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Your Promptness is" Your ' Protfot
Now for the Sacrifice!
Now for the Unloading!'
in . the History of the
25 per cent, off oa all Belts, Purses, Combs. Ladies' Collars and Ties. Sample lines included.
Yoor Slhoppoinig is Yoor Saving
Specials in liudenvear
Good heavy vests and pants.. 19c
Ladies' 50c vests and pants., 39c
Ladies' '50c union suits 39c
Ladies' $1.00 union suits.... 76c
Ladies' $1.50 union suits $1.19
Ladies' $1.75 union iuita....$1.39
Ladies' $2.00 union suits.... $1.49
Lot Misses union suits worth
50c 29c
Misses' union suits worth 50
and 60c 42c
2b off on all children's vests
and pants.
Boys' shirts and drawers 19c
Men's shirts dnd drawers 35c
$1.00 wool pants to close 29c
50c fleeced vests only 29c
Ladies' Tailored Waists.
White and fancy Tailored Waists
worth up to $1.50 cut to
I " i IS
t T I I I 1 TT I A V J 12 V
nearOy 100
From Which to Select
Ladies' and Misses' Suits, black
and colors, large pelection,
3a coiors, large FPiecuon,
fZ? 7.50
Ladies' and Misses' Suits, black
and colors, a splendid oppor
tunity to get a handsome suit
at less than the material would
cost, all our high grade suits
that sold for $20.00, (j J Q
Ladies' beautiful aud high
grade Suits, only one of a
kind, that sold
for $22.50 cut to
Ladies' and Misses' ouits, excel
lent value, in all colors, sold
Ä?:: 12.50
Cloth Coats
Children's Cloth Coats, all colors,
SJ't?'0. 1.98
Children's Cloth Coats, all colors,
large selection, $5 9 OS
coats, cut to Vtt'iO
Children's Cloth Coats, ages 2 to 14
all our pretty coats that sold up
cÄ: 3.98
Ladies Dress Skirts
Beautiful Panama
skirts at only...
Ladies' Dress Skirts, panama or
Serges, in black onlv, that
Pretty Skirts in all colors, cut in
snappy, attractive vfi
styles, choice at.. JiUs
All $10.00 and $12.50 Skirte, a
wonderful bargain, 0
Ladies' Coat3, 50-inch long, fan
cy mixture, worth (JJ 1 OlQ
$7.50, sale price.. 1 0
Misses' Coats, in red, blue,
brown, grey castor green and
black, greatest bargains ever
known, cut to fjl OS
only .03
Ladies' handsome 52-inch coats,
all colors and sizes, in Kersey,
Novelty and Broadcloth, sold
for $15,00, your
Ladies' and Misses' Coats, long
broadcloths, Kerseys and man
nish effects, the best of quality
and an immense variety, were
We offer an elegant and stylish
garment, made of finest cloth,
lined with Skinner's satin; in
all new and snappy cuts, sold
for $25.00,
ayjyy iUic, ouiu
1 1 Ur
Ii I 1 fetlra
Warm Bed Coverings fc
10- 4 blankets, white only . . . . 45c
'12-4 blankets, extra large.... $1.09
11.4 blankets, extra large and
heavy..... ..T. $3.75
11- 6 wool blankets $4.19
Ladies' $1 outing night gowns 79c
Ladies' outing flannel skirts.. 19c
Ladies' outing flannel made
skirts 39c
Ladies' wool skirts worth $1. 79c
Men's heavy wool hose 19c
Misses' 15c hose fine quality. 11c
Misses' 25c hose cut to 19c
Ladies' 25c hose, best made.. 19c
Staple checked apron gingham 6c
Dark outing flannel 7c-4Xc
Extra quality light outing. . . 7c
12c Feazledown 8c
25c Turkey red table linen ... 18c
35c Turkey red table linen . . . 23c
Children's Bear Skin Coats
White and colors worth to $3.50
cut to
n no
Undue ma
i .1 I
Noted Men of State Form
Fire Concern.
Holtzman and Stalnaker Also in Big
Organization Now Starting
New Business.
Indianepolis, Ind., Jan. The
Home Fire Insurance Company
as' organized in thi3 city, at the
office of Holtzman and Coleman,
in a meeting of- the- stockholders,
vitii John C. Billheimer, former
-Auditor of State, one of the best
Republicans in the State, as'Presi
lent. The Board of Directors of
the new company is made up of
Mr. Billheimer, John W. Holtzman,
Lynn B. Millikan, Louis A. Cole
man, and E. M. Hinshaw of Indian
apolis: Cyrus W. Davis of Blöom
field; A. D. Hurst and James W.
Knight of Anderson. In addition to
Mr. Billheimer for President, John
W. Holtzman of Indianapolis was
made Vice President; Cyrus W.
Keal, for 14 years Chief Clerk of
the Insurance Department of the
office of the Anditor of State, was
chosen as Secretary and Lynn B.
