient for Treatment unless
he can foresee a Cure of the Case. The
most commendable feature of his work,
and one that appeals to the ordinary sick
person, is the fact of hi3 charges being so
reasonable and moderate as to make it
within the reach of even the very poor.
At no time do the charges amount to.
more than $7.00 a month or about $1.5Q
a week. He gives his own medicines
and there are no extra Charges. It takes
him never more than from four to six
Months to Cure a Case under Treatment.
All Cases, even those who have been
given up as Incurable or Hopeless, haye
been Cored and restored to perfect
hesJtVby this DriTJint Physician and tbe
wonderful methods he employs.
If you want to meet him and have hurt
examine you, go to see him, and tali the
matter oyer with him. It will cost you
Bothin? if he does not pot you under
treteiest. If he tzl:cs your czts, it wilt
cost you a very small sera to pet well.
Remember the Date . '
and come early.
W Jan. 12 12d li, 1 13.2L.23.

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