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weakest organ. If there is weakness of stomach, liver or lungs, there is a
weak link in the chain of life which may snap at any time. Often this so-called
"weakness" is caused by lack of nutrition, the result of weakness or disease
of the stomach and other organs of digestion and nutrition. Diseases and
weaknesses of the stomach and its allied organs are cured by the use of Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. When the weak or diseased stomach is
cured, diseases of other organs which seem remote from the stomach but which
nave their origin in a diseased condition of the stomach and
other organs of digestion and nutrition, are cured also.
The strong man baa a strong stomach
Take the abore recommended "Dlseov
ery'9 and yon may have a atror& atom
ach and a strong body,
GrvsN Away. Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser,
new revised Edition, is sent free on receipt of Stamps to pay
expense of mailing only. Send 21 one-ceit stamps for the
bock, in paper covers, or 31 stamps for the cloth-bound vol
ume. AldressDr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
They'll All Smoke Them
Just as soon as everybody, realizes that what
we arc saying about the flavor and quality of
Sbnfield's SMACKS Cigar
(5 Cents)
is true, then everybody will be smoking them.
For then every one will know that
OTV" A r"0 Cigars are so far superior to the
ordinary cigar that it pays to
Get one taste of SMACKS Cigars and you will never go
back to "any old kind'
at all Dealers
We Talk through our HATS.
Iff they are RIGHT, we have them.
And If wc have them-THEY ARE RIGHT
(VflilDinery SaOe
- - -
Having no rent I can give YOU Values Otherwise Impossible.
No apprentice help. All skirled workers.
4 - :
Come and we will Please You
Yours Respectfully,
401 N. Michigan St. DFSSA T MYERS
Plymouth, Indiana. ULO:5rt 1 ll 1
I Will Move My J
I Plumbing
to 117 West
I March 1st, and will
and new
that are labor savers and
many other latest
jCT V v v v U V u u u V u V s
(Qo-Ho RflcCOmnniey t
v, c
b RepaoiTDBTig
Phcne:. !:cp 0540 Residence 9154
-r r rx rx rx
. . . i . i ii ii ii
2i:cri!x2 now for The
Each of the chief or
gans of the body is a
Jink iathe Chain of
I Life. A chain is no
rtronger than its
weakest link, the body
no stronger than its
on a
Phone. WU
LaPorte St.
have a complete f
stock of
r"i r" eT 1
r -a r rx r
ii ii ii ii ii ii i "
Weddy Republican
Ends Winter's Troubles.
To many, winter is a season of
troub-e. The frost-bitten toes and
fingers, chapped hands and lip?,
cbilblain?, cold-sores, red and
rough skins, prove this. But such
troubles fly before Bucklen'a Arnica
Salve. A trial convinces. Greatest
healer of Burns, Boils, Piles, Cuts,
Sores, Bruises, Eczema and Sprains
Only 25c at Fred Wenzler's.
Koight Houghton is on the sick
Miss 'El va McKianey is oa the
sick list.
Floyd Jacoby spent Saturday in
South Bend.
Emanuel Jones is visiting friends
in Donaldson.
A. Harley of Tyner was a Plym
outh visitor today.
Solomon Snyder made a business
trip to Tyner today.
George Cox made a business trip
to Bourbon today.
Noble McCormick is visiting
friends in South Bend.
Orval Jones of Bourbon is visit
ing his sister in Peru.
J. G. Steinman transacted busi
ness in Bourbon today.
W. A. Groshauns of Hamlet was
a Plymouth visitor today.
Miss Anna Olson of Donaldson
spent the day in Plymouth.
Guy Ames and son Russell made
a business trip to Nile?, Mich.
Mrs. D. McCarty- of Donaldson
was a county seat visitor today.
Mrs. Clifford English of Donald
son spent the day in Plymouth.
Isaac Miller of Tjner was a busi
ness transactor in Plymouth today
Hugh Hili of Argos has accepted
employment with J. Frank Thomas.
C. L. Bingham, a dredge con
tractor of Lagrange was in Plym
outh Friday.
M. Ridgeway returned to his
home in Bourbon after a short visit
in South Bend.
Mrs. M. C. Pogue is the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bell of Inwocd
over Sunday.
Congressman Barnhardt and wife
changed cars this morning on their
way to Washington.
Mr. and Mrs. V, Shaffer are
spending Sunday with their daugh
ter in South Bend.
Miss Emma Samuelson of Don
aldson was a Plymouth visitor Fri
day and Saturday.
M. R. Stookey of south of Plym
outh is visiting over Sunday with
his father in Pierceton.