Millikan, Treasurer.
The stockholders authorized the
election of an AdvisoryBoard of 25
members ta be chosen by the Board
of Directors. The ' following were
announced for this board following
the meeting: B. O. James, Chair
William Pulse of Greensburg; D. J.
Terhune of Linton; L. M. Joseph of
Noblefiville; and John II. Dalry
mpla, Pres. Indianapolis Saddlery
Company; Frank D. Stalnaker,
Pres. Capital National Bank; and
George Quick, Pres. Continental
National Bint, all of Indianapolis.
Others of th8 Advisory Board mem
bers will be named later.
Stock in the Home Insurance
Company to the amount of $150,
000 par value, has been sold for
$3,000,030, and an increase in the
capital stock has been authorized.
It is expected that the Company
will have a capital of $1,000,000
an, a surplus of like amount. More
th u 500 of the best citizens of In
diana are included in the list of
stockholders in the Company, and
it starts out with remarkably bright
The Home Fire Insurance Com
pany is especially strong in its of
ficers and Direct. John C. Bill
heimer, President, not only gives
to the Company the weight of his
integrity, efficiency and acquain
tance, but assures also the utmost
energy and capable management.
His experience as Auditor of State,
handling oT the affairs of the In
surance Department, is expected
to prove invaluable to administer
ing the affairs of the , Company
with which he is now allied.
John W. Holtzman, Vice Presi
dent, is one of the beet known
lawyers of Indianapolis, was form
erly mayor of the capital city, and
is prominent in the Democratic
party of Indiana. His record as
mayor of Indianapolis commends
him strongly to the people.
C. W. Keal, Secretary, and Lynn
B. Millikan, Treasurer, are men
well fitted by experience for their
duties, and splendidly able to com
mand public confidence. Both are
well known in all parts of Indiana,
and both are noted for strict honesty
and entire efficiency in handling
the detals-of the insurance business.
The borne office of the company
will be in Indianapolis and agencies
will be established elsewhere in
Indiana and in other states.
Lillian Fieser of Plymouth Gets
'Separation and Custody of Child
Judgements Given on
Kllnsermam to Clove.
Jan. 6 After March 1st. the
plumbing store of Otto Klingerman
will be located at 117 west Laporte
street. Otto expects to increase his
stock and to make his new place
aa attractive as you find in larger
The November term of the Marshall
Circuit Court, adjourned this after
noon, after a six weeks session. The
term was not overcrowded with. work,
although quite a large number of
cases were disposed of.
Lillian Fieser of Plymouth was giv
en a divorce from her husband Frank
M. Fieser yesterday afternoon, and
was given the custody of her daugh
ter Catherine aged 3. T"he defendant
defaulted and the plaintiff was in
structed not to remarry within two
years. Plaintiff was assessed costs of
the case.
In the case of Hilda K. Reinhold
versus Bernard T. McShane on notes
and attachment the court found that
there was due the plaintiff the 6um
of $389.44 on which judgement was
rendered. .
The claim of Omer D. Redick of
Bourbon, versus the estate of David
F. Redick deceased n the sum of
$168.37, was allowed by the court.
The claim was for the construction
of a building in Bourbon.
v Judgement was given in the case
of Harry 'Menser versus the Cromley
Brothers of Culver in which costs
were assessed against the plaintiff.
The court ordered the establish
ment of the Lemler ditch in Bourbon
township, and appointed William H.
Schoonover, drainage commissioner.
Celebrates Birthday-and Wedding An
- niversary With 20th Century
Club at Her Home. ,
Jan. 6 Mrs. Z. M. Tanner en
tertained the Twentieth Century
Club at her home on rnrth Michi
gan street, Thursday. The event
occurred on her .wedding anniver
sary and birthday.
About twenty of the members
and friends assembled for the oc
casion and in order to remind the
hostess of the flight of time and re
call the two important events of
her life they presented her with a
very pretty cut glass bowl.
A two course luncheon was serv
ed in the dining room which was
followed by playing bridge whist.
A most delijjittul time was had by
those attending and Mrs. Tanner
was declared to be a most charm
ing hostess. - -
Marshall County Trust & Savings
Bank Holds Annual Election
on Thursday.
The Marshall County Trust &
Savings Co. held its annual election
of officers Thursday night and re
elected all the old officers as fol
lows: - Pres. L. J. Hess
Vice.-Pres. F. E. Garn"
8ecy. and Treas. H. L". Singrey
Directors E? E, Shively, F. E.
Garn, L. J. Hess, Dr. A. C. Holtz
endorff, Ira Keyser, Chas. W,
Baker, H. L. Singrey.
Boy Hides the Body Six Weeks. Lads
Playing Indian. Corpse Found
in Basement.
7iII Visit Legislature. -
Prof, Rizer and his scholars of
the higher grades are planning a
visit to the legislature opening in
Indianapolis the 5th, before the
Eccsionis over. ;Tha Professor took
a number oz ' his scholars to that
place in 1907 and the trip was of
much profit to.thsm. News Mirror.