Mrs. Alva Crites and Mrs. Harry
Vangilder are visiting relatives in
South Bend over Sunday.
Mis3 Ethel Wallace accompauied
her guest. Miss Fern Carpenter to
her home in South Bend.
Mr. and Mrs. S, N. Stevens will
leave tonight for Washington, D.
C, where t heywill spend a week.
Miss Callie Phillips returned to
her home in Bourbon after a short
visit with Charles Phillips and
W. F. Suit ha3 purchased the
Stuck farm west of Plymouth and
Elias Miller east of this city has
moved on it.
D. C. Moon, general manager of
the Lake Shore system, passed
through Plymouth on a special
train tbia morning.
Jamea Stuck' and . family have
moved from west of Plymouth to
the Burns property on east Laporte
street which
they; recently pur-
Mrs. J. D. Garrison of Donald
son visited with her son Claude to
day. By the bundles in her arms
the grandson will recieve the most
attention. '
Mrs. James Heminger accom
panied by her guests, Mr. and Mrs.
lt. H. Franceaof . ßedgwick, Kas.,
and John Heminger of South Bend
left for a few days visit in Nap
panee. Mrs. Work Has New Auto.
Mrs, Julia E. Work has a new
Buick auto, similar to her old one
which ehe exchanged on this one.
The new car is a beauty and a fine
running machine. The business of
Mrs. Work's training school has be
come euch that the cannot get
along without a good automobile
which so greatly N assists in her
Mrs. Chas. Haines is visiting
with friends at Argos.
Mrs. L. E. Young returned from
an extended visit in Troy, 0.
Wm. Long is spending a few
days at Lapoite on business.
Mrs. Kate Beckneil of Bourbon
is visiting her children in South
Dr. G. F. Hitchcock and wife
spent Sunday with friends at South
John Hiss of South Bend was
the guest of Miss Beatrice Ryan
Mrs. Clyde Swinderman is spend
ing a couple of days with friends in
Geo. Richard and John Hiddle of
Lapaz were county seat visitors
Mrs. J. D. Chapman has returned
to Lapoite. after a visit with friends
in this city.
The Misses Carrie and Laura
Boss visited friends in South Bend
over Sunday.
Miss Edna Johnson is spending a
few days with friends and relatives
at South Bend.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bergman of
Culver, epent Sunday with friends
and -relatives here.
-Miss Sarah Crum of Donaldson
is visiting with friends in this city
and at South Bend.
Anthony Miller has returned to
South Bend, after a few days' visit
with relatives here.
Mrs. J. C. Whitesell epent the
day at Donaldson with her parents.
Dr. and Mrs. Ritchie.
Edward Giller of South Bend,
spent Sunday with hs parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John Giller here.
Miss Iva Glass spent Sunday in
this city, the guest of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Glass.
Geo. Denman went to Inwood
this morning, where he will pur
chase a quantity of live stock.
Henry Snyder returned to his
home in Mishawaka Monday, after
visiting here with relatives and
Miss Elva'Yenna went to South
Bend this morning, to visit for a
few days with her brother, Frank
Miss Annabell Marsh of Rochest
er, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Lackey of this city, over
Mrs. J. G. Steinman was, called
to Bourbon this morning by news
of the illness of her father, Henry
Arthur Zumbaugh returned to In
wood Monday after spending a few
days with relatives and friends in
Walter Greenwalt went to Misha
waka this morning, where he has
accepted employment in the Dodge
Pulley Works.
Mrs. P. F. Troyer and son Gale
returned to their home-in South
Bend after a visit with relatives on
the Welbornfarm.
Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Logan of
Valparaiso spent Sunday in Plym
outh with her parents, Mr. and
Mis. Chas. Garver.
Miss Laone Miller returned to
Topeka, Ind., today, after spending
a few days in Plymouth, the guest
of Miss Caroline Miller.
Miss Maud Hutchinson returned
to South Bend today, after visiting
with her grandmother, Mrs. Daniel
Hahn, for a few days.
Mrs. Mary Hall has returned to
her home in Warsaw, after visiting
here for a few daye, with her daugh
ter, Mrs. Vern Weedling.
Mips Leona Wickey went toFt.
Wayne yesterday, being called
there by the illness of the children
of her sister, Mrs. Wm. Clay.
Mr. Lawrence Faylor of South
Bend, has returned to her home,
after a visit of a few days with the
family of A. Spunseller, here.
Noble Rohrer and daughter Edna
ol Lapaz and Mrs. Sherman Rohrer
of South Bend returned to .their
homes after a short visit in Argos.
S. E; Rish returned to South
Bend Monday, after visiting here
for the past few days, the guest of
his mother, Mrs. Elizebeth Rish.
Miss Ruth Ruse returned to her
home in Bourbon today, after visit
ing here for the past few days, with
ber brother. Ernest JSeprogle and
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs.
Jesse Hoham is dangerously ill at
the Lome of its parents', in east
Plymouth, near the Abrasive
Mrand Mrs. J. L. Helpman of
Bourbon, called on Plymouth
friend? today, and left for Lafayette,
where they- will be the guests of
their daughter.
Mrs. Wm. Sherland returned to
1 w ... .
tier Dome in Lapaz this morning,
after a brief visit here. She reports
the condition of Mr. Sherland, as
being improved.
Mr.- and Mrs. Elmer Betz re
turned t their home in Hamilton,
Ind today, after attending the
funeral of Mrs. J. J. Vinall, which
occurred yesterday.
Jeremiah Zeiders of Silver Lake,
who has been visiting in this city
for a few day?, with hi3 son, John
Zeiders and family, wert to South
Bend Monday for a further stay.
The Knights of Pythias will con
fer work in the third degree Tuesday
night.' Other important business
will also come before the lodge. All
Knights are earnestly requested to
be present by 7:30.
The Woman's Home Missionary
society of the M. E. church will
meet Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 11,
at 2 o'clock with Mrs. E. W.
League on north Center street. All
ladies of the church welcome.
Mrs. Stacy Burden returned to
South Bend today, after spending
a few days at Argos, where she wa9
called on account of the serious ill
ness of her brother, J. V, Rolf, who
8uflerrd a stroke of apoplexy.
Commissioner's Allowances.
J. C. Whitesell Clerk sal. . .$ 65 79
P. J. Troyer Surveyor 9G 00
Reed & Richard coal 100 32
Keller & Jfffire asylum rep. 12 75
Geo. P. Morlock asylum ßup 41 98
Zehner Milling Co. " " 5 40
Frank Casper tax refund. . . 2 00
Fred H. Myers Treas. 6
raissc ditch 22 13
J. C. Whitesell clerks sal. .. 640 52
C. M. Walker auditor sal . . . 800 00
F. H. Myera Treas. sal 575 00
Daniel C. Voreis sal bal..."l20 95
44 sal-Shtrifl. 275 00
E. R. Monroe sal rec and fees454 08
P. J. Troyer Surveyor 59 00
L. E. Steinebach Supt.
schools 108 00
Geo. W. Bowell Truant
Officer 30 00
W. T. Leonard Assessor... 237 50
L. D. Eley Health com .... 94 33
N. Ind. Gas & El. Co. Gas 5 00
H. E. Buck Apyl sup 12 35
W. H. Vangilder Asy'l sup 21 48
Wm. Vanvactor 44 " 110 00
11. A. Myers Asy'l Vetinary 2 00
Ball & Bankert Asy'l 12 30
Geo. Vinall 44 HO 09
T.J, Himef? 2 00
A. C. Holtzendorff Asy'l
Physician ' 200 00
Hannah J. Apple Asy'l labor 17 85
Fred Canan 44 4 4 2 2 50
Mary Thresh " M 28 00
Glen Green 44 " 22 50
P.J. Kruyer 4 4 4 4 75
Catherine Schoner 44 44 13 50
C. R. Leonard Soldiera Burial50 00
Julia E. .Work Orphans Home437 00
M. Allman Indig. child... 6 30
L. D. Eley Contg. disease 39 20
A. J. Thayer com 75 CO
Nathan Lee com r. . . . 75 00
J. B, Beverns com 75 00
E. C. Martindale Co. Atty 75 00
J. C. Whitesell Special re
port fees 12 00
D. C. Voreia election Road
and Mise 77 60
D. C. Voreis Com Bailiff. .. 22 00
D. C. Voreis Capt. Crim... - 150
D.C. Voreis Prieoners Board
and turnkey 128 90
J. C. Whitesell postage .... 5 00
C. M.Walker " 4 50
D. C. Voreia 44 9 75
E. R. Monroe 44 - 7 10
P. J. Tioyer 4 00
L. E. Steinebach postage 9 52
W.T.Leonard 44 "13 00
C. W. Metsker printing .... 1881
Hendricks & Co. 44... 17 35
S. E. Boys - " 3 95
John Vogel Janitor. . . . 39 00
Reed & Richard coal ...... 126 64
C. D. Snoeberger Lights El. 36 94
J. H. Kizer etal Cor. Inq. . 20 10
" . .. . 27 55
J. W. Luty Bourbon tp. poor 41 50
C. A. Gonter North 44 ' - -22 50
F. S. Nash Polk 44 14 34 40
J. C. Bunnell West 44 44 16 75
Jno. Richard Center ' " 277 56
J. L. Marburger German " 18 25
F. S. Nash Polk tp. poor.. 15 00
W. S. Easterday Union tp.
poor 325
Witness my hand and seal
CM. Walker,
Is the Best Farmers Watch.