Chicago; Jan. 5 After holding
his ghastly secret for six weeks and
two days defying third-degree
methods of the police, Leslie Car
son, 12, Thursday admitted that he
ehot and killed his playmate, John
Wisniewki, 12, while tbey were
playing Indian. Young Carson
said the shooting took place in the
basement of "his home; that he
covered up the body and kept his
secret six weeks because he was
afraid he would be hanged for mur
der. The boy's tragedy was learned
only two days ago, when Wisniewa
kPs body was found frozen stiff and
with a wound in the chest.
"I couldn't sleep at night," said
Carson, who feared he would be
hanged. "All the time I kept away
from the basement. I was afraid
to go down there. But one day my
mother made me go down there and
help her wash the clothes. I was
afraid my mother would Bee John's
body lying there in the corner, but
she didn't. I am glad I didn't say
anything to her about it."
Buy Two Stocks of Goods.
The Dan Wilson Co. has bought
of Nane Bros., real estate agents of
8outh Bend, the W C. Divine
stock of goods in Plymouth and
have also bought the large stock of
the Lewis - Department store at
Mentone. These stocks are being
combined and arranged for hale in
the store room at 117 Laporte
The company bought the stocks
at 40 cents on the dollar and will
sell them out here during the next
two months.
DR. 0. A. REA
Delegates from Masonic and K. of
P. Orders Attend Squad of
Cadets from Military Aca
demy Also
a leader in every public movement
and was one of the most prominent
physicans of the county. The funeral
will be held at Rochester on Monday
afternoon at 1:00 o'clock.
Look For the Dee Mtve
On the package when you buy
Foley's Honey and Tar for coughs
and colds. None genuine without
the Be3 Hive. Remember the name.
Foley's Honey and Tar and reject
any substitute. Sold by all Drug
gists. '
Dr. O. A. Rea died at the Wood
lawn hospital at Rochester, at 11:30
o'clock last night.- Death followed
an operation which had been perform
ed on Wednesday morning, for relief
from bowell trouble, with which he
had been suffering. He was sixty
seven years of age.
Dr. Rea was one of the oldest and
most highly respected citizens of Mar
shall county. Coming to-Culver, just
alter the civil war, he has resided
there for over forty-two years, and is
known universally throughout this
section of Indiana.
With his family, he removed from
Culver to Rochester about the first
of November last year, and has made
the Fulton county seat his home
since that time. He is survived, by
his wife, and three children: Dr.
Robert Rea of Dunning station, Chi
cago HI., Miss Lucretia, who has
mad her home with her parents and
William Rea, who is principal of the
Muncie Indiana High School.
Deceased was a veteran of the
civil war, and a member of the Henrv
H. Speyer post, of the G A. R., at
Culver, besides being long esteemed
and active worker in the Masonic
order and also the Knights of Pythias
Dr. Kea was a long leading citizen of
the little town of Culver, having beca
The schools and all business houses
of the town of Culver were closed
Monday in token of respect to the
late Dr. 0 A. Rea, whose funeral
occurred at Rochester Monday. Ove
fifty people left Plymouth on the
11:45 Lake Erie and Western train
that morning-, to be present at the
last services, over the remains of on
of Marshall county's best citizens.
Delegations from the Culver K. of P.
and Masons, together with members
of the Henry Speyer post of the G.
A. R., and a squad of cadets from
the Culver Military Academy, formd
a part of the number of citizens who
attended the funeraL The squad of
ten cadets were under command . ct
Cadet Gable. ' Quartermaster ser
geant Walter Hand, also, was in the
escort. The squad was to act as mili
tary escort at the funeral, and to fire
the salute at the grave. Dr. Rea was
formerly surgeon at the academy.
Prof. Hahn, principal of the Culver
schools, represented that department
at the funeral. Doctors S. C. Loring
and H. P. Preston, Frank Lamson,
and Mrs. William II. Love, joined the
delegation from this city.
Must Smoke Only Union Cigars.
Members of the executive board
of the Indiana Federation of Labor
in the final meeting of the year in
Indianapolis, indorsed the stand
taken by the Cigar Meker's Blue
Label League of Indiana, which
has demanded that union cigars
only be sold in the state house
while the legislature is in session.
Warsaw Times.
One Dead, One Hurt.
Äs a result of a duel fought at
South Bend, Jan. 4. with revolver,
knives and clubs, Steven Kolessar,
aged 30, is dep.d and Frank Simon
isseriou8ly wounded and in jail
charged with the murder of Koles
zar, who was his employe. Koleszar.
according to the police V7&s "accus
ed by Simon with having been
intimate with Mrs. Simon.
r.irriz-e Licenses.
Raymond E. Bodey age 20 and
Florence E. Heck age 22 both of
Tippecanoe township. ;

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