Young Men on the Farm give a watch the hardest kind
of treatment. You look at the time in the coldest weather
use the watch under the blazing sun, jolt over some almost'
impassible roads with it, bend over, straighten upin fact
you place a watch in every conceivable position that tends to
hinder its accuracy. But you may have a watch that is a
guaranted time keeper io spite of the hard use you n ust give
A "South Bend" Watch is adjusted to heat in an oven,
to cold in a refrigerator and to position in every position it will
ever be put to through the movements of the most active
A watch has a tendency to run slower when you stand erect
than when ycu lean over. If you lean over much of the time
while you work, your watch mu;t be adjusted to run well
while yon are in that position.
Jolting has another effect on a tvalch, sn 1 if you ride very
much over rough roads, that f ict i very important in the
watch's adjustment.
It's this way all through, and that's why "South Bend"
Watche3 are given so many more factory adjustments than
ordinary watches get.
Every "South Bend" Watch stays from one to six months
in the factory under regulation and adjustment. It takes six
months to make a "South Bend" Watch, so a "South
Bend" often represents a full year oi intricate' work. This i3
longer than it takes to build the largest skyscraper. A "South
Bend" Watch gets 250 inspections to make sure that it's
good enough to bear its name in the market.
That is the reason why a "South Bend" Watch c3st a
little more than the cheap traphy'wa'ches which the market is
flooded with. You must consider "South Bend" make3 a3
perfect a watch as is possible for Yankee ingenuity to create.
But this extra care in manufacturing is not all you ought to
get when you buy a watch.
What Personal Adjustment
Eveiy man should have his watch adjusted to his par
ticular person by a practical local jeweler, one who is reliable
and understands all about the different makes of watches and
is acquainted with the habits of the person whom he sells. If
you leave thi3 matter to us and not trust too much io your
own judgment, I can guarautee you entire satisfaction.
Make a personal call at my store and I can explain many
things you probably haven't thought of.
H 105 North Michigan St.
The W. H. Roberts
Western Lands.
Farms bought, sold and exchanged.
Exchanges a Specialty.
Plymouth, Indiana, Warsaw, Indiana and Marion, Ind.
We have Jarms in Marshall, Kosciusko, Whitey, Grant and
Fulton Counties. We can fit you in the right sized farm at the
right price. Look over our list, then see us.
60 acres, 2 miles from town, well improved and in good
location, Price, $4000.
SO acres, black sand loam, good improvements, 2 miles
from town, Price, $75 per acre.
100 acres, 1 miles from town, an excellent stock farm,
well improved, Price $6000.
76 acres, 1 mile from town, clay and gravel land, fair im- Jj
provements, Price, $4500.
80 acres, 6 miles from
soil, Price, $4500.
68 acres, 2 miles from
I provements. Price, $6000.
80 acres, 5 miles from town, good improvements, black sand
loam, Price, $75 per acre.
80 acres. 2)4 miles from town, excellent improvements and
the best of land, Price, $110 per acre.
120 acres, 2 miles from town, fair improvements, good
gravel and clay mixed soil, 8 acres of timber. Price, $70 per
120. acres, mile from town, well improved, clay landr
Price, $80 per acre. ' .
4 acres just outside incorporation of Plymouth, fair improve
ments, a bargain at $1600
40 acres, 5 miles from town, fair improvements, good heavy
land, Price, $2600.- '
40 acres, 3 miles from town, the best of land, with good
improvements, Price, $4000.
51 acres, 4 miles from town, good improvements, good heavy
land. Price, $3200
52 acres,, 5 miles from town, excellent buildings, well improved
farm,. with good heavy land, Price, $3800.
156 acres, 6 miles out, fairly well improved, a rare bargain
at $50 per acr?.
26 acres of fruit farm, 2 miles out, no buildings, a bar-
gain'at $2500.
106 acres, 1 mile out, excellent buildings and a well im
proved farm, with good heavy land, a bargain at $11,000.
40 acres, 7 miles from town, fair improvements and good
land, Price, $2100,
Frco TratiQportatiott Furnished to Make In
spections. '
Olficcs Opsn Evenings.- Call and Sos Us.
Plymouth Indiana.
town, fair improvements, gravelly
town, black sand loam, good im-

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